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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 8, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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with some slick spots tomorrow morning. storm tracker nine just past gaithersburg. not much going on, are the roads wet? >> reporter: my ip fell off. >> when howard is up, we will go back. he was heading north of gaithersburg. i've been watching to 70 because it is wet and i've been watching traffic for the last -- for the last 1.5 hours. 95 and 395 going south bound leaving d.c. and it looks like it is jammed. some traffic cameras are including one on the top side of the beltway with an accident on the inner loop by new hampshire avenue. they have moved that. by 4:00, even getting in and out of d.c., it was jammed. not looking bad but you can see wet roadways in frederick with the worst northbound
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they will run into wet conditions. i don't see this really delayed, just outside the beltway, that was an hour ago and everyone is trying to get an early start getting home. the only accident right now out of cherrywood lane, only delays westbound going east bound on green belt. just about every school district in the viewing area canceled classes or closed up shop early today. not always a popular decision with parents questioning the process. >> fairfax county, for example, explained on the facebook page why they canceled school, writing even with early closures, elementary school buses would still be on the road during the forecast period of hazardous road conditions and the number one comment comes from matt who writes, the county used so much salt on the roads last week that
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not enough left for the romans to put in the fields of carthage. somehow, the freezing drizzle won't stand a chance. many parents seem to understand. to any rights, the same people criticizing are the ones that would complain if their kids were on a bus that got into an accident in icy conditions. i used to work in the schools and we heard it all the time. let us know what you think on our wusa9 facebook page. for a lot of parents, it is tough. you have to figure out how you can get to them if they get out early. >> people making those decisions are doing the right thing is if there own kids were in the schools. >> they try their very best. >> the wusa9 app he is the your best tool. download it now and you will have the vital information you need. tonight, a deal -- a guilty plea in a vicious ms-13 gang murder thaok
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ago. an 18-year-old from alexandria admitted plunging a knife into the victim from gaithersburg. prosecutors said that they blamed him for luring the leader of his gang to his own murder. they came to a park in springfield and prosecutors said they used cell phones to record the deadly attack. new information on the bethesda teenager who died after a house party in december. she was found face down in a shallow stream. montgomery county police said there is no indication that the homeowners at the house where the party was held, no indication there was alcohol to underage people and the homeowners didn't break any laws and won't be charged. investigators said there were two fraudulent ids on the victim when found and the ids said that the victim was of legal drinking age and it was fake. they said was not purchased in montgomery county and they
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died of alcohol intoxication complicated by drowning and hypothermia. the metro no longer allows writers to carry a negative balance on the smart trip card. if it slips your mind and you don't have enough, he might be stuck on the platform until you can load up. there are exits where you can add money to the cards but those machines only collect cash and coins. the best advice is to get the auto refill so it doesn't happen to you. the metro is considering a move to ensure writers that the service is reliable with the program they call the rush-hour promise that gives a full refund for metro bus delayed by 15 minutes or more. they said the program targets riders who decide to leave because of lingering travel issues. >> michael wolff defends the unflattering book he wrote about the trump white house. fire and fury inside the trunk white house paints e
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competence. the president called the burke -- the book a work of fiction. michael wolff appeared on tv this morning and set everything in the book is true but gave him cell phone him some wiggle room on the matter of a trump interview. >> he had no idea who was speaking to me for the book when i met him in the white house. we would chat is if we were friends. i'm sure he didn't think they were interviews and in all fairness, i would say i was not being interviewed. >> the former strategist, steve bannon, is now walking back some of the explosive quotes contributed to him. he called the meeting with donald trump treasonous and now he said he was referring to former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort. >> the department of homeland security confirms
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trump administration is ending special protection for salvadoran immigrants, nearly 200,000 salvadorans will have until september of next year, 2019, to leave the u.s. or change their legal status. homeland security said the 18 month delay gives congress a time to address the issue. >> and fairfax county, we have been pressing for answers to our investigation into the sexual harassment scandal at lake braddock secondary school. the federal government -- the federal government is investigating how the allegations were handled. as peggy fox uncovered, there is evidence school leaders may have ignored the allegations. tonight, peggy talks to a parent who said she reported similar allegations about the same couch, four years ago. >> reporter: their daughter played for the coach his first season at lake braddock in 2013. at the end of the season, susan said she called the principal to complain about the coaches behavior. >> are
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first season he coached in 2013 and i spoke to dave thomas and i spoke to the a.g.'s office and i even said to them, if you don't get on this now, you are going to have a problem in the future. >> reporter: you weren't out to get the coach fired? >> no. >> he wanted the inappropriate comments to stop? >> i wanted his inappropriate comments to stop and i wanted his emotional outbursts at the girls to stop. >> reporter: her daughter betsy, now 21, was the team president. >> he said inappropriate things to the girls. it definitely didn't feel like a comfortable space at practice and stuff. he was very inappropriate. >> reporter: inappropriate in a sexual sort of way? >> yes. >> reporter: betsy said several girls complain to administrators. how many complain? >> that i know of,
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three. >> reporter: three girls complained to the activities director? >> yes. >> reporter: did anything happen? >> not that i know of. >> reporter: with the principal have been made aware? >> he should have been. i don't know if he was. >> reporter: in this letter from a parent in march 2017, to the school leaders, it said it had been nearly three years since we first brought complaints to dsa martina, the activities director, concerning the misconduct by the couch, ranging from bullying to sexual harassment, to religious insults in that complaint would have been a full year before lizzie fitzpatrick made her complaint in december 2015. lake braddock principal, dave thomas, said he did not know about the allegations until march 2016. peggy fox, wusa9. >> the next school board meeting is next thursday and we will see if the concerns ar
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stories. the cold snap has led to burst pipes all over the area and forced a popular d.c. restaurant to shut its doors. >> oprah considering a run for the opal tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations.
