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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i don't know where to put it in my heart. >> an emotional gathering tonight outside a 7-eleven where a clerk was shot on the job. and the heat is rising. brace yourself for a h
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to come and more heat ahead in the week. >> also a suspected killer after two beloved nuns are found stabbed to death in their home. a community came together to remember and mourn the 31-year-old 7-eleven clerk that was gunned down on the job one week ago. >> dozens surrounded taiwo oduwole's makeshift memorial. his family and friends are still in shock over everything that happened. police got the call short of 5 a.m. last saturday. when they arrived, they found him shot twice in the back, once as he was running away. he died at the hospital. >> reporter: taiwo oduwole was known for his smile, his work ethic, his faith. his passing has touched many in the community.
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surprising for a man new to the states. he left nigeria about five months ago to chase the american dream. >> i don't know where to put it in my heart. i cry every day. >> reporter: haja and her kids lived with oduwole. they say he would always put others first. >> even kids that tried to steal candy, he would pay for it. all he was thinking about was his family. >> reporter: they were not ready to open up. >> i'm not hiding in my house. you do what you do because you choose to do it. >> reporter: pastor james thompson led the vigil and call for justice. police believe it was this man who killed oduwole. but catching him has proved to be difficult. his face is masked in one shot and his back is to the surveillance camera in another. an investigator also told me people are not talking. >> somebody heard, somebody seen, somebody know. we asked these people to stand up and say something because if
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brother or your father or your daughter or your sister the next time. >> reporter: earlier the community raised what they call reward money. cash that might prompt someone to step forward with helpful information. inside donations were accepted to help pay for funeral expenses. i'm told oduwole's funeral is expected to be on or around september 17th. >> a man close to oduwole shared a story. he said about a week before he died he start today bring a speaker to work and would play his native nigerian. customers would show up to dance with oduwole and his colleagues. as this man put it, it was like we were celebrating his life even though we had no idea it was about to come to an end. >> law enforcement is also offering $50,000 for information that leads to an arrest and an indictment. tonight we have surveillance
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ellicot city. police are suspects caught in this video. it happened on august 24th shortly before 5 a.m. you can see three suspects with their faces partially covered enter the store. they stole cigarettes, a donation jar and cell phone from an employee. a howard county man faces charges tonight after causing a car crash that injured his mother. maryland state police say 18-year-old devin harbison was riding in the passenger seat when they began arguing. they say harbison grabbed the steering wheel, causing them to veer off the road and strike a tree. his mother was airlifted to shock trauma. harbison is charged with first and second degree assault as well as reckless driving. the school year is already underway and police at virginia commonwealth university in richmond are investigating three sexual assaults. police sent an alert to students warning them about the assault. the first one was reported last sunday. the latest two were reported thursday and friday.
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start of classes can be a vulnerable time, especially for new students. >> pretty unfortunate actually because people are preying on students. >> i think people need to be alert because this kind of stuff happens, especially at the beginning of the school year, especially with new incoming transferring people and freshmen that are around. >> vcu police say all three of the sex assaults occurred off campus and in all three cases the victims have recently met their attacker. dc police are investigating a double homicide in northeast washington that left two men dead. officers were called to the 300 block of 34th street after 11:30 last night for a report of a shooting. they found 30-year-old rashard blue and travan johnson both suffering gunshot wounds. police are offering a reward up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. there was an arrest tonight in the shocking murder
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roman catholic nuns in mississippi. they were stabbedir home earlies week. >> reporter: authorities in small town durant, mississippi say just about everyone knew beloved sisters seen in this video doing what they loved. the nuns worked as nurses at a clinic for low income residents in the poorest county in the state. sister susan gatz knew the women for decades. >> these were people. and they treated everybody with dignity. they treated everybody with that care and compassion. >> reporter: their murdered have left this community stunned. police say it does not appear robbery was the motive but they did say they quickly zeroed in on 46-year-old rodney sanders. we're investigating why he went to the women's home and stabbed them. sanders was arrested and charged with two counts capital murder. he's been described as a drifter and has spent prison time in iowa. police discovered the women's bodies thursday and later one of their stolen cars when they didn't show up for work. >>
