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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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we're following developing news next at ten: a night of protests sweep charlotte! what these demonstrators are demanding..
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>> it's basically like opening an old scar over and over. >> a convicted killer will spend the holidays with his family as the family of the man he gunned down >> for a neighbor who had tried to hard to succeed, it hurts us. >> a flood of recent protests is hurting bay area businesses. see how they are impacting your pocket as well. >> we are worry it had could go forecaster and decimate the
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palms throughout the state, what you need to watch out for. >> thanks for joining us tonight, first at 10:00, convicted killer trevor dooley is expected to be let out of time any time on bond. he is accused or killing david james in 2010 after they got into an argument on the back ball court. he claims self-defense. josh, any sign of him? >> but we just spoke with his bail bondsman and she said it could like will he be tomorrow morning when he walks out of the orient road jail, and he will likely go home to spring hill to have christmas and new years with his family, but the victim's family says their time with their father and husband is over.
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watched her father die. she is 14 now, but the pain is still fresh. >> dooley claimed he fired in sself-defense after he and james got in an argument on the basketball court, but he was convicted of myself, but now he is appealing that conviction. it means more weight on >> every time court comes up it puts a lot on my shoulders. >> the wheelchair-bound dooley sat in court and was granted a $100,000 bond. >> james' wife calls the back and forth court battles like
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with his family, b and we can't get that back from d.j. because he took him from us. >> we try not to think about it in our everyday life but when this comes up, it's just -- it's hard. >> we can tell you that that $100,0 and signed and it's processing and trevor dooley will likely walk out of jail some time tomorrow morning. per the judge's ruling he cannot have contact with the victim's family and he cannot leave without the court's permission and he cannot have a gun. >> a substitute teacher off the
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molesting three girls. he worked as a manatee substitute since november 2011. the district released a statement saying he was immediately removed from his position after they learned of >> (chanting). >> protestors marching through charlotte after prosecutors announced they will not file officer who shot and killed keith scott. tonight however, the protests have been peaceful after the so-called riots in other shootings. chris is here are more on the d.a.'s decision. >> he ordered him to drop his gun ten times because he would not do it, and remember, his wife shared cell phone video of
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hear scott well, but you hear the officers speaking. >> don't shoot him, don't shoot him, he didn't do anything. he doesn't have a gun, he has a tbi. he just took his medicine. >> she is referring for a traumatic brain injury, and officers stopped him because she they felt she saw him sitting in will the d.a. says the officer was justified in shooting him four times, killing him. >> scott's family says they are disappointed that charges will not be filed. >> we still have questions about the decisions made that day about how they confronted keith and how they reacted to the information that he had a brain
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techniques to end this in a way that doesn't end in the loss of his life. >> he says the family is still considering a civil suit against the police department. you remember riots erupted in charlotte fueled by social media claims that scott was not armed when he was shot, rumors that the d.a's office went to great length rumors. >> thank you, chris. a heavy police presence helped to keep the peace last night but tonight officials are adding up the money spent on overtime. extra officers were needed and they say all of the recent protests are taking a financial toll. and law enforcement is not the
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impact. >> that is correct, and ybor has become the hotbed for protests and merchants say they are feeling it, too, as protestors shut county roadways and also businesses. >> why my neighborhood. >> not my president! >> why am i selected over and over again. >> not my president! >> f so hard to be a part of the greater tampa bay, it hurts us. >> another day of protesting meant another day of lost business opportunity. >> people don't want to go through chaos to get to the businesses here in ybor city. >> tampa police has no choice but to temporarily close off roads ensures that demonstrators
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and it meant that people would not get to four businesses on the block, including this bar and a chop house. >> he says it's not the message that bothers him. >> it's not the protests but it certainly is a detriment to my business. >> it cost the city roughly $12,000 to staff tuesday's fight for 15 protests alone. much of it overtime units not scheduled to work. troopers from the florida highway patrol were brought in to help, and troopers say it cost them $8,000 for manpower. on tuesday, tampa police say the growing number of protests and costs is a concern. >> it's getting to be a routine thing and it's a burden on our personnel. >> ybor has come a long way, too
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stunted by groups trying to make a statement. >> for us to let those accomplishments not be seen because of these protests is unfortunate. >> the total cost of the protests only rises in you add in hillsboro deputies who had to guard their headquarters although already on duty, ensure that remains a peaceful protests and it begs the question: are your taxdollars being wasted. >> and after the break, where the twisters were caught on camera, and how much damage -- look at that storm! -- and we're going to take a look at what was left behind. >> and from thinning to shedding, the varieties and causes of hair loss, and how doctors say you can prevent it
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and paul, a decent day. >> yeah, 83 today, but there is a lot of cold air on the map. look at the blue, and the purple just west of us. some of this cold air is going to head our way, and we'll talk about that possibility coming up
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for a limited time only. at carrabba's. >> there is an alarming and
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clearwater, after a handful of palms have come down with a disease that can quickly kill these trees and there is no cure. how many palms are we talking about, aaron? >> so far this year we are talking about a dozen or so, but don't focus on that number, that is because experts say it's just so hard to figure out how this disease is spreading to healthy hapalms like this one. >> for a sick palm tree, thi like taking a trip to the doctor. a disease is spreading and homeowners had no idea. >> we live in florida because we love the palm trees and i would be concerned if there were something going on that could harm them. >> he had never heard of texas palm decline until now. what exactly does the disease do? >> it kills it.
