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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  January 2, 2018 6:30pm-6:59pm EST

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>> i think i'm the hottest guy in buffalo right now. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor.
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breaks, turning neighborhoods, like this one, into an ice rink overnight. the cold snap has made it especially hard for emergency responders used to braving the elements. in new york city, firefighters fought flames as residents huddled on their fire escapes in 13-degree weather. firefighters in massachusetts were caked in ice after fighting a house fire. >> the water freezes on our equipment, on our air paction, on our masks. >> reporter: and in indianapolis, where temperatures dip tied record minus 12, first set in 1887, there was a mad dash to get the homeless off the street. >> this weather is not just, you know, cold. it's deadly. >> reporter: at least 11 deaths have been linked to the cold spell, including this family of four in kansas, who died when their car careened off a slick road. chunks of ice could be seen floating in bodes of water from lake michigan to the mississippi river, to niagra falls. we're already two weeks into winter, and already, parts of niagra falls are frozen as a resultf
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spell. last time these falls completely froze? 80 years ago, back in 1938. but there were tourists who braved the cold. mark thomas is the niagra falls parks director. >> you come here, you get that frozen effect of the ice, and the mist coats the trees so they sparkle in the sunlight. you get rainbows, even, this time of year. it's special. >> reporter: i'm omar villafranca in north texas. temperatures dropped into the teens in parts of the state. the cold snap turned water fountains into ice sculptures and wreaked havoc across the south. light snow and icy roads made travel dangerous across parts of the lone star state. in hurst, texas, this officer, responding to a highway accident, narrowly avoided being hit by a car after the driver lost control on the ice. highway crews in dallas de-iced the roads for traction, but down in houston,
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commute caused dozens of fender benders. on the alabama gulf coast, there were icicles on the beach. with the temperatures in the teens in atlanta overnight, local emergency rooms saw an uptick in patients suffering from hypothermia. the big chill transformed this car wash outside of boston into an impressive icicle display. snow could be on the way to florida, georgia, and both north and south carolina. that's prompted dealt amen, and southwest airlines to issue travel alerts to people flying into those areas. jeff. >> glor: omar, thank you very much. eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our cbs station in boston, wbz. eric, tell us what's happening now and what's to come. >> jeff, it has been an exceptional run of cold, ever since christmas day, and today, we set a number of record lows in the morning. the afternoon wasn't much better. look at these high temperatures -- 30s all the way down to the gulf coast and cold enough, we're going to see a wintry mix develop late tonight and
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florida for the secretary time this season. so likely we'll see snow on the ground inita tallahassee. a wintery mix moves up across south and north carolina and a beast an ocean sterm. this is going to become extremely powerful as it tracks just off to the east of nantucket, bringest the strongest impacts across new england. we'll see snow down through new york city into the mid-atlantic as well. the ba boston area likely goingo see a foot of snow out of this one and we will likely see winds. the cold that this storm draws down friday into saturday is some of the coldest of this entire outbreak for the northeast. we could be looking at close to all-time record cold temperatures in parts of new england. and thru see the wind chill values friday into saturday. pushing 20 to 40 below. jeff, there is a little bit of good news-- once we get this one out of the way, it might be the end of the extreme harsh colds and reverting back to, well, typica
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jeff. >> glor: after a week of this. eric fisher, thank you very much. in afghanistan, the first american casualties of the new year. an american soldier was killed and four others wounded during a combat operation yesterday near the pakistan border. senator corey booker identified the dead soldier as 34-year-old sergeant mihail golin of fort lee, new jersey. north korea's leader appears to be trying out a new strategy in the nuclear standoff. he is reaching out to the south, while threatening the u.s. david martin at the pentagon has more on this. >> reporter: at first, president trump wasn't sure what to think of kim jong-un's new year's offer of talks with south korea. "rocket man now wants to talk to south korea for first time," he tweeted. "perhaps that is good news, perhaps not. we will see." but no sooner had south korea's president moon taken kim up on the offer than u.n. ambassador nikki haley dismissed it as
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meaningless, so long as the north continues to build nuclear weapons. >> we won't take any of the talks seriously if they don't do something to ban all nuclear weapons in north korea. we consider to be a very reckless regime. we don't think we need a band-aid aide and we don't knowledge we need to smile and take a picture. >> reporter: kim boasted the nuclear button is on his desk, and vowed to begin mass production of nuclear war heads and ballistic missiles. those were just words, but u.s. has seen what appear to be another test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> i tone that does not happen, but if it, does we need to bring more measures to bear on the north korean regime. >> reporter: the north koreans are preparing to test their longest range missile, which they celebrated in the form of a gigantic ice sculpture over new year's. when it was first tested last november, the missile launched long enough to reach exwrm exwrp in the u.s. had it been aimed in e
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if preparations continue, it could be ready for launch by the end of this week. by talking peace with south korea while threatening war with the u.s., kim jong-un is playing good cop/bad cop in what the state department says is an attempt to drive a wedge between the two allies. jeff. >> glor: david, thank you. mr. trump has also been tweeting about iran, rooting froaforters who have taken to the streets there. he said it's time for a change. least 21 people have been killed since the demonstrations turned violent, more than 450 arrested. here's elizabeth palmer. >> reporter: in some of the worst violence so far, protesters attacked the police station last night about 200 miles south of tehran. there's no way to know who was shooting, but state media say six people died. activist videos from last six days show wounded demonstrators. protesters in the capital chanting, "death to the dictator."
