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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on news4 today, a major traffic change at one of our area's biggest intersections. this is the first of its kind change opening to drivers this morning. calling around the world. the response to a controversial new executive order. sister versus sister. serena williams lands a grand slam win propelling her to victory with the most major tennis titles in history. she might be the best tennis player ever, honestly. it's unbelievable. and poor venus. i feel like venus never wins against her. >> but they have a lot to be proud of. and a great year for se
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reddit. >> i'm adam tuss in for david. >> and i'm angie goff. bundle up, that is the word of the hour. >> we brought in lauren for just that reason to tell us about it. >> we're going to see that wind pick up a little bit. and i know we had a breeze yesterday. that wind is only going to continue to be gusty throughout the day today. unfortunately. so we're stuck with another breezy day out there. we will see again a little bit of flurry activity this morning. but other than that, not that bad of a day. we're going to continue to be on the dry side. we've got a southwest wind at about 9 miles an hour. as i said, that's going to pick up after about 9:00 a.m. it's going to be with us all day. so air temperatures, low 40s. but again, windchills, we will talk about those today. they're going to be in the 30s. and temperatures climbing into the low 40s but most of the day
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we have some snow come up soon before the end of the weekend. we're going to let you know when we'll see that. coming up in ten minutes. 6:01 right now. developing this morning, a driver and passenger were killed in a two-car crash overnight in maryland. the st. mary's office said the driver of the other car survived the crash. they're trying to figure out what caused the accident. starting today, be prepared for a major traffic change on route 15. the sbrer change at i-66 is a diamond. it will be shifted to the other side of the road. it's to eliminate left turns that cross into oncoming traffic and spent time waiting at red lights. a tragedy in mcclain, virginia, this morning. we're waiting to learn more about the three people found dead inside of a home there. neighbors telling us that an adult woman, a man, and high school aged
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the home. but they had not said who was found dead inside the house yesterday afternoon. police are still investigating the deaths. the neighbors have questions. >>. >> it's shocking, scary, tragic. it's like everyone says when you interview people like me, it doesn't happen here. >> and fairfax county police say there is no danger to the public. they do plan to release the victims' names once the family is notified. turning to president trump making calls around the world this morning speaking with russian president vladimir putin. putin congratulated him on his victory after the election but they haven't spoken since then. moscow says putin will congratulate president trump on taking office. president trump will also speak with leaders from japan, germany, france, and australia. and this week president trump
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campaign promise. he signed two sweeping executive actions. we now explain what that those mean for predominantly muslim countries. >> reporter: president trump went to the pentagon for the first time as commander in chief. he was there for the swearing in ceremony of james mattis. and the signings of two executive actions. one of which suspends the issuing of visas from people from seven predominantly muslim countries and a ban or refugees from war torn syria. >> we want to be sure we are not admitting into our country the threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. >> reporter: the administration is pushing back against critics who say it amounts to a muslim ban saying the policy is specifically aimed at screening for potential terrorists from nations where terrorism thrives. >> we only want to admit those into our
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support our country and love deeply our people. >> reporter: opponents of the policy say refugees to the u.s. are already heavily vetted. civil rights groups and muslim communities are expressing outrage calling the policy discriminatory and unconstitutional. >> he's sowing seeds of hatred and division based on religious bigotry. >> reporter: president trump called the policy extreme vetting. now as president he signed the order ushering in sweeping changes in how the united states handles refugees in war-torn nations. kurt gregory, nbc news. council on islamic relations are expected to launch action against that in d.c. they say they're working to learn the exact details of president trump's plan which includes a halt to the refugee
