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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  January 31, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ straight ahead, you're fired! president donald trumpsin breaking out his signature sigtu phrase on the acting attorney general. ge after she refused to enforce aor new executive action. now this morning the white housw has a message for its democratia critics on the hill.l. plus, we are just hours awaa from learning the president's pt pick for the supreme court. cou and former president barackdentb obama breaking his silence for r the first time since leavingvi office. we'll have details as we trackck the first 100 days. d on the run, a
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from the national zoo.heiona and getting the small cat back b could be a tall order.rd we'll have a live report.t. >> and later the countdown tooun kick off. the falcons and patriots arriver in houston for the big game, ana all eyes are on the quarterbacks. we'll have highlights from opening night including the havee question that brought tom bradyb to tears. t good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ he's such sensitive guy. suc >> so sensitive. >> that tommy.. >> good day d.c. we're so glad d you're with us on a tuesday. tsd last day of the month.. january 31st. believe it or not. heim i'm holly morris alongsidea of maureen, allison and wisdom.. steve is taking the money offony >> also ahead this morning, m, we'll talk about the debate ovary says.ys one mom in prince william countu on mission to make sure thee students there get more time too play during the school day andaa she's helped to make that
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why she says the current policyl just isn't enough. hmm. i need more details before i i weigh in. >> um-hmm. we'll talk about it.wel talk a you weigh in. >> first at 9:00 let's talkk about weather.ther yesterday's snow replaced bylacd bitter cold temps this morningsr and it's not going to warm up bb much. ch. details now tucker barnes back k with the first check of the chet forecast. good morning to you. >> good hmm.hmm. >> what? >> trying to decide what you ded said accurate. >> about -- yeah, there's aut -e little. yeah, i agree with you. >> not >> not bitter. >> chilly. >> it is going to warm up a is goilittle. >> we'll be 50. 5 >> i've got it all wrong. >> it will be in the 50. >> low 50s.0s. >> that's lot. with sun later today, too. >> disregard everything i said.i [ laughter ] >> welcome back, mo. >> right. good day d.c. our promourro tomorrow. reagan national 37 now. dulles is 33. bwi marshall 34 yes, we were cold overnight witw overnight lows for everybody att or below freezing reagan reagan national got down to gow
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and still dealing with a lot ofo cloud cover you can see the snos flying up in pennsylvania littla clipper system but most of the e energy to our north here earlyey today.y and a warm front that's tt's responsible for the few flurrier we around here earlier today iti will be breezy day.breezy d but the actual air temperatureeu should be milder than yesterdayd good 10 degrees or so.o. upper 40s and low 50s and the best part we'll get sunshine ssh this afterno so not a bad tuesday here to eno the month of january there. thee afternoon sunshine, low 50s, 5 winds gusting at times to abouta 30. so that will definitely lock in the cool but with the sunshine n it should feel pretty good.yoo all right, highs.all ght, h seven day. ven we'll look at groundhog day nexy weekend maybe some more snow. >> oh, okay.kay >> maybe not. n [ laughter ] >> around these parts anything e goes. >> big story at 9:00, thankseink you're fired. president donald trump traveldou ban refuse al to enforce it led president trauma top replace the acting attorney general and hire a new one all within a matter o
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hours. so who's is out and who is ins and what's next and why did this happen in the first place? ours melanie alnwick is live this morning outside of the justicete department. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, morni guys. we have seen the push back forkf several days now.ys now not just from the public.ub that's where it began. ban but now a group of diplomats a a few cabinet members, handful off states attorneys general and now the top official at the justice department pushing back againstk president trump's executive order banning those immigration moves from certain muslim musli states. now, the president in messagees from the press secretary iss basically this. either those get with theit program or get out. o after days of protests overf pr president trump's executive exe order to temporarily stem thetem flow of refugees and clamp downd on immigration from sevenro sev countries linked with terror itr has come
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a confrontation between trumpent and his now fired actingg attorney general sally she wrote this the department of justice will not present arguments in defense of the t executive order suggesting herg consideration went beyond justey legal arguments. reaction from the white house wh was swift.s yates is gon >> it was a be trail of her office, and she's being replacea with somebody who will enforceoi the laws of the united states. >> reporter: yates a hold overrh from the obama running the justice departmenter while attorney general nominee senator jeff sessions winds hiss way through the confirmation process.procs. ironically, sessions questionedd yates during her 2015ng h5 confirmation hearing asking hern whether she was prepared to deff a president whose orders she s didn't agree with. >> if the president wants to wao execute are unlawful should the attorney general or the deputyep attorney general say no? >> senator, i believe that the,e attorney general or theli depevy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law ana the constitution and to give t g their indepn
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to the president. the pdent >> she's been replaced withd w another obama appointee u.s. attorney dana boente. boente. the move infuriated democrats. >> sally yates was a profile ini courage. toe profile iurn courage. couge maybe some of her courage, herg, insight, her wisdom would rub wr off on the people in the white house. >> reporter: now, dana boenteoe probably will not be leading the justice department for very long. attorney general nominee jeffeef sessions is up for a confirmation vote in the senatee judiciary committee starting stg about half hour from now. n controlled by republicans so its is more than likely going to got through. you can probably put money on that one, and then thatprobab wo on to a final full confirmation vote in the senate win a fewn a days or perhaps week.s w live at the justice depthice deh melanie alnwick fox5 local news. thanks, mel. meanwhile the president did takk to twitter this morning in the m wake of the justice departmentan shake up.shak u take look at mr. trump's tweet
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our attorney general and rest cabinet? they should be shameds of themselves. no wonder dc t doesn't work ".. as melanie mentioned attorneytte general nominee jeff sessionsefs does have his committee vote ve today, and could be voted on by the full senate later this week. as far as the president's's controversial executive order or the white house is doing somengm rethinking on it. on i sources say the department ofdeo homeland security may issue soms new guidance that would allow for softening and even policyoly changes to the president'srede executive order.e ord. meanwhile new pole from fr rasmussen shows more than halfhl of likely voters supportup president trump's travel ban. 57% in fact said they favor a temporarily halt on refugeesn r from the seven listed countries. 33% oppose such actions anothera 10% remain undecided.ided. rasmussen is not the only onesyo with those findings. winnie knee yack university pols found the -- found the samesam results. democrats and human rightshurigh groups argue though the ban is s unconstitutional and unfairly targets muslims.rgs musli it's a claim t
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rejects. former president barack obama is weighing in on president frump's controversial travel plan in hih first statements since leavingem the white house. presidentresint spokesperson says he doesn'toest agree with discrimination basedb on their faith or religion. mr. obama says it is expectedte that so many americans arericans exercising their constitutionala rights to assemble and to organize.organize. all right. ime.ths the t happening today, president trump will reveal his supreme courtmec nominee in prime time. tim president had initially planneda to announce his selection on on thursday but instead will do soo tonight 8:00 p.m. from the whitt house. now sources have confirmed twowo finalists judge ne limit gorsucr of the tenth circuit appelate at court in denver and hardiman ofo the third circuit in philadelphia. staff writer at roll call todd ruger joined us and offed his perspective. >> they're going to get a fightt from the democrats. how hacked are they that the republicans didn't even set up e confirmation hearing
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garland president obama's pick?c >> they are -- they are very th upset about that, and i'm sure s that we will hear merrickmeic garland's name quite a bit. these two nominees have ane a advantage in that ne limit nlimi gorsuch was approved ton a voici vote he was non contentious atts the time for his position nowit and judge hardiman was a knifefe to zero vote an lot of thosefse votes were democrats including for instance minority leadereade charles schumer and diane feinstein the chairman of the judiciary committee.miee >> no matter who the president e picks senate democrats say theye will filibuster the nominee bute if they choose to do soo do republicans can use the nuclear option it's it's called and a rewrite senate rules to overridr the filibuster somethingethi democrats used back in 2013.n 2 hope you're taking notes.g not here's a question forhere parents. does your child get enoughilget recess at school? one northern have a have mom says no and shed is now on a mission to extendd recess in elementary schools ino the dmv. >> the mother behind this push s has two
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lake ridge elementary school ini prince william county which w right now students have 15 15 minutes recesses. daily and one or two physical education classes now while the mom barbara larimore says shots not enough n the school says they areol saysy following state law a whichhi requires at least 150 minutes oo physical activity a week and a time can be split between pe and/or recess.ecs. now, larimore has created a petition pressing the county's school board members to extend recess to 30 minutes ates all elementary schools. >> i would say 95% agree that that we need to go back to whatw we were doing in the '60s and '70s and giving the kids recesss after lunch and giving themhe enough time to be kids. i'm building a group of moms who are interested in supporting the cause and we're going to beoinge talking about what we're going i d do. of course, this is alsoislso generating a lot of discussionoo on our facebook page. pag i s
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it is amazing how much energyh e children have at those ages. a it's good for the students/teacher.entseach kristin says i remember having h an hour for recess.eces now it's 15 minutes. you kidding me? i feel bad forr kids today.ay. no wonder they're getting moreem stressed out these days.ay but lilly has a differentferent opinion about this saying,n ab recess is important, however, hv parents should take theirehe children, go outside and play ap once in awhile and take away awy some of their electronic babysitters.sis. so far the petition t has earned more than 400 online signatures.gnatures. town hall meeting scheduled fort next month and larimore hopes hs the county will develop a panell to study practices at other schools.. i have to really think aboua it because now all of the girls are out of elementary school. and it occurred to me that itha wasn't as long as i remember itt being, but i'm not exactly surer about what it its. but i just think any time youim can get out and just, you know,k sort of run it out. >> exert energy. >> i son is in elementary and
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minutes of recess and i think t it's important. i think it's important for k itnot -- for his well-being holistic klee. you know what ist mean?n? >> everything about it. i >> 15 minutes seems so restricted i didn't realize that some haom schools were even down to that. i just assumed it was at leasttl 30 minutes.inutes >> um-hmm. >> that was outside of pe. >> right.ig you know -- >> pe is differe nt. >> it is. runninarounning around on recess. recess is kind of like freeikree choice. >> free time, right. >> pe is, you>> f know -- >> structured.>>tructure >> yeah. >> i get it people might sayle s this mom should do other thingsi th her timime. this is how change comes about.o if something is affecting you'ru seeing a problem here, argue fof your cause.ause. i do agree kids need to exert tx that energy because listen, we w live in very sedentary societyie now. we're not much activity isctit happening. if they can get it at school ana get it that way, let's do it.. >> it's part of learning. >> it is. you have to be a well-roundedunded person.pers. >> totally. >> from the time that you get tt this stage.this stage. you have to be well rounded notn just the time in the classroom m but physically well
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well and that especially foriay young people getting outside,si playing, the physical activitycy inside, any other activity ascts well.. >> what about social side ofe of being on the playground? theyg? more the merrier.erri. there's no harm in this. thi as i said earlier you should beo able to figure out -- -- >> you have learn how to defendn yourself. you learn order. >> how to be ayo friend. >> how to be a friend >> there should be a way tould y figure out there's enough timent in the day. t day i have no problem with addingin morey says and class time asime well.we and you can do it after school as well with your parents.en >> it's not like it's too much. >> yeah. >> let's be clear wisdom wantse year round school. sool. >> absolutely. >> that's true. >> there you go. .> fit that in, too >> let's not mix it. >> you want to forward that toot >> i actually don't have problel with year round school. school. >> that's two. >> i don't have a problem with non year round hav. r i can see the argument forou itr i understand both sides.d boides >> let us know what you think.hi not about year round school. sco [ laughter ] >> we're talking about >> i'm a man on an island ford r that one. >> #gooddaydc.>> # >> chris wrote this.>> chr wro talk
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another animal on the run fromtf the national zoo.the national z. this is actually seriousus nessness here. coming up next our bob barnard on the hunt for the missingsing we have new information from the zoo since the last checked in cn with bob. let's hope this is good news. nw that's coming up next. nex >> looking forward to that. later saying hello to february. it actually might mean sayingeay goodbye to your new year's yr' resolution to lose weight. so coming up we are sharing some inspiration to stay on 9:14 is our time right now.
