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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  January 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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crews could barely get in. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lease knoll. firefighters pulled the woman out of that burning home. she didn't make it. she died at the hospital. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in bensalem, bucks county. dave? >> reporter: very tragic development here. we can tell you the 92 year old woman who died in this fire had so much of her life in this house and fire crews say it was the very same items in this house that worked against them in the fire fight. >> i heard every present chopper over top my head. you know something is going on. >> reporter: skyfox over the early morning scene of a tragic house fire on the 2200 block of byberry road in bensalem. waking up the neighborhood as multiple fire departments responded. >> 15 full sized pfeiffer engines and many more. >> reporter: fire crews arrived to find the house overwhelmed by flames with biggest challenge waiting insi inside. >> the amount of debris in there
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you can't even imagine it's floor to ceiling. wall to wall. very narrow paths. the fire footer fighter has tough time trying to get to the fire. >> fire investigators call it the worst case of hoarding they have ever seen with piles of keep sakes lining the front la lawn. >> everything you could think of, clothes, boxes, trash bags, um, everything, years and years and years of just belongings and not getting rid of them. >> reporter: so bad fire crews exited the building to attack from the outside. >> something we don't want to do. we want to fight the fire from the inside. it goes out easier that woman. >> 92-year-old woman was rescued buyer firefighter but died. a man who got out on his own remains hospitalized in critical condition. it takes longer for us to get to you. it's harder for to us put the fire out which is the example today. >> reporter: while less seasons we can take from tragedies like these fire investigators have one you may not have thought of. >> we just ask people if you have a family member or know somebody that's hoarding, try
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your best to talk to them. >> reporter: meantime we're back live at the scene here and the ba toll yann chief actually said more and more fire departments across the country are dealing with hoarding situations especially for ems calls. meantime, we don't know the cause of the fire it's still under investigation. back to you. >> it is a medical condition. already. thank you very much, dave kinchen. investigators are looking into what started the fire in the city's nicetown section. flames broke out in the row home on the 1700 block of st. paul street at around 8:00 this morning from the ground you can see the home is pretty badly damaged. now fire officials say no one is hurt. we are just three hours from finding out who president trump will tap for the supreme court. he's going to make televised address 8:00 tonight announces hug nomination for the veigh scan see created by ant tow nine scalia's death. president trump is picking between two federal appeals judges neil gorsuch and thomas
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hardiman. the announce many comes 24 hours after the president fired sally yates for challenging the constitutional will the of his executive order limiting travel from seven predominantly muslim countries. hardiman from western pennsylvania. >> attorneys representing three families whose relatives returned away at philly international this weekend filed suit against the trump administration. they allege that president's executive order is unconstitutional. our bruce gordon in studio and joins us. bruce this immigration controversy just gets bigger and noisier every day. >> yeah, and don't expect toying away any time soon. today's legal action will no doubt heighten tensions between the white house and immigration activists in a battle that may well end up settled by the highest court in the land. >> the chaos at the airport will now apparently head to the courtroom. federal lawsuit accuses the trump administration of violating the constitution when it rebuffed families coming to philadelphia from countries on a
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short list of suspected terror hot spots. the city hall news conference family members left waiting at philly international spoke of the pain of playing by the rules only to see loved ones turned around and sent home with no explanation not even a translator to explain what was happening. >> we just want to tell this is extremely unfair and inhuman to stop a mother from seeing her daughter after years and treating her like a criminal. this is the country of opportunity. the country of freedom. and if you allow it to be turned into a land of discrimination, where racism has taken root and hate found across the whole country, thought that gives me chills. >> homeland security secretary john kelly is among those being sued. he defended the immigration crack down as temporary and necessary. >> this is not a travel ban. this is temporary pause that allows to us better review the existing refugee and visa
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vetting system. >> reporter: among the apparent favorites to fill the vacancy on the supreme court that might decide this issue judge thomas hardiman for nearly a decade a philadelphia based member of the federal third circuit court of appeals. hardiman is a registered republican considered conservative especially in matters of gun ownership. that will no doubt give democrats pause. temple university law professor mary levee who are a argued cases before the third circuit he's qualified tour high court. >> he's very fair minded. he's intellectual much he's hard working he has a terrific reputation in the third circuit. >> reporter: the attorneys behind that federal lawsuit against the trump administration hope to have their case heard within the next few days. they want the families in question to be allowed to return to the us this time at our government's expense. stay tuned for that ruling and of course decision on who may be the newest member of the the high court. lucy. >> thank you very much, bruce. stay with fox 29 for continuing coverage of president trauma
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pops first 100 days. airing supreme court announcement live tonight at 8:00 o'clock. meantime the u.s. senate delayed the vote on three of president trump's cabinet picks. democrats today boycotted the votes for the secretaries of health and human services and treasury and voting on president trump's attorney general pick will be put off at least until tomorrow. elaine chow got an overwhelming yes from the full senate who approved her in 93-six vote. as secretary of transportation. she's widely considered the least contentious of all of mr. trump's cabinet nominees. president trump staying busy holding a couple of high profile meetings. first with ceos of several major drug companies where he suggested increase in production of drugs and a decrease in the cost to consumers. he also sat down with cyber security leaders making his case he is sticking to campaign promises on finding ways to defend against cyber hacking. a fifty six attack caught on camera.
