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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  August 14, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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way to help? >> stay with news4 today, working earlier for you than anyone else. clear, clear. tensions remain hines in charlesville as members of the alt-right arrived for a hearing of a man accused every running down protesters. outrage across the country as more and more demonstrators stand up. we can't sore more rallies like this today. and some cloudy conditions. when can we break out the sunshine? good
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lawrence, and i'm eun yang. police say alex fields drove into a crowd on saturday. he is charged with second-degree murder for killing a woman and injuring more than a dozens others. fields appeared in video thorge outside there's a low and angry crowd, both protesters and supporters of the rally. a judge ruled fields will not be allowed on bond and set the hearing for a week from friday. while the community is trying to make sense. they're calling out messages of violence and hate. derrick, what are the folks telling you? >> reporter: you want to see a sense of optimism here, but we didn't find that. we went up think main street where some shops are opening. some are some are truncated hours. but they're saying they're not
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needs to see for on genuine reconciliation. we're at fourth and waters, of course, this is where it all happened. where is where that car plowed into the crowd of demonstratode, killing one woman and injuring others. but that sense of foreboding and ain't is still there as well. there are efforts of reconciliation on the slate, on the books for future, we spoke to a minister yesterday, that there will be an effort, bringing together clergy of different ilks and different churches to start that process. right now today it's soon this community needs time to process it before they can begin to move forward. >> thank you, derrick s this week's violence sparked protests. one of the biggest outside of the
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demonstrators gather to denounce hate and violence from the white house. they marched down pennsylvania avenue right past the trump international hotel. they criticized the president for not calling out hate groups by names in his remarks. overnight in virginia, police arrested one protester at a demonstration near vcu. it's not clear what side they're on, but they're sustaineding at the base of the general lee statue. washington states, protesters and police squared off in seattle. three people were arrested on suspicion of obstruction and assault. police say they
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witnesses that included ax handles, 2 by 4s and balloon containing a liquid substarnes. this morning we're learning more about the woman who was run down. heather heyer worked as a paralegal. while her friends say she wasn't necessarily an activist, she definitely had strong feelings about inequality and justice. her mother is still trying to make sense of what happened. >> i'm really not angry. i'm very sad. very, very sad, but i can't by angry. angry will make me hate. hate only leads to more hate. there's just no point to that. susan bro called her daughter for a champion for others. we're learning more about the virginia state troopers who died just a few hours after heyer was killed in that demonstration. the troopers were providing overwatch on the protest when their helicopter it is crd.
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he had just been promoted to the command earlier this yew. burke bates would have celebrated his 41st birthday on sunday. he just transferred to the unit last month. now investigators are on the scene trying to find out what happened. meanwhile, president trump's cabinet members are out defending their boss for his response to saturday's violence. he's been criticized no now singling out white supremacists. in an interview on "today" attorney general jeff sessions says the president condemned that truth. >> i thought it was a strong statement and explicitly the next day through his spokesperson condemned these groups by name. so i think you're making too much out of this. i know this -- we're going after these groups. that's what he wants us to do. that's what we're going to do. at 11:30 we'll have more on president trump's reaction
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and those critical of the response. well, don't let what you see outside the window fool you. despite some morning clouds we're actually expecting a nice monday. lauren, how is it good? >> hello, yes, it won't be all bad out there. but it would be a little out cloudy side. we are looking at some cloudy conditions out there through much of the day so, expect that unfortunately. now, temperatures out there right now, they're a little on the cooler side, but we do have that humidity out there unfortunately. now, again here's a look at our live city camera, just a muggy and cloudy day out there. we do have maybe a few isolated showers, so again we'll be watching these, as we can see a lot around i-81. but, a few isolated showers as we continue through the remainder of
