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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 21, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a new day, a new first family waking up mere in washington. >> we have a great country. >> promises of a unified nation as we watch division in some cases destruction on capital street. others hoping for peaceful transition today. >> we're be there telling mr. trump he is not going to change our rights and freedom. >>
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the women's march on washington. >> we are take a difference. >> our special coverage continues right now. >> from presidential inauguration to march on washington. what a historic weekend. you're taking a live look. we have story covered at every angle. >> good morning to you. >> the camera trying keep you -- as we continue another hour of news here. welcome. i'm david culvert and i'm angie. i. how low are the clouds. you with tell by looking the the camera.
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monument about half is gone. 250 feet above the mall. noontime cloudy and cool for the woman's march. mid upper and 50s by mid afternoon. rest the week in just a few minutes. >> we'll check in at 9:02 on facebook today. they will attend women's march on washington. >> more on this massive gathering that has turned into rally cry. >> we are saw people walking toward the -- this is something planned before we knew who would be inaugurated here in
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however, they have a message for the new congress and new administration. >> reporter: bus loads from all over the country are arriving for today's women's march on washington. >> we're coming say not on our watch. we will stand up. >> reporter: a sharp contrast from the new president. >> president trump dancing the night away. >> after sieping off on sec of defense and homeland security, obamacare -- >> inauguration day, marred by protests in two dozen cities. one person shot in seattle. >> i saw a man on the ground and
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washington, d.c. just block away from inauguration businesses vandalize, more than two hundred people arrested. >> we will not tolerate vandalism in our neighborhood. >> today's demonstrators hope their event is peaceful. >> you're taking a live look along the mall. lots of people, hundreds of them walking toward the rally site. the rally begins at 3rd. we can hear as they rally along their way. it's going to take three hours and march back this way. we don't know if president will be at white house when they get there. we know he has a prayer service at the national cathedral this
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morning. >> all right tracy thank you. >> they spent the night making signs. they want to be heard by the new administration. >> we have been disrespected for too long particularly by the latest gentleman to reside at the white house and we need to make our voices heard. >> that is arlington resident, she was arrested as a freedom rider back in the 1960s. >> there's a new pop up store. it's called outrage. it started out an online shop. it opened a few weeks ago. located columbia road and 18th. the store
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they donate to planned parenthood organization. >> some people come into the store and they're like yes, this is amazing. >> the stores's lease goes through the middle of february but they are hoping to find a permanent location. >> you may notice it is a foggy start to this saturday morning. some rain is on the way. we have tom tracking the forecast and how to plan forest of your weekend. we'll check in after this.
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we have good news for you former
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bush is doing better. his breathing on his own with a bit of oxygen. his wife in the hospital with him recoverying -- he was admitted on saturday. >> the women's march on washington has had a huge presence on social media. take a look at them walking at the metro station this morning. take a look. this inside people jam backpack. no elbow room. here is some more photographs. you can see big group has shown up. the rally
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10:00. >> hundreds of thousands expected on the national mall for the women's march on washington. we're go deeper into message they are hoping send to the 45th president of the united states. speaking of the president, it's going to be expensive travel time for him as nbc investigation is revealing about the high cost from trump tower to d.c. we'll look into that.
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good morning. we have dense fog mainly just west and north of the metra area. location until 11:00 this morning. visibility is under an dr temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. rain timing when it arrives and when it leaves coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll check with you then. >> we showed you images of the protesters. we wanted to get assessment of the district. >> with us city administrator.
