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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 31, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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and very good morning happening right now "good day philadelphia" your fired, president trump gives acting attorney general sally yates the boot have after she refused to defend his executive order. the president's choice mr. s pick to fill vacant seat on the supreme court today. so there is some of the two front runners right there why his selection could be someone from our area. also ahead local mosque on alert the in the wake of the deadly attack in canada what authorities are doing here at home to make sure worshipers stay safe. punched at the pulpit? a parishioner attacks a bishop , the in the middle of the mass, see what he has to say this morning following that assault. that is shocking video. great to have you with us on this tuesday, burr, it is cold
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outside. >> right, big change a lot colder then it was yesterday at this time. wind chills in the teens right now. >> you know what sue. >> um-hmm. >> it is hot chocolate day. >> where is our hot chocolate the. >> do you get marshmallows. >> of course. >> we will check the roads in a bit. >> that is right. >> if you missed yesterday morning's snow you might have gotten that snow squall in the afternoon and that can create black ice, because it left a quick coating on the ground. we are looking at some snow, as the amount, upper portion, chesapeake bay right now and some of that snow shower activity, will be moving into our area, so we will keep an eye on this throughout the morning but not the for a couple hours will we see anything around here. looking at current temperature actual temperature is 27 degrees, that is our wind chill but plenty of places are seeing wind chills in the teens this morning. we will show thaw next time, but prepare for a little bit of light snow that could slow you down at times this morning
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the mostly cloudy, 39 degrees at lunchtime. evening drive could feature a few light rain or snow showers , so, again, bob if you missed this morning you might get a little bit this afternoon. >> we're equal opportunity snow maker around here. >> everybody gets some. >> 4:02. you are right the any area that saw that crazy snow squall yesterday, this morning there is that potential for the driveway, front step, even the coffee shops, parking lot, could have have some ice on it the here's a live look at downtown philadelphia, vine street expressway, closed for vehicle traffic, crews back outside out there all this week until will about 5:00 o'clock in the morning for gang along route 37 here in south jersey. major roadways treated are good. secondary roads, side streets, maybe even the turning lane, that still could just that have fine icy glaze, that if you have got a snow squall yesterday. we are good to go on i-95. no problems on the ben franklin, walt whitman bridge,
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keep in mind that turnpike connection bridge remains closed, connecting pennsy and new jersey turnpikes, a couple of options for pennsylvania side, you you can use route one headed north and scudder, trenton morrisville bridge or burlington bristol bridge as an option. yesterday was first monday morning, rush hour, with the new septa schedules for all of the regional rail lines, some scattered delays followed, but that was mainly because of some weather issues. the patco, same deal they will put in a new timetable. make sure you are ready to go for mourn rush. gang, back to you. 4:03. following breaking news sally yates is out as acting attorney general. >> white house made this announcement last evening, trump administration accused her of betraying department of justice after she refuse todd defend the president's controversial executive order on immigration and refugees. the president trump's executive order temporarily bans entry for people to seven pro dominantly muslim
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countries in the middle east for 90 days. the it also calls the entire u.s. refugee program. it resulted in chaos and protest at the airports across the the country this weekend. >> yates has been replace by dana bent a u.s. attorney for eastern district of pennsylvania he said he will defend the president's executive order, senate judiciary commit thee is expected to vote on president trump's nominee for attorney general, which is senator jeff sessions later on today. and thomas holman, the man you see here has been appointed to serve as acting director of ice, white house made this announcement after president trump fired former ice director daniel ragsdale without the any explanation, ragsdale was let go just two hours after the president fired sally yates. happening right now, lawyers are working to get the two syrian families back to the you had after their visas were cancelled at philadelphia international airport when that he ban went in effect. these two families are syrian
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christians with relatives in allentown who are u.s. citizens. they were denied entrance on saturday and returned to syria the family obtained their visa after a 13 year effort. pat toomey weighing in on president trump's executive order on monday releasing a statement saying in part quote unfortunately, the initial executive order was flawed. it wases too broad and poorly explained. this apparently resulted in denied entry in the united states for lawful permanent residents and others who should have been allowed immediate entry. out of office for just ten day former president barack obama is breaking his silence. spokesperson for mr. trump released this statement saying in part the president fund. ly disagrees with the notion of the discriminating against individual, because of their faith and or religion. ceo of the world's larges companies are now taking a stand against president donald trump's temporary immigration ban. leaders from google, apple, april son says bad for