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when do we see the sunshine again. all that ahead in just a little bit. lauren, thank you. this morning, a community is holding a vigil for a college-bound teenager who was rossly shareholder and kid. she was shot white driving through the brandywood neighborhood in northeast d.c. police say she was not the intended argument. philip daniel has been arrested and charged with her death. two others drove off in a gold honda accord with new jersey plates. more and more toll lanes are popping up along your commute. they're meant to make the drive to work faster, but it comes at a cost. virginia's governor says he would like to see more tolls around the entire beltway. adam tuss has details. what are we talking about here, adam? >> reporter: just a few opinions. more toll ways. take a
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northern virginia, do we need more of these lanes? well, plenty of people talking about that. >> oh, yeah, that would be helpful. >> i hate 495. >> the governor has put the issue in the spotlight with this comment. >> my dream would be at some point? we ought to have express lanes all the way around the beltway, the entire circumstance the. i would fully support that in virginia. >> reporter: 64 miles all the way around, less than a quarter of it has express lanes right now, so there would be a lot of work to be done. we found dee wallace reading our tweets about this story today, and he had a strong opinion about expanding mass transit use instead of roads. >> take the metro, be smart. i hate
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the way around the beltway. >> definitely. that would be better. >> reporter: and you're willing to pay a toll to get around? >> oh, yeah, i am. >> reporter: leaders if exploring the possibility of a ring of expressways around the capitol beltway. this has generated a lot of debate. if you want to weigh it in go to my twitter or facebook pages and let me know what you think. >> thank you very much, adam. today officials are stepping up efforts to reassure families that it's okay to drink waters. wssc and experts will answer questions about why there's free throws brown water. but bottom line, they say the water is safe to drink. for the first time in three
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contract. the information is just coming in. el chapo in court today in new york. while there's a fight over who will repre
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attorneys who once represented the son of organized crime boss john gotti. guzman has pled not guilty to running a cartel. he was extradited after escapes from prison twice in mexico. people in guam are calling for peace in response. take a look here. this demonstration focused on peace and respect instead of military action. overnight guam's governor has says the country has faced threats from severe weather before and this is just a new kind of emergency. >> it can be for a potential crisis. >> up up now there's been an escalating war of words. north korea says it has a detailed plan to fire four missiles at guam. crowds ran for
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on motorcycles roared up to an upscale turkish restaurant and opened fire. this happened in the african nation of burkino faso. it's not clear who orchestrated the attack, but burkino faso has seen a spike in extremist violence, especially near its border with mali. all three men who were shot died. close to 5,000 people were at the raceway for the event. so far no suspects have been arrested. questions remained after a d.c. firefighters responded to a call ending up becoming a victim. this happened in broad daylight at a house on 37th street southeast yesterday. a spokesperson for the fire department says four or five people at the home assaulted the
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firefighter. we're told he has mostly cuts and bruises. other rescue units were called to the scene. we cover all kinds of story, but some crimes are simply hard to imagine. a man from northeast d.c. has been charged with stabbing his 81-year-old mother. last night d.c. police found ann cook in her apartment suffering from multiple stab wounds. on sunday, police arrested her son derek. her neighbors say they will miss see ann cook walk around the neighborhood. >> i used to laugh at her and say, how many miles did you get into those legs. she would always say they would carry me as long as i can walk. >> neighbor says ann cook had lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years. we're looking to learn what could have motivated this attack. new this morning, it is the first day of class for some of your kids in d.c. as of today their teachers have a brand-new contract as well.
