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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  August 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:57pm EDT

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we have breaking news next at 10:00. a deadly accident closed down parts of dell mabrey highway in
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with so many people using online dating sites to meet people, how do you stay safe. an auburndale's first date ended in murder. >> trucks we don't know. >> pickup trucks are targeted by professional thieves. find out what areas they're hitting. certainly she's entitled to her opinion, as misinformed as it may be. >> comedian amy schumer's new book causing controversy in tampa after she calms the city horrendous. hear what people are saying about that. > you're watching fox 13, and the 10:00 news starts now. good evening.
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>> i'm kelly ring. we have breaking news right now. florida highway patrol officers on the scene of a deadly crash. a bicyclist was hit by a vehicle. the northbound lanes of dell mabrey closed and will be closed for a while. so you want to avoid that area if possible. southbound lanes are still open, and fhp has not released any details yet. we'll let you know when we have more information. new at 10:00 tonight, the dangers of online dating the number of users keeps going up, but are they safe? police in auburndale say a 27-year-old was murdered using the popular site plenty of fish. a lot of people use that app, and others need to be careful here. >> the bottom line is you are meeting a stranger. you may think you know this person because you've been talking online, but at the end of the day it is a complete stranger. obviously, that can auto lead to a host of problems. when adam hillary set up his
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fish, little did he know he was setting up the final date of his life. >> i would hope that people can learn from this, and, you know, just really take care of themselves and be careful. >> reporter: auburndale please the 18-year-old planned to set up hillary all along. she and three others have been arrested for killing him in cold blood. >> the plan was to get robbed and they stay his stuff. i'm not sure why the shooting occurred. >> reporter: this case and others like it calling into question the sites like plenty offish. it's a stranger you'll meet for the first time. >> here are a few things to keep in mind using a so-called hookup app. do as much research you can. google the person and check their social media accounts. second, meet in a public place, a well-populated area, never somewhere private. third. >> you want people to know where you are and let them know where you will be.
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>> reporter: it's a good idea not to go home with someone on the first date. of course, for a myriad reasons. >> you want to keep yr personal information personal. >> otherwise your quest for love could become a date with dis disaster. >> don't be gullible to just because someone makes it sound good that you believe it. >> according to pew research 15% of all american adults have used online dating sites or apps and expect that number to keep going up. all the more reason, mark >> careful indeed. josh cascio in the control room. thanks. >> kelly: 20 trucks broken into, and the deputies say the guys who did it are professionals. they're targeting specific vehicles parked in specific places. evan axelbank is live in east tampa at the sheraton off mlk. what are they after? what's going on out there? >> reporter: it appears they target pickup trucks parked in
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what the thieves are doing. one victim says he lost thousands of dollars worth of things that he thought were safe. landon rosier spent $40,000 on a new pickup and parked it overnight at the sleep inn in wesley chapel. >> 14 hours later, i walk outside to a busted window. >> reporter: by morning the parking lot was filled with deputies trying to figure out who take a pair of $2,000 versace sunglasses from his pickup. >> i my knees and tears came out of my eyes. i knew i was robbed. >> reporter: he was robbed along with two others at the sleep inn and five others at the nearby hampton inn. eight pickups trucks were smashed. >> why they're targeting trucks, we don't know. they could think they're more weapons or tools in these trucks. >> reporter: hillsborough deputies say a similar incident took place two weeks ago at the
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12 had their windows smashed and similar items taken, including tlooef guns and a $5,000 rolex. because it's along i-75, they wonder ift's the same suspects. >> they know what they're doing. that leads us to be it could be a ring. >> reporter: between the three incidents deputies believe up to $8800 worth of people's belongings were taken. >> i assume they're going to be black market and sold off that way. maybe to pay for a drug habit. maybe to pay we don't know. >> reporter: they're examining surveillance video from the hotels and believe they're looking for two men any a dark sedan. >> you're at a loss of words. they completely vandalize it and go through your stuff. you feel extremely violated. >> reporter: and hotels all along this i-75 corridor are being in touch with one another letting one another know that they need to tell their guests to be on the lookout for these pickup truck thieves.
