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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 31, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, president trump fires the acting attorney general after she refused to defend his immigration order. questioning whether the ban is lawful, wise and just. the white house says she betrayed the justice department. replaces her swiftly overnight as former president obama steps forward, releases an unprecedented statement backing those protesting trump's crackdown. supreme choice. >> i've made a very big decision for the united states supreme court. >> president trump just hours away from his prime time announcement set to reveal who he has chosen for the nation's highest court as the democrats gear up. terrifying close call. a cyclist in his final sprint crashing with competitors. bikes flying through the air. the rider flipping over a wall hanging on for his life 30 feet
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above a ravine. ♪ something big i feel it happening ♪ and as the falcons and patriots kick off super bowl week, the playbook that mysteriously went missing. who took the falcons' secret game plan as the quarterbacks take center stage, the question from a young fan that brought tom brady to tears just five days until the big game. ♪ whoa oh we do say good morning, america. don't you just love the excitement of super bowl week? >> you can feel it. >> you can feel it. >> the guys better get ready to answer a lot of questions and see tom brady tearing up which is a rare sight we see from tom brady. >> we'll find out more in a minute. a lot of just overnight. steps of supreme court. of course, it is a big day for the court. president trump is going to unveil his choice to replace
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justice scalia in prime time tonight. >> first the breaking news overnight, the president firing and replacing the acting u.s. attorney general sally yates after she refused to defend the administration's immigration and travel order. president trump calling it a betrayal. our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas joins us now with the latest from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you're fired. that was the conclusion of a fast-moving showdown playing out last night between two of the most powerful offices in washington. the high stakes drama began shortly before 6:30 p.m. the nation's chief law enforcement officer in an act of open defiance aimed at the president of the united states. acting attorney general sally yates refusing to allow justice department attorneys to defend president trump's executive order banning some refugees and immigrants from the u.s. >> i'm very grateful for this opportunity and grateful for president obama's nomination. >> reporter: yates, an obama administration holdover sending a letter saying she was not sure
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president trump's order was, quote, lawful and that she was not convinced it was consistent with the institution's obligation to always seek justice and to stand for what is right. in roughly three hours trump responded by firing yates. the white house issuing a blistering estimating yates had betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce his order which was designed to protect the american people. yates, a 27-year rhett van, had been asked stay on by the trump administration until his nominee could be confirmed. that said she did overrule others who said trump's order was indeed legal. >> we know the president has already appointed a new acting attorney general. >> that's right, the white house called yates weak on immigration and trump appointed a new attorney general last night, dana boente. >> it was a night of drama.
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more protests overnight as well. we saw that on the steps of the supreme court and saw that rebuke from former president obama who said in his final press conference he would speak out when he thought america's core values are at stake. abc's cecilia vega has more on this from the white house and, cecilia, so unusual for a former president to speak out this early in his successor's term. >> reporter: it's only been 12 days since he left office now speaking out in strong terms, president trump is speaking out this morning too. he is on twitter calling a protest here in washington by democratic lawmakers a mess. former president barack obama stepping out of the post-presidency shadows and into the fray speaking to those protesters and also taking a jab at his successor and that immigration crackdown saying through a spokesman citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble is exactly what we expect to see when american values are at stake. and also taking a jab at his successor and that executive order saying, he fundamentally
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disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion. the white house playing defense. >> we had 109 people that were temporarily detained. they're all in. but they were temporarily detained to make sure that the safety of the other 324 million americans was put first. i don't see how that's a big problem. >> reporter: and overnight that fight landing right at the steps of the supreme court. [ chanting ] >> reporter: democratic lawmakers leading the charge in song. ♪ this land is your land this land is my land ♪ >> reporter: and tough talk. >> donald trump has issued an executive order that is illegal, that is unconstitutional and that is immoral. >> we will fight it with everything we have and we will win this fight. >> reporter: and while the president himself says the policy is off to a good start --
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>> we actually had a very good day yesterday in terms of homeland security. >> reporter: this morning, there is backlash from u.s. diplomats, some sending a formal objection letter expressing concern that the immigration crackdown might backfire and lead to terror attacks in the u.s. but the white house still standing its ground. >> i think they should either get with the program or they can go. >> reporter: tough words there but there is word from the white house this morning that the trump administration will leave intact an existing executive order from the obama administration that protects lgbtq rights in the workplace. others feared that might be reversed. >> waiting to see if more is coming. cecilia, thanks very much. our chief legal analyst dan abrams has more on this. democrats in the house and senate are going to try to overturn this. that's not going to work. lots of challenges springing up in the courts over the last couple of days. >> that's right. this won't be an easy challenge. for those who think we'll get it to the courts, easy win, thisser
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awrong. this is a complicated tough case for those challenging it. first of all, the argument he's targeting muslims in my view is not going to be the strongest argument. some are saying you can make that argument and win on an establishment clause. i don't think that's the strongest argument. the stronger argument, looking at the law itself. this is the immigration and nationality act law which specifically says you cannot discriminate based on nationality, country of origin, place of birth, et cetera, and as a result, you would think, well, that's pretty straightforward. except there's another part of the law which makes it complicated which specifically says that the president has the power to suspend the entry of any class of alien found to be detrimental to the interests of the united states and that's so broad. >> protecting national security. >> that's right so it's so broad and has typically been viewed as such an enormous power for the president that trump is going to rely on that and so this isn't going to be an easy argument.
