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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 9, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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minute by minute. fire to the end zone. touchdown! >> the battle in the south comes down to overtime. alabama fans waking up in a good mood this morning. that is the sound you probably will have to wake up to this morning depending where you live. you have to dig out the ice scraper before you hit the road. it is a weather alert morning. due to patchy ice and definitely dense fog you're seeing out there. >> we've been monitoring the conditions since we've been on the air at 4:00 this morning. take a look at the dramatic change. sheena parveen is here with the news of just arctic air going away finally. >> finally, i think a lot of us are breathing a sigh of relief that we're not looking at the bitter cold this week.
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enough for patchy ice. here's a look at the radar. we're dry but it's yesterday and last night. it's precip that we're worried about. because of those temperatures. >> that's why we have a weather alert. the possibility of patchy ice. parts of northern maryland and virginia, look at the temperatures. 28 leesburg, 23 dulles. 23 degrees frederick. right now it's 33 in washington. so the temperatures are getting a little bit colder. look at the visibility. we're looking at less than a half mile through much of the area. the major interstates, this is also going to be a big issue this morning as well and as the commute goes, this morning, again patchy ice, we're looking at dense fog. by this afternoon, big improvements. we'll talk about the warming temperatures in a bit. all right. thank you, sheena. new problem at annandale. between gallows and graham, all lanes are blocked because of a water main break. this is affecting folks perhaps headed out of town this
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to reagan national airport. the ramp blocked by the water main -- as you look at the beltway, everything looking quite good. 270 south looking pretty good and on time. 210 inbound a little bit slow as you're approaching the beltway this morning. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:02. several school districts giving students extra time to get to class this morning because of any possible ice leftover from yesterday. >> in addition to the schools i'm about to read, there are a number of private schools also delayed. all those schools are running at the bottom of your screen. stafford county schools are closed today. they were on a delay. that's changed. they're closed in maryland, montgomery, charles, anne arundel, frederick county, calvert and prince george's county schools on a two-hour delay. >> turning to virginia. fairfax, spotsylvania, rappahannock, fredericksburg city, prince william and loudoun county schools on a two-hour delay. manassas
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city, arlington, fauquier county schools opening two hours late today. temperatures may be warmer than we've seen in weeks. don't be fooled by that. there are still icy conditions out there. >> be extra careful when you leave home. once you're on the road, you see slipping and sliding, justin finch continues our team coverage. he's driving around the mclean area to show you conditions firsthand. justin, what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning. we're here off mayflower drive off dolly madison boulevard. this is what you want -- the roads around the neighborhood are mostly treated. we can tell you that because we're above freezing in this area, we are seeing the ice beginning to melt. however, that does not mean you won't see patches if you are driving and making your way out this morning. we can tell you another factor to include here, the fog. from the parkway to t
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heavy fog in that area. so you want to be careful as you are driving in those conditions here as well. also, sidewalks, you can expect to see slick patches. if it looks wet, more than likely it could be icy and slippery as well. keep that in mind, too. live look, i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you. >> thanks, justin. 6:04 now. this is what we're talking about when we say take your time on the roads. black ice may be to blame for a crash that left an apartment complex badly damaged in bethesda. a woman's suv skidded off the road and smashed into this apartment building on clarendon road. you can see the damage both inside and outside of the apartment building. all three families living in the building were displaced because of the damage. the driver was trapped in the suv and had to be rescued by firefighters. she's in the hospital with serious injuries. another school closing to tell you about. spotsylvania county just changed s
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in spotsylvania county today. cleanup under way in a historic landmark in montgomery county. busted pipes flooded the basement of a historic clara barton home in glenn echo there is about an inch of water in the basement. that home is being renovated. most of the valuable items have been cleared out. the home served as the headquarters for the american red cross in the late 1800s. you can get the latest forecast for your area any time. just open the nbc washington app. today a man accused of killing two teens the night before their graduation will go on trial. jose canales-yanez's case will only be heard by a judge. he waived his right to a jury yesterday. he's one of four men accused in the murders of two teens. the teens were found shot to death in a car back in june hours before their graduation from northwest high school. police believe they were killed in revenge for the robbery of