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cases. on wednesday, clearwater's landscape maintenance manager took samples from a few trees that appear to have the disease but there is a problem if it comes back positive. >> there is nothing to cure it and no way to bring it back. >> and experts don't know how the disease spreads. at least a dozen or so trees in the city caught it but they say don't b seem low. >> as we see it more and more we are worried it could grow faster and decimate the industry. >> and he says there are tell tale signs, a couple of rows of fronds that died so quickly they are not hanging down against the trunk. and homeowners like this one say
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palm, but if it were to have been infected those palm fronds could look a lot different. normally they lie flat against the trunk but the o ones impactd by this disease will be brown and dying but still bowed out and eventully the disease will make it to the center of the tree, and if you say you don't know if your tree is age or this disease, call in an expert. >> aaron mesmer, thank you so much, aaron. >> crews in jacksonville were tasked with the rescue of one of florida's most beloved and endangered annuals. firefighters were working hard to safe a manatee that got stuck in a storm drain.
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the manatee was taken to seaworld orlando and had a couple of scrapes and cuts on its nose but it likely going to be just fine. >> and this appears to be a funnel cloud in dustin. there was a tornado warning issued this morning, no word on damage, but that is a big storm. in other areas they were not lucky. officials say people inside or not injured and that is a blessing but a lot of storms throughout the southeast. paul? >> actually more bad than good, but at least it brought rain farther north. that is something, but unusual to get storms that bad, i had some rain go by, and some was
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auburndale. and this tonight, high clouds and moisture brought in some contrails today. this is the view in clearwater and great shot from englewood. looking out the window, you are seeing a great sunset out over the bay tonight. very nicely done, and today we wrap up the month of november, it's a warm marks the end of the 2016 hurricane season. we had just four days this month with daytime highs below average and obviously you know this. trace today at tia and a trace on the 149 and 1/100th on the 9th, and this made it our dryest month of the year. we stay warm and dry tonight, and the only issue will be
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patchy fog developing. and the dewpoint is up there tonight. it's running at june or july levels, about 65 to 70, so very muggy tonight but there will be an abrupt change on the way as a cold front moving down the peninsula tomorrow. it will drop the dewpoint quite a bit, right now air temperatures holding in the 60's and the south tomorrow and it will produce or lead to clouds and perhaps a couple of showers and then we'll get about two days of lower humidity. that moves in on the heels of the cold front and you know how this works. the highs start shifting east and start turning to the east and southeast, and so by sunday and monday, we turn muggy again. this is the outlook, november 8 through the 14th.
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rediction center which is basically the entire country in blue. there is going to be a lot of arctic air that is going to dive to the south and the line is around tampa bay. i do think we turn significantly colder in about 10 to 14 days. it's way out there but all of the models show cold air diving south out of canada and it should impact just about everybody in the entire it's like december 10 or 12,. a south wind ahead of the front and the front extends up across the piedmont and then curving back with snow and rain, and behind the front, lots of cold air, and this is still to come.
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alaska. that are be diving down the second half of next week, and so warm and muggy, low clouds and down to variably cloudy and a few showers and 79. and then on friday? this is a nice day! mostly sunny and less humid, in look by tuesday and wednesday of next week, but this is still something december 10. >> ugly sweater time! >> we'll be waiting for it. it's a heart-breaking case out of california. >> we are learning more about the suffering that a mother endured while being held captive. >> she did receive injuries over the three-week w
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>> well, badly bruised and burned a california woman missing for three weeks is recovered from a cruel abduction, sherri papini was found on the road of the road on thanksgiving day, and tonight there are details coming to
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gut-wrenching. >> beside every detail that coming out it just gets more hrrifying. and now the sheriff is saying she was actually branded by her captives, some sort of a message was burned into her skin. and she disappeared while jogging and three weeks later was found on the side of road still chained around her waist and bound at the wrists. two hispanic woman are the only description of her captors that has been released and the sheriff said the captors may have been trying to humiliate her by cutting off her long blonde hair and by branding her.
