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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 16, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, and you unprecedented announcement from d.c.'s transit system. metro rail will close until thursday morning while inspectors perform emergency safety checks. i recognize the hardship it causes to the region and to the community. tonight, the immediate impact on your commute, plus what commuters are saying about the shutdown. this is fox5 local news at 11. and we thank you for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. at this moment we are exactly one hour away from metro rail system-wide shutdown. all stations will remain closed until thursday morning. this was announced this afternoon and came one day after a cable fire shutdown the mcphearson metro station. tonight we know that the federal government will be open tomorrow with options
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leave or tell work. d.c. public schools will also operate as usual. > we have team coverage of the metro shutdown. we begin with jim lokay life at metro headquarters. >>reporter: this is when the anounment came about 4:30 today. not a lot of notice. when you saw gm approach the podium, his voice -- this was a very different man than the one who took over metro. as you mentioned this all started after yesterday's incident at mcphearson's square. no one was hurt when the smoke filled the station, but what the inspectors discovered was roughly the same issue that led to the deadly incident over at l'enfant plaza last year. tomorrow is the plan to get the inspectors and engineers out on the tracks inspecting piece by piece the jumper cables. we
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why are you doing this in the middle of the week, why aren't you doing it on the weekend? he said in this case safety trumps convenient. >> i cannot rule out a potential life safety issue here and this is why we must take this action immediately. we basically have what's called jumper cables. we have third rail and it comes and there's a gap in it occasionally, 600 times. so there's four large cables that basically connect the power from one end to the other. in this case, there was potential metal on metal which is very similar to what we had at the l'enfant plaza situation. it happened once. it's happened twice in a year. so i can't wait for the third time. > once again, a little less than 60 minutes and counting before we see the tote l al metro shutdown. back to you. >> let me ask you a question, they have 29 hours to work on this, what during that time period they find some
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do you think the system-wide closure will last longer than that. >> the thing we should point out is that they discovered 100 issues last time around when they went through when they replaced the pieces, what we're understanding from metro if they desecond segments that need to be replaced. they can shutdown power from one side of the track and then single track the stations for the time beer. meaning we're not going to see this extending throughout the entire system, but many stations will be impacted in the long run. > thanks for the update. when today's metro shutdown was announced, d.c. mayor muriel bowser canceled her public appearances. we asked her for her reaction during our 6:00 show. later she decided to address the historic shutdown with reporters. fox5's marina maracco was there. reporter roar let's just say her face said it all. she was not pleased with this decision. she says s
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from council member jack evans about 3:00, just an hour and a half before metro announced the entire shutdown. that means that this was long in the works before she ever found out about it. she says when she got that call she was completely shocked. she said the direct quote to met re saying, the real consequences when you shutdown an entire system. she says she was not involved at all with that decision. since metro decided to shutdown the system she will keep business open here in the district. d.c. government offices as well as schools will remain open. however, she did say that the gm, along with the board, did have the authority to shut it down without consulting her. you weren't expecting this? >> i think i told -- said from the outset i was shocked. > mayor, are you upset that you seem to have been kept out of the loop from the decision. >> i don't think i have been kept out of the
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i think that it is a metro decision and metro made its decision. now, does it have a significant impact on us and will we make sure all of the procedures and principles embedded in the compact are followed, yes. do we want to understand their decision making to get to this point, of course. and we will get the answers to those questions. ultimately, do you standby their decision or would you have had a different way of approaching the situation? >> i honestly, i don't have that information to be able to say that. literally getting a call a few hours ago about the shutdown of the system. not having all of the access to the information that metro officials do about what the cause of the fire was and how frequently those pieces of equipment that they seem to be concerned about were inspected. some of the questions i will have will have to do with what options did they look at to do this. was it the 24
