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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 4, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> good more, take a look at this scene, happening right now on fox 29 morning news, massive fire sweeps right through a greenhouse, this is in lehigh county. see the damage there? a lot of t the farm's building and everything inside, well, costs could range into the millions here, the damage. >> plus, also we have some video from a pretty ugly fight. it happened in west philadelphia. a lot of the viewers were demanding what happened in this one? can you finds out. so we took it to our police
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commissioner, philadelphia police say this is an officer and a girl in a tussel, but there is much more to this story than what you see on this video. >> also ahead, it is the first day of school for some philadelphia children, how the new soda tax is helping them get a new start on their education. >> plus there is an old game that has police on alert, and a warning for you right now. what you need to know. >> kind of like pokemon go on the go. so there is a warning this morning, that we will tell but. great to have you with us, we are halfway through the week on this wednesday. thomas drayton along with karen hepp. >> good morning to all of you just waking up. we had some problems, probably, up right now on the vine street expressway. >> fifty-50, just like your creamer, half and half, one half open, the other half not. >> when i was coming down part of the parkway was closed, too. >> and they have whole new pattern there on the parkway too. >> i'll let you get to that in just a minute. >> defer your traffic report. that's it. >> warm stepping outside.
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>> not bad for january. in the 40's right now, we will have brief, brief time of temperature in the 50's, before it gets really cold. so bus stop buddy has the umbrella but it is just for right now. and sixers won last night. so we put little sixers cap on him. drizzle, fog still there. most of the temperatures as we said are in the 40's, it is a six, out every ten, in your weather by the numbers today, and here's the map that shows you. 41 degrees in reading. forty-three trenton. in millville it is 44, 46 degrees in dover, delaware. now, not much to show you on radar, but there is a cold front that's just hasn't made its way through yet. there is some precipitation in the western part of the state, with that front, and i don't think we'll get whole lot more than what we've already had, 44 degrees, 7:23, actually, see some sunshine today, after we get rid of the drizzle, fog, there is your brief early high of 52 degrees. and things will get really cold after that. we will talk about that and the chance of snow for friday morning coming upment bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning,
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right? the holiday week, boom, already wednesday. here is a live look, 202 and route one, an example of the fog, an example of wet roads, so just one of those yucky starts again this morning, as you roll out of the driveway, and open up the front door. hello delco. live look at 95 again, wipers aren't officially on, but maybe once or twice, to get the raindrops off your windshield, maybe kick some spray off as you roll up and down the major roadways. the vine street expressway, the eastbound side, still closed, and they shuffled around the traffic pattern on the ben franklin parkway, right in front of the cathedral, and in front of the franklin institute there. so, be careful, again, just part of the next phase of the construction, i should say, the reconstruction, of all of those overpasses here in center city. big fire last night, more about it in a moment, but here is the spot. spinners town road, just off of the quakertown interchange of the northeast extension, expect some weather delays
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this morning, scattered minor delays on the regional rails, probably from the slippery rales, platforms for the trains and the buses are a little slippery and wet. but otherwise, everybody's running on regular weekday schedule and out of the gate so far so good. thomas, karen, back to you. >> thank you so much, there, bob. you have got developing story right now, out of lehigh county. >> fire crews responding to massive fire overnight at a farm, our steve keeley on the scene. this is in lower milford township, a lot of damage here, left behind, steve? >> reporter: well, they let us real close and they were casino enough, the chief here, and the president of the farm, kind enough to come out, hang out with me for little bit and let me know. here is something i've never said in a very long career. that this fire took more than seven hours to bring under control. what jared is showing you right now is one of the two pools that are set upright around us. one here, now just putting water to this one behind us. there is no fire hydrants up here. they've got 25 of these tanker
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pumper trucks bringing water from about a mile or two away, where we started our reporting on this, at 4:00, and then they got to bring it up, fill these pools, and that's why it is taking so much time to put this fire out. because they're still pumping water on there is as soon as they can get water up to. >> this you can see in the distance, jared extend err lens, there is a light on top of a ladder with a host that you can make out. as you see the smoke in the light from the firefighters who are using construction lights to fight this fire. this is the shots farm and greenhouses, the president, they've been here for real long time, a pillar of the community, and he wanted to make sure to thank the 20 different fire departments, all volunteers, probably, 300 guys maybe, out of those 20 fire companies, here still battling this fire since 8:30 last night. just put under control at quarter to 4:00 today.