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deal. mmmm. the family favorite. yoplait.
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♪♪ >> 9:17 is the time right now.r. this is a fascinating storyng s bobcat missing from the nationah zoo still one the run.un zoo officials say ollie escapedp yesterday >> how far could she have gottet and where would she want to go? fox5's bob bnard may he's been on bobcat patrol all this morning in rock creek park is his locate. locate. bob, have we spotted ollie,llie anything leading to her trail t just yet? just >> r yeporter: no. n we haven't, and maybe she was ss born to run i'm sure.e this is an attractive place for a bobcat and not far from the zoo. you would think a perfect habitat. we will tell you that zoo tha z officials this morning say theyy have gotten several reports inti the woodley park cleveland parkk areas
9:18 am
consistent with that bobcat.t so they have center a team of zoo peep keepers and police out investigating these two reportso at least so far this morning. but so far this bobcat has notts been found. her name is ollie.. the zoo has photos of her on on their flicker account. accnt she's basically 25 pounds.ds so she looks like a normal catat and so beware don't go saying sn here's acute stray let me take t it in because it could kill youy pets inside if you got it insidd your house. 25 pounds.ous. a big cat and it got loosese around this time yesterday morning.rn zoo officials saw her ollie with the two male cats in their pena around 7:30 in the by 10:30 when they went back shs was gone.wason zoo officials say she got out oo her compound through a netting. here now resident of clevelandla park reacting but first brandyiy smith zoo officials with more oi the escape. >> what we discovered is that aa area of the measure oe
9:19 am
kind of ropes that hold it i together, um, was i'd say i'd severed but it was -- didn't d like deliberate act one of the h ropes broken which basically bac left an opening of about four bb four maybe six by six biggestige and so we believe that's the the area she got out.ea s got >> i'm not that worried.worr i live in an apartment building. so i'm pretty confident he's not going to come inside. comins [ laughter ][ laughter >> reporter: you understand undr him wanting to get out and be free? >> i never really thoughtfr abot it but sure.ure. >> reporter: i said him.aid. it's a she actually.he auall >> i'm sorry it's a girl.t's al. okay. yeah i guess i can see that. tha i don't know i hadn't reallyt ry thought about the bobcat'st's perspective.ctiv i just thought about my safety.t sorry for the self fishness. >> reporter: so the bobcat has lit up social media and i'vee reached out to ollie via two twitter accounts that have beene playfully created.eed i asked at ollie the bobcat whaw she had for breakfast? she replied the smell of freedom. coupled with a family of jack ras.its. and
9:20 am
where she is? and she everve coming back? and she replied,e, trying to avoid prying eyes harr to do in this town with the cia, tsa and homeland security hashas tag escaped d.c. bobcat hash tag union station.. so maybe ollie heading off toino catch an amtrak train north oroo somewhere else? i will tell t you. we've seen some tracks here. he. take look at these tracks. these paw prints here by the water's edge. now could that be oldly? couldc it be a dog that was down herett this morning a lot of people pee walk their pets in this area? not sure. but there's evidence of wildlife and again there have been a feww reports that zoo officials think are perhaps the real deal and ss they're out and about looking lg this morning at actively butel there is a chance, guys, that ta they'll never find this bobcat a that even though she may stay in the area steel blend in with the environment.ent. >> bob, did you just say there't evidence of wildlife in rock roc creek park? stop it. >> reporter: very little
9:21 am
very little wildlife.ilife. [ laughter ][ >> are you kidding me? >> we saw these and we thoughthg oh, my goodness, take look. loo these look legit but it could be a golden as well as a bobcat.. >> good sleuthing.hi >> kept watching for old toll t sneak in the back of your shot.. right. right. >> are you bob barnard? i watch you every morning. >> ollie ollie oxen free.n fre it's safe for to you come out.ot >> i really hope she do findd her. r. >> yeah.>> yea >> making light of it but she'st a wild animal out in the city. >> she deserves to be in thes tn wild.ld. >> well, yeah, you're preachinge to the choir about that. >> i'm conflicted i get it thata she is -- i don't know if youon want the wild animal in rock r creek park. >> what if she lives in rock ink creek park and doesn't bother b anybody. >> most of the animals at the zoo are the a not ready for the. >> right. because they've been kept insidn the zoo. they're not ready for survival outside. >> which is why we shouldn't bed keeping them but that' swhy we a whole whole other topic. >> topic for another day >> i know. >> i'm trying to see where bobcats -- they out
9:22 am
exactly? does anybody knowdyno their natural -- natural - >> they are an american animal.a >> out west.ut a lot of them out west inn mountains and stuff like >> and some down in south texasx >> and rock creek park.creepark. >> and rock creek park.nd r >> holly go bocack home.. >> i thought you said holly goog back home. >> ollie go back home. hom >> i would never tell you to go back home. >> exercise your age.rcise youra 9:22. 9: major policy change for the boy scouts.ts wal*mart's answer to amazonn prime and the director oftor titanic setting the recordecord straight about that that controversial ending. ending. we've got a check on what else e is making headlines next. >> no for titanic. >> controversial ending. don't we know how it gender. gde >> people didn't realize what it was. strap on your dancing shoes thi morning erin and kevin are getting la la land inspirednspie dance lesson and you don't wantt to miss this. >> trust us. >> we'll be right back. ♪♪
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♪♪ 9:25 right now. 9:25 time for a check on what else ie making headlines this morning.n. al? al? >> first up, the latest on thehn terror attack on a mosque ine i quebec, canada.. police say a canadian collegeol student carried out the attack on sunday killing six people and injuring 19 others.in9 he's been identified as 27-year-old alexandra businessis sinnett. he has been charged with six wh counts of first degree murder,ur so far no word on a motive. miv police say the student carriedni out the dead al tack ao
9:26 am
at mosques around the world.ld next up, a major policy polc change for the boy scouts of america.. the organization now says its will allow trance jent childrene who identify as boys to enroll r in its boys only program. the scouts used to have policy y that relied on the gender listed on a child's birth certificate i for those programs. but a spokesperson says thatt will change based on the changeg to the way communities identify gender. back here at home, hundredsr of people packed a hearing on hn monday night to sound off on metro's proposed budget.ud the plan would raise rail, bus and parking fairs slightly asgha well as reduce some rail service and some lines would lowould low riderships will be eliminatedte altogether. wal*mart's answer to amazono prime appears to have crashede a and burned.e the chain has now dropped its program it was called shipping p pass and it's refundingefdi customers who signed up. up. holly that might not have been e the best name for it. any way instead of wal
9:27 am
now offer free two day shippingg on some orders over $35 and not just all orders like amazon prime. pr and finally, could jack haveac v survived the end of titanic. tan fans of the movie all thesel t years later say there was plentt of room on that raft for bothh himself and rose.ose. remember that last seen wheneenn she's hanging off looking at hih and he's in the water. wat >> cold in the water g there itt is. >> there it is. thanyou.u. the director is setting theetti record straight.. it's a age old question among movie buffs surely rose couldroc have moved over so jack couldk l have shared the door that was as make shift raft n2013 episode of myth busters both rose and jackc could have survived if they tiei their live jacks under the doorr for added buoyancy.uoya >> come on now. come now >> i'm not sure they were wer thinking clearlily at thiss moment.nt >> even if jack tried to that h would have died during the timtm he spent underwater. cameron shrewd concluded when in came down to the story line jack just had to die. die so botto
9:28 am
go. >> next time you direct movietov like that, you do the ending. bye-bye.e-by. xa exactly. >> remember jack wasn't a realta character. >> >> and remember it was -- it -- added to it. >> we needed tear jerkingerki ending. >> it was a door, right.t was ar >> it was a door., >> iwas >> it wasn't like it was a boats >> right.>>ig >> you ain't jumping -- twoin'ti people are not jumping on top oo a oror. >> truth be told, i was hauntedt for long time by that frozen jack >> really? >> yeah. >> i was haunted by the couplepl laying in the bed. bed. remember that? that just died together. together >> no haunting here.>> i barely remember it. nbaly r >> let meemem sing a song for yf from it.t >> we don't have the time. >> i was going say.. >> there's big jewel you can goo down to the museum and see. >> okay. 31 days now we are into the newn year and the result you had whew you started those resolutionsolo maybe losing steam.gte let's be honest coming up we'll' keep you motivated. motived. we've got help from a weightei loss expet.
