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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> a fire at a tampa mosque is
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>> whatever it takes, one dollar at a time. we'll get it back together. >> right now, a questionable fire at a tampa mosque, has been ruled arson. we'll tell you what damage it caused. >> and folks with louisiana are getting help but they have a long recovery ahead. >> animals that have been misplaced displaced, in need of a home. >> rescued in floods in louisiana. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 10:00 news starts now. >> good evening i'm haley hinds. >> i'm lloyd sowers.
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authorities, for a mosque fire. they thought they heard activity behind the building the night before. fox 13, crystal, how bad is it? >> $25,000 is what officials say it will cost to repair the building. one step inside the door you'll obviously see why. someone doused gasoline. >> the building is nothing. it's just a symbol it stands for. >> a symbol now tarnished from flames and fire damage. sacred floors worshipers once took off their shoes just to step on. is now being redone.
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>> they say they can't help but find the blessing, the fire stopped just short of touching all 99 names of allah. >> it's amazing. nobody knows how it happened. the fire department didn't touch the water on it. >> khan says even with the limited space the worship will continue and the mosque will stay in its place. >> whatever, to come and pray. >> even in the worst of times, he doesn't have hate in his
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and hopefully bringing everyone together in their time of need. >> the mosque, the sin going to, we're all one unit. >> khan says he has faith that the fbi and the police will find who did this. not called a hate crime, the crime unit has asked for any information that you have >> crystal thank you. dead body in a wooded asia at at colonial drive. late 20s, early 30s, it is an area where homeless people are known to camp. >> a polk county 21-year-old
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showed his animal control badge to the tenant and said he was s an undercover deputy, to avoid paying. someone told a real polk county sheriff's deputy who was working security at the game. thompson admitted what he had done, and also had a loaded gun in his front seat. >> a st. petersburg woman is facing charges her car into a transport van. 30-year-old emily spees side swiped one officer then struck the transport van as the other officers jumped out of the way. officers stopped her at 2nd avenue and bayshore.
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her car. early morning crash involving a state police cruiser. the officer stopped to help the driver, who had broken down on the causeway. then he was hit, the other two burst into flames thankfully no one was charges willen filed. >> two-year-old girl taken in a stolen car has been found safe. the toddler was found inside the vehicle along with a dog, when it was stolen outside the liquor store and family dollar. the father had gone just a few seconds when the car was taken. >> my car is gone, my car is gone, i got my kids in the car, nothing tolls do. >> was he parked in the parking space? >> literally right in front of
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>> the toddler and the dog were found safe nearly three hours later. the car had been abandoned in a trailer park. the suspect still on the loose. >> folks in louisiana are still cleaning up after record flooding there. 60,000 homes which are damaged or destroyed and more than 100,000 people have registered for federal assistance. people are stepping up for recovery efforts, but as brian yenis reports, it will take some time to build what was washed away. louisiana, the hard work of rebuilding is just ramping up. the storm system dumping more than 20 inches of rain over four days leaving rivers and creeks severely bloated. 4,000 people remain in shelters and more than 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. first responders are still affecting rescues. >> we're going door to door,
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but if anyone is missing or whatnot we are going through making sure everyone is accounted for and taken care of. >> volunteers from across the country have been arriving to help. ann here's busch delivering morning 200,000 cans of drinking water. and delivering help to affected residents. >> i'm not as bad as everybody else but awesome how people come out. it's amazing. >> president obama has come under heavy criticism for not interrupting his new england vacation to be in louisiana. meanwhile, republican presidential candidate donald trump and his running mate mike pence visited flood victims on friday. >> you're not playing golf in martha's vineyard, that's all we can say. >> president obama is receiving yuments on the situation down
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rouge on tuesday to get a firsthand look at the damage. brian yenis, fox news. >> he's in good shape now but this guy and 17 of his pals escaped a dire situation. they came from louisiana to tampa tampa bay's humane society. trace or dogs given up by their owners. bay area people stepped up to kellie cowan reports. >> thousands still pack louisiana shelters as people wait for floodwaters to recede. a crisis was created in animal shelters across the state. abandoned lost and surrendered pets were overcrowding the shelters. >> because of the horrific flooding, local shelters in baton rouge and other local
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you help us? >> this week 18 puppy ies riefnd at puppies arrived at the tampa bay animal shelter. ready to be adopted. bay area animal lovers were more than ready to open up their loams. anthony and nicole drove an hour and a half from north port to tampa just to meet this little man. >> we want to be able to give the pet a nice home where it can be cared for and especially going through that rough transition. backyard and a good home. it would be happy, right? >> i'm amazed how animals are resilient. they're happy that they're safe and have the attention of the public coming in and don'ting. these are not damaged animals. these have been misplaced, displaced and in need of a new home, that's all. >> all the dogs that have come
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clearly market, you'll see orange tags on their cages. one still has paperwork in it. that means this dog is still available. the rest have already been claimed. >> did she give you a kiss? >> in tampa, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> there are still a few remaining dogs that did not get adopted today plus some local animals that need a good home. so if you want to adopt the humane society of tampa bay is open 5:00. and even more dogs from louisiana are finding their way to florida. new port richey, suncoast humane, no word when they will be available for adoption. >> caught on camera, but probably never identified and arrested, telling you why coming up. >> hey mike.
