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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 8, 2018 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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town, you are in good shape, 37 in fredericksburg and 35 in waldorf. the radar over the past hour, the mix has gone in to hagerstown along i-81 with light rain and wintry mix and to rockville and germantown, you can zoom in toward damascus with a bit of a mixed bag. howard bernstein is in stormtracker 9 near damascus. >> reporter: topper, i'm off 108 in downtown damascus. unlike you in town, we have and icy glaze with a burst of freezing rain earlier that caused this card to be sitting here. leave your windshield wipers up in a situation like this. the sidewalks are a mess because the side roads and parking lots, switching over, we can tell you what will happen as we
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storm team tracker nine to give you an idea of the storm conditions. when you get out of your neighborhood in upper montgomery, there are places hit hard. when you get out of your neighborhood, the road crews have been out with mainly wet conditions. extra caution, it should be okay. light freezing rain and from stormtracker 9, i'm meteorologist howard bernstein. back to you. >> most area schools let students out early in anticipation of the wintry weather and many are headed home earlier. that impacted traffic. ellen bryan is keeping her eyes open to monitor conditions on the roads. how are things now? if you are going out about 4:00, the entire beltway was jammed and now, it looks great. the rush hour was much earlier. the only areas with trouble is 95 in
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bw parkway is a better option better option. there was an accident near route 100 with a vehicle fire on the right-hand side. you will have to slow down before you hit route 32. going northbound on 95, the other area where you see volume is near 95 southbound at the beltway going to gale city with a 14 minute drive time and slowdowns. they said the best tip for driving on the ice is not to do it. if your vehicle slides, there are things you can do. >> if you hit a patch of black ice, what do you do? >> don't panic. ease onto the brake pedal gently. >> turn your tires into the skid. >> tried to stay with the direction the car goes. >> experts said to drive slowly and take your time and don't be in a rush. the decision you make behind the wheel could affect those you lo
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>> if you find yourself parked on a sheet of ice, use the vehicle to balance you and support you when getting in and out of your car. icy patches, if you come across one, tap the edge with your foot. wear shoes with souls that provide tractions and keep your hands out of your pocket because you will need them to help you keep her balance and soften your fault. we hope that doesn't happen. don't carry heavy items on surfaces that are icy. if you change your center of balance, you may hurt yourself. to get a sense of how remarkably cold it has been, a trip to the chesapeake bay is telling. most of this is completely on ice. they are working to break up the ice. scott broom takes us to annapolis. >> repor
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[horns honking] it's an icebreaker and we have captain jeff to the rescue. >> this stuff is pretty wicked. it is tough because i can feel we've had hard freezes, and it's been a long time since we've had a cold spell lasting for two weeks. i will open up some places in case people have to get out. i will go to this area in case someone is coming in and needs fuel. >> reporter: what is it like to do this? >> it takes a lot of patients. it's slow-moving. it is a difference between ice that is frozen versus not that cold. it's good to
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to see us when we arrive. we are doing a service. it's not just a matter of pushing through the ice. [horns honking] >> reporter: in an annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. >> the captain said he has not broken ice since the winter of 2015. much of the oyster fleet is anxious for a breakout so they can get back to work. >> larry hogan announced $2.5 million in emergency money to help fix heating problems in baltimore schools. dozens of schools experienced heat related problems last week with images of students bundled up in classrooms with outrage that prompted schools to be closed on friday. the crews week -- worked through the weekend to fix the boilers so schools could open on monday. >> it is a good thing they are getting the schools together
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school. >> we have an infrastructure problem in the city, no question. we have some of the oldest pipes in the country, over 100 years old. there is a federal mandate to fix the pipes and that is an infrastructure issue. >> governor hogan said maryland is making record investment in the schools, particularly in baltimore city and he will introduce legislation creating a new investigator general's office to investigate mismanagement and lack of accountability in the school districts in the state. >> after more than a week of freezing temperatures in southeast washington, businesses are having frozen pipes. crabcakes restaurant had pipes that burst open and damaged equipment. the landlord is making him foot the bill and he doesn't know if he can afford to reopen on his own. >> i have no money coming in. i have two babies that need to