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the only option or was there another way to do it? the mayor was also asked if she would be lifting parking restrictions. ultimately she said, no, she will not be lifting parking restrictions hoping that folks will get on buses and somehow avoid complete and totally grid lock here in the district come tomorrow. life tonight outside the wilson building, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > we can only hope. thank you. more than 700,000 people rely on metro rail to get around the d.c. region every day and am of you have been sounding off about the system-wide shutdown. fox5's teisha you look is continues our team coverage now i know that you talked to plenty of passengers tonight. what are they saying. >>reporter: shawn, you know what, drones have people have passed where we're standing here in mcphearson square, and the reaction has been mixed. what i can tell you that most of them are talking about the shutdown. in fact, people are already planning their travel plans for tomorrow and already anticipating tomorrow's nightmare. and it's not just
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we're talking about, we spoke with merchants and tourists who says their visit to the nation's capital will be one to remember for all the wrong reasons. there's no doubt the emergency 24-hour metro rail shutdown will be felt across the dmv and rider rise harris has a message for metro's top boss. >> what he doesn't understand is the confusion and the chaos that he will cause. a lot of people rely on the metro to travel. harris commutes to work from capital heights. how will this impact you. >> i will definitely be late tomorrow. i've already called and let them know. i'm really surprised to hear about the shutdown, especially that they decided to do it on a wednesday when thousands of people will beç commuting to ad from work, but also, you know, after everything that's happened on metro over the last year and a half, glad to see that they're prioritizing the safety of customers. it's not just riders readying to bear the brunt of ts
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metro shutdown. >> food truck vendor cafe walter marion says he'll lose at least $200 in business, likely more. wednesday's winners will surely include taxis and car riding. i'm trying to figure out how we're going to get around. we're going to the airport and we're trying to get out and we were planning to go to mount vernon tomorrow. i guess i'm a little shock. and they're in the alone. i'm glad i have a smartphone so i can look up stuff. i mean, not knowing the area is going to be really hard. > good luck to the mccoy family and forever every everyone who is going to be navigating throughout the district. this is all after the smoke incident that happened at mcphearson square yesterday. now, one day later, mcphearson and long with everybody is
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getting ready for the shutdown. the billboards and barriers are in place every where. > here are some of the alternative ways to get around town while metro is closed. metro bus will be working, uber, lift and taxis are also available. the d.c. circulator and the streetcar are operating for free tomorrow and owe is the capital bike share program. and also electro lots and garages will be open to customers taking the bus or car pooling. > residents demanded answers during a community meeting tonight as police are still trying to solve a murder mystery in fairfax county. an unknown gunman shot and killed yohan da leet i while the 83 year old was inside his home last friday. police have no leads and investigators are serving around the home trying to find any evidence that could lead to a possible arrest. > we've had numerous resources in and around the area since then, just an
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presence because it is such an unusual crime in this area. we just want to reassure the residents, neighbors, everybody in the area that we're working very hard on the case to solve it as quickly as possible. > police say they are adding more officers to the area. a move that was planned before that shooting took place. > the death of a man in montgomery county is being ruled a homicide. march 11 sheldon williams was found shot to deaths on castle manufactured in silver springs. so far no arrests have been made. police are asking anyone who has information about the case to contact them. > for two of the brothers charged in connection withen a ambush shooting that led to the death of a prince george's county police officer. however, a maryland court commissioner dropped the murder charge against allege yeah and ma league ford. they are still charged in conspiracy and attempted murder in the death of officer jacai colson. their brother lead to
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of the officer. police are looking for your help in. this incident happened back on march 3. this is surveillance video. a person of interest there investigators say he held a child's hand outside, walked with her for several steps before a chaperone noticed, yelled and scared him objection to the form a second man was seen talking to the first person of interest. police want to talk to them both. > the maryland house of delegates has approved a bill designed to help reduce drunken driving. the bill is being called noaa's law. it is being named after montgomery county police officer noaa lee oat a. in december he was killed by a suspected drunk driver. the bill would require convicted drunk drivers to have an ignition interlock placed on their vehicle. drivers will have to below into a device to determine whether they've had too much to drink.