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more than one hundred homes have been burned by a >> with 100 homes have been burned by a wildfire east of los angeles.
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blue cut fire. the fire is now 68% contained, burned 58 square miles. at least 105 homes have been burned and more than 200 other structures like sheds and barns. >> masked intruders broke into a home. >> but they may be hard to arrest. >> it was a peaceful night but soon it would take a surrealistic. >> really scary. >> the sniderses ers heard so. they found food, and they blamed it on their cats. it wasn't the cats. >> i saw them right there, sitting right there. >> the suspects are described as very short, furry and all
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>> masks. they were caught in the act. not one, not two, not three but four hungry raccoons, jumped up on snider's back porch. >> coming into someone's home? >> the bandits almost made it out with the dough. >> it wasn't regular dough. it was bread dough. bandits but the sniders were a little shaken. >> my wife was afraid they were going to attack us, because we happened to kick them out. >> if you happen to see this bravado group of bandits, do not try to catch them. just close your windows. dan daroo.
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>> we'll keep an eye on that. weather trivia is sunday but saturday, the game sweeping the station, sweeping the weekend crew. we go over the temperature here in tampa, it was hot in tampa but at least not as high as elsewhere. 90 the high in tampa. where are we going today guys? >> how about looking at a map here, since i couldn't decide, >> i pick a city? >> anywhere in the country. >> jacksonville. it looked hot. >> mesa arizona, looked hot but we're going to portland, oregon, 100?! what a little marine layer in the mountains would do there.
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50s and 60s in the coast there. at least it's not 100 right? sarada beach, this is the place to be, you want to cool off a little bit, water temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, lot of sting ray sightings, much of pinellas county the last week or so. let's look a activity. pretty much it, pretty much done for the rest of the evening. our weather headlines, light and variable winds. lower rain chances overall, moisture gradually on the increase. highs at a, i could have even stayed in the same area by the way, 99 in lake placid. sorry for you folks sorry in
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but low 90s up against the coast. inland was where the heat was, tomorrow likewise, that's where we're going to see the really warm temperatures. 84 the current temperature. 84 at 10:00 p.m. 75 the dew point, be humidity, high. invest 99 here, about a 60% chance that development in the next invest 90, earlier in the
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develops in the next five days. not too many models printing out on this but should continue to the west northwest, invest 99l, starting off further south, it's got a better chance maintaining itself, lesser antilles, and the bahamas as well. we're going to be paying close attention to both of those. certainly the tropics much more active over the next couple of weeks. satellite high pressure almost directly over us. dry sink being air and you can see it on the futurecast. as we heads to the evening hours, more sun maybe a couple of isolated coastal showers just offshore, noon, 1:00 around that sea breeze that pushes inland and the best chance for rain
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tomorrow, hot and humid 91, couple of isolated storms. seven-day forecast, up to 30% rain chas monday tuesday and wednesday an rain chances 40 to 50% past guys. >> veterans had a day they never forget. >> they got to experience an honor flight to washington, d.c.