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now, this happened in south philadelphia. you see a group of men right there. they beat a man to the ground. once he was down they just kept on at him. police are now after these attackers. our dawn timmeney live along south broad street where it all went down. dawn. >> reporter: lucy it happened about half a block down from where i'm standing and police say if these four men would do something so despicable there's no telling what else they would do and that's why they want these guys off the street before they hurt someone else. the video is alarming. a 25-year-old man is knocked to the ground and beaten as he walks down the street. philadelphia police just relea releasing surveillance of the vicious january 10th attack on the 1200 block of south broad. >> you see once he's on the ground they begin to assault him kicking him and punching him. relentlessly. it's horrible thing to see. >> reporter: we showed the disturbing surveillance of four young men pump link the victim with purges to nancy berger. she was out walking her grandson right where the assault happened.
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>> my daughter and son-in-law live in this neighborhood, and i've always felt safe here. what i'd be walking the baby. >> reporter: but not so much now. gary pratt has lived in the area for some time and finds what happened appalling. >> does it surprise you. >> yes and no. this is happened in the past before, um, it doesn't seem quite so recently but that doesn't mean i'm not still kind of shocked and concerned about it. >> reporter: police say the brutal beat down happened 8:00 o'clock at night and was completely random. >> they may have seen him walking down the street at some point in time and thought he was an easy target. because cell phone being in his hand or distracted in some way. >> investigators say the four tried to steal the man's cell phone but ran away without it. beverly mccann lives around the corner. she says this is exactly why she is always extra vigilant. >> have to be. yes. anywhere i go. daytime, nighttime it doesn't matter to me. got to be careful out here.
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now the victim was so badly beaten he had to be taken to the hospital. police say it appeared to be a game for the man's attackers. if you recognize any of them, police want to hear from you. iain? >> all right. dawn, thank you. a man is dead after running into traffic in northeast philadelphia late this morning. police tell us the 50-year-old man ran out into the street along the 1600 block of cottman avenue and was hit by an oncoming car. the driver of that car that hit him did stay at the scene. fox 29 weather authority let's go outside, shall we? old city on -- very last day of january. >> it is. i lost track. it is 2017, right. >> i finally started brighting that on my checks and yes, i still write checks. it feels like winter right now. i have to tell you. >> one of those days kind of gray, few flurries. how about a warmup, kathy? in site anywhere. >> how about it? >> let's do it. >> let's do it. >> all right. >> take look outside looking pretty good in old city philadelphia. we had snow showers to the normal and to the west of the city through the lehigh valley and poconos right now it's
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colder up there the poconos 21. great weather for making some packed powder. allentown 31. 40 in philadelphia. up to 42 degrees in wilmington. dover touched 50 right now 48 degrees with a west southwesterly wind. this evening skies will be partly cloudy. you'll see some stars through those clouds as well. in philadelphia, temperatures will be in the upper 30s. we'll stay there with partly cloudy skies by 11:00 o'clock a light breeze. and temperatures pretty much staying stable in the upper 30 toss through the late night hours. ultimate doppler shows that precipitation moving offshore with the clearing skies. we'll have brief break with the temperatures a mild break it's going get warmer but it will get windy and of course we still have our eye on some sunday super bowl snow. we'll talk more about that coming up with your seven day forecast but things are looking up at least for now. >> all right. i'm take it. thanks kathy. remember you can always get up to the minute weather and live looks at ultimate doppler radar on our website just go to you can find these plastic shipping trays at about any
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grocery store. that's what i'm talking about right there. it turns out they are hot item for thieves. cops say it ends up costing you money. fox 29 investigates. caught on camera, a man beating a bus passenger with his cane. but this attack isn't what it seems. why the bus company wants to thank him. plus -- downtown houston has the super bowl written all over it from the civic center to the high rises to the hotel behind me. texas is biggest city is ready for football's biggest game. we'll kick the week off coming right up. the childhood home of grace kelly is now back in the hands of her family owned by prince albert of monaco. what he plans to do with it and when you can get a peek inside this east falls home.
