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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  March 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hope you're doing well despite losing that hour of sleep, and kind of transitioning into daylight savings time. we're glad you're with us at 6:00 i'm renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie. trying to snap out of the twilight zone. >> that is always hopeful. the sky cam, we had some overnight rain, and it's still a little bit wet. at rdu, the tarmac and access ramps are a little bit damp this morning. we've had some low clouds develop from say raleigh southward but along and north of i-85, it's some fog that is starting to develop, and i'll show you some of that coming up. for the most part the rain is over and it's been a little bit of a sprinkle around franklin and moving northward. we'll have another chance of some sprinkles. it's 63 in durham, 61 in wake forest and 66 in holly spring. town by pound, 59 in roxboro,
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half mile visibility, 64 in goldsboro, 65 in fayetteville, down to fayetteville, visibility is at ten miles. so right now, and the most trouble is up closer to the virginia line. expect low 60s heading out this morning. 72 at lunchtime and a high near 80 this afternoon. but some late day thunderstorms are likely. we'll talk more about those threats anything up. bryan's got road weather index and it's showing pretty well with where the fog is. >> as far as to the north and west in roxboro, but in the iale area, no real problems with fog on the traffic cameras, that pretty much matches up with the road weather index. along to the north and west, that's where you have the greatest likelihood of running into some fog. no trouble with fog right now in the triangle as we zoom into the live commute map taking a look at raleigh, durham, cary and chapel hill. let's take a look at the durham freeway at 147 and alexander.
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right side of your screen northbound and it's delay free from i-40, taking about seven minutes. back to you. a pine herst man is dead after a single crash. he ran off the road and into some trees on highway 15501, in spring lake b11:30. firefighters had to cut the roof off to reach miles. he was the only person on that car -- in that car. the 54-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. the cause of the crash remains open. and we're talking more than 100 havings involved in a crash. 20 people hurt -- vehicles involved and in a crash near burrlington last night. authorities told us the wet road may have been a factor in many
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could have caused others. this is a picture from kristen morris who is lucky to be alive. she's in that white car. no one was seriously hurt in any of the crashes. breaking news out of kansas, where an amtrak train derailed overnight sending 11 people to the hospital. >> these are the first pictures we're getting from the scene of this derailment. the train was traveling from los angeles to chicago when it went off the tracks near dodge city, again in kansas. police say five train cars were on their sides and amtrak says the train had two local motives and nine cars. there were 128 passengers and 14 crew members on board. the presidential candidates are crisscrossing the east coast and midwest today on the final day of campaigning before five critical primaries tomorrow. >> among them, a north carolina of course plus florida and ohio, which could determine if the
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tracie potts is in washington this morning with a preview, plus reaction to those violent weekend protests in the trump campaign. >> reporter: bill and renee, good morning. good morning, everyone. there was a peaceful trump rally in florida last night where trump defended canceling his appear fence in chicago. five states vote tomorrow with hundreds of delegates at stake on both sides. florida and ohio, the biggest winners take all. donald trump's leading florida by double digits. >> i think we're going to do great in florida. >> reporter: he's in tampa ever a weekend of violent protests. bernie sanders denied any involvement. hillary clinton says trump is insighting them. >> he lit the fire and claims he shouldn't be held responsible responsible. >> reporter: clinton says foreign leaders are asking to endorse her to stop trump. she's also got a big lead in
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really needs the sunshine state. consequences. >> reporter: slamming trump as he continues his bus tour today. >> i believe we're rising. >> reporter: john kasich is leading in his home state and ted cruz is claiming a tie in north carolina despite the polls. >> it is going to depend on turnout, who shows up on tuesday and votes. >> in florida, nearly 2 million people have already voted. >> that was tracie potts reporting. several of the candidates will be in north carolina today. mikaya thurmond willll have that story in the next half-hour and wral will have complete coverage of the tuesday primary races. polls open tomorrow morning at 6:30 and close at 7:30 and results will be available at wral, and wral mobile. you can join us for a primary election special at 9:00 tomorrow night on wral two, that
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or time warner cable channel 1255 -- 5.2, and over the air or time warner cable at 1255. we'll have the latest results from david crabtree and laura leslie and what they mean for north carolina voters. march madness is officially upon us. time to get your brackets ready. >> two triangle teams are on their way into the nca amens' basketball tournament. here are the selection sunday results. he earns the number one seed. they'll play the winner of the florida gulf coast and fairly dickson game. carolina doesn't have to travel far. they'll play with a game time in raleigh at 7:30. duke is a four seed and will play providence on thursday and matched up with unc for the first round. tip time is 12:15 in providence, rhode island. the death toll rises in a bombing in turk. >> how turkey's military is
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heart of the capitol. >> 6:07, and an american aid worker is being treated for a deadly disease in africa and the precautions that are being taken.