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business and they vowed to support their employees impact by this executive order and they are not alone. ceo of star bucks, lyft, air b and b, tesla, facebook and goldman sachs have condemned the ban n fact ride sharing services lyft says it plans to he donate a million-dollar to the aclu to support attorneys offering legal services for people affect. happening today another major announcement slated for tonight for president trump. he will reveal his pick for vacant seat on the supreme court and pennsylvania judge, is in the running. our lauren johnson joining us from the federal courthouse in center city. good morning, who are we looking at here, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. big prime time announce. , president wants the entire nation to be watching when he makes his pick tonight the so exactly the the question that you asked who are the candidates. the lets take a look we understand both of them are federal appeals court judges with very strong conservative record. first up judge thomas hardiman , 51 years old serving in the u.s. court of on peels,
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he served in pittsburgh where he lived with his wife but now serving in the philadelphia area. the second pick is neil gor such, 49 year-old judge serving in the tenth circuit court of appeals in denver. president trump will choose one to relays late justice antonin scalia. >> a person who is unbelievably highly respected, and i think you will be very impressed with this person. >> president trump will keep his promise to the american people and he will nominate the a strict constructionist to the supreme court in the traditional belief and great justice antonin scalia. >> reporter: the fight for this seat is expected to be a really big battle, the seat was left vacant last february when barack obama made his pick, republicans blocked him for 11 months. thomas and karen, democrats still very bitter we don't know what will happen with this process. we will watch ande. >> we will tonight at 8:00.
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yet another new executive order, targeting government regulations on businesses. the federal agency, if the federal agency request a new regulation it will have to cut two others, critics, of course , concerned if for example epa or faa want to issue a rule to keep people safe they will to have scrap two potentially important regulations already in place. developing right now, the lone suspect in the quebec city suspect has been charged with six counts of first degree murder. twenty-seven year-old alexandria basinet entered mosque as people were praying on sunday and opened fire, six men were killed, a second man was initially identified as a sus he can but authorities say he was not involved. that attack has prompted police to step up security at mosques in our area lets get to steve keeley in fishtown with the latest on that, good morning, steve. >> reporter: well, i was here just 13 months ago because that mosque on germantown avenue knows it can be a potential target after an
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attack similar to what we saw in canada. it it was just 13 months ago when police began stepped up patrols around here and other mosques in philadelphia when someone tossed a pig's head at the front door here and it was caught on surveillance because this and all of the other mosques in philadelphia already know that they need heightened security measures because of what is going on in the world these days. after the weekend killings of the six at the that mosque in canada local mosque leaders, members, police here in philadelphia are on alert again. >> we run from our countries, the country we feel is freedom but now it looks like we are not welcomed here anymore. >> haters will increase, and unfortunately our president doesn't have presence of mind to make this clear. he he has got to be a unifying , peaceful man, just can't be a man broadcasting hate. >> we want to make sure our officers are aware to stop,
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take a look and check on all locations within their respec tive districts. that is something we have beefed up as well as our home land security unit is always in constant communication with our federal partners around the globe. so we will be, making sure we have our eyes on any type of locations here that could be a potential threat for anything like that to take lays. >> reporter: karen and thomas, concern always after one attack is potential of the the copycat which is why you see bright lights and big look out by neighbors for trouble, all around here these days. >> such a beautiful mosque, thanks very much. hopefully we will have no problems in our area. this is such a sad story, it hurts your heart a tragedy too difficult to wrap your head around. there were to sisters killed by an accused hit and run driver charge with driving under the influence. one of them is mother herself. >> i have to break it down to them of why their mother is not the here.
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i have to tell them. >> reporter: another difficult morning, coming up on "good day philadelphia" family members filled with grief, and anger, their new mission as their forced to say good bye. and an attack at alter new jersey bishop punched in the middle of mass, boom, good morning, bob, wow. good morning, 4:11. as we get ready to head out trent door we could have patchy ice out the there this morning especially in the suburbs if you have that snow squall from yesterday as we fly through pottstown in towards king of prussia lets go to the parkway live look downtown philadelphia where they are still working on the vine street expressway, we will have details and sueby has your tuesday forecast when we come right back. gor such. hardy man.
