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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  December 1, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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his first goal of the road trip. down to one now. vladimir makes all of the good people st. louis ?that my friends is a hat trick. the third of the net. five ?three lightning still fighting. watch this here. cedric finishes and puts it in, second of the game. that lead back down to one. the bolts will straight loss. >> as always is going to be a big sunday on fox 13. i'll start with tailgate sunday at 10:30 a.m. followed by the network pregame coverage. it is the lions and saints at 1 o'clock right here on fox 13. followed by the bucks and charges at 4:25 pm.he florida basketball teams ?the florida best multi-mother has been a road warrior team.
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although the center undergoes renovations. given how they plan the rent they may not want to return home. the gators sits and went to start the season in the crack the top 25. today taking on north florida. there hanging). from downtown, dallas more. the score ?gators can shoot from deep as well. here they have the open, florida just overpowers alan putting the gators up 11. florida shooting 58 percent from the field. and just ?91 ?60 is the final. usf taking on troy. they called this place the
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lay in. story of the game is the bolts 3-pointer's. shooting walkingdowntown . -- they finish above the ramp 23 points. usf lends 80 ?74. i apologize for that highlights. usf. they visited george washington on ? >> we are a football's. so we win our share of the sunbelt title on saturday thank you very much. >> you are certain about that. before we go, uber is offering some new ways to get in on miami. >> if you're heading up to the big heart miami event you can choose between two different means of transportation.
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people and given the option of traveling by sea or air or both. but we still choose to go the old-fashioned way back park they are offering a special upgrade in miami. you can request a limited-edition luxury suv wrapped in custom art with a photo booth inside. >> man oh man. sounds good to me. don't forget the news keeps on going online at and also o >> money power politics is coming up next. we start at 4:00 a.m.. from all of us here at fox 13 have a great night. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ?
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? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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tonight. we investigate the soars cost of healthcare and ask why we pay so much. >> by law, in many state, providers can charge whatever they wish for services. >> see how having insurance can cost you more in out of pocket expenses than if you have no coverage. how cuts to medicaid could hit families in tampa bay. >> everything he needs he needs to live. >> plus, there is still a campaign to take away from donald trump. and we'll explain how it's playing out right now within the electoral college. this is money, power & politics. >> merissa, we know that republican leaders in congress want to cut back on mid care and medicaid and obamacare to reel in growing costs. >> politicians don't often explain why costs are so high.
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tonight. >> starting with the charge master, what hospitals call the price list for everything they do. consumer watchdogs say the prices are much, much higher than they should be. >> there's no basis for this pricing. they're charging whatever they think they can get away with. >> medical providers set prices and hospital patients don't see the prices until they get the bills. >> by law, in many states, providers can charge whatever they wish for >> ed is a good example of that. >> it's hard even to explain. >> he asked know investigate his bills three years ago. he passed away but asked us to keep his story alive! a shot how long does it take? >> a matter of seconds. >> one clinic an injection related to his chemotherapy cost more than $7,000. on another bill it cost $9,000. then he went to a hospital where the price again for that same injection shot up to nearly
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just outrageous. >> the government picked up much of the tab. he discovered he can get the injection at a pharmacy where his cost dropped to six. not six thousand. six. >> $6 a sglochlt you've seen the gross variation in charges for the same service within our own community. there's a huge problem in establishing reasonableness. >> insurance companies customer but those costs are going u. that brings us to the next issue that sounds crazy but it's true! in many cases when you buy health insurance, you wind up paying more in out of pocket expenses than if you had no insurance at all. >> this is a flaw in the system that need to bes changed. >> take dr. coser. >> charge you 45-65 dollars if it doesn't take too much of the doctors time. >> that's $65 for a basic
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if you show your insurance card the price can more than double. >> 141:30. >> if you go to an imaging center you can pay more than that. >> up to $1,000 difference if you have insurance. >> you pay $1,000 more if you have insurance? >> more if you have insurance. >> doctors say they have to charge those inflated rates because it's required in their contracts with the insurance companies. >> once a patient walks in that door and have healthcare coverage and they show us their insurance cards we're bound now. >> and remember, taxpayers are subsidizing the same plans that can hit patients with thousands in premiums plus higher bills when they get sick. >> it can be 100% it can be a 1000% more if they have insurance. >> many who cannot afford private insurance get state run healthcare for the poor.