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conditions and .
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we have low cloud cover through downtown, but that's not the case everywhere. along and north of i-85 we're dealing with some fog and we'll show you that on our roxboro camera. in durham, 63, 64 in cary, 66 in erwin and roanoke rapids. it will stay fairly gray and in the afternoon we have a chance of a shower and an evening thunderstorm and some of those could be strong like yesterday. we may have some large hail or some wind damage. we're going to talk more about those threats coming up in about ten minutes. 67 degrees this morning, some fog especially in the north. it's going to be a warm 80 degrees. take along the rain coat or umbrella for later this afternoon, bill? new this morning, turkey's military carried out air strikes against kurdish military strikes in iraq and suspect dozens involving a suicide car bombing
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the attack happened near bus stops in the heart of the capitol. in addition to the dead 125 people were hurt. the bombing was the third in the city in five months. it's now believed al-qaeda operatives were behind a deadly shooting at an ivory coast beach resort. six people opened fire and among the dead were 14 civilians and two security troops. secretary of state john cary is calling for the resumption of peace talks. he met with other senior un diplomatics, and talks are scheduled today in geneva, a mid-a partial ceasefire that came into force two weeks ago and has mostly held.
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appears in most africa primary. lassa is not as contagious as ebola, but doctors at emory hospital will use the same protocol to treat american parents. it's an american aid worker transported to west africa. charges against a man who held up in a fayetteville home is set to start today. >> and durham is set to get a
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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e timin of rain for the weekend looks like surdanit to early sunday, and thottially next we' ot tl b more.y e ol at. rninin thes 6 over t d. d coursend loo ited . we'lbe fe-tungiming t rai.of c he whoathe neit road weaerhong whe 're li iart andtthia a cckn at 21 fuzz m ies some fog.alw xte. forget those fog lamps as you head out. let's zoom in and show youow things are shaping up in raleh, durham, and cary and choppel hill.
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no accidents to report. major utes doing fine. and 64 at trion road, traffic's moving along without delay, through the cary parkwa and up to seet, e toeiutixro k u,ry d ealll is ridhighitel realsomstintonament t
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good monday morning. the 2016acc field, the top speed seed kansas, the overall seed, north carolina gets the one seed, so goes virginia out of the acc the it's the first time the conference have gotten two number one seeds. oregon is the final number one seed. and they also won the regular season and tournament championships in the acc so no surprise to see the heels as the top seed. north carolina will play the winner of florida gulf coast and thursday at 7:20. it's a home court advantage for unc. it's the 15th time north carolina has earned a number one seed in this tournament. school in the nation. the interesting part looking at the east region, there is a potential match up with kentucky in the sweet 16 that would be quite a if the heels and wildcats can get there. the reigning national champs, duke will have a fun match up with unc wilmington in
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12:15 on thursday afternoon. duke cuts into the tournament after a loss to noter dame in the acc tournament -- notre dame. this is the fourth time they've had a fourth seed since 1980, and will be the fourth time surpassing baylor. and for full selection day coverage, visit wral sports we'll have complete interaction bracket and printable brackets and our caulton tudon breaks down the analysis, and at wral sports and kevin harvick wins the nascar. and in our next half-hour, the gun fight that left an officer dead and the suspect wounded. plus, thousands are out of their
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the gulf states, the damage that is being called widespread. and coming up right after this
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at violence at the ra . dozens of cars and trucks b 100, were involved in a series of crashes on i-40. this section of road that was closed for hours and the number of people who were hurt. >> both democratic presidential candidates are in north carolina today. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will appear. plus, where ted cruz's wife will stand in for him and where g.o.p. front runner donald trump shares his pitch. >> and we'll show you if we can see any fireworks today. i know some kept renee chou up overnight. >> that on top of daylight savings time. i'm feeling great.