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the search for a prince george's county man has expanded. today marks one week since he was last seen at the costco in belts vi. police believe he may have been given a ride to the gambrell area. dozens of people joined the family to search for him. dehaven is 5'9" with salt and pepper hair. he is nonverbal but does respond to the name danny if you come across him. 6:06. now to breaking news out of north korea concerning the winter olympics. >> chris lawrence has more. >> officials from south and north korea are working on a joint statement to publicly announce the north will send athlete to the winter olympics. they planned to send a delegation including several athletes as well as officials, performers and cheering squad as well. they're holding formal talks for the first time in two years at a village near the border. we've learned they only concern next mont
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the north's nuclear program. president trump approves of the discussion calling it a good first step. the president suggested he might be will to sit down with kim jong un but only if north korea abandons it missile program. eun? this morning the spt pack in washington after visits to tennessee and georgia. his legal team is reportedly considering the possibility of trump sitting down to be interviewed as part of the ongoing russia investigation. right now it's unclear whether that interview will be conducted by robert mueller him he have. president trump made an appearance on the field at the national championship game in atlanta. >> he stayed on the field for the national anthem and then headed to a space to watch what turned out to be quite the showdown between alabama and georgia. what a finish. if you went to bed before the
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didn't expect the outcome if you watched the first part of the game. alabama is the champion again. alabama didn't score a point until the second half. the crimson tide went on to -- to win it 26-23. what a thriller for alabama. 11 college national championship wins and six in the last nine years. >> you got your money's bort. >> college stuff, always making it exciting. >> are you hoping to get fit for the new year? it's the resolution so many of us make. we're trying to find the right workout to keep you motor vad. molette green has some including some with d.c. spirit. molette? >> you know what, we're in the suitland, when you went to a go go party, a go go dance, it lasted for hours. you could not sit down.
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here for one year, you dance and you're getting a workout. we're going to talk to the instructor who is passionate about go go fitness. the classes are just five bucks. you can't beat that. that's coming up next on "news4 today." live in the community. back to you guys. >> the hoodie controversy, drama for h and m. why it create a social media power storm >> the giem to a new york activist. new video just in of dramatic farewell. this morning, i want you to give yourself extra time so you can take your time. we're under a weather alert. patchy fog swelt ice on the road.
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6:13. another school closing. frd ricks burglary. we got the -- fredericksburg, stafford county, spotsylvania, all closed today. that's changed from what they earlier decided. >> a whole lot of schools are delayed as well. look at all that fog out there. hard to see. >> hard to see for sure if you're on the ground. somara is keeping an eye on all the weather issues today. somara? >> hey. that's why we're under a storm team 4 weather alert. visibility down to a quarter of a mile we could see black ice. you want to be careful. the good news is there's improving conditions. mostly sunny skies. coming up, sheena will have a look at the full forecast at the the end of the week. right now, we're talking about
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rest of the beltway looking okay. we still have a water main break. if you're headed out of town, you want to hear this one. chris? thanks, melissa. we're following developments, something in new york city where a scuffle broke out at erica garner's funeral. take a look at some of the video. police said to be called in. basically a fight broke out there. spilled out into the outside of the funeral. erica garner is eric garner's daughter. he was the man infamously put in a choke-hold by police for selling illegal cigarettes and yelled, i can't breathe. erica garner became an activist after her father was killed. she marched in a lot of protests like black lives matter. but then, she died just about a week ago and they were holding her funeral. there was some sort of dispute with the family in which some family members were not invited in. that's apparently how this