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our tom sherwood broke the news on twitter this morning. they agreed to a three-years contract with the teachers union. it's the first deal in three years. tom says he'll have more details at 4:00. well, it's national health center week. that means. >> reporter:ers show that one in every 15 americans rely on health centers for high quality/low cost care. the children's health project of d.c. has brought those services to families in need. justin finch shows us the unique way you can take advantage. >> how are you all doing? good morning. >> before back to school, it's back to the doctors. >> you think about getting kids ready for the doctor, building time into your day. >> yeah. >> what kind of stress can that be like as a mom? >> a lot. when you're working, tutoring, all that. it's just a lot of work. >> reporter: so mom, could mika mcnair, did her homework connecting her
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children's hospital mobile kline iic. >> who wants to go first. >> reporter: which searches about 4,000 kids in d.c. right now they're seeing kids for required checkups and dental screening, despite their ability to play. in southeast, staffers say the van is a hit. >> accessibility to health care for our children right here at our doorstep is huge. >> my 6-year-old, my 15-year-old came last week. >> reporter: another plus for clinic staff helping to answer question. >> we can see whether or not they have access to parks, recreation, what is the food resource like? are there grocery stores? >> reporter: justin finch, news4. the mobile clinic accepts insurance, medicaid, even works with families who are uninsured. go to our app and search for mobile clinic for
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effect on calahan drive. this change will allow you to park for longer than the current two-hour restriction. the meter race are about 12.50 an hour or daily max muppet of $15. willie nelson says he's healthy, but last night it certainly wasn't so clear. he was a concert in utah 4,000 feet above sea level. you can see him, he '84 years old. fans at the concert said he seemed to struggle throughout the show, and he left before finishes his full set. on twitter, nelson said the altitude made him sick, but it was nothing serious. there is a cool streaming event happening in about 90 inminutes. five verses of a van gogh masterpiece are being reunited for the first time in what's called a virtual exhibition. he papered
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five different versions reside in fife different museums on five count tent. at 12:50 it's broadband streamed, search van gogh, in our app and i'll link you. >> and it's a lot cheaper than flying around the world to see all the different exhibits. one of our areas was hit hard by the storms last week. and talk about rare, a white moose captured on video. isn't that beautiful? we have the story behind the video that
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right now more than 150 firefighters are working to control the blaine fire in riverside county just outside l.a. official just lifted an evacuation order in the last few hours. rain is to blame for major damage, to mount vernon. the estate was hit by more than 5 1/2 inches of rain in one hour on friday. mount vernon's ceo says about is 00 feet of a brick wall fell over and the pathway between the mansion and washington's tomb was toward out of. no
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damages. so the few clouds outside don't seem too bad. >> we don't have that heavy rain out there, but we are going to continue to see the clouds, and it's a little humid out there. so we have that coming back. it's august. we have several weeks of summer left. so the heat and humidity with us pretty much all through this week. it's not too bad in terms of the heat out there, but you can feel that humidity. not much to look at, because we have a lot of cloud cover out there, but everything is so green considering all the rain we have seen. we've gotten about 3 inches of rain here in d.c., so we're doing well. i think we need to clean those lenses out there. scattered showers out there. cloudy all throughout the day and humid all week. we do have in 90 are, but right now temperatures 78 here in wa
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74 in manassas, we'll continue to take those temperatures into the low to mid 80s for daytime highs today, again topping on the in the make low 80s in some area. here's a few showers, a few moving through king george county, and also into fredericksbu fredericksburg. and then a few in the shenandoah valley. b. we'll have a chance of scattered showers for everyone. we should make it to 84. if you're headed to the pool today, scattered light showers, maybe not the best pool day. good-looking movie day before the kids head back to school, which a lot did today. we'll see a few showers out there. nothing too heavy, but we'll keep a chance all the way through the afternoon into tomorrow morning, we could have a few hours as well. the forecast for tomorrow, i think a bit more
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temperatures in the mid 80s, a chance of an isolated shower, and humid all this workweek, then as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, wednesday look dry as well as thursday. others we'll have chances on friday and into saturday, temperatures on friday in the low 90s. look at this? monday, that's the eclipse today partly cloudy of course that could change as we get closer. >> hope those skies clear up or stay clear that day. this video made us do a double take. this is a new video of a rare white moose. the images were captured in sweden, but needless to say it's going viral. the bbc says there's about 100 white moon, apparently it's not a albina, it has a genetic mutation to -- actually
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animals are pure white with pinkeyes. >> beautiful. >> a ghostly image comesic out of the water. hackers leaking more hbo material over before it returns on tv. president trump taking a short break to return to d.c., facing increasing criticism for what he didn't say d
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memorials are growing, as people pay their respects to heather heyer, the woman killed when a man plowed his car into a crowd president people. >> and the president -- news4's edward lawrence looks as how hess cabinet members are defending him. >> reporter: jeff sessions says hi will vigorously prosecute people such as this -- >> i think we take it seriously, go at it directly morally, legally, political, legitimately in any way possible to reject this kind of
11:30 am
