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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a dead body spotted through a window and what police found shocked neighbors and students at a local high school. tonight that investigation is still underway in mclean, virginia, not far from where the beltway meets the dulles toll road. >> reporter: fairfax county police are still out here behind me. they tell me that their investigation will be slow and thorough. earlier today some langley high school students came out here and
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they are worried one of the three people found dead inside tonight is their friend, a fellow sophomore, who never made it to school today. a young man known so well for his kindness. three people are dead after a domestic incident around 12:30 p.m. a relative looked into a window and made the grizzly discovery. >> what happened, what led to this, what caused all of this? i mean, the kids? who was killed? what happened? how did the incident happen? >> reporter: while neighbors and friends believe they know the family who lives here, police are not identified anyone as of yet. a horrible crime coming as a shock to neighbors who say they did not see the family who lives here very often. >> you look at the location, the police station is like less than a quarter of a mile away. the nature of the area is very, very secure. >> it will a
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investigation throughout the night. crime scene is on scene. the medical examiner is here and we have multiple homicide detectives here as well. >> reporter: police are saying that all three people suffered from some sort of trauma to their body. as the investigation continues, so do the prayers. >> we are praying for their family and hope that things will settle. >> reporter: police are call this a domestic incident. they say neighbors shouldn't worry, and they say their next update will be tomorrow afternoon. now to an annual event that draws thousands. the march for feli. >> life is winning again in america. >> allow me to make it very clear. we hear you. we see you. we respect you. >> powerful message from two top tigist atreso officials
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the pro-life and pro-adoption activists rallying at the washington monument. after that rally the crowd set off the same route they have marched for more than three decades. right down constitution avenue, around the capitol, to the steps to the supreme court. they numbered in the thousands, and so did the reasons they marched. >> when i was 19 i got pregnant and i went to planned planned parenthood in michigan. they closed early the day it was. january in 2000. because they were closed i ended up at a crisis pregnancy center and they gave me hope, which is a priceless gift, and my daughter is alive today. her name is liberty. >> i was adopted, and my birth mother was really young when she first had me. so then my lovely parents adopted me. >> i am thankful that they chose life than the abortion, or we would not have the precious gift that we have, our
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people nationwide to share their stories on social media using #whywemarch. and we kept an eye on that all day. demetrius tweeted, when my birth mother conceived me she was living a spiritual and unhealthy life but she chose for me to be adopted. celeste said choose life and be extremely grateful that your mother did. >> i march because my birth mom chose adoption. >> so take the march for life, add saturday's women's march and the inauguration, too, and it has been one major week-long stress test for public transit. and metro stepped up its game. here is transportation reporter pete muntean. >> reporter: march for life brought in numbers. it was pretty normal for a friday. it was still another chance for metro to sign on the big stage. after the march for life, thousands marched
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place metro. the metro is a new experience for this couple. >> we got off at gallery and walked down to the march and it was great. >> reporter: pretty seamless? >> easy. >> reporter: that's what the agency wants to hear. metro has been trying to show it's world-class. locals know the delays and decline all too well. >> a lot of people on the train were helpful showing us where to get off. so people were very friendly, very helpful today. >> reporter: during the women's march metro reported its second highest ridership ever. there were no big problems. name with inauguration day. that prompted metro's general manager to send this thank you note to every single employee. >> it was a sense of pride, you know, in the way that, you know, the way that our people performed. >> reporter: from the webbs, rave reviews. metro hopes one day commuters would feel the same way.
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good. >> reporter: metro said 237,000 people took the train friday morning. >> pete mentioned the inauguration. just the we can before that massive event, hackers managed to plant viruses in the closed- circuit camera system that helps police monitor public spaces around the city. that attack hit 70% of the storage devices that record thieves from the cameras. city officials say they managed to fix the problem by january 15th and those viruses did not spread to other parts of the city's digital infrastructure. investigators say that hack appears to be an attempt to exploit cash from the district. as the march for life was underway, president trump met with british prime minister teresa may at the white house. she is the first foreign dignitary to visit since his inauguration. tomorrow the president talks by phone with russian president vladimir putin and the leaders from france and germany in the days ahead. president trump is
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pair of executive orders. one directs the pentagon to draw up orders to buy up plans for ships and planes for the military. the other on immigration. >> new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. >> this makes good on one of the his big campaign promises. it stops all refugees from entering the u.s. for at least 120 days. it suspends the syrian refugee program indefinitely, and it appears to cap the number of refugees the u.s. will take at 50,000 for fiscal year 2017. it includes a 90-day ban on any type of immigration from seven countries. iraq, iran
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sudan. what are executive orders? they direct agencies to study or move forward on something, but the agency itself has to act before any changes happen. but they are not laws. in fact, congress can overturn them. it looks like the president and his mexican counterpart are patching things up. the two presidents released a joint statement saying they recognize their differences on who will pay for the proposed border wall. still no word on when mexican president enrique pena nieto will meet with president trump. at 7 p.m. we got some perspective on this first week from analysts representing the left and the right. both agreed on one thing. president trump is off to