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orange glow in old city this morning after fire started on a roof deck in one of the buildings there. you can see the flames burning market street near second. the fire broke out just before 5:00 this morning. and we are told everyone made the out all right. investigators though are still trying to find out which started the fire. burg ton county native facing federal charges accused of threatening former president barack obama. william peter man, jr. who grew up in medford lakes but was living in south carolina accused of posting on his facebook page that he would kill president obama back on january 10th. if convicted he'll face up to five years in prison as well as $250,000 fine. patience at a virtue for delaware police who their lengthy investigation has paid off in the bust of a brothel of
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sorts. tonight two new castle women face prostitution charges. 20-year-old nicole cully and 36-year-old sarah behind ricks work together to run a prostitution service out of a home on washington street in new castle. police say they got complaints from neighbors about that house. they say cully was the prostitute and that she paid behind ricks to use her house as a place to run her business. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is pushing a $10 million plan to fight heroin and opioid overdoses in the state. the governor came to norristown this morning to make that announcement. the money will be used to buy the drug mill locks zone. it reverses the effect of overdose. the governor says will present the proposal in harrisburg next week as part of his budget plan and he gave credit to democrats and republicans for helping to put more focus on the goal of curbing drug abuse. this is something that has -- has forced us to lose
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thousands of our loved ones here in pennsylvania. it's a disease that we know how to address. we know what the cure s we have to get over the stigma. >> since november 2014 the state's first responders have reversed more than 2300 opioid overdoses. last year the state legislature approved $20 million to expand addiction programs. >> if you're still look to go get health coverage under obama care you better act fast because tonight could be your last chance with the future of the health care law rather uncertain right now of course. you have until 3:00 a.m. to sign up. president trump is promised to repeal and replace the law and to do it, without creating disruptions for the millions already covered. tonight delaware state police are investigating what led to the deadly fall of a man off power plant it happened nrg indian river power plant in sussex county right near the delaware beaches. police say he fell from the roof at about 8:00 this morning. nrg says he was a contractor, authorities have yet to release the man's name.