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suspects branded her, and i will not get into details about whether on her body or what was branded for the integrity of the investigation. >> invoice investigators are sl trying to determine if she was targeted and they are warning people becauses two women are still out there. >> the help they seeds. she needs. >> and what the future president is revealing about his business empire. >> and we speak to some people
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>> the man who wrote "the art of
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announce his biggest deal yet. donald trump says he will totally separate himself from his business interests to run the country. >> some say it's a selfless decision. >> but others say it's just smoke and mirrors. >> i would like to say thank you or taking your holiday away from your family and working on the carrier and and sticking to your word. >> carrier does 10% of his business with the federal government and now it's decided to keep jobs in america in exchange for tax brakes. >> exactly what he said was going to happen is happening. he picked up the phone and they worked a deal and got it done. >> now that he is the
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head of the trump organization, saying that his kids could take over and legal documents are being crafted that could take me completely out of business operations. running the country is a far more important task but some say what he seems not realize is that the conflicts arise from the ownership of the trump organization. the vice prede in d.c. huddling with republican leaders including ryan, and condoleezza rice. earlier in the day -- >> we talked about businesses and entrepreneurs and creating jobs. >> -- >> that remains to be seen. stay tuned.
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reporting and we have learned that the search for the secretary of state has officially narrowed to four names but we are told not to expect any more announcements before the end of the week. >> and the white house release ad statement today saying that the president spoke to the tennessee governor and said the president was committed to providing the necessary wild fires there. some have only narrowly escaped the fire. >> you could see the other lane of the highway and there was all kinds of traffic stops on that side and in front of it was all kinds of fire trucks and police cars and the whole hillside next to us was on fire.
10:33 pm
dangers with crews worried about mud and rock slides. >> and police say this man stole a bucket full of gold flakes from an armor's car. this was in new york city back in september. the thief is believed to be hiding out in florida and the gold we are told is worthy about 1.6 million. the bucket police say the thief lugged the gold up the front for about an hour before getting into a van and taking off. >> 86 pounds, and it looks opportunistic but maybe it was planned. >> and tens of millions of american are suffering from hair loss, some of them women. >> but doctors say it can be treated and even prevented.
10:34 pm
often follows. then a mad dash to find something, anything to stop the thinning, the shedding and the embarrassment that can leave you desperate to cover up. >> the first thing women should know is there are many causes of hair loss . >> like a reaction to medicine, extreme or sudden stress, or child and other causes. >> there are probably 10 or 15 causes. >> and about 40% of people suffering hair loss are women, and it gets even worse by age 50. >> women think i'm getting older, i should be losing my
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incorrect. >> especially if you don't have any of those so to 15 risk factors. doctors say hair loss can be reduced or prevented. >> if you have not abused your hair or worn tight braids and tight ponytails you should not be losing your hair, and if you stop it can get it to grow back, and so the key is early intervention. >> and you don't have to be a woman of a certain age. >> i was waking up and seeing i was having dramatic hair loss. >> when he was just 26 years old with a full, thick head of hair that she did not abuse. >> there are lighter spots but
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camouflaging that. >> and maybe even more common than we realize. >> that is an autoimmune disease, and we can do injections and there are prescription creams that can make a huge difference. >> in the spot i experienced the hair loss, hair has started to grow back and so i was really exciteexcited about that. >> it's important for a lot of the people afeffected by this.>> and sadlyt of american history will sadly be no more. >> why it's going to have to shut its doors. >> the trend this holiday season? smart toys, but are you a smart shopper? i'm consumer reporter on the
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the hottest toys. with expert input that you won't
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tonight at 11... there's a >> coming up tonight at 11:00,
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stories up and you will meet the police officer who did what he does best in convincing her not jump, and did you know we rank third in the country for identity theft? we'll show you how to protect yourself and your money coming up on the fox 13 11:00 news. don't go away. >> well, a spectacular display of american history will be no more. >> the armed forces history museum is going to clo january. for year it's been operating in the red, to the tune of $600,000 a year. a man was funding the museum but he passed away last month. the big question remains: what happens to all of those rare items? >> we would like to be able to see if the smithsonian can take them or the world war ii
10:41 pm