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in florida, it u hiour four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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we've shown you many stories about honor flights-- >> showing you many stories about honor flights where local veterans are flown for it is a special way to say thank you for their service. >> but not all vets can make the trip for medical reason. so for ga, for a today vets, there was a different pleasure. >> he spends his older years in good company surrounded by 120
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one of the way the country honors its veterans is taking them for free on honor flights to washington, d.c. sadly, the majority of these people can't step foot on a plane. but they brought the experience directly to them. >> we are actually bringing the memorials and everything they would see on an honor flight in washington, we're bringing here, to video, we have a general coming in to talk to them displp it is a spirit that brought all americans together. >> from the vietnam veterans memorial to world war ii, these veterans were transported to a different place and time. >> some of them it's just closure.and a lot of them start crying during their event. they can't believe that that
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say honor them. >> it made me really thankful that people would take the time to come and spend time with us. i think it's wonderful. >> each veteran got a surprise mail call with letters and cards from family, and people in the community, thanking them for their service. this was the first honor flight at home program in the country to facility. >> some people built a walker
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((lloyd )) we have breaking news out of turkey.. where at least 30 people >> we have breaking news outs of turkey where at least 30 people were killed that bomb attack at
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a suicide bomb, officials say it was a terror attack. not clear who's behind the bombing. government officials say it could have been the work of either kurdish militants or i.s.i.s. extremists. both hillary clinton and donald trump are hitting the campaign trail trying to woo voters. >> earlier in the day republican presidential nominee donald trump met with the hispanic advisory council. mr. trump spoke ovoters saturday night in virginia. >> hillary clinton is a throw back from yesterday. our campaign is about creating a new american future. i'm going to do what's right for you. >> reporter: democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is attending fund raisers in the vacation hot spots of nantucket and martha's
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donald trump by eight percentage points among likely voters. cloirn clinton was supported e voters than trump. >> she is trying to strengthen herself with blue collar voters that she doesn't have right now. >> the trump campaign is turning more tricialght outreach, first ads in the key swing states of ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina and florida, peter ducey, fox news. >> video of a little boy rescued during an air strike in syria has gone viral. the picture of the five-year-old in the back of an ambulance has.become a haunting haunf the civil war in syria. rescue workers have a dangerous
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planes come back the second time after an air strike to kill first responders. strategic district in northern province of kunduz, taliban has expanded into the strongholds in the north. a lack of ammunition and reenforcements are the reasons for the district to fall into the hands of the taliban. distance of the london underground will turn london into a 24 hour city. london has been eager to reassure travelers that it's welcome to tourists despite the reason vote to leave the european union. >> a special boy in texas has a new walker thanks to caring
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>> little two and a half year old cyrus johnson loves his new walker. >> it does help him know he can extend his legs, push off and be more int. >> you won't find it on any store shelf. home made, hand crafted by complete strangers just are shortly after jessica's ah jesss grandfather walked into the home depot. lil sy lust has nori disease, leaving him blind and unable to extend. supervisor eric bendel. >> i have a two-year-old and so does crisis. i dove right into it, says drop it right there, give us his dimensions and we'll build it for you for free.
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tech chris wright who started with one inch pvc. >> casters, reflective tape on it to kind of help stand out, so that way you can see them. >> after two days and working on his day off, chris and these home depot dads fueled by their overwhelming desire to help this guy crafted this walker for silas. >> and then i was what, thank you and we need to recognize these heart in hard work into making this for my son. they don't know us. >> it was just really nice to know that i did there for this child and he liked it a lot. >> and then came the moment when silas got to take it for a spin. >> as soon as we put him in there it was really cool. he started feeling around on it. you could tell he was happy, excited basically, he started laughing and started using his little feet to push himself
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a big smile, maybe a little tears. >> for jessica johnson, the challenges of a special needs child can sometimes be overwhelming until something like this happens. >> i prayed for him and prayed that god would bless their families because they definitely blessed ours. >> nice job, guys. the walker has metal broom handle pieces on all four corners that grows, the walker can grow with him. >> an indian man set a record for swimming across lake michigan. >> hear about his journey and
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tomorrow on good day.. how a local man connects families to their long lost family bibles.. and the ?inside? story of our pet of the week it all starts -- at 6 a-m.. not all of the world's great swimmers have been in rio over the last few weeks. >> well? not all of the world's great swimmers have been in rio over the last couple of days. one tried to fulfill a lifelong dream in michigan. >> scott woford's lifelong dream for marathon swimming. >> even as a child i've had the dreams of swimming across the
10:39 pm
was hoping to be half the way on unassisted swimming. instead, he is on a beech be, talking about what might have been. >> i had tears in my eyes, it was completely my decision to climb out on my own. >> woford's swim started at 5:00 a.m. yesterday. his goal was miles, the crew could supply the 51-year-old swimmer with nourishment and medications but unassisted rules prevented him from touching anyone. late afternoon a thunderstorm was causing major concerns. >> it came out of nowhere. it was quite, when he came back
