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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  January 7, 2018 6:30pm-6:58pm EST

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he has 14 points today as we take another look. unless he came down wrong. yeah. a fluky little -- he is trying to walk off the floor here. but now he is stopped. he can't get a normal straight up stance, you know. what do you think, cramps? that's my guess. >> andrew: big part of ohio state where they won seven of the last 8 games. >> bill: get him some fluids? yeah. man after my own heart. >> andrew: ohio state calls time-out with 1:45 to go. cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason?
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so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares. >> andrew: tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes" and fiery interview with one of the most powerful women in russia followed by episodes wisdom of the crowd, ncis los angeles only on cbs. purdue and michigan state at the top of the big ten. ohio state now emerging with a 4-0 conference record and maybe this one will go a long ways in a couple months when we are talking about the tournament. >> bill: i think you call this a signature win. certainly going to enhance thei
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resume. >> andrew: they really don't have a bad loss this year. four losses is to gonzaga go, butler, clemens. clemens is 14-1 this year. >> bill: unbelievable. >> andrew: bates-diop 3. schilling gets the rebound with 1:20 to play. >> bill: got one out of two there. late in the shot clock. didn't get the knock down. >> andrew: goins. >> bill: he has worked on that shot. he is dead on. >> bill: i think they are backing it off now. the house feels it. r. >> referee: 1 minute. one minute remaining in the game. >> andrew: langford just fouled out. this will be michigan state's first loss since
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they lost the second game of the year to duke. have won 14 straight coming in to today but that streak is about to end here in columbus. >> bill: this is an -- opener for them. we have got to go back and establish our identity. we live on being a great defensive team, a power team, rebounding. pushing the ball up the plenty of time to get it exactly where you want. they had a buzz saw today. >> bill: this will be the third time this weekend that a top five team lost to an unranked team. also it h. duke losing to nc state and xavier falling against providence, izzo calls time-out. ♪ still with 48 hour sweat protection. try degree ultraclear black + white
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taco bell's new has all of taylor's favorites. like the beefy 5 layer burrito cinnamon twists crunchy taco cheesy gordita crunch and a medium drink it also has brad's favorites, the guy who bought it. taco bell's new $5 cravings deal. ♪ even when you know where you're going, it still matters how you get there. the lexus line of luxury suvs. giving you the power to make your own way. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> andrew: our producer jonathan segal, director suzanne smith o
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crew bill raftery and i'm andrew catalon. we are about to see number one michigan state go down as ohio state controlled this game 7, 8 minutes in the first half and have not looked back. they lead it by 18. >> bill: ripe if you are not ready. >> andrew: third top five team to lose this weekend in unranked team. first time that's happened in two-day span since january of 2002. and schilling throws it down. >> bill: that time-out by tom izzo was a lesson. you know, just chatting. brought them all in and say, look, we are going to go home and get this all straightened out. and hats off to ohio state. and their coaching staff. just imagine if i i magnificent preparation. clark kellogg is sitting home right
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>> andrew: baby-sitting. >> bill: that's right, he has his grand children. so proud of these kids. they did a great job. >> andrew: final 5 seconds. and ohio state knocks off number one. [buzzer] 80-64 the final. bates-diop leading the way with a career high 32 points. >> bill: how solid was he from the beginning. you want your big-time performer to step up and lead the charge. he certainly did. >> andrew: heck of a job by chris holtmann in his first season as ohio state head coach. buckeye rest tied for first with a 4-0 record in the big ten. for bill raftery, this is andrew catalon saying so long from columbus. tonight on cbs begins wh
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by wisdom of the crowd, ncis: los angeles, and madam secretary. this has been a presentation of cbs sports ohio state knocks off top ranked michigan state, good night from columbus. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division. ♪ when i'm gone when i'm gone ♪ ♪ you're gonna miss me when i'm gone ♪ ♪ you're gonna miss me when i'm gone ♪ ♪ gone gone gone when i'm gone ♪ mikboth served in the navy.s, i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product