dad had a passion for it. >> the location of the museum is blamed for its failure, and it's also being passed in an industrial portion of largo. it has looked into relocating but it could cost millions to do so. >> prepondera and two of the bes rushers scaring and jim mcal mcelwain talks abot his interest in the oregon job. >> and coming up tonight to help a teammate, up next, the good stuff. how eight cc baseball players
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>> almost 10:45 and we love this. >> first tonight a heart-warming
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>> oh, hey! [applause] >> no way, no way! >> what in the world are they clapping for? it was so one player could go home for the holidays. the team came together to buy a round-trip flight to a player from curacao, so he could spend the hot that is a bunch of heart that team put together. >> and look. sthey are excited to share this with him and then they let him know -- >> gave him the ticket, had a is great. >> and the tampa police department has a new mentoring mentoringprogram. this morning cheer eric ward
10:46 pm
teenagers to the first ambassadors of ambition meeting. the program is run by officers and also members of multicultural fraternities. hoping to offer leadership to young males and help them clear up any questions about dealing with law enforcement. >> if they act properly they will be on their way with >> and i love that name. it is hoped that the mentors will help the teens through their high school years and even into college, and i hope this really takes off. >> we all need mentors in our lives to help us with difficult decisions and to be able to reach out outside of that, is a
10:47 pm
we want to hear about the good stuff happening in your community. just send us pictures and you can either message us or postit and we love to share it. everybody says so much bad news on the new, and this is our effort to get good stuff out there. >> good deeds or things happening in your neighborhood. let us know. >> and good stuff happening for >> that's right, a few big names not practicing today. james, connie and mccoy. of those three, only connie is likely to mit miss the game. mike missed the game because he is a new father. congratulations to him and his
10:48 pm
baby girl. and still one of the best pass rushing teams in the nfl but that protection is not just a credit to the big guys up front. and others are also giving winston more time. >> trust me, i can drew as many pass routes on the chalk board, but if your quarterback is getting hit, those routes are no good, winston like most quarterbacks is going to three better if he had a safe pocket to stand in. >> well, remember after the kansas city game, jameis was given the game ball, and he tried to give it back to
10:49 pm
that's right, all of the bucs fans at the game on sunday, they get a game ball courtesy of jameis winston, around he says that was the loudest he has heard ray-j and he hopes it tirn continues for the rest of the season major league baseball had gone two decades without a player's strike and it's not happening any time soon, the league and the union have reached a new five-year labor agreement, just moments ago. among the terms an increase on the luxury tax threshold, something that fans will never have to worry about, and rumors
10:50 pm
mcamcamcelwain may be interesten another job. >> no, i haven't heard from oregon. the things that get thrown out there at times, i don't know how it gets out som guess a slow news day. i have my hunch that might be some recruiting things behind it, i don't know. >> sorry for the height disparity there, and thank you. jameis was not giving everyone a game ball, so don't show up at one buck, and all of the rumors
10:51 pm
>> how much of this is a recrrecrrecruiting ploy not by s but boosters. >> any time a position opened up there are always rumors. >> and you will have to look in the phone book, there -- >> yeah. >> scott, thanks. your lack of sleep could keep
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>> here you go, a fox 13 umbrella winner tonight. a great sunset chance to win an umbrella, you have to go to my facebook page, and on the right-hand side there is an app that says weather pix contest, upload the photos to the app and we give an umbrella away monday through friday at about 10:55. and finally it's over, the 2016 hurricane season is in the books.
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then hermine, and both has major impacts to us, on the east side we had a number of squalls. and hurricane matthew was the headline storm, that went up the east coast and produced heavy rain and flooding in the carolinas. and for us, we have an approaching cold front and sprinkles or showers. the outlook for tomorrow, temperatures day in the 70's and about a 20% chance of showers and cooler weather on friday. >> you're sleepless night should be a huge wake-up call for your boss, because a new study says your sleepless night is costing
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time for the fox 13 >> and it's time for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> we are starting with a suicidal woman who is alive tonight thanks for a winter
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>> he talked her off of the ledge. >> find ie out how he saved her. >> when the news came down, my heart was racing. >> a judge grants trevor dooley bond. when he could get out of jail. >> a person across the street is picking up signals and data right out of the air. >> florida ranks third in the nation in identity theft, find out how to protect yourself from something called snooping. >> we begin at 11:00 with a life-and-deaths are. and a winter haven police officer says he was just doing his job, but this woman who threatened to jump off of a 13-story building may owe him her life.


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