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again, some of the images you're seeing there from erica garner and the family. at the live desk, chris lawrence, news 4. back to you, aaron. >> chris, thank you. clothing giant h and m is apologizing for controversial image on it website. it showed a black child with coolest monkey in the jungle. social media exploded over the photo. they removed the image with the child. although it did keep similar images with wihite children modeling the same shirt. the company sincerely apologizes. >> i imagine a number of people looked at this before it went into print. always surprising when that happens. >> the level of explanation, historical -- or lack of understanding to make a mistake like that. >> we're working for you helping you find ways to get fit. all week, we're taking
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inside fitness centers to show you ways to work out in the area. >> this morning, it's all about the music. good play list gets you going. molette green is there to explain why this workout could motivate you. molette, look at you going there. >> this is a great workout. high energy. i'm motivated to stay fit for 2018. actually, i got to get more fit. okay. this is really like a throwback to the old days of go go music, parties and dances in washington, d.c. these go go fitness classes are in maryland, in prince george's county, montgomery county and in the district. you can do this all energy levels. sand i tucker is the fitness instructor who started this. thank you for joining us. talk about why this works for so many people. you have a 60-year-old in this class. >> she rocking. the music itself is going
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these ladies. it's 6:15 in the morning. when they come here, they're not coming to workout. they're coming to a go go. that's what makes it unique. we simulate a go go for you. we want to take you back to feel great. look, we happen to be working out and dropping some weight. >> we love it. the classes are $5. you have classes all over the area, all we have to do is go to your website and check out where the classes are, what times they are and where they start. but you have classes in suitland and iverson mall and takoma park, maryland. >> upper marlboro and we have dvds. if you want to take it back to the go go and want to know what it is, hit me up. we got you. >> the class continues here. we've got much more coming your way from suitland and the camera is vibrating because the floor of the studio is moving and shaking like these ladies. back to you guys. >> that's how the
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go, though. you hit a beat in there, you go hard, right? >> looking good, molette. thanks so much. let turn to sheena parveen. 6:18 this morning. ice, fog, what else you got? >> warmer temperatures. >> yes. >> that's the positive to all this. yes, we have the ice around from last night's precip. temperatures were cold enough tore it to create ice. the ride, the temperatures is going to be i welcome thing. wait until you see what happens this afternoon. weather alert out this morning. we have some icy spots. if it looks wet, there's a high chance that there could be ice, especially on the untreated roads. that's what you need to go by this morning. be very careful. dense fog across the area now too. we'll see improvements after about 7:30. so once the sun comes up, the temperatures start to rise. we'll be seeing things getting better out there. this week, we will be milder. wait until you see the numbers. right now we're still below
6:19 am
freezing, much of northern maryland. northern virginia. clinton at 28 degrees. quantico, 30. manassas at 26. 23 frederick. 33 in the district. so most of us are below freezing right now. aside from that icy issues this morning, we're also looking at dense fog. look at gaithersburg, manassas, ft. meade in the district down to quantico and fredericksburg. at least a half mile or less. fredericksburg looking at zero right now. that's dense fog. currently on radar, nice and dry. we're not worried about anything falling from the sky. we're worried about ice and patchy fog for your morning drive. after that, 8:00, mid-30s by 9:00 a.m. 37 degrees. if you're exercising later on today, that's when it's going to be a lot nicer. finally, getting mild by 4:00 p.m. temperatures in the mid to maybe upper 40s. around 47 for a daytime high. clouds increase going into tomorrow. we're still dry. a cloudy day on thursday. that's going to be with the approach of our next weather
6:20 am
system. late thursday night into friday. we have rain approaching. only rain. because look at these numbers. 55 on thursday. 62 on friday. unfortunately, it's not going to be a bright sunny day. but it's going to come with some rain. we'll look at the ten-day forecast coming up. let's check the roads with melissa. >> a couple of warnings right now. inner loop near branch avenue, disabled vehicle in the middle of the roadway. not too much of a slowdown and the rest of the beltway looks okay. nice light volume because so many schools are delayed. kids having to hop on the road later in the morning. you can see we're a little slow at colesville road. that's typical for this time of day. the ramp to reagan national is blocked by this water main break. the second ramp is open. you can get in there. might get nervous. it's shut down. annandale road near gannon road.