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♪ hank's take. super bowl edition. >> our hank flynn is in the middle of a lot of excitement this week. he landed in houston monday because he's going to super bowl li. >> you think he'd look more excited than that little promotion there, right? serio serious. yesterday he took a walk around to show us what houston has to offer like only hank can. so here's hank's take. super bowl edition. >> reporter: all right. ron you know the super bowl is on fox this year. bam. how about that? >> that's great. >> reporter: still hours away from go cart racing with ronnie smith at oh dark 30 this morning i got up and grabbed my gear and headed for the airport. going to the super bowl. when you're going to the assume per bowl you don't want to forget anything. when i got to the gate my colleague bill rohrer was already waiting there. he said he can relate. >> what's your overwhelming feeling. let's get down there and get our
5:18 pm
feet wet. >> once i get the first story done, probably -- >> we'll be rolling. >> got a great feel i guess. >> reporter: other than the fact the plane was cramped it turned out to be no big deal as we descended into houston, you could tell the nfl was in town. >> first sign of super bowl merchandise for sale. get it while it's hot. >> reporter: after we got rental cars bill and i split up and i got my second wind. hi houston buckle up and get your lids on. play some football. whoo! yes, sassy enough when i passed the houston grand prix go cart track on the way into town i had to pull over and challenge gm ronnie smith to a race. the track social security one of the thousands of local businesses hoping to make some money off of the super bowl. ronnie says he can't go wrong. >> we're real close to the airport. so we know which -- to put our
5:19 pm
normal business and know as you come into houston you're going to be able to have a close place to come to and nice and clean, ready to run. open every day at noon. and just have fun. >> reporter: look at that video and realize we weren't going anywhere near as fast as i thought we were. ronnie having a lot more fun if his business realizes a bit of that $350 million wind fall super bowl is expected to bring to this good texas town. we'll see. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ remember you can watch the patriots take on the falcons super bowl li this sunday february 5th right here on fox 29. get your super bowl sunday started with mike and alex and game day party. seven to 10:00 a.m. this sunday. >> tonight nasa giving us the closest view of pattern's rings ever. isn't this interesting to look at it's cass simi spacecraft cook these amazing pictures of the men net's icy ring. nasa says it's never been able
5:20 pm
to capture the small details like it looks like straws and propellers and such. it has been studying saturn and its moon since it arrived in 2,004. >> two robbers ransack a store get away with a thousand of dollars worth of jewelry but the shop owner did not let them go without a fight. what he reached for to try and save his store. >> a new way of getting caffeine fix in the morning. who really what is starting to take orders in one coffee shop. and beautiful pieces of furniture with much bigger mission. how these pieces are helping build a new future for so many.
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♪ their lives are beautiful, let's keep it that way. if you suspect child abuse, report it. for more information on reporting child abuse or neglect go to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.
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>> scary attack call on surveillance video. a good samaritan who police are looking for as surveillance camera rah shows the guy acting strangely on the bus then starts a attack the driver. then it shows the good samaritan jump into help city officials say the guy who jumped in broke his cane they want to buy him a new one.
5:24 pm
also like to give him transportation voucher. the attack war arrested learning more about the radical views of that canadian student accused of deadly rampage at a mosque. he had extreme national lift views and supported french right test party according to canadian advocates that monitor hate groups. he reporte reportedly expressede views through online platforms. he's charge washington, d.c. with six counts of% degree murder and five counts of a it itemed murder for sunday's shooting. six men were killed during evening prayers. >> jewelry store owner in fort lauderdale florida is picking up pieces after a violent heist at his shop. whole thing caught on camera. you can see the robbers use hammers to shatter the glass and steal necklace, rings and bracelets at one point the store's owner through a chair at the robbers to chase them away. they got away with more than $200,000 worth of high-end jewelry. owner is devastated.
5:25 pm
>> they don't care. if they shoot you, they kill y you. >> police have arrested one person. the owner of the store says this is the second time that robbers have hit him. he's not thinking about getting out of the business altogether. in indiana people get sick after just showing up to church and eating cookies. now the 74-year-old man police say is behind it all is facing charges. cops say brian jones is a long-time member at saint john's catholic church in he will let let'sville outside of blooming ton. handing out cookies was part of his sunday ritual. he'd been doing it for years but one day last may police say he gave out some cookies laced with thc that's the active chemical in marijuana. it sent six church members to the hospital and even though it didn't take long to solve the case it took until now for charges to be filed. the prosecutor had to review the case. it took quite a long time to
5:26 pm
determine how much marran was actually in the cookies and how it was done much this gentleman is i'm sure a good person and i'm sure he just made a mistake. >> jones has been charged with criminal recklessness and possession of hash oil. when it comes to your health we know it's important to watch what you eat. but what else should you keep your eye on as you reach for your afternoon snack. >> and several philadelphia schools getting special honors. the reason we're getting some praise today. kathy. >> on this map you can see the northern jet stream those white lines and southern jet stream over florida. well it looked like those would come together for a good snow. well, that's still the case. we'll take a look at the seven day coming up.
