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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 31, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we will start with sometimes we bring you the news, other times the news comes to us. and the news is certainly in our own neighborhood this morning. >> so as you can see market street is shut down right now because of the fire on leticia street. so that means third street all the way to front street is shut down. heavy presence. the a lot of police. fire tenth is out here. several units. they have been dealing with this fire since about what 5:00 this morning. >> it went up to two alarms, lot of neighbors trying to get people out. it seems like everybodyes out. >> and you heard of franklin fountain or restaurant gas light this between those two places. >> that apartment buildings goes back toward blue martinez , cuba libre, abe you
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have been down here a thousand times. >> second and leticia. >> yes, second and front street. >> hello. >> we have got plenty of fire restens. we have police blocking off most of market street. we have a gas company behind us. we have salvation army behind them. red paws is out here checking on pets and all that a lot to cover from olde city, philadelphia but couple other big national stories, and for one, donald trump fires the attorney general last night here in the united states. also tonight at 8:00 a big announcement in prime time, going to announce his supreme court nominee. >> one of those nominees is from pennsylvania. >> yes. >> so, he has an office in the city. >> three or four blocks down that way. >> a lot going on in olde city in our town of philadelphia so lets get to weather and traffic and we will join you inside. >> noticeably colder morning then yesterday you are feeling it outside mike and alex, bus
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stop buddy is properly bundled up for teens and 20's and also celebrating the philadelphia 76ers victory last night. beef got some snow showers heading our way. we had a few flurries moving through earlier but out toward state capitol we are seeing steady snow lets say, so be prepared for some snow showers , snow flakes, cold enough with these wind chills in the teens and in the 20's it feels like 19 this dover, 22 is wind chill here this is city. here's fire activity in our neighborhood 27 degrees, feels like 22 sunrise at 7:10. we will see a to peaks of sunshine throughout the afternoon but get ready for light rain and snow showers before the take is through. not everybody will see it but if you are ready for it the you won't be surprised like snow squals we had yesterday, bob kelly did you think about that when that happened? oh, yeah sue talk about that. >> she was right on the honey, right at the clock. 6:02. live look from our camera atop our roof here at fox 29 at
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fourth and market showing market street all the fire activity with this two alarm fire. market street blocked from third all the way down to front street. for anyone coming through olde city going down market street gaslight, franklin fountain, oldized cream and candy shop there that little side street, old alley leticia street is the scene of this two alarm tire and then that building backs up to second street which was familiar with nick's roast beef, cuba libre and even continental. all of the streets between third and front street shut town this morning along market septa has a lot of buses on tea tore, six bus routes on tea tore this morning, all six of these coming out of the tea powe that is located right there at trent and market. so expect local detours, throughout olde city as you move through morning another fire location in bensalem, along byberry road, between
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hulmeville road and knights road. the here's a live look from sky fox. it looks like a single will family dwelling here unlike apartment fire that we have been dealing with all morning long. this is up in bensalem. as we look live from sky fox, the white smoke is a sign natalie fire fighters have been able to get a handle on the flames. you can see them attacking it from the back of the house there on the far right, and we just saw a couple of fire fighters going through what would be the screen porch. we have ladders up to what would be the second floor there of the a frame home. we have no reports of think injuries or status of anyone living in the home but again bensalem, the location again would be byberry road between hulmeville road and knights road and as soon as we get more information, of course, we will break back in and bring it back to you. mike and alex, a rough start for not only us but for fire
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fighters so far this tuesday morning. >> that is for sure. lets get back down the street right now, steve's interviewing some of the people had were rush to their apartment early in the morning , steve. >> reporter: here's land mark franklin fountain just down the block from there. here is franklin fountain and fire fighting equipment still on the street. also out the here on the street brooke and rich, and their dog zoe, you know i'm an an hall lover. here's a case of rescuing a dog who turns around and rescue you. because zeo barked. they are on the for the floor just below the fire. his barking woke them up. you can say hey, zoe saved their lives as well. not a bad dog there. >> no, she's great. she didn't start making noise, since fire alarm didn't go off in the building. >> reporter: you live in olde city. always noise on the the street i'm shore she barks. she chases septa buses. but this was different for zoe
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acting in the middle of the night. >> she was more rambunctious and it was about 4:15 or 4:30 and she wanted to just stan over there by fireplace and looking out the window. she might have saw reflection in the neighbor's window. >> reporter: that made you as tired as you were in the middle of the night in dream time and you say something unusual i have to get up out of bed. >> exactly, we were able to see other people running from the top floor down and smell of smoke was coming through. >> reporter: then brooke, you knew something was up, look out window and see something you don't normally see. >> right, flames were on the neighbor's window across the street and they were getting bigger as we stood inside. >> reporter: not bad that dog gets extra biscuits. >> to take good definitely. >> there is another case of adopted dog to take because it may save your life tomorrow. >> that is for sure.