9:29 am
with a check on the seven day sv which could include another chance for some snowflakes.lakes >> all right. fresh at 10a24 legacy store corey hawkins we'll talk aboutao what he told me about his new role and his roots right here ii d.c. that's coming up at 10:30.0:30 right now it's 9:29.:2 we'll be right back. back.
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♪♪ we're back at 9:31. 9:3 opening up the go
9:32 am
hall. ha new study finds children who ara bullied have much lower grades,a they dislike school and lackac confidence compared to kids whoo are not bullied. the study followed children chi between kindergarten and highnd school and showed scientificcitc evidence of the fact thatha bullying is anti academic inn schools. children have different degreesv of resilience aboute di 24% havg continuing issues because ofecse their bullying. the next time you talk aboua someone's weight it could dot cd more than hurt a person'sn' feelings. new research shows it coulds itu actually affect their health overall.ovl. fat shaming or mocking a persong because of their size may leadaa to heart attacks. university of pennsylvaniafenns researchers found that fatchers shaming terrible for person's p' health and even more damaging to their health than doing nothingg at all. in fact people who were fate fa shamed. more likely should have high triglyceride high blood pressur and larger weight circumference. how many hours do you devotd to social networking it mayay depend actually on your genes.on british researchers analyzeder online media used by more than
9:33 am
8500, 16-year-old twins bothwint identical fran term finding dna differences in the not identicat twins significantly influenced f how they handled their media i hope you understood that.d tha i sure don't.on the study found a link it did establish genes being the onlyho influence on online activity.ivy so if i'm understanding this right -- right. [ laughter ] >> seriously. do you sometimes read storiesim and this is the second time i ti read it. i don't understand what that isw supposed to meanha.pposed t >> those are three studies thata i think were needless.. >> yes. >> >> i will say -- her ye's what h said about the bullying thinglyt earlier. >> that's like duh.>> tt's liked >> it is like duh. but now there's science a lot of people look at the whole bullying thing are like, you know, kids -- toughen up.ough i was bullied. bullied but now that there's scienceci behind that, it shows just how detrimental.detr i know it is like of course, iff you're bullied at school you'rer not going to like i get it that's the duh part. p what does it really do if you'rr not strong enough to handle it
9:34 am
because some kids or adults evee can't handle it. >> so, upping -- uppg >> social media study, though. >> chris, can you understand --- chris, maybe? >> explain it.>> >> no pop-up chris. cis >> not especially.. >> basically twins react rct differently to social media m based on their genes that was ma take away from it.take away fr >> look at you. don't you look smart. >> wait a minute.ute chris. >> it comes right out of me. of my science look. >> science.ence >> got interview later? >> add to the study hall today.d >> i should have. next time. >> okay. >> thank you. >> speaking of good looking people -- that was nice of you. [ laughter ] >> tucker barnes -- bar-- >> hi, guys. g >> hey. just enjoying all that hard worr all the studies. >> right. >> maureen, we learned different people handle social media differently.ereny. >> defensing on their gene. the. >> what the heck was that?e hect >> for teenagers?rs >> i don't know allison. alliso. i read it twice and i stille d don't know.
9:35 am
both different.both differe they react differently. so maybe -- >> because they're differause people. >> right. >> so are twinsr . >> hey. h >> the more you try figure outyu this study the more confuse it t >> right. >> i abandon it.ndon i >> maybe i should start a newew segment unnecessary research. rc >> that would be our entire show. >> hilarious. i love that. i >> 37 in 34 in gaither tsbur7 gin.urg hey, freezing temperaturesrare overnight for everybody.eryb it's a chilly start. even a few snow showers flyinghs early this morning across aos northern maryland.northern few of those snuck down intockow northwest d.c. few flurries herr as well. 37 leonardtown. 33 fredericksburg.g all right winds out of t south. this can do a couple things, a, make it feel cooler than the actual air temperature.perare. wind right now in quantico, 23.2 14 in washington. whingto 13 dulles but it is going tooi t warm us up winds out of thes oft south will warm us up to near 5o this afternoon.terno. milder temperatures than what ww had had around here yesterday.te i'm not sure it will feelwill f terribly mild with the winds, ws but at leave the actual airualir temperature will be warmer. cloud out there early they early should break up and partly sunny
9:36 am
in central virginia there signss of clearing.lear you can see pretty good snowsd o flying across parts of parts of pennsylvania this morning.his mr they're getting a couple inchoue there is as the warmer air is working in, and we're on there t south side of things. ofhi so no more precip for us many uy we're gist looking at partialpat suhihine. breezy and warmer temperaturests around here later this afternoon this map will show you the windu i do want to mention gusts up tt about 30 later today. tay breezy afternoon but a dryno but tuesday for you. tomorrow looks good.. thursday for groundhog day d that's quiet, too.too in fact our next chance for a little storminess and i do wantn to emphasize a little right nown things could change but this is not look like a big deal sundayn into monday with possibility ofy a mix little early to call it cl whether or not that would beoro predominantly rain, snow orno something in between. ben. 52 this afternoon, guys.uys. with afternoon sunshine and a again very breezy around hereune later today but dry. holly, i'll toss it over to youy >> thanks, tuck. tha we are about to turn theurn t calendar, right? new month.onth february and some people aren'tt just saying goodbye to january.y they're actu
9:37 am
the new year's resolution to get more fit. so this morning we decided ited would be a good time to share sa some ways to keep you inspired i on your weight loss journey. dr. dominica ravine knowe know director of the washingtone wasn center for weight management an research and a lot of peopleeopl sabotage their own diets withouw even realizing it. it. good to see you. y >> hi, thank you for having me.g you know i think one of the thi biggest problems people don'ton make realistic goals. goa they make very large goals like i'm joining the gym, i'll dol d every day i'm going to lose onee hadn't dread pounds you reallyau have to piendce it off into into realistic practical goals.oa so, you know, in terms of activity, it is important andort like your earlier segment onmeno recess as adults we need to getg outside and move a little so break that down into 10 int minute bouts, research we justes talking about research.esea >> this is necessary research.. >> not scientific research.eah. >> really shows that 10 minutesn in small little increments isres the same three of those 10se 1 minute bouts the same as a halfe an hour every day.our every a lot of us can work in 1010 minutes.minute >> right.
9:38 am
you go to work. at lunch. lunch before you get in the car.. there's ways to integrate it int you really need in terms off activity to make it practical.. something very doable.le not something that's too hard to even get to.en g >> right. small m>>atchable bits. bit i preach that all the time.ime i think that's how you should leave your live at any point ini time anything can benyg can overwhelming but if you break ii down and make it achievable,bl, then that's half of gettingalof there. >> you're building a foundationo that becomes part of your life. right. ri just like changing your dietou d little by little look at yourt habits. do you eat breakfast in thefas h morning? are you getting enougo fruits and we're supposed to actually eat nine fruits and vegetables aable day. i doubt anybody eats that much.h but start with one thing.hi >> you surely don't do it at one time.time >> correct.>> >> big bowl. >> let's talk about these thingh because these little things like this can help you keep on trackt in terms of your goals.. >> absolutely. so in terms of the runnings of n shoes, i actually wear theser te shoes every day. but -- let's see how much sheuch uses them. t >> i'm just kidding. kidng >> the tread is wor
9:39 am
having your shoes buy right by b your door when you get home toom work, wearing them to work, w switching out your shoes.t yo so maybe your workplace let's youls wear them every day.hem evy day having something that enables to you pop outside and take a walk. the little stretch bands are, ba you know, you can take thoseake traveling with you.trav you can do those while you'releu watching tv. wa things that are really easy to integrate that don't fall away. >> they already fall into youriu you know what i wha >> correct. >> like you don't have to takeu extra time.ha ex i'm driving to the gym schedulee link a class you're not doing all of that.hat >> you're kind of fitting it 10 minute period of time youim you already have. >> absolutely. the phone, the apps, the monitors those things are all really important for people whoe like that. li the feedback there's also studies that show just wearing a pedometer peopleo who wear one actually move nor r more because they're conscious of the fact that they kind ofact need to move.nemove. >> they're kind of being heldofl accountable. because that's one of things,'sh right. >> it just reminds you. remds y the 10,000 step thing is great,e but it doesn't work foror everybody. you know, some of my patientsatt might do thousand steps a day. y and so
9:40 am
people let's figure out where's the barriers in terms of activity for example pain if yo have a lot of arthritis or yout have a situation with your back, you may want to get physical phy therapy. you may want to get better painn management so then you can movee and the more you move, that t actually helps with your pain.. >> another thing dr. rabino andn i were actually talking about a when we ran into each other iner the green room, was that, you know, sometimes people get offff track because of other issuesers they neither to deal with firsts so that they can get back on on track to what their goal is. is. >> absolutely. so it's important to take a look at those things.rtanat those for texample, sleephi is one of those you know, especially this areaha in d.c. a lot of people runeoe around with very little sleep. p research shows if you get fiveef hours or less of sleep your mucm more prone to getting diabetes e and to have weight gain, et gn, cetera. there's a lot of people with untreated sleep apnea.eep apa and so they're tired during thet day they don't have maybe someam of the traditional symptoms butb once they get treated they feelf more energetic and they can apply themselves to these thing. mood is another one. o we
9:41 am
relationship twenty threetionth depression, earlier segment wass talking about mediterranean died and improving depression.epresso so there's a lot of evidence a that what we eat and exercisercs and those things help to t deessision. being overweight can make us mae feel more depressed and have h true depression so maybe seekini out some help with depressionss and getting medical indicational if you need it that will thenhe enable you to do self care. >> maybe -- important. importan. >> pain in your knee and instea ofkn being like it just hurts f me to exercise i'm not going tog do it have the pain look at.k a. >> absolutely.bsolely. biologically we're protectivectv and it's very important forrnt people to understand, our bodiee want to hold on to weight.eight. we don't say, oh we got to shaka a little weight off and get rid of our diabetes and get rid ofge our pain. the body wants t o hold on to to energy stores in case there's ae famine or something like that.kt so it's a struggle to loseose weight. that's what people feel.'st peop so you need to look at all off these dimensions and can i say i what factors can i change in high life? if i need help doind that, get that help and that a t will help you make change. >> dr. rabino sound advice.nd av thank you very much for the
9:42 am
motivation on we appreciate i.ppciate >> sure. new month, new you.h, ne stay on trawck. track you can still do it. back over to ya'll. ya' >> thank you very much. tha 9:41 timenk right n. the super bowl, five days awaywa but there's already some drama.. we'll talk about how falcons coach kyle shannihan almost losl his playbook. >> did he lose it.sid h >> he did lose it for a brief a period of time. >> he got it back. he t it bac >> he got it back.>> h plus the question that leftf patriots quarterback tom brady a in tears. we'll have the highlights from last night's opening day. day ♪♪ ♪♪
9:43 am
we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. dish soap. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove.