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busted pipes and the power is out, howard university shuts down its campus for another week and water main breaks keep popping up, just some of the side effects
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colds that left us all in a deep freeze. -- cold that's left us all in a deep freeze. hello. i'm debra alfarone. first howard bernstein is here with us now. >> tonight we'll drop back to the teens. this morning we were 1 below for a record at dulles. 8 at national. right now we are in the teens or low 20s. things are changing. we're beginning a thaw, but it will be cold enough tomorrow that we'll have some problems. notice all the moisture here in the mississippi valley. that's freezing rain, some snow. that's all headed in our direction and with that coming in it should be light, right? we're talking less than 0.1- inch. however, the ground is so cold. air temperatures could be board are line and we -- borderline and we could see glazing in spots. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for our far northern and western suburbs with light icing on
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surfaces. i think the main roads will be fine, but your sidewalks and driveway could be a problem. this is mainly an afternoon, early evening event. morning commute will be fine. i'll have much more coming up. ruptured pipes and electrical outages are just some of the issues that called howard university to be closed another week. most students won't be going back to school until the 16th. our stephanie ramirez is live outside the university with a closer look at some of this damage. >> reporter: they have a few serious problems on their plate. we're talking about five residence halls with no heat and hot water. then they had two buildings where a sink pipe burst going right through the buildings. one of them is the annex behind me. listen to what they said is going on inside. >> all that steam condensed and literally just dropped every tile. >> this is not a building that anyone should be in right now. >> reporter: right now the race is to dehumidify everything inside before the mold sets in. the school
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heat and hot water to go on sooner than later, but for the university that means things will be up and running open for business tomorrow, but for classes, for those undergrad and grad students, that will now be delayed until january 16th, about another week from now. right now that could be delayed. we're at howard university. i'll have more from the executive vice president at 11:00, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> thank you. the university is tweeting asking any students who can delay their move back to campus to do just that. 50 water main breaks are causing issues around prince george's county. crews are working around the clock to fix them. the cold weather is to blame and there's more work than workers. so it's taking wccs a little longer to get to them all. >> yeah. it's crazy and hectic. >> it's happening everywhere. i mean this is nothing because wait until it warms up and everything is going to start popping.
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>> yeah. wssc is asking customers to be patient as they get around to making those repairs. most of the water main breaks happen between november and february and nearly half of those pipes are 50 years old. it is day five in the search for a 65-year-old man in prince george's county. daniel dehaven went missing tuesday afternoon while shopping with his wife at costco on route 1 in beltsville. at this point dehaven may have gotten farther than prince george's county. with this frigid weather family and friends are desperate to find him. dehaven is nonverbal and he may not be able to identify himself. he suffers from dementia. police say dehaven may respond if you say his first name danny. his family says they appreciate the nearly 200 people that have been searching with them every day. >> we can't do this on our own. these people that are coming out and helping us and giving us their time, it adds to the number of people that we have as rrc
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expanded the amount of area we've been able to cover. >> take one last look here. he was last seen wearing a heavy black jacket, mullet -- multiple layers of clothing and blue jeans. switching gears, someone was lucky enough to win the mega millions jackpot friday. we'll tell you where that ticket was bought and what people think they'd do with all get ready for centrum micro-workouts. the bottle curl. the twist n' turn. the stretch n' grab. the gummy squish. centrum micronutrients fuel your body from the inside out. grab a centrum and join in. repeat daily. if you could see your cough, you'd see all the sickness you're spreading.