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you should expect to lose it even if it's locked up. secure those valuables inside in yur homes. >> kelly: yes. sharing the information, i think, is key, evan axelbank reporting tonight. >> mark: the man behind the major human trafficking ring busted in pinellas county will spend the next ten years of his life behind bars. he's accused of trafficking at least seven women in a today he agreed to a plea agreement of ten years in prison followed by ten years of probation and whim be registered as a lifetime sex offender. before he begins the sentence, one of his victims took to the stand today to send him off with a chilling farewell. we won't show her face, but you have to hear what she said in court. >> this man was a very violent and manipulative person. i met him at a very young age, 23.
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drugs. he used that to his advantage. i hope the next 20 years of his life are as miserable as all the years he stole from me and women like me. i'm happy that he will no longer have the chance to hurt another woman. >> mark: that victim has been sober for the past three years now and has a steady jobs and has recently reconnected with her family. >> kelly: changes are recommended for an assisted living center after a was later found dead. on july 16th, scott walked away from the belvedere commons assisted living center. he was discovered dead four days later in a lake. "tampa bay times" reports that investigation by the agency for health care administration found several errors contributed to the death, and scott had previously tried to escape in january. investigators say he should have been flagged as an escape risk
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a prisoner that got away from deputies over the weekend has turned himself in tonight. deputies arrested joel on saturday night. he was a passenger in a car that crashed into a fence, and when deputies ran his name, they saw he was wanted for a violation of probation for drugs. they ras heed him, but minutes later he rolled down the patrol car window and escaped. an incident report says the back window lock was not engaged, and him but he turned himself in this afternoon. he now faces a felon charge of escape. >> tonight, st. pete residents got their chance to help shape the future of land where tropicana field stands. the city of st. pete is asking for design suggestions here about what to do stadium moved, some of the put on
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it's a one a lot of responsibit react to cer exciting that people feel it's naturally been there all the time. >> remember, thecuently reseahis >> kelly: everybody is talhaki. >> she horrendous possible watch their cholesterol levels, but did you know that children can have high for. that's comin 10:30.aul: another hot andfact.
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she's known worldwide for her comedy. but this week in >> mark: she's known across the world for her comedy, but this week in tampa is better known for her jabs. calls it horrendous and
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bob buckhorn chimed in on the topic. >> we're here now with the comedic controversy. >> schumer said in her new book she knows for a fact no one that lives here has ever read a book. some are laughing because she's a comedian, but others are outraged because how dare she talk about our city that way? tonight we can confirm people in tampa are reading her book. we spotted floyd nelson walking out of the downtown tampa library. believe it or not, amy schumer he was reading. >> he counts as one reader, and that's one more than the author gives credit to tampa. on page 6 she writes i traveled between two hour yenned did you say cities fayetteville, north carolina and tampa florida. i'm not worried about it because i know no one that lives there has read a book. some laugh and other lashes out. in all fairness she warned out. >> my book contains no wisdom or advice, and if you're looking to
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to go right to a hospital. >> so i just started laughing. >> stephanie of south tampa books got the irony as she read. >> i'm in tampa, and i'm reading. it was just more funny. i wasn't offended at all. >> her tweet got plenty of attention, even from schum herself. people in tampa do read. >> we circulate over 10 million items in a year about 6 million of that is in print. >> hillsborough county, have library cards, and at last check all 16 of schumer's books are checked out. >> 55 people waiting and more on order. i'd say people are reading and people are reading amy's book. >> schumer did have one good thing to y, calling a o one-nightstand in tampa one of the the best in her life. >> amy, get to know us.
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people. if you thought you had a great one-night stand, think of a whole city full of people like that. come on down and see us. >> they didn't realize their sign and social media post would spark a discussion. they're taking it in stride asking schumer to stop by for a book signing, and schumer said maybe she will if it works out. she performs although amalie arena october 16th. back to you. >> kelly: everybody is talking about. >> if she and she could stop by and help with the forecast. see what she had to say about the weather? >> think she would like it? >> in october. not now. >> it's good for -- it's good for one night, but that would be going the wrong way with that. anyways, we have some heat and some humidity. it's the place to be. i'll show you pictures on friday. this one is off the charts, and this one was kind of trending on my pages of the last couple of days. unbelievable view of the
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blocked by a cloud in the distance. that is m facebook page. that is worthy of a trip to tampa to see that, don't you think? this tonight. sky on fire in sarasota from val. that's good stuff. third one is in st. pete tonight from c.j. morgan. great sky over downtown st. pete. fantastic day. today's high seems like every time i talk about high temperatures, it's always 92. another 92 today and the average high was 80. things are quiet. we have lots of dry air, and that's why the sky looked mix of swers and sun and a couple of random showers popped up. too much dry air for even the amount of heat we had to overcome that dry air. storms down by florida bay, and they're drifting to the south and southst and moving away. so the rest of tonht will be quiet. it is with a lack of rain -- here we go at 10:00.
