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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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thanks so much for joining us. i'm debra alfarone. let's get right to what we've all been talking about, this cold. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein here to tell us one day less, but, oh, what a day. >> kind of a transition day monday as we get temperatures into the 30s. today we're low 20s in most spots, but that's still an improvement and
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in fact, right now we're looking at readings generally in the teens with lower 20s in leesburg, middleburg and lovettsville with not too much wind. the cold spots are like 6 in arlington, 19 in warrenton, but the winds have turned to the south and that's bringing in some slightly warm air. i know it doesn't feel like it, but it is and as the warm air really comes north, it's got a lot of moisture in the mississippi valley. notice the wintery mix of snow, sleet and rain here moving in from illinois, ohio, indiana and kentucky and that's what we're watching because tomorrow as that moisture arrives, not a lot of moisture, but the air and ground is cold enough to have a little freezing rain or light rain. in any event, winter weather advisories go up generally in the afternoon from 3:00 to 9:00. went to 7:00 earlier north and west because even if we went to freezing a few hours, we could still get some freezing cold on the ground. futurecast by 11:30 or so
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20s. the lie pink area is a little light freezing -- light pink area is a little light freezing rain going on at times in spots early to late afternoon. a lot more green as the moisture moves south of us in the form of rain by eving, then pulling away leaving us -- evening, then pulling away leaving us in much better shape by tuesday. we'll have the warmer seven-day forecast in a few minutes. some breaking news and a story we've followed a week now. police say a new clue in the search for daniel dehaven extended their search to anne arundel county. the 65-year-old has been missing since tuesday. now police say he may have been picked up that day and dropped off near route 1 and annapolis road in gambrills. police are asking residents and commuters to be on the lookout. dehaven went missing on a shopping trip with his wife to costco on route 1 in beltsville. he's nonverbal. he may not be able to identify
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he may respond if you say his first name danny. >> we can't do this on our own. these people that are coming out and helping us and giving us their time, it adds to the number of people that we have as resources and it has vastly expanded the amount of area we've been able to cover. >> nearly 200 people have been searching with dehaven's son and the rest of his family for the past five days. he was last seen wearing a heavy black jacket, multiple layers of clothing and blue jeans. if not found tonight, family will be out searching tomorrow. as you might know, pipes are bursting all over the d.c. area and days of freezing temperatures are to blame. crews in montgomery and prince george's county are working around the clock to repair nearly 80 water main breaks. wusa9's michael quander explains why it's taking workers so long. >> reporter: here's the deal.
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17 of them were in montgomery county while there were 61 right here in prince george's county. gallons of water turning to ice on the streets and sidewalk. >> this ice is a lot of frost. >> reporter: main water lines erupting after more than a week of freezing temperatures. this became a familiar picture, roads blocked off, workers unloading heavy equipment. the washington suburban sanitary commission or wssc says crews and contractors are swamped. they say the high number of busted pipes will take them longer to fix. >> we want to make sure that all the water main breaks are fixed in a timely fashion. >> reporter: a lot goes into it. after a break is reported it's confirmed. the utility is notified. the water is shut off. the broken pipe is dug up and fixed. repairs now are prioritized based on safety, the number of people affected and the impact on major roads like this one. t
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it's hectic. >> reporter: nearly half of the pipes in montgomery and prince george's county have been around for 50 years. >> i think that the water lines are a bit too old. >> it's happening everywhere. this is nothing because wait until it warms up and everything is going to start popping. >> reporter: wssc says this is one of its busiest times of the year with workers fixing around 1,200 water main breaks over the winter. reporting in college park, michael quander, wusa9. >> wssc asks customers to be patient as crews make repairs. another major water main break, but this time at new york's jfk airport, just another issue to add to the already delayed flights. that water main break forced the airport to suspend inbound international flights. hundreds of flights were already canceled or delayed due to the weather and some passengers had been waiting for more than 20 hours. >> we got here. we had to stay on the runway for like an hour and a half and we still can't t
