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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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new details about another shooting in prince george's county county. police have identified a man shot and killed at a bp gas station that has seen its share of violence. back in 2013 a man shot and killed at the station in forestville. less than two years later, another deadly shooting at the same bp. and then again around this time yesterday. >> pat kcolilins is live with t latest. >> reporter: a young man murdered here yesterday. in 2015, another young man gunned down here. in 2013, yet another young man killed at this gas station. it has become an all too familiar murder scene. a young man murdered at the penn forest bp station in forestville. it happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the victim identified as carrington daye junior. he had his 2
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few weeks ago. murder is no stranger at this gas station. in the last four years, three young men killed here. all three murdered inside where people go to play the numbers, buy cigarettes and soft drinks. customers say there's a dangerous mix of drugs and guns in the neighborhood. >> there's way too many drugs around here. most of the killings are drug related. it's a major problem. so when you combine the prevalence of drugs with the high prevalence of guns, it's a very bad combination. >> reporter: december 2nd, 2013, it was 25-year-old delante jackson shot and killed at the gas station. an arrest made in that case. october 25th, 2015, 22-year-old christopher eli gunned down inside the station's store. that case closed as
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death of carrington daye. this wave of violence at this gas station has not gone unnoticed by prince george's county police. >> we don't look at the numbers. we look at three people who have lost their lives and another mother lost her son last night. our police department has been doing everything to try and curb the violence at this particular location and in the neighborhood. that includes spending over time money, a lot of it here. that includes posting up a police officer in a stationary post outside this gas station. >> reporter: prince george's county police on the case. so what happened yesterday? it was all caught by security cameras. some interesting details coming up at 6:00. jim, back to you. pat collins, we'll see you then. in just a few hours president trump will unveil his pick to replace the late antonin scalia on the supreme court. the three considered his top contenders have some similarities. all are white men and
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court judges appointed by former president george w. bush. neil gorsuch is a colorado native. he attended columbia and harvard law and he holds a doctorate from oxford. he's considered reliably conservative. he ruled in favor of challenges to regulations requiring employers provide birth control for women under obamacare. also thomas hardiman sits on the appeals court in philadelphia. he attended notre dame and later georgetown law where he drove a cab to help pay for college. hardiman is also conservative, often ruling in gun cases in favor of the second amendment, the right to bear arms. also willian pry iaiam pryor.
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he called roe v wade an abomination. what's next? since 1975 nominees waited on average 67 days between their nomination and an actual vote. confirmation requires a simple majority. keep it right here tonight on nbc 4 throughout the evening. nbc news will have a special report on president trump's announcement. that's expected at 8:00 tonight. meantime, on capitol hill we've seen some action surrounding seven of president trump's cabinet nominees. the president's pick for transportation, elaine chow passed the full nate by a vote of 93-6. she is married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. three other nominees betsy devos for education, rick perry for energy and ryan zing for
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through committee. democrats delayed a vote on jeff sessi sessions until tomorrow and votes for mnuchin have been postponed after democrats boycotted today's meeting, saying they need more information about the nominees. inside a senate building, protesters called on lawmakers to reveal their plans for an obamacare replacement. officers wound up removing some of the demonstrators in handcuffs. today is the last day to sign up for insurance through the affordable care act. minutes ago, virginia's attorney general announced the commonwealth is joining a lawsuit against president trump and his administration. mark harring called the president's order unconstitutional. even the words to describe the executive order are controversial. white house secretary sean spicer took issue with
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>> he says it's a ban. >> that's the word the media is using. >> those are his words. >> thanks. it can't be a ban if you're letting a million people in. if 325,000 people from another country can't even -- that's by nature not a ban. meanwhile at george mason university, several hundreds students rallied today to protest that order. julie carey reports some muslim students who are u.s. citizens say the restrictions will keep them from going abroad. >> reporter: these two young muslim women share a goal, getting their degree from george mason university. they also share a past few other students there can imagine. fleeing war torn iraq as girls, passing through syria, then coming to this country. now she wonders whether she'll ever be able to return to iraq. even though she's a u.s. citizen now, the travel restriction policy leaves