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we care about using cage-free eggs. and we care about azing taste. because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food.
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♪♪ all right. another entertaining super bowlw opening night in the books.ks. yes, fans actually paid money ty see this.his. in fact, 10,200 people showed up to minute mate park for the festivities.stitie something news this year after r the falcons media availabilityvt coaches and captains from both b teams actually shook hands before the patriots took the mike.mi one question in particular justt stuck out. o. little boy asked quarterback tom brady. brad >> who is my hero? >> that's great question. well, i think my dad is my heror because he's someone that i look up to every day and, uh, my
9:46 am
>> all right.>>ll right. that question fromthat q seven-year-old boy brady alsolso deflected questions about hison politics and support for now fow president donald trump duringdo the camnapaigld tn season. brady said he just wantedante concentrate on the game and his teammates. so there you go. thereou g >> okay. >> cutest in the super bowl.ow >> i'm not going that far.. i'm still going garrow pal low.w >> he's faking you guys out. >> for that moment i liked him. >> for that --ha - >> in that one moment he teared up about his dad i liked him. >> got hip wrapped around his hs finger. >> don't do it. falcons.>> >> everybody is falcons. i still want the falcons to winw in that moment i liked tom >> he's very likeable.e'ry l yesterday holly and i were wer forced to do a segment about the sexiest players in the superup bo.l. and so we -- we didn't put tom t brady on because he's always aay like, the cutest. ces the cutest.. >> he knows he's sexy good is said you're the sexiest. >> yea
9:47 am
>> in the super bowl.the super w >> he is good looking.e is g >> he is.oo . but s.till >> not hard to look at. hd to lo >> i'm not falling for that. f t listen to to it's not a slip up you want to t make before playing in the super for 30 minutes falcons offensive coordinator shanahan frantically searched for his playbook durini the media session. now, queue the patriotsriot conspiracy theories, right? rig turns out the culprit was not nt from new england.nd it was long-time an san francisco reporter named art, 78-year-old columnist accidental the mistook shanahan's backpackc for his own. >> allegedly the backpack was returned.turned >> who believes this? >> the same thing i sai earlier. i don't know why an offensive coordinator would takeow his why backpack with his playbook forfo the super bowl to basically to media day.. >> >> offensive coordinator for thr whole year? >> you know i don't knownow i tw football. fo even i know you don't do thatot. >> he has non-descript backpackk you know.
9:48 am
who is this 78-year-old guy. guy >> what's the may? were would be, he did go the 78-year-oldld reporter go and copy everythingn and fief give it to --e t >> he was paid.>> he paid >> yes. he was paid. now it kw like, i didn't k was my backpack. >> old man here.e you know how many super bowls i've done. [ laughter ] ] >> tom brady cries it i my dad, my dad. dad [aughghter ] >> all right. we'll see. >> we'll see what happens.haens. 9:48. so if you have seen kevin'sin wedding video you know he is noo stranger to some movie inspirede dance moves.e mov. coming up he's doing it again an much this time he's doing his best la la land with erin como on his arm. >> okay.kay. >> yes. they're getting lessons right now. t.tting text.n with them nex ♪♪
9:49 am
z27mlz z16fz
9:50 am
y27mly y16fy
9:51 am
♪♪ la la land isn't just kevin' latest obsession also an oscar frontrunner thanks to to nominations for best actor,or actress, picture, director,ir
9:52 am
now one local dance studio hopes it will inspire fans to want to learn dance moves like some of the stars in the movie.he mov. so this morning we sent erin and kevin down to fairfax for a little la la land dance lesson.. how you doing? >> hey, good morning. m kevin and i are thrilled to bede here. he loves la la land.ov la i'm trying to improve my dance d moves film one of the most mos incredible films i've seen inn long time.ngim so excited to be able to learnen these dance moves.these da everyone is dancing thenc filmim brings back that idea of musicac and the importance of it so i'mi looking forward that. tt. >> ma-ma rhea david is studio owner far fakes. f tell us about the dance makovesv we'll learn today. you'll learn swing and waltz anl fox trot. it will be so much fun.l be so h this movie has inspired ipi everybody to really look at thet joy of dancing and want to get we're really excite. >> have you had a lot of people come in here au skhaing d to len la la land dances movie madee over $100 million.millio i'm assuming a lot of peoplemin have seen the film nominated fom 14 academy awards
9:53 am
people wanting to learn dance d moves? >> absolutely. any time we bring attention toer ballroom dance, you know, we gee more interest and more calls ats the studio people really want ta get involved and enjoy the fun and the joy of it.the >> i will say as we take look ao the dancers right now i've had h some experience, some very basib ballroom dancing lessons.ns i consider myself rhythmically challenged i picked up ballroom dancing it's elegant andlega a graceful and i think the moves are easy for any level of danceo master. >> like a sport.a sp just like the more you practice, the better you get at it.t but there's a certain amount you can gain in a very short periodd of time to really look better bt than the average person.erson >> tell me kevin and i having,in you know, limited dancece backgrounds, how much can wee learn in the next hour toext hoo perform a dance like this? thi >> how much can you learn?u arn? >> um-hmm. >> well, we're going to see.. >> make me look like ryan le gosling in one hour? h >> absolutely not. >> absolutely not. >> you look very athletic ilec think you'll look goo
9:54 am
>> what does the movie -- that-t move he does in the movie. mie >> the big arms. >> i want to learn that.ha >> let's see what we can do witw you. you. >> so explain to meet dance thac everyone is doing right now.ghtn >> right now they're doing aoi waltz. it's very elegant and movesnd mv really well. wel it's got some up and down rise s and fall.d it's got a lot of arm movement.. and it's very graceful andful a beautiful. >> now the opening of this film by the way as you've seen there are dancing on top of cars on aa free kay way happenings everyni day around here in washington, d.c. >> no, it doesn't.t do >> i'm wondering when you saw that was that sesonomdeethingrir hoping happens people want p dancing on cars? do you want tt see that occurring? occurring >> we want to see that enthusiasm and joy. joy i mean, the thing is, it's so i much more fun than the treadmill to dance.. and people can get greatet gat exercise. they can have really a lot off fun and it's very social. so we're thrilled to see this st kind of movie come out and showw all the fantastic benefits ofs o dance. >> when you see the film and yoy see actors doing these dances, n
9:55 am
they practiced so much.h ryan gosling learned how to plaw the piano for the are you blown away that they the nailed its were he'lls were he h they did. d >> i thought they did phenomenae job. i was impressed with the taph dancing and some of the way theo were able to -me-we able to >> more advanced moves. >> exactly. but that does take practice.. but you know anyone can learn ta dance. >> yes. >> thank you so much.>> thank practice does make perfect. pert we're going to -- kevin and i ad give me your hasn't.asn't. we'll be he will grant and gnt a graceful and we are going to try to do our best emma zone ande a ryan >> how do i twirl. trl >> there you >> i did that. >> you got this kevin.ev >> back to you guys.ack to you . we'll work on it. wet all yout all y tha are going to do.o. >> we're coming back the nextbax hour. ho >> when they come back they'll l be graceful and he will granthea gant and all those wonderful won thing the birthday girl said! bb the way. w >> thank you.>> >> happy birthday, erin my gosh, there's no better placa to spend my birthday. >> ♪♪ >> we're showing a picture iic know you can't see it.. a little -- >> happy birthday.