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vetting. >> we see this, unfortunately, based mainly on bigotry. it's not based on facts. because the facts show that particularly refugees are already extremely vetted. >> the aclu was also quick to respond. here is a statement that they released saying, quote, extreme vetting is just a euphemism for discriminating against muslims and that any effort to discriminate against muslims and favor other religions runs afoul of the first amendment, unquote. the aggressive stance by president trump dumps into mexico and u.s. bilateral relations. the plan to build a southern border wall. and he's been persistent that mexico is going to pay for it. one would be a tax on cross border trade deals. collect about $1.6 billion in deals each day. the mexican president said his country would not pay
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wall. president donald trump -- now one issue that could be affected greatly is the issue of legal abortion in the u.s. march nor life event, mike pence being the first vice president to ever speak at that event. the sea of people walked from the washington monument to the supreme court and each of them carried a personal passion for the issue. >> i think it's really important to come out and show support for this issue. especially in the wake of a so-called woman's march which seemed to exclude pro-life women. >> i believe that every girl and every woman has a right and responsibility to make a choice on whether or not to continue a pregnancy. >> as you heard there, the marchers were met by abortion rights activists. a new
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there is a sharp divide in the country. 59% believe abortion should be legal in all or most states while 37% say it should be illegal. meanwhile, virginia democratic senator tim kaine is going to join chuck todd on "meet the press" tomorrow morning. watch it here on nbc 4 starting at 10:30 tomorrow. coming up, a student kidnapped and forced into an suv. the video that could help bring a man to justice. two sisters, a winning legacy. it's 6:08. you're watching news4 today.
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y27mly y16fy the georgetown university community on edge this morning after a student was kidnapped and then released. d.c. police need you
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this here. this was the suspect seen inside a jewelry store. that person's gray or silver suv was also captured on surveillance camera. the male student was grabbed and forced into a vehicle on o street northwest thursday afternoon. the kidnapper drove the student to multiple atms and then tried to make big purchases at some stores. student was not hurt and eventually let go. if you can help, please call police. convenience stores and pharmacies are the latest targets for a thief in maryland. authorities across the state now investigating at least 17 heists from stores. they include multiple robberies in prince georges, anne arundel, howard, montgomery counties. it also happened on tuesday morning at the exact same store. may be responsible for all of these robberies. >> this guy, you know, appears
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and our concern is the level of violence may escalate. somebody may get hurt. >> police say this is rare to have so many robberies like this happen in such a short period of time. 6:12 on this saturday morning. taking a live look outside at the washington monument. you're going to want to bundle up for your morning run or bike ride. lauryn is tracking how soon the sun might help us warm up. around the office and around the house where you live. concerns about this year's flu season and when it could peak.
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well, the winds aren't so bad out there right now, but we're going to start to see them pick up as we continue through the day. just how chilly is it going to get today? i'll let you know in a couple minutes. >> lauryn, thank you very much. take a look at what happens when this truck speeds out of control, slams into a city bus. whoa. one passenger is thrown forward. another moved out of the way just in time. this happened in syracuse, new york. the 82-year-old driver accidentally hit the accelerator. some passengers were treated for injuries. driver was not hurt. my goodness. and look how this bus went up in flames in utah. scary scene here. on the way to pick up students at a junior high school. this is near salt lake city when all of a sudden a fire
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officials say the driver did try to grab a fire extinguisher, but the flames went rapidly. no students were on the bus. baylor's football program under fire in an alleged recruitable scandal. arranged for women, alcohol, and illegal drugs at parties when recruits were in town. those off-campus parties resulted in the gang rape of women by athletes, it was said. the school's president said the university has made great progress in stepping up security measures since the scandal broke last year. however, the student has not addressed these latest lawsuit allegations. melania trump's defamation lawsuit against a blogger is going to move forward. published rumors about the first lady during the presidential campaign. he claimed that mrs. trump once worked as a high-end escort. a judge in this case said that's like calling her a