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and that's the good news. and nobody's been hurt. and the worse part is, as we go to the video that we have, from close to 8:30 last night when this started, this is a big business. when you have a business, and a farming business, and you're ceiling bulbs, plants, things that grow on farms, you use fork lifts, which means you use wooden pallets. and you use cardboard boxes. and this happened in the distribution part of this farm business, meaning, that's where the pallets and the cardboard boxes and all of the packing supplies are, and probably the most flammable part of this huge farm business here. so we are about an hour away from philadelphia. that's without traffic. and then we are just about 5 miles from emmaus, between pottstown and allentown for you folks wondering where the heck we are this morning. but i can tell you the great people up here all banding together to put out a fire and save everything they can at
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this business that has anywhere depending on the season from 50 to 200 employees. so, this is a big employer up here, as well. so, there you go for the update. and big thank you to all of these people who took out their time of their fight and deciding what can be saved to talk to us, and you'll hear from them when we see you again in a half hour. karen, thomas? >> fire crews working so hard overnight. it will be a different scene once the daylight hits. >> 5:07 is the time. police investigating a murder holmesburg. investigators called out to apartment on the 8,000 block of erdrick street last night about 10:00. they found man shot in the head. he was pronounced dead just short time later. police are interviewing friends of the victim. no word on any motive. >> the philadelphia police department's internal affairs bureau investigating some videos here on social media hard to watch. shows police officer punching a young video.
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commissioner ross says his officers were responding to a call about a person with a weapon in west philadelphia. he says 30 to 40 people mainly young women were fighting in the streets. the commissioner says what you don't see in any of these videos is a young woman smack the officer so hard before all of that starts, the officer's glasses fly off of her face. then, as we do see the woman has a girl on the ground, and is punching her, commissioner ross says this was a bad moment, for everybody involved. >> so just ugly situation. and we will continue to investigate. we've interviewed several people. some of whom have already corroborated, some of the stories we've been told. so it is just the viral world we live in. and it is what we deal with. and hopefully we won't have to deal with anything like this in the future. >> commissioner ross has also cautioned everybody to reserve judgement. >> time is 5:08. man and woman team up forearmed robbery at a wawa in somerton. and this morning, they're on the run.
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so back on monday, the pair walked into this convenience store, it is a with a washings on the 14,000 block of bustleton avenue. they told a clerk to get out of the way, and then they began smashing the cash register with hammer to try to get it open. the pair got away with trash bags loaded with cartons every cigarettes. >> it is so scary. you know, no matter what. i mean, you are still putting people in danger. in the longrun -- a lot of money. dollar cigarette on the street. they'll eventually get caught. they'll screw up somewhere. >> police believe this may not be the first time the pair has hit up wawa's. two other locations were robbed by suspect with hammers in recent weeks. charges have been announced against a student who authority say made racist video then shared this all on social media. it happened back in october. the district attorney says a 14 year old taped a 16 year old african-american student eating chicken wings. this tape was filled with profanity and racist commentary. police say the victim
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physically confronted the person who made the video then wound up being charged with assault. the district attorney says the 14 year old committed the crime, as well. >> harrassment, whether it is based on race or otherwise, is a crime. and no one should be harassed. his family had moved from out of state into that school district. at one time someone draped a confederate flag around him. and used derogatory name. >> the two teenagers had been offered a deal in which they would be required to report to a probation officer and perform community service to avoid delinquency proceedings. >> well today it is a very big day for some young children and their parents. >> the first day of the class for children enrolled in the pre k through the city's new expansion program. our lauren johnson at the spin school in park wood. do you have your lunch box? >> i know, i do have my lunch box. listen, thomas, karen, quality pre k in our city has been a long time coming, so today, the expansion of the program means 2,000 new spots open up
