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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 31, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> you're fired the acting attorney for united states is dismissed after she refused to defend the president temporary immigration ban. we're live with who is now taking over the top spot and how lawmakers are responding. >> all this on heels of president's highly anticipated supreme court nomination and this morning we say closer look at who the president may choose and impact the decision could have on major issues that come before the court. plus, >> ollie the wayward bob scat still on the lam this morning. i'm bob barnard what you need to look out for. >> first a live look outside on tuesday morning, january 31, 2017. we will have weather and traffic coming up for you on the five at 7:0 5. good tuesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm holly morris in for steve chenevey. we welcome you
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morning". >> first up at 7 a quick school closing to pass along to you page county high school will be closed today. it's due to mechanical issue. all other schools in the county will be on today. >> and there are a few systems out to the west delays delayed because over nights snowfall in western maryland, alleghany county and garrett country schools are both on a two hour delay and west virginia mineral county schools are also ob a two hour delay. >> now let's go ahead and get to news headlines at 7:00 tuesday morning we'll begin with major developments regarding president trump travel ban and fallout over enforcing it. >> lieutenantsly right you're fired you're hired those words from president trump swiftly he replacing acting attorney general when she refused to enforce his order on immigration and refugee ban. >> melanie alnwick is live outside at the department of justice with more on this we'll call it shakeup i guess, mel. >> that's right, we've seen dramatic push back on executive
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order at fraerpt general public and also if a group of dip flats group of state attorney generals and now from the top enforcer at the justice department and message from the white house to centers is either they can get with the program or they can go. >> after days of protest over trump's executive order to taem rarely stem flow of refugees and clamp down on immigration of seven countries linked with terror. aconfrontation between trulp and fired acting attorney general sally yates and she wrote this the department of justice will not present arguments in defense of executive orderinging her consideration wept beyond legal arguments and re action from the white house was visit. yates is gone. >> it was be trail of office and she is being replaced with somebody who will enforce the laws of the united states. >> jaits holdover from obama
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department while attorney general nominee senator jeff sessions winds way through confirmation process. ironically sessions questioned gates during her confirmation hearing asking whether she was prepared defy a president whose order she did not agree with. >> if the president want to execute and it's unlawful should the attorney general or deputy attorney general say no? >> i believe the attorney general or deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow law and constitution and give independent legal advice for frez. >> she's been replaced with u.s. attorney dana boente. >> sally yates was a profile in courage. profile in courage. maybe some of her courage and insight and wisdom would rub off on the people in the white house owe. and we know there's been continued protest over this ex
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president trump also not holding back tweeting again this morning that talking about democrats saying that he's impatient on this asking when they'll give him attorney general nominee as well as other members of cabinet saying no reason -- no wonder washington d.c. doesn't work talking about delays here hear or perceived delays matter of fact senator sessions is up for final vote in the senate judiciary committee this morning and then nomination will go on to the full senate. live in front of the justice department i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> and 7:04 now thanks mel as far as president's controversial executive order is the white house doing some rethinking on that? >> well this morning the new political web site and blog cites sources that say department of homeland security would issue new guidance to the president executive order.
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travel ban has support from around the krnty. maureen join us with those details. mel, good morning. >> good morning, allison, holly, more than half of likely voters support president trump refugees in seven majority nations from coming into u.s. and 57% said they favor temporary halt from refugees on 7 listed countries and 10 percent remain undecided. monday's results say half those polls represent a short term pause issuing visas to the country. the government has to proof ability to scene for likely but quinn i bee ak poll showed majority americans support a travel
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president trump signed the executive order friday and put a 90 day freeze from iran, iraq, molia, sedan, yes, ma'am ebb and syria and suspended refugee admissions 120 days and indefinite suggestion pension of syrian refugees. the seven nation target ready said to be countries of particular concern for terrorism and argue the the ban is unconstitutional and unfairly target muslims. back to you. >> thanks, mel, late last night president trump made another change in administration. president appointed thomas d. holeman as acting director of u.s. immigrations and custom enforce m and he rereplaces ice director daniel ragsdale no reason was given for his dismissal. he has served since 2013.
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morning. hi, tuck. >> good morning, it feels chilly. >> feels like end of january. >> good to us. >> couple light showers and snow flurries flying across the area those quickly pushing off northeast as we get a warm front moving on through. reagan national 43. dulles and bwi marshall are both below freezing. most of the area below freezing be prepared for a cold morning. i think we'll warm up a little this afternoon. upper 40s to low 50s expected for daytime eyes. leftover snow shower activity well east of us at the moment looks like up towards baltimore and as it continues to push away here should drag clouds with it and partly sunny this afternoon. i mention breezes with us throughout the day today. it will be i bit breezy out there and daytime highs 50 with sunshine. 7 day has snow on it. >> yes. >> and the weekend we'll look at that the momentarily. >> i can't remember if he sees his shadow or n
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honest. >> i thought if he sees it six more weeks and doesn't -- you. >> have that right. >> yes. >> i -- >> tony is the hater. >> how you can hate punxsutawney phil. , on we should are is a phil party next week. >> there you go. >> celebrate together. >> i heard there's groundhog costume float around for pike mike to put on. we're over sky fox breaking news we've told you about fatal pedestrian struck accident kenilworth and bladeensburg and police are at this location and have investigation set up traffic getting by and slowly. one lane in both directions so please use caution there. sky fox will go ahead and move over for a look at maps. that's not the only thing we're doling with this
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keep you update the, back to you. >> thanks, erin, let's go check other top stories today the search continues for a gunman that shot and called a man walters lane last night district hight. "fox5" was on the scene they do not know if it was random or targeted. it appears to be a robbery. the victim was not employee at the gas station. >> now to latest terror attack on mosque in quebec, canada, a canadian college student carried out the attack killing 6 and injuring 19 others. no wart on motive. he carried out deadly attack alone. security is being stepped up at mosques around the world. >> and eiffel tower going dark a sign of solidarity for victims. >> june as soon as sentence date is set
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george country public high school volunteer who pled guilty to child pornography offenses deate caroway admitted to recording and engaging with sext acts in children as young as 9 and the abias happened at judge sylvania woods elementary and some victims' homes he faces 60 to 100 years if in prison. >> major change in the organization. >> and have you seen this bob cat? search continues for ollie after making a great escape from the national zoo. we're live with the latest your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals.
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>> bob cat missing from the national zoo. >> they last saw steve hershorn in the morning and by breakfast she was gone. bob barnard is live with bob cat patrol. >> you see how it's fitting bob is on bob cat patrol. >> when you first talked earlier you were like oie is on the loose and then i thought holly is on the loose no she's right here but it's ollii it's a she. they are talking about her outside of zoo. a lady says she's not on the metro and another lady walking her dog says i live in arizona and bobcats rome free all the time. n't didn't seem to concern and she's a 25 point bob cat and she should not be dangerous for humans she was spotted 7:0 and when they
7:14 am
bobcats there were two other males in the exhibit and ollie was gone. she could be anywhere they say rock creek park would could be perfect habitat and she's probably hunting birds and perhaps small pets brantdy smith zoo official who says evidence that holly broke free through one of heren closures. >> what we discovered is area of mesh one of the ropes that hold it together was i think i say severed but didn't look deliberate one of the ropes broken which left opening of about 4 by or 6 by 6 biggest and we believe that's the area she got out. >> and now ollie is cute and finance my and she has her own twitter act and couple of them as a matter of fact. one d.c. bob cat at escape d.c. bob cat tweeted a couple times one saying that i'm approachable and grochowskiy and
7:15 am
approach the cat if you see it and another one saying this morning i'm looking for breakfast and of course she is. and there is a chance zoo officials say there is a chance that she'll never be caught and never be found and she's out there somewhere guys and probably somewhere close by. >> bob, are we in the lead here. should we be concerned animals are escaping from the zoo. >> you know, it happens. remember the red pan daxt there's been animals that have done this before. it's going to happen. and yeah we should be concerned if there's elephant or something walking down connecticut avenue. bob cat will probably disappear into the environment. >> okay. thanks, bob. >> that's weird. >> they rise up. >> exactly. >> at some point they rise up. >> if you