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they say come back tomorrow. it's ridiculous. i just want to go home. >> a blackout cut power and heat to the same part of the airport affected by the water main break and that broken main left 3 inches of water in the airport's terminal 4. kent we've got a closer look at the -- tonight we've got a closer look at the problem that may have howard university closed for possibly a month. our stephanie ramirez reports from the university's campus. >> reporter: here on howard university's campus look down that way. you've got steam coming down there, steam coming out of the windows from the annex, down the street steam in this direction. it was a steam pipe burst that hit two buildings here on campus. the damage was so bad that in the annexed building -- >> all this steam condensed and literally just dropped every tile. >> this is not a building anyone should be in now. it would be hazardous to one's health. >> reporter: however university's executive vice president said ex -- howard university's executive vice president said extreme ground temperatures caused the ruptures. they want to
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sets in. howard university was also dealing with no heat and no hot water in five residence halls. the university will be open for business monday, but if you've been listening to whur -- >> undergraduate schools and colleges will be delayed until january 16th. >> reporter: all of these student tell me they moved from warmer -- students tell me they moved from warmer states. >> it's frustrating. hopefully they make up for it in some way. >> reporter: student safety is the no. 1 priority the doctor says. her biggest concern? >> i don't know what's ahead of us and we're going to experience rain and ice on monday. >> reporter: at howard university, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> officials say they are trying to make sure those students get a full semester in even with the delay. right now they're asking students who don't need to move into the dorms right away to hold off. with all this going on before you head out to work or school tomorrow, just check the weather on our
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weather updates, alerts and all the news that you need right to your phone. so metro's motto is stay positive and they really mean it. tomorrow if you don't have enough money on your smartrip card, you may be out of luck. rail passengers who don't have enough money stored on their smartrip card will have to add money at an exit fare machine and those exit fare machines only accept cash, yeah. bus passengers with a negative balance will need to pay the difference on board. controversy continues over the closing of a tenleytown staple. earlier today an ad hoc committee to save johnson's florist and garden center demonstrated after more than 84 years serving the community. the store is closing that location. they say it's because american university is charging them high rent prices. the protesters say they want the school's president sylvia burwell to reverse those increases in rent. >> i'm hto
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center. i walk there three to five times a week in the good weather. i spend lots of money there and i see many, many other people there. we are not asking au to give them a subsidy. >> that location at this point is set to be closing on the 14th. the golden globes may be over until next year, but the theme of all black on the red carpet will be remembered for years to come. celebrities, both men and women alike like halle berry and reese witherspoon wore black as they stood in solidarity in the fight against sexual harassment harassment and of inequality. act -- and inequality. activists like the university alliance director joined actress meryl streep on the carpet, trail blazers of the me too campaign, also at that event. speaking of celebrities making an impact, family and friends are remembering how a small town class clown became a fa a
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acting debut on the dick vandyke show and later appeared in the tv sitcom coach, but as bailey bryant reports, vandyke always gave back to his hometown in illinois. >> reporter: he was the class clown of danville high school in the late '40s. >> he rode some kind of a motorized bike or something in the halls. >> reporter: later he was a tv funny man playing the banjo with a monkey on the dick vandyke show. >> he was just a delightful guy, funny, funny, funny. >> reporter: but one thing jerry vandyke was serious about was his love of his hometown, for example, pitching in several times to help save the fisher theater. >> he mentioned danville every time he could. >> reporter: charlotte johnson is jerry's former sister-in- law. she's related to his first wife who told johnson the 86-year- old's death was due to heart failure. >> carol called, his ex-wife, or
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and she was devastated because i know she loved him and she said well, i was married to him for so many years and then we had three children and we've been through so much. >> reporter: but even with the sad news she has plenty of happy memories to look back on. >> i said this morning well, i guess jerry can't borrow your car anymore because he borrowed our car, took it to chicago and when it came back, it had a big dent in the back. >> reporter: so does jerry's classmate patsy simpson. >> just when he graduated, he set off some fireworks out on the field for graduation and everybody just went crazy. >> reporter: she said his sense of humor, his big heart and his hometown pride will be impossible to forget. >> he's going to be remembered around here. >> we'll have more from howard bernstein -- we'll have more from howard bernstein on this cold weather
