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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 31, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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the search continues for the missing bobcat this morning. we are tracking news of reported sightings. a ride on metro could soon cost you a bit more. details on a proposed fare hike. showers up to our north but we will get warmer through the day. i'll show you how warm we'll get before winter returns. but we begin just before midday where a pedestrian was struck and killed in morning in bladensburg. the street is now cleared. >> reporter: good morning to you both. yeah. the pedestrian was
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not in a crosswalk and police say attempting to cross busy kennelworth avenue just proved too risky. a jacket stuck under this dump truck, evidence investigators will examine as part of this deadly pedestrian-struck collision on kennelworth avenue. prince george's county police say the victim was not in a crosswalk when the truck hit him. the truck kept going and turned at the intersection. >> at about 6:20 a dump truck was coming out of this business making a right turn, going southbound on kennelworth avenue when he struck the individual walking across the street. he did keep going just a short ways. he was going to get some gas. once he got out of the truck, he realized, that, oh, he hit someone, so he came immediately right back to the scene. >> reporter: this is the lot where the truck driver pulled out on to kennelworth avenue. the deadly scene served as a somber reminder to those who
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danger. >> nobody uses the crosswalk. people always in a hurry. nobody -- you know -- following the rules. so that's what happens. >> reporter: police still have not identified the victim. they believe the man was in his 30s and possibly at the time of the morning he was struck he was coming from a nearby convenience store. as for the truck driver, the investigation is still ongoing so no charges, if any, filed in this case. back to you. well, it started out as a typical chilly january morning but we could be in for a nice surprise. afternoon. >> we're talking about temperatures today warmer than they were yesterday. so not as cold this afternoon and it is going to be breezy, too. the wind will help warm things up. 41 degrees is currently the temperature in the district. still feels around freezing though but winds are
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keep that in mind but we should be back into the low 50s later on today. locally we're dry, some snow showers in parts of pennsylvania. maybe a sprinkle this afternoon, at best, mostly north of the district. otherwise, take a look as we go through the day. afternoon hours getting into the low 50s. but then we have another blast of winter as we get towards the end of the week and into the weekend. coming up, we'll talk more about the 50-degree temperatures today and your weekend forecast straight ahead. now to the developing situation in the district. the smithsonian national zoo says it has an idea of where its missing bobcat is. the zoo says it believes ollie is somewhere in a d.c. neighborhood, probably cleveland park or woodley park not far from the zoo. those are both right next to the zoo which says it received several phone calls. ollie went missing after escaping from a hole in the mesh fencing around her exhibit. they ask you to call her if you see her -- but do not approach! >> the reason we are
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less that you are likely to be attacked by her. it is more that you're likely to spook her. >> here's a photo once again. the zoo has a team of zookeepers and zoo police looking out for her right now. they say she will not i a tack you, that there is is no imminent danger to the public but they do want to find her. >> i kind of feel bad for her. she's probably terrified. riding metrorail or metro bus could cost you more later this year. transit agency says it needs money to fill a $290 million budget shortfall. riders and even some employees pushed back last night at metro's headquarters. here is what's being proposed. metro could raise rail fares anywhere from 10 to 25 cents and bus fares up to 25 cents. rail and bus service could also be cut meaning longer wait times. here is what one bus driver had to say. >> i worked sometimes 80 hours in one week because i like the customer service and i li
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see them get to where they want to go, because my family use the bus, too. so we don't need to cut the service. >> if you missed last night's meeting, you can still comment on metro's website. if these changes are approved, they would not take effect until july. just how do metro fares compare with the rest of the country? well, the system's base fare is similar to other cities but metro has the second-highest max fare. it is nearly $6. san francisco's b.a.r.t. system is higher, more than $7. turning now to president trump's first 100 days where he's another step closer to having his attorney general. the committee is meeting right now to vote on senator jeff sessions nomination. he is likely to clear the committee. here are a few things to know about jeff sessions. he has been a u.s. senator representing alabama since 19197. before that, he served as the state attorney general. sessions has faced