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all right. here we go again with another clipper system set to move through our area, this one, instead of passing by to the south like yesterday's did, this is going to slip by to the north, so there is a chance of accumulating snow this is mountains, i think for rest of us we will probably see some precipitation but not much. you will see very light snow right here northern maryland kind of heading into pennsylvania, and then eventually delaware and then rest of that clipper cyst em tell too, it will come in two round today, this morning, and here you see most of it, passing by to the north but can't rule out some snow showers around here as well, just enough to maybe lay that coating and make things
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slippery like what happened yesterday during the snow squals and then this afternoon here we will see rain and snow around 5:00 o'clock in the evening and that is because we do expect temperatures to get in the 30's today. the so that is our day, today. as far as how much snow? we could see half inch to an inch possible but only in the mountainous areas maybe in berks county. these are temperatures right now and that is a big difference you will notice walking out the door this morning how much colder then yesterday, and the actual temperatures are in the 20's where we were just around freezing at this time yesterday and then factor in a little bit of wind and you will see throughout the area many wind chills are in the teens, this morning, so, maybe at one extra layer if you didn't have a scarf on yesterday put it on and you'll be ready for the day. average high temperature is 41 that is where we were last saturday. forty-four on sunday. yesterday we only make it to 39. today we will be back in the 40's. wednesday once again will be
4:16 am
mildest day of the week, just like it was last week. and then by the weekend, though, we have much colder weather for first weekend in february. it looks like sunshine for the groundhog, bob kelly, might see that shadow which means six more weeks of wintery was wondering what you had sitting there on thursday. i get it now. >> yes. >> i didn't know what you had over there in your bag of tricks. 4:16. good morning. on a tuesday roads are dry at least major roadways but with the temperatures below freezing anyone that saw that crazy snow squall coming through yesterday, anything, in that area, the driveways, the steps, those secondary road, could have just a fine glaze. the not like our glazed doughnuts but just glaze of ice. live look at bennie looking good working your way in toward philadelphia, hello, delaware, to problems at all on route 13, again, they got a nice dusting yesterday but crews had been out over the weekend and they put town that salt brine solution. so at least major lanes are clear. vine street expressway still
4:17 am
closed to vehicle traffic until about 5:00 o'clock or so and then after we opened it up , be ready for extra delays coming into town throughout the day. philly auto show taking over the pennsylvania convention center. watch for the construction here near girard avenue but otherwise no problems at all as you work your way out of north east philadelphia, town i9 five keeping in mind that turnpike connection bridge is still closed, so, folks using the alternates for the new jersey side, you can exit at 7 a work your way over into trenton or use exit number five, burlington mount holly interchange, or exit number four will put you up and over tacony palmyra bridge. the mass transit looking good with no reported delays. the driver just ran through and he hit my children he didn't even want to stop. >> you can see heartache, word from the the local mother devastated after her two daughters were killed, this
4:18 am
all happened in an instant on notorious philadelphia street that claimed so many lives this morning. the suspect drunk driver is in jail. >> difficult story here. despite her grief, and her anger a mom reached out to us to try to save others and she spoke with our bruce gordon. >> reporter: as family members gathered to mourn akeem and three-year old tajaj seemed unaware that their mom was subject of all this sadness. >> i have to break it the down to them of why their mother is not here. i have to tell them. >> reporter: late saturday night 19 year-old kimberly phillips and her youngest sister loraya braxton were crossing roosevelt boulevard at large street just a block from their new home and when police say driver of the jeep wrangler speeding up to beat the light struck them both and kept on going. kimberly died at the scene, loraya died later at the hospital with her mom by her
4:19 am
side. >> i told her, she was strong at life and she will be strong in the after life. >> reporter: police say the driver of the jeep 48 year-old kenneth ruch of philadelphia returned to the scene and was arrested and charged with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, surrounded by heart sick family members loretta phillips said her oldest was about to graduate from overbrook high, working at pop eyes. her youngest was a fourth grader. >> they always was together. they always was together. they left together. >> reporter: as for ruch, hand charged with drinking and driving with deadly result, loretta can barely contain her rage. >> you murdered my kids. you murdered them. you didn't think about what he was doing. >> reporter: it was was loretta reached out to us to tell her story and that of her daughter so they were not forgotten as a another crime statistics or anonymous
4:20 am
victims. >> they have names, kimberly, and loraya and he will always, always remember them to let them the bloodies on his hands >> reporter: outside akeem and tajaj, kin to play some day soon loretta will have to explain why mommies not coming home. she would like driver of that jeep to explain why her daughters would not be coming home. >> he took something away from me and it was unfair. he took my babies. >> reporter: court record show kenneth ruch pled guilty to a dui charge in 2009. you should know alcohol related crashes killed 10,256 people, back in 2015, that is a crash fatality every 51 minutes. our newscast began at 10:00 o'clock so if this day is typical by 10:51 p.m. there will likely be another alcohol
4:21 am
crash victim. a family member about to experience the soul sucking pain that loretta phillips knows only too well. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> heart breaking reason not to drink and drive. thanks, bruce. delaware county shop owner is thanking quick work by police to catch a man who went on a violent rampage. twenty-five year-old michael mccoy was intoxicated and refused services before he threw a testimony per tantrum at this p and p store in baltimore avenue. you see him throwing a chair, tossing beer at the store's owner. after smashing a mirror on the wall police say he then tried to set the store on fire. >> he had a small lighter that was, shaped like a firearm, he was trying to burn the promotional beer sign. no one needs that hassle. he is just trying to conduct business. >> mccoy was arrested moments later and being held on $100,000 bail. now to an unholy act caught on camera.