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>> i just feel like going there would be -- what if i go there and i'm not able to come back? >> reporter: she shares the same worry, wondering if leaving this country could jeopardize her dream. >> if i go there, i'm not going to come back. i need to graduate. >> reporter: both students say the travel restriction that currently bars migrants from iraq and six other countries were painful to learn about. but they've also been heartened by all the rallies in response, first at dozens of airports, in the streets and today on their campus at george mason. >> no ban, no wall! sanctuary for all! >> reporter: the message at this demonstration, students of all faiths need to come together and embrace one another to push back against a policy some of them see as racistist. >> we're not going to let history repeat itself. we're going to be the generation that breaks walls and
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bridges. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00 you'll hear from a trump supporter who once lived in one of the countries impacted by the travel restriction. why she says his policy is in no way directed only at muslims. and we've got much more to come on the president's executive order this evening. coming up a bit later, nbc's mark murray joins us live with a closer look at the controversy surrounding it. we will also talk to him about the supreme court nominees. what may have started as a school sports rivalry has apparently gotten out of hand in montgomery county. school officials say there's been more than $100,000 worth of damage done to score boards and sta stadiums at walter johnson. in addition to potential criminal charges, anyone found to be
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face punishment at school too. a fight between roommates turned deadly. one man is behind bars charged the first down degree murder. police tell us he killed 55-year-old michael wiggins inside a home here on 7th road south. investigators have not released how he died. we're told it began as just a verbal argument, then things got physical. police say they know who's responsible for vandalizing two dozen cars in descend. he's 16 years old and charged with destruction of property. in just one night they say the teenager smashed the windows of 21 cars in the garage of a condominium building on strutfield lane. muriel bowser tells news4 she wants to strike a deal with the department of justice to allow inmates being held in federal prisons to return to the d.c. jail to serve the final months of their pn
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takes over the privately run jail in the district. mark segraves broke this story on twitter this afternoon. >> reporter: for the past 20 years, part of the d.c. jail has been operated by a private company. the corrections treatment facility is right next door to the main d.c. jail. today mayor muriel bowser will make it official that that's about to change. >> we believe that this is appropriate government function. so the d.c. government will be running all the operations of d.c. jail. >> reporter: while the district has a jail, d.c. does not have a prison. the vast majority of people convicted of felonies in d.c. are then sent to federal prisons across the country. prisoner rights advocates have for years decried that policy, saying it makes it tougher for families to visit inmates and the care and treatment of those prisoners has also been called into question. today mayor
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to s to change that as well. >> we have a plan to bring back more of our people who are going to be released from federal prison and bring them back to the city sooner, because we are concerned that they're not getting the type of rehabilitative services they need in the federal prison sentence. >> reporter: bringing prisoners back to d.c. will help them become productive citizens. >> we know that people maintaining contact with their family and having like even minimal services, job training, skills training and getting ready to come back. >> reporter: bowser's plan still needs to be approved by the trump administration and the department of justice. so yesterday at this time you're looking outside and looking at the snow out there. then today you're looking at 60 degrees. just amazing what a
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it's all because of a snowstorm just to our north. take a look. here's the snowstorm making its way through state college right now. new york seeing some snow. boston, a couple of inches of snow. that storm stays just to our north and allowed warm air to come in across our region. look at that difference. only 41 in philly. 31 up towards new york with that snow. and 63 in virginia beach. so a huge difference across our entire mid atlantic region. i'm going to tell you what's coming in next. we've got another little storm system that's going to try to move through and that will will have a different effect. there have been some reported sightings but a bobcat that escaped from the national zoo still hasn't been found. the changes schools are making as the animal remains on the loose. >> reporter: ahead, we'll hear from a girl scout who always wanted to be a boy scout. his reaction tonight to a policy change that opens the door.
