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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane. with just learned that -- we just learned the senate committee approved betsy devos for education secretary. now up to the full senate to
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approve her confirmation. we've also learned votes to confirm the secretaries of health and human services and treasury have been postponed indefinitely after democrats staged a walkout. later tonight, president trump will name his nominee for supreme court justice in a prime time speech at the white house. as weijia jiang reports, the announcement comes as the president's pick for attorney general senator jeff sessions, moves closer to confirmation. >> reporter: senators in the judiciary committee are debating whether to move forward with senator jeff sessions' nomination to be the next attorney general. >> he will follow the law. >> reporter: if the full senate approves, sessions will take over a department of justice that has been shaken up after the late night firing of sally yates. the acting head of the department. the white house claimed yates an obama appointee betrayed the department of justice when she refused to enforce president trump's travel ban for citizens
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from seven countries. uateed was not con -- yates was not convinced it was lawful. >> the attorney general is a people's attorney. not the president's attorney. >> reporter: many people are still criticizing the president's temporary travel ban. and now, state department officials in mostly muslim countries are expressing new concerns. american diplomats in qua car, sue can, the united arab emirates can find these yea have said jihadists will use the ban as a propaganda tool. but white house warns state department personnel to support the president's decision. >> these bureaucrats have problem with it. i think either get with the program or they can go. >> reporter: despite the warning dozens of state department diplomats signed o memo of -- a memo soft dissent. -- of dissent. woe somewhere julian assange, c bcs news, the white house. >> mikea
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supreme court earlier today and has more on what to expect after president trump makes his announcement. >> reporter: few more hours until we find out who president trump will select to be the next supreme court judge. he says in a tweet, he'll announce it tonight at 8:00 from the white house. the president says the person he's picked to fill the seat is someone who's well respected and admired by many. >> a person who is unbelievably highly respected. and i think you will be very impressed with this person. >> reporter: leonard palera is a lifelong con associative. >> whomever is president is going to pick for the supreme court nominee should be a person who was a fierce defender of the constitution. >> reporter: all eyes are on a pair of leading contenders for the top spot. the first is 51-year-old thomas hardiman. a pennsylvania federal appeals court judge. the second. 49-year-old denver based
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neil gorsuch. >> as long as they are genuinely constitutionally focused, should be fine. >> reporter: there's been eight justices on the nation's highest court since scalia's death. former president barack obama tried to fill the empty seat with his nominee merrick garland. a chief federal appeals cut judge in d.c. but republican senate leaders held back their votes because it was mr. obama's last year in office. >> the fact that was stone walled was a absolutely and only a self-serving political move on behalf of the republican party that obstructed it. that did no good to the people of this country. >> reporter: once the president selects his nominee, congressional leaders will have to make a vote. some democrats vow to oppose whoever he selects. reporting from the supreme court, mikea turner, wusa9. >> and if democrats do choose to filibuster, mr. trump's pick, the president has reportedly told senate republicans that he supports the so-called ea
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one that would confirm the candidates without needing a single democratic vote. president trump promise today overturn -- promised to overturn much of the obvious agenda but reportedly not undo lgbt workplace protection. the white house says the president will leave intact a 2014 executive order that protects federal workers from anti-lgbt q discrimination while working for federal contractors. and a quick reminder, today is your last day to sign up for insurance through the affordable care act federal health exchange. now this applies to you if you get your insurance coverage through after that, you will only be able to enroll or change your plan if you have a special enrollment designation. signup numbers are down slightly from 2016 with some people assuming the affordable care act no longer exists. now while the fate of obamacare is uncertain, there are no changes for this year. more than 11 million people have enrolled in the
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health care plan as of december 24th. it was designed to destroy isis from within. by spreading u.s. propaganda. but an investigation into the web ops program is plagued with cronyism and flawed data. several current and former employees say many civilian arabic specialists can't speak it fluently and many also have little understanding of islam and are easily spotted by islamic state online recruiters. four current or former workers claim they had personally witnessed web ops data being manipulated to create the appearance of success. we could soon learn the identity of a man struck and killed apparently on his way to work this morning in prince george's county. investigators say a driver struck the man along kenilworth avenue around 6:30 this morning in bladdensburg. medics rushth tot scene -- rushed to the scene but the man
