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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 25, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EST

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tonight, michael jackson's daughter dropped major bomb shells, claiming she was sexually assaulted at age 14, ltmuiple suicide attempts, drug addiction and why she believes her dad was murdered. what you never knew about paris' life after neverland. >> osc i
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back to teenage tv past. >> my mother called every kid that used to beat me up. >> plus a dog's perfect controversy. i'm with the movie star, dennis quaid, furious over animal abuse allegations why he is calling the leaked video a scam. >> never saw any abuse of any animal. if there had been, i would have walked. >> behind the scenes of the real housewives prank going viral. >> now for january 24, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> michael jackson's daughter, paris, is breaking silence about her life. it is more traumatic than anybody suspected. >> track marks from drug abuse, suicide attempts, victim of sexual assault and what paris has it say in her first depth interview is stunning. >> she was extremely open. depression. tried to kill herself. >> paris brought up the biggest bombshell in her new interview
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with rolling stone. she was sexually assaulted by a much older complete stranger when she was just 14. quote, i don't want to give too many details. it was hard for me and at the time, i didn't tell anybody. >> next year paris tried to kill herself by slashing her wrist and taking 20 motrin pills. she was falling to the ground after press questioned her about the article. she said she tried multiple times before and tattoos cover the scars from the suicide attempt as well as the track marks left from her previous drug addiction. >> paris is wearing a bracelet that michael jackson was wearing when he died. a little rope and jade thing he got a in africa. she said that michael comes to her this her dreams all the time. ♪
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♪ >> nearly eight years after michael died paris said she believed her dad was murdered and his death was a set-up. >> he believed people were out to get him. he was worth hundreds of omillns of dollard s anlepeop were conce prnede eopl were trying to get thhaeir onnds it. >> the 18-year-old who was at paris passion week and doing photo shoots blames concert promotors saying they drained them dry and worked them to death. she compared the king of pop to justin bieber. >> paris was back stage at a tour and felt he was going through the motions and looked exhausted. she thought he was being
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overworked in the same way her dad was. >> hopefully he hears paris and heeds her warning. >> other big news today the oscar nominations led by "la la land" was 14 nominations. including one for emma stone. that ties the record held by "titanic" and all about eve. it's all about ryan goessling. >> ryan gosling in "la la land." >> best actor nomination is ryan's second. in 2007 he was nominated for "half nelson." he played a junior high school teacher in the inner-city. s s mom and sister were hi oscar dates then but we are hoping this year he will bring his love, eva mendes. ♪ sorry, but no ryan versus ryan at the oscars. they did go ahead it head at golden globes but reynolds did not get an oscar nod for "deadpool." battle of the former mousketeers in the original song category. city of stars is up against justin timberlake's "can't stop the feeling" in "trolls."
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♪ back this their teen years, ryan and jt were part of the mickey mouse club. then ryan took off in his first role. he was just 17 years old on the set of "young hercules." >> my mother said to every kid that used to beat me up. well he is hercules now, you can shut up. >> this marks a more exclusive group of nominees. denzel washington earning his seventh nomination for "fences" and so many heard their name called making that oscars white hashtag a thing of the past. casey of a thre casey affleck is a frontrunner. >> he sings, dances, plays piano. these are all skills that are hard. and academy members know they are hard. then they may reward him for that. >> going to be fun to watch. we have more interesting facts about the oscar n
1:43 am mel gibson also got a nomination. that is not the biggest news in his life right now. mel also just became a dad for the ninth time! >> best ctdireor nominee for "hacksaw ridge" tells "e.t." would be quote, what could be more exciting than listening to the nominations being announced while holding my newborn son. the baby was born on friday weighing in at 5 pounds 5 ounces. i spoke with the 61-year-old and his 26-year-old lady earlier this month. >> i was talking to clint and i said, how many kids do you have. eight. i'm beating him. >> number nine. >> nine. >> how does it feel to be beating clint? >> that's a weird question. >> well for the record, gibson has six other sons with ex-wife robin moore and one daughter, hannah, mel's oldest at 36.
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aksana. this friday the dog movie opens. i sat down with the film's biggest human star, dennis quaid as he addressed the controversy on camera for the first time. >> disappoint ai want to ask yo your experience with animals on the set? >> my experience is that the animals were treated great. no animal abuse on the side. and that video that someone took and sold for money and held on to it a year and a half, until -- sell it for money before the film is coming out does not tell the whole story. i've seen the footage. it's is edited and manipulated and i think it's a scam, to tell you the truth.