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84 in lakeland, 82 in st. pete. we stay quiet tonight. tomorrow i think it's a slightly better chance of storms with more of a north and northeast wind. there should be a sea breeze boundary around the bay area that promote at least a couple of afternoon storms, maybe about a 30%, 40% chance of rain on wednesday afternoon. nothing really unusual for this time of the year. theropics are getting interesting. we've got the remnants of fiona, which is a we have td number 7, which next couple of days.anen the more importantly for us is invest 99-l, which is moving to the west-northwest. the issue now is a lot of dry ai the same dry air over us also extends way out into the atlantic and over the bahamas. so for now it's tough toeally predict any signica intensifation. if four to five days, it looks
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a litt bit, and the wer temperatures right here in the bahamas some of themest o eah. there's a lot of energy from perhaps this to develop, and t models usually when you talk about systems five to seven out, they're all over the plac theuropean modelind o gets crazy with probably a hurricane near miami, and then moving west across the peninsula. you're looking at this going uh-oh, but this is a week from tomorrow. i guarantee there will be all intensity, and that's if i lops. it all depds on the position of a ridge over the carolinas. the gfs model has lots of upper level shea and auall a trough off the east coast, so thegsf model doesn't do much. here'sunday and monday, tuesday, maybe something down by ba. so the european here, gfs is something down here. this is wt we deal with in the days ahead.
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again, it's still seven to eight days down the road. if anything happens at all. 24/7od data blogging all you need to know. rightow 85 and dewoints 76. winds are light north-northwest at5. typical summertime heatn the south. nice weatherin behd this front. we had tornado today in caused significant that low scoot away. we stay in the steam bath for at ast a couple of more mo weeks and months, mostly clear tonight and down near 80. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sun andew afteron storms, more than today, and 92. the outlook for wednesday is morning sunshine, some afternoon storms, and 92. seven-day forecast goes like this. we stay with a 40% chance of rain with daytime highs locked in. let's go with that 92 for the >> mar no parent wants to
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toddler is thrown overboard and seconds later nowhere to be found. >> i just kept saying, please let us find her alive. we need her. >> kelly: thank goodness the story has a happy ending, and today the family meets the paramedics who found their baby girl alive. you're going to hear from them coming up next. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage.
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then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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aside from a little scratch >> kelly: aside from a little scratch under her eye, you wouldn't know this little 2-year-old girl survived a boat crash that left her floating in the water for almost for a cocoa beach family, obviously terrifying night on the river, and at first the girl's parents thought they had lost her. >> mark: amazing. they heard her crying ever so faintly. they couldn't reach her, though. she was trapped inside the both as it was overturned. how did she manage to stay alive? >> reporter: a pink life jacket and really a miracle according to her parents. that overturned boat preserved enough of an air pocket for
10:25 pm
stayed afloat in that air pocket. the bossard family boat slammed into a guide wire tossing the family into the water capsizing the both. tammy held onto her 7-month-old daughter whether when the boat hit the wire and capsized but they couldn't find 23-month-old kennedy anywhere. then they heard her cries coming frm beneath the boat. tammy called 911 and prayed. find her alive. we need her. >> i've been doing this 25 years, and they normally don't turn out this way. to have her saved like this, i get chills when i think about it. >> reporter: while waiting on first responders in the water, the girl's dad dove under the boat several times and couldn't find kennedy. two members of the cocoa police department's dive team eventually found her there beneath the hull of the boat
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she was kicking her legs and treading water. she was scared but other than a few bruises, she's doing just fine today. her parents got to thank first responders that saved her. i can't say that this investigation is over at least for the father there who was driving that boat. this happened at 10:30, 11:00 at night. this was a power boat, so florida fish and wildlife is investigating to see what are the circumstances that led to the crash. one thing we can take away from this, kennedy's mom called 911 there in the water because the family phone. samsung makes a couple of models that survive in up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes. the iphone is not waterproof, but there are waterproof cases resistant in up to 6 feet of water. you can see how that could come in handy, guys. >> kelly: it really is a miracle. >> mark: it really is. we have amazing water around here. we really enjoy it, and a lot of people enjoy it. it will turn on you in a second if you're not careful.