4:22 am
>> ever lasting life. >> right in the middle of mass , bishop emmanuel cruz told his congregation he will be okay, horrible, man assaulted him inside newark new jersey church. video from inside cathedral basilica of the sacred heart shows the man punching bishop cruz in the face. he is face ago salt charges. all right. 4:22. an olde city restaurant burglarize you had. >> this guy was in the after money, what investigators say he stuffed right into his backpack, more on this after the break.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. sixers playing make up last night, they finally made up that game that was cancelled because of the wet floor, taking on the sacramento kings not in the super bowl robert covington, playing brady, gerald henderson playing julio jones with the deep pass and dunk to end third quarter, then in the fourth dario saric with a fancy make to nick stauskus and he nails the three. they end their two game losing streak winning 122-119. both teams arrived in houston for super bowl 51. the circus has began.
4:26 am
matt ryan not letting any of those distractions, get in his way. the quarterback, already, was all of the cliche answers, we're talking about the super bowl. >> we're excited about that. it the will be a lot of fun. at the end of the day it comes town to making plays and playing football and going out there, completing passes, converting third down and scoring touchdowns. we have done that all year. i feel like we will be ready to do that. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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right now president trump making a bold firing. who he just let get who has the whole country talking this morning. also ahead a deadly attack at a canadian mosque left, worshipers fearful. but what officials are doing right now in our area to make sure people stay safe. a freddie mercury sight nothing delco, and it it gets stranger then. that multi state mystery involving that creature right there. police, fire fighters, facebook and that tropical bird with the late rockers name. good morning, bob. >> good morning, everybody. >> hi, yeah we're going to see a colder morning. i think you all noticed it walking out the today that temperatures are in the 20's
4:30 am
and wind chills in the teens. that is thing number one. thing number two is more snow in the forecast, again, light snow, we have got five out of ten, weather by the numbers again and you will see a little bit on the radar heading our way, maybe there could be a few flakes in lancaster county right now, probably not though, we will keep an eye on that. here's what you trust for wind chills in the teens, and 20's. it is 27 degrees, wind chill in philadelphia, 18 what it feels like in lancaster and reading, 19 is wind chill in atlantic city. here we have sunrise time of ten after 7:00 now with the 3- mile an hour wind at the moment, the thing is we will get light snow this morning and then another round of rain , or snow this afternoon, you can see the high temperature there 43 degrees. we will break that down with the future cast coming up. right now bob kelly, as possibility of slick spots. >> yes, especially in the area that saw snow squals yesterday here's an example of route 55 in south jersey, the snow,
4:31 am
stuck to the grass, this happened yesterday morning during our morning rush hour, the major roadways are okay, again, they have been treated, but it is on and off ramps, secondary roads, side streets could have a fine ice glaze just enough to send you spinning. here's a live look at i-95 near philly international. the notice nice snow, laying on the grass here but again you are on and off ramps especially where off ramps are banked and that run off may have occurred yesterday when we got a little bit of sun in the afternoon n problems up and over the benny coming into downtown philadelphia. vine street expressway still closed this morning until about 5:00 o'clock and then once we open it up expect extra volume at auto show in town taking over the pennsylvania convention center otherwise we are good to go coming from south jersey, no problems up and down i-95 in or out of the center city. we have that close another of the turnpike kicker bridge we are dealing with the detours from the pennsylvania side, we have scudders falls, trenton
4:32 am
morrisville bridge, burlington bristol and work zone coming our way later today for gang up in doylestown, 202 and 611, mass transit looking good with no delays, karen and thomas back to you. getting us around, thanks, bob. following this breaking news, this morning reaction pouring in from lawmakers after president trump fired acknowledging attorney general sally yates. she was removed from her post after saying she would not defend president's controversial travel ban. >> senator chuck schumer took to the senate floor to praise her and to slam the president. >> she was fired because she would not inact, pursue the executive order on the belief that it was illegal, perhaps unconstitution willal. we are a nation that is a rule of law you just can't sit down , twitter something out and then think okay, let's inact it. it is a complicated country and when you do something as major as what the president proposed in his executive