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for young minds in philadelphia. the open seats are spread out throughout the city. we are here at a thin location, specifically provides services with kids with special needs. started the preschool program so they could better help to main stream the student. research does show a child's brain is 90% developed by age five, so falling behind during this critical time can be death mental for the rest of that student's life trying to play catch up. and the benefit of the pre k program include student who are less likely to drop out of high school, students who are less likely to be held back, and they have fewer chances of being arrested. so each provider in our city will get 20 to 30 slots for student don't sit in classrooms, for free, and at the price a lot of parent will like. so here, in the northeast, we are expect to go see parent drop their little ones off for school, for the first day, a little later this morning, we will be here to catch all of the excitement of proud parents, and excited students,
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to talk to them about their first day of school. karen, thomas? >> such exciting day. lauren, thank you so much. speaking about transition, have you heard about this? just red this one overnight. megyn kelly leaving fox news. >> coming up: what she has to say about her departure from fox, and what she is going to be doing next. >> also, it is a calendar to remember, or is it not? a pretty embarrassing mistake that has a lot of people scratching their heads. >> good morning, everybody, 5:12. watch for construction on the 42 freeway and 295-6789 everything is bet in all of the work zones, and let's go outside. we will take live look of where? trenton, new jersey, good morning, to trenton, as we are waking up this morning. sue has the forecast, i'll check the jam cams when we come right back. the whole paycheck.
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>> so here's what's happening with our weather. very cold air waiting in the wings, but not here yet. and we have this cold front that will be coming through today. so, today's your transitional day and the chilly changes are coming so for january, off to pretty decent start, with temperatures that are in the mid 40's, 44, at the airport, 42 in allentown, 35 degrees in mount pocono. but in dover, it is 46 degrees already. visibility is not great though in a lot of places. foggy in millville, in
5:16 am
lancaster, in reading, up in the mountains, this morning, so, that will slow you down, as well. roads are still wet. still drippy, drizzly out there, but we don't have any heavy rain to show you on radar this morning. as we look at the future cast, high temperature of about 51, 52 degrees, comes at about 1:00 in the afternoon, as the cold front is coming through. and then we plunge pretty quickly, into the mid 30's, by 8:00, and into the 20's by this time tomorrow morning. so get ready for cold temperatures, and at least we will get some sunshine today. early tomorrow, before the clouds roll in, thursday evening, and we get ready for some light snow, timing couldn't be worse for the morning rush hour on friday. now it, looks like it is an off-shore storm, so we won't be getting a lot. at least that's the way it looks right now. but it comes during the morning rush hour. it is a little worse, closer to the coast, maybe an inch or so of accumulation. we don't expect too much in the philadelphia area. but just enough to make things
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slippery, possibly, on friday morning. we will have much better handle on this tomorrow. but, make that plan in your head of the possibility for friday morning. about/two -- .2 of an inch of snow what we are speccing in philadelphia, not much, but could make a mess. 52 degrees today. don't get used to it, 37 tomorrow, 35 for high temperature on friday, and then it gets even colder over the weekends with a high of 30 on saturday. and 29 on sunday. now we like the number 29, bob kelly, unless it is our high temperature. that means it is really cold. >> everybody wear their 29 jackets to match the temp. >> short week, meanings it is already wednesday. live look at 202 in chester county, an example, just showing you the fog that's out there. hit and miss, depending upon where you begin and end your trip. everything is a little damp, wet, combination of the rain, and the early morning fog, you can see the glare on the road surface here. so, obviously, little wet coming in, as well, on the 42 freeway, as we start to see
5:18 am
some volume pop. the pockets of volume like to show you here headed in toward the walt whitman bridge. watch for weather delays today, down at philadelphia international airport. check with the airline, just to play it safe, especially the first few flights in or out of town. spinners town road the scene of the nasty fire that steve has been reporting from all morning long, that occurred last night, through the overnight, just off "the q" town interchange of the northeast extension, lights out. traffic lights are out. over here in south jersey along route 40 and route 47. so remember, it is a four way stop there. and good morning to wilmington, where the crews are out along 495. right at route 13. which is the dew point highway, also the 202 construction, right where it meets up with i-95. and they just pick up all of the cones on the vine street expressway but what's left over is the new traffic pattern on the ben franklin parkway between the art museum circle and the cathedral. mainly right in front of the franklin institute there, instead of going up the center lanes, you're kind of moved