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completely devastated and grieving. >> reporter: and struggling to understand how something so horrific could happen to two women who dedicated their lives helping others. >> this is the kind of area where many people leave their doors unlocked. in this case there were no signs of a forced entry or break-in. turning to our weather, it's going to be another hot one for tomorrow but what about monday, maybe back to school for some students as well? we'll go outside to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> going to be hot again monday. we've got a few more days of the hot stuff. this isn't even bad heat compared to what we had earlier in the month when we had the three days in a row. high pressure and control right over us. very little happened today. we had storms well off to our west and northwest. high pressure at the surface toward new england. that's going to keep us a little bit stable as far as the atmosphere is concerned. you can also see the dew points have dropped mainly in to the 60s, low to mid 60s. very crt
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afternoon. dew points are 60s and 70s. we're still 80, 82 in town, lots of 70s in the suburbs. tomorrow, sunshine. we'll start in the 60s and 70s. we'll top off in the low 90s in the afternoon with an east wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. then it looks like we do have relief coming. not until thursday though. low 90s through wednesday. at least in town. some people staying in the upper 80s. by thursday and beyond, it's going to be gorgeous around here to start the month of september. i'll be back in a few minutes. we'll take a closer look at the forecast. >> you're making us wait for that relief. a water main break is impacting some r dec residents in northeast washington tonight. at this time there are no road closures but crews are already working to repair that main. they say this job could take about eight hours. also, the latest metro safety repairs are underway. safetrack surge number 8 started today and impacts all
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operat van dorn street stations this weekend. there is a free shuttle bus service instead. starting monday the blue line trains will operate continuously on a single track for weekdays. surge number 8 is expected to last through sunday, september 11th. before you ride metro, check out our free wusa 9 app and know what's in store for you before you head out the door. coming up tonight, the road to the white house makes a stop in virginia. we're going t toake you there when we come back. >> and find out why social media is absolutely buzzing tonight about what the 49ers quarterback
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with the presidential election 72 days away, the campaign is heating up. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence made a campaign stop in purceville, virginia. the indiana governor told a crowd at patrick henry college that hillary clinton and her fellow democrats were using a, quote, play of divisiveness. >> we hear the other side already bringing out the politics of division. you've heard it.
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it's really remarkable after donald trump spent the last two weeks reaching out to minorities across this country and making sure that everyone in america understands that we can make america great again for every american regardless of race and creed and color. >> pence also criticized clinton for allowing the clinton foundation to accept foreign and corporate donations while she was secretary of state. wusa 9 was at the rally today. reaction tonight from both supporters and opponents. >> reporter: trump supporters unite for a rally at patrick henry college in purceville, virginia today. polls so trump-pence down in virginia. loudoun county is likely the swing county in the state in virginia if virginia is still a battleground, loudoun county is ground zero. this week hillary clinton and donald trump continue their races in debate. yesterday clinton released
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his own comments about african americans. many voters say the political mudslinging is distracting. >> immigration. we need better laws. and i say that as a legal immigrant here who has been through the process. i think we need something better for those who want to come legally. >> he's got a proven track record with all his hotels and everything. what's her track record? getting free stuff from the government. let's put a working man in there, try it out. >> reporter: these protesters disagree, making their message known outside today's rally. >> republicans, they're just off the wall. i'm not afraid but it's really -- i don't know if this guy got in. >> i'm doing this because i'm personally offended by the trump-pence
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virginia, wusa 9. >> and to stay up to date 24/7 on the presidential race as well as the local races here, download our wusa 9 app. an air show ends in tragedy when a biplane suddenly crashes to the ground, killing the pilot. 61-year-old marcus payne of anchorage, alaska was piloting the plane when a trail of smoke appeared while the plane was making a giant looping maneuver. they're conducting an investigation in to what caused the crash. dramatic scene out of the hartford where a train caught on fire. still no word tonight on how the fire broke out. a stunning scene on a highway overseas where a truck on an overpass collapsed on a pedestriri
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that was the motorcyclist who crashed his bike as the bridge started to collapse in front of him. some incredible video there, some of the things that were happening all over. >> yeah. and we had such a nice, calm day. it really was. humidity dropped off a little bit. had a lot of sunshine. i know a lot of folks are crying about rain. we need rain. unfortunately rain chances will stay low. probably for the next week or so. >> still hot. >> we're going to get a break though for the second half of the coming week. let's do some business. 3-degree guarantee time. oh, i've got to get back to that. i was going through my show before i went out on the air. getting a preview of the futurecast. let's reset this puppy and start from the beginning with the 3-degree guarantee.
