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Poster: Una Watt Date: Jan 31, 2016 10:16am
Forum: radioprograms Subject: Re: What the Heck ???

Don't you know it's been "new and improved", like every website in the world. Thank goodness I had uploaded a bunch of shows when the notice came up.... I didn't "try" the new look because I know what happens with new and improving. They KNOW what's best. I kept commenting on the notice form while on my way to the classic. I commented negatively several times, but it didn't work. One day it was their way or nothing. Here I am desperately trying to find some of the prairie home companion shows from the 70s on, but the first one I downloaded was a standup routine by someone I'd never heard.... it sure wasn't Garrison Keillor, then it was excerpts from the actual show. I'm with you. "What the Heck?"