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>> that's what i said to her. >> looks look a main coon. >> i think fundment alley i don't think bob kratz escaping out there. >> holly if you are watching this is serious story i'm concerned for her for domesticated animals on leashes and it's scary. runners rock creek park. >> you can't win. >> i'll do what holly does. >> being free. >> it's the forecast. 34 washington and 27 in new york city question and most of our region below freezing this morning. it's chilly out there. put on the jacket if you head out to school as we got cold temperatures to start the someday. snow your snow flurries east of us and gradually and breezy this afternoon and daytime eyes had you warmer than yesterday yesterday didn't get out of 0s and today upper 40s and perhaps low 50s across the ream don't. there'
7:17 am
you can see energy with little clipper system is to north today. up in pennsylvania parts of northern ohio there. there's 7 day. 5 today and 50 tomorrow and 40s for big phil showing i assume they're doing nat in dupont remember they have stuffed guy. >> d.c. phil i think. >> d.c. phil. >> yes, beautiful phil. >> i went down a couple years ago it seems like there's a lot of beforehand. >> airport, good morning. >> sound like my wiped of event. right now, 7:1 7 over a crash 400 block of kenilworth avenue and traffic diverted at one point southbound side backed up as well. allow for ca time bladeensburg. avoid that strep of ken ill work now. i want to show you outer loop. bradley exit as you come off 270 spur crash o
7:18 am
lane and shoulder and heavy traffic outer loop and delays lingering back to 95 and college park and connecting down towards american leemon bridge. allow for ca time there and keep to right lanes upper loop looking good. we're also dealing with heavier traffic on 66 eastbound through fairfax and more traffic if a pew, back to you, holly, allison. >> 7:18 tracking metro and transit agency taking heat for newly proposed budget in hopes of easing 00 million bumet deficit. metro is considering a plan to increase spans for bus and rail passengers and increase fares and that up includes a 10 to 25 cent rail hike and 25 picture bus fare. the idea not sitting well with passengers. >> we have fare increases and service cuts. that looks like a death spiral to me and i'm very concerned that we're got going to get back on track. >> increas
7:19 am
>> increasing fares and reducing service seems counter intuitive if you juan to see providership grow. make your system efficient, safe, pleasant and affordable and riders will return. >> and metro also says some bus lines could be elingted. metro is expect totd approve the budget this spring. >> we now know identities of victims of triple murder at the blue sunday bar and grill in buoy and 46-year-old restaurant manager cherwood morgan and co-workers were all shot and killed by their co-worker 40-year-old carlese employed. the alleged gunman workeds a bar teptder at the restaurant and was found in his yard with gun shot wound. >> a maryland mother is facing child abuse charges for kicking her 4-year-old daughter in the stomach for not brushing her teeth. 0-year-old irish hernandez reeves kicked her
7:20 am
hard she's at the hospital in critical condition. the incident happened last week in gamersburg. >> take a good look at the scene now. d.c. police want ur rep to find this man kid fapd a mana long 0. street north west. he made several attempt to withdraw money from atm. and then you can make large purchases. there it is the suspect is believed to be in 30s or 40s and spotted differ silver suv. if you have any information please call police. >> new york mayor bill deplaceo facing major backlash for a comment he made about drunk driving and mayor was recently on cnn for interview. during that interview network asked the mayor if he thought drunk driving was a minor offense and he responded "he would categorize drunk driving that doesn't lead to any other negative outcome as a minor offense"
7:21 am
drive ring outraged and group released this statement on witness twitter nothing minor when drunk driving kills or injuries people every year that's a slap in the face to victims. drunk driving is always a major offense and never minimize the impact it has on stories or ving items. >> shocking discovery in the nose of a american air lien's plane. airline employee found a stash of cocaine after the plane arrived in tulsa oh, oh, from columbia it is worth more than $400,000 m the dea is investigating. >> trending this morning boy kouts of aamerica louing transgender. they will accept based on gender identity made on the application. they were criticize for getting the teen late last year. >> he's expected -- a close being lag on nominees a
7:22 am
hill. >> first super bowl count down continues five days to go folk. how does host city houston store when it comes to best citying for investment plans. we'll break that down next.
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7:24 am
>> i love the super bowl. >> i love the commercials. >> this year's super bowl wl
7:25 am
text. when it comes to best cities how does houston wrank. >> a list of best and worst cities for fans ranged cities based on things like number of team championship wins and number of division wins and franchise value and average ticket price. which is they ranks best. coming in first green bay wisdom martin followed by pittsburgh, new york, dallas and boston. houston actually come in number 1 out of 50. as far as work, princeton knowledge new jersey comes in last along with dayton, ohio. >> they don't have a football team -- >> for your city to win when you don't have a team. >> jacksonville had one and jackson sillville and then jacksonville alabama i guess not jacksonville florida. >> is that right. >> college. >> rambleing louisiana and jackson bill this comes in 25 and
7:26 am
>> this is a flawed study. not necessarily nfl fans just general football fans. >> tucker disagrees. >> get to the bottom of that. >> baltimore was 27. >> i think d.c. has great fans. problem we haven't won a super bowl if decades. >> your spirit can wayne. >> 34 washington and looking at temperatures which are chilly. that's one of the warmer spots. much area is at or below freezing and quick moving snow shower north and west and thank you everyone that tweeted me picture on the light snow showers and those are off fading and partly sunny and we'll be about 50 this afternoon and breezes. we do have sunshine to look forward to later today and generally dry and all the snow you saw an satellite picture well be north. punxsutawney phil.
7:27 am
thursday, temps mid 40s well teal you about that. >> don't you worry i'm here i have you covered we were decide what we wanted to take there's a lot going on george washington parkway northbound there's a crash before memorial bridge jammed to 14 bridge watch for that you see the heavy traffic coming up the freeway there on east and westbound side from third street tunnel as well. kenilworth we told about you this deadly crash involving a pedestrian 400 block kenilworth avenue and still busy in both investigation directions and inbound 11 street bridge crash within delays on to 295 and also dealing with another crash on north capitol n street. back to you guys. >> still ahead 7:0 as we await president trump's highly anticipated announcement of nomination a closer look who the president may choose and impact the decision may have on major issues that come before
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>> welcome back to fox5 newsme morning on a tuesday morning. bm it's 7:30. 7 live look at the roads ourhe roo there. we will have weather and traffic coming up for you on the 5's at 7:35. 7:35 if you are just joining usou now there's a look at our top op stories at 7:30. president donald trump fired fir acting attorney general sally yates last night.t night yates refused to enforce the president's temporary ban on refugees and travel restrictionn to muslim majority nations. nios of thf them. in her place is dana beonte. she's the choice by donald trumt he will defend the executivexeti order on immigration.tion he was sworn in late last night after yates was sent packing. pg he probably won't be long on thn job though. attorney general nominee jeffeej sessions is up for committeemite
7:31 am
could be confirmed by thursday. 27-year-old known for his hs far right views has been b identified as the suspect gunman who opened fire on a mosque in quebec city.y. he is charged with killing six people during evening prayers os it's believed he acted alone. canada's prime minister call tht attack an act of terrorism andra in paris overnight, eiffel towew going dark a sign of solidarityr for the victims. the search continues forsech gunman who shot and killed a man at the bp gas station on walters lane yesterday. yay this happened in districtnein ds heights, maryland.and. fox5 first on the scene.scen police do not know if thef shooting is random or targeted.e it appears to be a rob breachob the victim was not an employee o at the gas station. holly?y? >> thanks, al. 31 right now. right now to night president trump is sets to name his nominee for the f supreme court.e of course, there's been c a loto speculation about who will get t the president's nod for the higt court and the impact that hishah choice could have. hav joining us now break it all down
7:32 am
writer at cq roll call who cal w covers the supreme court. c it's good to have you.'s goo >> thanks for having me. >> my first question, is thereet any significance to the fact he's making this annifouicncemei prime time?im >> i certainly think so.ta thi i mean on the schedule it'set's going to be at the east room in the white house, and it will be 88:00 o'clock.88:00 beyond that we're not exactlye t sure but it does tend to play into his kind of show man reality tv show sensibility.sil. >> he wants this to be a bignts deal and eighths big deal for af lot of people. let's talk about the frontbohe f runners.ers. basically two names that aremesa really standing outlets start sa with judge neil gorsuch from the tenth circuit court of appeals f out of colorado.out of colorado. what makes him the frontrunner?? >> right now all of the pickhe c that is trump had on his listiss are solidly conservative.rvative so he has definitely record ofed being solidly conservative.ate. what makes him stand out is that he has a superior intellect even among all these federal judgesed that are very smart in the law.l went to harvard law.. went to oxford to get a gr
7:33 am