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powerball ticket was sold in new hampshire. >> reporter: someone who bought a powerball ticket from reed ferry market in new hampshire became an instant multi-millionaire overnight. the store owner woke up early this morning to the amazing news. >> i was notified about 5 a.m. this morning. i could not believe it at first. >> reporter: new hampshire lottery officials say the single jackpot winning ticket is worth more than $560 million. >> $560 million in a small country market in the middle of the state. it's beyond exciting. >> reporter: folks who shop here are shocked. they all bought powerball tickets as well. >> i saw the number and i knew it wasn't mine. so i said well, on to the next one. >> reporter: shirley small just won a $500 scratch ticket. she wishes it was the powerball winning ticket. >> i would have had so much fun. i've got grandkids that are going to school and i know people that are having trouble with fuel. i could have had so much fun with that, but, you
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was not meant to be. >> reporter: the store itself will receive $75,000 selling the easy pick powerball winning ticket. >> i'm going to improve my business a little bit, update my equipment, maybe a tiny vacation. >> reporter: reed's ferry market has here more than 100 years, first time it's had a jackpot winner like this. the owner said his customers are very kind and loyal and he hopes to congratulate the winner personally. >> congratulations. i'm happy for you, whoever you are. stop by and say hi. >> reporter: the winner has a year to come forward. what's your advice to the winner? >> really take your time. trust people you would trust with your children. always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> i'm still getting used to this new set here. >> it will be here a few months. we're getting a new months. it's going to debut towards springtime. >> so we're
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now and tell us a little bit about what we're going to have to deal with tomorrow. >> we've got a winter weather advisory, but we're talking about a few hundredths of an inch potential of ice. i know that sounds bad, but the roads have a lot of residual salt on them already. then we'll get more road treatment. the road crews know about this. >> they see that already, treating them. >> it's going to be okay, just may have to slow down in a couple spots. let's talk some business with our 3-degree guarantee. i was thinking20s, lowered it from 26 to 23. temperatures don't mix out as much, but the winds will pick up and warmer days are around the corner, but first things first. this morning as cold as it's been, this was the coldest morning of the stretch and we were going for records. the standing record is 1 in dulles, 5 in washington and 3 in baltimore. we got negative 1 in dulles, 1 above in baltimore but missed it by 3 here
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tomorrow winter weather advisory is mainly for late morning and afternoon into the evening down south for much of the region. we're talking about light icing, very cold surfaces. obviously things are frozen solid. if we get into the low to mid- 30s, we could still get some ice refreezing. this should happen after the morning commute, so very low on that. afternoon commute i'm thinking of wet roads. i don't consider it to be high impact because i don't expect the roads to be icy. could the secondary roads untreated surfaces get a little slick? yeah, it's possible, but i think the worst of it like your driveway, stoop, sidewalk. i want to we're looking at a -- tonight we're looking at a temperature of 19 and with a sound wind at 11, it won't fall up that much. it's 12 in cambridge, 17 in waldorf, teens and mid 20s in front -- mid-20s, in front royal 25 o
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shenandoah valley. tomorrow we're looking at mid- 30s by 2:00 and in the afternoon is the better chance for the light rain or light freezing rain. there's a lot of moisture with the mild air coming in from the tennessee and mississippi valleys there. when it gets here tomorrow, the cold there will be at the surface. sometimes that's tough to scour out. in the morning we might start with sun, but by late morning, lunchtime notice the pink areas around d.c. that would be some light freezing rain and then we'll have some showers on and off through the afternoon and evening with pockets of freezing rain possible through the afternoon and again we're only talking .0.3 to 0.05-inch. tomorrow morning we'll be okay, spotty showers and light freezing rain developing and in the afternoon the pockets of freezing rain and spotty light rain. as we look at the three-day forecast, pleasant tuesday, 49, stray shower wednesday, 45. the end
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have you made any new year's resolutions? maybe you wa
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workouts. one of our verify viewers showed us a study that promises you can get in shape faster. >> hi. i'm candy hutton from rockville, maryland. i recently read a recommendation that one should eat after you exercise. that way you'd use stored fat instead of the calories you consumed. can you check to see if that's correct? thanks. >> on it. so candy red a belgian study claiming people who worked out on -- read a belgian study claiming people who worked out on an empty stomach actually lost weight and burned more fat than people who exercised after eating breakfast. those people gained weight. we literally send our researcher running to the experts to shed some light on this study. here's the deal. fat in your food is not the same as body fat. when you exercise, your body burns carbs for energy first, but if you haven't eaten, your carb storage is low. so your body will use it up, then go after stored fat. let's say you burn 500
