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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it began with a signature, and then came the protests. thousands are gathering at major american airports, protesting temporary bans on immigration. >> i don't want people to feel like they are not welcome, and i will be damned if i let president trump do that to my country. >> he will do everything in his power to stop every threat we face in the country and every potential threat. >> reporter: tonight the
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>> i'm john henry at the supreme court where thousands of people gathered here tonight to protest president trump's executive order regarding travel, and for many here, that's an executive odderrer that impacts -- order that impacts them personally. the movement to resist continues to gain speed in the district. >> no ban! no wall! >> reporter: this is one man who will not stay silent. president trump's executive order directly impacts people like him. >> i'm from syria, and i came here as a refugee. >> reporter: he could not believe the president's decision to shut the doors of america to people from his home land. >> there's a lot of people waiting to come, and it will be an opportunity for their life. >> reporter: he believes protests like these can bring about change. >> i believe in the people. >> reporter: as does rudy reeve who would not be here if
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not for immigration. >> my parents were refugees because of world war ii. >> reporter: he says america is the country of immigrants, and that will never change. >> anything else is just lying about it. >> reporter: he is thankful america took him in and many here want to do whatever they can to support others. >> i feel like it's a real america. >> this is the real place for america. >> reporter: now for many protesters here, it's just the beginning. they say you can expect many more demonstration in the days to come. from the supreme court, don henry, wusa 9. >> this issue is dominating the discussion, whether it's over the dinner table or on social media, and we will spend time on immigration tonight and explore both sides. the protests sprung up quickly at dulles and other major international airports, and today they spread to other cities like louisville where hundreds
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immigrants and refugees at the ali center. we want to bring you a different view on this discussion from mark mccorean, the executive director from the center of immigration studies, the think tank that supports harder control measures on immigration, and he and his organization support the president's executive order, and he points out that the first part of the order discusses violent criminals but the second part deserves attention, too. he spoke to us earlier via skype. >> people who have not been given money to a terrorist group, but nonetheless, they support killing people who leave their religion or people who draw cartoons even if they don't do anything. if they did that, they would be covered by the first part, violent terrorists we want to keep out, but we want to keep out, even people who think that thing is okay, and if we have americans, we think it's okay to ll
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you know, as american citizens, they are protected by the first amendment. foreigners abroad are not protected by the 1st amendment and should not be. we don't want more people from abroad moving here to live with us who think that kind of behavior is acceptable or legitimate. >> executive orders like this one can be overturned by congress, and continue, senate democratic leader chuck schumer tried to move the legislation forward, but republicans who have the majority stopped the effort. on the other end of pennsylvania avenue, the white house is defending the ban and calling it a massive success story. president trump just made a few public comments on it since the protests began over the weekend. >> i actually had a very good day yesterday, in terms of homeland security, and some day, we had to make the move, and we decided to make the
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mounting, and there's a ing -- to make the move. >> the legal charges are mounting, and there's moving towards it. >> the president just replaced daniel ragsdale as the acting director of immigration and customs enforcement, appointing thomas holman to take over and previously he led isis efforts to identify, detain, and deport undocumented immigrants. the statement on this from john kelly gave no reason to switch. after the presidential remarks i just heard, the leaked copy of the state department memo landed in the hands of reporters. it's signed by 100 diplomats who served republican and democratic administrations, and there's a few versions of the memo out there tonight,
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all object to the temporary bans now in place. sean spicer had something to say about that earlier. >> i think that they should either get with the program, or they can go. >> now he is one of the most visible faces in the trump administration, and he often spars with reporters but tonight sean spicer opened up about why he does the job the way he does. here's garrett haake. >> before i get to the news of the day, i think i would like to discuss the coverage of the last this hours. >> reporter: the pilot episode of the new washington series launched the day after inauguration day with drama, if not polish. the new president's press secretary lashing out at what the white house saw as unfair coverage of president trump's inaugural crowds. >> photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally framed in one tweet to minimize the enormous support that gathered on the national mall. [ applause ] >> reporter: at the george washington university campus tonight, spicer wa
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engage in the overall audience size. >> show me the numbers that show viewership was not at an all time high. i can get you to a number that no one can come close to, and it goes back to what i say at the beginning, where is the default? it's always no, you didn't do this. you couldn't do this. >> reporter: the issue reflects the press core that moved into something more hostile he says. our mistakes are easily corrected he said, his are amplified. >> i think there's an unbelievable double standard. when the administration does not fully explain something, we are liars and misleading and have no integrity. when they do it, the story has been updated at the bottom. >> reporter: the press secretary says he wants an honest relationship covering the white house, and he said if the media was honest, too. the president will go around us. >> press plays a very healthy role in the democracy. no question about it, but they are not the only game in town now. >> reporter: spicer says he would never know something he kn