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> check out this guy. he's a suspect in a bank robbery in center city yesterday morning. police say he handed a bank teller a threatening demand note at the bb and t branch along the 1600 block of market street. he took off after getting some cash. there is an award being offered for any information leading to this guy's arrest if you've seen call police. police say burlington county woman beat her elderly husband to death with a fire extinguisher 42-year-old tins system in jail tonight charged with murder. police say tinsley hit 74-year-old douglas tinsley in the head with extinguisher over and over again at her willingboro home yesterday. police have not released a motive. philadelphia police officer
5:30 pm
has been cleared of any wrongdoing over his tattoo. the controversy started last summer with this article in the philly voice showing social media post of the officer's eagle tattoo. some thought it resembled a nazi emblem. police department said today internal investigation cleared the officer last month and he's still on the job. mayor kenney says since the department doesn't have an official tattoo policy the officer couldn't be dismissed. good report card for 115 philadelphia schools. >> yup. district says they increased their stores on the annual school progress report. that's a big deal, right? ba today mayor kenney joined superintendent hite in olney to congratulate the schools. the school progress report measures progress toward grade level literacy and college and career redness. among the 115 schools improved their scores 21 philadelphia schools scored in the high achievement category. >> the schools we honor today here at olney elementary show us
5:31 pm
that all students can and will learn because we believe in every child in our district in our city we must continue to utilize each child's unique skills and experiences as a foundation to build upon. among the highlights of today's report, more philly children are going to school day in and day out. not skipping the number of students attending 95% or more school days. went up in 39% in 2015 to 42% in 2016. billionaire hotel owner glenn straub will need casino license to reopen revel in atlantic city that is according to ruling today. by the state s casino control commission. he shouldn't need a license because he's leasing the gaming operation to a third party he says. he plans on taking the issue to court. he bought the former two-point -- $2 billion casino hotel for $82 million out at a bankruptcy in 2015. >> a -- not a bad deal if you
5:32 pm
can afford it. live look at allentown on this tuesday night. you might have seen a flurry or two today. the question is, is it bigger snowstorm right around the bend meteorologist kathy orr is breaking it all down in 15 seconds. >> light snow showers in the lehigh valley in the poconos where it's cold enough to make snow but in old city philadelphia it's just a beautiful evening with temperatures that are still holding out at 40 degrees. the high today 42 degrees. look at that. the wind is calm whipped chill is 40. very comfortable out there. not much wind but of course that's going to change. ultimate doppler there goes the snow and the rain and a few more scattered snow showers through central pa that is going to ride to the north tonight. so we will just be partly to mostly cloudy. 21 in the poconos.
5:33 pm
40 in philadelphia this westerly wind persists it's 42 in wilmington. 44 in millville and 46 degrees in atlantic city. so seasonably cool across the region. here's our area of low pressure that clipper that is riding off to the west and behind it some drier air during the day tomorrow temperatures will be climbinclimbing well above avere close to 50 degrees with more of a southerly wind working its way into the region and plenty of sunshine. but the winds will be picking up once again. as we go hour by hour we'll go till tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we'll be 35 in philadelphia. 31 in pottstown. 29 in allentown and 33 degrees in trenton. these numbers a little bit above average for this time of year. during the afternoon plenty of sun, dry conditions, and temperatures continue to warm through the 40s and even late in the evening still holding on in the upper 30s and lower 40s. looking at sunday now last night it looked as though our two storms could be merging or phasing and now it doesn't look as likely. so if you're hoping for a big
5:34 pm
snow it looked less and less likely sunday into monday. we'll watch this area of high pressure slowly move off the coast. this low will move northward. we see redevelopment off the coast it's a little too late for us to see anything significant but there's still a chance of some light snow showers super bowl sunday in the afternoon and into the evening. right now if anything it would be a light accumulation. so you don't have to worry about big storm at this point. so if you wanted it, sorry. a couple more weeks to go in february and of course there's always march. take look overnight. in the city 35. in the suburbs 32. mostly cloudy and mild with westerly winds. during the day tomorrow the winds do kick up. gusting to about 25, 30 miles an hour out of the west but it will be milder with temperature close to 50 and on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, oh, boy, punxsutawney phil he'll come out of his bureau on thursday. will there be six more weeks of winter? the temperature will be 42. then it turns colder for friday and saturday. some late snow showers on super bowl sunday.