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>> mark: is donald trump softening his stance on immigration? >> kelly: there's questions whether he's backtracking on previous promises to push for mass deportations of illegal immigrants. we'll have the latest on his campaign coming up next. a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard.
10:28 pm
and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, tiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that.
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
of the donald trump his hard-line g mia wall >> mark: one of theen campaign is the hard line immigration stance. >> kelly: now as fox's carl cameron tells us, trump appears to soften a little bit in tone and substance. >> reporter: donald trump is revising his immigration reform goals. after a meeting with hispanic leaders in new york on saturday, he admits his car to round up and mass deport themeed immigra u.s. is up in the air. he admits changes but denies
10:31 pm
we want a really fair but firm answer. it has been to be very firm. we want to come up with something fair. >> reporter: it's a reversal that follows dropping his proposed ban on muslims enter the u.s. immigration is the main tom pick of the first general election ad that started on friday. national polls tend to tighten as the election nears, but trump's in trouble. he's behind between 6 and 9 points in the most recent national polls. historically no candidate down more than that at t won the white house since modern polling began. trump trails in polls in the crucial battleground swing states likely to decide the election. the latest poll in ohio shows him down by 4. trump's relying heavily on the national part and super-pac olympia on organize the campaign. hillary clinton has raised $52.3 million and has 12 million more mountain bank.
10:32 pm
name-calling and crooked hillary. >> number one, they should shut it down and number two give the money back to a lot of countries we should be taking money from. it's pay for play. if you look at it, it's pay for play. >> reporter: another bright spot for trump is new republican voteder registration is up in four key states, florida, pennsylvania, north carolina and iowa higher than democrats, and tonight is five weeks from the first debate, and trfrp began preparations yesterday to read briefing books and watch old tapes of her past performances. >> kelly: donald trump is headed to the combrar. we found out today his campaign announced he will hold a rally in tampa on wednesday. it will be at the florida state fairgrounds entertainment hall. doors open at 10:00 in the morning, and the rally will actually begin at 1:00 in the afternoon. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal continues to haunt her. the state department is now
10:33 pm
previously undisclosed e-mails. they were recovered actually as part of the fbi's investigation. lawyers say they'll release some of these new e-mails in mid-october just before election day. >> mark: many adults have high cholesterol, but can kids have it always? joyce evans reporting at 10:30, kids need to be tested at an early age so it doesn't become a silent killer for them. >> reporter: it's become a >> we've been doing this about a year now. >> reporter: michelle, jason and 7-year-old avery, they look happy to be here, but it's not a fun trip. it's a race to save a child's life. this child, who is a picture of health on the outside. >> she had no symptoms. >> reporter: and still has none you can see, but inside -- >> she's already getting heart disease at the age of 6. that cholesterol level is at the
10:34 pm
continue to get blocked. >> that's a lot. >> that is really high. >> you would think you're not living long with 800 or 900. >> that's about right. the median time to an event is usually 15 to 25 years. >> reporter: the likely event? heart attack or stroke. >> we didn't know it was familial hyper dles emia at that point. >> a common disorder leaving the body unable from the blood. the abnormally high levels of ldl or bad cholesterol can start clogging arteries from birth. >> it used to be thought it was about 1 in 500 frequency. now it's thought to be about 1 in 200, and it causes very early heart disease. >> reporter: avery has the worst form of it. turns out, both her parents happen to carry the gene, and their cholesterol at a young age was very high. that's why they had their
10:35 pm
but to learn avery's level. >> it was mind-blowing to know that was even possible. >> to think about starting your 6-year-old on drugs. >> reporter: and then to hear drugs wouldn't be enough. liver transplant or worse. >> if you have like avery two bad genes, you can hit that threshold by 8 to 10 or 12. >> reporter: she gets a two to three-hour blood cleansing treatment s the hooking-up too heart-breaking to show. >> in the u.s. less than 1% of affected individuals know they have it. >> reporter: and may never have a single symptom. >> with the high cholesterol, the first symptom you may have is a heart attack or sudden death. >> reporter: the current guidelines? if early heart attack retuns in your family or high cholesterol above 250 before treat, test your child over 2 years old.