>> reporter: the attack sparked protests, but what the president did not say stirred controversy. >> hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, a many sides. >> reporter: critics say that's too ambiguous. >> the president could not name this for what it was, driven by white nationalists, the kkk, white supremacist and neonazis. >> they are domestic terrorists, and we need more on this from our president. >> when he condemned hatred on all sides, that includes white supremacists and i know it's clear in his mind. >> these dangerous fringe groups have no place in american public life and in the american debate. we condemn them in the strongest possible terms. >> reporter: eastern house speaker named it specifically, calling it a
11:31 am
fits the definition of domestic terrorism. news4's megan fitzgerald is following all the developments. follow her on facebook and stay up to date with the. the north american aerospace defense command is conducting training flights over the d.c. area. they'll happen starten around midnight through 2:30 a.m. the training will include some jets and helicopters. fill up your tank over the weekend? cnbc's landon dowdy is here with what's driving up prices. >> new data shows the price of gas rose an average of eight cents over the past two weeks. that spike is mostly due to the rise in crude oil prices. the current price is 23 cents higher than a year ago, b
11:32 am
and netflix makes a big play saying shawn jarhymes under an exclusive multiyear deal. will develop more shows and move the protection studio to netflix. netflix, of course faces increasing competition. disney is launching a streaming service and amazon just announced a deal with robert kirkman, the creator of "the walking dead." hackers hit hbo and now have leaked new episodes of some of the network's top shows. they put out the return of larry davidson on "curb your enthusiasm" which is not scheduled to arrive until october.
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bits and pieces to generate media attention. lauren is back after the break with a look at our chances for rain. and we're one week away from the solar eclipse, so we're putting some glasses to the test. you probably heard a
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we are just a week away from the big solar eclipse. a lot of you are probably looking for the -- but this morning we're learning some of those glasses could be counter. >> reporter: all eyes on the sky. next monday a full eclipse visible from oregon to south carolina. but don't look up just yesterday. without approved eclipse sun glasses, you can actually
11:36 am
sounding the alarm that counterfeiters are selling glasses that look real and claim to be safe, but won't protect you. >> the sunlight has harm of radiation. if you directly stare at it, it can calm permanent damage. >> reporter: the problem is so widespread. amazon is refunding customers who bought fake glasses that don't meet safety standards, sending out e-mails saying we recommend that you do not use this product to view the sun or the eclipse. so how can you tell a safe partnership from a potentially dangerous fake? it show you we have come to ics laboratories in how, this is the object lan to test eclipse glasses for safety to see if tonight night will get in. i'll tellou
11:37 am
on, it's pitch black -- and here's another pair from a different company. yeah, it doesn't look, but pitch black, i can't tell the difference, so we bought a bunch and. >> the lab gets to work testing these filters to see how much light passes through. remember, to the naked ice, you can't tell the difference. we have pop-up vendor willing to play fast and loose, and the general public doesn't understand what that means. >> you tested these two? >> what did you find? >> we found that these samples in the left hand met the transmission requirements of the standard. >> reporter: safe to use these? what about this one. >> those failed. >> those exceeded, which is like getting into your eye by 36%. >> that's a lot. >> right. >> reporter: butve
11:38 am
they fade, safe solar eclipse viewing. you would never know they aren't. most of us are not going to have you, so what can we do at hop? by the way, these are safe glasses on the table. what can we do? >> somewhere on this spectacle it's going to seats 12312-2 standard. i see it here. iso 12312-2. so look for the name of the manufacturer, and we have an approved list, so you can go there, compare that. what else? >> some of them would appear dark enough, about you they're not, there are going to be filters so light you can see something like your hand clearly defined. >> i shouldn't be able to see my hand in front of my face. >> absolutely not. >> this one is good. important tips for this historic event. all right. yove
11:39 am
iso something, with all those numbers. our own december kammerer and chuck bell have their glasses for this big event. they'll be traveling to clemson, south carolina to see the total solar eclipse. you can see their reports next monday. no matter what glasses you get, you'll watch to know exactly what time. we are going to get some view. >> 81% around here. so 1:17. >> hives giving me the times for forms. >> 1:17. at 2:42 on monday, that's when it will be an 81% of the sun already covered by the moon. >> and then got alternates after 4:00. it won't be completely dark here, but. >> hopefully enough. right now we're going partly clou cloudy, but we'll
11:40 am
scattered showers as well out there, but the clouds will continue as we go into the remainder of the afternoon, even into the evening. so low to mid we're seeing those out there right now. temperatures will continue to rise, though. we are going to make it into right around 90. our average temperature this time of year, 87 these will continue to move off to the eastern shore. and hagerstown, but nothing too
11:41 am
there could be a few spot,areas, maybe more of some moderate rain, but for the most of us we'll have light showers, just scattered in nature. to isolated shower possible tomorrow morning. temperatures in the mid 80s, and again it would be on the humid side. so a shower wednesday we'll get but boy, will it be hot with afternoon storms. and hey, you'll get another chance for tex-free shopping before the kids head back to school. >> what you need to know before you go to the store, and getting in the final summer vacation without driving yourself and your family crazy form the travel tools t
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okay. we were just talking about road trips. if you're trying to squeeze in one last trip, we have some great tips. >> especially if you're sick of hearing, are we there yet? angie goff is here with ideas to save your sanity. >> raise your hand if you have heard that way too many times. well, joining mess today is lifestyle blogger carly barker, with chiefful & company, and she's here with what we can do whether on a plane ride, car ride, overnight in a hotel.