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mornings get a little bit sleepy but you've done quite well. >> i think we should have a national day off once daylight savings time ends. >> it is national math day. >> that's highly appropriate. and you know, maybe we'll have a little pitter-patter on the roof to help with your nap this afternoon. let's take a look at the raleigh sky cam. right now we're looking at low cloud cover in the triangle area and southward, during near the virginia line, dealing with some fog, so you want to be careful there as you're heading off to work and school this morning. our temperatures are warm when you head out, you're going to balk into the 60s, it's 64 in cary, 65 in holly springs and town by town, 59 and roxboro and south hill, where visibilities are down to a quarter to a half a mile. goldsboro. expect clouds through lunchtime and we'll see the clouds breaking up a little bit. low 60s and 70s at lunchtime and
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better threat for thunderstorms this evening and tonight. today's high at about 80 degrees. tomorrow, we'll see 80 again, with more sunshine we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. bryan's road weather index showing where the fog is this morning. it's doing a pretty good job of outlining it. >> seems to be. that quarter mile visibility, that's what we get concerned about around henderson and roxboro, that's what the airports are reporting this morning. you'll need to allow some extra time especially north and west of the triangle. not seeing any problems with fog in the triangle area proper or fayetteville, but we'll be watching carefully this morning. taking a look at the live commute, no accidents right now, starting to see the typal delays building on 40 westbound around the clayton bypass, not slowing the overall drive that much between the 42 and the beltline, but it's something that will be watching and we'll have another update in about 15 minutes. at the built line starting off at 6 forks road with the traffic heading away from us westbound
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conditions as you head towards glenwood. cameras turned around giving you a better look at glenwood. the beltline also looks good from i-40 to wade avenue, the trip is taking about 12 minutes. back to you. >> thank you, bryan. investigators are work to determine if weather contributed to several dozen crashes along i history 40. the alamantz county sheriff's office say there were nine separate crashes involving nearly 100 vehicles yesterday evening. those caused a massive back up for several hours. more than 20 people were taken to the hospital and these pictures are from a driver of the white vehicle. she told us she's thankful to be alive. crews are searching for a man who disappeared while swimming with friends in edgecombe county. deputies were called to shiloah landing in princeville yesterday. they say a man was fishing with two of his friend when is they
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his name has not been leased. several presidential candidates and their spouses carolina today. >> they're focusing on the tar the primary. mikaya thurmond joins us to tell us about who is coming and where they will be appearing. >> good morning. >> reporter: donald trump will be campaigning in hickory this morning. democratic presidential candidate, better thane sander license campaigning in charlotte, hillary clinton will be in the queen city later this evening and this is just the -- bernie sanders will be campaigning in charlotte today and this is just the beginning of the campaign rallies. nearly two hours of the primary, all eyes are on north carolina. candidate trump has a 10 a.m. rally at len oh-rhine university.