degree in law, and has been on the bench since george w. bushrb am point the him in 2007. >> a lot of conservatives willav like him because the religious liberties, you've spoken aboutka the obama care and its mandate,a you know, for contraception andd that could go against people'ss religious freedoms.edom i also was reading about him heh hasn't officially written anrien opinion about roe v. wade in that some conservatives that t might scare them because they t don't totally know exactly wherw he stands. >> right. you'll get that with almost>> al of these nom -- potential nominees because judges can'tgen pick what issues come beforee them. so they can only rule on what'sn before them. befo he does happen to have a bige ab ruling in that contraception mandate at the supreme courtre agreed with his position on.. >> where does he fall on like ol the scalia meter? meter >> he is on the scalia meter upp high. he's very good writer and writes with a flare and a sense ofenseo humor and people think that thah compares him favorable tollle t justice scalia.. >> let's
7:34 am
hardiman from the third circuitr court of appeals, young, 51oug years old. ar while you talk about the pedigree of gorsuch he's kind oo the every day man in terms of judges. >> he is. he's got a really great personalnal story to tell if trump wants tos make that part of his pick. p he grew up in massachusetts.sact his dad ran a taxi cab company c and he drove for the taxi t company work his way throughgh college at notre dame and atanda georgetown driving the x >> didn't go to an ivy league.g. so, you know --w >> correct. >> that was kind of the thing that people thought he mightwast relate to.teo. but my question for him is, is , he conservative enough for the conservatives out there thatt tt follow trauma? >> does he have a conservativene record. he's been approved by thehe federalist society a group heree that has the bonafides of big cree den sham judges to say tay whether they're conservative'rei enough or not he doesn't have aa deep avenue record there is anut little bit more unknown aboutkna him and he's more in --n -- consideredor
7:35 am
than the other candidates. >> that's the i'd lolly enigmatic that. scares some. i don't want to loose cannon onnn the supreme court. crt >> sure. >> all of this, d all of thisf t matter at all because they'resee going to get a fight from thee democrats. how hacked are they that the republicans didn't even set up a confirmation hearing former wrir garland who's president obama'ss pick? pick >> they are very upset aboutbo that, and i'm sure that we will hear merrick garland's name's n quite bit much these two the two nominees have an advantage neili gorsuch was approved on voice ve vote he was non contentious atna the time for his position nowion and judge hardiman was 95 to zero vote an lot of votes wereer democrats including for instance minority leader charles schumer, and diane feinstein the chairman of the senate did you judiciaryy >> we didn't get a chance to t talk about two other judges.udge maybe they're they'll will beeyr called tonight.e ton >> we have no idea.>>id has a list of 20 that hee potentially could pick and
7:36 am
see tonight.e tot >> all right. g it d for breaking it down. >> sere. >> appreciate it isn't thanksci for having me. >> thanks for take the time. all right. s fo let's check on the weather ck now.n t >> all right, holly. cold>> a temperatures out theree most of the area blow freezing z to start your cld covover. sta even a couple flurries earlyarly passing them by to our east o we'll turn partly sunny and warr it up near 50 today.oday warm front moving through. thr 34 now in washington.asto you can see the coldcol temperatures regionally, newy, n york 27. 2 binghamton 14 this morning. mni 20 up in boston so chunk of cold air in the neighborhood and eved a couple of though snow showers and snow flurries early most ofs the energy stater to our north and what's going to happen apena little later is we should get st the clouds out of here at leasta partially and we'll be partly pl sunny and milder today.od not going to call it parm.t highs near 50 should feel bettee tean yesterday. still want to mention those t breezes will be with us for mucc of the day. there's your forecast for yourr tuesday. tu plenty more on the weatherhe wer coming up momentarily. let's talk to the birthday girlr about traffic.t trfic >> traffic is not so great right now, tucker, for tuesdayue
7:37 am
dealing with a bunch of problems. skyfox is still out in bladen sburyfgox deadly pedestrianedtr crash, and as you can see,u cans northbound traffic is getting bb just fine but southbound traffit at the 4200 block of kenilwortht avenue is being diverted to sidd streets and that's causing somes big delays.big so please allow for extra timext as they wrap up thatha investigation.atn we'll go ahead and switch itwiit over from sky fox for live looke at the top side of the beltway.w we're dealing with a crash by by the 270 spur.pu it's moved over to the shouldere so you can see traffic is movinn along in all lanes. lanes left lane no longer blocked itci looks like the delays easing ain bit. bi please allow for extra time backing things ton 270 a bit. live look at 270 where thehe the southbound side is dealing witht heavy volume. you can see that out by montross road and delays are all the wayw back to three tent 70 much ash you try to get down the spur on to the outer loop that crash caused a residual delay on 270 2 southbound. 355 dealing with morning volumei as wellng. some other crashes you should be aware of including
7:38 am
inbound side of five after 301 split.i big delays as you try to head ud towards clinton 210 northboundtn jams in the inner loop slow fro branch avenue to the wilson aveo bridge. metro on time right now. now. that's good news back to you y holly and >> major retailer offering a ne perk for all of you onlineine shoppers. include myself in that. tha details ahead. aad >> as we countdown to super bowb li the patriots and falconsalco aren't the only ones who will be scoring. scorin we'll have look at the business of the big game.e. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ welcome back. 7:40 today. >>c. mayor muriel bowser will join muriebo fwsorces with congn eleanor holmes norton to defensf the death with dignity act the district's medical aid and dying legislation. the bill is currently in dangere of being killed by dc has authority over its local laws but bills must be transmitted to congress for review before they can takeitteb effect.y >> also d.c. ward council member kenyan duffy will promote new legislation.ion. illegal short term rentalsm reduce the supply of affordable housing and raise rents acrosscs the district knew legislation provides tougher penalties and reporting requirements.rement northeast d.c. elementarymen school says it is now working wi with the health department to help combat a rodent and bed bub problem
7:42 am
students at elementary returnedr to class yesterday after theer t school was treated for parents say they were notified e of the bed bug problem lastem ls week, but then the principalip sent home a letter saying pest control was also trying to getso rid of rats at the school.choo school officials say they are sa doing all they can to handle hdl this problem. >> one of this past seasonstea hottest holiday toys actuallycta now facing a lawsuit.awsu after some argue it's not all il was cracked up to be.p to be. we'll have the details next. and are you ready for somefs football? as we countdown to super bowl li, a closer look how retailers are also looking tooon score big for the big game. ♪♪
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so berry good. ♪♪ >> we are back now at 7:45 andba checking out ack few clips fromo lanand. the hollywood musical oscar frontrunner us a probably know. plenty of singing and dancing.. so we thought, hey, why not try to channel the moves the ryan tr gosling and emma stone. s later this morning erin andngria kevin are going to head out to o get some la la land dancece lessons and then they'll showy'o off their moves, al. a >> okay. wait. wt. i one for not cannot wait hollyl one great thing coming up ong up good day d.c. you will also want to stay tunen for corey hawkins the youngheou actor with d.c. ties. t he was in that movie straight st out of the compton, too. he's about star in the new 24 n debuting this sunday after the super bowl.l. wisdom talks with him, and don'n miss pop culture expert john
7:46 am
in the loft for very special spl celebrity dish, and more. me >> guess what? today of course as you know is the last day off january.ary so have you given up on your new year's resolutions? you won'ton after you watch good day. day we'll share easy ways to makeo k sure you stick with weight loss goals.go >> awesome. going to be a big show today. >> just like that, tuck january was gone. >> right? >> right? >> i know. it went fast. >> amazing. >> i've been trying to convincei steve to go to the wizards gamem on saturday but he wanted to la la land. ld >> now he's under the weather. a he might not be going anywhere.h >> got to feel better first.rirt >> i know. >> steve, get better soon.t er . 34 now in washington. wasng 30 in gaithersburg.sbg 27 in west minster.. let's see. 28 in winchester.chesr cold temperatures it is cold cd everywhere we are above freezing at reagana national and in leonardtown andd annapolis but it feels cold out there.e good breeze out of the south ass well, and the wind chills arell right now running in the 20's. current winds again out of theit south here at 12. 1 15 quantico.nt 14 in gaithersburg.rsrg so breezy day today.od
7:47 am
they have push off to the east,, and we're looking at cloud covev to start your morning. morng we shall turn partly sunny. what's happening -- let me tryle that what we have happening is a wara front that's working through. tr and you can see that most of tht energy here to our north. nor pretty good light snows into i pennsylvania and this area ofhir low pressure is able to push ofo our e east. we should see the cloudsthe clos eventually start to break up ana we'll be partly sunny thishi afternoon and milder.mir. those win out of the south willl bring in milder temperatures tem later today. la there's another look.tethere' we call this a clipper, and ind mentioned the flurries and light snow showers we had early but eventually it will be in the upper 40ing and low 50s thishi afternoon. there is a look at your sevenk n day forecast. 52 today.od. 50 tomorrow. we'll keep it mild the next nex couple of days. d visit with fill early thursday a morning, 46, and then let men le mention as we get into theo t weekend, the sunday, monday aony few days ago this looked like il had the potential to be prettyty impressive storm. srm at this power hour it doe
7:48 am