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pictures of iran's supreme religious leader ali khameinei. he broke his silence today to put the blame on, as he put it, enemies of the islamic republic who have used money, weapons and intelligence services to create problems. that hints at foreign interference. but iran's moderate president hassan rouhani said today the protesters are fed up with poverty and lack of freedom. that's exactly what you hear on the street. "my three kids are doctors and engineers," says this father, "and not one of them has a job." "even though my husband and i both work," says this woman, "we're under constant pressure from high prices. life is tough." this is the most serious uprising in iran since the massive election protest protesn 2009 that were so brutally put down. back then, the discontent was focused in tehran. this time, it's
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and the protesters whose demands range from food subsidies to the end of clerical rule know that the hard-liners are now calling for another ruthless crackdown to restore order. jeff. >> glor: liz, thank you. all right, joining us now to discuss and more is ian bremmer, president of the eurasia group, and a cbs news senior global affairs contributor. always good to see you. first of all, let's talk about iran and what you make of this. >> well, look, demonstrations in an authoritarian regime doesn't always allow them. but the reason it really matters is because this gives the hard-liners in iran an opportunity to make the president and the more reformist elements much more vulnerable. it also gives president trump an opportunity to beat up on the treatment of the iranian citizens. he's been hard-liner, anti-iran since day one in the presidency, makes u.s.-iranian cob 41itation
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>> glor: hard-liner anti-north korea as well. what do you make of the latest in the north korea? >> on the one hand, the fact that the north koreans and south koreans say they'd like to talk, they're talking about sending athletes to the olympics, that's clearly a positive thing. but it is happening in the context of kim jong-un saying i keep a nuclear button right here on my desk they won't hesitate to use if i need to, if i am threatened by the united states, and donald trump saying i am not prepared to negotiate with this guy. either trump is going to have to flip and do a 180 or we're entering the most dangerous environment you and i have ever seen between these two countries. >> glor: staying in asia now, your group, eurasia group, is out with the top risks of 2018. china remains number one. everything comes back to, including the north korean situation. talk about china. >> so for the last several years we've had a united states that has seen as having less influence globally, part because we don't want to do it and
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their own backyards. this year we see china is not only lorgeer. not only do they haveave leader that is much stronger and consolidated more power, anyone since mao, and is now prepared to stand up publicly and say, "u.s. doesn't want to do it on free trade, i'll lead trade. u.s. doesn't want to write checks for infrastructure, i'll do it." and that makes other countries around the world, even american allies, start hedging away from washington and towards beijing. >> glor: 2017 felt like such an extraordinary year in the news and yet you point out there was no geopolitical crisis in 2017. you, we're due for one. >> yeah, because we're not fixing anything. you know, i mean, i remember back the last time we had a big global crise was a decade ago, it was 2008, it was the economic crise. we're now facing that kind of instability geopolitically. the united states is the one country in the world that could do something about it and our response s, america first, baby." we're not going to take that choice. so, clearly, you either fix it
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and in 2018, there are an awful lot of potholes on this road, and it's hard to imagine we're going to get through much longer, that's much more istanbulable without us experiencing a crisis or two. >> glor: ian bremmer, thank you. republican senator orrin hatch of utah said today every great fighter knows had when to hang up the gloves and will not run for an eighth term. he is president pro tem of the senate, putting him third in line of presidential succession. his retirement could open the door for a senate run by mitt romney. now to some other stories we're following in the evening newsfeed, in peru, a bus collided with a truck along a dangerous curve and tumbled down a cliff on to a roak beach. at least 36 people were killed. many americans returned to work today after the holidays, and at least 4.5 million got a pay raise. 18 states from california to new york, washington to florida, raised their minimum wage
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2018 where 2017 ended-- in record territory. the tech-heavy nasdaq was up 1.5% and passed 7,000 for the first time ever. there is much more cbs news ahead. >> reporter: an online gaming phenomenon called swatting is bringing terror and death to the real world. ( gunshot ) >> glor: a supermoon fills the new year's sky. >> daulton throws, it's complete, t.! remarkable. >> glor: and buffalo goes wild for cincinnati's quarterback. >> i think i'm the hottest guyef in buffalo right now. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. eight hundred dollars when wet switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey.