5:19 am
over to the outer lanes, near the franklin institute. so just something to pay attention to, and weather delays, some scattered ones, probably expected this morning on the regional rails, because of the weather. thomas, karen, back over to you. >> as they say check ahead, bob, thank you. 5:19. radnor officials are breaking their silence this morning, after the arrest of former township leader. the township manager spoke out yesterday about the december 23rd arrest. seventy-five year old william springer right here, he was radnor commissioner for 32 years, and delaware county commissioner for eight. delaware county district attorney charged him with sexually assaulting a 103 year old woman in the wayne nursing home. police say the woman was unable to consent because of her mental and physical abilities. >> it is horrible. when you have indent like this occur to someone who is 103 years old, it is awful. someone that's in nursing home facility, you know, defenseless individual. i want to thank the staff members of the wayne nursing
5:20 am
home for the courage to come forward, and make this complaint. >> the township manager says authorities are looking at some other incidents, related to sting letter, but would not elaborate. >> local fire department that needs your help to help a family who lost everything in this fire. steve keeley was out there on the scene this when this happened, not too much left of this home. they had seven people who lived there in this home in delaware county. and this is in prospect park. well, now that prospect park volunteer fire department has started a donation campaign. they're asking for clothing, or gift cards, or any other items you think may help this family, there were three adult, four children, living in the home wham it caught fire. >> you can drop those items off at the firehouse. we'll have more information right there on our website well, january is here. that means a lot of folks are in the market for new
5:21 am
calendar, right? doesn't take much to put one together. you get 12 pictures, layout of the month, and days. >> yep, so many of our families make them every single year. as bruce gordon explains, not everybody's gotten the hang of it. >> december in philadelphia is a festive time. what, with all of the holiday lights, shopping, good will toward men, and all of the rest. but apparently officials at visit philadelphia, the official visitor and tourism site for the city and region, are not big fans of our 12th month. these are visit philly actual promotional calendars for 2017. chock full of beautiful color photographs to illustrate each month of the year, along with corresponding listing of local events. there is january, and february, march, april, may, june, and july, august, and september. there is october, november, and, well, we showed the calendar to random strangers. >> there is no december. >> what happened to it? >> i don't know, what happened to it? >> no december?
5:22 am
>> what? it doesn't sound like us, december is a big month for us. >> is this attributing? >> no december. they forgot. >> that's right. no december. it is a 11 month calendar. turns out 250 of the 600 calendars sent to media outlets were, in fact, december-less. visit philadelphia officials declined to comment on camera, but told us in a statement that, quote, the december page was replaced with a repeat of the first page. the printer is correcting the error. printer errors? maybe. or maybe the good folks at visit philadelphia are secretly tipping the media to what only they know, that there is no need for a december on their 2017 calendar, because there won't be a december 2017. maybe our region will be destroyed by a huge lizard, shooting fire from its mouth, sting on buildings, as if they were miniature models of buildings. or better yet, maybe those creepy oversized ben franklin cheese steak characters in
5:23 am
visit philly last tv ads will go rogue, drown the city in wiz. either way our random calendar coaches are not swweating. >> december will be here, you can confirm that? >> oh, yes, i believe that. >> okay. >> i mean, as long as i'm still alive to see it. >> for the record, our gregorian calendar has been around since 1582. so you think we would have it all figured out by now. anyway, visit philly says they'll happily replace any calendars sent to the media outlet. no need to bother. come me, come the fall, i'll just start keeping an eye on the days, the dates, watch and wait, and worry. i'm bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". >> popular summer shore active tip could be changing. may have you floundering. no, no, it is not. >> no pun intended.