4:33 am
order, you got to think it through. you have to talk to people. sally yates was the acting attorney general. why wasn't she consulted. >> yates is replaced with dana bent, u.s. attorney for eastern district of virginia abe will serve as acting attorney general until trump's nominee is confirmed. happening today another major announce. slated tonight for president trump he will reveal his pick for vacant seat on the supreme court, and a pennsylvania judge is in the running. our lauren johnson joining us from the federal courthouse the announcement comes thursday and here we are two days early, good morning. >> reporter: it was originally supposed to happen on thursday but white house spokesmen sean spicer says president is ready so let's do it. who is candidate who the president pick? lets look at the two people whose name topped the list, thomas hardiman a 51 year old super conservative well respected judge for u.s. court of appeals of the third circuit. it is based in philadelphia.
4:34 am
hardiman spent mess of his time in pittsburgh where he lives with his lawyer wife and three children. first in his family to go to college and pay his way through school driving a cab a cross the country in denver another possibility, that his collogues called tall, handsome, brilliant and pedigree, judge near gorsuch, some say he is favorite because of his background of privilege, he is ivy league educated and son of the former top government official and ann gorsuch first woman to lead the epa. nomination is for seat the of the supreme court justice antonin scalia who died last february. >> president trump will keep his promise to the american people and he will nominate a strict constructionist to the supreme court in the traditional belief and great justin antonin scalia. >> a person unbelievablyably highly respected and i think you will be very impressed with this person. >> reporter: president trump likely has more inside erin tell on hardiman because his
4:35 am
sister judge marry ann trump barry also serves on the third circuit court of appeals. so will this be an easy nomination for the president? the answer is likely not, but either way, thomas and karen the nation will be watching, in his prime time announce. >> tonight at 8:00 lauren johnson, thank you. 4:35. someone took out their hostilities against the president on a historic piece of property in rowan university glassboro campus. they spray painted no trump and punch nazis on the side of the holybush mansion. president lyndon johnson met with the the soviet the premiere at property to improve relations between the two nations. faculty members spotted the graffiti on sunday. it is now gone. so far we have not caught the vandal. 4:35. developing right now lone suspect in the quebec city mosque suspect has been charged with six counts of first degree murder. police say 17 year-old alexander basinet entered the mosque as people were praying
4:36 am
and then opened fire. six men were killed. second person was initially identified as a sus he can but authorities say that person was not involved. there were so many people, who are just concerned for their safety, police are now stepping up their security at mosqueness our area. steve keeley is outside one of them. steve, good morning. >> reporter: this is an alarming coincidence with the months income fishtown and one in quebec where killings occurred sunday. that is good reason why this whose being on germantown avenue is so well lit on all side, security, plane and simple. leaders want worship tours feel safe after sundown and what this building to be as visible as possible 24 hours a day. we have seen how good surveillance system is, just a year ago, when what police called an ignorant act of hate happened here, a man tossing a pig's head at the front door out of a passing pickup truck. pigs are an insult to muslims whose strict diet for bid pork mayor kenney called it a act
4:37 am
of of cowardly, hate, bigotry. investigators say mosque up in canada where those six were killed in sunday also had a pig's head left in its front door left in just in july. it is obvious natalie copycat act of the pig's head has folks worried about a potential act of the worst copycat act. >> this is my country. i have lived here for 23 years i love this country. i love the freedom of it. i don't love what is happening right now. we can help. this is our country. but not the way he is doing it it is just wrong. >> nice thing about the police in philadelphia they have been very helpful to us, very supportive. i can't ask for any better cooperation that what we have. >> just making sure their presence is known and encouraging folks in the neighborhood and around the city if they see something out of whack or suspicious by all means give us a call.