look nearly as significant butnb we can have rain and/or snow by super bowl sunday night intont early monday morning. so you know maybe that will beh perfect excuse for us not to bee able to go to work on monday. >> except for us we'll be herell at mnigh >> right. of course. >> we don't get the day >> everybody else is watchingboy the super e bowl good for if you that happens. >> what are you doing working oo your birthdaydo.. >> who me.e. >> yeah. >> i took off last week. too >> that was your birthday trip. >> it was my birthday triptr. it would have been crazy to takt off today as well.. inbound southeast freeway centee lane blocked.. westbound block as you can see the 14th street e bridge completely backed upackeu right now because of heavyeavy volume. aside from that gw parkway p northbound this crash before th memorial bridge did clear and a those bigger delays are starting to ease but we're starting tort see a bit of volume there. southbound 295 there is a crashc at eastern avenue we're jammedne all the way back to 202.02 as you come down towards 50 youu jam all the way down to theown t 11th street bridge
7:49 am
volume. 50 inbound heavy towards 295. 25 new york avenue by bladensburglu also dealing with heavy trafficf aside from that, southern sther maryland inbound delays 21010 northbound through fortgh f washington slows. and then because owaf earlier crash, on five inbound, at brandywine road we're backed up to the 301 split with heavyeavy volume there. 301 northbound dealing with ahba bit of heavier traffic as youicy try to head towards upper upper marlboro.boro outer loop jams from 95 over to georgia with 20 minute slow dowd and from north of the icc on down, 95 southbound really heava because of those outer looputero delays. bw parkway southbound a little l bit sluggish as well but bettere option than 95 right n and guess what? metro is onsn time so that's good news there.t back to you holly and allison. bad news for the popular hatchimal toy. it was one of the hotteste hottt holiday toys but now it's facin' a california woman has filed aed class action lawsuit after shehe says her kids hatchimal refusedf to come out of its egg. she also claims she's been she'b unable to
7:50 am
starting today wal*mart is beginning two day free home shipping. the company has also lowered the minimum purchase requirement fot free shipping from $50 to 35. 3 now wal*mart free two day shipping will be available onl e stuff that people buy the most s like food and electronics. two day shipping does notot include fresh groceries, though. it's coffee lover's dreamerd come true. you can now order starbucks onko demand.dema the coffee chain partnered witht amazon alexa and anyone who hass the device can place an order using their voice.oice right now only limited group ofo people can test it out, but starbucks hopes to expand the feature to more people soon.. to tell alexa which location? >> i don't know. is it ready for you when you get ererfoe.r >> yeah. >> that's the part i don't know. >> how much time. it could get cold.e pa , d>>on'tit ask,'t a dope ask, don't ask. a. >> sorry.>> i won't be inquisitive.tive. okay. let's talk more on super bowl li. 'cause you'll see it right heret on fox5 and from pizzas to a
7:51 am
looking to score big on sunday'' >> for more on the business ofe the big t game a smart shoppingp joins us now. tray is works for slick we're happy you're dealing us this morning. >> thanks so much for having me >> how big is this year's super bowl expected to be?ted b >> it's big.>> i according to the national retail federation, 189 million peopleio are going to be watching thechg game and in fact $14.1 billionil will be spent on super bowl bow related items.lated ite so it's a big day. >> so when people are watching and i know we always talk abouts the super bowl commercials, how, much of that really translatesra into actual, you know, like ino see it when i'm watching theghe super bowl and go out and buy it? it >> well, it really depends on ds the consumer of course.ours we do see that retailers see a s big bump from those commercialsc obviously which is why they ty invest so heff until super bowl commercial.commer these super bowl commercials ar
7:52 am
very expense tiff for the e xpenbusinesses and the return ii strong. >> when you talk about all of ao the money that was being spent, what are we seeing? what are people buying?uying? >> so people are buying everything from apparel to tv's to food, 45 million people plann to host super bowl parties. pti they'll be a lot of foodd expenditures there. there. in fact, with pizza deals in particular, split whow oy work for see a triple surge s is people related for pizza related from pizza hut and papa john's. john's. >> holly let me ask you aol follow-up herely l. sadder method to then gettingtot your pizza because it's alwayss after thought though it's in mym mind i'm sure, pizza, super bowl. bowl. is there a way to make sure you get your pizza in a timelyim fashion on the big day? it day might be an odd question i've'v gotten caught up in this before, trae. trae. >> i would plan ahead to bed toe honest because there will berebe such a strong surge call an houu or so ahead see what the turnhe around time is.s because
7:53 am
guests you want to make sure sur everybody has something to eat.n so plan ahead would be my advice. >> upping you mentioned tv's there. we hear people go back andk and forth. really a great timing to ting buy a tv? i mean like thisikehi week, go get it.get you'll get a great deal.. >> that's great question.que so i think a lot of people feele like they may have missed out ie they didn't buy a tv aroundro black friday cyber monday if yoi are in need of a new tv i see i deals all the way through theayh super bowl.owl. so there is still time.. on slick i found a couple deals i can share. vizio 60-inch hdtv for $298 at wal*mart.wal* dell has a 45-inch smart tv forr $449 with a $150 gift card backb to you from dell.l so those twenty four deals to give you an ideawent of how strn these discounts really are. >> can i learn how to use it? >> exactly right. r >> can we learn how to operatepe that smart smart television? >> that's right.>> tri
7:54 am
going to be, you know, comingnom together because we always do bc for the super bowl andau they'l' be a number of parties att private homes.ate where else do people go? do wed still go to the bars? do wee still go to the restaurants?esur thehey do. about 12.4 million peoplen peope according to national retaill rt federation do plan to go to barr and restaurants but 45 million5o people are planning to throwohr ose e parties. so i think the house parties arp really where it's is at. if you're not throwing onehrowg yourself make sure to geto g invitation from someone with asa nice big tv so you can see the s >> yeah. yeah. trae, i wonder about thoseout to restaurants and bars they really like it or nots because thesehe turnover is not there. >> right? >> they're, that's true. people want to sit there fheoryf long time.long te. so, you know, but then on the tt other hand they might be reallye packed and full and might beight there a lot of excitement p ifep people are sitting there for tre long time they might be dripping a lot, eating a lot so maybeay those bills run up and it's at' worth it for those businesses. >> where will you be watching?i? >> i'm hoping to get invitationo from a friend who lives in townn they have a really big tv. [ laughter ]er ] >> there you go.>> the you >> keeping my fingers crossed og that one. that >>he
7:55 am
good beer.r that's the two things you need. >> trae, thank you very much. tk >> thank you you.. >> okay. follow tra>>e on true trae on twitter. for more trends.nds twitter trends. >> twitter trends trae.s >> good for you.for y remember we have your sunday plans all ready to go. g wake up and keep it tuned toun t fox5.fox5 i want to stay at home all day. 7.5 hours of pre-game coverage v begins at 11am. 1 kick off at 6:30 p.m.:3p. patriots looking for a fifth f super bowl win the falcons their first. >> 7.5 hours?.5 hrs >> i know.>>now. >> pre-game. >> if only i had the time.he tim >> listen oh this.teoh t former president george hw bushs is out of the hospital that's hs the good and he can go back to doing what a former president does, like lk flipping the coin during theg tn super bowl.per b awesome. >> nfl asked bush senior to beeb this year's honorary coin tossee he is not officially accepted,d, nor declined the offer just yett but of course they live ine i houston. >> i
7:56 am
video on the big -- awesome juss to see him healthy >> but he's out of the hospital. he could could be there. >> okay. oka >> on the field. hat met would be awesome. >> i hope he can make it out. ct 34 now in washington.asng freezing temperatures forreor everybody early this morningorni even at reagan we hit 32 earlier and we hadnde snow showers out there north of d.c. to start your morning. most of it didn't really reachla the ground here not a big deal.a you can see very quickly pushck off to the east and to the the north. so cloud cover early. this afternoon we should turnn partly sunny and with thoseh t strong wind out of the southinds here early this morning we'll bw warmer than yesterday as well. a highs around 50 or so. or s there's a quick look at your seven day.ay. 50 today. tay 52 tomorrow.w. mid 40s from our favoritee groundhog on thursday. >> punxsutawney phil. >> next chance for rain and/oror snow does not look significantca at this hour although we got tot watch it sunday and monday.da erin is back with a birthday and traffic. >> i have a question for my birthday.ay
7:57 am
good song. think about it.inout >> okay. >> the day to bring it back. train malfunctionay t at rhodetd island avenue.isve because of that red line delaysl to again moment. momen current metro delay.del blue line back to normal afterft earlier malfunction at kingont g street right now this is the only metro delay we're trackingk wide view you can see a lotot sluggish traffic on our map picking up top side of theide oe beltway on the outer loop.p. earlier crash on the outer loopo by bradley boulevard did clear c we are tracking a current inbound crash on southeastea southwest free kay the crash ata the case bridge blocking theckhe center lane. westbound crash at main avenueee with right lane blocked. inbound 66 still sluggishggis through centreville.lle more traffic in a keep it to fox5 news we'll be right back. back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.. good tuesday morning. i'm allison seymour.eymour >> i'm maureen umeh in for stevs today. thank you for joining us.daank here's what's on the fox5 news 5 morning menu.en a night of drama theght ofma nation's top law enforcementorce officer fired after she refused to defend president donaldald trump's latest executive ordertd on border control.ol all this as we're just hourse jt away from a prime timeme time announcement the president highh court nominee. democrats meanwhile gearing upri for a fight. also this morning, beware of the bobcat. bobcat. the national zoo on the look out for this girl ollie is her name and she is out of her enclosureo at the national zoo. z the zoo is out with a warning to
8:01 am
