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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 12, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight tonight investigating the fbi. a bombshell announcement. the justice department watchdog launches a highly unusual inquiry before the election. unprecedented call with the nation's top spy told the president-elect after explosive unverified allegations went public. family tragedy. six children perish as fire consumes their home. three other children escape. a mother suffering an unimaginable loss. cheaper alternative after the epi-pen outrage. there's a brand new option. bro-mance surprise. it brought many to tears.
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it was named the best new restaurant in the country, and wait till you see what's cooking. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. hoping for a measure of vindication. the hillary clinton campaign is welcoming the surprise news out of washington that the justice department's inspector general will take a look into how the fbi handled the investigation of clinton's e-mail server. the probe to include the public disclosures made by fbi director comey himself and letter to congress. here is pete williams with details. >> reporter: the justice department's independent watchdog says he'll look at public disclosures by james comey and others about the e-mail investigation. word of the review was
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supporters who say they believe the fbi affected the election. >> when a law enforcements agency breaches protocol in an unusual and unprecedented way for the confidence of that agency, everybody should get to the bottom of what happened. >> reporter: inspector general said he will review the statements in july which he blasted the way clinton and her aides used e-mails. >> they were extremely careless in their handling of sensitive, classified information. >> reporter: it will look at the letter congress sent to congress october 28th revealing new e-mails had to be reviewed. nothing significant was found. it's easily the pointed doj review of an fbi's conduct. >> these are the type of questions that the inspector general inspector general
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looks at, but it's not an every day matter for it to be the director of the fbi. >> reporter: comey brushed aside questions. he said everyone will benefit from thoughtful evaluation and transparency. >> there were some strange things that neither side of the political aisle liked and they need to answer. >> reporter: some say the review should have been launched much earlier after the news conference in july. >> if he opened an investigation then, it would have prevented comey from sending the letter in october that might have been decisive in the presidential election. >> reporter: it will not affect the election. it will not look at why nobody was prosecuted. it will result in recommendations to the next attorney general that could range from policy changes to discipline. for now it leaves something of a cloud over the fbi director preparing to establish a new relationship with the president. new to that unprecedented phone call made late yesterday providing insight into how bad things are between president-t
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the nation's top spy chief, james clapper, calling mr. trump and offering a public olive branch. we have more from nbc news senior investigating correspondent. >> reporter: the call came after mr. trump suggested yesterday the intelligence agencies might have leaked a damaging document about him. >> which would be a tremendous blot on their record if they did that. a tremendous blot. >> reporter: mr. clapper said he didn't think they had leaked it. i expressed my profound dismay at the leaks. we agreed they are extremely corrosive and damaging to our national security. further as we reported yesterday, mr. clapper said the intelligence community did not consider the 35-page document smearing mr. trump reliable. a summary of which was included with the top secret report on russia's influence on the election. in an appendix titled disinformation. the former commander of nato says mr.
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leadership is broken and he needs his own team in place for the good of the country. >> otherwise we'll have complete dysfunctionalty in our national security. >> reporter: two members of what mr. trump hopes will be his new team were on the hill as part of the confirmation process. mike pompaeo. >> the cia has become a political organization. do you believe that? >> i have not seen that. >> reporter: general james mattis for secretary of defense. >> i have very modest expectations about areas of cooperation with mr. putin. >> reporter: in an interview today with vice president biden andrea mitchell asked about mr. trump's deteriorating relationship with the intel community. >> it's understandable he doesn't understand the intelligence community. the hope is he has people around him that understands it's the crown jewel of everything we do whether it i
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policy decisions, all our intelligence decisions. >> i think a number of adversaries, al qaeda, isis, north koreans, russians will try to test us right out of the gates. they want to know whether this president's rhetoric will match actions by our country. he will need the intelligence community to defend us. >> reporter: multiple high level intelligent sources say there's this, after the briefing on friday, the head of the fbi, james comey, told mr. trump about the existence of unverified allegations against him. also told him that a summary of those claims was included in the addendum to the top secret. lester. >> thank you. major drama on capitol hill as senate republicans took the first step to repeal obamacare by passing a budget resolution overnight as many americans slept. it goes to the house where it could pass as early asom
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the full senate passed an exception that will exempt james mattis from a law requiring ex-military to be out of the house for seven years. they will vote tomorrow. russia is reacting to pointing a finger at the kremlin for cyber attacks. inside russia's presidential offices our bill neely sat down with vladmir putin's spokesman who rejects them. >> reporter: there's no doubt how donald trump is viewed in the kremlin. >> does president putin like what he sees so far? >> i have no doubt that, yes. >> reporter: putin spokesman said trump is wrong that russia hacked the u.s. >> i think it was russia. >> donald trump said i think it was russia. was it? >> no, it wasn't. >> president putin didn't order any hacking? >> definitely not. >> did he know about