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onlygoing. -- ongoing. we could learn more about a big shake-up at the prince george's county liquor board. the changes come after the fbi arrested the board's director and the commissioner and two liquor store owners earlier this month. they all face federal charges. they're accused of conspiring to coerce the liquor board to get licenses to sell alcohol on sundays. well, we got off to a scold start but -- cold start but we're enjoying mild weather for now before more winter-like weather returns. howard i said earlier, meteorologists need to be on a pogo stick. >> because we're going to be comfortable here the next couple of days but a cold shot here by thursday and probably last through the weekend. right now you see parts of new england back through pennsylvania. even northeastern ohio with a little bit of wintry weather. we're still tracking on first alert live doppler couple of these very light sprinkles moving from west to east to the
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county and not far from damascus right now. see clarksburg just south of damascus. not too heavily populated there but we've got some folks who are watching and also a couple of sprinkles from charlestown right up 340 into jefferson and brunswick and cross junction there north of winchester crosses 522. the other story is going to be the winds. they're gusty here but not as gusty as in the mountains, gusts last hour over 40 in davis and right now 31 but those areas especially at the ridge tops here from it will blue ridge -- the blue ridge to the shenandoah valley to the mountains of maryland and west virginia. talking about gusts 40, 50 miles per hour on the ridges. so you guys have a wind advisory until 5:00 tonight. we're starting to warm up. we were in the 20s and 30s this morning. 44 now in town and look to the south and west. this is where the air is coming from. low 50s harrisonburg luray and look for highs in the low 50s and the next couple of days but cold air by thursday. will be back in a few minutes and let you know about the seven day and what's happening on that and a reminder, when you can't join us
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smart phone on the wusa9 app with the forecast there and you can also watch the newscast live on there as well. andrea? one of adams morgan's newest shops reopened after being closed last week for more than four days because there was nothing left to sell. thousands have been flocking to the 18th street store. not only because of the clothing but because of the cause. at least 15% of the profits are going to organizations that support women. wusa9's hilary lane has more on the store called outrage. >> reporter: from afar, this adams morgan shop looks like your average store. but take a closer look. ♪ >> and really just aiming to kind of blend activism and style. >> reporter: beck a funk went live with her clothing store online after the third presidential debate in october. >> as we launched with the collection that says nasty women unite. gru really thought we were
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first female president. >> reporter: but then president donald trump took office. >> we immediately started donating 100% of the profit from the nasty women unite collection to planned parenthood in trump's name and we exploded after that. >> reporter: up next a physical location in adams morgan and a partnership with the women's march on washington. leading up to the women's march, lines started forming out the door and around the block. >> people were waiting legal, four hours to get into the hour. >> reporter: within just few days, funk ran out of inventory. the store had to shut down for four days. >> i maxed out. our business credit cards, my personal credit cards, everything i possibly could to get as much inventory as i could. >> reporter: over a week after the march, the store has reopened. some of the selves are empty. funk says this shows people are standing up and fighting back. not with what they're saying, but with what they're wearing. ♪
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>> there is also some controversy surrounding outrage because the store owners have donated thousands of dollars to planned parenthood. president trump has signed an executive order that cut off funding to planned parenthood. well, more than a century the boy scouts of america hasn't changed. until yesterday. next, hear from the little boy instrumental in cuts' move to -- scouts' move to allow transgender children. >> but first a reminder of how vital it is for us who are able to donate blood. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to 9news. in today's health alert, today is the last day of national blood donor month. but the need doesn't end here. one donor can save three lives. a local family wants you to know just how grateful they are for the gift of
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>> what does the shirt say? >> team audrey. i'm on team audrey now. audrey ply january slit but -- brian is little but she's fierce says mom jennifer. it's the strength she needed the fight a life-threatening illness. >> she was diagnosed with a rare immune disorder. one week after her first birthday? the short. >> the short name is hlh. jennifer believes a virus september the immune system into over drive. >> if something wasn't done quickly it was going to kill her. >> she needed a bone mar toe transplant but the initial lifeline was donated blood. >> right away when she was diagnosed, she needed platelet transfusion and she needed red blood transfusions and antibodies. >> audrey's parents are teaming up with inova blood services and be the match to make sure when blood products are needed they're readily
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it's a critical time of year. >> we've had a huge shortage of mostly type o blood but mostly all blood product since the holidays. >> anyone over 16 is eligible to donate if they're in general good health. cancer-free, and have not traveled to countries dealing with communicable diseases like zika. and a special appeal is being made for minority donors. >> our patients need you. there's no substitute for blood. we can't make it. we can't -- you know, the there's just no other way to get it than from our healthy blood donors. >> bye bye, give me a hug. oh. thank you sweetie. just one donor can save three lives. bye bye. >> bye bye. >> remember that. one donor can save lee thrives. -- three lives. team audrey's rebirthday blood drive is saturday, february 25th in the atrium at inova in annandale. we have a link with more information on our website and on our mobile app. and we thank you in advance. for more than 100 years,