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the podium. he will continue to fight back against the press core that is almost uniformly negative on almost every issue. at the white house, garrett haake, wusa 9. >> the immigration changes are front and center tonight in our "our city, our voice" project. nick said he told us in his campaign what he was going to do, we elected him, and he's doing it we should be frankful. roberta said he didn't even do any research, he just used the list designed for another reason, and that does not apply. well the conversation is still going on tonight on our wusa 9 facebook page, and so, stop by and tell us what you think. let's look ahead. tomorrow, president trump will announce his nominee for the supreme court
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in prime time at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. our news partners at watt post report we could see another executive order signed later this week, this one on lbgt rights, and that order could roll back protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity for feds and contractors but sources say the order is up for debate at the white house. the associated press has another draft for the executive order that would target legal immigrants for deportation if they become dependent on certain types of public welfare benefits. immigrants must prove they are financially dependent before moving into our country. the trump administration is looking to crack down on immigrants living here illegally. we will have more on the executive orders as we learn about them, and we will have complete coverage of the
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we woke up to what our producer called light snow. the city looked pretty, but it didn't pile up on the roads or the sidewalks, but it was just a preview of what is to come, right, topper? or at least what you hope will come. >> what we hope will come. a good possibility. it was a clipper-like system. they break their hearts. they don't have a lot of moisture with them. the system coming on super bowl sunday has a little more potential it will evolve day-by- day, and we will keep you posted to what the changes are. the parties on super bowl, no marty at all. wet roads? that's a moderate impact, and then most concerned about leaving the party, and it will not be over until 10:00 or 10:30. we are worried about the timing with the system moving in through the afternoon on sunday. here's the deal. unorganized area of rain to the south. any time we have moisture for the south, moving northeast ward to the cold air. we pay close attention to that. the light snow or mix will break out during the afternoon. cold air in place, and
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possibility of the low developing offshore, and that's when i think it will be too far east to do us any good if you're a snow lover. if you're tracking the mix for sunday, the moisture is coming from the south, and no organized low pressure system, and it has some potential. we will come back and also talk about want possibility of some snow flakes tomorrow morning for your commute. let's go to news from the prince george's county bureau tonight. a former aide has pled guilty in a child porn case that sent shock waves through the region. deonte carraway is facing 60 to 100 years in prison. his victims will not have to relive the nightmare by testifying in court. prosecutors said he showed at least one dozen children how to perform sex acts, giving cell phones to them to do the recording, and he even recorded some of the acts
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>> i think he betrayed us. >> it's the children. he took away their innocence. >> after carraway's arrest, the prince george's county schools have made sweeping changes in how volunteers are hired, and students and staff are trained to spot suspicious activity. we are learning more about the youngest victim in friday's murder-suicide. hong chin shot and killed his wife shirlie and his son. he was a 10th grader a straight a. student and he played lead roles in school plays. grief counselors were at his school today to speak to classmates. also tonight, new information after a day of cancellations for a major air carrier in our region. >> and a bobcat has gone missing from the national zoo, but zoo keeper there
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autiful to me. tonight we are getting our first look at the man arrested for the shooting spree inside of a canada mosque. he made a brief court appe
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a plea. >> and tonight justin trudeau traveled to visit the scene of the shooting and join in the solidarity. earlier today he condemned the act from parliament. >> it was a group of innocent targeted for practicing their faith, and make no mistake, this was a terrorist attack. >> police say he killed five people during the evening prayers and wounded more than a dozen others. >> lawmakers are looking at a pair of bills that would regulate and tax marijuana. one would make it illegal for adults to use the pot and the other would regulate the product and sale like alcohol. maryland decriminalized the use of pot back in 2014. jamie tells us she supports legalizing pot, saying she has never used it, but she
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to our page as a lawyer: maryland said that's just what we don't need. today should be better than today for delta. i.t. problems forced them to cancel a couple hundred flights today into today. and hopefully it didn't have anything to do with weather. we should be okay going into tomorrow? >> sometimes they try to push it off on weather, but it's not our fault. the 3-degree guarantee, not too bad. not our fault, either. going 39 today, the average high is 43, and well, are you ready, lesli? drum roll! >> you nailed it. >> we did. bull's-eye, going with 51 tomorrow. originally going 50, but i raised to 51 tomorrow. that being said, we may have snow showers
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at 32, may drop below freezing just after midnight, first time since january 10th. winds are calm to the west at 5. widen the radar out, and there's snow developing just to the west of us, northwest of us, a warm front pushing through tomorrow, and i think we will see more snow showers, probably just north of town tomorrow, and some of the models, not, but some are just hinting. models hint at things, and you have to pick up on the hints even though they don't say it's going to snow. the bus stop temperatures, 20 to 46, and if it were to occur, allyson would issue an alert right away. temperatures will be below freezing. it will turn milder in the afternoon, and a nice finish to january, and a milder on wednesday. a few showers with wednesday, but still a nice day. all right, so 6:00 in the morning, and this is the future cast, and there's a lot of clouds here, and it's where the warm front would be. temperatures and upper 20s