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they need me and i still have gas, electricity, and water. >> reporter: the landlord said he's only responsible for keeping up the walls of the building on tenants are responsible for everything else, including electrical and plumbing. however, they said broken pipes are not from the restaurant, but for the place above him. >> police explain what happened to a sports reporter found this morning after going missing over the weekend. >>
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love is pouring in from around the country for a paralyzed local college football player. there he and melissa aaron had been standing vigilant for their 19-year-old son, a defensive back at marshall university in west virginia. larry aaron the third was shot in the back while trying to shield his girlfriend from gunfire at a new year's eve party in severn, maryland. the bullet is lodged in his spine and it's too dangerous to remove it. >> as a man, i'm scared to death of what the future holds. we have to be there for our son and our family. >> i just want him to walk again. i'm not worried about ot
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i want him to be happy and enjoy his life. >> just awful. more than $25,000 has been donated to a gofundme page to help care for the paralyzed man. police are looking for the gunman who open fire in anne arundel county. >> a misdemeanor charge has been dropped against ray knight, the former major league or who worked on the national's broadcast. he was charged in october after police were called jewish's fairfax county home for a report of a fight with an acquaintance. both men had visible injuries. our partners at the washington post report that the charges were dropped after the deal was reached. >> sports reporter who disappeared on saturday was found safe. police said somebody said somebody spotted courtney roland under a traffic overpass this morning and called 911. officers took her to a hospital where she is being evaluated. she
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severe reaction to medication and suffered memory loss and became confused and disoriented. >> republicans on capitol hill come to president trump's defense after in new book paints him as mentally unstable. >> mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow. but after an electrical fire from faulty wiring, mary's vintage clothing and designer shoe collection were ruined. luckily, the geico insurance agency had recently helped mary with renters insurance, and she got a totally fab replacement wardrobe at bloomingdale's. mary was inspired to start her own fashion line, exclusively for little lambs. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut.
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the u.s. is ending special protection for salvadoran immigrants. that means nearly 200,000 salvadorans have to leave the country or face deportation unless they change legal status by september 9, 2019. refugees from el salvador were given temporary status after earthquakes devastated the country in 2001. the department of homeland security said the 18 month delay gives congress time to address the issue. >> president donald trump is touting tax cuts to farmers in tennessee and in washington, reporters and politicians are picking apart a controversial new book about the trump white house. mola lenghi reports. >> reporter: president donald trump went to nashville to praise
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>> under the huge tax cuts we just passed, americans will pay less in taxes and keep more of their own money. >> reporter: in front of an audience of farmers, the president made the case he was fighting for them. >> as we put money in the pockets of all americans, including farmers and ranchers, we are putting an end to the regulatory assault on your way of life. >> reporter: in washington, there is a simmering debate about the president's fitness for office. michael wolff set off aspires -- set off a firestorm in his book, fire and fury, as painting the president as semi- literate. the president slam the book over the weekend and tweeted he was a genius and a very stable genius, at that. >> [laughter] if he doesn't call himself a genus, no one else will. >> reporter: during the 2016 campaign, lindsey graham called then candidate trump's several things but came to his defense today. >> he is my prid
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doing a really good job on multiple fronts. >> reporter: voices in the white house called the allegations from the book a pile of trash and democrats said they never thought president donald trump was the right person for the job. >> it raises concerns that i've had for a long time. >> reporter: billionaire tom steyer, advocating for impeachment, said he is doubling down on his efforts and plans to deliver copies of fire and fury to every senate house member. mola lenghi, the white house, cbs news. >> you may have learned that trump's lawyers sent a disease -- cease-and-desist letter to the book publishers. they called this unconstitutional. >> oprah winfrey had a moving speech at the golden globes and some fans and fellow celebrities are calling for her to run for president. winfrey brought the audience to its feet when she called altman who abused power and twitter
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for president in 2020. close friend seiche he is actively thinking about a white house run. joining me tonight, we devote the entire broadcast to the #metoo movement and how she is talking about oprah and the power of women. join us right now if you want, tweet your comments using #off script on nine. >> it appears a florida couple will have to take down a tree house after the supreme court declined to take the case. they built this in 2011 and originally they were told they didn't need a permit. officials determined a permit was necessary and then the permit was denied after the fact. their decision was to let voters decide and that was denied.