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that cause trouble. hillary clinton will return to north carolina tonight. this is video of her visit to durham last week. clinton will speak with voters in charlotte at the grady coal her husband, and former president bill clinton will stop in eastern north carolina to campaign for his wife. he's scheduled to appear today at the greenville hilton hotel. the event start this is morning hillary clinton's democratic rival will be in the queen city. sanders' future to believe in rally will be held at the pnc 1:30. a suspect for cruz's campaign announced his wife would appear at fayetteville tech in his p.m. as you can see, you almost
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wral will have live team coverage of all of the approximately at candidates visiting our state today. you can also check for updates on bill and renee? >> now that our presidential primary is in march instead of may, it's clear not's getting a lot of love -- north carolina's getting a lot of love and candidates. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fresh off a town hall in ohio. here's a look at some of the issues they addressed. >> you don't make america great by tearing down everything that made america great. >> we are creating large voter turnout. there's no doubt in my mind the democrats will recover the united states senate. >> last night's town hall event was held at ohio state university. >> donald trump addressed issues with violence at his rallies on meet the press. chuck todd specifically pressed
6:36 am
happened during an event in fayetteville. >> one of your supporters decided to sucker punch a protester. do you accept any responsibility for creating this atmosphere? >> i don't accept spnlt. i do not condone -- responsibility. from what i saw, the young man stuck his finger in the air and the other man just had it, but i still don't condone violence. >> trumps he's considering paying the legal fee with the man charged in the fayetteville incident and also says there is tension at his rallies because supporters are angry at the direction of the countries. wral will have coverage of the primaries. >> polls close at 7:30 and results will be available for more than 100 races on wral,, and wral mobile. we'll also have live team
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>> join us for our primary election special at 9:00 tomorrow night on wral 2, that's 5.2 over the air, or time warner cable channel 1255. david crabtree and laura leslie will have the latest results and that they mean for north carolina voters. >> it's a case that could impact hundreds of settlements over a car defect. >> the case that's starting today over faulty ignition switches in general motors' cars. >> 6:37, it's pi day. how you could win pizza pie,
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math. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together,
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and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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math. it is 640 time and warm. it's drying out, as well after thunderstorms from last night. we'll take a look at our temperature, mild, 60 in hillsborough, 65 in holly springs, 66 in lillington, and 62 degrees in wilson. we've had a little fog develop from i-85 northward. haven't seen too much of that around wilson or rocky mount. we'll see cloud cover up until lunchtime and after that tail dissipate a little bit. this afternoon a chance of -- they'll dissipate a little bit. you may want to keep your umbrella or rain coat handy. at lunchtime, a high of 80 but a
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a trial is set to begin today that could settle the lawsuit against two and a half million cars last year because of the ignition switch problem. 124 people died and 274 more were injured in crashes related to the switches. the auto giant admitted it knew about the problem for more than a decade. the company paid $2 billion in permits in settlements and today's trial arises from a 2014 crash in norls in which a woman and -- new orleans woman and her husband was hurt. bank says most americans 78% of us, are willing to pay the longer for their income text to give the i.r.s. time to protect our information. the financial rate tracker says 22% would wait patiently for up to eight weeks, and another 20% would wait an extra week or two. just 15% of those surveyed would not be willing to wait any additional time to safeguard