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donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut.
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county, police have a new clue in the search for missing men with dementia. he had been seen since tuesday and they believe he might've been picked up along route 1 in howard county and dropped off on an annapolis road. before that, dehaven was last seen at costco and nearly 200 have been searching for him. >> prince george's county les
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year in a row. in 2017, there were 80, tied , sides, and the county said they closed 83% of the homicide cases compared to a national average of about 60%. men and women are going out on the streets of prince george's county day in and day out and working to prevent crime from happening in the first place. >> the county executive said the drop in crime is a big reason why we see economic development throughout the county. >> still ahead, we are hearing from parents of a local college football player who was shot in the back on new year's eve. it is barely 2018 but one of the most powerful women in hollywood may decide to run for president. a wintry mix coming down in parts of our arus
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i had a high above freezing, good call. first time in 12 days, and adding everything up, live look outside, still cold. 34 with dew points in the 20s. we are not saturated with winslow road of the south. we have widened out the radar and the second batch of precipitation is rolling through until about 9:00 or 10:00 and to the south, a cold rain that is not heavy, not supposed to be heavy with .1 inches or less. we will zoom in going up to 70, probably the toughest commute and from rockville past the spur into germantown, light rain into southern maryland through route 5 and 301. there could be some snowflakes in the area and going up to 70 toward rockville, and back to
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light freezing rain with no problems in terms of roadways. be careful walking. it may be more dangerous than driving. bus stop temperatures, 26-36 and the could be slick spots tomorrow morning. time for science class, howard. also, melissa. we are at the children's science center in fair oaks on saturday we talked about this. when you have a normal atmosphere, it gets colder and if you go up, snow is from the clouds to the grass. we get layers of warm air intrusion and it starts out as snow and if it's warm, above 32, it is plain old-fashioned rain. there are a few exceptions with warm areas where the snow melts and then rephrases, that is sleet.
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the second exception is starting out as snow. it melts and stays melted but hits the ground, below freezing and it freezes on contact with freezing rain and it freezes on contact. these are the exceptions to a normal atmosphere. it should get colder, but not always. a pretty sad state of affairs when you end up with 12 consecutive days before -- below freezing and speaking of this, we go to mr. bernstein in the stormtracker 9. >> topper, we are in gaithersburg and we have these farms with neighborhoods where there is freezing rain and when you start your car, the roads are pretty much okay but if you get stuck and don't have an ice scraper, find a credit card you don't care much about. it usually works pretty good as a last resort. you can scrape this off and it will get you out of a jam. getting on the road,
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pretty good shape. i've actually hit a driveway in this neighborhood where it was kind of slick. as you've been saying, the roads are okay. it's on the treacherous side on this monday evening with temperatures hovering at 30 with stormtracker 9. isolated slick spots with extra caution tonight. in gaithersburg, somewhere in between, i'm meteorologist howard bernstein from the stormtracker 9. topper, back to you. >> we will take you through the next few hours and 8:00, mainly just rain and points south and east, by 10:00, most of the rein in la plata with temperatures flirting at freezing at 10:00 toward frederick. in the morning, some slick spots with
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frederick and 32 in hagerstown. widespread ranks with slick spots and by 9:00, we are freezing and 34 in buoy, and by 1:00, almost a heat wave with low to mid-40s across the board and by 6:00, temperatures in the mid-to upper 30s. tomorrow should be a pretty good day. low 30s to start downtown and 46 with sunshine at 1:00. shower possible late and here comes the fall, 54 and on friday, warmer with showers and back to the 60s and it will turn colder over the weekend, with may be a flurry on sunday. i will say howard is absolutely right. watch out for slick spots. on the roads, a lot of people left work early and we are seeing delays south bound on 95 when you are outside the beltway in
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park way is for traffic leaving d.c. and back to south capitol street, heavy traffic southbound on 95 with heavy traffic leaving d.c. on route 50, new york avenue. this is what it will look like. take some time but you shouldn't have much company on the roads. >> love and support is pouring in from across the nation for a local college football player shot in the back on new year's eve. his parents said the sophomore is paralyzed and unlikely to ever play football again. today, he was at the shock trauma center. >> it was scary. >> reporter: larry and melissa aaron spent the last eight days at the bedside of their son at maryland shock trauma and they had been here almost nonstop since the new year's eve phone call that he had been shot in the back at a party in anne arundel county while trying to shield his girlfriend from the gunfire.