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>> they say man's best friend, right. >> women too. big news overnight nationally sally yates is our acting attorney general. the white house made the a thens. last night trump administration accused yates of betraying the department of justice after she refused to defend the president's controversial executive order on immigration and refugees. so she's out. yates has been replaced with dana boente, a u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia, he will serve as acting attorney general, boente has said he will defend the president's executive order, the senate judiciary committee is expect to vote on president trump's nominee for attorney general, senator jeff sessions, probably later today another high profile firing, this is the new guy thomas roman, he has been
6:08 am
approached and appointed to serve as agoing director of ice immigration and customs enforcement, the white house said the announcement after president trump fired ice director daniel ragsdale, last night without the any explanation. so ragsdale was let go just two hours after the president fired sally yates. you're fired. he is used to say it and said it a lot yesterday. another major announcement slated tonight for president trump, this is big in prime time. he will reveal his pick for the vacant seat of the supreme court and a pennsylvania judge is in the running, alex. >> from our area it is judge thomas hard -- hardiman, he is serving the in the u.s. court of appeals third circuit. he is serving in the philadelphia area the second pick is likely to be neil gorsuch, 49 year-old judge
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irving in the tenth circuit court of appeals. tune into tonight at "fox news" at 8:00 to find out who will be the next supreme court justice. it will be in prime time. >> people always say, reason to vote for president, number one reason to vote for a president of the united states is because that person is likely to appoint a supreme court justice. >> this could affect a generation. >> yeah. >> years and years. >> he picks a young guy like 51 years old, he can serve until he is 80, yeah, 30 years tragedy, hard to wrap your head around, two sisters killed while crossing that dangerous roosevelt boulevard, their families you this mission as they tiehl with this horrible tragedy, their mommies in our studio today. a man goes on a violent rampage inside a philadelphia store throwing drinks, chairs, find out what the store owner refused to to that set the man off. >> i swear that was in the me.
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. fire fighters working quickly to put out this two alarmer in an apartment building in olde city. >> it is running on leticia street just off market. we have the wrong area here. it is right down the street, it is in between for people who know, about franklin fountain and if you know
6:12 am
gaslight the restaurant it the is right in between here. here is a shot on leticia street. they still have ladder truck up there, and it is blocked off for thousand. people standing off to the side, people living in that apartment building. >> franklin fountain right on the left. >> and gaslight on the right. >> there you go. >> we walk dunn there all the time. then we have another big fire, in bensalem, sky fox, is live over a house fire on the 2200 block of byberry road, we're hearing reports of people that are trapped inside of that house, we're also hearing fire fighters are being told to evacuate dwelling they are frayed it will collapse. we will continue to keep you updated on that with sky fox over the scene. delaware county shop owner is, thanking the quick work by police for catching a main -- man who went on a violent rampage this her place. >> michael mccoy was intoxicated and refused
6:13 am
services before he threw a temper tantrum at p and p seafood store on baltimore avenue. he is throwing chairs, tossing beer at the store owner. after smashing a mirror, police say he then tried to set the store on fire. >> he had a small lighter that was, shaped like a firearm, he was trying to burn proposal beer sign. nobody needs that hassle. just trying to conduct his business. >> mccoy was arrested moments later and being held on hundred thousand dollars bail. all right, bob, a lot have of work to to get started. >> yes, good morning, everybody live look at fire activity here in olde city, market street still blocked between third and front street , septa says we have six buses on tea tore but it is not, impacting the market frankford elevated we will check rest of the road sueby has your tuesday forecast when we come back. i will never wash my hair again.