barnard is on the look out at a place that she may have gone. >> ooh, plus kids and exercise.c northern virginia mom is on a a mission to increase the amount of time your child spends on thn playground. coming up a closer longer recess at elementary schools but not everyone wants to play along pla with this one. one live look outside on thiss tuesday. it's january 31, 2017. 2 and there was some snow to ourw north and our west but the d.c.d region escaped it this morning. still, we could see some snow is the weekend forecast.ect weather and traffic on the 5's eight at 05:00. 05:. now though to the news andts headlines 8:00.lines 8 we begin with president trump's travel ban and refuse al to enforce it led the president toe fire and hire a new acting a attorney general within a mattet of hours. who is out and who is in and why did it all happen. hapn. >> melanie alnwick is live ack i outside the department ofe thdea justice with the developingop story. mel? >> reporter: well we've seen push back on this executivecu order on immigration
8:02 am
diplomats from a group of statee attorneys general from even a en few cabinet members and now thet top person in charge at the t justice department that is whata prompted this swift white housee ontion. memo coming also going out in an statement last night saying that sally yates as deputy attorney general be trade the departmentr of justice by refusing tog to enforce a legal order designedie to protect the citizens of the united states.s. now, yates was acting attorneyny general while the position wasns vacant. n a memo mondayoon she was not convinced trump's order temporarily halting us us refugee program and entries frof seven muslim majority nations nt was lawful. nor that its defense was coy c consistent witness department'sp obligation to quote always seeks justice and stand for what is right.ri yates appointed as deputy d attorney general by president bt barack obama. back in 2015, current attorney e general nominees senator jeff sessions asked yates in heres in confirmation heari
8:03 am
attorney general should be shoul independent of the president.nt >> the president wants tont execute are unlawful, should the attorney general or the deputy p attorney general say no? >> senator, i believe that the attorney general or theor, depp attorney general has an a obligation to follow the law anw the constitution and to givee their independent legal advice to the president.reside >> reporter: now 62-year-oldld dana boente will be the acting t attorney general he was sworn is last night.ig he pledged to up hold's president trump's travel ban saying it is legal and properlyy drafted in his opinion. opinion. he'll lead the justicele the department for a short time. up until jeff sessions the t attorney general nominee is confirmed by the senate todayatt there is a final vote in thehe senate judiciary committee andmd then his nomination goes on to t full senate confirmation vote
8:04 am
live at the justice department,m i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local late last night president trump made another change in hisis administration. the president appointed thomas d hillman an acting director of o u.s. customs and enforcement. no reason was given for ragss dale dismissal. holman served as the associatete of ice since 2013. president donald trump hadt nald reveal this supreme courtreme c nominee in prime time.rie. the president had initially i planned to announce hisnc h selection on thursday butda instead will do it tonight atigt 8:00 p.m. from the white house.h sources have confirmed two finalists judge neil gorsuch ofh the tenth circuit appelate courr in denver and judge thomasho hardiman of the third circuit in philadelphia. last hour legal affairs staff s writer role call todd ruger rugr joined us and offered hisis perspective
8:05 am
>> how hacked are they that thee republicans didn't even set up a confirmation hearing for mary mr writ garland who's president pre obama's pick? p >> they are very upset about aut that, and i'm sure that we will hear merrick garland's nameland dwight a bit. a bit these two nominees have anav advantage neil gorsuch was approved on voice vote he wasot non contentious set at the timem for his position now and judgeue hardiman was a knife to zero to vote an lot of votes were democrats including for instance minority leader charles schumerm and diane feinstein the chairman of the judiciary committee.ommit >> no matter who the presidentre picks senate democrats willts w filibuster the nominee. checking your other top othr stories. latest on the terror attack on a mosque in quebec.c. canadian college student carriee out that attack on sunday. six people were killed.k 19 others injured. others injurd so far no word on a motive. m police say the student carriedri out the deadly attack security is now being beefed upu at mosques ll
8:06 am
and in paris overnight the the eiffel tower went dark in a sigg of solidarity for the victims. the search continues inti prince george's county for aty a gunman who shot and killed a mad at the bp gas station on walkers lane yesterday in districtistr heights.hehts. fox5 first on the scene.the sce. now police do not know if the shooting was random or targetede it appears to be a robbery, rry though. the victim was not an employeeno at the gas staying. all right.l rht tucker, we've been talking about this cold weather we've had,we'e well, it's here.e. >> yeah. i mean it's here this morning but later this afternoon about 50. >> oh, good. o >> first inch of snow officially yesterday at reagan national. no >> is that right? >> um-hmm. reagan national is a toughl is u >> thank you. we you're welcome. >> you've been listening.ning very tough customer to get an inch. >> reagan national 34 degrees.g. yeah, freezing for just aboutoro everybody else. lles up in baltimore both at or below freezing 31 dulles.. 32 up at bwi marshall. marsh all right. we had a few snow showers outhoo early an couple f
8:07 am
thank you for sending mesendin pictures. that associated with warmer air working in and you can see thats most of the energy here most of the snow shower activity is up u into peps so we've been on kind of southern end of things heresh early. later today, gradual i don't want to call it cal perfectly sunny afternoon butern how about a partly sunny sun afternoon and daytime highs top out around 50. 5 i do want to the breezes out ofo the south this morning and thatt will lock in the cool for theort morning. mornin so make sure you dre accordingly.acco >> jacket would be appropriate.e >> right. a >> cover up the arms when you go out.pp p th>> um-hmmyo.go>>hmm. [ laughter ] erin's birthday today. happy birthday!thday! >> it's a good day. >> it's a great day. it' >> always a good>> day.a good d >> when you're cold and it's tuesday and metro is delayedis y it's all good. >> it's all good.aloo >> it's all good.d. red line train malfunction attin rhode island avenue. a complect delays to againmp montgomery oh red line.lectmo a mentssgo of traffic.raff you saw all those delays coming down 270 southbound medicaldic
8:08 am
rockville so from urbana on doww watch for atypical delays forays this time of morning and outer d loop still very heavy in collegc park from 95 towards georgia.eo. 395 jammed the entire stretchirs towards the 14th street4t bridge. there's that medical emergencyen at showed grave.d e. because of that bigger delays dl building.di 95 still very backed up from bao north of the icc on down to theo inner loop.oop. bw parkway southbound a littledt sluggish but much better bet too get you towards the capitolitol beltway. 95 northbound not terrible right now. light volume from centreville tr the beltway but look at that rea line we're seeing more volumee building from 234 all the way to 28. extra time needed there. 95 northbound much better shapes from dale city on up to thenp beltway. back to you guys. thanks so much, erin. new this morning big shiftos in the poll tee soar the boyr t scouts. organization will allow organitransgender children whoa identify as boys to enroll innrl boys only program. the change will now base enrollr many on the gender a child or
8:09 am
parent to become a scout.e a in the past the policsy relied e the gender listed on child's birth certificate.erti a new study finds childrenui who are bullied have much lower grades, dislike school and lackl confidence compared to kids whos are not bullied.uled the study followed childrenhi between kindergarten and high hg school and shows scientificcienc evidence of the fact thatha bullying truly is anti academice in schools.chools children have different degreese of resilience with about 24%4% having continuing issues due to bullying.bullyi let me just say when you hear yh that you might think really, duh, allison, of course, but ie, think when you add the science i to it, it really does show theht real problem that is bullyinglyn and i don't care if you weredone bullied when you were a kid andd kids should get there's, are this can lead toana problem if it leads to problemro for one kid there's problem. >> not everyone handlesryone adversity the same way.ame what may not be bullying to youo might be life defining forni someone else. >> it should be zero tolerancerr in schools.s. in a safe zone. zon
8:10 am
>> before you say no, really? y? okay. all right. i'm done now. i'm getting off of my -- let meete get off high high horse. h d your child get enough recesshr at school.oo >> okay. one northern virginia mom says y no and now is on a mission toist extend recess in elementarymear schools in our region.ion wisdom joining us now with thewt details. de i know there's controversyontrov around this.s. >> don't get off your high horsh just yet. i want your opinions on thisopis one. good morning to you. >> good morning.go >> the mother behind this big t push has two children thatldre attend lake ridge elementary ele school in prince william countyu which right now students have 15 minutes of recess day daily and one or two physical education ei classes weekly much the mom barbara lattimore says that's t not enough the school says they're following state lawfollt which requires at least 150 lea1 minutes of physical activity a week and time can be split be sl between pe and/or recess. she created a change.orghang petition pressing the county cou school board members to extendot recess to 30 minutes at all
8:11 am
em >> i would say 95% agree that wed need to go back to what weha were doing in the '60s and '70's and giving the kids recess aftea lunch and giving them enoughmug time to be kids. i'm building a group of moms whs are interested in supporting the cause, and we're going to be to talking about what we're goinga' to. >> so far the change.orghae.or petition has earned more than 400 online signatures. town hall meeting is schedulemen for next month and larimoreor hopes the county will develop a panel to study practices at p other schools. other of course this is alsoscof c generating a lot oouf discussioo on our facebook page. p i support the mother.he it is amazing how much energyh the children have at those agese it's good for the studentsnt student and teacher. kristin says i remember having v an hour for recess now it's 15 minutes. you kidding me? i feel bad for the kids today. today no wouldn't they're getting mori stressed out theseng d y but lilly has a differentfe opinion on this saying, recess
8:12 am