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situation when andrew fitch was shot dead after he appeared to be reaching for a weapon. >> they didn't knock on the door. my son opened it because he heard something. he screamed, and then they shot him. >> reporter: it was all a m mimistake, started by this phony call to 911: >> reporter: police believe the call was actually made by 25-year-old tyler barris 1300 mails away in los angeles. finch's death is the first known fafat caused by a dangerous hoax called swatting. this term, swatting, the idea is get the swat team out. >> the people who perpetrate this are looking for a tactical response. >> reporter: john bennett heads the f.b.i. in san francisco. >> they want to see armed officers. they want to see bomb dogs, helicopters. that's all part of the fun they see in this, and that can be
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>> reporter: the swatting targets are sometimes celebrities, like rihanna and justin bieber, but are often online gamers, people making a false 911 call and then watch live online what happens next. >> that victim doesn't even realize that this is being done to them, and they want to record this live stream as swat is coming in to the house. >> reporter: detective richard wistoski, say they can can make calls appear local. >> the guy who swatted my house lived in finland. >> reporter: local police forces are not required to report swatting incidents to the f.b.i., so there are no national figures. but calling for a swat team unnecessarily can be expensive, dangerous, and as we've sue nou seen in wichita, deadly. jeff. >> glor: john, thanks. and the question remains why anyone would ever make a phone call like this. john blackstone in san francisco. up next here t
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watch word at mcdonald's. the chain is testing a new sandwich called the arch burger. the burg ser made with fresh beef, which a number of competitors already use. mcdonald's also plans to switch from frozen to fresh beef for the quarter pounder later this year. the united states of america is divided by what we google. here, courtesy of the daily dot, is what each state searched last year more than any other state. so this is relatively speaking not overall search numbers. nebraskans were interested in harvey weinstein accusers. maine, transgender rights. washington state, unicorn frappucino. west virginia, fidget spinners. and new jersey, more than any other state googled don rile
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was the supermoon. and you can see why as it rose over rhode island. the moon reached the point where it's closest to earth, 13% larger and 30% brighter than normal. the next supermoon will be at the end of this month. up next here, why cincinnati's quarterback is now buffalo's favorite. glucerna. a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home,
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>> glor: say this about buffalo bills fans-- they are very happy right now and always generous. they have opened their wallets to reward their new favorite quarterback, even though he plays for another team. >> dalton steps up. dalton throws, it's complete! >> glor: this winning touchdown pass by andy dalton of
6:57 pm
him into a hometown hero, in buffalo. as a thank you for helping snap their 17-year play-off drought, bills fans flooded the andy and jordan dalton foundation with donations, many of them for $17. i spoke with the daltons just a short time ago. how surprised are you by all that's happened? >> well, it's just-- it's a crazy story to think that, obviously, for me, playing for the bengals, winning a game that helped them get to the play-offs, and there's a whole different fan base that is donating to our foundation. and so to have the support from a completely different city and fan base that's not even associated with us-- and, also, a team that we did beat this year, too. so i think it's pretty crazy the support that we've gotten from it. >> glor: well, you didn't have to mention that part as a bills fan.
6:58 pm
this? >> it became pretty emotional, just thinking about what we'd be able to do with that money that was coming in. and it's pretty humbling. it's hard to put into words how grateful we are. it's pretty awesome. >> glor: andy, what is the latest update? >> it's just over $170,000. we have over 7,000 donors. it's unbelievable, and it's going to be a long way, and we can't say thank you enough. >> glor: andy, j.j., thank you both so much for your time and good luck with everything. and if you'd like to help, the website is let's go, buffalo. that is the cbs evening news tonight. i'm jeff glor. good night.
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all right. we're tracking a coastal low. so here's what we no. current track it's still producing light snow for southern maryland. 1" to 2". and then the wake of the storm when it passes it will suck down another blast of arctic air. this just changed in the last few hours. all the other models 1/10". certainly the best chance of snow will be south and east of town and really across the bay into bell


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