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judgeship in 1986, partly over accusations of racist remarks. sessions has vehemently denied those allegations. senate committees are supposed to be voting on five other cabinet nominees but we just found out that democrats are boycotting two of the confirmation votes. the president's pick for houeal & human services secretary and congress secretary. we'll post updates on the nbc washington app. meanwhile, the political world is waiting for tonight's big announcement when president trump will announce his choice for the supreme court. nbc's edward lawrence has a look. >> reporter: president donald trump has two names at the top of his supreme court list. neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman. president trump says he will announce his pick tonight. >> a person who is unbelievably highly aren'ted and i think you will be very impressed with this
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>> reporter: democrats say they will look at the nominees' position and fight, if needed. >> if they're fire breathers to the right or left they need not apply as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: the president is making his selection as he fires the acting attorney general. sally yates sent a letter to the justice department saying she's not convinced the executive order instituting a limited travel ban is legal. hours after sending the letter, president trump fired her elevating another lawyer who he says will uphold the ban. >> he's made sure that every way possible we get down the path of securing this country. >> reporter: the travel ban may be one of the big cases the supreme court could decide. the new justice could swing the court to the right. >> judging is about ultimately the law as it is and not the law as it should be according to the subjective beliefs of the judge. >> reporter: house and senate democrats kept that in mind as they protested the president's travel ban on the steps of the supreme court. edward lawrence,
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washington. >> you can watch president trump's announcement tonight live right here on nbc 4. a petition to stop president trump's state visit to england will be heard by parliament today. the online petition received more than 1 million signatures. the measure saw a surge in support after the president's controversial travel ban. the petition claims trump's "well-documented misogyny" would cause embarrassment to her majesty, the queen. britain's prime minister says there would be no disinvitations. iran's senior vice president is slamming president trump's executive order calling the visa ban illegal, inhumane and against human rights. on state tv he was not specific in saying how iran will respond. former president barack obama breaking his silence on president trump's immigration order. mr. obama released a statement through his spokesperson yesterday saying,
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"fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion." france is honoring victims of the mass shooting in quebec, canada. this is the moment the eiffel tower went dark last night. earlier this week six people were killed inside a mosque in quebec city as they were praying. as of this morning, more than 1,000 people have visited a memorial in quebec to pay tribute to those victims. canadian prime minister justin trudeau was there last night. we now know a little more about the people who died. one was a businessman, another a university professor. a 27-year-old man was charged with killing them. he appeared in a hearing yesterday and will be back in court next month. the gunman's peers were described as a loner with anti-immigrant views. police say a second person detained after the shooting is no er
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there is plenty more news ahead on midday, including how moms can make more money at home. and a
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today is your last day to sign up for health insurance through the affordable care act market places. looming over sign-ups are
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affordable care act is repealed. nbc's erica edwards reports on what you need to know about signing up. >> reporter: in austin, texas, people continue to purchase health insurance plans through the affordable care act's marketplaces. organizers there say sign-up numbers appear to be down slightly compared to last year. they believe there may be some confusion with some folks assuming the aca has already gone away. it has not. >> pretty much everyone is in agreement, people who sign up for health insurance in 2017 will have a contract in place and will be able to keep and use their insurance for 2017. >> reporter: on his first day in office, president trump signed an executive order aimed at repealing the health care law. if that happens, experts say there would be a lengthy transition period. meanwhile, lawmakers have not reached an agreement about what could replace what's known as obamacare. >> if president trump tsticks b his promise that he wants he
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obamacare. and if he wants to call it trump care, it's fine with me. >> reporter: so far, about 11.5 million people nationwide have signed up for coverage in 2017 through the aca public exchanges. erica edwards, nbc news. activists are encouraging the japanese government to make public spaces in tokyo entirely smoke-free by the 2020 summer olympics. the international olympic committee requires tobacco free games and many public places still have cigarette vebdi iven machines. japan's health minister says the government is eager to eliminate public smoking. former president george h.w. bush is back at home this morning. he says he is thankful for all the prayers and kind messages he received while he was being treated for pneumonia. president bush was at houston methodist hospital for a bit more than two weeks. he was taken there with breathing problems. he is 92 years old.