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>> supreme court was the last court of resort. >> if it doesn't work out, you don't even want to think about it, yet. it's hard to think about it, especially when we didn't do anything wrong. >> they will have to think what to do next. they spent $30,000 to build the treehouse and roughly five times as much to keep it from being torn down. i can see why they don't want to think about that. it's a lot of money! >> absolutely. i wonder where the anonymous calls came from. back we can dodge a bullet. we are talking .01 inches and nothing has been recorded yet. it will be light and will stay light. walking around, we could see slick spots tomorrow north and west of town. right now, 34 and
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has only been 32 at dulles. the 13th consecutive day that dollars has been 32 degrees or lower, a new record. we have a chance of seeing black ice. you have to slow down and be careful walking. we've said this pretty much all day. the biggest threat could be the driveway or the sidewalk. the radar, coming back out, you can see showers and rain toward baltimore and extending toward hagerstown. it will roll through and clear out in the next three hours. we have rein toward fairfax and temperatures are hovering right around freezing and to the north, germantown is going up with a little bit of a coating of snow and the best chance of a coating will be north of town where the temperatures are freezing and down
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it may be a slow go on 305 or 301. all you have to do is worry about some rain. temperatures, 32 in rockville and 32 in germantown and damascus and it is a little bit concerning with sidewalks and driveways. yellow weather alert's, winter weather advisory until 9:00 with light freezing rain, and we will get out of here well before midnight. walking is quite frankly more dangerous than driving. the bus stop, tomorrow morning, could be some slick spots. there won't be an ice storm, thankfully. sometimes, we come out of long stretches of arctic air with ice storms. not this one. i-95 east has temps above freezing and by 10:00, most of the rain and showers is confined to calvert county and st. mary's county and charles county. tomorrow
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toward culpeper and by 9:00, we are in the low 30s and tomorrow afternoon, hallelujah, we are back in the 40s. the day planner, low 30s to start and 46 by 1:00 and 42 by 11:00. the next three days are cooler and then we get the thaw with showers on thursday. friday, showers and 64 and we have early showers on saturday with some flurries sunday and cold until next monday. >> wow! there is some big game tonight? >> there is a game and i
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now, wusa9 sports with frank hanrahan, brought to you by xfinity. >> nashville -- the national title game for college football goes down tonight. here's a preview. >> this is what you play for, the moment in downtown atlanta at mercedes benz stadium for the college football national championship game. an alabama taking on georgia and we are inside the stadium. the media is all around and this is what players work so hard for, this moment. it is all week long with
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downplaying this and nick saban , kirby smart, the coaching staff are trying to create a stamp on the programs. tonight, we see georgia against the number one defense in the country, in alabama with coach kirby smart trying to art smart nick saban. >> -- trying to outsmart nick saban. >> 54 alabama and there is a return threat for the crimson tide. the quarterback from lake braddock and terrel lewis is a linebacker for alabama. richard petty bone is a linebacker from gonzaga and they already have title rings. the crimti
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for more on the local championship game tonight, go to the you wusa9 sports facebook page. should be exciting. >> an alabama! [laughter] some pockets of freezing rain tonight will and before midnight and tomorrow, we are above freezing, 47 and a little bit chilly on wednesday with showers and 50s on thursday, 60s on friday and we go back to the freezer sunday and monday of next week. let's enjoy our january thaw, shall we? >> we'll take at. >> the cbs evening
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