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him at all but it frightened the life out of me. >> mr. 8:00, woford had covered own 18 and a half miles. he was not going to achieve his goal at least not this time. woford said he got nauseous during the swim, due to the waves, he is driven by a desire to prove himself, after years of competitive swimming winner. >> since i wasn't the fastest, i would go ahead and be the first since that wouldn't be taken away from me. >> woford says he would like to give it another go but probably not until next summer. larry llen, fox news. >> kudos to him. >> i don't know if i could do a
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bucs and jagz. >> saw a liberty tonight. gained some ground but there are still a lot of issues this team needs to clean up before the real season gets underway. their top pick vernon hargrave
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y22pvy yy6y
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? ? ? ? >> well, the rays jake has been pitching some great games. odorizzi gave up just one run and that was plenty for the rays to win. the rays were swinging for the fences, rookie kevin carb a
10:45 pm
five, wait for it wait for it. this is a rookie. there it goes, the celebration for malie. he knew this was coming. jonathan lecroy, adrian bell , called safe, take a look at this one. the deflection, easily out at bottom of the inning and it's longo time. his team leading 28th of the season just five away now from his career high, the rays explode for an 8-2 win over the texas rangers. before the game rays pitcher kris archer was out in the community, presenting kids with
10:46 pm
equipment. in three years of this program the rays and good sports have handed out over $110,000 in sports equipment to youth programs all over the bay area. >> good sports is a great organization, they've allowed me to be an ambassador for the past four, five years and they donate equipment, to programs in need, and they do a great job of identifying those and allowing me to come out here and deliver my message as >> jimbo fisher says freshman quarterback malik henry has been suspended for dizzy obeying the rules, did not say for how long. stress frur in fracture in , that means red shirt freshman
10:47 pm
starter. he likes what he sees. >> today i liked his demeanor and control of the team. part of quarterbacking you got to have presence. you got to control things. everybody talks about physical and carrying the ball. you have to have presence on the field. i'm continually grinding on him. continue to -- when you get it off the field, now you got to grow off the i mean? that's the name of the game. >> rowdies at home, keep an eye on the left side, darnell king, penalty kick will be awarded as jerald fordyce, rowdies down 1-nil. they nearly come up with an
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past the goalie, the rowdies lose this thing 1-0. it took a while for dirk cutter to settle down after the first preseason performance in philly, against jags a little better. but early on in this game, bucs open with an impressive drive, third and 16, dirk cutter had to hold his s kevin smith gets flags for unnecessary roughness. he's not getting a christmas card. he keeps the drive alive and how about ten plays they go on this thing. stalls though in the red zone, roberto roberto aguillo. all on display this first drive bucs on the move again in their second possession, ball picked
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his first 6. red zone, t.j. yeldon, bucs finally get their offense clicking, put together a 14-yard drive, winston 3 for 4 on the drive and his night, he's done. jags match their drive, the 80-yarder, strike to allen hearns, first half, mike glenon, quick little pass to mike james, and they're not done, vernon har graves, har
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one other preseason we saw some progress and ithink that's all they were looking for, guys. >> thanks kevin.
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>> now your skytower weather forecast with fox 13 meteorologist mike bennett. >> great viewer photos we've gotten over the last few days. look at this, this is what you have when you get isolated storms, blue skies right and left, that shower not too wide but a sign of what this light west wind can bring. if you look this funnel cloud, maybe touched the water, became a water spout at some point but this light and variable light west wind is the typical water spout wind, at least for water spouts offshort. amber from passagrille, freight viewing conditions for sunset
10:54 pm
hear it. nothing out of pinellas county, hillsborough, nature coast, inland, all quiet on radar now. earlier today we did see some showers and storms pretty widely scattered in nature but still writ rained with that light wind there wasn't a whole lot of movement to the storms so they did drop a quick half an inch, inch of rain, especially nature coast. inland a few more storms a little bit later this afternoon. this is the pattern we're in. typically, the summer pattern has the ridge access, southeast wind, afternoon storms building west, that's what we had for really most of this past week then we started to shift this ridge access a little bit further south. and which that dip, you get more of these morning coastal showers building in.
10:55 pm
over us. if anything we are leaning towards a southwest wind but more of a light southwest wind so that's why we're not seeing as much in the way of those morning coastal showers, or inland storms either. inland about 30% or so. right up against the coast here, essentially west of 75, talking about pretty much 20% rain chances. almanac, tonight 79 partly cloudy warm and muggy. for day tomorrow, 91 so hot and humid, isolated storms building inland, monday 91, couple of thunderstorms kind of working inland. marine forecast for tomorrow not too bad, winds out of the west five to 10 knots, seas ten feet or less.
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lot of try in place grawlg y raising those chances. >> what do you get a giant panda for his first birthday? an ice cait of course. zoo keepers made a frozen cake, bebe spent days chooing on about bamboo and g with his mom. >> tampa mosque fire who might have set the fire? we look at who might have coughed caused the damage.
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growing zika threat that and
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because we smelled the gasoline."suspicions >> we already knew it was an arson because we smelled the gasoline. >> suspicions confirmed, investigators ruled a fire at a mosque to be arson. >> a daytona beach driver is dead,. misplaced or displaced and in need of a home. >> from louisiana to the bay area, how you can give some special pets a forever home. the news starts now. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 11 o'clock news starts now. >> good evening i'm haley hinds. >> and i'm lloyd sowers. thanks for being with us tonight. tampa police and the fbi are investigating who started a fire at a local mosque earlier this


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