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and the lawsuit can move ahead. we are hearing about another entertainment loss. legendary actor john hurt has died at 77. he was well known for his role in "the harry potter" series. j.k. rowling called him immensely talented and beloved. he received oscar nominations for playing a heroin addict in "midnight express" and his role in "the elephant man." he died yesterday from pancreatic cancer. two local groups are doing great work with youngsters in prince georges county. combines education, sports, workforce training to the impact teenage boys. nearly 70% of whom come from single parent households. the group's exeve
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told us about the rabid success of a new program helping youngsters earn a certificate in data cabling. >> they'll have a certificate with the electrician's technician association that will allow them to then be marketable to comcast or at&t or verizon. they'll also get an osha safety card. they are marketable and could get a job that would benefit them in the long run. >> well, another group building hope incorporated helped displaced family that includes a beauty pageant that helps girls deal with self esteem and deal with bullying. >> some kids are doipg this or that. you know what you're supposed to be doing but it's hard to ignore when they're in your ear or they just keep saying it. that's when y say, let me try it. but that's not the right path to
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>> real conferrings happening there. you can watch the entire interview and find out more about both groups on "viewpoint" tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. you may want to listen to this if you don't want to get the flu. the centers for disease control says flu season is in full swing and far worse than last year. uh-oh. 37 states including maryland, virginia, and d.c. are dealing with widespread outbreak. across the country at least eight children have died. doctors say you still have time to get the flu shot to protect yourself and the family. >> it is contagious because it's an airborne virus. even someone sneezing around you, you can catch it that way. >> watch out for the symptoms like high fever, intense headache, body aches. experts say this year's flu vaccine is a good match for strains that have been passed around. keep it out of here. >> the sniffles, always a sign the cold is here
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>> it's the worst. for those of you who celebrate it, happy chinese new year. and welcome to the year of the -- >> the rooster. the fire rooster. we'll explain that later. each calendar year represents a different zodiac animal. you're looking at the roosters of the world exhibit in the philippines. it features roosters from all over the world including a 2 1/2 foot 15 pound red rooster from france. his name is mr. universe. huge. we have a list of the chinese new year celebrations on our nbc washington app. of course a lot of cultures celebrate this lunar new year. we're celebrating. >> i'm not letting you off the hook for the fire rooster. >> well usually for every zodiac year, they will put an element. >> cool. well, as you've been sleeping, history has been made at the australian pe
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less than an hour ago serena williams beat her sister venus in the women's finals earning her a record 23 grand slam titles. this was a match the world had not seen since 2003. the number one tennis player in the world has the most wins of any woman or man in an open series and to make this win sweeter, something that was not served across the net was age. serena is 35. venus is 36. average age in the finals is usually around 25 years old. the australian open tweeted this quote from serena. quote, there's no way i would be at number 23 without her. without her, the williams sisters wouldn't exist, end quote. and they've always shared that sentiment for as long as i've watched them compete and also compete against each other. >> think about how proud their parents must be. that is unbelievable, how many times they've faced off against each other. and poor venus can never beat serena. >> i think it should be the other way around when we were growing up. it
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old? come on. >> she's only getting started. okay. so talk about the wind this morning. >> my gosh. i know. same deal we saw yesterday. where we're going to have these breezy conditions. it's just going to be brisk, cut right through you. winds are going to pick up but not until after 9:00 a.m. if you've got things to do now from now to 9:00, you'll be all right. but that wind will increase after about 9:00 a.m. then it'll be with us through much of the day. so unfortunately, yes we have winds today. and tomorrow flurries. people are waiting for one little bit of snow coming our way. maybe we can get some toward the end of next week. we've got scattered snow showers on monday. not going to amount to much. then seasonable weather next week. even keel. 35 is that temperature right now. we're going to continue to be dry. winds will calm after about 4:00 or 5:00 tonight. and then as we have the current temperatures out