5:35 pm
monday it's out of here. it will be sunny and then by tuesday clouds and mild. 53 degrees by next tuesday. some occasions that next wednesday will be even warmer. do you believe this? >> no but i love it. >> i know do you. >> thanks, kathy. >> you bet. all right. we don't have any snow but here's one way to make good use if you've got snow. this minnesota homeowner creat creating a large snow sculpture of jab ba the hut from star wars. harry creates a new sculpture outside his home each winter his portfolio includes allison and wonderland. >> that is fabulous. i love that. one man has been collecting hundreds upon hundreds of used tires. what he's doing with them to fulfill a life long dream. new way to get your morning caffeine fix. who or what may be serving up your next cup of joe. big name who just announced he's coming to the university of pennsylvania. what is drawing him to campus. ♪
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to the about cheap knee pole lynn group. they will keep its name. it opened back in 1913. had many renown guests including us presidents and other world leaders. dupont will now explore selling dupont country club as well. in your money tonight, america' largest retailer going head to head with online giant. wal*mart says it will begin two-day shipping on more than 2 million products and they will not charge membership fee. the free shipping will be available on some of those popular things like searches for babies like diapers and diaper bags. that's important. food, pet products as well as toys. other things wal*mart is going to lower the minimum purchase requirement for free shipping from 50 to 35 bucks. >> ordering a cup of coffee just entereentered a new realm at onp in california check this out. this is san francisco's first ever robot barrista. a robotic arm serves up self varieties of coffee made to order at the auto mated cafe. the owner cafe x where the robot barrista is hard at work says he
5:40 pm
brewed up the idea so to speak after standing in long lines at other cafes. >> so what people are able to get from cafe x is basically, um, specialty coffee. but be able to get very consistently and efficiently. you can order from an app or you can order from one of our ordering stations. >> the san francisco location cafe x's first robotic calf if i in the country. the company hopes to open other spots soon. you know what, iain, we're all be out of a job soon. taking over by robots. >> automation. >> um-hmm. guiness beer soon will be brood right here in the u.s. location in maryland will be modeled after the guiness open gate brewery in dublin one of ire land's top tourist destinations. brewery will include a visitor experience and it will be the first guiness brewery to open in the us in 63 years. beautiful pieces of furniture with a much bigger mission. how these pieces are helping build a new future for so many.
5:41 pm
you can find these plastic shipping trays just about any grocery store. it turns out they're a hot item for thieves and police say it ends up costing you money. fox 29 investigates. sean. >> atlanta falcons came out november where in their -- and they're a different team since eagles beat them back in november. matt ryan we'll take a look back at that game later in sports.
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♪ in your health this evening it's not just what you eat but when. so says the american heart association. the group says growing evidence shows timing matters were it comes to heart disease risk. it's suggests people spread out calories over a specific period of the day. instead of either eating a lot over a short period which is
5:45 pm
what i. to i don't know about you iain. that's what i do. >> i eat all day. >> see you should graze from morning tonight either. >> it's work out fine. >> heart association says it's probably a good idea to get a large share of your calories earlier in the day. new research out of temple university gives us knew insight into alzheimer's. researchers found one of the earliest signs of the disease decline in glucose levels in the brain. part of the brain that stores memory relies on glucose for fuel and the study also the first to identify protein known as p38 as a possible drug to treat alzheimer's. new study finds can do a lot more damage to children long term. the study publish by the american psychological association found that children who get bullied a lot have lower grades, don't like school and lack academic confidence all makes sense there. researchers followed hundreds of children starting in kindergarten. all the way through high school. doctors say the cause and effect
5:46 pm
is logical. >> it's usually pretty bad. you can imagine that if you went to a workplace every day where people teased you and hazed uh-uh wouldn't necessarily be in the right frame of mind to do your best work. well, it's the same thing for children. >> all right. so there is good news here. that, um, the children have a much brighter future, however, doctors say 24% of bullied children continue to have a rough time. fox 29 investigates there's a new scheme in town making thieves some big bucks. guess who is picking up the tab you the consumer. believe it or not thieves are now stealing plastic from local corner stores and supermarkets one expert says plastic is the new cop copper a $100 million a year industry on the black-market. >> tonight fox 29 investigates joins authorities when they take down a local theft and recycling ring. dave schratwieser reports. >> reporter: you can find them