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♪ first thing you will notice it feels colder then yesterday. that is because it is. with that cold air in place here comes a little bit of snow moving this. it should president be much but we talk about this yesterday with the clipper system to kind of move this fast. they can dump an inch or so. but only place we will get accumulation is in the mountains but we have... all right. we will suspend forecast and
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get out live to steve keeley because he has managed to talk to the fire commissioner this morning, steve. >> reporter: adam tiehl here on the scene, he has his notes and ready to update us as soon as we are's ready. thank you for waiting. >> absolutely good morning. we are at the scene of the two alarm fire where your philadelphia fire tenth did an outstanding job, mounting an interior attack. we were dispatched at 4:46. companies arrived a couple minutes later. after an hour, the fire was placed under control. we have four occupants difficulties laced but they have found shelter elsewhere. one injury was treated on the scene, no fatalities. we have a couple more hours because we are still finding a few hot spots. fire was on the fifth floor of what you can see behind he but several buildings are connected here so we are still finding hot spots and extinguishing fires on the roofs of these buildings.
6:18 am
>> unaudible. >> it is a building, a parapit , fire got inside that building feature and they are having to from the roof, actually cut into that, open it up and from underneath find a fire and extinguish it. >> unaudible. >> as far as we can tell the fire alarms are going off in the building, but we were not here on arrival. we will be here for a couple more hours. our fire marshals are here. normal partners from l and i, office of emergency management , we will investigate, do a cause and origin and we do have folks from the fire code unit with l and i here looking at fire alarm system and other building features. >> reporter: we're just down the street from the the guy who had your job first ben franklin and these streets, these buildings are hundreds of years old how tough sit to get these big rigs down these little streets. >> it the is really tough. that is a challenge. provided weather tonight is cooperating, not the too cold or this morning rather but
6:19 am
that is always a challenge for us. we need people to think about that and make sure streets are cleared. if it says no parking, don't park there because a lot of times that is for us, don't park in front of the fire hydrant, that can be a challenge with access. even when we get in the building these buildings have been modified over the years since ben franklin and they are connect and these buildings features it is hard to tell what leads to what. that is always a challenge. these fire fighters as i said do an incredible job. medics are providing support. once again incredible job by the philadelphia fire department. >> unaudible. >> when we get here we have fire in multiple locations and are still, you know, finding and extinguishing hot spots but fire is under control. it is not going anywhere else. we will be here for a couple more hours. >> reporter: alex and mike, i want to show you something, this is what burned here. i got pictures of the roof deck there one of the residents. there is one shot. you can tell by looking at that wood to you are tam with
6:20 am
decks, that is dry and old. here's another shot, best shot is right here, so you can see in the background there i don't want to zoom in but there is a barbecue pit up there. i was like do people do things with fires and barbecues. said yes, people up there smoke cigars, cigarettes, this burned ten years ago, cigarette careless smoking was cause then and maybe cause again but you can see, that is all wood, all dried out wood and it gets dried out by sitting in the sun all day year round. wooden structures here as well that is why fire was so big, so bad and why jared was reporting those embers flying through the air because that is what happened when you burn old wood like that. this gives you sense what caught fire and maybe why alarms didn't go off because fire was going up on the roof so nobody below it will smell smoke before they saw orange glow in their windows. so there you go. >> yes. we were first looking at the fire and seeing those flames
6:21 am
coming out of the roof. now it makes sense. >> we were walking into work and whole olde city area over there was orange. well, there is a super sign, super bowl is near, players, coaches are gathering for houston for what used to be the media day. see the questions from a child that almost brought tom brady to tears.