6:21 am
95 in maryland at powder mill road. we're also talking about bridges, overpasses, sidewalks going to be pretty yucky this morning. treated roads are fine. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. a rallying cry at the white house. a threat of deportation, the new immigration battle and what it means for thousands of local families. digging out of debt. news 4 is working for you to help you become financially fit in the new year. new credit card tips and the changes you should make right now. plus, new hollywood giants join ellen today. starting at 3:00 p.m., tom hanks and meryl streep will talk about their new
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i'll tell you about the latest statistics coming up. plus, we're on the road monitoring the conditions for you. here's a live look. we're on the way to report a new water main break. ke that's ahead. outside right now, we have patchy fog, very dense at times as well as that patchy ice. you want to take your time on the roads. the good news, we have improving conditions. plenty of sunshine with highs in the upper 40s. we're talking a
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good morning. thanks for joining us. to the conditions on the road with a look at the forecast, everything to get your day started. a live look outside. the big story this morning, other than the chance for black ice is the dense fog that you're seeing here. >> yeah. really foggy out there. >> you can't see it. storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen begins our coverage with a weather alert. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we've been seeing si
6:30 am
the district less than a quarter mile. that is dense fog. we have a weather alert for patchy ice mostly before sunrise. if it looks wet, it could be ice, especially in many of our suburbs. that dense fog will hang around until shortly after sunrise as well. temperature in northern maryland and virginia, below freezing for most of you. mostly the mid to low 20s. the radar is dry. but remember, we have the patchy ice out there. look at the visibility. we are looking at less than a half mile through much of area. especially around the beltway, down 95. we'll be watching this through the morning and what you can expect later today. good morning, melissa. >> live look right now. nice and clear. again, on these main roads that have been treated, it's no big deal. but if it's untreated a side street, your sidewalk going to be slick this morning. my car was encased in ice. you have to be careful this morning depending where you are. you can see the fog hanging around in the rockville area. beltway looking fine. earlier problem inner loop at
6:31 am
branch is now gone. southbound, gw parkway to reagan national, ramp blocked by the water main break. that second ramp is open. you can get in off of route 1 also. don't want delays this morning. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:31. several school districts are giving students extra time to get to the school because of the possibility for leftover ice. >> depends on where you live. in addition to the schools i'm about to read, there are a number of private schools also delayed. all the schools are running on the bottom of your screen. stafford, spotsylvania county and fredericksburg city schools are all closed today. in maryland, montgomery, charles anne arundel, frederick, calvert and prince george's county are on a two-hour delay. >> in virginia now. fairfax prince william, loudoun county schools on a two-hour delay. see them there. manassas city, manassas park city, arlington county, culpepper and fauquier county schools opening two hours late today also. it's now
6:32 am
we're following this morning. we're talking about that black ice. it may be to blame for this crash that left an apartment complex badly damaged in bethesda. a woman's suv skidded off the road and smashed into this apartment building on clarendon road. all three families living in the building were displaced because of the a damage. the driver was trapped in the suv and had to be rescued by firefighters. she is in the hospital with serious injuries. customs officials made a big counterfeit bust at dulles international airport. nearly 400 pairs of fake air jordans were found being shipped to an address in alexandria last month. real air jordans retail for more than a hundred bucks a pair. if nerp real, they would have been worth $55,000. president trump is back and his legal team is deciding the possibilities of president trump sitting down for an interview. it's unclear
6:33 am
conducted by robert mueller himself. many crimes, especially violent ones are seeing a decline. >> police say it means that many neighborhoods are getting safer. news 4's adam tuss is live in palmer park with a look at these new statistics. adam, good morning. >> good morning, eun. think about this. crime overall down 50% in the county over the last seven years. what does that mean? all of this is really tied together. if crime is down, the county becomes more attractive and you might see more investment in the county. take a look. a number of county leaders were out yesterday to tout the statistics. the police chief, county executive rushern baker and other officials holding a news conference to talk about an ongoing battle in prince george's county. getting those violent crimes in particular to go downward. let's take a closer look at the numbers. 18 fewer murders than in 2016. a
6:34 am
this is the seventh year in a row with a reduction in that type of crime. when you trend in that direction, then positive things start happening. let's listen to police chief now. >> that's the fact of men and women going out on the streets of prince george's county day in and day out and working to prevent crime from happening in the first place. >> reporter: not only that, but closing out crime. that's something that the police chief was talking about as well. so, again, overall, crime down significantly in the county and county leaders are saying that that is leading to a resurgence here in prince george's county when it comes to development and just flat-out interest in being in prince george's county. guys, good news. >> indeed it is. adam tuss live at police headquarters. thank you, adam. now to new details in the death investigation of a bethesda teen whose body was found after a house party. >> the owners of the home where
6:35 am
will not face charges. investigators say the 17-year-old had a bottle of vodka and two fake i.d.s when his body was found near river road in a ravine. it was purchased outside of montgomery county. sepehri has a senior at whitman high school. he died from acute alcohol intoxication complicated by drowning and hypothermia. 6:35 now. thieves often go after what's left inside your car. the police say lock your doors and windows. check out how some crooks ripped off the doors, entire doors off the cars. >> this happened friday morning at an apartment, rather a condo complex. it took the crooks four hours to dismantle the doors and took airbags. valuable items like golf bags were nuever touched. one crook left behind an oakland a's hate. did you soo he it. the crimson tide comeback.