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degrees. we actually got to 92. just one off. right in there. that makes pretty good here. we're talking about 66 of the last 71. temperatures this evening still warm. it's 81 degrees in town in annapolis. you've got the warmth of the bay. you've got the urban heat in effect. you get away from those two things, 70 in frederick. 72 in manassas. waldorf, 71. lots of low 70s. even a few 60s in the highest elevations. michael and son camera. good looking night to be out there. 81. feels like 84 though. dew points have crept up in to the upper 60s. low 60s this afternoon. pretty good. and a light wind. i would not be surprised if we had an isolated patch or two of fog. nationally west coast is quiet. got showers and storms through the great lakes, midwest, and down south. more heavy rains across parts of louisiana. we watch tha
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ubuer atmosphere right over us. the air staying set, suppresses the clouds. we don't really have much going on. we've got high pressure in new england. talked about that on the top of the broadcast. with an east and southeast flow, maybe a few clouds coming in there. showers and any storms stay in to the mountains sunday afternoon. just a slim chance we'll see something on monday afternoon. in the tropics we've got gaston. 70-mile-per-hour tropical storm. may become a hurricane. but it's going up here. don't worry about that. days and days we've been talking about this tropical wave. is it going to develop? it hasn't. it's had dry air, it's had wind shift. tonight, i don't know if you can sein the last couple frames, couple of storms near the center there. this could start maybe developing in the next couple of days. the problem is most of the computer guidance moves it in toward the gulf of mexico after it goes through the florida straits. then we've got a spread anywhere from new orleans over toward tampa as we get in
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morning. we've got to watch this thing for next week. right now, no storm. 64 to 74 tonight. clear to partly cloudy. isolated patch of fog. light southeast winds. tomorrow morning, sunny, warm, and dry. we'll be in the low to mid 80s by lunchtime. topping out upper 80s and low 90s. and again, not too humid. east winds at 5 to 10. as we look toward monday, 92. maybe a late storm in a couple spots. stray storm tuesday, 90. wednesday, still hot. we've got highs on wednesday again around 90. but look what happens as we get toward the second half of the week. delightful by friday. saturday still looks good. i think it will still be okay sunday the way it's looking now. just hang in there. >> hang in there, thursday is the day. >> it is. and friday, the better day. >> even better. he was right last week. howard, we've been following along social media all day, and before last night's san francisco-green bay game, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick decided not to stand for the
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blowing up social media. he said w protesting wrongdoings against african americans and minorities in the u.s. tonight his action is drawing all of that attention. we've gone through several hundreds of tweets now. read a couple of them for you here. troy says they should fire him for not standing. he is a paid professional. i agree with him 100% and appreciate his honesty no matter what anyone else thinks. that's a true leader to stand up what you believe in even when others don't. barbara says standing for any flag in any country shows respect. not standing is shameful and disgraceful. just three of hundreds. i posted this and it's just getting so many comments. >> it's the kind of thing, of course. big talker. this guy we're about to talk about, another big talker. bryce harper. one thing you can say about him, he wears his emotions on his sleeves. that's for sure. just ask the umpire in today's game. we'll hear from the face of the franchise about his blowup this afternoon.