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at cumberland and ramney. i think the snow will be exposed for gaithersburg. you're coming in route 7 from loudon or fairfax county, and you could see snow showers it will not last long, much like today, much like the thunderstorms, looking intense for awhile, and then boom, they are gone. clouds lingering into southern maryland, and then lunchtime, generally partly cloudy, and temperatures back into the upper 40s, and notice the winds from the south. it will drive up milder air, and looking like the low 50s, and even by 6:00, still 49 downtown, and that's nice. 42 in haggerstown, and frederick, and there's weather advisories for our friends west of the divide. 40-mile an hour winds coming their way tomorrow. temperatures upper 30s and low 40s, and the south wind will not be that cold tomorrow night. back to above freezing again, and day planner going like
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this. low 30s to start, and yes, the snow shower early, and wednesday, 54, and maybe a shower, and colder on ground hog day, and 44, and that is actually about average, and the next 7 days, looking at temperatures, generally going, you know, down a little bit, and 40s on friday, and upper 30s on saturday, and then back to the 40s. now wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by infiniti. >> in men's basketball tonight, my alma mater hosting south carolina state. the bison were just 3 points behind at the half, but the bulldogs gave them a run for their month in the 2nd half. howard 68, and the bison are on the road for their next game, february 4th at florida a & m. pack them up and
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out. the team shipping equipment to west palm beach florida. the players report on the 7th. just in case you're wondering why i'm delivering the sports headlines tonight. kristin is taking time away from the anchor desk as she is entering her second battle with breast cancer. she had surgery just before the inauguration, and she is recovering well, working to regain her strength to gear up for several weeks of radiation, and we know you are all pulling for her just as we are, and she is so grateful for all your warm wishes, and she is looking forward to coming back as we call it k.b. strong! we cannot replace her, so we didn't try to replace her. we will just kind of push through here until she is making it back. we will keep the seat warm for you. >> she is in good spirits. >> she's in great spirits. fantastic. the power of connecting one- to-one. we will go inside of the program that connects people in need with
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. about 50 years ago, a football player lost one of his eyes opening a bundle of newspapers, and for awhile after he healed, he was so upset, he would not talk to anyone except for one man a vietnam veteran, and stephanie ramirez picks up the story from there. >> i had to wait for the prosthesis to be made. >> reporter: those who know 76- year-old brad snyder know he can only see through one eye. he lost his eye when he was shot in the head in vietnam. he helped other veterans until one day he got a call from concerned parents from an all star high school football player who not only lost his eye but berated everyone who tried to help. >> he just interrupted me and said are you one of those -- do gooders who are going to try to tell me i'm going to be all right and my life is going to be the same. >> reporter: without saying another word, he walked up to the bed and popped out
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eye. >> it went right in his lap. he wouldn't touch it. he wouldn't pick it up to give it back to me, and i said pick it up, give it back to me. that's what you're going to have. >> reporter: that moment was the game changer, and snyder said they talked for 2 hours. they connected because they have similar injuries. it's called peer support. that's what is facilitated for grieving military families. >> it is incredibly empowering. >> reporter: a sin tsk study went over the results and provided a peer support model they hope all groups can file, and whether that's cancer support groups or
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>> i felt useful. >> there are other peer group studies, but this is the first of its kind. as for the football player, snyder says they lost touch, but he knows the football player moved on to college. snyder is retired, and he is still helping others who are injured. people living in dc, take a look out for this one here. this is ollie. she is a bobcat, and she is cute, but she escaped from her enclosure at the national zoo earlier today. the staff closed down the area around her exhibit, hoping she will come back for food and shelter, but just in case she got out of the zoo itself, they are not dangerous to humans, and what happens when an animal goes missing? parody twitter county. bobcat on the run. a string of posts quoting our article online
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famous, and another with this request at 5:00 tonight. dc f you're getting your happy hour on, and you see the bobcat around, remember she likes her margarita on the rocks. up next, we are celebrating half a century with a man who has seen it all.
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tonight a special delivery for a special member of the u.s. postal service. david gaskin is celebrating 50 years with the postal service. 50 years! the community and the council surprised him with a letter of recognition, a cake, and a big old round of applause. >> it's kind of overwhelming with the kindness that people have shown me, and i can just do my
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things smoother. >> reporter: he has been at the friendship station since 1982, and he started as a clerk on north capital seat with what was then the main post office, congratulations. we all wish we had somebody like that. >> that's awesome. very quickly a snow shower is possible tomorrow morning, and there could be slick spots, and allyson will keep you posted. >> you will do your snow dance and hope it will come on friday? >> we will see. >> that's it for us, life is ridiculously awesome!!! and with the billion point giveaway, it's about to get more awesome. to claim your e sharof a billion shop your way points during the big game,
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