9:56 am
>> yes.>> yes happy 33rd. happy 33rd. >> we want to close up of yourfr dancing shoes when -- before yoe do it.t. >> i actually have real ball ral dancing shoes. >> i know. let me see them.let >> look at that.>> lk at >> okay.kay. >> beautiful. ancean used to be on the d circuit.circ. [ laughter ]hter ] >> she doesn't fool us.ool she's with us now. >> okay. all right. day atoming up on good 10a, you know him his name isami john murray i know you've seenee him if you watch wendy or talk l shows you've seen him.en h he comments on social issues. ie very funny guy.. very he's here with us in the lot off talking about that and maybend y some celebrity dish as well. as. all right.l right. also, corey hawkins i had a iad chance to speak with him he'simh the new star of the new 24, 24 legacy jack bauer's old show olo he's the new jack bauer. wee talk about him. h >> does he have a man purse.pu. >> he's got a man purse, too.. >> the murse is back. b first it is coffee time on goodd day d.c. f you've been eyeingn n our good day mugs listen up thih is how you can get one. o we have a good day dc du
9:57 am
perfect cup for that greathagret dunkin' donuts coffee all youdo have to do is head to fox5nuts or our facebookk page at d.c. d enter the mug contest . one lucky winner selected each h day random drawing but do youwit need to hur row because you only have from now until 11am to r.ter. 5757 right now. good day at 10a coming your way next. ♪♪
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♪♪ at 10a, you know jawn murrar he dishes the hollywood dirt with wendy he has a few things to say inn the loft about ma-ma don narks s ma rye rye ya and empire news.
10:01 am
>> don't miss the wisdom'sms interview with corey hawkins. >> doer rin and kevin have whatw it takes to dance like ryan and emma? we'll find out live asiva they learn the moves from la laa land. land >> mike thomas on the move, tooo this morning find out where ends up. >> let's do it. the 10a starts now.ow. ♪♪ ♪♪ this is now we do it baby ♪♪ >> upping how i feel about thatt song like allison feels abouteeo cool and the gang celebration.ri >> no. >> he doesn't like it. >> this is how che hf barte dod waffles.waff i mean this is waffles with anwa upgrade.. right? cafe, b2, betsy all ofsl those are his places.ces. >> exactly. >> this what started it all thel dough full.l. donut and waffle. wfl any way it went went crazy.. now everybody is flocking to get his waffles. they're savory, sweet he'll mixm them up for us
10:02 am
>> lobster waffles, mushroom mhr waffles. >> okay. >> fried waffles. waffles. >> you can stay. stay.n >> yes. and we'll be back.>>l bek >> we'll check in with you later. >> all right. tyetty good. g>> that's just one of the guet we have today.we he to >> here's my thing.s thi i'm a savory or sweet. set so today chef bart i think iss going to do both. >> sweet and savory.nd savory. >> in one waffle. >> eat the savory one fir>>st aa have the suite for dessert.or dt >> okay.>> o you solve it. >> there you go. thank you holly. .>>ou gget the all >> i like it. liket. >> yes, yes, yes.>>es, >> good day d.c. i'm maureen umeh alongside allison, holly,, wisdom.wi steve taking a little time offie this morning. m hope you feel better, buddy.. >> let's check wants trending oo this tuesday >> major development in theor de trump administration he has ledh to the firing and the hiring ofg new acting attorney general. president trump fired actingctig attorney general sally yatesly t last night. now yates refused to enforce the president's temporary ban on refugees and travel restrictions to muslim
10:03 am
of them in her place today danan boente and he has said that he h will defense the executive order of the trump administration on immigration.gratio he was sworn in late last night after yates was let go.. probably won't be on the joj long, of course, because youecse know that attorney generalal nominee jeff sessions is up forr committee vote in the senateen today. and could be confirmed by thursday. senate judiciary committee willw vote on senator jeff sessions ts lead the department of justiceus as the attorney general. geral the vote is set for 9:30 this morning. sessions could be confirmed byod the full senate again onin o one of president trump's most controversial cabinet picki is expected to be confirm as well.well but thousands of teachers, students, parents across thecros country are hoping that doesn'tt happen. they've been protesting for thet past few days to keep betsy devos from becoming our next education secretary.tary there's another rally plannedla today in d.c the billionaire busin
10:04 am
has been criticized during hergh hearings for her lack of o knowledge about public education. and the president is expe expected to announce who heed wants to fill the to veigh seah the supreme court. initially planned to announceanc his selection on thursday buty b sent in tweet on monday, mda yesterday, he sent a tweet outwo saying he would actually revealv his nominee tonight. tonig the front runners are federalal appeals court judges william pry your, kneel gorsuch and thomass hardiman. meanwhile, former presidente barack obama is weighing in onnn president trump's controversiall travel ban in his first h f statement since leaving theg white house. the former president says he doesn't agree withe ith discrimination based on faith or religion. president says it's expected so many americans are exercisingxes their constitutional rights to assemble and organize he'ss encouraging and hartened by that he said. >> all right.ig. 10:04. businesses are getting caught in the crossfire of the strong reaction of president trump andd hilipolicies.
10:05 am
planning to hit starbucks in the pocketbook. they're calling for boycott ofbo the coffee chain after the a t starbucks ceo said the companyhm planned to hire 10,000s of refugees at locations around the globe and here in the unitedhete states. now many say starbucks should bb hiring american workers. the hash tag boycott starbucks b is trending online.e. some are encouraging people toet support local coffee chains inni protest.. and trump protests are taking aim at uber after uber ceo plans to sit on a business n advisory group meeting inti washington.wash it sparked hash tag called cal delete uber.te ur meanwhile uber has also come a m under fire for under cutting taxi prices at jfk airport in at new york over the weekend.. taxi drivers in the city haltedl service for an hour to protestte the immigration ban but someut e felt uber was cutting fairs tost profit off the cabs decision too pro testify.stif meanwhile the co-founder of taylor gourmet made a lot ofot people angry by meeting withtint trump yesterday.stay. casey patton met with trump for
10:06 am
photo op connected to his sixtyy four tiff order to set regulations for smal businesses. twitter called for boycott ofca that companylled f and patton h' responded to the backlash.klh the downtown billboard readsrdea less politics, more hoagies. hgi all righty. tv talk show host ellenen degeneres is using finding doryd to make a political statement.te now hours after theer t controversial travel ban was pul into place, president trump his family and white house staffseta were inside screening pixarningx fosses finding dory. dy the main character dory voicedd by ellen degeneres who voiced vi her disapproval of immigration a ban and the irony that thet t president watched the movie. obviously we're having a littlev trouble there with the sound ths there. but you can actually see theacls gment totoday. it's going to air on ellen show.
10:07 am
let's move on now.> le talk about the grammys.ut tramm grammy awards are less than twow weeks away and this mornings mni we're learning a trio of big b names may actually be no shows.s kanye west, justin beiber and a drake say they will not bel not attending.atte according to tmz beiber who was up for four grammys said he juss doesn't think the award show is representative when it comes tot young kanye who has eight nominationss had previously vowed not tod n tendon if frank ocean's album blond wasn't nominated.. ocean's label didn't even summit it for consideration.sirati maybe something to do with ocean saying he thinks the grammys dod not represent young black artists.tist as for drake, he will be on tou in europe.e. >> so why is drake lumped in in with this? he's not going to bg in town. >> the more the merrier.ore ie by the way i won't be i'll be working but i won'ton there be. th >> okay. i'm also going to urge the showt not to use that kanye pictureic any more.any mo. >> right. >> did you see it? > >> i wasn't even looking.en loo >> it's not flattering. ftt >> it just looks like he's doini the stink face. >> but he normally is.
10:08 am
like that. >> it's rare that we see kanyeae smile in come on n >> that's the kanye we know ando love. >> that's clearly not a pose ana neither is drake's beiber the only one who knew the camera was on. >> really?lly >> i don't like that picture of beiber.beib i actually don't like any ofke those pictures.thosctur >> all three are terrible. terb. >> i agree with you, wis. w >> drake is like why am is ke w involved in this.invo i'm not in the country.e cntry steve mentioned super bowler bow ticket prices were dropping. dpn apparently hotel prices going gg down too. in facdot,wn people are shellino more money to watch punxsutawnee phil predict the weather. according to tri having a gog a hawaii to the new tri having a go makeover he's gotten the manm >> i hadn't noticed. nic >> mr. clean got a makeover.eor >> we need to be talking abouttk that. according to tri having a goavig the actual cost is $450 for onee night stay in punxsutawney
10:09 am
pennsylvania compared to three r hun debt $40 for room inoo i houston, texas. so shadow or not the average ava rate for a room in punxsutawneye dropped boy more than 300 buckss the day after. >> it's on super bowl sunday or saturday.rday >> now do you think -- i'm justm asking the question.king tuestio do you think more hotel rooms in punxsutawney, pennsylvania, orar houston, texas? >> yeah, i guess more in houston. >> there might be a little more supply and demand playing into that.ight b dem >> seems th right. . soka >> punxsutawney you're stillutaw very popular. >> yes,. >> you know what i said earlier. >> wants to kill -->>ts >> i'm not advocating forating r violence. take him out of that job. job the rodent. >> you want to fire him. wto f have been him be unemployed and how does he support the four f poor punks punxsutawney philneyl family. >> the ones before him got monem they can just pass it along.. >> there's only one, wisdom. wdo >> that's right.ig. >> there's only one.. >> for all of time there's
10:10 am
been run roden telling us about winter.wint. >> it's -- that is the mythologt around it. >> what? >> he doesn't age.>> hes >> exactly. >> he's like santa claus. there's oe'nly bees nli one, wis one easter bunny.unny one punxsutawney phil. phi >> one rudolph.udol. >> one santa claus.>>ne san >> one batman. >> one robin. >> talk about big news to fill. d.c. native corey hawkins takint over the lead role in the new nw 24. now i got a chance to talk withw him all about it and we'll havel that coming up next.up n >> first it's a special editione of the celebrity dish. d look at that. that. it's guest star jawn murray inrn the loft.the loft. he's going to be sharing the soup with us when we -- scoop ws with us when we come back. >> upgraded. >> i know, right. ♪♪
10:11 am
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good.