5:47 pm
outside any corner market in your neighborhood. those blue or yellow hard plastic delivery trays used to hold bottles of soda or bread. who would think they're worth their weight in gold. >> very lucrative business. the trays or shells are made of high density polly ethylene a tough but flexible plastic manufactured with petroleum so the price of oil goes up, so does the price of these trays. they cost about seven bucks to make and believe it or not, right now they're a hot commodity on the black-market. >> this is a national problem. they're also the target of thieves here in the philadelphia region and across the country from florida to new jersey. the bread soft drink and dairy industry estimates losses close to $100 million a year in those plastic containers because of theft and guess who ends up picking up the tab? you got it. you do. the theft of these plastic trays has become such a problem that
5:48 pm
companies are highering private investigators to track down the thieves. and the cost to consumers well experts say it could be as much as a nickel more on a loaf of bread a gallon of milk or bottle of soda. >> i think it's awful. >> shoppers we spoke with weren't too happy to hear about paying more for this new rip off scheme. >> we paying enough as it is. and like soda tax went up now. >> it's just one more thing we have to pay. on january 20th, as president trump was being sworn into office, swat teams in the city's major crimes unit joined private security forces to raid this port richmond warehouse. police say this was ground zero for a regional theft and recycling ring that stole tens of thousands of dollars of these trays from stores across our area. they were brought here to this warehouse on the 2100 block of ann street where they were put
5:49 pm
through a grinder. >> search and cease sure warrant at a recycling plant who was actually milling down and grinding down these stolen plastics. >> reporter: they found stack after stack of the stolen trays as high as 8 feet. they found the grinder and huge containers of ground up trays ready to be shipped out at a big profit. >> roughly about 1500 to 2200-pound containers. >> reporter: raid was the result of a four week undercover operation that discovered thieves stealing the trays from behind local food marks and corner stores. during daylight and evening ho hours. recycling companies like this one pay 25 to 30 cents a pound for the valuable plastic product. many of the trays are clearly labeled by the owners but the grinding process makes the material untraceable. the trays get ground up, the grinds get boxed up and shipped out. >> melted down and recycled and used into making toys and other things and oftentimes basically
5:50 pm
sold back and made into the same shelves they're getting a profit off of over and over again. >> reporter: police say the trays found at this warehouse belong to several companies including bakeries, canada dry, coca-cola, pepsi and various dairy companies. >> one company in particular lost $3 billion a year in their plastic pallets. they can increase the price of products that people use every day. >> grocery bills are going up for no reason other than people are stealing now. so it's pretty upsetting to he hear. >> reporter: two men were taken into custody during the warehouse raid. police loaded up an entire tractor trailer load of stolen trays and confiscated this box truck used during the thefts. along with three other vehicles. >> this business is not set up to be a recycling plant but what they were doing was they were strictly in the business of recycling stolen plastic pallets and trays and soda crates. >> reporter: back in november, the new jersey state police arrested these two men yi.
5:51 pm
tan and rong, wu. running a theft ring and shipping the ground up tray materials to chain n police say they bought the stolen containers with no questions asked. police discovered 45,000 pounds of ground up trays worth close to 70 grand. >> we have companies operating like this in different places it actually will um pocket trickle down to the consumer. >> we still paying for it. somebody needs to go to jail. >> reporter: dave schratwieser for fox 29 investigates. who knew? >> who knew? incredible stuff. somebody always got a hustle going on. >> i hope they hustle themselves over to the ocean and get all that plastic out. >> it's bad for the environment. >> speaking of recycling and stuff, one man has been collecting hundreds upon hundreds of used tires. what he's doing with them to fulfill a life long dream. and the childhood home of grace kelly is now back in the hands of her family owned by prince albert of monaco what he
5:52 pm
plans to do with it and when you can get a peek inside the famous east falls house the. >> big big name just announced he's coming to the university of pennsylvania. what is drawing him to campus. >> elmwood park zoo in norristown got two adorable additions. they're female jaguar named inka gave a birth to can a couple of cubs much the birth was unexpected but the zoo is doing everything to make sure the mom and cub are doing well. >> ♪ happy anniversary dinner, darlin'
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can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. they carry your fans shpassions, hopes, and dreams.s. and maybe, a chance at greatness because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff.