4:38 am
you are our first line into letting us know something is wrong. >> morning rayers here with eyes shut and heads bode, may have some watching, over the the group, with head up, and eyes wide opened. well, hopefully keeping everybody safe, steve, thank from you fishtown. happening right now at 4:38. delaware county a boiler room explosion has shut down a school for most of the the week. explosion rocked saint coleman john neuman school in bryn mawr. this all happened before students arrived so no one was injured. peco engineers are working to fix problems discovered after the blast. arch a diocese spokesperson tells us earliest the school will reopen for classes could be on try. in olde city, we will show you a picture of the person who went in the the back door of a restaurant, right around the corner from our studios. he goes in the the bar and that is where police say you can see him stealing bottles of liquor. also the keys there. this happened on monday morning at 9:30. the restaurant was closed.
4:39 am
stashes everything right there loading tonight his backpack and then walks away. another person to show you have you seen that person. really clear. he is wanted for robbing bb and t panning this center city police say he stormed this is bank on the 1600 block of market street around 10:45, gave teller demand note, gets away with cash and runs away. police say he is armed, and dangerous. >> group of students hoff joined together to create not a breakfast bar but i love this a breakfast cake. >> sound yummy. >> yes. >> it is spreading. we will tell you who is eating these cakes now straight ahead
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a major change for boy scouts, organization is letting transgendered children join. boy scouts of america says it hade the decision based on states, communities, changing how gender is defined. the organizations created application went by gender listed on birth certificate. parents can now select their child's gender on the application, itself, and last in a child there north jersey made headlines because the boy scouts asked him to leave, once leaders learned he was transgendered. good news, happy update former president george hw bush is back home this morning the doctors in houston released him from the hospital yesterday, he was hospitalized for more than two weeks with a pneumonia, the nine two-year
4:43 am
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4:45. hello delaware a live look at route 40, again all of the dot 's put down that salt/brine solutions keeping majors clean and green there any snow but it is off ramps where you want to watch. live look at 42 tree way coming in toward philadelphia, in problems, or delays in all this. there is a live look at king of prussia you will see that different color of the road surface there, road will look a little white, typical normal winter kind of look after a snow storm but that is a combination of salt/brine and snow squalls we received yesterday. 422 out of pottstown looking good. here's a tail of 15 minutes in my backyard yesterday, 15 minutes we are getting, rocked with some snow and then sun pops out, so, the sliding poured was closed for afternoon activity yesterday at my house but any area that did see the snow squalls yesterday your driveway, front
4:47 am
steps, all of that is most likely iced over and fine glaze of ice out there septa had a rough go they have put in new timetables on the regional rail lines. they have a lot of delays yesterday, a lot of commuters kind of upset thinking natalie new schedule would have correct delays. it didn't happened yesterday. let's give it a try day number two here. you can down load septa schedule they did not hand out , official schedules at the station, you can only down load it, at same thing for path the co they kicked in the a new timetable yesterday as well. as we go for a ride southbound i-95 okay but right after rush hour crews will set up between center city and walt whitman bridge. it is a cold one out there this morning, anymore snow in the forecast? sueby has got the answer in 15 seconds.