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sixers playing make up last night, they finally made up that that was cancelled because of the wet floor. they are taking on sacramento kings. in honor of the super bowl robert covington playing tom brady and gerald henderson playing julio jones right there with the deep pass and the dunk to end the third quarter. then in the fourth dario saric with the the fancy pass to nick stauskus and then he nails three, they end their two game losing streak winning 122-119. yesterday both teams arrived in houston for super bowl 51 and circus has begun. matt ryan in the letting any of those distractions, get the
6:25 am
in his way, quarterback, already, with all of the cliche answers when talking about the super bowl. >> we're excited about that. it will be fun but at end of the day it comes down to making plays and playing football and going out there completing passes, converting third towns and scoring touchdowns. we have done that all year. i feel like we will be ready to to that. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> alex, yesterday you asked me about ranking where my kansas jayhawks would end up. >> fact you are bringing this up i'm not going to be pleased >> i thought they would be number one but no, despite thrilling buzzer beater that we watched over sunday villanova dropped in the college basketball rankings, that is because wildcats dropped their second game of the season earlier in the week to marquette. so, read them: >> kansas is number three. >> yes. >> that is new ap and coach's
6:26 am
polls, both make villanova number four. gonzaga has moved to the top spot. they are number one. they have not lost at all year >> they are usually always good. >> they are. >> ap has baylor and then kansas at thumb two and three. the coach's poll which is the smarter guys, those flip flopped. they have kansas at number two , and baylor at thumb three >> but either way villanova is on four at both. >> yes, villanova is number four. >> it will will all work out in march madness. >> you will lose again and down you go. >> every year, pretty much. lets look at live look at market street here where crews are on the scene of the two alarm fire, in an apartment building on leticia street, update on conditions there. >> also the closings because market street is partially shut town. >> yep, look at that mess. my hygienist said to think of my teeth like an apple.
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fire in the three story apartment building in olde city, people rushing out to make it out, part of the market street is shut down. we are live on the scene with the very latest. we have another fire, a big one this bensalem, sky fox live over a house fire, on the 2200 block of byberry road. we are hearing reports of the people hurt in this fire. updates the straight ahead. good day, it is january 31st, busy day here in 2017. >> it is, sue, you have to think about fire fighters and
6:30 am
police officers in the area dealing with this cold and the fire. >> it is true, it is colder this morning then it was yesterday at this time. we have wind chills in the teens and 20's this morning but bus stop buddy, properly bundled up for all of that plus sixers won last night so he is wearing sixers cap. watching a little bit of snow, moving into, lancaster county this morning, so get ready for a little smattering like we had yesterday come snow squals missing it in the morning we have seen flurries or snow squall around in the afternoon , and anyplace that got that could be a little, there could be a little bit of black ice so watch that walking and trying as well. the look at our wind chills here 22 in philadelphia, 23 degrees in wilmington. nine is wind chill in mount pocono, 18 in reading. here's fire activity in our neighborhood, quite a morning, 27 feeling like 22, sunrise happening at ten have after 7:00 this morning. we may get a peak of sunshine in the afternoon but we hey get another round of light
6:31 am
rain or snow showers with the high temperature of 43 degrees so, another shall we say interesting morning bob kelly. >> busy, interesting morning but hats off to philadelphia fire fighters. to swing those hook and ladders down these small side streets in center city and getting this under control quickly we solute them. live look at market street still block from third down to front street, again fire location leticia and market kind of just a block off of second street right there. lets go to the maps with local detours around second and market in olde city, septa has six bus routes on a detour but good news is that the market frankford line is not impacted , again, that is second street station rolls right under, coming up at second and market, stairwells are opened and stop is operable so no problems this morning. other fire location at bensalem, byberry roadblock between hume villain knights road a four car accident east
6:32 am
on the schuylkill expressway, right at manayunk railroad bridge there at belmont avenue on ramp and southbound i-95 we have a disabled truck at allegheny avenue interchange causing a back up in to downtown. mike and alex, back over to you. lets go back to what we were talking about we have an update on the fire in bensalem , sky fox still live over this house fire on the 2200 block of byberry road. we have just learned two people were taken to the hospital, of course, we will continue to update as we get more information on that one. lets get back then to the fire in an apartment building here in olde city. it broke out just down the street from our station. this is leticia and market street in between second street and front street near franklin fountain and also gaslight the restaurant. >> that is where steve's standing right now in the middle of it, steve. >> reporter: right here near i-95 too and good thing i can see people in the rubbernecking but that is how close we are to i-95.