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called lim. those can be on the chopping block next year. i want to show you who that could affect the most. this little boy got his wish. the day we met noah, he spent hours riding trains and gazing at miniature trains. playing arcade games, and taking his family right back to those trains. >> he likes trains a lot. >> you don't have to say cheese. just talk. >> noah plays hard but speaks in soft, faint whispers. because he spent much of his childhood with tubes down his throat! he has vocal cord damage.
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out at give kids the world. a resort for kids with life threatening conditions. >> he's happy even when he doesn't feel good. >> he was born with a bad heart. hd open heart surgery as three week old infant then again at six months and again at a toddler. then went through a heart transplant at the age of five and smiled on the rough days that broke his mother's heart. spacing out and going there. he's happy >> this 7-year-old has suffered from seven fractured bones. he struggles from lung disease and his mother can't afford private healthcare. >> i have to stay home to take care of him. we don't have options. >> now she says they're losing the options they had because of changes to state medicaid! going a week and a half without medication he needs. i never had that.
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now i'm constantly fighting to get what he needs. >> as florida moved most mid cayed recipients into managed care to save money. notice cut back for noah. from denials to medical tests to reductions in therapy. >> within the last year things are more difficult. >> and it may soon get much harder. because the federal fund that helps kovrn noah's medical costs can drying up. the federal government is phasing out the low income pool that hel children like noah. >> it terrifies me because everything he needs he needs to live. >> we want to go to a statewide managed care program. >> the rising cost of medicaid drove the state reforms under scott that started with former governor jeb bush. >> medicaid is a place that's like the cookie monster for budgets. >> if you count federal contributions, medicaid accounts for around 30% of the state budget. bush and scott said they had to
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reforms and years of assessments, the federal government said it has to phase out hospital funds. the state agreed to shift money into the fund to keep it going. we don't know what will happen next year. >> every treatment that we do for him, every medication we give him. he needs to live. >> some good news. we checked in with noah. he's doing well today and getting the care he needs but his mom is worried about >> she is. on the other hand, we know that the president elect, president elect trump wants to scrap obamacare and replace it with something different and americans are split on that based on the numbers. >> check out this study from the kiezer family foundation. 30% want to expand the affordable care act. of course, also known as obamacare. 26% want to repeal the law. 19% say keep it as is and 17% say keep it but scale it back a
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coming up we're going to dig into a plot to take the election away from president elect donald trump. >> and we'll have a bizarre gaffe from the man who could be
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everyone in town eats at jim's place like mike over there. we handle payroll deposits for his hardware store. or capt. tally. we helped finance the new equipment at his marina. and that's jim. but today, i'm not here as their banker. i'm here for jim's pie. at synovus, we do business in a way others don't. because we live here, too. synovus. the bank of here. you're not even the actual president to have united states. you're president elect but you've done more in your first
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current administration has done in the last nine months for us. >> president elect trump took credit for saving a thousand jobs in irn. >> now flying across the nation on a victory lap which kicked off in ins nap lis. >> mr. trump threatened carrier with tariffs if it shifted jobs to mexico. also reportedly threatening to pull billions of dollars from federal contract from the apparent company. his vice president elect, governor of inn, mike pence, negotiated the deal saving more than a thousand jobs and cost the state around $7 million in incentives. >> with that bernie sanders and other progressives rip the deal calling it corporate welfare. a signal to other companies you can threaten to offshore jobs but trump says he's doing what he promised on the campaign trail. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. not going to happen. [clapping]
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doing to keep them is we're going to lower the business tax from 35%, hopefully down to 15%. taking us from the highest tax nation virtually in the world, this is terrible for business. to one to have lowest. not the lowest yet. >> tonight reports out of washington say trump picked general mattis to lead the department of defense. >> nicknamed mad dog his blunt and colorful language. he once said it's fun to sloot some people. >> he led the central compland in 2010. appears to have some fluns with the president elect, for example. mr. trump said he recovered his support of water boarding after mattis told him it doesn't work. trump is back on the trail after he won because he wants to rev up his base. he already bonn won but wants to move his agenda. >> he knows he did not get a majority on november 8th. he's trying to fire up
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and pressure congress to follow his lead here. >> trump is also dealing with recounts in the upper midwest. today in milwaukee election workers pulled large crates of ballot. clerks in wisconsin are starting to recount ballots. those clerks have lee way in terms of how they do this. >> you're talking about 48 counties recounting ballots by hand. 14 counties feed them through scanners. ten others do some of both. jill stein calling for recount. clerks have to finish by december 12th. and we've said based on history of recounts this will not flip the results and cost donald trump the election. at the same time, there is a coordinated plan, some of it within the electoral college itself, to deny trump his victory. >> and because on election night we didn't actually vote for the candidates. we technically voted for groups of electors who are committed to voting for clinton on trump.