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the riots and disruption we saw. we know it's a small portion. you're thoughts. >> the district is honored to play host every four years to the presidential inauguration to facilitate peaceful transfer of power. our responsibility is to allow the people who want to see it do so safely and securely and those who want to protest, protests. we cannot have individuals break the law. so we have no tolerance for that whatsoever. so we wanted to make sure as we dealt with that issue that we responded appropriately. that resulted in 217 arrested
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department. >> do you think law enforcement respond in the way you were hoping and they were talking about grenade. >> i do think the men and women exercised great judgment in how they handled the issues. when you have individual setting small fires, we have no choice but to react. you heard the chief say, we went into this hope for zero arrest. we have respond when people break the law. there were questions about the tactics. we do believe that the metropolitan used pepper spray as to way to disperse the crowd. >> just pepper spray. >> just pepper spray. there's -- how we respond. we know
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move used to move the crowd. >> we lock forward to what's happening toad and the huge corrode in the city once again. what are your hopes and what are you prepared for? >> we have protests and assembles all the time. we are preparing for this protests today. we prepared for it to go from traffic control in law enforcement security perspective we have worked with the march organizeers for sometime in preparing for this. we will be prepared. >> a lot of folks are showing up. >> i saw people moving toward metro and bus stops to get downtown. >> you made a good point. we're continued for it. i don't think anybody does it
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country. >> we work hard at it. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> having the president in the united states travel. the impact of those who live in the area it's a tough job. >> looking at the he cop tor packed with everything down to the podium every time he travels to new york and florida, here is nbc correspondent -- design to survive any kind of threat from biological weapons to missiles. >> it's thinking about every problem in advance and coming up with every type of plan you can think
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fully reported about what happened whenever the president leaves washington. it can take several plane before the president reaches his location. car go planes the presidential limo called the beast. 22 armored suv are airlifted to transport white house staff. everything down from the white house podium goes even if it's just to york. >> we have seen a substantial change in the number of threats that dod has increased its participation. >> reporter: these days the
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military is indeed heavily involved. for example a senior intelligence official tells nbc news when president trump is in new york drones are in the sky. of course, a military aide with a nuclear football is always along. communications are key. the president needs to be able to talk to anyone an why where including vladimir putin and 18 others leaders to whom he has a direct line. non-of this is cheap. $5 billion a year. if president decides to spend weekend in new york, the costs and the risks will rise significantly. nbc news new york. >> sth
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consideration is the weather. >> a lot of people are exited because they heard 60s in forecast. >> that's the word they want to hear, they want to hear snow and a none of that. it's going to continue milder than average all the way to the weekend. there's the cloud cover. you do need a warm coat. it's damp and chilly. you won't need umbrella. the fog is off to west and north. all the areas in gray will persist. we will have the dens fog in the valley in northern montgomery county. temperatures
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40s. hour by hour we're hofring in upper 50s. cloudy and cool. we're getting sunset at 5:17. still cloudy by then. fog reforming tonight. right now no rain on radar. however this area, color this is rain arriving here around midnight and briefly down pours then tapeers off. through the day on sunday, into sunday afternoon. then reform into more rain late sunday night into monday morning. high 50s tomorrow. rain ends on monday. drying out after that. near 60s on wednesday and in the 40s next weekend with sunshine.
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thanks. >> we beintroduce you to a 9-year-old preparing for the women's march on washington. stay with us.
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actress serving chairman of the march. joined by a host of others actors. and the list goes on. protection of the rights and evolution of a more economic quality in the nation. global element. >> a man fimed two pubuses. >> there is a 90-year-old woman. >> when dal ya joins the crowd it won't be her first brush. she remembers protestsing the war in vietnam. she makes return, the new president. >> how can i not go. i think our nation is ci
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through this presidency. >> her life story is rich, colorful, a former teacher, price winning ball room dancer, she will be joined by two generations with her family. >> we'll be there telling mr. trump he is not going to change our rights and freedom in this country, he is not going to run over women's rights. >> his truck license plate spell out his -- >> i hope to accomplish building bridges that is creating an environment where people can be willing to talk with each other. >> hedges booked
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now dining room table -- >> in the degree of energy that the folks have is just absolutely amazing. i have never seen anything in my almost 70 years to equal this. >> in law dan county. news 4. >> as we look live at the national mall. you can see it's starting fill up there. we're going to continue our live scene coverage next on news 4 today.