6:33 am
main thoroughfare through there. traffic moving along which is not doing along market street and the reason why look at these fire trucks. i bet that goes back to the wells fargo building right outside your window and see it in our shot, 25 fire trucks at last count from the fire commissioner and we will hook a left here and show you everybody out with their dogs and people that get out with their pets super happy. it is hard to get out with the cat. i talk to joan park and her boyfriend who said grab the cat and get out of here. her injuries from the cat who said leave me alone i want to go hiding. they are worried about their cat. that gives you a sense how cats act in fire. red paw relief will help them out. look at the this job here these streets real tiny. we are just down the street from the founder of philly's first fire department ben franklin and adam tiehl we asked him about these little streets and these old buildings and connected and he
6:34 am
says that is the biggest concern. these guys did a phenomenal job keeping that fire from wenting from building to building, as you heard our photographer jared voll say embers were burning. i have a couple of pictures from rick mcclosekey, deck is selling point of this building and he was showing me pictures of the sky line views. no matter what the weather is even in january people are hanging out there. people were out there last night. when they heard noise they thought people were just making noise on the deck. it was sound of the fire crackling and wood burning. you can see this all old wood, my mother just had her deck replaced. this looks like it. old dry wood. sits in the sun year round. it is exposed, dries out and you throw a cigarette the wrong way and it will set this thing on fire. they had a tire ten years ago. careless smoking was the key.
6:35 am
in this case, the neighbors suspect somebody is a big cigar place to hang out and smoke. somebody suspects maybe discarded cigar or another cigarette may have caused this fire. because it is on the roof, it doesn't spread down, it spreads up and none of the apartments were catching fire. that was good thing but stuff was helding from the roof and going in the fifth floor apartments through sky line and that was a concern and that is why one of the rest tents we talk to jason atling was putting out, the burning plastic on his couch. it hit hit the couch as he got the his girlfriend out and she started to wake everybody up on her way down. good news here in olde city thanks to the fire department and a lot of the tenants who helped each other get out of that building. the concern is they have pulled fire alarms in the hallway and they didn't hear alarm go off but they say there are alarms right new and they will look into why those alarms did not the go off if that is the case, when they
6:36 am
pulled it they didn't sound alarms they had to kick everybody's door. >> i'll be darned, they will check on that. steve, thank you. 6:35. >> acting attorney general kelly yates out of the job this morning. >> is what donald trump's tait phrase: >> you are fired. >> he did it a couple times last night. >> yates was relieved of her tooth is as attorney general, after she refused to defend president trump's controversial immigration travel restrictions over his plans to stop the syrian refugee program. >> lauren has more on why she was fired. >> hello, you said it right, donald trump said you are fired. sally yates questioned her boss and it seems that move cost her, her job. the hours after she expressed her concerns over constitutionality of the president's refugee immigration ban she was released of her tooth is, in a memo she openly vested her refusal to defend president's move in court saying she was not convinced it was lawful or consistent with the agency's obligation to quote stand for
6:37 am