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the actions of the for the nationals who forced extra innings baseball against the rockies thanks to a jayson werth double. but the only thing people are talking about right now is how bryce harper behaved. tied at 4, bottom of the 10th, for harper who's known to have a testy side. he had the chance to be the hero but when the home plate ump called him out on strikes, he blew up. oh, yeah. bat, helmet, everything. game unraveled from there. top of the 11th, the bullpen gave up two two-run homers. nats lose 5-4. here's bryce talking about his tirade. >> going in to it, didn't want to get ejected. but when the umpire makes a mistake in that big of a situation, that's just not good. like i said, i wanted to see the last pitch. could have possibly not played the 11th or the 12th or
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whatever. >> these things happen. and especially it happens this time of the year, tempers are short. it's hot. played a lot of games. been around the same people for a long period of time. whd this is the time of year en tempers do flare up. >> no divine intervention for the nats as cardinal donald wirl, archbishop of washington, threw out the ceremonial first pitch. his pitching prowess was part of safe day at nationals park. a percentage of the sales will go to catholic charities. if you're wondering whether the archbishop practiced or prayed for that moment -- >> there are a couple things i did in preparation. one was to practice saying the ball, and the second was to say a prayer. i found in life the second is always the most important. >> such a kind man. as for the orioles, they were in new york and the man of the hour was yankees rookie gary sanchez making history. he hit his 11th home run in just his 23rd game. he's the first major leaguer to ac
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beat-down. baltimore loses 13-5 despite two chris davis homers. 279 days. that's how long it's been since joe flacco has seen game action. until tonight. the ravens quarterback had surgery after tearing his acl and mcl last november. waiting for his knee to be 100 % healed meant he missed the first two preseason games. so how would he fair tonight? more on joe in a minute. first devastating news for tight end ben watson. watch this. it looks like a simple little trip. but no, he's out for the season. after tearing his achilles' tendon on the first play of the game. unbelievable. back to number 5. he has to wear a knee brace. got to test it early. he got harassed, hit, sacked, all during his 1st quarter action. he finished 11-16 for 94 yards. afterwards joe cool was happy to finally face live action. >> it was good to get back out
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huddle, go through pregame. get your mind ready to play an nfl game and get your body to go through that and go out there and complete a couple ps asseand do some things to get your mind and body used to doing them. the golden girl was at the game tonight. the olympic wrestler showed her gold medal to the fans and coach harbaugh. coach harbaugh was so impressed with her, he asked her to speak to the team before the game, and he did. >> you got to put in all the hard work but you can't bring anything with you that will tangibly assure you of a win or a gold medal. that hard work, you do it because it prepares you. you have to give everything you can. nothing guarantees a win. as for preseason game number 3, silver for washington. most of the attention centered on quarterback kirk cousins. plenty of folks were watching the defense as well. they had a solid
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what's commonly called the dress he season. the first team defense held the bilss to 6 points during their quarter a half of work. it's worth noting several buffalos starters sat out the half. he said they know what to do and they know what they have to do in preparation for week one of the regular season. >> continue to attack. continue to play physical. physical is the name of the game. physicality, no substitution for it. that hard work. continue to do what the coaches ask of us. dialing up the calls for us. and letting us play our game. he did that tonight. you saw where we made some plays. other nfl preseason, all signs point to time winding down for football in oakland. can anyone say las vegas? 3rd quarter, screen to deandre washington who gets destroyed by sean spence. that
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titans win 27-14. from football to football, dc united hosting chicago. the black and red rolling up 4-2. former maryland terrapin patrick mullens gets his third goal of the game. what's that called, howard? >> goal! >> dc united wins 6-2. fun night up in the sport office. we had a good time. >> somebody commented on our video before saying you had so much, it was all packed in there. >> if we could have all 30 minutes, we'd fill it. >> edging out weather, don't want to know how hot it's going to be tomorrow? because we do have another hot day on tap. howard will have a quick update. ♪ ♪
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it's going to be hot tomorrow but we can go to the pool. >> 90s. we'll do the same on monday, tuesday, wednesday. just an outside chance of rain. i'm sorry we can't do more about that.
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thursday the 1st. a nice cool-down. friday looks fantastic. highs in the low 80s. i smell a long weekend. >> very nice. you can get updat to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands and cares about your business.
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