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>> i was in shock, upset. i didn't know what to believe. i was just devastated. >> reporter: the bullet had lodged in the defensive tackle's spine, leaving him unable to move his legs and doctors said they cannot remove it. >> they were not able to operate. >> reporter: they said their son is struggling. he was so happy when he got a football scholarship from marshall university and now is on a waiting list for a rehab bed. >> some days, he perks up a little bit. when reality sets in and he is laying in the bed, he gets pretty sad. i know it's hard on him. as a father and mother, seeing their child laying their like
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>> reporter: the howard county community where larry played football at oakland mills high has rallied around him. it shows people that contributed more than $25,000 to a gofundme page, but his parents fear they're tough and athletic son may now never be able to care for himself again. >> as a man, personally, i'm scared to death for what the future holds. >> just want him to be able to walk again. i'm not worried about football and i want him to be happy and enjoy his life. >> reporter: a whole lot of people are rooting for him. in baltimore, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> that is heartbreaking. anne arundel county police are still looking for leads to help them find the shooter in their pleading with anybody. if you have pictures or video or social media from that party, share the things with
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>> fresh off her rousing speech last night at the golden globe awards, oprah winfrey is actively thinking about a run for president? >> she really riled things up and some sources said her confidantes have been urging her to run and they said the conversations have been going on for months. no official confirmation from oprah winfrey who received the cecil b debord -- cecil b. demille or -- cecil b. demille award. >> for too long, women have not been heard or believed but dared to speak to the power of those men. their time is up. [cheers & applause] >> women and men that attended the ceremony called attention to gender inequality in sexual misconduct and as for the awards, winners included francis mcdormand and lady bird won best picture. with everyone talking about oprah and the power
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devote an entire half-hour to the discussion. join us for and off script where we talk about the #metoo movement, the golden globes and where it is all headed. join us no and tweet your comments using #off script on 9, that's the correct hashtag and we will see you at 7:00. a burst pipe forces a popular d.c. restaurant to close its doors? a new bill hopes there will be one bit of change.
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firefighters were called to trump tower in new york city this morning because there was a fire that broke out on the roof of the luxury high-rise on 5th avenue. kind of cool to deal with that. they brought it
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and no evacuations. according to the assistant fire chief fire chief, one firefighter suffered minor injuries from falling debris. >> an unmanned spacex falcon rocket blasted off from cape canaveral. on board, a mysterious satellite nicknamed zuma, which refers to a beach in southern california. northrup grumman built the spacecraft and they don't say which government agency belongs to. after the mission was completed, the booster returned to cape canaveral where it landed upright. >> in consumer news, washington, dc comes in second place on a list. according to orkin pest control -- you know where this is going -- it's the second worst country -- place in the country for bedbugs. baltimore is on top where there are no winners. chicago, los angeles and columbus, ohio, round out the
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are on the rise and it's worth pointing out that orkin makes a living off treating this. >> move over gobel court -- google glass. the first augmented glass that can talk to alexa is debuting at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. after communicating with alexa, the smart glasses display information like the weather, directions and the glasses are not cheap. they set you back about $1000. >> the largest automotive recall in u.s. history, just got bigger. japanese air bag maker, takata, is recalling 3.3 million more airbags covering frontal airbags in certain 2009-2010-2013 vehicles manufactured by 15 automakers. this is a biggie. the recalls are phased in over the next three years. >> that is


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