what is right but firing adds more fuel to an already growing fire, over that executive order that resulted in protests erupt nothing airports all across the globe and legal challenge filed in courthouses all across the country. many administration officials have moved to distance themselves from the policy, and even some of trump's top advisors made it clear they were not consulted on its i am limitation. now yates has a lot of people standing behind her. >> i want to solute sally yates who has taken a stand based on moral, and legal principal in the highest tradition of the department of just advertise saying that these orders cannot be de fended natalie rule of law and morality is more important then politics of the moment and the impulsive edicts of a
6:38 am
ruler who apparently fails to understand that or at least this administration does. >> trump soon followed with the statement accusing yates betrayed department have of justice by refusing to enforce legal order designed to protect citizens of the united states. he named long time federal prosecutor dana boente, u.s. attorney for eastern advertise trick of virginia as yates replacement. yates was a hold over from the obama administration until senator jeff sessions trump's pick is confirmed and senate the judiciary committee is expected to vote on that and could be approved within days by the full senate. >> even later today. >> it could happen. >> yeah. you know, donald trump is an early morning tweeter. >> he is. >> i picture him, he wakes up, still in bed and grabs his phone and just start tweeting his thoughts, this is what i think about what happened last night or what will happen today. >> has he done it today. >> yes, he has. >> fifteen minutes ago, he said nancy pelosi and fake
6:39 am
tears chuck schumer held a rally at steps of the supreme court and the mic did not work a mess. just like the democratic party >> and out of office for just ten days former president barack obama is, breaking his silence, regarding president trump's travel ban, from out in palm springs. >> spokesmen released a statement that reads in part the president fund. ly disagrees with the notion of the discriminating against individual because of their faith or religion. >> all right. well, there is a sure sign natalie super bowl is days away, it the is opening night for super bowl 51 in houston, they used to call it media day we will hear the question from a child that almost brought tom brady to tears, mr. tough guy.
6:40 am
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we're checking in one of the big fires we are dealing with this morning, this one in bensalem sky fox still live over the home, you can see there is still a lot of smoke coming out of the top there, still a lot more work to be done, this is on the 2200 block of byberry road, and we have learned that two people were taken to the hospital and , of course we will keep working on this but bob, look at that smoke. >> that is black smoke from the roof of the home from the last time, we were over there.
6:43 am
this is new. last time we showed a shot from the white smoke around edges of the home. fire fighters are still, fire fighter on the ladder, they are all still surrounding it. again, byberry road in bensalem. hats off to our fire fighters, working hard and early on both this fire in bensalem and also the one here in olde city. so, our thoughts and prayers for not only fire fighters but also for homeowners there. lets go to the maps. that location byberry road, between hulmeville road and knights road just off of the pennsylvania turnpike and i-95 there squeezing in bensalem. downtown here olde city market street remains blocked from third to front street, second street remains closed because of that two alarm fire this morning. septa has six buses that are still on tea tore, what is tough is six buses here all coming out of the bus depot, that is right there at front and market, and market frankford line is still not impact this morning.