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we still don't know the winner of the mega millions jackpot, but we do know one lucky person was from port richie, florida, and here's how people who live there say they'd use the 450 million bucks. >> reporter: this is the spot the winning ticket sold here at this port richey 7-eleven. what would you do with all that money? >> i don't know. >> reporter: you've got a better shot at winning olympic gold than winning the lotto. heck, even at one in 10 million you're more likely to get hit by a falling plane, but okay, a guy can dream. >> i buy all my family a house. >> take care of some loose odds and ends and help people, you know, and he wants to buy a giraffe. >> rep
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out if you win. lotto winners by law cannot stay anonymous. >> i don't care about that. >> reporter: no? >> i don't care. >> reporter: people coming out of the woodwork. >> i don't care. >> reporter: you are from new york, aren't you? >> that's it. >> reporter: so far no one has claimed this big prize yet, but with the big purchase happening here -- >> oh, thankheaven for 7- eleven. >> reporter: and $450 million. >> exactly. >> reporter: we found plenty of people hoping lightning strikes twice. what are your lucky numbers? >> i'm not telling you my numbers. >> reporter: even if you are actually more likely to be struck by lightning. >> can you imagine if you came back tomorrow and i was like thank you so much for that interview. >> reporter: i'll be like remember when we knew you before you were rich? coming up after the break howard bernstein will be back with every managing blood sugar is a series of smart choices.
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always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> so the edge was kind of taken off the cold today. we got into the low to mid-20s, but tomorrow we've got problems as warmer air is moving in, still cold enough with a little light rain, light freezing rain for winter weather advisories to be issued by the weather service for most of the area. you get to stafford and southern maryland, not in it because you'll be warmer with generally rain, but we're talking about light icing, very cold surfaces still even if we're above freezing. we could have a little slight glaze developing in some areas. we're talking 3:00 on 9:00 for the metro, a little earlier in the
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to 7 a.m. and in garrett county maybe a couple inches of snow could fall. cumberland we're looking at afternoon showers. with the yellow weather alert tomorrow with the winter weather advisory i don't think the morning commute is an issue. i think whatever we get moves in mid- to late morning, if not early average. the afternoon commute moderate to maybe a high impact, depends because i think the roads will be mainly wet, just salt on them. the road crews will be out there. the main roads are in good shape, but the untreated surfaces is where we could get moderate impact with a light glaze to develop. we aren't expecting a lot, maybe 0.1-inch or so or less or 0.05-inch. that takes just a tiny bit of ice, 20 now, south winds at 9, humidity 46% and the barometer high and falling with temperatures now upper teens to mid-20s out there. again it's going to be mainly tomorrow afternoon into the evening with some spotty light rain, spotty freezing rain. partly cloudy and cold but not
6:55 pm
as cold tonight, 14 to 19. we look at monday morning, some spotty showers, light freezing rain west, 18 to 34 and in the afternoon the yellow weather alert 34 to 39, spotty light rain, pockets of freezing rain. take it easy in your driveway, the sidewalk, that sort of thing. look at tuesday, 49, wednesday maybe a shower, 45. showers, possibly a thunderstorm on friday, 60 before some cold air returns on sunday. now wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by xfinity. >> here's sunday's best and what we have going on, caps and blues tied 3-3 in overtime, nicklas backstrom going top shelf for the game winner. caps have won seven of their last nine overtime games and the capitals have won nine straight games at home, people. nicklas backstrom, the hero on the ice and in the stands and here's why. after he sd
6:56 pm
he gave the puck to one young fan. look at his reaction as he gets the puck. >> first of all, when you look around, this isn't cole fieldhouse, but it is maryland basketball. what do you feel when you walk around here? >> again, when you say it's maryland basketball, it doesn't make a difference where it's at. >> reporter: what do you remember about the 1958 team? >> what i personally remember, the guys. you're much closer. i think much closer. we had a tougher coach who made us be more close to each other. >> reporter: what kind of team were you? who was the superstar? >> basically we had no superstar. nobody really hogged the ball. there's nobody you could really go to. you just depended upon whoever wound up with it, you knew you were going to take a good shot and everybody was going to support you. >> reporter: 1958, do you remember the acc championship game? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: what was that like? >> you're there. you're playing inca
6:57 pm
home court advantage. the fans, you were scumbags, whatever, excuse that expression. >> reporter: what does it mean to be honored sunday? >> sure, it's an honor, but we've got a lot of history behind this, too, and just as much as an honor the 60 years that we've lived and where we're at today. >> that was diane roberts who caught up with gerry beck who was part of the 1958 acc championship team. they're celebrating the anniversary. they ta before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network
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