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obtained by tmz completely out of context. the website says it did not edited the footage but published it as it was obtained. it appears to show two moments a german shepard resisted going into the water and another where the dog is submerged. >> the dog was acting like a dog who was tired of taking a bath. and was ready to get out. and in fact, that's what happened. they took the dog out. and then the guy spliced it together and made it look like they sit him in there and forced him in. which didn't happen. there was no abuse of any animal. if there had been, we would have walked. >> the team of executives from amblin and they showed us 10 minutes of outtakes and they said in order to give us more context. we saw the dog jumping into the water over and over to perform a stunt. it also showed the dog going under water but never shows anyone pushing him into the pool. also, a team of safety people
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nearby and amblin would not allow us to show you the video because there are still several external and internal views in progress. we also talked to the producer after dog's person. >> as soon as the dog resisted. after one second the dog should have stopped. the dog's head was covered for four seconds. that should not have happened but the dog was fine. if they let the video run you would see the dog got out, was fine and the dog is fine today. >> here is the interesting thing. one of the reasons dennis felt so passionately about this movie is because of his personal connection with his dog growing up. it was a basset hound named gertrude who went everywhere with him. >> you may remember that erin andrews missed a few episodes of "dancing with the stars." she said because someone had passed away. that was only half the story. erin said it was also because she was battling cancer. >> news broke todaat
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38-year-old was diagnosed with cervical cancer in late september after a routine exam. she underwent surgery two weeks later in october. >> everyone said i was doing it for publicity. that ripped me apart. >> that is erin on the stand in her civil trial a year ago after stalkers secretly videotaped her naked in her hotel room. her cancer ordeal began just six months after her court victory. [ cheers and applause ] the dancing cohost did miss two shows to be with her fiance, hockey player, jarret stoll, to after the death of his nephew. we know it was only half the story. she was also taking time off to process her diagnosis. she was back to interview green bay packer jordy nelson. erin's doctor gave her the all clear in november but she didn't reveal the health crisis until today.
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"monday morning quarterback." she said quote, should i have been standing for a full game five days after surgery? let's just say the doctor didn't recommend that. but just as i felt during my trial, sports were my escape. i needed to be with my crew. glad she's okay. >> i was on a flight with her in the fall and she was deep in football mode. up next, which actress recycled her oscar dress from 13 years ago? and the many faces of the bachelor's corrine. but her mom is only telling about her daughter's strategy to win the show. >> and derek hough behind the scenes exclusive. his personal new project that has him adding yet another title to his long résume. >> dancer, artist, director, what do we call you
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♪ recognize those two little bridesmaids right there? here is a hint for you. one may be the future queen of england. yes, that's a 9-year-old kate middleton waiving and 7-year-old pippa doesn't look too happy. >> but pippa has her own wedding coming up so she can turn thht frown upside down. >> meanwhile, meghan markle with prince harry nice to know her art imitates life. >> her show, "suits" returns tomorrow. seems the network isn't shy about giving a nod to her royal romance. check out how it's being promoted in prince harry's native uk, shots of megan in a wedding dress and this line at end.
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35-year-old kept it a bit more casual at the mumbai airport as she wrapped up a charity trip if india. her schedule might be more open giving her and prince harry more time to do charitable work together. meg's oscar nominee ryan gosling looks different. new wafigure at madam true sew in berlin is creepy and even has a heart beat can you hear and feel. this isn't ryan's first wax figure. the 2014 version in london bears more of a resemblance to the real thing. no word to madam trousseau's if they plan to do corrections to the new replica. >> we love a star who recycles fashions.
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same dress she rocked in a 2004 after party. then actor jake gyllenhaal was her date. earlier this month, the now 35-year-old star got engaged to "fargo" co-star jesse flemming. >> dress is beautiful. but can we discuss the fact she can still fit in a dress from 13 years ago. >> i can't fit in one i had on 13 minutes ago. i had two chocolates. >> kirstin dunst, you are the real. mvp the "bachelor's" break out star. >> i see you! >> corrine and what her mom is telling us about her strategy to win. then i'm onset with dancing star, derek hough. hear the emotional story behind himunew sic video. >> it's a beautiful story about ever lasting love. >> you're going to make me cry! >> end marketing campaign, what it took to pull off this scare.