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welcome back, a -- it's in response to a skyrocketing number of deaths from fentanyl. scott macfarlane an the news 4 i-team reports. >> reporter: the u.s. justice department says it's going to prosecute manufacturers of fentanyl overseas if it comes to the united states and causes deaths here. that announcement comes amid a surge of cases, a string of seizures of drugs, including fentanyl at dulles international airport. they suspect the chemists make the drugs overseas and then ship the drugs here. officers found them inside food packaging, even
6:40 am
others packed inside luggage. they've brought two criminal cases against the international manufacturers. >> this is the first time we've indicted by name chinese chemists in china who are alleged to have supplied fentanyl that resulted in injuries or death in the united states. >> coming up tonight on news 4 at 11:00, we go behind the scenes with u.s. customs offices to show you what happens when they see a suitcase they suspect has contraband inside and we speak with the families of fentanyl victims. the one thing they say has to be done in addition to prosecution to help stop fentanyl from getting on to our streets. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. weather alert this morning. take a look at your headlines. we've got the black ice in some spots. the temperatures are below freezing for some of us to start. dense fog as well causing an issue on the roads. the good news, improvements on the way as well as a warmup. talking about the roads, again, that fog causing
6:41 am
untreated. definitely slick this morning. treated roads not so bad. we have real delays coming into town, especially into prince george's county. we'll talk about this and a look at travel times in a few minutes. molette green is in the community getting fit for the new year in suitland. >> oh, yeah. our dj is in the middle of cranking it up for this battle zone that's going on at the suitland studios at go go fitness. much more coming up. including an interview with a 60-year-old and 30-yea 60-year-old and 30-yea before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network
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the conditions on the road and the welcome change. growing fears. local families could be torn apart. the message from the trump administration and what's next for families facing deportation. >> people were devastated. we're talking about losing everything. tech giant slapped with a giant lawsuit. google and twitter headed to court. why white men say they're being discriminated against at work. fire to the end zone. touchdown! alabama wins. >> a battle in the south comes down to overtime. alabama's
6:45 am
over the georgia bulldogs. it was probably a long night for our doreen gentzler. 6:45. we're working for you with team coverage in first 4 traffic on this weather alert morning. >> many roads are still frozen. we have a lot of fog out there as well. breaking right now, there is another water main break to tell you about. news 4's justin finch is live at the scene in annandale. justin, what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey there, good morning. another water main has broken in this area here. fairfax water crews working at the scene appearing to begin work to isolate and fix that water main that's up the street from us now. fairfax county police also on the ground diverting traffic here. it's being diverting at annandale and walnut hill lane. as you can see, we've seen buses diverted, cars diverted. this appears to be just getting started here as well. we look up the road
6:46 am
we can see water trickle into that drain to my left over here. you can hear the sound of water gushing in the area. but at this point, expect this to be closed for the duration of this repair here happening in annandale right now. i'm justin finch, news 4. back to you. justin, thank you. >> cleanup is under way at a historic landmark in montgomery county. the basement was flooded of the clara barton home in glenn echo. there is no damage but an inch of water in the basement. that home is being renovated so the valuable items were not there. of course, you can get the latest forecast for your area any time, just open the nbc washington app. we have news from the peninsula. south korea says north korea will send a delegation to the winter olympics next month. this development after the first formal talks bet
6:47 am
it signals a potential thaw in the relationship. senior officials met in a border village. the talks were only about the olympic games and not about the nuclear program. as well, a group of protesters stood in front of the white house yesterday demanding congress take action and prevent the president's decision to end the temporary status program that was given to 200,000 salvadorans. they were allowed to come into the u.s. after a massive earthquake in 2001 devastated their country. thousands were left without a home. they were given the legal right to live and work here. now some fear they'll be deported. >> i worngd haked hard for a lo time. i come here '94. >> that's juan cortez, he's among the people here. he moved to montgomery county
6:48 am