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committed to mr. trump say they are under frosh break the pledge and not vote for him. eight of the democrats in the electoral college from colorado and washington state lobby that trump electors and there is outside pressure as well. they need to flip 37 republican electors. that would be unprecedented and next to impossible. here is florida elector susan moore on what's going on right now! several phone calls i've gotten and intimidation i've received. people saying that they want to send me special packages and things like that. i don't quite know what that means but i think there's an intimidation factor there. i really don't think there's anything to be frightened about. it's more of a hassle than anything. >> let's call up one of my favorite moments in the history of the american politics with indiana sflart coats.
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role in the next administration because he's considered for director of national intelligence. >> that's a big one. you have to be on top of your game for that particular assignment. let's see how he gets to the bottom of things on capitol hill. >> i'm not here to get a specific answer from you. but to better understand what is happening and how, i think there's probably a trial plan put in place. that rings a bell. >> he asks a lot of questions and you've t bottom of stuff. >> you do. go back to the hear anding check out his technique. >> what is it yor trying to accomplish and what are some to have consequences of that going to be to the current system? locations and personnel, et cetera? >> there you go. he's peppering the witness with questions. >> what was that note he was reading? >> what note? >> somebody passed him a?. did you not see that? >> no.
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i'm at the wrong hearing. >> okay. >> i'll go try to find out where i'm supposed to be. thank you. >> what's he up for again? >> director of national intelligence. >> okay. wait. whose seat did he take in the senate >> dan quail, i believe. >> i think he did. wait a minute, maybe coats wondered into the wrong room and grilled the wrong guy to channel >> we understand the importance of having the bondage between the parent and the child. >> obscene period in our nation's history. not our nations, but in world war ii. we all lived in this century. i didn't live in this century. but in this century's history. we did not have, as a matter of fact, we fought hitlerism.
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this gym nays yum. >> we could show quail clips all night. >> i wish we could. we have a lot of ground to cver. coming up. how in the world can president obama blame the media for the democrats defeat. obama blame the media for the democrats defeat. we're going to take a lo whoa, this is awful, try it. obama blame the media for the demooh no, that looks gross we're goiwhat is that?lo you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. itive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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just just announced today,
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force base. >> he's going to meet with active duty military personnel. specifically meeting with members of the special operations community and thank them. going over his strategy for fighting the war on terror. president elect trump hoz choice words. hee called him a lot of nasty things. now in an article by rolling stone, president obama is blaming the media. loss the democrat suffered in the november elections. >> howard kurts tell us what the president is saying. >> president obama took a swipe at fox news lamenting why white working class voters turned out heavily. telling a publisher part is fox news in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country. part is democrats not working at a grass roots level. the president has the worlds biggest bully pulpit. for eight years he portrayed fox
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one television station entirely devoted to attack my administration. i mean, you know, that's a -- >> talking about fox. >> that view promoted by former communications director dunn who told me fox was a wing to have republican party made no distics between the network news and opinion programming. her boss in defending obamacare. that said i was watching fox news and they said it's horrible. >> good affordable healthcare miekt seem like a famed threat to the freedom of the american people on fox news. it turns out it's working pretty well in the real world. >> fox journalistist push back when they were excluded from a media blitz! these guys, everything is personal. >> everything. >> they are the biggest bunch of cry babies i have dealt with in my 30 years in washington. >> justice department
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records from the ap and chief correspondent in leak investigations. sometimes obama uses the channel to argue that right and left prefer sympathic outlooks but lately his fox fixation faded! welcome. >> great to be with you. >> been a while. >> better late than never! sounds similar.
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all right. the holiday season took full force up in our nations capitol. you see behind us the president and the first family lighting the national christmas tree for the last time. >> this is the very last time president obama reflecting on the election before this in that article. saying that he sort of saw this coming. the loss of hillary clinton. he didn't get his holiday wish. but this is something that you put politics aside and focus check out our youtube channel craig patrick money, power & politics and subscribe. we'll see you tomorrow night.
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captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company what's up, welcome to "dish nation." we've come bearing gifts. big brother in the house. >> presidential. >> got you. >> later in the show heidi hits the casino plus "empire" is back. bradley cooper has been getting busy, and when i say getting busy -- >> not with me. you're pointing at me. >> not with you. with his girlfriend. >> that wouldn't be a bad idea, though, for bradley cooper.


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