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>> good morning, welcome back, researchers making a discovery about the human body. >> they found that we have apparently a new organ that we never new existed, but is there in our digestive system. the organ is called misinter. researchers say it is one continuous organ, and it is in our abdominal cavity. it connects the intestines to the abdomen, the specific
5:27 am
function still not known, but reserve ers say it could lead to impact on abdominal diseases. >> and flounder fishing could be a little bit more difficult this summer. >> flounder. if you want to take one home, it is going to need to be a big one. plan expected to be adopted by federal officials would only allow new jersey fishermen to keep two flounder per summer down from the current limit of five. so you better make it count here. the fish also needs to be at least 19 inches long, full inch longer than the current minimum. federal officials say over fishing has significantly reduced flounder stocks. >> it is almost time for one of our favorite traditions, girl scout cookies. >> love them. girl scouts are celebrating 100 years of selling the delicious cook us. >> what better way to mark this occasion than introducing the new cooky? this year, it is a smors, ready to make its way into our homes. there are two times, one-the cote in the chocolate on the right, while the other has a gram cracker exterior. the version you get depend on
5:28 am
which baker that your local troop contracts with. >> just in time for new years resolution, right? >> right. plus also, vice president joe biden, didn't let us down during his final swearing in of congress in the is her moan fry baby dis to bringing out the finger guns, more of the funny moment. >> but first, let's get a check on the traffic this morning at 5:28. good morning, bob.
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>> developing overnight, this was a massive fire. it has destroyed a greenhouse, where a lot of people work, and millions of dollars worth of equipment have gone up in flames. we've got a live report. >> also ahead this morning, the search is on for the men who attacked a man after he used a atm. the chilling words the duo told the victim before they used a brick to take him down. and, you remember wwe star jimmy super fly snuka, from our area. women, he's off the hook for murder, why a judge decided to dismiss his murder trial. >> all that straight ahead. good morning, great to have you with us on this wednesday. we're getting through it, january 4th, i'm thomas drayton. >> i'm karen hepp, good morning to you, thomas, good morning to everybody out there. >> everybody's here, the whole gang is back. >> two gloomy days in a row, but getting some sunshine today, eventually, event lip,
5:32 am
it is foggy out there right now, very damp it, looks just like it did yesterday. things will be changing. there is your pal bus stop budd which his umbrella for now. is it still little drizzly out there. and it is cloudy. it is foggy and damp. at least the sixers won last night, yeah. first victory of the new year. 35 degrees in mount pocono. everybody else in the four's this morning, which is pretty decent for january. and we don't have any heavy rain, or anything else to show you on radar right now. little western part of the state, in advance of that cold front, it is starting to get little breezy out there, 13-mile per hour winds, it is 44 degrees, 5 miles visibility at the airport. sunrise happens at 7:23. we should see some sunshine today. 52 degrees is our high temperature, comes early, around noon or 1:00 in the afternoon, then, temperatures plummet. winds pick up this afternoon. it will get blustery by the end of the day. as your planner for wednesday, we will talk about really chilly changes in the seven day forecast, coming up. bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning,
5:33 am
everybody, 5:32, got our first accident of the morning on the schuylkill expressway. here is a live look, the westbound schuylkill, right before you get to conshohocken. it would be taking out the right lane, only this left lane getting on through here. we got penndot arrow truck on the scene, looks like it is a truck that's involved in the crash. but, it is westbound approaching conshohocken. sue mentioned, everything still little wet and damp. we are still dealing with some fog. getting little worse here. this is i59 down in delco. so still dealing with some of the elements, don't have the heavy steady rain like we had this time yesterday. fire location, we will tell you more about it, steve standing by in a moment. but it is just off of the northeast extension, and the quakertown interchange, there is traffic lights defective in south jersey along route 47, where it meets up with route 40 for the gang in wilmington, krause still working along 495, right at route 13, the dew point highway. and with the early morning drizzle, damp, fog, probably
5:34 am
going to have some weather delays down to philadelphia international airport. just checked with the airline to play it safe. some minor weather delays expected on the regional rails. couple of slippery rales. but more importantly, the platforms are slippery for both trains and buses, so just be careful this morning, karen, and tomorrow, back to you. >> thank you, time 5:34. following a developing story. a fire in lehigh county that's caused extensive damage to greenhouse there. >> let's get right out to steve keeley at the scene in lower milford township with the latest, steve? >> this is a big farm, big job. look, where we started our shot there. you can see, some of the firefighters who have been here since the call came in at 8:29. and everybody that watches the show knows we love all firefighters, but these are all volunteers from 20 different companies, out here, since 8:29. and probably going to be out here past 8:29 a.m. they just got this under control # 45:00. they're not get being paid.