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fast start. >> well, anyone will tell you it's been a very busy first week for the president. very productive between his twitter undoing a lot of obama's legacy and in addition to that getting started on the wall already. the biggest promise throughout the campaign. >> trump has not moved or deviated from who he introduced us to when he was on celebrity apprentice. he has always been a go-getter, very quick to move things along, and i think we will see that over the next four years. >> now, eddie says he considers the high point of the week mr. trump's meeting with union leaders. that's something that didn't grab a lot of headlines. china dickerson says her highlight was the women's march on washington and the tremendous size of the crowd. here is something else from week one. a trump proposal to slap 20% tax on imports from mexico to pay for the border bomb wall. s
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a man gets most of his ingredients from south of the border. he is worried import tax will be passed on to american consumers like him. some analysts say he is probably right. >> americans will pay more for cars, air conditioners, avocados, tequila. the american consumer, mexico would not be paying anything. >> analysts also say president trump's proposal could set off a trade war that would hurt u.s. businesses that export a lot of stuff to mexico. well, this restaurant is not worried about price hikes. they are focused on doing what they say is the right thing. here is your wake-up weather. a little bit cold to start. breezy and cold by 9:00. 20s and 30s to start and 30s by mid-morning and by noon 39 to 44. actually, not a bad late january day. we will come back. we set a record for january you may not be aware of. we will tell you
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take a look at this. yes, it's real, and we will explain. what is a friday night newscast without a story about a deer with plastic container stuck on her head?
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if the federal government wants us to hold an individual, immigration, you know, illegal immigrants, et cetera, we will hold them for the federal government. >> that's republican miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez. he said the decision is about money. he is afraid the city stands to lose $355 million in federal funds because of president trump's executive order and plenty of residents he serves are not happy. >> we have a lot of power with the economic and labor force and we have that power. if we take it away, we show
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cannot run without immigrants. >> protests have gone a common sight. the mayor says his decision does not mean police will round up people suspected of going undocumented immigrant. in texas, austin is becoming ground zero in the battle over sanctuary cities. there is a new sheriff in town, literally, and she is moving to adopt some sanctuary policies. that's setting some leaders -- that's upsetting some leaders there. the sheriff will probably find some support in a restaurant. >> reporter: amidst the bustle of the local neighbors, the golden goose, at its heart the co-owners. >> if you are going to open up a restaurant, you better feel passionate about it. >> reporter: they have done things a little differently. >> paying below the federal government rate. that was never an option. >> reporter: on their menu a sign
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orders include a 20% gratuity. with the funds they pay all employees at least $14 an hour. >> the tipping system we have been using doesn't work. there is a better way that provides human rights and women's rights and equal rights. >> reporter: that's not all that sets this restaurant apart. the sign next to the door tells the story before you enter. >> we sign a letter talking about anxiety in the restaurant and what was going to happen to our employees. we have that certainty we were declaring ourselves a sanctuary restaurant. >> reporter: they are a part of a growing group across the country wanting to send a message to president trump. >> the customers and employees, regardless of race, religion, gender, immigrant status should know that they are safe here. >> reporter: so far the results seem positive. >> we
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restaurant with gratitude and warmth and appreciation for what we're doing here. >> all right. if you thought bambi had it rough, check out this deer. her head is stuck in a halloween jug. these pictures were snapped monday in bel air, maryland. we know she has been this way for five days, not able to eat or drink, and neighbors are concerned. >> i hate to see anything happen to an animal. to make me sad. i hope they can help him. >> wildlife workers have been looking for the poor deer. they will be out there this weekend. they hope a shooter with a tranquilizer can help her. >> maybe she is smart. maybe she will bang is against a tree. >> i am feeling a little, you know, pain of something for her. it's carved. you know how it is. when you
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need your carbs. 3-degree guarantee. i thought it might be a midnight high. it wasn't. but we were okay. >> awesome. >> we are okay. went 48 and it was 45. we're gonna go 46 tomorrow even though we are looking at a pretty low air mass. we're gonna go 46 top. this record for january, first four days not below 32. it was cold from the 5th to the 10th. on the 11th all the way through today we have not been below 32 degrees at national. that's a new record. that's 17 days. might make it 18 tomorrow. it's gonna be close. may not make it below freezing tomorrow night. that's never happened before in recorded history. it dates back to the 1870s. right now 39. dew points in the teens. that's what you might expect for late january. winds are still gusting to 29 miles per hour. okay. headlines. chilly on saay
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for late january, you can still do some stuff outside. i suspect you haven't picked up all your sticks yet. you can do that. flurry or snow shower possible. colder monday. a better chance of a flurry or snow shower. just chilly on tuesday, but pleasant. i mean, back in the mid-40s. that's pretty nice, actually. here are the temps. 46 tomorrow. 43 on sunday. 39 on monday. back to 46 on tuesday. back to 43 on wednesday. it's going to stay chilly to cold through next week. 7 a.m. in the morning 34 downtown. not below freezing yet. upper 20s, low 30s in the burbs. by 10:00 plenty of sun. southwest winds, okay? 39 downtown, 39 in fredericksburg, and 34 hagerstown. you probably won't make 40 tomorrow. everybody else will. 45
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45 in fredericksburg and 43 la plate a and waldorf. by 6 p.m. falling again 40s to upper 30s. this is not that cold for january. even at 10:00 tomorrow night we got temperatures barely below freezing in frederick, 35 buie, 34 fairfax. if you are out late, out freezing late, late tomorrow fight. all right. overnight partly to mostly cloudy, put a flurry in. temperatures only 26 to 34. on the day planner 30s start. notice above freezing again. 41 at 11:00. 45 at 1:00le full sun tomorrow. flurry possible sunday, 43. a little better chance of a snow shower on monday, 39. the next seven days, tuesday night we are back in the 40s on tuesday. wednesday rain or snow shower. it looks more ominous than it is. it's a weak system. colder thursday and friday. if we have
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ball, we have no prospects of snow. we might get excited about the prospect of snow maybe super bowl sunday. >> see what happens. all right. so, i mean, this maryland guy, he could have gone anywhere, right? >> yeah, he could have gone to alabama, miami, but you know what? he chose to stay at home. that's what maryland wants. they want big-time recruits to stay at home. big news for the terp and it's good. we will tell you that story next in sports.