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cool. low to mid-30s right now. not a lot going on on the storm team 4 radar. flurries up to the north. snow possible out to the west. if you're headed out skiing today, whitetail looks good. winter green, snow shoe. it's a good weekend with to do it. i bet there's going to be a crowd. all looking good. so again, maybe get those skis all waxed and head throughout on the mountain tomorrow and even monday looking good as well for skiing. 45 is going to be the temperature today. winds are going to pick up. we're going to have a mix of sun and clouds. but again, we could have a few flurries out there. but that's about it. so skiing looks good. definitely going to be on the chilly side if you're going to get out there for exercise. at arlington cemetery, it's going to be a little brisk. i'm going to tell you what we're expecting towards the end of next week. that's come up in a bit. >> okay. a ball ofur
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road trip. the stowaway surprise that took one kitty far aw
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welcome back. you might want to check under the car the next time you head out of town. >> yeah. because you might just find a little cat. a cat like gumbo. the 10-year-old tabby went on a wild ride after he was stowed away under a family's minivan. he curled up inside the engine
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ride from new york city. >> the family found that the kitty was there when they got to their destination north of saratoga springs. the cat was pulled out and is doing okay. turns out that gumbo's owner says he escaped during a trip to the vet. he didn't want a shot so he curled up in the car. >> smart cat. wow. well, it's a chilly start to the weekend, but we are going to stay dry. lauryn is actually looking ahead to some changes that we're going to see over the next 72 hours. >> and it's happened to all of us. you're stuck in traffic and a truck in front of you spits out a thick black smoke. how a law could change that. >> reporter: coming up on news4, the campaign targeted
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all right. if you drive through hey market today. watch out for the traffic diamond that will shift cars to the opposite side of the road near 66. president trump will be on the phone with several world leaders today. the first phone call scheduled for 9:00 a.m. this morning with the prime minister of japan. he's also scheduled to speak with leaders from russia, germany, france, and australia. fairfax county police have not yet released the identities of three people found dead inside a mcclain home yesterday. the deaths are being investigated as a domestic incident. no one is in danger.
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6:30 on the dot on this saturday morning. hope you're having a good one. i'm adam tuss in for david. >> and i'm angie goff. glad you could join us. a lot of stories we're following up to today. first we do want to talk about your weather and how the cold continues especially the whipping wind. >> we woke up lauren ricketts to tell us all about it. >> certainly early this morning. because i worked last night and it was windy last night. i feel like i'm stepping into a whole new day. ground hog day is coming up. as we enter febds. a lot of people want snow. no big snow chances just yet. just yet. maybe i've got a little something for you on the ten-day. show you that in a bid. current temperatures out there in the 30s. we're going to be feeling like we're in the 30s for much of the day. upper 20s towards the mason-dixson line. temperatures going to top
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the mid-40s today. as we continue through the day, that's not wednesday. it's saturday. but you're going to need that winter jacket, the scarf, the glasses. and you're going to need them for much of this week. i've got that forecast coming up for the next ten days. exactly what you can expect. we can have some snow and ice toward the end of next weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you very much. you ever been walking or driving down the street when a plume of black smoke spills into the air? it's enough to make you cough and gag. maryland could make a law against the rolling coal. maryland state delegate clarence lamb has sponsored a bill to make it illegal. it not only hurts the environment but is dangerous to the people, he says. if passed it would go into effect in october. a groper will stay off the streets for now following a kidnapping charge. a judge has ordered michael
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hillard back to jail. he has been arrested for 20 alleged sex offenses. he didn't stay in jail before very long. he will undergo a mental health evaluation. a former school aide is to plead. caraway faces more than a dozen accounts that he sexually assaulted students and then recorded it. caraway worked as an aide at the elementary. this expected plea is only for federal charges. he also faces hundreds of local charges. in montgomery county, a driver that killed a cyclist last october will not face charges. 81-year-old ned galen was riding his bike on the trail. he was hit while crossing the parkway. their investigation found that he was at fault. changes have been made to make that crossing safer. traffic is now forced to one lane in