should make their children goren outside and play once in awhilea and take away some of their electronic babysitters.te so that's the opinion and weonnd want to know more about what you think so keep sending thosese social media responses in.nses i can't remember when i was kidk but i know it was more than 15e5 minutes.minu >> more than 15 minutes. m >> i was thinking this, too.orhs i'm shocked to hear it's only 1 minutes.s. it seems so few.o you were talking about kidsalkik obesity rates or whatever. wve >> right. >> you would think exercise andxercise a getting out would be more incorporate tiff.orate tiff. >> all this is happening at the same time. we see the foods becoming lessgs whole. wh >> right. >> and we see less recess andecs more illness and all happening e and then it's all happening at the same time. >> absolutely. and a lot of times the firstlot thing they take away take away a time from recess that's anhat's important component as well assw development in a young person in a teenager as well.s w all of this stuff ties into ties together. y fromy fromtake one awa somewhere else you're losinger'r somewhere else. e should be enough hours in the day to balance everythingveh out and get everything in.d getr >> you would hope.ould he >> these are school kids. the they can get the education butse
8:13 am
>> bottled up energy. energ >> right. >> thanks. all right. >> thanks wis. ng aboking about it on good day as well maybe. arere we? >> maybe.>>aybe >> let's. >> keep weighing in. let's see what happens. >> we'll do what we want to do.t >> is that how we we >> no. >> don't tell the boss. dell all right. 8:13. health alert for expectantxpec mothers this morning. still ahead why your body mass s index may not play as much of a role in your child's weight asea once thought.hought. first though the searchfi continues for arst missing bobt right here in the nation' capsa' toll.. we're live with the latest onlan ollie next.eex ♪♪♪♪
8:14 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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♪♪ yeah. it's time for cuteness.for tene >> let's get super cute. cut time now for my first five photo -- fox5 my first five.irst >> are you okay. are y >> you would think after eightfe >> aww look at this.ww lk at t >> it's a two for. >> aww.ww >> teeny tiny cuteness. y yes. allll right. this is dwayne and his littleit brother david. >> hi double d'. d >> my god, get this they bothy h share the same birthday.. >> what how mazing.w mazing. >> how does that happen. >> and random is that. doe >> i love it. >> big brother. >> wish came true last week when his little brother was born on his firth birthday. >> that's a classic. >> such acute picture. ptu >> look at that.k at that's so cute.cute >> each such a proud bigud b look at me. look >> look at at me momma's a
8:17 am
there behind them. >> that is very sweet. sweet >> to send us your child'shi's picture go to our facebook pagek fox5 d.c.. >> welcome, david. >> happy birthday to both of you. >> right.>>. >> ♪♪ ♪♪ >> handsome big brother. >> i know. >> k all right. let's do weather.t's doeather. we've got freezing temperatures for the most part at reagan rea national we're up to 34. t 3 but it's a chilly start to thete day. day. cloud cover and some breezes ouo there as well early this morning. 16 up in binghamton. 22 in boston. we had snow showers early you eu can see those there you goou moving through parts of the area here generally washington andtoa spots north had a few flurriesie or snow showers.whowe this is warmer air moving in, and winds out of the south latet today we're going to get ao geta chance to warm it up to near 505 we should gradually turn partly sunny, yes, i'm just looking atg the snow up in pennsylvania they're getting the bulk of thih little clipper system today.temd all right. seven day 52 today. tody partly sunny this afternoonfton chilly tonight. 50 tomorrow.row. mid 40s for fill's arrival on thur
8:18 am
shadow? you know ---- >> um-hmm. um-hm >> major happenings there. hap >> do you really believe in it? >> right.>>ight. >> right. is it just a party. >> why are hotel prices more expensive there than at the ahe super bowl. >> too much deep probing questions. >> pep pay, phil, how do we knoo who it is?s? >> pulling out a randomm groundhog.ground >> um-hmm.hmm. >> no nobler's blotch oror whatever. >> have you scenely scene ace a groundhog. >> on the side of the road, yeah. >> not -- a live, erin. i see their little -- little >> how do you know it's a do yo groundhog? not a raccoon.coon >> they don't have any stripes.s >> i'll look it up.>> i'll sorry, erin.. >> no. >> i'm digressing. >> i'll google i know the cartoon groundhog very well.ell. >> got acute fat booty. booty >> i like him more now.ow. >> cute belly. >> fat booty.oo. >> we could be friends.ds disable train at minnesota mnesa avenue single tracking on thenge orange line between stadium sta armory and cheverly watch for
8:19 am
new metro delay in addition ton the red line delay we've been tracking train malfunction attit rhode island avenue expect exp delays to glenn mon on the redhd line. line. or raffle and red line dealingig with slow hospital outside for live lookso around the this is 270 southbound as you approach shady grove dealing d with a crash and medical medic emergency causing a big delay. l head out of urbana give yoursels 30 extra minutes to get to the t beltway.way. forwarding our cameras not theoe only slow zone.e this is 66 on the eastbound sidu out by 234 business. buses you can see a lot of brake lights traffic almost park.ark. about 25 minute delay from said toll the beltway and 14th street bridge still stackedtack freeway west side back to you guys. a bobcat missing from them national zoo, thank you erin s s still on the run.l on tun zoo officials say that ollie the bobcat escaped yesterday morning. >> how far could chef gotten and where would she ld wan ct to go? we sent our very own bobcat barnard as on bobcat patrol this morninr in rock creek park. bob, i had to do i
8:20 am
the perfect person for thisor t assignment. if anyone can track him down, d you can.u can track her down.tracr >> reporter: hey, this is kindei of interesting and fun.estind f we're at rock creek park. not far from the zoo this would be like the perfect habitat for this bobcat according to zoo officials. ollie has been missing now abouo 24 she was seen at around 7:30 yesterday morning. and then when the zookeepersooer went back around 10:30 she was s gone she escaped through a t netting that's around the ad t exhibit. we can show i was picture from the zoo's flicker account.. she's about 25 pounds.5 pounds so this is a very large cat. c even though she looks like a typical cat. and she'll be on the prowl hunting the creek perfect foror water supply and for food. foo they say she's not likely a danger to had you man's but wilt be hunting for birds and perhaps small pets. she is certainly in her escape p the ollie the bobcat's escape ip clearly the talk of the townhe w this mor
8:21 am
>> i'm not that worried.ri i live in an apartment building. so i'm pretty confident he's not going to come inside. >> reporter: do you understandun him wanting to get out and be b free? >> i never really thought aboutu itly but sure. >> i said him. it's a she actually.'s a actual. >> i'm sorry it's a girl. sorry okay. i guess i can see that.hat. i hadn't really thought about bobcat's perspective i'm just'ms thought about my safety. set sorry for the self >> it seems like just anotherno one of series of unfortunatete events at the zoo, but hopefully they find it. i clearly i have son i'm worried w about him, but hopefully it's just interesting that thingsng like that keep happening. >> reporter: now, old system sys totally getting with socialh soa media. me she already has at least twoeaso twitter accounts.nt the first one at escaped d.c. bobcat. just a girl trying to find herir way on the mean streets of d.c. has 93 followers.wers. and that -- also at ollie bobcaa finally free and looking forng some fun. 478 followers.
8:22 am
now zoo officials say there are two male bobcats still in the t exhibit, and if anythin anybody, any creature is going e to attract ollie back to the t zoo, it would likely be them.he there is the chance, guys, that also ollie is gone and will never be seen again. >> oh, bob.h, b. >> i hope not. >> all right. thank you.e >> i>> i kno we'll keep looking.'lng you bet. >> our bob on the bobcat trail.t >> thank you. with just five days now to go before the super bowl, a bowa member of the falcons misplaci e a very important item and i'm really under selling all of thit story right here.ght here. we'll explain it next. >> when you hear this you'll bee shaking your head, too.your hoo i promise. later, promising news in treating depression.eating dep the type of diet that could hell ease side effects. 8:22. back after a ♪♪ everything nature's promise is so wholesome.
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8:26 am
name is art span der fit yearsit old a columnist he accidentallya miss shook shanahan's backpackac for his own.wn the backpack was returned. >> 78-year-old journalist, right. >> yes. weird. weird. >> uh-huh. uh-hu >> okay. so we'll see.. we'll see.'ll see. i don't know. know is, ihat i do have you messed this? >> what? >> this is out newing. new >> were you here for this.or t >> is this the memes. mem >> no. tucker take it away. (bell ringing).. >> class is in session. son [ laughter ] >> maureen, you haven't seenen s this.. >> no, i'm riff vest the. i'm do it. >> it's time for the r weather h report card. card everybody at home, pay close pao attention.ion. here you go. all right.all r how much sunshine will we gete g today? it will be a c we'rere waking up with cloud cover. covr >> all right.>> >> yes. l gwe'll get sunshine we'll give a grade of c.f c winds get a d.. windy unpleasant out there earle that will get a d today.. afternoon te
8:27 am
as far as parasailing i know inw that's one of your favoriteor activities.tities >> right. >> i don't suggest that todaysty water temperatures are quite qui cool. cool. breezes will help you out if yo wanting to parasailing that wilt get a d.get a overall your grade today, bigayg fat c. >> okay.>> >> feels like a c 5-day. >> acceptable but not a great grade. queue the music.queue the mu >> ♪♪ [ laughter ] >> well done.ell done. >> who thought of this little - >> the weather report card. >> segment. >> i swear he's got the memes,hs report card, the i see your strategy, tucker.r >> david letterman >> i know right.>> i like it though.tug >> well done. wel >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all righty. 8:27. how do you guys handle this guye every day.. >> we build up a tolerance. tolr [ laughter ] >> all right.ig in the midst of award season sea some of hollywood's bigger stars threatening to boycott thecotthe grammys. details ahead.tails ahead first alert for expectant momsnm
8:28 am
why your body mass index may non play as much of a role in your child's weight as once thought. >> this is why people love tuck, though. though.