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of the hospital and doing well. such a fighter, so strong. after more than 100 years, the boy scouts of america is changing who they are allowing to join. they will now allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in boys-only programs. nbc's miguel almaguer has more on the little boy who helped inspire this big change. >> reporter: with nearly 2.3 million yuth membeouth members e country, the boy scouts of america is deeply rooted in tradition. but this morning, a big change for this historic institution, reversing a more than century-old stance, the group is now clearing the way for transgender boys, like 8-year-old joel, to become scouts. >> i hope i get a lot of badges, fun activities. you know, eat s'mores, go camping. >> reporter: born jodi in 2008, two years ago joseph identd
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his mother, chrissy, always supports, enrolled him in the cub scouts last year. but one month after joining, chrissy says joe was forced out when scout leaders learned he was born a girl. >> it hurt him. he just wanted to be accepted and just feel normal and just to play with his friends. he didn't understand why he got kicked out. >> reporter: kristi says the boy scouts' change of heart only came after she filed this lawsuit claiming discrimination. the organization declined our interview request, referring us instead to this video statement. >> after weeks of significant conversations, at all levels of our organization, we realize that referring to birth certificates as the reference point is no longer sufficient. communities and state laws are now interpreting gender identity differently. >> reporter: this is not the first time public pressure has forced change at the
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two years ago, the group lifted its ban on gay adults serving as scout leaders. and in 2013, amid more backlash, the scouts decided openly gay youth could participate. for children like joe, the new transgender policy is groundbreaking, a historic institution built on values now re-evaluating their own to be more inclusive than ever. >> i think i want transgenders to be accepted. people should respect them and give them compassion and love. >> that is miguel almaguer reporting. right now 2eten people are competing to win a new car at the washington auto show. they'll have to stay in constant contact with the car until february 5th at noon. that's a long time. the winner will drive off in a re-designed 2017 hyundai tucson. if there is mre
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withstanding, it will be decided with a random key drawing. they do have mandated bathroom breaks. you can sleep on it. but you have to be careful. if you roll off, you're out. >> i don't think i could do it. maybe for a ferrari. all week long "news4 today" is showing you wake you can make money on the side. we found four local moms behind two booming billses, finding success by solving one common problem -- dressing your child. >> how they turned a predicament into a profit. >> we had another request for purple. just purple ninjas, we can do that. >> reporter: rebecca and her friend, eva, are the moms behind princess awesome. things you usually find in the boy's section. it proved popular with other patients. their kick starter campaign raised $215,000 after a girl power website shared it on facebook. >> within five hours of them posting we had fully funded
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we went on to raise six times our original goal. >> reporter: in restin, virginia, these two women have watched their clothing line grow ten-fold. they say parents are responding to their line of s.t.e.m. inspired dresses and unisex shirts. their key to success -- having a powerful message. >> we just want people to feel that this is no definition of what they can and cannot do. it is what you love. swaddling apparently isn't just for babies anymore. we'll explain what we mean when we come back. >> that's how we're going to go to sleep tonight.
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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new mothers are usually swaddling their babies, but now there is a new trend where these moms are getting swaddled. this may look a little bit strange. yes, in fact it is. but the therapy is called adult wrapping. it was created by a japanese mid way to relieve some stiffness after child birth. >> can she breathe? >> she's rocking around like you're in the womb or something? some health care workers don't know if the therapy has any lasting benefits. let me break the news for you -- no, it is just wacko. >> i would not t
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that they're covering the women's faces! apparently -- breathable. okay. samantha, our producer, is telling us it is breathable. >> would you like to do that? >> no, thank you. apparently you can have an adult swaddle and have your baby sleep next -- >> like a cocoon. >> i know. i would be a little claustrophobic. >> maybe you get out of there and you are this beautiful butterfly. >> see? >> it will keep you warm though. this afternoon it is going to be breezy and going to knock temperatures up. we're thinking in the low 50s today with a west wind. expect the winds to be increasing milder temperatures. not as cold as yesterday. cold again tonight in the mid 30s but not as cold as this morning. we are going to get colder later into the week and in to the weekend. talking about a feeling more like winter and it could
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looking more like winter on super bowl sunday. we are looking at some rain and snow showers across the area. if you have the sunday plans, keep that in mind. we are going to be watching one weather system getting closer. i'll show you that in a second. the feels-like temperature right now in the district, 32 degrees. so improvements from this morning. rest of the area, mostly feeling like the mid 30s. locally we are dry. few sprinkles right around winchester. for the most part that all stays up to the north. a wind advisory near the shenandoah valley until 5:00 p.m., winds gusting near 45 miles an hour, the rest of the area seeing wind gusts around 30. staying mostly dry, tomorrow clouds return and could see a sprinkle in the afternoon, at best. we are watching for a chance of rain and snow late sunday. again, we'll be watching that very closely. but as we go into the weekend we are at least going to start off dry for saturday. here's your ten-day forecast. today 53 and breezy. tomorrow upper 40s. u