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plus, doctors dealing with that feeling of being busrnt ou. up next, how they cope when what they do can come down to life and death. and a reunion decades in the making. a brother and sister find the firefighter who saved their lives nearly 60 years ago. >> the gift of life that comes from having been rescued is
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people were shot, one is an adult, the other is described as a juvenile. we believe it's a teenager. very disconcerting for the folks here on church road. this happened just as school was letting out. this is a major school bus route. city of bowe police tell us that someone shot at that suv and they do not know why. they searched this area for over an hour and continue to search, but have not found the person responsible for the shooting. again, we are told that two people are shot. their injuries are described as non-life threatening after someone opened fire on their vehicle near near stuart's landing on church road in bowe this afternoon just about the time school was letting out. when we get more details, we'll bring them to you. after decades of debate, the boy scouts of america will
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allow transgender children to join their ranks. the century-old organization will now base enrollment on the gender listed on the application rather than the gender listed on a child's birth certificate. chris gordon has been followed the evolution of the scouts for years and joins us with local reaction to this decision. >> reporter: the national capital area council of the boy scout s of america this morning declined my request for an interview on camera. but in conversations with a spokesperson here, they told me that they see the change in gender identity policy as an expansion of their mission, to serve all young people. the scouts gender identity policy changes the result of a discrimination lawsuit by the family of joe maldennado of new jersey. he was expelled from the cub scouts of one month when they discovered he was born a girl. now he looks forward to being a
5:19 pm
>> i think people should respect them and give them compassion and love. >> reporter: the boy scouts of america posted this announcement on their website, explaining the change. >> we will accept registration in our scouting programs based on the gender identity provided on an individual's application. we also continue to work with families to find scouting units that are the best fit for their children. >> reporter: dylan is a former girl scout who quit, wanting to join the boy scouts instead. now it's too late for him. >> it's great that we're making progress, especially in a setting like this, 21 century, everybody's being a lot more open about expressing their own thoughts and opinions and ideas. but i do believe that we could have still done it a lot sooner. >> reporter: if your son was a little younger? >> he would definitely be a scout.
5:20 pm
he was a girl scout before he transitioned a eed and was quit active girl scout. i would certainly encourage that to any child. >> reporter: ahead, we'll hear from a local eagle scout who was a trail bladzer for a group tha was also excluded from the boy scouts. the iconic key bridge is about to get a big makeover. scaffolding is now going up for a major rehab project. when that work is expected to begin impacting your commute. and don't expect this nice warm weather to
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well, some snow yesterday, sunshine and 50s this afternoon. and we're enjoying this view with still a little bit of daylight left at this hour. >> it's amazing, sunset today is at 5:29. tomorrow sunset is at 5:30. we continue to get longer days. looking pretty good out there right now. a mixture of clouds and sun across the region today. a very nice day. temperature, 55 right now after a high of 56 degrees. 56 today after a high in the 30s yesterday with snow falling.
5:24 pm
temperatures this evening will be on the cool side. that's it, cool, not cold. current temperature, 54 leesburg. 58 degrees in fredericksburg today. this storm system that came through moved just to our north and allowed much warmer temperatures to come in and windy conditions too. 33 miles an hour wind gust in hagerstown. leesburg at 26. we have seen some close to 40. these may come in towards the d.c. metro area over the next couple of hours. that's about it for the wind. the wind will start to dilator tonight as the tomorrow system moves out. this is what came through earlier this morning up arounds martinsburg, frederick. this is 12 hours ago. there it was. again, snow today early in the morning to the north and then the storm moves to the north and it kept all that warm air pumping into our region. right now snow in cleveland, buffalo, boston and new york. ne
5:25 pm
30 degrees all day long. what a difference 100 miles or so makes. 47 tomorrow, a little bit cooler, clouds and sun. as we move through the next couple of days, tomorrow night another storm system moves through to the south. that will allow the colder air to come in. 41 on friday. 38 on saturday. sunday a high temperature of 36 on sunday, light rain and snow. now, let's talk about sunday. of course super bowl sunday here. the storm chance, a very weak storm. that's the way it looks now. we still have five days to watch this, but right now light snow to the north, light rain to the south, little if any accumulation. 36 on sunday. 68 next wednesday. you talk about that roll er
5:26 pm
coaster, down and right back up. 68 degrees that's amazing for february. >> i'll take a 68 degree cliff any day. thank you, doug. that missing bobcat gets its own twitter account. efforts to find it heats up. the tips now flooding into our national zoo from people who think they have seen it. plus, the news4 i-team puts a spotlight on cases of teacher misconduct. the changes being made as a result of our report. >> reporter: one of the most iconic bridges in our region is about to have a lot of work done. i'll tell you what's going to happen to the key bridge coming up next.