11:45 am
we want to start with getting out the door. your secrets to keeping the kids occupied. >> it doesn't have to be expensive, right? a lot of times we can find ourselves in a panic thinking -- really you can use things right in your home. one of my favorite tricks is just for babies like nine months to two years old, these post-it notes. it doesn't seem like much, but they love to pull them out, stick them places. just like a clean xbox. >> the kleenex party. >> so another on quick trip, whether on the airplane or in a car of the crayola window markers or window crayons. >> it looks messy. >> it looks like it could be, about you if you draw rif on the markers, we're using a plate so you can
11:46 am
if you feel that, it's actually not super messy, and they wipe rite off with a baby wipe. evident the me haveiest 2 years old. i use it on the plane during the meltdown time, it was the perfect solution. the crystal effects are even more clear, they won't get on clothes. the roe bound ball, i love for anyone who likes to throw a ball. >> just watch the eye, right? anytime i see a ball on a string -- >> it can be, and also magnetic tins, i'm sure you have those for your kids. a lot of different varieties, and then here we have -- and melissa and doug, an activity book where you use this tape, string it across and do the and my kids love these. >> and you can change the scenes, which is always fun.
11:47 am
>> all the messes, right? your car, your minivan. some of the my favorite snacks, one thing to do is to get a pillbox, like a daily pillbox. my kids love this. put a snack in each one, whether it's an m & m, they just eat them. it takes a long time to get through the box, then they can fill it back up. >> and the clicking stuff, they're all about sensory activity, and with drinking and water boltses, this looks like a good idea. >> i found this last trip, instead of buying it at the aired, i brought empty water bottles. once i got through, i either went to a drinking founding or bathroom sink or even a water bottle and pour it in. if you give a child an -- it goes everywhere. so this top, what's so unique. >> this is a hydroflask. i'm obsessed.