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several hundred tires getting a second life thanks to one man in missouri jimmy cart carter. not our former president who is in georgia. last year he started building his dream house out of old tires. he says he's wanted a house like this since he was a little kid. >> it's not only different environment but i think it's really healthy for you. so you'll get in shape if do you this. >> he's doing it himself. he says shops give him the tires free on the wise they'd have to pay to get rid of those things. carter hopes to finish up his house in the next four years. he's got a project on his hands there. road from wrong to recovery can be a long run one. >> but in one county in florida the jail is teaching prisoners a trader that might just change their futures. fox's chris cato reports. ♪ >> get out about 6:30 in the morning. ♪
5:57 pm
>> we're over here right around 7:00. we just get everything set up and start for the day. does. >> reporter: it's a different kind of prison work out. performed with press steal, lumber with an eye for perfect. >> a lot of guys will try to slide it by and say i did it. you look at it and i make them fix it. >> reporter: the results furniture even amish would be proud of. >> it is a skill that i've learned since i've been in here and i plan on using it when i get out. >> reporter: at the land o lakes detention center the idea to give inmates a second chance at life by putting them to work. >> it was real cool at first because i couldn't even see it in my head, um, so making the first few chairs was really cool going from a skid of wood to, you know, a finish product that somebody will buy and use. it's pretty -- it was really exciting actually. i've never done that before.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: prison carpet tree program start a little under two years ago and it wasn't easy. >> we built the building we were in. we painted it. we finished it and the program gradually just grew from there. >> reporter: these inmates now hand craft adironadack chairs, picnic tables even bean bags to boards. they also do custom work and it's all for sale online. >> i think it's cheaper to buy it here. higher quality. 100% american made. >> reporter: at the welding shop metal takes shape. and masterpieces are made. they're not only building custom barbeques rebuilding lives. >> they're not going to be inmates very long. the idea to rehabilitate. give them something they can make something of themselves prone vied for their families. >> hoping a new hope for men down on their luck. >> you can get trades in welding and stuff like that and it will help people stay out of jail. >> instead of guarding them i'm
5:59 pm
teaching them a trade and hopefully not to see them again and i hope they do when he will when they get out of here. >> that's awesome. photo journalism there. >> incredible. >> fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00, families, friends and neighbors are mourning a 92-year-old woman killed in an early morning fire. what stood in the way of firefighters as they tried to battle the flames. plus a brutal attack in south philadelphia. four people beat a man just walking down the street. what the victim was carrying his attackers found so valuable. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. all eyes on this building. president trump set to announce his pick for the supreme court on life tv tonight. it's an event and it's turned into an event that supporters and opponents will watch closely. thank you for joining us at 6:00. i'm lucy noland.
6:00 pm
>> i'm iain page. fox news is reporting president trump has two finalists for the supreme court and one of those mensa judge here in philadelphia. our bruce gordon joins us this evening. bruce, this is a man who few of us knew about a couple of weeks back report roar yeah. i'll tell you about him. 51-year-old thomas hardiman, and i can tell you right now liberals are going to have some problems with his politics and some of his rulings but the experts i talked to today say it will be awfully tough for anyone to question his qualifications. judge hardiman was named by president bush to the philadelphia based third circuit court of appeals back in 2007. following a stint on the federal district court in pittsburgh. hardiman is a registered republican, considered conservative. especially on matters relating to gun ownership. but whatever his leanings those who know or know of him say hardiman is the real deal. >> debra gross chancellor of the philadelphia bar association says for hardiman the law is


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