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you're watching news4 at ak. . now at 5:30, new fall joutd fr out from a department of justice official for not enforcing the president's executive order on immigration. >> today the white house defended president trump's position for dismissing sally yates and it defended a statement that called her weak on borders and said she betrayed the d.o.j. w >> the department's job is to execute -- they're the department of justice. if you have a legally executed order and the attorney general says i'm not going to eut
5:30 pm
of what -- i'm not going to define the word. >> yates' dismissal is not surprising considering the arrival of a new administration, but it comes amid a growing number of departures of career government officials. last night the president also replaced the head of i.c.e. without providing a reason. daniel ragsdale returns to his previous post. and you may recall last week four top state department officials left, along with the border patrol chief. when asked about dissent over the president's immigration order today, press secretary spicer said they should, quote, get with the program or they can go. well exits do occur during a presidential transition, but how unique is it that we're seeing it play out this way? >> joining us with some more per speck s speckti -- perspective nbc's senior politica
5:31 pm
let's start with the acting attorney general. she probably would have been out of a job within days as soon as the president's choice is confirmed. but are you surprised at how all that was handled, in particular the very tough language calling her weak? >> yes. certainly the statement about betrayal is something i haven't seen with someone leaving even when someone is fired from a position. but all political appointees end up serving at the pleasure of the president of the united states. so most legal experts say that it was well within donald trump's ability to be able to say that i didn't want sally yates to with in my administration, particularly with a new attorney general, his own pick on the way. but you end up having a situation where the justice department is a little bit different place than most agencies or political agencies. this is the top law enforcement department. they're supposed to be almost the police person making sure that a t
5:32 pm
enforced. so there are some people who say what sally yates was doing is not necessarily serving the president of the united states, but serving the constitution and what the law is. that's what her backers say. you understood up having donald trump's backers who say all of a sudden with that executive order promulgated by the president of the united states, it was her duty to be able to defend the law. she said she could no longer defend it. >> let's move to the supreme court. in just about two and a half hours we will know a name. many still upset about how president obama's nominee was treated last year. what kind of leverage? do they have any real impact or leverage over this pick? >> the one leverage they have is making sure that donald trump's supreme court pick has a 60-vote threshold. you're going to end up seeing democrats try to filibuster this just to be able to put pressure on republicans to actually kind of have to go everything to have them in depth
5:33 pm
confirm this judge. the two finalists that nbc has would be thomas hardiman or neil gorsuch who is on the tenth circuit and pace e based out of. more fallout from a news4 i-team investigation, a bill requiring school districts to report cases of teacher misconduct more quickly is moving ahead in virginia's general assembly. a recent report showed fairfax county public schools waited years before working to revoke the licenses of teachers who had admitted to sexual misconduct. today an education subcommittee held a viewing of the i-team investigation. members then voted to require school districts to formally report teachers suspected of illicit
5:34 pm
officials within ten days. we'll keep you posted on what happens next. one of our busiest bridges is getting a major makeover. the key bridge is nearly 100 years old and it is time to strengthen the structure. transportation reporter adam tuss has been digging into the details of the work and he joins us now live from the bridge with what we need to know. >> reporter: here's a little trivia for you. the key bridge opened in 1923. sure, it's beautiful to look at, but take a look at what's up there right now. the scaffolding on the bridge and the work to fix which structure now well underway. it is iconic and it makes a statement. but the key bridge is also showing its age. >> the concrete is severely deteriorated. >> reporter: rick is the department chief engineer with the district department of transportation. they're handling the rehab of this bridge. >> we have about 40,000 square feet of concrete patches and at
5:35 pm
cracks that are all being addressed with this project. >> reporter: from a distance, you'll probably never notice it all, but get up close and you can see exactly what's going on. the $20 million project started in september but we're just now starting to see more and more scaffolding around the bridge. in the fall, the jersey wall on top of the bridge will be strengthened and the iron fence painted. that will require some off peak lane closures, which drivers can understand. >> we need to be concerned about our bridges. memorial bridge is another case. >> reporter: meg out for a walk with her dog near the bridge today. >> if we need to fix it, we should probably fix it. >> reporter: the work is needed but dds dot with a clearer
5:36 pm
many years left, the goal. about 60,000 vehicles a day use the bridge. so when is all this work going to be finished? coming up at 6:00, i'll layout a timeline for you. a new report looking at a different kind of safety on our roads. and not all parts of our area are getting passing grades. find out which state is dangerously behind when it comes to your safety. and a big night for the wizards as they go for their 15th straight home wi n. ♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms.