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scare with a very familiar ring to it. [ screaming ] if you like "devil baby" hold on to your dis.aper cause the company behind is is working their black magic again. this time for the terrifying installment of "the ring." [ screaming ] the latest viral video gag, the marketing agency took over a tv store in new york and got to work rigging one particular screen to be just a little too life-like. >> one of those tvs we rigged so when the tv moves up and distract people to look to the side they reveal the actual character from the movie whose image is being played on all the other tvs at the same time. [ yelling ] >> oh my god! this viral video campaign is the latest for marketing glory. >> by the end of the first day, 130 million facebook
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now it's up to 200 million. they're on track to surpass the ridiculous video promoting the video in 2015. they created a huge buzz for the remake of "carrie." and based on how fast the viral video is spreading, look for "ring" to scare up huge business when it hits theaters february 3rd. >> so creepy! if that is not scary enough for you, try watching bad girl, corinne, on the bachelor. i'm sure other girls will agree. she's out of control. she made it to the final 15, and truth is, it's a lot of fun watching the many faces of corrine. >> little dumbo but i'm not. i'm not! i see you. i see you. >> and we
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from the eye-rolling to the totally overly dramatic apology. [ crying ] >> and these looks of utter disgust. the 24-year-old contestant gave an oscar-worthy performance on last night's show. >> v for victory. dude, i need sushi. you do you. i'm going to do me. >> and she has. corinne's mom, peri, said she had a strategy for the show. go big or go home. >> the winner and few that stick out with their large personalities are the ones that get remembered. >> last night we saw more of that personality come out with a group date in nick's hometown where the ladies were forced to get dirty. >> i don't want to do chores. let alone farm chores. >> and corinne, who has a nanny, fell out while the other women shovelled making them even more annoyed. >> but corinne just couldn't fake it with tailo
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-- 23-year-old mentalal heth counsellor. >> stop. you're treating me like an idiot, taylor. >> there are just some people that get along with everybody and that's corrine. she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. >> but corinne's mom says is her daughter doesn't have any regrets. >> she is very happy with the outcome. fam a n of how she handled herself. >> i'm a good person. i'm not just saying that. >> okay, if you say so, corinne. let's talk about an all-around good guy, shall we? michael buble is taking time-out to care for his son who is battling cancer. derek hough stepped up to help him with his new music video and only we were invited to the set. i'm not even sure what i'm supposed to call you any more. >> oh. >> dancer, artist, director now. what are we supposed to cal
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you? >> performer? yeah. i don't know. >> all around dope ass guy. >> i'm take it. i'll take that. ♪ >> derek has the challenge of ch choreographing and directing the video for "i believe in you" he is also the star. right now michael is taking time to be with his family while 3-year-old noah continues his cancer treatment. >> my prayers are out to him. i'm trying to do the best job i can here and put together a beautiful stord y antibeauful video for him. >> for derek, the story behind the video is personal. >> my grandfather passed away last year. you know, the last couple of years, they danced every single morning together my grandma and grandpa. they danced every single morning to the same song. it was their ritual they did it every time. even the night before he passed with be they were dancing together. he passed that night but for me, that was like the beautiful story of everlasting love right to the end. and that's kind of why i want to tell the story with this video. you know, everst
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cry, derek hough. you're not going to make me cry. >> well, he made me cry. no doubt about that. >> one of the sweetest stories i've ever heard. >> isn't it? wow. >> this video will be out just in time for valentine's day. >> perfect. >> we'll be right back.
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ty can play simon and garfunkel tracks over. it's all on >> congratulations to new edition. they just got a star on the walk of fame! >> tonight a mini series telling the story debuting on "e.t." >> yeah. i was on the set with the young guys that portray the band. it was amazing reliving moments that i watched years ago. >> all right. bye, everybody.
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that debate should be encouraged. >> we started the hearings with a dangerous new form of climate denial. >> reporter: rachel cleetus is with the union of concerned scientists. >> this is a sort of climate denial that says, yes, it's real, but we don't know what is causing it, and it's basically yet another way to kick the can down the road and not take any action. >> reporter: cleetus says with data showing 2016 as the hottest year on record and sea levels rising at alarming rates that could trigger massive flooding by the end of the century, limiting regulations on energy production could be catastrophic. >> this is false choice. we don't have to choose between a safe climate and economic growth. we can have both. >> reporter: the centers for disease control has now canceled the conference that would have explored the effects of climate change on public health. as for president trump, after that meeting with auto executives today, he also said, "i am to a large extent an environmentalist. i believe in it." >> jim aod


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