6:44 am
here's situation we are on i-95, southbound i-95 at allegheny avenue on ramp, a disable truck, and that is causing a big delay for everybody coming out of the north east philadelphia trying to get into downtown and then also an accident on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound, heavy already from conshohocken all the way into belmont avenue. so we have a lot going on in this early tuesday morning, lets see if mother nature will cooperate, sueby has forecast in 15 seconds. 6:44. we are starting to see snow moving in the viewing area. this is a similar situation to yesterday afternoon where we will get a little snow squall with poor visibility briefly and coating of accumulation and that is happening in lancaster county starting to
6:45 am
edge into chester county, pennsylvania this morning. so, nothing yet in philadelphia, but we could see a few flakes flying our way this morning. shouldn't accumulate but we are expect ago accumulation up in the mountains probably a couple inches up there which is good news for ski resorts. there will be times this afternoon where the area that got accumulation yesterday won't get much today because it is passing by to the north but don't be surprised if you see rain or snow shower later on in the afternoon today and then we should be finished with precipitation at least until the end of the weekend. 27 degrees in philadelphia right now. sixteen in mount pocono. twenty-nine in wildwood. twenty-six in lancaster. this is what it feels like lower 20's, mid 20's, teens, out there this morning, so, maybe add an extra layer, to what, to yesterday, and sun showers still possible, 48 degrees tomorrow. and, breezy on groundhog day. we expect sunshine here but
6:46 am
not the necessarily in punxsutawney, we will get our early spring. i can promise cold temperatures for first weekend in february, guys not getting out of the 30's each day. >> is that gobbler's knob. >> cloudy skies, expected there. >> yeah. >> all right. 6:46. it is the super bowl media night last night which is a wild day from crazy questions from a reporter but it was a serious question from a young, young reporter that had everybody talking. >> i hear, mike, that this little boy almost made tom brady cry. >> what was the question. >> the little ones get you have single time. we will get to that question. football players known to be tough guys but sometimes you see softer side. this was the case for tom brady. he was competing for his seventh super bowl. yesterday, the seven year-old joseph perez is his name. little guy asked him this question who is your hero.
6:47 am
>> my hero, great question. >> i think my tad is my hero because he is the one who i looked up to every day. >> brady started off strong and then he took his time. little guy, the seven year-old joseph perez, he lives this kalas he was taken away he said did my question make him cry alex and mike. he won a local contest and that is yes was there. junior reporter asking the question. i thought of that question all by myself. >> something we can all relate to. we all have our heroes. >> who is your hero, your dad. >> yes. >> well, both of my parents, my mother too. >> in different ways. >> good sense of moment but i
6:48 am
still want him to lose sunday. >> who is your hero. >> you're my hero. >> no, really. >> my parents probably, yeah, i think about my mother every day. >> that is so sweet. >> is everything okay. >> why does it look like you you are smiling, you are trying to do a sad face but it looks like you were smiling. >> she brought joy to me every day. >> yeah. >> she was a very funny would hand. please tune into our super bowl weekend event, with mike and alex game day party, it is this super bowl sunday starts at 7:00 o'clock in the morning complete with a half time show that has a lady gaga theme to it. >> i love we are saying theme. >> yes. >> yes. >> she wants to be up on the roof, the real lady gaga wants to be on the roof of whatever they call that reline the
6:49 am
stadium. >> lady gaga theme half time show why not do some on the roof. >> let's do it. >> why we know why former seahawks i'm just here so i won't get find running back marshawn lynch was in scotland on that bicycle remember where he almost hit a bus. >> bus almost hit him he he turn right at nick of time right there. this was this paisley. he was carrying a sack of his favorite skid also and then that is when this all happened well, he was this houston, scotland, filming a commercial for super bowl released on line yesterday and it is a skills commercial and yes, we would like to see it. >> i wouldn't think y'all would know anything about. >> are you kidding, people see it in the morning. >> so you'll see it super bowl sunday. >> they have not released it because it is still going.