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it is national pi day. 3.14, the day that celebrates the first three digits of the mathematical constant pi, 3.14. >> and a pizza maker is offering 3.14 free pizza. this morning at 8, pizza hut will post three math question, devised by a math professor from princeton, so it's not going to be really easy. if you can answer them you could be one of three winners. >> of course they make it challenging. >> we should check it out. >> i'm going to rely on you. 6:42. a deadly weekend on the road in moore county. >> the crash that claimed the life of a pinehurst man and how
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>> plus the u.s. . alew:45.hih wt knoeather a trafc t rajompgn ceof ncali demoatnian hla areakin opshathwife of rubandidated cil bnlleano. frontunrs ng appeaeko katbantyg sodifyhe spo e. andne was killeinveeniloutside unma fedthe fir o h sutsi
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deheus a l a erarcoti ode, ja cson 2hth >>ndttackur 'sary is rettibogdi m nar t c a b s. opnd in adti tead.pis ng vicshca drive mran off t rto onighw55prgkeve aastnis only onecar.ea athe cau reine der vestigio >>em deratio
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co are gd fond lo cud cov. j h fog i ee. it's9 ioxboroou t, 6nttil66 e woso of thosear teerates doufhe tr thwhis be ng l clo ral,o rockyou ls aalfohill w we'reingog this in rada sho round the thunderms fromast nightus opp touround midnit so. we didav art s-age re aeai repts, vy similetreestuancet in ohundstorms tomong eastrdff untorms moving ward ahd itllavchshows eveni thisste lls thrwillel srt rms l yterd. hadnefd damagthapneu a about
6:49 am
about0 p. yey. a hor t wui a aut5 p.m pingaind there was sometherepor o ilaigeto in me sts. ose are e ones hapneho up o t maprom stday. reuroray. lo cov t morning. most of those clouds will begin d rightlunc 'l l bit ohi ae'lls bae c t ho okely w w thaf thrsrms.ou hn dung theeveng time to say weur t mng then veou endh littloutkiesclng wenolike tavpeh a dtuanceoming tues w fa qet avaolrohamegh ty anfron us n spnkles andeg
6:50 am
bne. a r severethermwestward witargil rk in wegra , d sssnd ait bitternce fl tevis area, ern a nice herday f p pot:30. deer orot b mucgh ols close:30witurebo 70 dreonhuomou leghi patrick's day, wille acen wgh of 7inte'll del d70henda o t fl chilly. it's not far from the normal, which is 64. that's a look at your weather to
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>> 6:51, and as we take a look at the road weather index, we have som fog showingest e ng, 'sar, ao north anwe-85 corridor. in the triangle area proper and also in fayetteville and along the i-95 corridor east otria wreotlly hing pbls w fog thatrfforthwest, thegef fahe a e could be.e failsfcint ithe pastin thne this oweuneroounwavehe'se acntng e m the aphe som shi dema is c wel haes
6:52 am
alongheurmeway o i5hi morntc tffd thclnyp prettcal, aoo tardsjone thebili line14ut42o 4 ain toorkone, ou the lakel areut tmoot >> a wou'ro, ne, t wl mob phone app. 6:52. n- areil tocracop at x office. >> w lies.>> hoomingp wral,erhis ca 'savh the d laueni>>orter: ree bl, od mng mion aony o
6:53 am
oh fri gncverng vienales. ko d who d mr t p f gutspso t g o hisll se oys r r e g ve>> andeconc t on phi mng tak s coor li so mas, he wasng things in ol - d -t. we tried torbut didnonnect.
6:54 am
pe les, taugy syan ied ructors, using nolos lo i' nevern m re eed. the reare kids le connicalsee ttwo tee tis mowth if the wht det sy firi e i t our siovlela and ok to theriho
6:55 am
n am oin c, buatte oneitthl rthtf tie oda realiterwomereivual yd living wagtoll.meertelifetiise foreil.a ti thafendsr le vs,ger casso tt buen ane.i knwe creifo ounsciand d ttse naay rnan approvged ase. 6:56. ahe swi
6:56 am
aidentast yeawhhearpare anwhy o s comed andm. ho iviit.p. alanteoh kasi.'listrategyr owmand nd.e iean or foxar a:0 te d t ceedy mibad favor ad p i t ected revenue of milld trcler ane c i at brorha n.ndorecond straigh wed, ztoaam at i me50 sce frit-dot $1 monwi hadomto in t
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he 0t to wadeveenos bedy veat a preer
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brer rara40eoe tra i ns. adnd starttingheeoe p. rs lookingntatauhe lateht as cos theampa a wio c benal tru sup otrs. e?p ssotut hpoli opponents s e g viole an tvo il i torrmpnt we'll talk live to trums newe endorser, dr. ben rson. breaking his e. wh h richard sns not been seen or heard from in more than two years? there aredd claims that h being hd against his wln hiswn home. this morning, he ons up in a


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