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before breakfast. a greater percentage of those calories burned are coming from fat, 70% fat, 30% carb. let's say you eat breakfast, then jump on the treadmill. you burn that same 500 calories, but now it's flipped. you're actually running on 70% carb and 30% fat. whether it's fat or carbs doesn't determine the size of your gut. >> the fuel that's burned during the exercise itself has nothing to do with how much fat loss you lose over time. what determines how much fat loss you lose over time is the difference between how many calories you eat and how many calories you burn throughout the day. >> when the body starts working, then it will use up what's in the bloodstream and then pull it out of the muscle. >> so, friends, we can verify this story is false. you do burn more fat by exercising before breakfast, but that's because your carb source is low. that doesn't mean you're losing body fat. the only way to get rid of that is to burn
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you take in. meantime if you see something that needs verifying, find us on social media or shoot us an e-mail. darren haynes is going to
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y2l2xy y16fy now wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by xfinity. >> here's sunday's best, maryland taking on iowa and fernando rising high for the lord on sunday, 21 points for fernando. maryland wins now 3-2 in conference play. the women also won today, but in this area the terps are not the only team winning. how about the capitals? they now have won nine straight games at home thanks to nicklas backstrom and check out what he did today. >> backstrom
11:28 pm
backstrom waltzes in, fires. he scores! nicklas backstrom brings down the curtain 4-3. >> there you go, game winner in overtime. what i love about the caps right now is they're finding a way to win. they've won now seven of their last nine overtime games. that means the caps don't go down easy. you know what i also love. check this out. after nicklas backstrom scored the game winner, he gave the puck to this kid and look at his reaction, yeah! howard and deb love it. that is great stuff there. now on to college football, there are six players from the dmv competing in this year's college football playoff between alabama and georgia. five play for alabama. crayvon digs and deshawn hand
11:29 pm
hand and pettibone already have title rings and crimson tide are favored to win. check out our wusa9 sports facebook page to find more local players playing in the playoffs tomorrow. now john wall is back with adidas agreeing to a five year shoe endorsement deal with the company. wall returns to the brand after testing shoe free agency over the past couple years. i have one word for john wall's new shoe deal. that is history. john wall doesn't have a good history with shoe deems, people. in 2010 wall first signed with reebok before he -- deals, people. in 2010 wall first signed with reebok before he drafted with the wizards. it's said he missed 46 total games with a foot or knee injury. with adidas when he signed, the shoe under performed.
11:30 pm
$68 million deal. he said no. that brings us to present day. wall has been wearing these adidas signature shoes since last month and that should lead you to believe that wall and adidas are focused on the future rather than the past. that's why history is my one word. >> nice. >> listen, you want to give me $66 million -- >> you'll wear anything. >> -- for 100 years i'll wear anything. >> think about this. it's going to be a little crazy out there tomorrow, a little crazy. >> a little bit. >> is the morning cold? >> the as cold. it will be in the 20s in the morning. we'll get light rain, light freezing rain, also. now the ground is very cold, but there's a lot of salt on the roads still. the white is the residual salt. on the main roads, i think you'll be fine. i think some side streets, maybe a driveway, a sidewalk, that could get
11:31 pm
then we'll see some showers late afternoon, evening especially south of town. then the warm-up begins, tuesday 49, mid-40s on wednesday. by friday you're talking about some big numbers with john wall. we're talking big numbers here. 60 on friday, showers, maybe a thunderstorm before we cool down again by sunday, temps back -- >> wait. what? >> it's winter still. temps back in the 60s. >> maybe we should look for a winter boot sponsor. you can get updates any time on our wusa9 app. th
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[music] >> "the james brown show" is brought to you by geico. >> today's guest was a star in the russian super league. the capitals made him the first pick in the nhl draft. he was nhl's top rookie. he became the only nhl player to be voted first team all-star in his first five seasons. he has won every possible award including a hart memorial m.v.p. trophy three times. he is, as his coach, barry trott, says a rock star here and in his homeland. i welcome alex ovechkin. welcome. >> thank you.


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