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8:31 am
fives. meanwhile let's check oureco top stories 8:30.:30. president trump fired acting acg attorney general sally yates last night. nht. yates refused to enforce the president's temporary ban and ba refugees on travel restrictionsi to muslim majority nations.atns in her place today is dana boente he will defense thehe executive order on immigration. he was sworn in late last nightn after yates was sacked. sd. he won't be on the job longob lg though. attorney general nominee jeffinj sessions up for committee votetv in the senate today and could cd confirmed by thursday. president trump will name n his supreme court nominee ninee tonight and in all indicationsnt say that it's down to two judged you see on your screen.n sources tell fox news that judge neil gorsuch of the tenth court of appelate court in denver isvi up for consideration and also as judge thomas hardiman of the third circuit in they're the front runners. new this morning the white housu will keep lgbt protections fornf all federal the announcement came last
8:32 am
night. there was growing concern after new york times article recowinel reported that there was ann executive order in the making mn that would overturn former f president obama's directive barring lgbt discrimination ini the 8:32 right now.ow health news for you when it i comes to pregnancy many motherss want to pay close attention that their weight over concern itcern could impact her baby's weightsh both in childhood and ass teenager but this morning new n research suggests that thatgestt might not be the t case.. >> and new service this morning about how your dietervice couldh those suffering from depression. joining us now with the details fox medical dr. mike. m good morning to you. >> allison, maureen, how are yoy this fine morning.orni >> much better now.>> muc >> that you're with us.h behat exacu'tly. >> indeed. let's talk about moms and theirr weight and how this could affect the baby short term and longnd n term. >> so very interesting data da coming out, and what it states is that if you are overweight
8:33 am
you gain too much weight duringn pregnancy, one, it can increases your risk of having a still sll birth, it can increase your riss of gestational diabetes, but it probably has no correlation with whether your children will be obese later on in life.. when their children andre a teenagers and later on in life.. it goes back to genetics and environment.ent. and so there are many times whee i would like to blame my mother for the inn adequacy i have in my life,. this is mom's fault, and so mothers out there that arere pregnant, need to make sure they don't gain too much weight, but it's more genetics andnd environment that will predict how your kids do later on in life, and it's a matter of healthy living before you're pregnant, healthy living whileie you're pregnant and healthy living after you're pregnant t
8:34 am
show your kids how to live theie right way. >> exactly.>> e good to know. dr. mike, a lot of talk about second hand smoke and howand sm dangerous it is to other peopleo but now new research confirmingg that it's dangerous to our fur f babies as well. >> well, there's no good reason for anybody to inhale cigarettee smoke, and this is yet another h reason.on it can be dangerous to your pets. itaipu increases the risk ofk o lymphoma in cats and increasesns the risk of lung cancer and evee knows cancer in certain dog dogg species.spec remember, not just second hand smoke but third hand smoke.. all of that smoke settles down and you have these particles ono the bed spread and on the floorr where dogs and cats hang out and they ingest that stuff and it'ss cars sin know jenn nick.n it's terrible.e. stop it! i >> don't smoke.'t s live a long healthy life and lea look as good as you two do. do. >> aren't you the sweetest.weet. speaking of looking good i hear
8:35 am
one way to do it.on a lot of people swear by it.r now it can help depression.ssion is this what new study is yingng? >> well, if you change the wayhw you eat and, remember, we aree a learning more and more about abt what goes into your body affects your micro biome. bme that's the intestinal bacteria,i and if you eat a lot of red meat, high fat foods, you willil have effects on your body. body what this study found was that people that did a healthy and engaged in healthy med did he dh rain yann diet with a lot off vegetables, olive oil, little bit some red wine in moderationo all of those things they felthef that better, they were lesse ls depressed, and who wouldn't be? i once had a patient who was an click and he said, you know, ini just felt like everybody felt aa miserable as i did. did it was just the way everybodybo feels.s until he stopped drinking anding then he felt like a millionon so he was less depressed.ress clear headed.d. living his live large. large
8:36 am
and that's what you do. get yourself on a better program. >> dr. mike -- >> yeah. isn't he the best? isn'.. dr. mike cirigliano, ladies andd gentlemen, all the way fromn, al philly g thank you.philly g tha see you next time. tim >> i love you guys.>> igu >> love you back.>> l >> love you, too. >> okay. that inspired me.> that i i'm going get a mediterranean cookbook.. >> nobody can see you.obody n s >> you look like -- i pointed myself out.ut. >> you just played yourself. >> maureen has cute little uggsg on and she was worried about it. nobody can even see it. i >> until i -- until i - >> i was actually trying to sayy something related to the story.y >> you were. mediterranean diet you're goingo to live long.e long. >> um-hmm. >> forget it, mo.o. >> hi.>>i. >> hi. [ laughter ] ladie ladies. >> i'm not letting her visit vit ever again. a >> oh, boy. >> let's do the forecast.foreca. looking at freezing temperatures. got old out there. got es 31. bwi marshall 32.shall . reagan national 34.l 34. we did touch the freezing markgr for the second day in a row at reagan national earlier thi
8:37 am
morning.morng. we isn't snow showers earlierwes today. a few of notice snuck inside the beltway. the trend today will be to clear things out and warm it up a warp little bit.litt i don't want to call it mild bud highs about 50 with at leastea partial sunshine this afternoonn will remain breezy but it shouls be dry there's a quick look at a your forecast.ecas we'll talk seven day. we'll talk groundhog day and next weekend momentarily.tarily for this afternoon 52. 52. notice your winds gusting atus a times to 30.mes to 30. breezy day. d all right. l erin is back.erinback. she's going dancing and it's heh birthday. >> yay! >> >> and she's working.'s >> i'm working and kevin mccarthy is taking m wore wor dg >> good luck with that. tha. >> i'm a terrible dancer.anr i don't have how high hopes forp how things will turn out but itt will be fun.wi >> can't't wt. >> disable train a minnesota mna avenue single tracking on the t are a ranch between stadiumnch armory and cheveberly. delays that both delays. day keep that in mind if you typically take the orange leap.. delays on the red line due too earlier malfunction at rhoderh island avenue.isla so watch for those delays toays glenmont much aside there takerk look at the roads seeing a lot of heavy
8:38 am
dealing with outer loop delays d and then also in addition tono that outer loop delays top sided of the beltway 95 to georgia. 270 dealing with delays becauses of problem by shady grove. gro southbound kenilworth avenuee earlier crash did clear it was a 4200 block a deadly pedestriansi crash. we had huge investigation thisti inrning. traffic flow starting to getg tt back to normal.o noal. 270 southbound because of the medical emergency and crash at a shady grove look at those heavy delays lingering from germantoww down to the spur. sr. you need about 30 extra minutess to battle that congestion.gestn you can try 355 as an alternate. earlier delays did ease on 95en southbound so good news there. slight delay towards the inner loop things looking much bettert on baltimore washington parkwaya north and southbound.rt heavy volume 234h an to 28 on 6o eastbound much basically from f 234 all the way to the beltwayey right now you need a good 25 go5 extra minutes to get throughet u some stop and go traffic and 395 from edsall road to the 14thhe t street bridge very heavyeavy traffic. the freeway east and westboundeb heavy volume look at 295 northbound and southbound we'ren dealing way lot of heavy volumem as y t
8:39 am
street bridge. 95 northbound great shape deal a dale city to the beltway andtohb orange line delays because ofaue single tracking by back to you guys.. thanks erin. eri sports reporter under fire thist morning for her reaction to this weekend's immigration ban b protest at airports across the e country. that story is next.xt. later a grammy boycott? why kanye and justin beiber amongr g those saying they might not a 1t the popular award show. it's 8 that story and more after thisfi break. break. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:40 am
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♪♪ >> any time this song is played i'm like somebody in audio loves me.e thisebodes sme song.i >> you know what confuses me iei never know in this is maroons mr five or jameer.. >> it's the same thing.hing >> welcome back.elco bac live look at the washingtonashin monument, of course. c >> um-hmm. >> in the distance. it's tuesday morning.>> iit's we're glad you're with us thiso morning. espn anchor sage steal under fire again. aga she's done provocative things.hs >> she has. h. >> we've seen this story line ss before but this time she's s accused of displaying the quote height of privilege after she s complained about missing her lal flight to houston because protesters swarming lax overaxve president trump's immigrationmmi travel ban. >> steel posted a picture of of airport crowds instagram withh the caption so this is whyths thousands of us dragged luggagee nearly 2 miles to get to lax but still missed our flights. fligh she was then blasted by users who accused of her of missing
8:43 am
she tweeted this.ed thi all good but just because becaue someone has a defendant pinendan doesn't mean they're the worstrt unless of course only youry your opinion is allowed. allow >> all right. >> okay. >> i see her side, too>>.e, too it's a little -- i wouldn't havv said what she said initially.nil she's right. >> that's the point.po >> everyone has their pinhathei stated.sted >> right. >> but saying it and then, you know, unless you're going to're come out -- here's my thing. t if she came out and said, youaiy know, i don't agree with this, t and the president's ban is whatn it is, but to come out with w something that's sort of, um, you know, pretentious. >> exactly.>> e. >> then now it looksks self-serving.-s you know, when --he >> carry your bags.. >> family can't see her family f members because of this.s. >> yeah.>>eah >> or their people on the otherh side who say we're keeping k america safe, that i can see. but like, you know, i was so diss rummed by this.y this. it seems a little self centerede i get that part.tar >> she did keep it brought it back with every
8:44 am