he bought a -- 20 years ago. he bought a truck and started a business. it's 6:48. a former google employee has filed a lawsuit alleging he was fired because he's a white man with conservative views. >> software engineer james did he more was let go from the company five months ago. they have a culture discriminating against conservative thoughts. because of that, some employees are singed uld, mistreated and terminated from google. he was fired after posting a controversial memo on a company message board. his actions were contrary to their code of conduct. president trump made a public appearance on the field of the national championship game for college football in atlanta. >> he stayed on the field for the national anthem and then headed to watch what turned out to be quite the showdown between alabama and georgia. what a finish. >> trying to make up for it. fired to the end
6:49 am
touchdown. alabama wins! >> look at that. the moment alabama secured its 11th national championship. it wasn't easy. the game went into overtime. if you went to bed before midnight, it looked like georgia was going to win. alabama came back from a scoreless first half. it tied up the game and then to win it all, this is the kind of game championships are made for, right? 11th championship for alabama. their fifth in the last nine years. >> you can't beat that. georgia really happy at the beginning and then you're really not at the end. >> yeah. coming up on 6:50. we want to turn to melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. >> good morning guys. treated roads not so bad this morning. untreated, your sidewalks or cars might have ice here today. inbound suitland parkway after naylor road. causing slowdowns. as you look downtown, new york avenue at new jersey, flashing traffic lights there. inbound nor
6:50 am
crash there. taking a live look outside. still have fog across areas. you may encounter that if you don't see any ice this morning. we have one or the other. beltway, no major problems. our normal slowdown there up top of the beltway. >> southbound gw parkway, the ramp to reagan national. that's blocked by the water main break. that second ramp is open. as far as marc goes, the penn line, train 407 canceled for mechanical issues today. annandale at gallows road, another water main break there. justin finch is live there for us. your travel times looking decent. top of the beltway, getting typically slow on 66. inbound 95 northbound. looks like it's pretty average. >> listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. sheena? >> good morning, melissa. we're talking about the weather alert this morning because of what we had last night and yesterday afternoon. that
6:51 am
and temperatures below freezing. in the district, at 33 degrees. so mostly we should be fine here. what we are looking at is early ice before sunrise. the sun is about to come up. i think we'll see improvements after 7:30 this morning. remember, though, if it looks wet, it could be ice. a lot of you right now are looking at temperatures in your area below freezing. we also have patchy dense fog this morning too. another concern on the roads. 22 degreesgate burglary. 23 bull he is. 29 warrenton. clinton is 28 degrees. a lot of numbers here below freezing which does give us that ice concern this morning. we've already had reports of it across the area and you may have to scrape off your car this morning, too, depending where your car was last night with the ice. here's the visibility. pretty low numbers. below half a mile through the area surrounding the beltway and down 95. be very careful with that this morning too. if you're walking the dog today ored
6:52 am
chase available for adoption. you can head to their website and find out how to give him a home. dense fog this morning. look at the afternoon numbers. much better today. 47 for a high temperature. now, tomorrow, we're going to stay in the 40s again. nice temperatures as we go through this week. clouds do increase, though. then we go into thursday night and into friday. we have rain moving in. yes, that is rain. because look at how warm the numbers are going to be by friday. we're talking about a high of 62 the normal high is 43. early showers saturday. but then we're colder again by the second half of the weekend. i like the numbers this week though, much better guys. >> agreed. sheena, thank you. are you hoping to get fit for the new year? we're working for you, helping you track down workouts in our area that may motivate you to get moving. >> this morning, may just do the trick. because of the music. molette green is live in suitland checking out go go fitness. molette? very energetic this morning. >> oh, my
6:53 am
this room. that's why. go go music is certainly the star of this class. it's the music that keeps them going. every time they have a class. we're in the suitland studios. dani tucker is the instructor leading this class. i want to introduce you to a young lady who is 60 years old. she's sweating it up with all of the ladies here. when we talk about go go, we think about the great bands, chuck brown, eu, little benny. rare essence. and it's generational. you're here. is this music what brings you here? >> yes. and the workout. it's fun. it's a lot of energy. i enjoy it. >> all generations. we've got latrice coming over here. she also is an instructor in her 0s. you know about go go. you know about the parties of yesteryear. what makes people want to do this and inspired to stay fit? we're early into the new year and our resolutions. >> it's a family.