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♪♪ a super star. i love that song. >> oh, my gosh. my left ear doesn't love it. ear ughter ] >> so what you saying?? >> i love it.ov i sink away, my friend. fen >> this time now for the good tg day celebrity dish and this morning we got a special guestpg joining us right here in thee in loft.lo he's award winning tv host andoa pop culture expert who is go too guy for all things celebrity. let's welcome the one and only super star jawn murray
10:14 am
>> yes. >> all right. all what's going on?at'soing >> it's great having your own theme music. [ laughter ]er ] >> i could get used to this. thi >> right, right, right.. >> your welcome song.r welcso >> listen i'm going to put it it my phone and walk around therout rest of the day playing thatla >> yeah. >> my gosh. >> please tell me where you gotg this pen i need that in my lifel >> i can't remember the name of the company but i ordered it ono >> i love it.t i love. i love the smile. smile. >> let's get to it. >> we -- celebrity >> we'll get your opinion on a all these stori from the women's march to the t top of the billboard charts,s song writer bruce robert who'stw penned the duet no more tearseea enough is enough back in thein 1970s has reported al provedl ov madonna to record a track ara protesting president donaldonald trump that he plans to lay overo the original song. now this is according to disco hit went to number six on billboards dance club charts cha friday but just with the enougho is enough chorus. retitled as enough is enoughugh 2017. sources told tmz that robertstob wants madonna to
10:15 am
and sing the lyrics to the show her opposition to show her showh opposition to president trump. u no word from madonna if she's oo board with this. >> so what would jawn do?o? >> i wouldn't necessarily havesa madonna sing the song m donna ii not known as a you saw her at the women's marcr she vocally challenged pull the other women that were a part of the women's march and alicia keys, jonelle mo'ne, so manyo m great voices that could come com cher was there. peak athe got to speak at the women's march but i like to hear the other women come togetheret and sing it with madonna. madonna by herself she'll she probably be twerking on theerkit song, compromise the >> right. >> we are the only world for the women' mars?men' >> we call that a party with aaa purpose.rpos >> okay. >> to have the purpose with the party you got to bring some the women that aren't gogot ing to b twerking and using the f bombs f and all the other stuff liketufk madonna likes to use.s to use >> i dated myself by doing we dg are the >> listen i used to lip sync to arere the world. >> i know.. >> i may have been five whe
10:16 am
came out but i love that song. n >> oh, yes. oh, y okay. i'm going to read this wis sos s you can watch.u catch >> go ahead. >> new music from mimi. >> okay. >> >> all right. mariah released pouring of herno new song i don't.on't. >> okay.ka >> let's take a listen. >> okay.y. ♪♪ >> all right.ig song come out later this week.s so the question is, what do youu think? >> you know i like i i like everything mariah.h >> did you actually listen or le were you just looking.ust looki. >> i listened that time. t >> i think i'm living out the lu song title. t i don't.don't [ laughter ] >> just not --- >> you're not feeling it.ou're >>no maybet she called the sons sedated because she looked likek she was medicated in the studioi in the season finale of mariah'' world. the best thing about the song sg she used darnell jones sample o the hook. >> which one was it.t >> the ballad. bla >> i know what you're talkingoua about. >> i was about to sing the.
10:17 am
>> cut the check today.ay >> >> you know, mariah -- i -- canc we get vision of mariah back. b. the voice isn't necessarily whai it used to >> talk about challenged.. >> she's got guys around her.ror her music director big jim wright is incomparable produceru get a good ballad and sing age appropriate music.ate mus >> you don't like touch my bodyd >> touch my body is good.s g if there's a camera up in here.h it might end up on youtube.tu. when you stick to lyrics andic a don't sing them you don't haveuh to pay for them. >> sedated, medicated,edicat complicated. >> that's a better song than i don't right here.a bet her. >> i'll pen that. >> holly we need you in the y i studio next. >> i'm the only one that likeded that i'm actually going to listen too that once or twice. tce let's talk about paris jackson. she'll be a tv star apparently. officially she is booked for her first acting gig on lee danielss show star. star. tmz sources say paris met with daniels last weekor f screenor e test on the empire spin off andf it turns out she's a natural.. we're to
10:18 am
atlanta filming but it's uncleae how big the role is going to bet or how many episodes she's goini to be shooting. we know acting is one of paris' goals. we're told she's been takingki acting classes for years. so -- so >> what would jawn do? what woul >> i think paris jacksonacon embracing her acting side ofnsie herself is a great idea.a. i know she just did the huge h rolling stone interview.ervi my concern for paris jackson jan she's being harassed by the by t paparazzi.parazz >> right. >> i think it might be time for it mio move her out of o i think they should move her to nashville.e reece witherspoon is there,he nicole kidman there.n t jill cot is there now.there n it's a calmer way of life.if no paparazzi she can get more bang for all her inheritanceitan buck living in nashville insteae of living in hollywood.. >> the way man's are there.'s >> it's a short drive fro nashville three hours from nashville to atlanta to get t n work on star. s i just think she needs a calmer life. i'm concerned about her well-being f she stays in thatyn hollywood incubation it will be become a combustible environmene for her. h
10:19 am
kidman they leave common lives.. >> billy ray cyrus. >> nashville a an industry townr like d.c. when it has an industry vibe but you can still go out into the suburbs haven'ta some element of normalcy. norma. >> i've been out in the suburbs and i've seen their houses andhs there's nothing common about cou them. [ laughter ] >> you watched tv show nashvillh living on estates.states paris could get an estate forstr what she's living in out in hollywood and she could save alv lot of money doing it. >> all right. >> she probable go to target ant not be harassed and stuff, too., >> that's true.t's tr and she could get a killeral pair of cowboys boots in y yeha. >> speaking of lee daniels amazing shows guess who has been tapped to star on empire. >> eva lon garr ya set to play charlotte frost state gamingam commission who has the power tot make or break the dreams of o lucious and his desire to expand empire's reach to vegas.. season four of the hit showhe ht returns to fox wednesday ma
10:20 am
march 22nd. i'm looking forward to this.rwtt >> you think it's good call. cal >> i think they've been veryner selective about the stunte ant casting with the celebrity thisi they kind of, you know,as flew e coop last season.easo i mean chris rock as the prisoner can nibble guy got aot lull weird.ei. >> yeah.>> >> show got very strange.y stra. >> you thought just that episodt was weird.wa wei >> a lot of the episodes.s it was moving so fast.g so you start the show out it wouldw be on monday and then by then bt time you get to commercial break they'd be on friday.rida. whoa, slow the showdown little l i'm glad they got a differentnt rhythm. at actress always aay brings sexiest to it and she's s playing a casino boss. listen -- gangsta.angs >> elements of the new mgm grana in the show. in >> there you go. >> i'm looking forward to this.. >> i used to love her onher o desperate housewives.sewis. >> yes.. >> jawn, you've got our last celebrity dish story. >> actor rob beau low in the be market for personal assistant. let's just say the job qualifications are interesting.s some of the things that rob isea looking for is an assistant heit wants someone who can make surer he
10:21 am
throughout the day.thugho >> that's pretty normal.l. >> okay.y schedule his haircuts you have to be able to lift up to 25 pounds maybe that's for hisis ego. [ laughter ] >> serving as the client'st' bodman. nobody knows what that means. wt >> like the president has a bodman. they do everything for you. they're there for you.ere foyou >> is that what it's called.all. >> haven't you watched veep. yod she has bodman. >> huh! h >> what's 25 pounds.t's 25 poun lift 25 pounds over to him so h can do this weights. weits it's whatever the guy -- the- t person needs that's what thes wh bodman does.bodmans >> few more thing. few mth >> there's more. >> make sure the jacuzzi isors running.ruing. >> okay. oka >> when he gets home from work every day. not a bad thing. get a d th >> okay. >> and the job, you get benefitn and it pays $70,000 a year.ea if you're up for it, apply for it. if i was looking for assistant s you'd have to go to tysons two to daniel desserts and get med m cake. >> bodman would do that.odman u a bodman would know that. they would sense when you needee it. it >> chick-fil-a run every now and then. then
10:22 am
bodman. bodm reggie love was presidentove was obama's bodman. >> let's gift up to >> thnak you. thank you. plapplause ] >> local references. >> yes. >> that's a celebrity dish weles can all get with.all geth >> jawn, we need to listen toten more mariah right now.ig n >> jawn is not going anywhere. [ laughter ] >> okay. it is 10:22. 10:. coming up a little later i hit it 10:22.22. coming up a little later, taking the pledge for a good -- plungee for a good cause. cse special olympics d.c. hosting is special polar plunge next month. first, though, mike thomas is is joining us with where the money raised goes. >> alexis get a stop chef up great.t. chef is here and showing us how to make one of a kind yum, yum, yum. yum■■■■■■■■■■ we're back after this.■■■■■■■■ ♪♪■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ i will never wash my hair again. new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it.
