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Capital Community Television Salem

CCTV's mission is to provide community information through television and to teach people how to make their own television messages! Members of the Salem, Oregon, community use CCTV to learn professional tools of media, and can then check out those tools at no charge to produce non-commercial programs. Every video made with this public resource is played on CCTV's channels: 21, 22, and 23 on Comcast here in Salem, Oregon. We also take an active role in covering local events like school sports and government meetings, and to help promote local non-profit organizations.

This collection is an archive of the "Capital Community Television Salem" Youtube channel:<br>The intent is that it will be updated roughly weekly.

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Capital Community Television Salem
- Capital Community Television Salem
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Apheliotropic Orchestra performing August 10th, 2012 at The Great Idea If you want to purchase a copy of the DVD, here is the link to our ON-LINE STORE:
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