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new developments in the fallout in flint, michigan. some 1700 residents and property owners in and around flint are seeking more than 700 million dollars in damages from the environmental protection agency. the reports say the agency diplom didn't respond to a claim filed last year, so that cleared the way for the residents' lawsuit. the agency has previously defended its handling of the crisis. burnout is a term too many of us are probably too familiar with. nobody is immune to it, least of all people who work in high pressure fields like
5:40 pm
>> you control their breathing, their blood pressure, their hate rate. >> she is describing her job as an anesthesiologist. >> you worry about it the whole time from beginning to end. it's a stressful and also isolating profession. >> i think there's always been some awareness that people were susceptible to burnout in the face of stress. >> in fact, a recent study from the mayo clinic put physician burnout at 54%, concluding bu burnout and satisfaction with work/life balance in u.s. physicians worsened from 2011 to 2014, more than half of u.s. physicians are now experiencing a professional burnout. >> i didn't realize it at the time, but indeed i was. a lot of depersonalization, exhaustion to the point that if something doesn't go right
5:41 pm
upset. of course, not in front of anyone because you've got to tough it out. i think the belief that you come to medicine to give care, not to need care for yourself is very, very deeply rooted in the profession. >> but those attitudes appear to be changing both for the sake of the health of doctors and their patients. >> there actually is growing evidence that the problem of burnout among physicians has a negative impact on patient care. >> nancy runs the mind body medicine program at georgetown university school of medicine. it was created about 15 years ago and focused on mindfulness and meditation. it's a available for medical students and faculty. >> the most important part of this program is to create a safe
5:42 pm
where people can come together and share. >> mind body medicine is a 12-week program where you spend two hours each week with a group of the same students and two family k faculty or physician facilitators. the program started with everyone going around in a circle and checking in to tell you what's been going on in their life. >> sharing, meditation and activities aimed at mindfulness are all part of the program. >> i think some of the most valuable things that come out of this program, at least for me, is that you get so compassionate, you get compassionate to yourself and you get compassionate to all the residents, all your members who are in your group. >> working toward mind and body balance and awareness is a good thing for all of us and more and more medical training programs are beginning to recognize that.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: ollie the 25-pound bobcat is still missing but zoo officials say tips are pouring in. coming up, i'll tell you if they're any closer to finding her. >> reporter: 1959, a prince george's county firefighter rescued two small children from a burning house, saving their life. tonight the emotional
5:44 pm
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. he is still
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the bobcat still isn't back at the national zoo. keepers first noticed that she was missing yesterday morning. since then, ollie's escape has been all over social media. we've seen a lot of memes. ollie even has her own twitter account now. meagan fitzgerald is near the zoo for us. is the zoo getting any good tips? and is ollie male or female? >> reporter: ollie is a female. there are two males inside the exhibit. they didn't escape with her. zoo officials have been getting a lot of calls from people who think they've seen ollie, but so far she's still out here. ollie, the 25-pound bobcat broke out of her exhibit at the national zoo on monday morning. >> i'm not too worried. bob kacats tend to shy away fro big people. >> reporter: there's plenty of folk who is say they're looking for her. >> i was kind of
5:47 pm