6:54 am
loved. it's not a judgment. everybody is loved here. i love teaching the students. it's a great atmosphere. come on out. >> come on out. classes all over the area, maryland, prorjtince george's, montgomery, they're five bucks a class. you can't beat that for one hour and now before we get the party started, i want to mention that nbc4's health and fitness expo this year is in march. 10th and the 11th. we always have fitness classes. maybe we'll have a class that's hyped and energetic as this one. probably so. make sure you tune in for that and put that on your calendar. right now, it's time for the party. let's do the party and end this class with the party. do it. >> [ cheering ]
6:55 am
>> all right. >> go go fitness. >> you know it's working because she said she was 60 years old. looking fabulous. >> for sure. molette will check out another unique workout tomorrow morning for us. this one will be to inspire you to get beach body ready. >> we'll show you how to go surfing in tysons corner. surfing looks really hard. join us tomorrow morning for that. here are four things to know this morning. black ice may be to blame for a crash that left an apartment building badly damaged in bethesda. a woman's suv skidded off the road here and slammed into that building on clarendon road. the driver was seriously hurt. we'll update you on her condition in the nbc washington app. leave yourself extra time if you're headed out on the road. a lot of roads are icy. pretty foggy as well. many schools in the area are delayed or canceled. we have the full list on the nbc washington app. >> president trump is back in washington and his legal team is looking at t
6:56 am
the ongoing russia investigation. that interview could be conducted by special counsel robert mueller. the interview is not a done deal yet. mueller's office has yet to comment. alabama won the national championship again. the crimson tide did not score single point until the second half but rolled over the bulldogs for an overtime win. what a thrilling finish. alabama's 11th win. the fifth in nine years. look out for highlights ahead on the "today" show. >> wow. congrats to them. taking a look at the water main break. annandale road shut down at gallows road here this morning. justin finch is there. he'll be tweeting about this as well. a lot of different water main breaks. just kind of wet. but the untreated roads, the side streets, a little slick this morning. sheena? >> you need to be careful out there, melissa. a lot of the areas looking below freezing temperatures. dense fog, too. that's why we have a weather alert out. if it looks wet, it could be ice. remember today, 47 degre
6:57 am
unfortunately, on friday that's not coming with a put full sunny day. i will take it. we're going to see rain. but i'm glad it's rain. nothing frozen. >> i like it. >> sounds good. >> isn't that sad? 62 is beach weather. >> take what we can get. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> we knew what you meant. >> the "today" show is next. see new 25 minutes for weather and traffic and breaking news. until then, enjoy your day. >> go go
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking news, olympic surprise. north korea agrees to send a team to the winter olympics in south korea. a stunning development, with the opening ceremony one month away. we're live in seoul with the latest. cheers and jeers. a mix react as president trump takes the field at college football's national championship game. this morning, he is back in washington, where an interview over the russia investigation could be just days away. speculation growing. new reports that oprah winfrey is seriously considering a presidential run. but a source telling nbc news, it's not happening.


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