4:48 am
so here's is what happening another clipper system heading our way, similar to yesterday, buttive rent, why? because it the is passing by to the north instead of the south and we will get tonight two rounds of possible precipitation and then in each case not everybody is going to see snow showers this morning or snow and or rain showers this afternoon. many of us will get in the 40 's this afternoon. the as you look here at radar you will see a line of snow heading in from the western part of the stay, very light but it toss look like we are getting a squall perhaps, in middletown delaware, and of course, across the state line in maryland and then even across the bay into salem county and cumberland county in new jersey here in philadelphia, nothing, at least not yet and we might escape the whole morning without anything, yesterday if you missed morning round of
4:49 am
precipitation you height get some in the afternoon but accumulating snow is possible in the pocono mountains today just a couple inches which is always welcomed and then we're talking about some possibility of rain, maybe four or five or 6:00 o'clock in the evening and then that is out of here and we should be done with precipitation until the end of the weekend. right the now it is noticeable difference how cold it is compared to yesterday at this time 27 degrees in philadelphia, and wilmington. 16 degrees in mount pocono, 31 town in wildwood but factor in the wind wildwood feels like 26 and wind chills are in the teens this morning. so, definitely a noticeable chill compared to yesterday. so 44 degrees today with the chance of rain and or snow. the mildest day of the week is 48. 40 degrees on groundhog day with sunshine here it might be ative rent case in punxsutawney we are working on that forecast for you definitely prepare for colder temperatures for first weekend
4:50 am
in february hank flynn in the middle of the excitement this week he landed in houston yesterday for super bowl 51. >> lucky guy. he is showing us what houston has to offer like only hank can, here's hank's take super bowl addition. >> you know super bowl is on fox this year. how about that. >> it is great. >> we are still hours away from goat car racing with ronnie smith at zero dark 30 this morning when i got up, grab my gear and ended to the airport. >> super bowl. >> reporter: when you go to the super bowl you don't want to forget anything. i got right after the gate my collogue bill rohr er was waiting there. >> just getting down there and get our feet wet. >> you know just got to break
4:51 am
the ceiling. >> reporter: the fact natalie plane was crowded it turnout to be no big deal. we descended in who houston. >> first sign of it, super bowl merchandise for sale. after we got our rental cars bill and i split up and that is where i got the my second wind. all right, houston buckle up. wow. yes, when i passed the houston go cart track i had to pulled over, as giovanni smith, will race. the track is just one of the thousands of local businesses, hoping to make money off of the super bowl. ron says he can't go wrong. >> we're real close to the the airport so we know, trying to put forward our normal business and know as you know, when you come to houston you will be able to have a close place to come to, nice and
4:52 am
clean, ready to run, opened every day at noon and just have fun. >> reporter: looking at video you don't realize we weren't going anywhere near as fast as i thought we were, ronnie, he had shore fun with his business realizes a bit of the 350 million-dollar wind fall the super bowl is expected to bring to this good texas town. we will see. i'm hank, that is my take. >> here we go, they celebrated hometown hero matt ryan with a special pep rally. of course, quarterback will lead falcons in the super bol on sunday. matt's parents were there and said he is happy to be receiving so much support from folks at home. >> he was pumped. he was thrilled. he had such great memories of the place. you know, playing sports. he has good friends that he has retained from his years here at philip and james.
4:53 am
>> so poppa ryan said he never imagined his son going on to be such a big sports star calling matt a late bloomer in sorts but says he is so thrilled for his son's success make sure you tune into "good day philadelphia" weekend for this super bowl sunday for mike and alex's game day party. it starts at 7:00 a.m. complete the with the half time show and, of course, join us for big game with the new england patriots taking on the falcons in super bowl 51 right here on fox. setting record, lap of luxury parked at pennsylvania convention center and officials say these cars right here are making bank. (coughs)
4:54 am
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welcome back. we are looking live outside where we have a tire burning on market street at second and market where we are looking at apartment building and crews are out there. they had heavy fire certainly showing at the time. we will continue to follow this developing situation right now as crews are arriving and handling this situation we will stay on top of this breaking news. >> active scene. 4:56. lets talk about the philadelphia auto show celebrating a record this morning, officials tell thaws sunday mark largest opening sunday in the show's 116 year history and they say more than 77,000 people visited the show throughout the weekend. >> we are dying to get there hopefully we will get out there. you still have time to to so because auto show will run through february 5th at the convention center through sunday. plenty of time. once again time is 4:56
4:57 am
going on 4:57. we are following breaking news at second and market here in philadelphia olde city philadelphia. it is a lot of activity there with fire fighters, paramedics , police as well, we understand there is an apartment possibly that contained a fire, smoke still at this hour, we will get very latest we have a crew on the scene and update you in just a moment.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
right thousand you're fired, president trump gives acting attorney general sally yates the boot, after she re tuesdayed to defend his executive order. and the president's choice mr. trump will be announcing his pick to fill vacant seat on the supreme court today, why his selection is someone from our area. also ahead a local whose being on alert in the wake of the deadly attack in canada what authorities are doing right here to make sure worshipers are safe. did you see this punched, at the pulpit, a parishioner attacking a bishop right in the middle of mass. hear what he has to say, following that assault. >> we will begin at 5:00 with breaking news we are following at second and market here in philadelphia you can see an active apartment fire, we believe this is a six story building at second and market here in olde city philadelphia fire crews on the scene trying to get this one under control. we saw police this is area blocking off several of the streets there. once a


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