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used the gender listed on the individual's birth certificate to determine eligibility. but that's all changing after an 8-year-old transgender boy from new jersey took a stand. joe maldonado was asked to leave his new jersey troop after leaders found out he is transgender. joe was born jody. a female. and says he liked being a boy scout. >> i feel happy that they're accepting me. i like to go camping, i like to do science experiments. make cupcakes and stuff. it was fun. but -- they ruined it. >> his mother christy took their battle to court filing a complaint with the new jersey state division of civil rights. late monday night, the organization changed its 100- year-old stance. stating the people didn't mince words about their stains stance on social media -- stance on social media. joshua says he's morally against the decision. he tweeted how can the boy scouts teach ethics and morals when its adult leaders can't
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muster courage to stand morally straight? however, cassie tweeted, way to go boy scouts. but why can't girls and boys learn the same skills? let's move away from gender specific roles. and finally, alexis wrote congrats to the boy scouts for reconsidering and allowing children the benefit of membership. children need love. we'd love to hear what you think. log on to any of the wusa9 social media pages and join in the conversation. well, this appears to be an -- an old debate that's regaining momentum. should a woman keep her maiden name after she gets married? well, according to half of americans, the answer is no. a new study from portland state university found more than 70% of women of people, rather, believe a woman should change her last name. half of americans felt it should be required by law for a woman to take her husband's last name. the reason? many believe that women are more committed to the
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husband's last name. so what makes a man more committed to the relationship? i don't know. >> yeah. i'm at a loss. i got nothing. >> i use my maiden name just at work but this is my dad's name that i use because i like him too. >> both good men. >> great men. hey weather-wise, not a bad day underway. a couple of flakes up north no biggie. a little dusting here and there and then we have you know this thing this weekend. i'm not too excited about it. only be talking about sunday and monday but right now doesn't look like anything significant. that could change. but right now, no. hey, tonight, everything works out around 6:45, look in the western sky. pretty decent show with venus and the moon last night and also tonight even closer venus and the moon and mars is going to be part of the play too. the problem is, if you are a sky gazer, star lover, mars is so much dimmer than venus i know it doesn't show it here. mars is tough to pick
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sometimes. it will be just up above the moon so should be a pretty good sky out west and the western sky. maybe a little west southwest at about 6:45 this evening. you can see it you know even by 6:00 p.m. oh right all right right now we've got some clouds and sunshine. the rest of the afternoon is going to be milder a little gusty at times with those winds out of the southwest. 15, gusting 20, 25. and should help get temperatures into the low 50s. our sunset tonight at 5:29. and we'll go partly cloudy this evening as the winds get a little bit lighter overnight. only around 40 in hagerstown and cumberland and oakland at freezing but at low 50s already in the southern part of the shenandoah valley and harrisson from our -- harrisonburg and our winds are coming from this direction. in the low 50s the afternoon. reagan national currently is 44. feels like 38 though with that south wind at 11 and we've had stronger gusts this morning in the 20s already. another day, another lack of arctic air across the country. i know it's a little cold here in ottawa and caribou in the teens but here we
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relatively mild winter. and what we're seeing now is called a zonal flow. no big dips in the jet stream, and without big dips you usually don't have big storms and no big storms. a little bit of snow from the northwest through the northern rockies. we've got this clipper system with snow showers extending from parts of the southern new england back in toward the great lakes. and around here, we've had a couple of sprinkles to the north and that's all we're going to see. this system will pass to our north and a decent afternoon with a good deal of sun. some clouds here and there and maybe a few mountain snow showers another batch on wednesday with some clouds mixing with the stun tomorrow. sr. dun tomorrow. ill the -- sun tomorrow. still i think in the low 50s for tomorrow. the then on thursday should be a decent amount of sunshine but colder air moving in on thursday. instead of being in the low 50s by thursday. we'll only be 40 to 45. and it looks like that chill will be with us through the weekend. 52 today. breezy and mild. 30s tonight in fact upper 30s in town. low 30s nort
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2 2 on wednesday -- 52 on wednesday still mild. thursday not a bad day. we're talking groundhog day on thursday, 44. friday is go red for women day. wear the red and support the women's heart health. 42. cold on saturday and maybe some flurries on sunday and we'll be back in the upper 40s come monday. and we'll be back with more on wusa9 news at noon right after this.
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sometimes heroes don't wear capes. instead they carry canes and trade public transit. an elderly man used his cane to fend off a fellow passenger who attacked the bus driver. a camera shows the unidentified hero intervene and kansas city, missouri police rushed to the
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, area schools keep kids indoors during recess as zoo crews search for the bobcat that escaped from the national zoo. the emotional reunion more than 50 years later after a firefighter saved a 3-year-old from a fire. and we'll tell you about a super bowl surprise for a boy battling cancer. not a bad day. a little breezy 52. tomorrow still mild and we get colder on groundhog day and a
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it looks sunday. i don't think we're going to have a storm but that may change. you know. that's the weather. >> and that's it for wusa9 news at noon. as well. we'll be back at 5:00. until then have a great afternoon. fios is not cable.
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