11:48 am
24 hours and there's still ice in there. about. pa-free, obviously. i think they're great for kids, because they are really spillproof. they even have a purifier that goes right in. i spent like $30 in the shop the other day in the airport buying water bottles and snacks. if you do this, you can save yourself money. >> these are super cute. >> i'm obsessed with these bags. so on the airplane, a lot of times i'm bringing in snacks in a heavy bag. what i have done is taken this as my second carry-on, for the snacks and fold it up and put it back in the diaper bag. >> and we're running out of the time. real quick, a couple apps you wanted to get to. >> tokoboka apps, they are really fun. i recommend having a good set of
11:49 am
these are the little gadget. they're wireless, if you use these games, they're so fun, the graphics are bright and fun. >> you can cut hair, become a doctor, do so many things. netflix downloads movies easy will. we'll put all of this online, or you can go to cheerful and co. carly, thank you so much. >> good luck. >> thank you. all the stuff we can use, chris. >> we've been taking notes the entire time. look, as you get the kids ready for 4 school, it's tax-free weeks, this means you don't have to pay sales tax on clothes, shoes and certain school supplies, running through saturday. only certainly items are exempt from the 6% sales tax. clothes and shoes that cloths under $is 00, and the first $40 of backpacks and book bags. students on an extended year th
11:50 am
today. as more kids head back to class, that anxiety can start to build. >> news4's molette green with the prince george's county mom about how she's helping children. >> three kids in tow with school supplies and the shopping cart. >> i purchased binders. >> anxiety builds for the howard family as the first day fast approaches. >> one in elementary, one in middle school, one into high school. >> you love school? >> yes. >> reporter: you can't wait to get back? >> yes. >> i'm feeling nervous. each grade gets harder and harder. >> reporter: one of the biggest back-to-school worries, bullies which can start on day one. according to numbers from stand for the, 60% of fourth through eighth graders report being bullied. like his siblings, john howard
11:51 am
high school is a different world. >> on the first day of school and maybe the first week, your mind might be more focused on trying to find a group to hang out with or friends. >> i -- you know, my high schooler is a nice, friendly child. sometimes that translates into other things in the school system. >> reporter: her strategy, no cell phones, which experts say billies obvious use to get around obstacles to get to their victims. a child psychologist -- >> you have to teach them to speak up. if someone is bullying online, they can't keep that in private. or smun threatening them, you have to say something. >> reporter: and this mom says it's a parent's job to be vigilant to keep your children safe on and off school property. all this week we're helping you get ready for school. tomorrow we'll look at who is
11:52 am
dangerous territory. some interesting developments a parent should know before sending their kids off to glass. after the break, a chanc
11:53 am
11:54 am
over the past 40 years, nasa's historic voyager mission has logged 10 billion miles and it's still explore the cosmos. as we launch the
11:55 am
anniversary, nbc's joe fryer takes a look at the special cargo they carry. >> reporter: gazing into space, it's hard to imagine that drifting out there some 13 billion miles away is a message. >> hello from the children of planet earth. >> reporter: just waiting to be found. >> we have ignition. >> reporter: 40 years ago when nasa launched voyager 1 and 2 into the solar system, even carried a gold record, with greetings in 55 languages, music from varies cultures. not to mention nature's symphony. on top of that, 115 images, a snapshot of earth meant for any extraterrestrials who may still able upon the spacecraft. >> a message of goodwill. >> reporter: now the golden record is getting a bigger audience. david peskovich, tim daly
11:56 am
album for earth links. >> it provides hope. some people could do well with hopes. >> reporter: after raising 1.3 million on kickstarter, they created a box set with a book and records. >> to think that people will be sitting down at this thing in their living room, right around the time of the 40th anniversary is super-gratifying to me. >> reporter: has this been an emotional experience at all? >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> incredibly emotional. >> reporter: scientist carl saggen and his widow, whose heartbeat is on the album. >> that was me. that was me, and i am so eternally grateful and proud that it was me, because love v suffuses that record. if that message is heard in
11:57 am
>> blue skies, a sunset, a string concerto, human laughter, a baby's cry. and it's a lovely reminder of what it means to be a human. >> reporter: joe fryer, nbc news, city of industry, california. >> that's so great. we have more rain out there, a few scattered light showers, unfortunately we'll keep that cloud cover through much of the day today. temperatures upper 70s in the schenn endoa valley, but here in the d.c. acres, low to mid 80s. temperatures in the mid 80s. i believe we'll get more sunshine tomorrow, but humid all week. we'll have more rain coming our way on friday and saturday the we really heat things up toward the end of the weeks with 90. that will do it. thank you so much for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon first at
11:58 am
weather anytime
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12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. well, there you see the sign of the university of virginia says it all. hate has no place here. we choose love. what an awful weekend. such a tough weekend there in charlottesville, virginia, and also across the country. so many people were rallying on saturday, late saturday and sunday, in support of peace. and in love rather than the hate we saw on saturday. >> you know, you hear it all of the time, but hate is not -- or hate is a learned emotion. you're not born to hate. and for my kids, i have two teenaged daughters and a young son. and they were watching all of this unfold. and they kind of couldn't wrap their heads around this still goes on and this kind of blatant hatred o


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