6:50 am
>> yes. >> in the commercial marshawn does a little shopping, talks to the locals, and gets a lesson on bagpipes how to play bagpipes video finally out many are wondering if marshawn might be good enough to get his own talk show. there is actual talk of that. >> how long is the commercial, it is a pretty lengthy one. >> what are they going for now , they are going for 5 million for a 302nd commercial. >> it is still going. >> okay. >> thanks, ryan this our control room in our ear says, hi ryan, he says it is just a longer version of the commercial. >> okay. >> this is interesting because a lot of people thought he doesn't like to talk when it comes to the media. look at that he has his own commercial, anyway, what is up >> he is a talker? he went to the wrong houston. >> houston scotland. >> instead of hughes an, texas
6:51 am
>> oops. >> you have heard of snakes on a plane? what about hawks on a lane. eighty of them. is this even legal. >> is this even real are you kidding me. >> we will explain. ♪ their lives are beautiful, let's keep it that way. if you suspect child abuse, report it. for more information on reporting child abuse or neglect go to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. [a5df] [ alarm weather.eping ]
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it is 6:53. >> is there an unusual sight in chester county and it led to a multi state rescue effort home owner spotted this mccall in the tree in west town township. he called police after responding to this responding bird. they have updates of the bird. it turns out its owner lives in wilmington, delaware. owner came to help rescue bird that has been missing for nine days and bird maim is freddie mercury. of course, nine days that is a long time. >> freddie mercury was the lead singer of queen. >> look at that. >> i'm sure the mccall was named after him. >> i guess so. >> i'm glad they made the mccall and got it figured out. >> it remind me of nicole kidman's dress at saga wards. >> do you remember that. >> she had bird on her shoulders. >> two mccalls, maybe that is where freddie was. can we pull that up, a picture
6:55 am
of nicole kidman. >> nicole kidman borrowed is what the bird's name freddie mercury. the saga wards. >> wait for it, it is copping coming. >> okay. >> see the reason why we're quiet the because ryan is talking our head off today. >> giving a very long explanation. >> it is up. >> do you see. >> she borrowed freddie mercury, for the sag, award. >> that is freddie, he has a twin. >> yes. >> maybe that is his girl. >> that is quite a sag, award right there. >> here's something you don't see every day bird on a plane not only on dresses but on planes. what would you do if you happened to be on this flight? there were 80 hawks being transported.
6:56 am
>> this was on reddit and user say saudi rinse brought the bird on the plane. it is not always common ra but they have been known to fly on the united air emirates. >> bird have have been known to fly. >> so they released a statement saying we accept carriage of tall cons in the main aircraft cabin provided all necessary documents have been obtained and we accept falcons as checked baggage. >> those aren't falcons heading to the super bowl in houston. >> in. >> saudi prince bought those bird. >> i don't blame them if you had a choice to be this is main cabin or check luggage, yes. >> you get beverage service, right. >> and they like to eat nuts. >> peanuts. >> yeah. >> lets get back to bensalem now because we cannot figure out is what going on with this fire. now it looks worse. sky fox is live over this house in the 2200 block of byberry road, it may look like they have it knock down. >> the flames are backup there on the roof. >> flames are back, it was white smoke about 45 minutes ago and now turned to block
6:57 am
and flames are back so more on that just ahead. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
6:58 am
oh, hi tom. you're really stuck in that rut. what rut? what are you talking about? it's clearly a rut. really? i thought i was in a groove.
6:59 am
hm. classic rut thinking. huh. i was once in a rut too. but then i tried chicken for breakfast. i didn't know i could have chicken for breakfast. how long have i been in here? a long time. it is a rut. get out of your breakfast rut, with a freshly toasted 300 calorie egg white grill. only at chick-fil-a. i gotta get out of here. trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. breaking news flames burst from the top of the olde city apartment building, fire fighters rushed to get control of the two alarm fire. what we're learning right now with a live report just down the street you're fired,
7:00 am
president donald trump using a phrase he is very familiar with to act in obama administration hold over, and why he got rid of acting attorney general sally yates, and why some democrats are calling it a monday massacre. and a philadelphia mother, dealing with the unimaginable. >> you murdered my kids. you murdered them. you didn't think about you didn't think about what you was doing. >> her two young daughters left to die by an accused drunk driver? how she's channeling her grief and rage into a new mission into life. if your child's grade are slipping a bully may to be blame. there is a new study that shows serious impacts of being picked on in school can have on your


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