10:36 pm
>> you can tell by vascular imaging at about 8 to 10 their vessels look different. >> another 10, 15 days, her cholesterol back up around 450. why her parents are pushing for research for better treatment, testing and awareness. >> people have to know about it. >> joyce evans. >> we have a>> mark: get that st peek at a new fox show. >> it's called "pitch." did you stee it? find out what it's all about and find out what it's all about and what peoplere saying let's feed him to the sharks! find out what it's all about and what peoplere saying squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold!
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
10:39 pm
matic price hike potentiallyol . theepipens wentar how it's sufferersst grade algebra. and thebra. >> she braces off or driver's license, but at the age of 14, she's ready to start college.
10:40 pm
news. >> wow. all right. thank you, cynthia. baseball fans saw more than a game at several stadiums across the country. >> they were the first to watch this new pilot episode of "pitch." foxum in wis lobbcations re for handle to watch ando our seasonit will be >> that it's for once be the 22nd onscott, how are >>ve is one of performers through
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((mark some seniors in california are taking up kickboxing.. they're learning to punch and kick... and it's helping >> mark: some seniors in california are taking up kickboxing. they're learning to punch and kick and it opens their mind as well. >> kelly: kickboxing is used to fight dementia and alzheimer's and parkinson's disease. >> a jab across and duck and uppercut. >> reporter: these ladies and punch. their kicks aren't bad, either. what makes their moves so impressive? their age. how old are you, sweetheart? >> i'll be 90 in february. >> i'm going to be 92 next month. >> reporter: nicholas and delna soon celebrate their 92nd year, and as students of this kickboxing for seniors class, they do so in tiptop shape. what's improved? >> my legs are stronger and i
10:45 pm
>> get in your fighting stance. >> reporter: more than 6 years their junior, fitness instructor patrick spencer dreamt up the idea to offer the 30-minute low-impact full-body workout at this retirement community, the rye serve at thousand oaks. immediately it was a hit with the older crowd. >> our average age here is 85 years old. so we have people ranging from their 70s to their late 90s. >> reporter: learning how to throw a jab, cross, hook, uppercut and kick has helped 86-year-old mary's balance. >> that's what i need a lot of work on, is balance, so i don't fall. >> of course the dynamic movements are good for the body, but they say kickboxing is used to fight parkinson's, alzheimer's and dementia. >> patterning and coordination involved applying to what they hear to actual body movement is beneficial for them. >> reporter: for this group of
10:46 pm
burn calories. >> this way i can eat lots of dessert. >> reporter: also builds camaraderie. i noticed you were the only man in the class. >> yes, and that's fine with me. >> reporter: the benefits abound, and seeing the results even for patrick puts a little kick in their step. >> it's really, really rewarding. every time they make an aimprovement here, it's a measurable increase in their quality of life. >> what's your favorite part of the class? >> the end of it, right? >> kelly: i'm sure it was. that was marla great. you can see how it game them new life. >> kelly: exercise the key. >> mark: at any age. scott, take it away. >> next week they'll work on roundhouse kicks. last time david price got a win at the trop, july 25, 2014 when he was with the rays, the team they beat that day was the boston red sox. since being traded away, price went winless in the three returns to the trop.
10:47 pm
rivalry play out at the trop again. this time price with boston and looking to end his recent run of bad luck in st. pete. bottom of the second is where we start. price gets tim beckham swinging. one of eight strikeouts for price tonight. blake snell had a rough outing and runners at the corners. chris young rips it down the third-base line. it's going to score another run. later, bases loaded for andrew. he hits this fly ball into mikey is under it, but they tag and score. so the red sox off to a 2-0 shot. dustin pedroia loads the bases again. that's it for snell's night. 3 2/3 innings pitched and struck out three and walked five. price is still into the 8th. watch this play. he basically over the wall. one of the greatest catches
10:48 pm
meanwhile, eight hits and no runs. sglander bogaerts hits a two run shot for a pad. evan longoria hit a home run of his own. the only scoring for the rays tonight. they fall to the red sox 6-2. last week's joint practices with the jaguars worked out so well, the bucs are doing it this week with the browns. tomorrow and wednesday morning practices are open to the pub leading up to frida third game of the season. the bucs practice today. vernon hargreaves is getting some work at starting cornerback. he certaily earned the consideration after saturday's performance against the jags. he showed why the picked him 11th overall, but the athleticism to make those picks has the head coach rethinking what side of the ball hargreaves should be playing. >> yeah, heck, thinking about moving him to receiver. those are two great catches, two beautiful plays.