matters which you know -- she--s got the dig in. i >> that's what i'm saying.'ming. all kinds of go -- >> just say it. >> let's check in with wisdom t see what's coming up on good dad d.c. d. holly too.y t good morning.. >> hello. countdown to the sunday showdown. it is on. the sup er bowl right here onere fox5. >> the players meet the press ss what was the one question that choked up quarterback tom bradyy >> our life coverage at 9:00 a a.m. >> he's so sentimental. s >> yes. >> also at 9a where is hold h ollie the bobcat she escapedhe from the national zoo. zoo. our bob barnard continues livene on the hunt to find her. h >> also on good day, you've noo doubt heard about the movie la e la land. well critics and audiences theye love it. love >> so what does it take to do td all that sinking and dancing? i hey listen we thought why not n try to channel the moves of ryaa gosling and ma'am s later this morning erin and eria kevin are going head out to geto la la land dance lessons and les then they'll show off their tir moves live on tv. >> all right. because nothing says dancingnoin
8:45 am
let's move on. o to that good day guest list. at 10a don't miss my interview r with corey hawk kin the junkhe j actor from d.c. the new star of the new 24. no pressure but it dee abuse d a right here on fox5 after then xa super bowl.wl >> he's the new jack bauer. bau >> new jack bauer. he'll dish hollywood dirt withor wendy williams and then at 10:15 listen to jawn murray will bewi live with us in the loft. the l from madonna and mariah, even e huge empire news. he's getting in on the school.h. >> today is the last day ofay i january. are you giving up on new year'ss resolutions.s we'll share easy ways to stickti to those goals. goals. do you care it. >> we are your cheerleaders. chd good day d.c. the original stilt the best see in you a few. >> imitated.>> never duplicated. >> and the period. period. >> thanks guys. ntg,10 days and counting, of course, we're talking about whew keanu reeves new movie john wicc two hits the theaters.he
8:46 am
kevin mccarthy sits down withdot hollywood star next. n not long now. the bakery flavors you love... [ ding! ] available in your dunkin' coffee. sip in the happy with a medium vanilla cupcake, or new fudge brownie macchiato or latte for $1.99 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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8:49 am
most of the area overnightight getting below freezing. you can see those temperaturespu are holding tight here off toff our west. frederick is 32.2. 31 doll dulles.uls 30 in culpeper and hagerstownagt and winchester as well. winds out of the south here looh at that about 15 to 20. 20 miles an hour winds inds in annapolis.poli 14 in here in washington. washi i just want to mention it will be breezy day today. we're getting warmer air in herr and that brought us a couple ofl snow showers early this morning you can see those passing bory b our north, and few flurries in n northwest dc here as it moved on through.thro but the bulk of the activity ict don't want to call it heavy snos at least moderate snows up intoi pennsylvania at this hour ifis f you're headed in that directioni for us we're looking at cloudslo the next couple of hours i thins the clouds will start to breakak up and we should turn partlyurnr sunny this afternoon. and milder again this is warmer air southerly breeze with highrt temperatures about 50 or so.. but the breezes are definitely going to lock in that cool feelf for the next couple of hours. hs we call eight clipper that's what we've been dealing with this most of
8:50 am
our ngy staorth. we're lookingour at partial att sunshine. temps in the upper 40s perhaps s few us get to the low 50s this0i afternoon with breezy conditions expected for your day.our day. there's your seven day.even d. not that we can't -- nothing wew can't handle.dle. 52 today.ay. 50 tomorrow.omor visit with phil thursday morning in nobler's nobody -- allisonll what do we call that place. >> punxsutawney.>> punxs >> the town. >> right. >> thanks guys. friday mostly cloudy. might have aostl mix of snow ana rain around here. h >> it's punxsutawney. >> sunday and monday much what'h the town?? >> isn't it punxsutawney,aw pennsylvania. >> no gobbler's knowledge.noed >> that's where he lives.hees. punxsutawney is the town.s the >> you're conflicting the two.he >> you would think after 20 years of doing this i would knou it. >> i was going to look it up.p oh well it's >> i'll find out before thursdae i promise.ise >> it's punxsutawney.awne >> i know that's the name of fill.ll. >> gobbler's isn't it. >> that's the name i was lookins n'fot re .na >> gobbler's notch his name ise thank you >> um-hmm. >> now that that's all
8:51 am >> yes. not confusing at all kanye westn and justin beiber nothing abouto them is confusing. but the two of them along way ag drake and other big stars areste not going to the grammys this ts >> according to tmz it started when artist frank ocean did not even submit his record for grammy ocean who many think has the t best album of the year feels the grammys are a dinosaur and it doesn't represent black talent.t beiber and others agree sayingg the award show is irrelevant.rrv they could also all change theie minds but tmz is hearing theeari plan for now is to take a rainan check. thanks, no thanks.hank >> now but that's a differentutt story than what we first heardit because when kanye first wasas going to boycott he said that t frank ocean's album came out a a certain time they didn'they didt consider it. >> exactly. >> it looks like frank ocean didn't even summit it. >> see.>>. >> yeah. get the details first folks. fol >> that's right. prince most popular songs set to rock streaming services s right before the grammys themmye first time
8:52 am
warner music group will stream r on apple, spotify, pandora,dora google play and a lot of otherfr outlets.outls prince pulled all of his musicus from streaming services in july 2159 months before he diedr in april of last year.ea okay. of course, we knew thate kn tha punxsutawney was the place in pennsylvania.sylvia. >> what have you figure out.havf >> it is punxsutawney,unutaw pennsylvania, of course.sylvane. >> oh, tucker. >> are you a keyon new receivesc fan? his latest movie john wici chapter two hits theaters in 10 ysys. >> but first film dealt witht wt john wick taking revenge on thee people who killed his dog. d. the second install many anothero revenge tale but that's kind ofo a surprise here. fox5's kevin mccarthy sat down with keanu reeves they discussed what you're seeing a famous shos from the matrix another receivee film.lm his stunt double in the matrixnx is actually the director of johh wick two kevin and keanu talkede about.ou take a listen. >> i love the idea he continues wearing his wedding ring.g r that he doesn't name the dog inn this one >> yeah. e> i was curious i would assum
8:53 am
of the connectio nn andam thee r of losing the dog. the d can you talk about thehe character's decision not n tonight. dog?to d >> there's the hound the film f takes place five days after thee first chapter let's call it, john wick one. o. >> yeah. >> and i'm going back to y get y car. but i have the dog, the houndthn that i rescued from the shelters at the recommend of the first f one.e. he doesn't have a name yet because there isn't a name yet. >> hmm. >> hmm. >> have you ever had a pet? h ap >> yeah i have dog named oscar.o >> was there a moment when oscac became oscar?ar? .> yes. >> okay. i haven't had that moment.. >> okay. >> john wick hasn't had then moment yet, awind t psychologically maybe i hadn'tca thought about it but maybe there is a reluctance forllt tithe connection but wants connectionn witness hound. wau see the way he greets it, heyou k gnow, but i just think e isn't a name yet. yet >> have you thought about possible names?ave yopo nam >> i didn't think.hink. maybe for -- if we have the chance to do three then maybe ie will have name.e name >> yeah.>>h. [ laughter ][ ught >> just be called dog good dog.g that would be awesome.lde awes now i will that chad is
8:54 am
stunt double in the matrix which was unbelievable. going back to the matrix, do yo remember a particular stunt thar he did that just blew yourti min i mean there were so many action scenes in that film.scenes was there one t ihat like blew y away that chad did? d >> um, in the first one, he,e really just had to take somee s really kind of sketchy, um, belows.belo. a thing where neyo is in the subway and the ground partrod looking up the train is coming m and smith is on his back and heh goes up into the ground and thet he comes back down. >> yes.. >> he hits hit back on theon steal. >> flying down. chad had that gentleman he had stunt man on his back and hen o blew his knee out after he dided that. that. >> oh, my god. >> yeah. but like -- like it was bad.. >> they're besties.ti. >> yes. keanu. >> kevin >> we're back in just 30 seconds.
8:55 am
>> good morning time for our facebook fan of the day. say goocedbo morning to robertet walker.walk robert says he just wants to bew famous for an hour. how about just 10 seconds here and there. robert glad we can make thatan t happen for you even if it's jus' for a bit. for looking good.looking good. >> he also says when he turns he the news on the only station he watches is fox nickel.ic that's what he calls us foxox nickel.el >> fox nickel. nickel. >> i knew he was dope like that. >> if you'd like to be fan ofu't the day post your
8:56 am
the now famous robert walker. thanks for watching. watching. lovove it. >> hey, tuck. do you think i can pull offn that look. i do. me, too.,oo >> thanks for playing along.long >> yes.>> y. >> maureen, we got to coach iota was little bit. >> i know. ty.the party.he par >> 37 in washington. hey, look at the cold>> told temperatures up in binghamtonino 17. looking at snow in eri so pretty good snows off to the north. we had flurry here early. later today, upper 40s and low 50s. so we'll be milder thanr tha yesterday. we should get some sunshine in here lood k at thege snow flyiny in pennsylvania at this hour anr you can see a few flurriesies around here early this morning. breezy. br partly sunny and milder thande t highs around 50 this afternoon.o we'll do that again tomorrow. to thursday looks good. g and it looks like our nextt chance of storminess sunday intt monday could be snow and/or raii and/or a mix. mix so stay tuned for that.or sunday and monday.nday a mon guys, that's a weather update.e. back to you. y. thanks so much, tuck. oh, tucker.ker all right.>> back to news
8:57 am
bride paralyzed at heredt bachelorette party has done unbelievable feat.evable feat. >> she stood up for the firstodi time since 2010. 2 let's show you her this is thi i rachel friedman chapman she was paralyzed in 2010 after herer h bachelorette party when her friends playfully pushed her into a pool.into aool my gosh. >> oh, no. >> she was determined though tou stand again and so the day she dreamed about finally arrived.rv rachel was able to take this thi family photo withstandingin chapman thanks to customized cus brace under her dress. dss what a wonderful moment for hern and her family. wow. heartbreaking story.g >> look at her smile.. >> persevering.>> >> my goodness did she spit herr baby right so cute.e >> we applaud you. i love that. okay. we have more good news for younu when we come back because that's when good day starts.tart >> see you then.
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♪♪ straight ahead, you're fired! president donald trumpsin breaking out his signature sigtu phrase on the acting attorney general. ge after she refused to enforce aor new executive action. now this morning the white housw has a message for its democratia critics on the hill.l. plus, we are just hours awaa from learning the president's pt pick for the supreme court. cou and former president barackdentb obama breaking his silence for r the first time since leavingvi office. we'll have details as we trackck the first 100 days. d on the run, a


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