out for her. >> i wish that it was in its cage rather than roaming the streets of d.c. >> reporter: zoo keepers wish she was back in her cage too. so far they've received several calls from neighbors who live nearby who think they spotted ollie. but taking note of her location and calling it in is about all they can do since trying to capture the cat can be dangerous. some dog owners say even though there isn't an imminent threat, he's still concerned. >> kind of alarmed because i have to walk her out at nighttime. >> reporter: d.c. public school officials cancelled outdoor activities at public schools near the zoo. >> it's something to watch out for. >> reporter: now, we have a full list of all of the d.c. pu
5:48 pm
schools that are on alert because ollie is still out here. you can find that list on our nbc washington facebook page. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you some to have changes the zoo is making to ensure this doesn't happen again. >> those guy cats should have been looking out for her. >> i know, right? 10,000 virginia residents caught up in an online lending scheme will be getting a refund now. today attorney general announced his office reached a $15 million settlement with cash call. the company is accuse of illegally deceiving customers. >> that's right. cash call is accused of illegally charging upwards of 230% on loans. now virginia's usury law prohibits lenders from charging more than 12%. cash call broke the
5:49 pm
engaging in a rent a tribe scheme using a south dakota company with reported tribe affiliation which would be exempt from usury laws. but a federal judge ruled against cash call saying it is clear that cash call was solely trying to shield itself against state usury and licensing laws. the attorney for cash call says although we were confident of our legal positions, they concluded it's in the party's best interest to avoid protected litigation. virginia's customers who paid interest beyond that 12% annual interest rate will receive restitution. the d.c. attorney general's office reached a similar agreement with cash call for 1300 of its residents. there are mixed signals over whether the dmv is making the dpr grade when it comes to
5:50 pm
safety. the district gets a green rating for progress toward adopting key safety laws. the group gives maryland a yellow rating saying there's room for improvement in road safety laws in the state. and virginia gets a red rating. advocates say the commonwealth is dangerously behind in key safety laws including seat belts, booster seats and teen driving restrictions. if you're looking for a source of d.c. pride, look no further than the caps and the wizards. the caps are the best team in hockey right now. >> the wizards are going for their 15th straight home win tonight. >> reporter: the wizards right now, that 15 game home win streak, is the longest in the nba. tonight they're going to try to keep that alive against the new york knicks. the team says there's a couple different reasons for why
5:51 pm
>> we're on a roll. we just need to keep pressing ford, don't let up, keep this momentum going. >> it's consistency. the players have been around me for some time now. they're always going to get the same consistent approach whether we win a game or lose a game. >> defense, just a big key, just playing defense, everybody competing guarding. everybody able to talk to each other. somebody makes a mistake, nobody's scared to say something to them. nobody's having an attitude about it. >> reporter: that's right, no attitude in the locker room. the only attitude they're showing is on the court. 14 straight wins at verizon center, going for number 15 in a row tonight. it seems the home success is starting to spill over onto the road. despite this being the wizard's first game in d.c. in a week, they're coming off wins in atlanta and new orleans. right now the team could easily be in the playoffs, but they say it is way too early to think about that. now the wizardsha
5:52 pm
four-game home stand tonight. we said tonight is the knickss. they end next monday against lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. >> we like it when we've got winning teams in town. lauren, you've got pretty winning weather to talk about tonight. >> 60s today. >> sunshine. >> and 70s next week. you ready for february? >> yeah. bring it on. groundhog day is coming. >> february 2nd. we'll see what he says about all of this. see whether we have to look for snow in march. i hope not. especially today, it was kind of easy to get a little spring fever because temperatures 60s, 50s in some spots. our average temperature for this time of year is in the mid 40s, so well above normal. we've got another warm day on tap for tomorrow.