5:35 am
they're here just strictly for the dedication to their neighbors. boy, you can see, the name of the farm in the business, right there on the side of this building. it is pronounced shonts. >> my next-door neighbors have the same name, they pronounce it shants. >> jared is panning over, and you can maybe make out some of the smoke, we're still aways back. and you can see, even more of the volunteers, and the teams up on this hill. this is really rural country out here, and the problem with it is you've got no fire hydrant like you have every so many yards in philadelphia, and so they've got 25 tanker trucks bringing water in constantly for eight hours now. and that makes fighting a fire, when you don't have water, do i even need to say it. i mean, it is almost impossible. but these guys did it. they got this thing under control, 3:45 a.m. we talked to the president of the business here, and the leader of this great big fire
5:36 am
team putting this out. >> only way now the fire started, in one of our shops up there, we don't know why, what, or it was in a warehouse, and they're trying to get it under control. and you know, there is damage, just snot sure how much yet? >> large volume fire, which is what this was, we went to third alarm assignment plus additional companies. at one point we had in excess of 25 tankers here hauling water. as you can see, it is a pretty extensive operation with a extensive line to get up to the building. so, it made it difficult at times with proper water flow to fight the fire. >> these are the best volunteer firemen, from all over here, our township has got them here, lower milford township people. and they're doing fantastic job. you know, i couldn't ask for nothing else. no one was hurt so far. so, you know, just thankful for that.
5:37 am
>> at the height of the farming season, and it depend on what month you come up here. but they've anywhere from 50 to 200 employees, and it happened in this warehouse, where they've got wooden pallets, cardboard boxes where they pack all of the stuff that they sell to all of the businesses that they sell to. so, that's what burned here. so, you have got greenhouses, but you don't have just glass and, you know, pot the plants burning, you've got big, big warehouse, and a big distribution center. and that was tough. because in addition to the wooden pallets, cardboard boxes, you have fork lifts, and you've got everything else they use on the farm, all of the big farm equipment truck things you see when you drive by. and they all run on gasoline or propane or diesel. and they exploded in some cases. so, they've got hazmat teams out here, as women. so it will be a while before they even have a clue what the damage is, but karen, you are right when you said the seven
5:38 am
figure number begins with a m. maybe a million bucks or plus in damage out here. but looks like there are so many buildings, that they'll be able to you know judging by the volunteers, the fire companies up here, they'll get enough hands to get this business back 100% probably in no time. >> good news. we do hope that happens. steve, thank you so much. >> breaking right now, police investigating murder, it happened in holmesburg. investigators were called out to this apartment on the 8,000 block of erdrick street about 10:00 last night. that's when they found a man shot in the head. he was pronounced dead just a short time later. police are interviewing his friends, no arrests have been made. >> also, police want to find two suspect they say stalked and then assault add victim with a brick. police say two guys, followed the victim around the wooster mini market in germantown, after leaving the store, the victim says, he was approached by both those guys, and one of them said don't run or i'll shoot you. she did they do? he ran away. he said that's when one of the guys through a brick at him that struck him in the head. the victim was able to make it
5:39 am
home before he collapsed. police say the suspects were spotted on surveillance video at two separate locations following the victim after he used an atm. >> time is 5:39. retired wwe star gym i suber fly snuka no longer facing murder charges. dismissed the case yesterday saying he's not competent to stand trial. the 73 year old faced charges every killing his girlfriends, nancy argentineo. died in her whitehall township hotel room back in 1983. prosecutors say they're evaluating their options. >> the $20 million news woman, megyn kelly leaving fox for nbc. last night she talked about her departure. so what's next? well, she has a lot to say. that's straight ahead.