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but a little bit cooler. 40 degrees for friday. 38 saturday. we have a nice, dry stretch until sunday. of course we'll be watching that closely. more details coming up. >> thank you, sheena. there is not much prince music online but that could be about to change. we have details on where you can soon downad prince.lo
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welcome back. turning to breaking news right now, just in. arlington police say they have arrested a suspect in a homicide. he was charged with first degree murder accused of killing michael wiggins in an apartment yesterday. police say wiggins was killed after a fight in the apartment on 7th road south. two other people were taken into custody but were released as witnesses. right now this 15-year-old girl is missing from germantown. take a look at her picture. christina chenet-edwards. montgomery county police say they are worried about her emotional and physical welfare. she is 5'6", with black hair, brown eyes. if you've seen her, call police. police in the district hope newly released s
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man who kidnapped a georgetown student. this is the man whom investigators say forced a student into a car and then tried to make him withdraw cash from atms and make large purchases at stores in tinley town and chevy chase. it happened last thursday afternoon. investigators say this all started near 34th and o streets. they say this is the vehicle here that the kidnapper was driving. if you plan to go to alexandria's landmark mall today, you might want to head somewhere else. store owners told news4 they were given notice to leave by today. for many years the once-iconic mall has mostly sat empty with only a few stores open. once all of the stores are out of there, the mall will transform into this open-air retail and entertainment center. howard hughes corporation says it does not know exa ctly when the work will be begin. a brand-new apple upgrade is coming this year but we aren't talking about your phone or ipad.
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nbc's joe fryar gives us a look at the apple campus 2. >> reporter: from high above, it looks like a giant spaceship that has come to rest in the heart of silicon valley. but no need to worry. this is an earthly creation, the soon to be home for thousands of apple employees. >> some people would say that it is overboard but i think it is fitting for are apple to do something like this because they consider themselves trend setters and innovators within the tech industry. >> reporter: matthew roberts took the video with his drone. he has been documenting the construction of apple campus 2 for nearly a year posting new footage each month. his latest video shows the main office building, that that massive circle, is coated with solar panels. roberts says a majority of the roof now appears to be covered. progress is apparent across the campus with the buildings largely built, crews are focusing on cosmetic features, new walkways and lighting poles and rows and rows of trees. these grounds are designed to feel less like an oe
11:31 am
more like a park, the wish of apple's late founder, steve jobs. >> apple's grown like a weed. >> reporter: he personally visited cupertino's city council to pitch the campus in 2011 shortly before his death. >> and it is clear that we need to build a new campus. so we're just out of space. >> reporter: in all, apple campus 2 will house at least 12,000 employees with 2.8 million square feet of office space. the land spans 176 acres, enough territory to house about 133 football fields. a workplace unlike any other quickly taking shape. and from above, that shape looks just like a ufo. ♪ rumors are swirling that prince's music might be available to stream and download very soon. sources told pitch fork that the legendary artist's music will be available on apple music and amaz
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was licensed to be streamed only through this encryption service tidal. a contest known as the nerd prom will have some competition. samantha b is planning a counterparty on the same night. she will invite journalists. proceeds will go to the committee to protect journalists and will be held at the willard hotel. as your life seems to get busier, you probably feel like you have less time to run errands, including going to the grocery store. a new study says a quarter of americans already buy their groceries online. the number is expected to rise dramatically over the next decade. food marketing insurantitute say 2025 americans will spend more than $100 billion on online grocery shopping. we are in the middle of flu season and we all know there are certain things you can do to prevent getting sick. get a flu shot, wash your hands, avoid other sick people. what ou
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joy is a registered dietician and has some answers for us this morning. good morning. you have some things for us to look at. start by talking about lean proteins. how can we find them and how do they help us? >> lean proteins are the essential component of the diet. my quick tip would be to ensure 20 to 30 grams at each meal for protein. however, protein does build up the diet but doesn't necessarily enhance the immune system. so things like omega-3s where you do find them in fish which does provide protein. mega 3s are great. they boost up the immune system. i would recommend tuna, salmon or any other fatty fish where you will get protein but also vitamin d which is good for the immune system, as well as omega-3s. >> what about flavanoids? >> flavanoids are actually a classification of