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10:25 am
>> we're back on good day. bac we've been kid aig round a bit about the national zoo's missino 'sbobcat but there are some pret serious consequences here. fox5's bob barnard is live now.w he's moved out of the rock creee park where he was all morning mi long and he's back into thetohe neighborhoods around the zooodsd and, bob, i'm wondering if theye site ollie in one of thesef the neighborhoods which could beods pretty scary for humans and pets alike? >> reporter: sure.ur zoo officials say they've gotten several reports in this area. ae we're in a enabled in woodley wl park in cleveland park that are consistent with what this bobcat looks like. i do want to mention we havee have been having fun this.his. d.c. ps here in the ward threeah
10:26 am
and so they'll be noo door recess today for any d.c. public schools here in warw three because as you mentioneded it could potentially this bobcaa named ollie a female roughly six years old could be dangerous tot not necessarily but for small sa pets obviously a so no outdoor recess in thisn ts area. ar a team of zookeepers and zoo police are out in thesehe neighborhoods that team isthate outlooking to investigate thesee reports that people have apparently sen the bobcat. bca we can show you ollie's picturec from the zoo's flicker account.. she's about 25 pounds. 25 unds. so it would look like a veryer large cat.rgat but it looks like a cat. and we'll probably be feasting on birds and perhaps looking too maybe attack small pets.s. so be careful if you spot it.t. zoo officials say don't go neara it call them. the of course this has been lighting up social media we weren't tot share with you a few things thi couple things fr
10:27 am
page at fox5.t f5. here you see tracy sherman srm saying i work right near the zoo praying i don't run night.. mike, says somebody needs to get that bad kitty spencer company y field hash tag i'm with ollie. l and enjoy your time away pleases come home referring to ollie. o. then from the zoo's facebookacoo page, are the zoo animals not micro chipped like a house petet might be asking certainly wouldn make finding her the zoo replied saying ollie has a transponder chip which when we scanned provides ann identification number but sheonh does not have a gps or trackingg chip. and i've been on twitter with ah couple of the sites that havet v been created mocking all of thit and pretending to be ollie the cat, and 53 nessa holloway hollo replied to one i sent to escapee d.c. bobcat saying where are you, why have you left.eft. she writes, ollie left becausetu she was tired of listening to the two males two males bobcatsb with her at the zoo discuss whaa they want her to fix for superos bowl li.i and i'll tell you zoo
10:28 am
say it's actually those two males in the exhibit that wouldd probable dollar better job thann anybody else, anything else inli trying to attract her backk somehow. so the animal world that could cld possibly happen.appe there's also a chance morence mr people will see her and they'll' never catch her, guys. >> bob, quick question. so is there a scenario whereohe they would just give up thep t search and just the cat would be free in the woods? >> reporter: i think after a aea couple of days or so of responding to people's reportedd sightings.sighs. they might just say, look f she returns, great.reat if she doesn't, have a good good li.e. >> wow, okay. >> all right. thank you, bob.yo bob >> thanks, bob.ob. >> okay.kay. >> all right. th careful out there in those woods. >> 24 is back.>> 24 is back. and this time around washington's safety is in the it hands of one of its native sonsn my interview with the star of the new action corey hawkins. hi >> put the practice to the teste erin and kevin showing off theif best la la land dance movesceov after the break. bre it is now 10:28. 1
10:29 am
♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ six months ago u.s. speciale forces launched an assault.ssau go, go, go. >> killing khalid and hisis terrorist organization.izatn. ♪♪ >> eric hasn't been right everr
10:32 am
he misses it. ♪♪ >> khalid's people found us.d'l. they're coming for you next. >> ♪♪ >> that's a clip from the all new jack bauer spin off.ff 24 legacy.. >> this time around the action o follows a man named eric carterr ex army ranger target besideide terror group who turns to rue 55 the cpu for help. now the new series set right r here in washington, d.c. which w is familiar territory for superp star corey hawkins. hawki that's because he was born andna raised in the nation's capitol.. you might remember him best forf his break out role as dr. dre in the 2015nwa movies straight outo of com many ton.of cany yesterday i got a chance to talo with him about his new hole rolr and roots here in d.c. here in c check it out.. let's talk about 24 legacy. and your character sergeant eric carter. cart tell me all about sergeant ericc carter and give me a little bite of plot, too, this new 24. 24.
10:33 am
so eric is -- he's a former army ranger, and he was part of a o a special ops mission to take outt a known terrorist leader overseas yemen in a raid, um, s, at the top of the show you find eric living in federal witnessie protection with his wife and win when the pilot starts, he realizes that his teammatess start dying around him and thatt their names have been leaked and he realizes that he's next. and so he reaches tout c touch. rebecca ingram and their tryingg to, you know, win the course of this day stop what could be one of the biggest largest scale sca terrorist attacks on americanmea soil. >> okay. so look how did you get thisu gt role because 24 -- i mean thisn is iconic we're talking aboutbot jack bauer fighting terrorists i for years.. how did you end up getting thiss particular role?ole? >> listen, it's all the original producers and all the
10:34 am
you know, writers and producersd from the original series. so they saw straight out oft t o compton and they sent me the script. i like it. we talked about it. it we collaborated on it, and it it just came to be, you it felt right.ight >> okay. that's pretty cool. pretty ool. now, did you ever get a chancehc to talk to jack bauer, keiferif sutherland? did you ever get au chance to talk to h eim? ve gety advice from him about the rolehe on 24? >> yeah, man. man keifer is the only one who knoww what it's like to be -- to sortt of lead this show in this t particular kind of show becausee there real until another genreno like sort of real time format where every second of the day isday is accounted for and you'rer and yu watching it happen in real time. um, and so keifer knows what w it's like to go through it, and to be that guy both as an actorr and the character. so he just -- he had so, youo, y
10:35 am
just a coolest guy, and it it really was a sort of metaphorically passing of the t torch to take it on and he's an' just super excited about it anda he's also, you know, anw, executive producer on the show,, too. it's great to have him in myat t ear, man.ea >> that's cool, that's cool., th all right. look, talk about your successucs straight out of compton actualll leto y you this. now your mom in dc.n do you ever talk to your momou m about these -- this act act adventure crew about to take onn or did she give you any advicenv about taking on an action roleco on tv?on t >> you know you got to rely on y mom. you go to the ask momom everything. [ laughter ] >> she gives me more advice than moredvice sometimes i want.metimewant >> right. you got to filter some of that e out.ou [ laughter ] >> yeah.>> yeah my mom she'll watch a show and a she'll be like, i think in thisn part when you were working on -- she'll give me notes on acting.n she's great.she' she loves the business, too. too she's actually a police officere in d.c. so you know she -- she has beene my entire life.e lif so, you know, i look up to whatw she does and but she's great. g. sh
10:36 am
i'm loving the ride.i'ving she loves that side of it, you know, so it's fun to see my family enjoy it.. >> i love that sound.nd. >> um-hmm. one of the best tv sound tracks ever.ever theme song. >> part of two my interview w ithw with corey will air little bit laterl on this week. w 24 legacy dee abuse sunday aftee the super bowl right here onht r fox5. fox5. >> can i just say this is huge. hometown guy. it's huge.. congrats to you corey. >> jawn murray -- jawn knows kno he's big time. >> great to d.c. natives. tara gee, henson, corey hawkinsw so many coming right from dc.. >> last hour erin and kevin took us to la la land, aka fred astair dance studio of fairfax.x so the oscar frontrunner thehe movie la la land big on dancingi and the studio wants to show t s people how easy it is to
10:37 am
like fred astair or like jaggera with simple steps. well they have the last 45ast 45 minutes or so to practice nowic it's time to show us all of youf what they learn. mod morning. >> good morning.oo >> good morning. how a are you?>> >> kevin and i decide it would o be easier for to us train with w an instructor so kevin and kev d catherine work out dance i work out with savvier.h savvi we'll show you our mover and pup our two instructors again andinr show how you the professionalsss do it. do it. >> the only reason i wanted toy this i wantreed to learn this me that ryan gosling does in the d the movie is phenomenal.menal show everyone. eryone. i can't do it yet.t dot ye i don't know how to to do ito t yet. the one move i want to learn. >> this is my instructors is m catherine whose awesomey at lil she works here at the fredd astair studios in fairfax andrfa we'll do our dance number. numbe here we go. >> ready. >> here we go. >> yeah. >> and here we go.. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, look up. up. look at me. [
10:38 am
>> whoo! [ applause ] >> i have no idea. i i got to look forward.orrd it's hard. did you a great job.. >> erin do you yours. yours. erin is way better than mine. tm >> he learned without mu sick sk we can count and keep it i savvier has been a great coach. we're doing a bit of as be senw, right? >> natural. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> we got this. this now just 35 minutes of dancing lessons and i want them to showo us. they'll add some music now and show you the music and moves ala beat come together. toget i believe they're doing waltz for us?tz for us >> yes.? this is from the film. >> from the filmis. im the >> the planetarium scene they're dancing in the stars. >> if you want to come to fred astair dance studios learn witht a significant other kevin and ia we've been working on this is not very advanced for us but wet got this,
10:39 am
[ laughter ] >> this is what the beginnersegs look like. and just wait. wai >> take a look at them. >> all right.llht. yes. >> okay. we got this, kevin.s, kin [ laughter ]laught >> let's get out of the way and let the professionals do it. >> ♪♪ we got to do the other one. o to the side, back, over, come oe over here.ere. >> they look lot better than the professionals are not in thee n picture. n't awwww. >> there you go. >> nothing to compare them >> now they don't look that bad. >> i'm terrible.. >> the key is one professionalfa in the couple. t coupl >> one to lead. one to >> there you go. >> we're having hav it's good exercise.ercise. fun couple bonding. bondi i would suggest
10:40 am
dancing lessons these shoes area fun and comfortable, too.e, too we like what's going on.t's ing >> i like my shoes, too. t >> you guys did an awesome job. >> great job.ob >> awesome job. aweso job >> look now the whole class. >> watch out you'll get runet >> yes. >> thank you. next after party you bust out bt those moves you got it made. ma. ere e you go. >> that was pretty impressive is for kevin and erin to do that da especially kevin. it look a little stiff in thef t morning. >> kevin did have six weeks of lessons. >> very own derek and julia hough. >> that's exactly what i was thins kexing, >> hey listen 10:40 is the time. we're not waffling around.roun [ laughter ] >> the jokes just keep comingomg here. here coming up we're heading into tht good day cafe where former toprt chef will join us live to showo us how to make breakfast bettert than ever.. >> breakfast, lunch, dinner. >> i know, right.
10:41 am
never seen before.or 10:40 is our time. good day at 10a is what you're watching.