10:49 pm
when he was a nickel, and you know, you're not going to see -- brent grimes might argue, but you don't see a whole lot of catches with those two. the weather forecast may be hot and muggy out, but the sports forecast this week is a thing of beauty. first, let's check out the results from last week. i was so very close on monday. i picked allyson felix in the women's 400. done in by that dive across the finish line as we remember. 0 for 1 starting on monday. picked the rays on tuesday. wednesday rowdies, i had them against minnesota, incorrect on that day. thursday was a work from home today. usain bold won the 200. friday had the rangers over the rays. the olympics are over, so it's baseball, preseason nfl. went with the red sox at 6:00 tonight. so monday we are 1 for 1 to start the week. tuesday, rays will bounce back.
10:50 pm
buchholtz. big battle in the nl west on wednesday. rich hill makes the first start for the dodgers since being traded over from the a's chls preseason football on thursday. over the dolphins, and this game will be played at the citrus bowl, by the way. the bucs round out the week with a nice win against the cleveland browns. more time for the starting offense to get things going together, and more time for this offense to gather the starting unit. should be a good thing. we've seen a little bit slow. they start to pick up steam and get things going here. there's no playing time auto friday. >> steaming would be good. >> warned to stay out of certain south florida neighborhoods because of the zika virus... but what about the students who go to school there?
10:51 pm
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? this week, you're taking a well-earned staycation... determined to make it the most relaxing staycation in the history of staycations. thankfully, you have enhanced dvr from bright house networks... and you've loaded it with and shows... just for this very occasion. and now connect to... standard internet and tv, with enhanced dvr
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>> paul: wow, what a way to wrap up the day today. check out the sky from the brookdale bayshore cam. fantastic sunset. great sunset up and down the west coast. certainly a wow to the west, and
10:54 pm
we're back in the 90s tomorrow with a 40% chance of a few afternoon storms. we have tropical storm gaston at 11:15. the sight of their bills is making people want to run for the hills. a new survey says the biggest source of financial stress in america is paying down debt followed by not being able to retire and not being able to pay for an emergency.
10:55 pm
crazy? driving. motorists racking up nearly 1.6 trillion miles in the first half of 2016. that is a record. drivers won't want to hear this. gas prices are on the rise, up 4 cents from a week ago. the national average is $2.16 for a gallon of regular. that's still down about 45 cents from a year ago. a big buyout in big pharma. pfizer purchases the biotech company making a popular prostate cancer drug. pfizer is flat on the news, but
10:56 pm
a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage.
10:57 pm
the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that.
10:58 pm
county got up close and personal with a wandering alligator today. some folks in polk county got up close and personal with a wandering alligator today. >> randy spencer shot this individual yes in his pasco county neighborhood. there he goes. he waddled between two houses on morning mist way in wilderness lake preserve, which lived up to
10:59 pm
didn't bother anybody. went about his business, but can you imagine walking out and seeing that? i'm not so sure i'd like it. >> honey, i'm not doing the lawn today. i'm going to have it let grow another inch. in louisiana a 9-year-old celebrated his birthday to give 300 pizzas to flood victims. he's from lafayette. instead of a party he decided to deliver pizzas to people flooding right now. >> we're going to give them lunch so they don't have to stop what they're doing. so we're going to deliver pizzas to neighborhoods that have flooded. >> it's so humbling. especially in today's times. you don't see children that young that have such a big, giving heart. that says a lot for carson. >> mark: at first the idea was to give out a few dozen pies with the help of family and
11:00 pm
the generosity of strangers took it to a new level. more than 360 pizzas were given out. >> kelly: they really need that kind gesture. very hard times right now. >> mark: doesn't take much to lift spirits of someone down and out like that. >> kelly: time for the 11 news. >> mark: much more straight ahead. here's sicynthia and chris. moms and dads whose kids have allergies are trying to stock up on epipen >> only this year the cost puts families in a financial pinch. i know so many parents have the same situation. >> why the price has gone up by hundreds of dollars. i think when you meet somebody online, you don't know anything about them. you have to make sure to get as much information you can. >> a man's murder after meeting someone on a dating website sparks a warning from police. we're on it and doing everything we can for


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