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>> sixers getting pay back last night, and almost let it slip away. second left. ricky, with wide open three, to tie the game up. that will was 1.6 seconds left. brett brown, dials up the play. robert covington with a game winning lay upright there. the sixers win, 93 to 91. >> the flyers getting ready to play the ranger tonight. trying to break four game losing streak. tough stretch. the guys feel so confident they can turn this thing around. >> mentally, everything, we're in a good spot. you know, we've got good
5:43 am
practices. we've had couple of pretty good days. but that doesn't give you any guarantees for the two points. we got to go play really well for an important two points tomorrow night. >> st. joe's taking on rhode island. rhode island may be the best team in the conference, iverson's cousin playing for rhode island. st. joe, 88-58. sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
5:44 am
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good morning, everybody, welcome back, 5:45. another accident on the blue route. blue route southbound, the ramp to nine # five southbound. you can see, everybody all right here, in what would be the right lane, right shoulder area. only that left lane getting on by. again, this is southbound lanes of 476. a live look in delaware county, where we are dealing with some fog. not that far from the scene of that accident. also, have a crash, west on the schuylkill expressway out near the conshohocken interchange. some local detours still in effect from the overnight fire. just off the quakertown interchange of the northeast extension, in south jersey, roads are wet, dealing with some fog, and traffic lights are out along route 40 at route 47. crews are still working up and down 495, as you roll through wilmington, right at the dew point highway. and because of the rain, and the fog, this morning, we will probably see some minor delays at philadelphia international airport. how long will the rain and fog stick around? sue has the answer in 15
5:47 am
seconds. >> temperatures above with a normal highs are for this time in january, to start your day, so we will have mild 1t won't last. in the 40's with our temperatures, and there is fog. wilmington, millville, lancaster, reading, mount pocono, atlantic city international. all showing very poor visibility this morning. a lot of moisture still in the air. cold front, still hasn't come through yet. so ahead of that front, we will have milder air continuing to be with us, at least through the early part of the afternoon. there is your future cast. shows 50, 52 probably for high temperature, that happens about 1:00 in the afternoon. then we see temperatures plunging, already mid 30's, by 8:00. and then we end up in the 20's overnight. so, that really cold air could
5:48 am
be a shock to your system by this time tomorrow morning. now, we jump ahead to thursday. thursday daytime should be dry. but with coastal storm, coming on up, we do see some potential, because the cold air will be in place, of some snow rolling in, at the worse time possible, morning rush, so not expecting great amounts of snow, but just enough to leave that coating and make it slippery for the friday morning rush hour. keep that in mind. we still need some agreement with computer models about where the snow is going to be. it is more likely toward the coast. but i think some that far snow will sneak into the philadelphia area, as well, there could be another round in the evening, at the jersey shore, and in southern delaware, as well. all of this happening on friday, with cold air in place. so it, looks like right now, maybe not impressive snowfall totals. maybe half inch. maybe an inch down at the places i just mentioned, down at the jersey shore, and around millville. but, .2 of an inch what we're forecasting in philadelphia.
5:49 am
not much on friday morning, but just enough to make a mess. then that cold air stays with us, through the weekends, saturday's high temperature, 30. twenty-nine the high on sunday, back to seasonable temperatures by tuesday of next week. but, karen, thomas, as we said earlier, we like the number 29 here at fox 29. just not when it is the high temperature. >> you can say that again. all good things must come to an end. soup, thank you. let's take you around town here with fresco. in wilmington, fresco user emma sent us video of newly elected officials taking their oath of office. the new mayor michael and city council members were sworn in yesterday. both the council president and treasurer are marking historic first. became the first women and african-americans in the city's history, to be elected to those of the service positions. >> history also made in moorestown, new jersey where the town's first hispanic mayor, manny, was sworn in at the town hole.