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we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back you to the people. >> the transition of power and a show of force. >> we need to make our voices heard. >> hundreds of thousands banning together for two different -- >> we're going to do great things for your country. >> our nation is facing a tremendous challenge. >> our special coverage of the women's march on washington starts now on news 4 today. we start this 9:00 ohour. bringing you team cra
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as the new first family awakes in washington. you see the white house. first full day of a new presidency. welcome back in on this saturday. i'm david culver. and i'm angie goff, as you saw a lot of people are outside and about. >> they were making their way out as heavy fog filled the area. tom is tracking the fog. >> in the metro area, farther north there's a lot of fog. most of it evacpore rating. a lot of areas you see in gray that's where we have the dens fog. look at the visibility zero visionibility in
9:32 am
right in washington, five mile visibility. there's is going to persist into 11:00 this morning. women' march forecast noontime near 50s. food weather for the march. >> thank you, tom. >> the country is witnessing the truest form of democracy. we're looking at the national mall. it started yesterday with the transition of presidential power. >> the crowd growing. in some cases disrupive rioters in the street. we want to show the map. this idea what's going on downtown it's for the women's march on washington. those are the march routs. those are
9:33 am
requesti going to affect the drivers. if you're planning on joining. you may want to know how do you get there. >> that's where we turn over to transportation reporter, adam, he gathering the details. he is live. i saw you tweeted that some of the parking lots for some metro station are already nearing capacity? >> that's right, david. fair fax county all the of the park lot are at capacity. take a look at the crowd. this is absolutely impressive. i have to say i'm not sure that metro new that this many people were coming. we know that there would be plenty of tour buses coming here. they continue to drop off more and more. what's happening here at this station and a lot of other station they are having to stop
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pause the platforms are busy. they have to control the flow of people in the station. that's happens from time to time. it happens with the busiest events that they face. it's more and more people are coming in. it's going to be heavy way to get downtown, be aware of that if you're trying make your way anywhere in the metro system: let's put up a full screen graphic. it's open until 12:00 tonight. capital south could be good station we are seeing crowds everywhere. federal triangle is closed for security reasons. we saw
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buses and why they say they need to be here today. >> everybody deserves equal human rights. >> that's what i'm trying to get across. >> it has to be a statement. everything that happened so far with trump is so outrageous it can't continue. >> back to you live at the stadium armory stadium. the crowds have been heavy out here. they are going to continue to be. as everybody leave at the same time or the march then we could have a bigger issue later on. we'll keep an eye on it. >> you called it yesterday. >> a lot of viewers telling you their station are jammed packed. >> we have seeing crowds fill the national mall already. caption the action. how is it
9:36 am
>> make their way independence and 3rd street. there are weekly as we move to get this here on the air for you. the rally will start in a half an hour. looking at video from earlier we are expected more than 200,000 people to show up at women's march on washington we are told. men and women coming from all walks of life. many telling us they wanted to be for this moment in history to send message to the trump white house. they are looking for a change to impact all people. i want it take you to a map, a rundown of what's going on here. that rally will start at 10:00 this morning at independence avenue and 3rd street. it's free and open to the public.
9:37 am
every one is invited. leave your backpack and weapons at home. spoke to several people telling us that this was a time you had to be here for inperson. take a listen. >> when women united it can be powerful. trump has to listen to all americans and respect them. >> as you see, a direct message to the president. police going by now in unmarked cars. the march will start at 10:00. we are looking at crowds build. back to you. >> justin, thank you. as the women's march on washington gets ready to begin. >> let's go across the pond.
9:38 am
march being held there. there are sister events happening around the world. this one drawing a huge outcome. a lot of gathering right there. >> president obama waking up as a private citizen. >> we'll brick bring you back here. you'll see it in that live look outside. how rain may impact your plans for the rest of the week or weekend. back after this.
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you hear all of those cheers and applause that's all for the former first family. this is in california last night. the obamas are
9:41 am
springs. former president and wife had a slight change in plans because their planed had to be diverted because of bad rain. they had to be drivern the rest of the way. they tweeted after vacation they will get back it work. >> you a lot of fans too. >> anti-trump protests have been peaceful. >> video where you see folks warning after police to deploy -- paper spray in the air. they made 217 arrests. six officers were hurt and one hurt. goal he
9:42 am
office. >> look at the crowds gathering and for the women's march on washington our special team coverage continues. it's 9:42.