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speed limit has been lowered. challenged the community to take notice. a man killed while working on a garbage truck was laid to rest yesterday. tracy wilkins shares the lesson his family wants everyone to learn. >> we do the same dirty job. but we love what we do. otherwise we wouldn't do it. >> reporter: as waste collectors come to pay respects to one of their own lost on the job. thoughts turn to how dangerous their work really is. >> solid waste across the country is the fifth most dangerous industry in the country. a lot of fatalities out there. solid waste collections. >> and i wish we could have had you for a hundred more years. >> reporter: 30-year-old marcus culver was laid to rest, a city trash collector. he was killed when a truck hit the back of the truck he was working. so city workers wearing arm
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>> it's a tough day for all of us. >> reporter: the investigation into e the cause of the accident that killed marcus is ongoing. the front end of the vehicle that crashed the truck is unrecognize nl. but its driver wasn't injured. >> when you see a track collector, stop, throw up his hand. they're looking out for others as well. >> reporter: in fairfax county, the board of supervises vote to write slow down to get around. a remind tore drivers. >> it's a law that states you have to go 10 miles an hour under the speed limit to go around a collection unit and a minimum of two feet. that way they give the workers enough room and make sure they get home safe every day. >> whether the sign is there or not, it is a good reminder to look out for these people who take care of our community. i'm
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news4. a hollywood icon in a new resting place. why judy garland's remains are being moved across the country. and a political buyout. why a business owner believes her studio was unfairly
6:37 am
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a symbolic move following iraq's military victory over isis in eastern mosul surrounded by top commanders iraqi forces raise the national flag in a show of military strength. a large crowd of citizens waved smaller flags and chanted long live iraq while loud speakers blasted the national anthem. president h.w. bush could go home monday at the latest. the 92-year-old was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia two weeks ago and has been hospitalized in houston ever since. his wife former
6:39 am
barbara bush has also been admitted to the hospital on the same day for bronchitis. but she was discharged this past monday. actress judy garland's remains have been moved from new york to hollywood. her remains are being reinterred at the hollywood forever ceremony. the reason is reportedly the new york cemetery where she was at did not have room for plots for her three children. garland died from an accidental overdose in 1969 at the age of 47. that's so sad. whipping winds, bitter cold. lauryn's closely watching dropping temperatures and how soon snow could be moving our way. and it's not too cold to go for a refreshing dip. what? maybe it is. how thousands plan to suit up this weekend for a bit of brisk exercise.
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well, it's a little chilly out there right now. but certainly going to be cold today. winds are picking up once again. dry today, but we do have some snow in the forecast. and that's coming within the next 24 hours. i'm going to let you know exactly when that is coming an to where. that's all coming up in just about five minutes. let's get a preview. sheinelle jones and craig melvin joining us live from new york. good morning, guys. >> good morning. coming up on saturday morning, a big move for president trump si
6:43 am
a temporary halt on immigration in this country. more on that and take you inside the west wing of the white house for a behind the scenes look. also ahead, a look back at the life and times of award winning actor john hurt. he died overnight at the age of 70 -- >> we had to jump out of that for a second. technical issues there. but we want to get you to this next story. the owner of a shop is pushing for a boycott. >> explains why it all has to do with the presidential election. >> reporter: nicole sees knitting and sewing as a sanctuary. >> we want anybody who wants to come and learn to knit and learn to sew and be creative to have this space as a safer place to do that. >> so morganthal was shocked to find a message titled are you anti-election establishment? it continued. >> we are
6:44 am
local businesses that are openly hostile to customers who voted for donald trump. >> reporter: to morganthal, the intent was clear. >> i did presume it as a threat. they're accusing me of tirades against the president. >> reporter: she immediately responded asking to explain what the allegation was on. then as a warning she posted her e-mail on the facebook page. word spread to the local newspaper and customers. they began coming in to show support bringing flowers, coo e cooki cookies, posting facebook messages of encouragement. >> overwhelming support from across the country. >> reporter: just dowthe street, lynn lake is an ardent donald trump supporter but says the e-mail threat is wrong. >> i think somebody doing that and targeting somebody, i think that's a little bit over the edge. >> reporter: morganthal thinks she might know what prompted the e-mailer's