11:34 am
immune system. blueberries are one of the best sources out there for flavanoids. you probably heard a little bit about dark chocolate. they have flavanoids in them as well. it is really about the antioxidants that are being provided. leafy greens provide beta carotene which is also a form of antioxidant. as well as consuming citrus fruits. they provide flavanoids and other antioxidants. >> joy, what about you always see -- there are a million different smoothies and shakes and do this and do that. what do we need to look for? i am always afraid it is going to have this insanely high sugar content and i am nixing what i'm accomplishing. >> this is a great product. it provides pro biotics which enhance the immune system as well. the nutrition facts label will soon be up dated but ensure it is less than 10% of added sugar coming in. look for any kind of session that they've done research to show it is
11:35 am
probiotic. >> something else that i try to buy, low-sodium soup. >> low sodium is part of a healthy diet. i brought in the chicken noodle soup. you often hear have a bowl of chicken noodle when you don't feel well. there is no research to indicates it necessarily alav yates the cold or flu but i think psychologically it can help mitigate some of the symptoms that you may feel. any kind of hot brought, hot tea. green tea is another great example, enhances the immune system. >> i was asked what about canned salmon. >> you should have two to three four-ounce servings of either salmon or tuna. it gives you those omega-3s. >> any food that can help or hurt congestion. i've heard don't drink milk when you have a cold because dairy will kind of stuff you up. >> there is some truth to
11:36 am
but it is really individualized. by all means, if you feel it is doing that, then don't do it. otherwise, again any probiotics or anything fortified with vitamin d. almond milk if you don't want to do dairy will really help enhance that system. we'll introduce you to one woman who is using her love for coups help others. on
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we turn to our phones for just about everything these days. but there is a mom in leesburg who hasn't forgotten the power of paper. she is using it to save money and help others. now she is teaching her tricks to others at a community church in ashburn. >> we get things for cheap to free all the time. >> reporter: gina says her grocery bill is astoundingly low. thanks to the simple act of couponing. couponing isn't new.
11:39 am
watching our grand barnparents and save. while we wait for digital coupons to come in our inbox. >> we have coupons in every little crevice of our house. coupons in our cars. >> reporter: she offers free classes to spread coupon knowledge. among her advice -- first, know where to look. >> my best-kept secret is finding newspapers. >> yes, stores still offer savings this old-school way. >> i am one of those people that will clip every coupon i get. >> another big part is organization. she recommends keeping everything organized in bags by category. some of her categories include food, households and health. >> how i stay within my budget is i will only bring the coupons that i know that i am going to actually purchase the items for. >> reporter: finally, paying attention to the small print to save you even more. >> some will double coupons up to 99 cents ev
11:40 am
>> reporter: take for instance a $2 box of fruit roll-ups and a $1 million coupon. >> during that double event, your dollar coupon doubles and this becomes free. >> reporter: when prices go down, she stocks up. but it is not all for her. she started a non-profit called loudoun coupons for hopes. >> there is no need for me to hold on to my tubes of toothpaste when there are people out there who need toothpaste. i wanted to combine my passion for couponing were also giving back, too. >> reporter: all those little coupons can add up to a pretty big deal. in ashburn -- >> it's $3.50 off 15 or more. >> i think it is wonderful that she's using that skill to help others. i can't do it. i can't do it. it is too time consuming for me. i always forget. when i need them i don't have them. >> i don't even bring reusable bags. i'm going to get in t
11:41 am
that. i have them in my trunk. >> i always feel so proud when i do show up with my reusable bags, but i'm like you. today is probably not a good day to sit in and coupon because the weather is going to be nice this afternoon. >> we are going to be warming up a little bit. it is going to be warmer than yesterday. breezy, though. it is the wind that will help warm us up, the wind direction from the west and southwest. we should get into the low 50s this afternoon. right now 41 degrees in the district. we have the sun trying to make an appearance through most of the area at least. by noon, breezy. 42 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., temperatures in the low 50s. breeze will still be out there by 7:00 p.m. 51 degrees. so it won't be a bad day at all. we'll see some improvements across the area. temperatures right now in the low 40s for the most
11:42 am
fr fr snow in parts of central pennsylvania. spotty sprinkles possibly around frederick. but other than that, mostly dry conditions. wind advisory for part of the shenandoah valley until 5:00 p.m., winds could gust near 45 miles an hour. the rest of the area, winds gusting closer to 30. normal temperatures this time of year, 44 degrees. today, 53. tomorrow 49. still not bad but then we start to drop off into the weekend. that's going to set us up for our next weather system with that cold air in place. future weather, we basically stay dry through saturday. sunday is a different story. we have a chance for rain and snow late sunday. if you have super bowl plans, we will be watching one weather system. more details as we get closer. for today though, 53 degrees. mostly cloudy to partly pok lly. believe it or not, being cute as a scientific
11:43 am
explanation. >> see one professor put it to the test when it comes to nfl quarterbacks. the results might surprise you.