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many of you are
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the women's march on washington. >> be aware of the crowd. derrick is live in the middle of it or where the action will be moving too later. right derrick. >> take a look. you can see some of the road blocks. this is 15th street where pennsylvania and e street take you to the white house complex that is where this march will end. but people are heading down to the march route. 250,000 people are expected. this march will start in less than 15 minutes. we are seeing ago stead stream of pink. signs and everything w
9:46 am
rhetoric coming out of the campaign from the president. it was degrading and dangerous they want to get their message across with numbers and voices not violence. >> we are fight for our rights especially with the health care to take aware our reproductive right. we won't let some 70-year-old man control it for us. >> if you plan to come down, you know that 15th street is closed beyond pennsylvania avenue and e. street. some people are expected to attend. there amongst those. director of planned parenthood. but the numbers are impressive about this. >> live, back to you. >> less than 15 minutes president trump expected inside
9:47 am
the prayer service. >> outside of the cathedral with you have been all morning long. scott, what does it look like now? >> obviously, a little foggy. >> mild and foggy, unlike any i have been to in the past, it's warm out here. you can see the street are impassable. a huge security presence because the president is coming. the activity began early this morning before dawn. we saw police scooping into northwest towing up cars. we saw dozen of agents
9:48 am
patrolling the outside area. we saw so many church leaders and vip government officials arriving to lineup to get inside to say the event is not and will not be political. >> i think a central feature of the american people are spiritual. this is way to merge the ceremony with the deepest of our heart is a spiritual. >> let give a live look to show last minute preparation. they began early but they go to the last minute as the crowd pile in. the earliest got here 8:00 a.m. the vice president and vice president should be here. back outside, arch bishop among the speakers today.
9:49 am
>> thank you scott. >> kristen welker tells about his plans in the first 100 days in office. >> reporter: president donald trump taking action as president as taking office. the senate confirming general mattis and general kelly for homeland security and trump administration getting to work reducing annual fees on mortgage. next actions will focus on trade, immigration and health care. >> that's on the top of list. >> monday. >> within the first few days. >> reporter: with the stroke of a pen start process of building a boarder wall. >> i'm going tota
9:50 am
mexico will reimburse us. >> reporter: mr. trump is expected to order construction on southern border trying deport some 2 million undocumented imt grants with criminal records. >> they want my first hour in office those people are gone. >> reporter: reverse obama -- brought to u.s. as children. he has significant power in area of immigration there's due process that has to be followed. >> reporter: trump's adviser have -- protection capping car ban emission and drilling in the arctic and hoping make good on this campaign promise. >> we have going to do
9:51 am
drain the swamp. >> nbc kristen welker reporting there. a little deeper in that you can catch that after news 4 today at 10:30. >> hoping for a dry saturday after yesterday. >> not a lot of fog at the capitol. there's a light mist. here forecast for women' march. cloud around. temperatures climbing into 50s. north and west where visibility near zero -- only a tenth of a mile. nothing on storm team radar. rain arriving by 11:00 p.m.
9:52 am
northern virginia. we'll get heavy downpour in the metro area east. 10:00 a.m. through the middle part of the afternoon a little light rain. low clouds maybe fog. sunday evening another surge of rain. high today upper 50s. tomorrow with that light rain off and on. mid 50s. more rain on monday morning with blustering wind. high in mid 50s. near 60s on -- getting kmilyly the end of the week. morning lowess near freezing. >> tom,
9:53 am
leader and new look. just ahead.
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president trump has a new twitter handle @potus. you are look at him. his second tweet was to thank his
9:56 am
he has placed some bands on social media he band entire twitter after someone retweeted "new york times" reporter that showed difference from trump inauguration and comparing obamas. >> president trump already redecorated the oval office. to give it fresh gold trim. we are hoping to get a closer look. he swammed giant rug. >> 9:56 is your time right now. women's march on washington. show you a live look. crowds gathering around the main
9:57 am
stages. the march will start later. >> this is map of the route what you see in yellow are the red those are the other closure. >> the numbers are in from yesterday. unruly protests got violent. six officers and one person got hurt. >> this morning president and vice president will be attending interfaith prayer cathedral. thanks for joining us.
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