6:45 am
on inauguration day, she put up a post to knit hats for the women's march. her personal feed showed she attended the march herself. but she thinks her quick response has quieted the threat. >> we are a unified group of people. we're not going to stand for that kind of bullying. >> reporter: julie carey, news4. the d.c. summer youth employment program puts young people to work during the summer. but the age requirement has become a source. two years ago the mayor expanded the program to allow city residents ages 22 to 24 to join the program. it was previously capped off at age 21. now the mayor is calling on it to make the expansion permanent. >> we know when we can get the 22 to 24-year-old a foot in the door, an opportunity to gain experience, we can let them do the rest of the work and work
6:46 am
get employed. >> long been criticized for poor management and lackluster oversight. a woman locked in the trunk of a car dials 911 but then the call goes dead. emergency dispatcher's quick thinking may have saved her life. what he did that helped police rescue her. >> reporter: the johnston county 911 center got a call from a woman locked in the trunk of a moving car. >> ma'am, i need you to talk to me so i can get you help. what is going on? >> i'm inside of a car trunk. >> you're what? >> i'm inside of a car trunk. >> the only thing we knew was it was a female that was very upset and she was in the trunk of a car. >> reporter: the phone disconnected. they couldn't reach her. telecommunicator decided to text her from a cell phone. >> i picked it up and o.
6:47 am
texting. >> she responded. what type of car? red mustang. i don't know which direction. is he taking you to fayetteville? yes, that's where we live. i think so. he's stopping. i have to go. >> texting, it was the only way i know that probably would not get her in trouble. >> reporter: fayetteville police spotted the car, arrested the driver. >> they located her. it's a good feeling to know. >> this is a prime example of technology being used to the fullest at someone's greatest time of need. >> reporter: the 911 director jason barber says 911 centers need to have their technology updated so they can initiate text messages. >> not only does 911 centers need the ability to receive a text message. we also need the ability to initiate a text message to the public. >> wow. well, that was
6:48 am
reporting. many places in the region allow you to text 911 including frederick county and fairfax in virginia. a local developer wants to create a new tourist attraction for people visiting our area but it would be built across the river in roslin. james birch wants to build a 325-foot space needle-like structure in rosslyn. birch wants to call it the spirit of america. a human that would tell the story of the american dream. he used to own the land where national harbor now sits but he sold it off instead of developing that land himself. pricey piece of property right there. >> oh, yeah. crowds of people, check this out, going to be jumping into the chesapeake today for the polar bear plunge. i'm not doing it. >> it tax place near the park just north of the bay bridge. two
6:49 am
first one starts at 1:00 p.m. the super plungers, they started to jump in yesterday. they're taking a dip every hour for -- what? >> yeah. every hour for a day. >> every hour for 24 hours. not every aspect of this is crazy though. it raises money for a great cause. special olympics of maryland. those people are some people with some good hearts. you've got to have a good heart to be able to take that. that shock to the body. >> no. >> just like after the first time, how do you get back in 23 times? >> sometimes they have a hot tub there that you can jump into. >> that would be easy. ran in, jump in the hot tub. >> holy moly. >> would be interesting to get the water temperature. >> i'll get that for you for the 9:00 a.m. show. >> i know that there are some changes on the way as we look forward into the week. >> ready for a little bit of snow? >> no. absolutely not. >> i'll take a little over a lot. >> hey, well played. well played. especially, you know, looking at pictures from this time last year when we had a
6:50 am
we were cleaning out of that. it's not looking like that. but we could see a few showers into early next week. but all in all, not bad. not bad right now. seasonal temperatures in the mid-30s. then today it could get dicey only because we'll have the windchills with us through the day today. we've got the winds dying down after about 5:00 tonight. then more clouds on the way for your sunday. beautiful sunrise coming up right now. just looking at that. light snow showers again late sunday night into possibly early monday. not going to amount to much. maybe a dusting to possibly an inch in some spots. we'll have to watch for that monday morning commute. temperatures out there right now, in the low to mid-30s at this point. not a lot showing up on the radar. we had a few flurries across the radar earlier this morning. but now we are dry. i expect us to be that way as we continue through your saturday. and again, winds increasing after 9:00. calm after about 5:00 tonight.