5:53 pm
man, it was beautiful this afternoon. look at it out there this evening. the d.c. skyline, sun went down at 5:29. just going to be a great evening. temperatures are steadily lowering into the 30s and winds are calming, still nice day tomorrow. now the winds pick back up on thursday and then we're watching for some snow. you know how it is here in d.c. we're warm one day, cold the next, we have some snow, we have some rain. we get it all. current temperatures right now, 55 here in washington. it is still very nice all the way down throughout the commonwealth and up through maryland. now we do have some winds out there, still fairly strong. these are the wind gusts. they are coming down after about 7:00 tonight. we'll take those temperatures down too, into the 30s during the overnight with partly cloudy skies. nothing showing up on the storm team 4 radar. we've got some snow but you have to travel to pennsylvania to find it. there's where some snow and rain is. but we have been very, very dry out there today. except for this morning when we h f
5:54 pm
there, mainly north. but we're dry tomorrow. again a lighter wind. some areas could make it over that 50 degree mark, but i believe d.c. will stop in the 40s. when you head out, a light jacket, some sunglasses. again not that bad. maybe some gloves when you get in your car because temperatures are going to be in the 30s during the overnight. we have that wind returning on thursday. friday dry. saturday gorgeous, just cold, upper 30s. we head into sunday. sunday afternoon, sunday evening we could see some rain/snow mix. again, it's not looking that heavy. it's a very weak storm. but we'll continue to watch it especially for all those headed out to watch the super bowl. next week, wednesday 68 degrees. >> this is some winter weather. still ahead, an emoti
5:55 pm
reunion. nearly 60 years over due. >> tonight we're there as a brother and sister meet the man who rescued them fro
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
now to an incredible reunion 60 years in the making. news4's kristin wright was there for that emotional moment. >> reporter: 58 years is a long time to wait for
5:58 pm
say thank you. >> i've always told firefighters as i've met them throughout my lifetime that i owe my life to a firefighter. >> reporter: stew knewben is that firefighter, the firefighter who saved michael hart and his sister linda. >> i remember smelling the smoke and diving under the covers. >> reporter: 1959, hyattsville, michael and linda were 2 and 3 years old, taking naps when the fire started. their mother was able to get out, but the children were upstairs. the call came into to the fire station number 34 in prince george's county where stu had just been hired. >> pulled the covers back and there she was. back here, back here! i took her back there, opened the window and handed her to the police officer. and then i went back looking for michael. >> reporter: and what stu did next, michael is forever
5:59 pm
>> i knew he wasn't breathing well so i took my mask off and gave it to him. >> reporter: it started with an old newspaper clipping about the fire. michael found it in a box of family photos. in the article, the name stuart n newman. social media did its magic. >> i read it. i immediately recognized the name of stu newman. anybody in the fire service knows stu newman. i called him. >> reporter: and here we are. >> i was struck by the joy of being able to say thank you to someone who'd had a really critical piece in that web of people who support me all the time. >> thank you for just doing your job. i hope we can remain friends forever. >> reporter: the beginning of a friendship. >> we may get some lunch afterwards. you'd be welcome to join us if you'd like. >> reporter: that was worth the wait. in prince george's county, kristin wright, news4. >
6:00 pm
announcement in prime time tonight. president trump is set to reveal his supreme court pick in just a couple of hours. we'll take a closer look at the front runners. democrats make a bold move and boycott the confirmation votes for key cabinet members. plus the fallout for the president's executive order on immigration. who was involved, who's not and who's caught up in the middle of all of it. news4 at 6:00 starts now. it's been almost a year now since the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. and tonight we may learn the identity of the ninth member of the high court. >> president trump will announce his nominee in a nationwide address. he's still managing the fallout from firing the acting attorney general after she refused to enforce his controversial immigration order. tracie potts is tracking developments at the white house. >> reporter: good evening. let's start with that supreme court pick. they're keeping this onecl


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