10:42 am
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sure, you could sit around all night iting for a pizza to be livered. t wouldn't making it yourselfall a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait. ♪♪ hey, if you are looking for a new brunch spot with amazing i food you might want to check ouo our new guest's restaurant it'ss called b2 it's a belgiumum restaurant owned by former top chef contest short bart quicklyk becoming a d.c. staple becauseus of it
10:44 am
sweet ones, too.on, to these aren't your average plane breakfast waffles. serving up waffles withffles ingredients.ient. mushrooms, quail, cheddarar cheese, crab meat, lobster meat and this morning chef bart isf s live in the good day kitchen kih whipping up some of these the delicious treats just for us.ea showing us how to i couldn'toun' keep jawn away. >> chef part this is the reasonr why i said yes today.. i heard you were going to beoin here. here. >> really what started thised ti whole waffle craze was the dough full. full >> dough full.. >> it's a dough full. this is what happened when theee donut gets too close to the waffle.ff so it's a donut dough it gets first bake in the waffle iron and then it gets deep fried denn we glaze it and then it gets all sprinkled up glazed.laze >> you actually serve it likeik double decker like that. tt. >> yes, we call it the bomb. bb >> i can see. see >> it gets ice cream in between also.
10:45 am
watchers points would this job.i >> we stop counting at a certaia >> okay, good.ka goo >> exactly. >> listen oprah can't have thisi we're good. we're good. >> exactly. we'll eat one more oprah.ea >> how about that? h abo >> so you guys did a video of o this and it went viral. >> yes. >> and we actually have videoacl that you also did on facebook fo which kind of shows the wholele waffle craze.le c. >> exactly. >> explain it. waffle craze people cameleam in from insider. they came and filmed all of a o this, then it went completelyplt berserk. we had about 4 million views inn less than four days and thenn people came in for dough fulls s and normally we would sell somem dough fulls for breakfast.reakst >> how many people does it taked to eat a dough fulloe?? >> a dough full.ul we have a single dough full. f we have them forest rhawn weekwk so.o. we have the deluxe that meansham one dough full, ice cream andrea whipped cream and then we haveaw the bomb normally ice cream in e the middle, two dough fulls onun top of it. lots of whipped cream, caramel sauce, chocolate a
10:46 am
else we can fine in the kitchen. >> wow. >> someone to drive you home>> t because you're comatose aftero r you eat it, right? so this isoi the ultimate sweet one thatneha started the craze now you'veou'v really branched out. out tell us about that. that. >> exactly.ctly we start with actually with a soup. so so we have classic tomato soup and cheese sandwich. therefore we made it with, um, u three different kinds of cheeses. handing it to me.g it te >> in waffle iron.liron. it has to be really like sticky, gooey coming out of it. >> modern take on grilled cheese sandwich. >> yes. >> is it hot. >> it is hot. >> i'm going to try it. >>eah.h. you got to do that. >> and this is like joyful --oyu >> i'll take the other end,ke oh holly. >> it's good.s good >> i'm just here to tell you. >> can anything be a waffle? wa? >> i think pretty much anythingn can make into a waffle.affl i mean we have all differentnt waffle irons.le irons. we have waffle irons that i actually can put an egg in a waffle.ffle >> wow! >> >> so it looks like this wow bub actually there's approached eggc inside
10:47 am
we also are serving our classicc waffles. this is the brussels waffle orr belgium waffle as we know it kno over here.over >> the one close to your heart.t >> closest to my heart.lose >> we have to talk aboutst okaya look how does a lobster get in a ?affle? >> or mushroom or, you know.. >> i mean the mushroom room wass created to be vegetarian.egar so this is you take a waffleaffe dough, you take out any sweet ingredients, you start to replace butter with olive oil.. you flavor it up with any herbsr and spices and then you add a creams to it to make a nicee decorations it becomes almostost like a winter fall festival on a plate. >> make my nutritionist happy.. >> he'll be very happy. >> getting my sticks and leavese and things.s >> fiber everything.ryth >> perfect for restaurant weekuk or valentine's i would say the e lobster waffle. w how do we get that lobster? lol of people see lobster waffle wfl they think it's belgium waffle l with lobster on top.. >> the lobster is in it.
10:48 am
>> inside. >> this is put pastry. we roll it out and make a nice lobster sauce mix it withh lobster meat, put it inside and then it gets nice decorationsios and gets bake in the waffle wafl iron. all our waffle irons arerons a different. you see different squares. small ones, big ones.s in between sizes. ses >> who knew? kw? >> listen this is good option.. chef i came prepared for youd fu listen -- >> go back there. >> i mean -- that is not big enough.enou >> big enough for that.ig eno >> we've got aluminum foil righi here >> we'll be wrapping it up.e ngi what's the waffle you haven't hn made yet you think is next creation.on >> next creation f i knew that t right now that would be --de >> putting you on the spot. youh >> put me on the spot.e uton t >> i have to come up with -- wew have lobster -- we did -- did- somewhere somehow maybe a drink into a waffle.fle. >> how hard is it to get it to g reservations for brunch. b >> how hard is it, brunch is ths mad house. wee ite it. i mean like therefore
10:49 am
>> wow! wow! >> i just -- 20 cun 18 they have an availability.abily. >> otherwise come this weekwi forest rhawn week. the whole city ises cfore celebi restaurant week. we have all thoseaura things.. >> tell them you know the chef.. >> yeah. you know what the chef most of the time says, that you know mym rules.rule [ laughter ] >> laying down the law. waffle style. all right. we've got more good day on thefe ay on the other side.r si don't go anywhere.ere i have to at least try the dough full. full don't you think?u k? >> yes. >> one bite. >> might fall asleep. >> i know, right. >> during the commercial break. ♪♪
10:50 am
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10:52 am
[ laughter ] >> you caught us. >> what's wendy really like? >> jawn, we're friend. jaw wendy is just so lovely in person. >> oh h.>>h h. >> invited us back any time. >> no, no -- wendy is reallyeall nice during commercial breaks. k can i say one of the things i'ms most excited about being here there was lenger carry personality here in d.c.
10:53 am
sumner passed about a year and a half ago i just done wendy williams fort fifth or sixth orx time. really proud of uh-uh did aud o great job but i really like thie extended hour good day d.c. i d. really want to see you do thatt show. ow. >> oh wow. >> who is this.. >> marsha -- swear to goodness.. i actually shared, i can spoke at her funeral when she passed p and shared this story. here i am doing all thesehe national shows and she says i ss want to see you on good day d.c. >> here you are. she's looking down from heaven e very proud today. pud tod >> god bless you. >> yes jawn murray giving us ai plug. we love it. listerwe we were l going to don tweets. if we still are or talk with wit jawn. ja little combination of both.ombio >> let's do a couple tweets ande end the show talking to you andd tuck. >> happy birthday erin como. co >> all right.>> all r >> there you go.. >> sweet. >> that dancing instructor isda amazing she madncein kevin mccay look like he knew what he washew [ laughter ] >> you better talk that talk, wn.n. >> yes.
10:54 am
oh the mariah carey song. s my left ear doesn't love it.e >> two of you. you. >> i said my left ear doesn't d love ioet. >> look at jawn murray. >> sherri jackson from praise 104. you got everybody watching today. >> nice to have folks that like you. >> fantastic. have ike>> fanic look, .jawn we want one piece oe dirt before you leave.ouea >> dirt? good give us dirt? go something. i'm pretty clean. >> you know people.people >> about someone else. >> i can celebrate this. maureen knows this because weauw got to hang out at universal sole circus sherri shepherd pass a new -- from the view. the vie they got a victory in her h lawsuit with her he can husband. >> right. >> now that she's living in los angeles he wanted to get mt orse child support out of her but tht judge through the case out of o court and said new jersey has jurisdiction go get a job. >> good. [ applause ] all right.t. real men menk. >> real men work. >> we like tha>>t kind of teasea come back any time with that. oh
10:55 am
>> we need add break j. that was a >> she is such a lovely person r was telling jawn when we werein universal circug sja our kidsids totally bonded and my daughter e talks about sherri's son i wantt to see my friend.end. we'll have to find that video of us on stage dancing. danci >> doing the whip and nae-nae.p. >> that was a good time.a goode >> what's next? what do you do next?next >> i'm going to the savannah tvv festival down in at land to thit week then i'm going los angelesl with the good folks at nissan ns for the african-american filmm critics pre oscar dinner.. >> when do you find time for us? >> listen, we're family now. n as long as you guys keep havingp men cook in the kitchen.iten >> you're all in. you'r >> you're all in. >> do you ever get tired of traveling? >> i don't. i genuinely love it. f mi yge of my -- because o love of traveling i did a series called night crawl new york for the travel channel.nel and we're talking about doingtai some other stuff. but i love -- i'm one of the fet people covered hollywood andwo a music industry from d.c.ryrom dc i say it keeps me normal.or you can go into the industry. is you can, you know, watch
10:56 am
rock and role i come back here e haven't a normal life. l living in the dc suburbs. subur >> there you go. >> we love you. >> thank you for coming.ha >> you are welcome any any time. >> our very own super star sr tucker barnes standing by readya to give us our last weather hit. >> it's always tuck. t he is our star. >> drug, sex and rock and roll.. >> it hasn't aged i was bit.gewi >> we got clouds working througi the area. are we're trying to clear it out.t we might get a sprinkle this afternoon. i want to mention the winds win blowing out of the west 20 to tt 30. blustery afternoon but look atoa your daytime high.igh. 52 degrees. warm it up. yeah, not bad. right into groundhog day sunshine in the forecast andthfd temperatures a few degrees abovo normal. no next chance for rain or snow sunday night into monday.on watching the super bowl and worrying about monday morning.y. that's a few days off. a fews we'll watch it carefully.wah it that's a weather update.pd 52 this afternoon.s afternoon. back to you. >> thank you, tuck.>> thank thank you to chef bart for thehe waffles.ff they are magnificent
10:57 am
>> we'll be right over.tve [ laughter ] >> to indulge some more. mor >> it's been a great day. d >> jawn murray, thank you veryha much. >> thank you. >> see you tomorrow.
10:58 am
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>> live from the new york city it's the wendy williams show! [ cheers and applause ] it's going to be great. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ]


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