6:51 am
sunshine. if you are heading skiing, i am jealous. especially on western maryland, going towards west virginia. if you're staying here like me a little on the chilly side. and then travel looking good. if you're going to arlington national cemetery for the wreath pickup, we have windchills in the 30s. it's not going to be that bad as we go through the morning. at least we'll get a little bit of sunshine. at least it's not like when we laid those wreaths down when we saw sleet and freezing rain. we'll have the breeze today. tomorrow it will go light. then also light winds on monday. but monday again we could have a few flurries. they could start as late as sunday night. but temperatures on sunday are going to be in the low 40s. here's a look at your forecast. temperatures in the low to mid-40s today. we'll have some sunshine out there. i believe we'll have a little bit more cloud cover around for tomorrow. temperatures will be in the low
6:52 am
then we'll have a little system that comes right on through late sunday into early monday. we could have a few snow showers late on monday. not going to amount to much. then we'll have flurries and light snow showers on monday. not going to amount to much, but we'll have to watch late on sunday to see if we can have any delays possibly early monday morning. you know just a little bit of snow around the area, and that's all we're expecting, going to be enough to really halt the morning commute. so we'll have to watch for that monday morning commute. but a few scattered snow showers, mid to upper 30s on monday. then we're in the mid to upper 40s on tuesday. no big changes. temperatures are pretty much staying in the 40s. then we get into next sunday. now, i got to tell you, this system with the latest update this morning looks like we could see snow and ice. right now slipping to the south. that's going to be be something to watch all this week. guys? >> you're saying we don't deal with snow well? >> no way. all right. a d.c. tradition with history on
6:53 am
how you can take part in this
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6:55 am
welcome back. it's going to be -- is that chuck in a police cruiser? >> what's going on? >> we don't even have to do the story anymore. just watch chuck in the police cruiser. busy weekend at the washington convention center. the autoshow celebrating its 75th anniversary. we've got you
6:56 am
hottest rides at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow on nbc 4. i might make a cameo in that as well. >> really? what are you driving? >> i'm not driving much. i'm riding around. candidates who want to be the racing presidents for the nats can audition tomorrow. they are looking to fill the shoes of george, tom, abe, teddy, and bill. hopefuls have been selected from a pool of applicants and tryouts are invitation only. >> each candidate must perform a free style dance, run a 40 yard dash, and participate in two races all in costume. it takes place at the washington nationals youth baseball economy. there's always someone that falls on their face there. time now 6:56 on saturday morning. pay attention to a new traffic interchange through haymarket. diverging diamond opens up today near
6:57 am
a driver and passenger were killed in a two-car crash overnight in lexington park, maryland. the office says the cars crashed at poplar. a cause is under investigation. president trump will be on the phone with several world leaders today. he's also scheduled to lead with leaders from russia, germany, france, and australia. well, she did it. serena williams beat her sister venus in the australian open. she now has a record 23rd grand slam title. 23. serena has more open series titles than anyone. that's men and women. >> record is she's
6:58 am
6:59 am
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good morning. banned. >> we don't want them here. >> president trump signs a controversial executive order closing the doors to the immigrants and taking aim at muslim countries. as he gets ready f a phone call with russian leader vladimir putin. questions if he will drop the sanctions against russia for meddling in the election. he takes aim at the media. >> the opposition party is losing badly. the media is on the opposition party's side. >> we are live at the white house with the latest. greatest of all time. serena williams beats venus in the finals


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