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>> no. >> president-elect trump is wrong when he says russia did it? >> definitely wrong. >> reporter: he denies any suggestion that russia sought to compromise the president-elect? >> he wasn't bugged? >> no. >> wasn't followed? >> no. >> have your intelligence agencies got anything on donald trump? >> no. i have not seen a file. >> reporter: as to when they will hold talks, the sooner the better. lester. >> bill, thank you. tonight a family and a city that is dealing with the tragedy that's hard to comprehend. six children, all them siblings, perished when their home caught fire in the middle of the night. three more children were able to escape in addition to their mother suffering an unimaginable loss. >> repte
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flames racing through malone's family three-story wood framed house. inside mother katy and her nine children. ranging in age from 11 years old and nine months old. >> nine children inside. >> reporter: as the house burned, neighbors ran to the scene. >> i heard the kids crying. my daughter heard them. they said help. couldn't save them. couldn't save them. >> reporter: an 8-year-old daughter was able to rescue two younger brothers, all stumbling out of the house with their mother. >> we have three children relocated is there in the backyard. they're safe. >> reporter: six kids were still trapped inside. tonight all of their bodies have been recovered. >> it's very heartbreaking for us all. >> reporter: she's worked for maryland congressman elijah cummings for more than a decade. today he found it hard
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office. >> reporter: investigators still don't know what caused the blaze. the children's father who was working the night shift at a restaurant told officials there was a smoke detector in the house. >> tonight the 8-year-old who rescued her two siblings have been released from the hospital. her mother and the two family members she saved are still there in critical condition. >> so much heartache in baltimore tonight. after five long and punishing years northern california is officially out of drought held by a deluge of rain and several feet of snow. with that good news comes fears of more extreme weather to come. nbc miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: for california, brutal cold is causing problems, but this is a sight of beauty. yosemite in a blanket of snow. ribbons of white cascading down water falls and winding
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lakes and reservoirs. enough this month to end northern california's five-year drought. >> i've worked here for over 20 years now. this is the way winters used to be. >> reporter: this is a dramatic turn around. the half dome january 11, 2012 and now. last year 87% of california was in severe drought. today nearly half the state is out of the red. once depleted reservoirs brimming over 100% of normal. dams now releasing excess water. southern california is getting much needed rain today too. the deluge is triggering mudslides, crumbling parts of a home in the hollywood hills. in portland, oregon a state of emergency. plows arriving from seattle to help clear the roads. in washington state, this roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. in wine country, some are cleaning up and
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and mud not seen in a decade. it was closed but the road to yosemite is open today. >> it's incredible. >> reporter: once inside revealing an incredible glimpse of both mother nature's wrath and all of her splendid beauty. all of these storms mean california snow pack is now at 158% of normal for this time of year. the big picture here, while it's beautiful and majestic to look at, the snow is major wind fall hoping to pull california out of a crippling drought. lester. >> thanks. one more note on the weather. forecasters are warning of a massive and dangerous ice storm that will stretch 1,000 miles from texas to ohio and with ice and freezing rain coating trees and covering power lines, it could knock out power to millions. it's expected to start tomorrow. we'll be following that closely. there were few dry eyes in the white house today, including
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the vice president's as president obama surprised the v.p. with the nation's highest civilian honor, the medal of freedom. awarded with distinction, a level that's so rare, this is the first time mr. obama has ever done it. nbc andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: joe biden thought he was coming to the state dining room for a farewell toast with the obamas until he saw the whole biden clan, family and friends. >> the best vice president america's ever had, mr. joe biden. this also gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bro-mance. >> reporter: celebrating a life of public service spanning nearly a half century. obama and biden sometimes sounding like a white house buddy movie. >> and when the pope visited, joe was kind enough to let me talk to the holiness as well. >> reporter: teasing his vice president for his occasional profanity like when they signed obamacare. >> this is a big [ bleep ] deal. >> reporter: i
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the big surprise tonight for the man the president calls his brother. >> for the final time as president, i'm pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> i can say i was part of, part of the journey of a remarkable man who did remarkable things in this country. >> reporter: earlier biden telling me. >> barack obama called you a brother. what has -- what have he and michelle meant to you and jill? >> this has become a family. i think michelle is the finest first lady in history. i mean in history. >> reporter: tonight it was joe biden's moment. >> i had to quote an irish poet, think where men's glory most begins and ends and say my glory was i had such friends. s
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there for you. i want to thank you you all so very, very much. all of you. >> reporter: andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. still ahead, the price you pay after so much public outrage over the soaring cost of a life safe saving device. a new competitor offers parents relief.