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan. >> hometown coach is the key to turning the program around at maryland and the terps getting a big time commitment from from da mass a. mcfarland missed his senior season due to injury but was good in his sophomore and
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he was being recruited by alabama and miami, but he stays close to home and will play for the terps next year. rivalry night in montgomery county. two high schools that want nothing more than to beat each other when it comes to the hardwood. part of game on varsity this friday night. spring brook and blake. spring brook pumping up the crowd. kendall douglas missed the day. jackson there to get the rebound and the put-back. watch that one-handed throw-in. nice shot. a half hook. the blazers couldn't stop this guy with 32 points. spring book wins. lady blazers. a pass to frost. an early 6-2 lead. thomas hits
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spring brook is hanging stuff. blair wins. there is room to jump on that wizards bandwagon. they got john wall again yesterday and tonight looking to make the move on atlanta. the team a ttleliahead in the eastern conference. marquis morris. the wiz were laughing up early. wizards up 14. later second quarter shot clock winding down. no problem john wall. he beats the buzzer. wiz up 22 points at halftime. 3rd quarter. did you know that otto porter leads in three-point shooting percentage? he makes his fourth of the game. wizards roll 112-86. the organizers of the farmers insurance open can't
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happy. tiger woods will not be playing this weekend after missing the cut. he was better in round 2, even par today, but the plus 4 cost him yesterday. tiger's return after a 17- montilletoff is a bit -- a 17- month layoff is a bit of a dud. >> i bet he will win another pga event before he is 50. >> that's a lock. maybe not a major. we are not done yet. have some top honors to tell you about for a school employee who is not in front of
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an unsung hero is unsung no more. we are singing the praises of burt lancaster, yep, that's his real name, just named employee of the year. he has
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the school system for 28 years. 1 of them with anne beers elementary in southeast. he puts in long days that start at 4 in the morning. not only does he keep beers elementary in ship shape, he trains the new hires for the whole school system. >> what makes it worth it? >> seeing the kids smile at the end of the day. >> he cares about the welfare and well being of our children. he does whatever we need to make sure that we can do our job. >> mr. lancaster's honor comes with a $10,000 award and a ceremony in march at the kennedy center. and we salute him. that's great. >> and all of the incredible professionals that dedicate their time, their energy, their love, their spirit to raising up our kids. >> our custodian was mr. baker. he was there for years and years and years. i went back. he wasn't there. you know who was there? his son was there.
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okay. seven-day. you ready? couple flakes. no storms. maybe a flake tomorrow night. better chance sunday, monday, and maybe a rain or snow shower on wednesday. it stays cold and chilly for the foreseeable future and maybe we will see something the weekend after this. >> we're talking about super bowl sunday? >> perhaps. perhaps. >> what kind of perhaps? >> that's all i'm saying. >> it's a tease? you are going to make us wait a beak? okay. >> yeah. >> have a great weekend, everybody. thanks for
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>> ooooh ♪ >> stephen: hey fergie, sorry to interrupt, but i'm so glad you're on the show. >> thanks, happy to be here. >> stephen: i'm so glad, yeah. >> what you have got there? >> stephen: what? where? >> sticking out of your pocket. >> stephen: oh, this is. this is just my didgeridoo. i didn't realize i was carrying it. we were so much together. she's like my limb, she's my lady. she's my lady limb. hey, you know what, it just occurred to me, since i've got my didgeridoo, why don't we jam? >> i'm really not clear on what that thing does. >> stephen: first, it makes music. then it changes the world. ( laughter ) all right, let's do it. le


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