11:44 am
11:45 am
super bowl's coming up. it is this sunday. can you believe it? features two of the best quarterbacks in the game right now. >> one university professor wanted to find out if they were also the best looking. from our partner station in new
11:46 am
the players in the big game score. >> we got tommy. >> reporter: it is a super bowl of good luxe. patriots quarterback tom brady really scores. >> you're going to be shocked to hear that our data suggests that brady is a good looking guy. >> reporter: dr. sam some mers co-wrote "this is the beauty of your brain on sports," and asked non-football fans to judge these photos of random men they didn't know to be nfl stars an rate them 1 to 10. >> brady only came in number two. so apparently -- >> reporter: surely these screens of data got it wrong. >> alex smith of the chiefs came out number one. don't accepted me the hate mail. >> the tufts university of psychology professor rounded out the top five in the pro bowl of pretty. falcons qb matt ryan number 17. but to strangers he looked like a leader. >> matt ryan got the highest ratings. something about his face says leadership. >> reporter: brady came in at
11:47 am
he found people saw them as being in command as quarterbacks and the only trait that matters on game day is skill. >> i would assume the pats winning will have nothing to do with how attractive brady is. one of the best players in the wnba now coming to play at the verizon center. washington mystics traded for elena delzon. she won the mvp award in 2015. to get her the mystics had to agree to send the chicago sky two players and the second overall pick in this year's draft. the wizard are definitely on fire right now and they'll try to keep that hot streak going tonight at the verizon center. team is facing the new york knicks. the wizard have won 11 of last 13 games. they are only one gamea
11:48 am
the top of the division. myron nixon has 100 of barbecue championships, that includes winning grand champion and one of the bestest showdowns in the country -- memphis in may. four times! now he's bringing his famous smoked meats and side dishes to our area. myron's barbecue opens in old town alexandria today. this is barbecue heaven basically. >> we got at the restaurant everything you see on this table along with pa lot more items. all automatic our restaurant. >> you are from georgia. tell us about your barbecue style. what makes it yours? >> the barbecue style i come with, my dad was a pit master, his dad was a pit master and i started barbecuing when i was 9 years old. i learned the craft early. what i learned from them, added some of my own touches to it, that's the barbecue i'm bringing here to alexandria. what we're doing here is an item we're g
11:49 am
chicken breast wrapped in bacon. take a plump chicken breast. you trim it up. first thing you got to do because you got to stuff your sausage in there. got to get your pilot hole. take the steel to get through it. >> is this your own recipe? >> own recipe. i come up with it. it is in one of my cookbooks. >> this sausage is something that you make yourself as well? >> not yet. we're getting ready to do an in-house sausage. >> stuff the chicken with your sausage. >> correct. >> then you have the bacon laid out already. get it in. trim up the sides because you want it to look neat. you want it to look good, as well as it tastes. now we're going to take a little bit of our rub. >> what's in that? >> top secret. >> top secret rub. this is something that you created. >> we have it in our restaurant. we're going to take
11:50 am
rolling. rolling bacon on to the chicken. once you get to the sides, bring the side bacon up. >> anything tastes better wrapped if had bacon. right? >> always. always. might not be good for you but it is good to eat. >> it is super bowl, though. that's a special occasion. all bets are of o on super bowl. we're eating the whole hog. >> this is the way it will look when you get ready to put it on the smoker. >> beautiful. what else do you have? ribs as your specialty. >> brisket. we got our devilled eggs, barbecued devilled eggs. got baked beans. lot of salads. chocolate pie. cornbread. coleslaw. we started making sauce almost 40 years ago. that was really what i started competing about be with get out, promote our barbecue sauces. maybe everybody aware of it. when
11:51 am