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there's a major development to report on the outrage of the soaring price of
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epi-pens, which so many people with life threatening allergies depend on. the price hit $600 last summer. the nation's largest pharmacy chain, cvs, will offer a generic competing product at a much cheaper price. >> reporter: just one day after president-elect took aim at the drug industry. >> they're getting away with murder. >> reporter: pharmacy giant cvs announced it's taking on the epi-pen, selling a generic charging $110 for a two-pack. >> when you're talking saving 5, $600 a year and sometimes more into the thousands, it's a game changer and we're excited about it. >> reporter: epi-pens can save the life of anyone having a severe allergic reaction, very often children. the maker mylan, sparked a public relations backlash by raising prices 100 to $6ve
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just this week cigna insurance said it will no longer pay. it delivers the same dose in an auto-injector that's nearly identical to the epi-pen. >> they will pay $109.99 less the $100 coupon. the net to them is only $9.99. >> reporter: in colorado, nicole smith isn't convinced. an epi-pen already saved her son's life when he went into shock. >> i'm not comfortable with it being easy. i've been trained on it. it was difficult for me. >> reporter: for millions of americans who struggle to pay the price, tonight a generic competitor is driving prices lower. we're back in a
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...and learn how you can get it for free. with just over a week left in office, president obama has done away with a controversial immigration policy. he reversed the wet foot, dry foot provision that allowed any cuban who fled to u.s. soil and become a permanent residents after a year. new troubles this evening for major automaker. the epa accusing fiat chrysler for disclosing software that would have more pollution. the ceo denies any wrong doing and rejects comparisons to volkswagen and was fined $4.3 billion yesterday. after 56 years in san diego, the chargers are moving to
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los angeles. it comes after san a billion dollars in increased hotel taxes to pay for a new stadium. today's announcement prompted anger from fans who gathered in protest at team headquarters. the chgers will join the rams marking the first time the city has had two nfl teams since 1994. we'll take a break and come back inside the best restaurant in america with the touching inspiration behind it. americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone.
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enjoy the relief. finally, the remarkable story behind one of the hottest restaurants in america earning rave reviews not just for its fine cuisine but its special cause. we have the inspiring america report. >> reporter: in atlanta's old war thers a spot where reservations are hard to come by and so are any complaints. >> everybody has been phenomenal. >> reporter: for jen and kara, running the staple house is labor of love. >> it's been a long journey. one we're fighting for. >> reporter: jen and her husband ryan had started that fight years ago. well before he was diagnosed with stage four gallbladder
7:28 pm
cancer. >> reporter: team heidi raised money but at 36 he lost his battle. >> the last thing i said to my brother was i love you, and i hugged him and told him i'd see him again. >> reporter: team heidi transformed into the giving kitchen. a nonprofit giving money to atlanta workers facing unexpected hardships. >> when you look at this restaurant, do you see him? >> absolutely. >> reporter: now all after tax profits at staple house go to the charity. it's given more than a million dollars to 600 people like isabella jones fighting thyroid cancer. >> you feel isolated and alone. it helps to have people say i got you. >> reporter: it was named the best new restaurant of 2016. >> i think he'd be blown away. we each have a choice
7:29 pm
to make. you can hide or stand up and move forward. that serves much more than what's on the menu. nbc news, atlanta. >> that will do it for us tonight. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for
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watching and good night. once again, this wondrous thing called "luck" shines on a new day. where will it shine today? who will feel its embrace? no one knows for sure. but one thing is certain -- its arrival is as inevitable as dawn. ♪ what did the whole ordeal do to your family? >> perhaps thinking we food to dial it back a bit because -- >> a very candid khloe on kim's trauma. does she believe social media is part of the problem? i'm natalie morales. we turn the big changes in


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