5:50 am
nicole johnson captured the moment for us as mayor town history few years ago when he became the first council member of the hispanic descent. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are gearing up for a big battle over obamacare. >> democrat led by president obama are obviously fight to go save, his name bill, republicans now have the power to dismantle t our doug luzader in washington right now to break it all down. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning. >> well republicans will try to move fast here to get rid of obamacare for democrats, matter of playing defense, even though they are in the minority on capitol hill. so it is not going to be an easy thing really for either side. for one thing for republicans, they have to decide what to replace obamacare with. that's kind of the rub here. it is very complicated program, disentangling the country from obamacare, not going to be an easy thing. and finding some kind of program to replace it with that republicans can agree on, not going to be an easy thing. >> that's the big question. could we see the law simply wiped out or just certain
5:51 am
parts of it changed? >> yes. that's what republicans will have to decide upon. i mean, there are popular aspect, and unpopular aspect to obamacare. idea of universal coverage very popular. idea of requiring the people that don't have health insurance purchase it, unpopular. tough to have one without the other. do you have to have that big insurance pool in order to allow for coverage for pre-existing conditions? so it is not clear how republicans are going to threads that needle. but it is certainly something that they're working on right now. >> doug, avenue question. little bit confusing. i saw in this number of tweets from the president-elect, and from, you know, talking about the republicans, decided to under cut part of the ethics investigators, president-elect donald trump tweeted out he did not like that at all. members of his own party. what is going on? >> listen, big divide in the republican party. this is the office of congressional ethics. and, to be fair, there are a loft democrats, a lot of republicans, that don't like the way that this office works. it was set up back in 2,008.
5:52 am
there is some bipartisan concensus perhaps something should change there. republicans, though, kind of on their own, decided to just more or less eliminate it, or massively restructure it. democrats are absolutely beside themselves over this. and there was some republicans that weren't crazy about it either, most notable house speaker paul ryan. but it really took this tweet from president-elect donald trump to change things, and ultimately, republicans backed away from this plan entirely. they're going to save this fight apparently for another day. >> getting things done, i guess the power of twitter. we saw once again. thank you, doug. >> good to see you. >> thanks. >> we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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♪ welcome back, in entertainment news, trying something craziment bolt of us are here. >> good morning, megyn kelly will be leaving fox news at the ends of the week. she is headed over to nbc where she will be anchoring daytime and prime time magazine show. >> thank you very much. that was very cool. >> i'm deeply thankful to fox news for the wonderful 12 years i've had here. i've grown up here and been given every chance a young
5:56 am
reporter could ever ask for. the murdoch family has been kind -- >> saying few words there before she leaves. the course kelly's last broadcast will be friday here on fox. she made headlines in the election season as one of donald trump's favorite targets. she also later revealed that ousted fox news chairman had sexually harassed her, ails has denied those allegations. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh, ya. we will be headlining coachella, the festival, beyonce will be headlining the show, kendrick lamar will be performing on friday and sunday night. other include lourdes, travis scott, father john misty and more, coachella will take place april 14th through the 16th and april 21st through the 23rd. >> always big line up. get this at age 50, janet jackson celebrating a first. she has given birth to a baby
5:57 am
boy. the singer announced the arrival of little essa yesterday. her rep says the delivery was stress free and janet's resting comfortably at homement jackson you will remember postponed her tour last year to plan a family with her billionaire husband, and they've been married since 2012. >> today is a huge day. because it is a huge test for the top ranked wildcats. who they're battling on the road tonight that could put their undefeated record in jep addery? >> "good day" starts right after this. have a great morning. where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:00 am
judge flames lit up the night in lehigh county as a greenhouse burns out of control. the devestating losses, its owners say, they've suffered. >> hey, new opportunities begins today for thousands of philadelphia students. how the city's new beverage tax is helping children report to school for free for the first time. >> or is it? and joe biden accidentally again spills the big secret. what he unknowingly reveals about his post inauguration plans here in philadelphia. >> we put up that shot, oh, is he coming? is that what that means? i got little excited. >> well, he is actually, yes. he'll be among us. >> good day everybody, it is january the fourth, it is mary grant's birthy.


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