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another super tuesday raise are coming in. marco rubio unexpectedly suspended his campaign tonight after losing his home state to donald trump. hillary clinton trumped bernie sanders. we have the break down next at 11. hey there, tony, shawn, we have a weather break down, too. maybe the low 70s. south of d.c. there is a little bit of a flip side. a quick thunderstorm. we'll time that out for
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> it is another super tuesday. voters from five states went to the polls for
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elections today and we have all the details from mark ohio rub ohio suspecting his campaign to big victories for hillary clinton and underdog john case okay. on the republican side of things, donald trump won ill, florida and north carolina. john kikich won his home state. hillary clinton won big in florida, north carolina and ohio. and she is back on track to defeat bernie sanders in illinois. sanders is leading missouri. the florida senator choked back his emotion tonight as he talked to supportersç in his home sta. while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. > a trumpup
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have heard right there interrupted rub ohio at the beginning of his speech. the senator quickly responded, don't worry, he won't get beat up. taking a stab at some of the violence that's erupted at off of the rallies. the director of the secret service revealed details of increased efforts to protect presidential candidates. this comes as fights have began to erupt across the country. joseph clancy made it clear that his agents will not be used to silence protestor. there are people that are disrupting the event. that is not our primary responsibility. our concern is over acts or threats to our protect '. if someone, for example, comes into the buffer zone or secure zone we're going to respond to that as we saw in dayton, ohio. clancy added his agents assigned to the campaign trail have been working closely with event organizers
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intelligence and ensuring the safety of the the candidates. all right. it is time to talk about the forecast. a lot of people will probably be out and about tomorrow. since metro is closed maybe they'll be riding bikes, catching cabs, catching buses. if they had to do it one day this week, tomorrow is the best. it's diminishing the chance of showers on wednesday now. but a little upping the anti by thursday. by then we should be up and running again. that's st. patrick's day so we do need restaurants. everybody wants to be able to get around on st. patrick's day. >> exactly. no doubt about it. tonight it's rather quiet out there. we had the clouds break up late in the day. we helped get the temperature shoot up to 65-degrees. some of you may be ten degrees warmer than that. tomorrow. friendly reminder, spring begins in four days. that would be sunday. i've got snow in the forecast on sunday, just a little bit mixed
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but we're going to continue to watch it. it looks like it's going to be on the cool side and an area of low pressure off the earth will bear some watching. our temperature is 55-degrees, winds out of the south at 7. that's why we're going to warm up so nicely tomorrow. clear skies, a little bit of fog possible later. temperatures will be slow to fall. we'll probably end up close to 50-degrees by the sun comes up tomorrow morning. there can be a big spread of temperatures this time of year, the district is 55, frederick 43, culpeper 43 and manassas 46. that's cooler than we have been. tomorrow we get a lot of warm air. we might have some gusty winds with it. maybe a quick shower or a rumble of thunder. fairly isolated the way things look right now. it will bring in somewhat cooler air for us on thursday and certainly into the weekend and it looks like there will be another fast moving storm in the upper atmosphere that passes us by on thursday which is why it's
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more showers for saint pat's day. the frontal boundary will cross us in the afternoon. it will be dry to start tomorrow morning, aic in of sun and clouds. you can see that our futurecast is greatly diminishing the chance of any showers earlier. this may bounce around just a little bit. but again watch between 3 and a 5 for the possibility of a quick thunderstorm. as we role into saint the patrick's day, a little more active, prime time for folks going out and partying, 5:00. a couple showers here and there. not a lot. maybe a rumble of thunder and that passes on through pretty quickly so it's out of ten by 10 or 11:00. overnight we drop to near degrees, low 40s in the suburbs. we wrap it up with your fox5 seven day forecast. up and down we go. didn't get to t talk too much about the weekend. i wanted you to let you know that this is an area of low pressure off the coast. the first day of spring only 45-degrees. much
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it like tuesday, mostly cloudy and 52-degrees. we'll watch the sunday storm carefully and enjoy wednesday. > time for sports now. right down to the wire before they can clench a spot in the playoffs. that's right, tonight's, the caps had a chance to punch their ticket for the season. the carolina hurricanes paying a visit to the verizon center. the capitols made their flaw allowing opponents to score. not tonight, justin williams deflecting his 21st goal of the season. the game would go into over time tied 1 to 1. alex ovechkin has always had the flare of the dramatic and he delivered again when it mattered most, scoring the game winner whwhen it mattered most. they clinch a 50, 14 and 5. and yes
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lose tonight. maryland began the season with pretty high expectations. they were ranked the top team in the country, but the interpret are limping into the caa tournament friday. they loves five of their last eight games. although the last one went down to the wire against michigan state. they'll get one last chance to show everyone what they're made of. we're not even in the top ten anymore. i think, me personally. it just shows that no one has goals. going into the tournament we just want to prove to everyone that we're a really good team. > tonight they added department to their secondary signing david route 1 jr., 28 year old route 1 has played his entire nfl with the denver bronc owes. last season he posted career highs with 43 tackles and two interceptions before suffering a season ending injury
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apparently the ap just said, a source says they also signed guy let to $4 million and a one-year deal. > first she met the first and the first lady. today 107 d.c. resident met the harlem globetrotters. we'll show you what happened during today's vis
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♪ ♪
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you guys remember this, they first introduced you to 107 year old virginia mcclueren several weeks as l. she met the president and the first lady several weeks ago. today she got another special treat. they met the harris commutes lamb globetrotters when they visited elementary school. virginia volunteered there. and it's hard to tell who was more entertained by the visit, virginia or the globetrotte
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personality. i love it. she's 107 years old. fantastic. you know what, it's so infectious is herry. she loves her life. ' volunteers at the school three times a week. 107 years old. you are awesome, clara. stay tuned, tmz is up next. thanks for joining us. we're going on early tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. to keep you
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