first contest, 200 grand championships later, i'm standing here with you. >> you've won so many awards. how important is the sauce versus the smoking technique? is it all one big important thing? >> the thing you are talking about there is flavor profiles. you get flavor from the meat itself. you get it from your rub. you go et it from the smoke you put on it. the last flavor profile you are adding is going to be your sauce. so it is very important. you hitting it with layers of flavors throughout whole cooking process. >> you are saucing it throughout -- >> not necessarily. but the smoke is a flavor. whatever kind of smoking you using, you got your rub in there. that's a flaf. t flavor. the finishing flavor is going to be the sauce. >> what's the secret to your great food? >> you can eat anything you want. secret to winning this, you got to stay on point. you got to really -- lot of times people think, i was close. you can't be close in competition. you got to be spot-on. with every recipe you execute. you can't go
11:52 am
rub. you can't put too little rub. you got to have the sauce perfect. the meat's got to be a great selection of meat. it's got to all come together. >> oh, my gosh. this devilled egg is amazing. it has barbecue inside. >> did you think it was going to be bad? >> no, i didn't. myron, congratulations. welcome to the d.c. area! >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for coming. melissa, you got to have some of these. >> don't you worry. don't you worry. think about it. what can make your next trip to
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
measures this week to crack down on harassment. twitter has been criticized from not doing enough to protect users from online abuse. they could block people and stop repeat offenders from creating new accounts. starbucks has unveiled a voice ordering for the iphone, fully rolled out this summer. the feature part of the starbucks app doesn't use siri but its own digital brearista tt listens for orders. even something wild and complicated. and pay ahead of time. starbucks customers will also be able to order their favorite cup of coffee using their voice. the company is teaming up with the alexa
11:56 am
customers can use a starbucks reorder skill on the devices to place their orders and send to a starbucks location. customers can also place the order by talking into their smartphone just as if they were talking to a barista. that feature is expected to roll out in phases nationwide throughout the summer. people at starbucks are asking for all kinds of crazy no foam, no whip, extra hot -- >> now you got to talk to that thing. >> see thi just want a black c. i don't even want to put cream in it. i totally feel you. today it is actually going to shape up to be a nice day. we have the sun coming out through much of the area. 44 degrees is the temperature in the district. most of the area mostly mid to low 40s right now. as we go through the afternoon you are going to start to warm up a bit. it w
11:57 am
42 degrees. winds increasing by 5:00, 53 degrees. by 7:00 p.m., temperatures in the low 50s. for today, forecast high 53 degrees. it will be breezy but that wind in from the west will be warming those temperatures up and you can expect more clearing as we go through the afternoon. tomorrow though, 49 degrees. by thursday we'll start to cool things down a bit. 43. friday even cooler, 40 degrees there. in the weekend, 38. we'll start to feel more like winter this weekend. a dry stretch from today through saturday. but sunday, looks like we have a chance for rain. if you have super bowl sunday plans, we are going to be watching one weather system approaching. get ready for it to feel like football weather this weekend. >> thank you, sheena. that does it for "news4 midday." thanks for joining us. we are back on the afternoon at 4:00. >> have a great day. we will see you in the morning. we'llgo
11:58 am
>> barbecue. lunch is served.
11:59 am
creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> i think you both know, after today, how important it is to me to feel like i have that, you know, emotional connection with someone that i'm going to spend a life with. corrine. will you accept this rose? >> absolutely. thank you so much. >> enough with the emotional connection. there it is, the dreaded two-on-one. you know what's going to end after that. there is going to be some drama. corrine gets the rose last night on "the bachelor." it certainly delivered. >> i loved the setting, a o-


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