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this is only we're talking about the argument about the seven countries and people coming separate from suspending the refugees which is an even harder argument to win is there at the same time these challenges have been made and this could get to the supreme court relatively quickly. >> there are two options for it getting there. number one, effective fast-tracking it. doesn't happen very often. happens in rare cases, but this could be one of those rare cases. the other way it could get to the supreme court is if, you know, there will be challenges all over the country with district court judges. that goes then up to the court of appeals. if the courts of appeal are divided on something, that's typically how a case gets to the u.s. supreme court. and that's a long process, though. that's not something that would happen -- >> it's also possible trump changes parts of this order on his own. >> that's possible. look, again, as you talked about before congress could rewrite the law, not likely to happen. >> not likely. dan abrams, thanks very much. >> you both mentioning the supreme court now. the president's pick for the supreme court, he will reveal
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the nominee tonight a prime time presentation from the white house and jon karl is there, has the latest for us. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. president trump says the decision is made. he has picked his nominee for sprakt. a decision that may prove to be more consequential and have a longer lasting impact than anything he has done so far. >> we'll put great people on the supreme court. >> reporter: he may have already made his decision but president trump says he's going to wait until prime time tonight to make the announcement. >> i have made a very big decision on the united states supreme court that is going to be announced tomorrow night from the white house at 8:00. >> reporter: trump's choice would fill the vacancy created by the death last year of antonin scalia. >> the justices that i'm going to appoint will be pro-life, they will have a conservative bent. they will be protecting the second amendment. >> reporter: trump's short list down to two, judges neal gorsuch and thomas hardiman.
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hardiman, 51, serves on the 3rd circuit court of appeals with president trump's sister marion trump barry who sources tell abc news highly recommended him to her brother. gorsuch, 49 serves on the 10th circuit court of appeals and has been called scalia 2.0 because he echoes scalia's judicial philosophy and writing style. >> i think the person i pick will be a big, big -- i think people will love it. i think evangelicals, christians will love my pick. >> reporter: regardless of who is picked democrats and republicans are gearing up for a confirmation battle in the senate that will look like an all-out political war, of course, democrats are still very much upset that president obama's pick for this seat never even got a hearing. >> promising a filibuster. thanks very much. more on this from terry moran and, terry, in some respects either one of these finalists could be picked by any
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republican president, both relatively young white men, solid conservatives. >> reporter: absolutely, george. any of the candidates that president trump has considered would not tip the ballot to this court because they're replacing justice scalia, a conservative with a conservative. but in some ways that's old-style thinking. president trump is not really a conservative or a liberal. he's a nationalist and he is shaking up the congress, the executive branch and just a matter of time before he shakes up this place so the real question is how would one of these nominees rule on his make america great again agenda? on immigration, on trade, on executive power and treaty commitment is a harder call. >> there will be lots of focus especially now on the president's immigration ban in these confirmation hearings. >> reporter: there absolutely will. senator, especially democrats are going to press this nominee, whoever it is, very hard. how would they rule on this? it is as dan said a close case but the president does have sweeping powers over immigration, especially when it comes to national security.
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and so he's probably safe with either nominee on that question. but down the road how he shakes up the agenda of the -- of congress and of this court remains to be seen. >> this one, the real fear among conservatives and president trump is really promised them this pick, they go back and say we don't want another david souter. justice david souter. >> reporter: when they get up there, they've got life tenure and there the case comes before them. should i overturn roe versus wade for example, suitor, blinked, kennedy givened and that's what can happen. >> terry will join us tonight with a live special report starting at 8:00 eastern. that terrible attack on a mosque in canada and gio benitez has new details about the suspect. >> reporter: this morning investigators are zeroing in on the life of 27-year-old suspected shooter, alexandre
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bissonnette. >> people will be more on edge but i'm hoping everybody comes together and shows again their support for the community. >> reporter: as canadians from coast to coast held vigils in just about every major city a former classmate tells abc news that bissonnette was very conservative politically and described him as anti-immigrant. a neighbor of the alleged gunman telling me bissonnette was always alone, didn't appear to have any friends and never went to parties. bissonnette is said to have been dressed in black wearing a ski mask shouting as he entered the men's section of that mosque sunday night. now we're learning about some of the victims. including a professor at the same university where bissonnette studied anthropology and political science. most of the deceased in their 40s now leaving families behind. while the motive for the attack still isn't clear, it came just one day after prime minister justin trudeau took on president trump's immigration crackdown that many see as anti-muslim. >> the people who commit these acts mean to test our resolve
7:14 am
and weaken our values. we will not close our minds. we will open our hearts. >> reporter: and live here in quebec you can see police are still there at the mosque investigating right now. that suspect faces six counts of first degree murder, five counts of attempted murder, no doubt a huge investigation is ahead here in canada, guys. >> no doubt, gio. thank you. now amy with the other top stories starting with a landslide in los angeles. >> this video came in overnight that shows a landslide in the hollywood hills that forced the evacuation of five hopes and knocked out power in that area. an estimated 20 tons of earth came crashing down that hill burying power lines and damaging two homes, the result of heavy rain from this month. the shift in policy at the boy scouts. they will allow transgender children who identify as boys to become members. an 8-year-old transgender boy in new jersey has been asked to rejoin the organization.
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well, the punishment has been handed down in a high-tech cheating scandal in baseball. the st. louis cardinals will hand over two draft picks along with $2 million to the houston astros. it's all compensation for a cardinals executive hacking into the astros scouting database. some dramatic video from a bike race in california. this chain reaction crash nearly sent one biker flying over a bridge. look at that. but he managed to hang on to the edge avoiding the 30-foot drop. wow. his bike crashed into the ground. he is remarkably okay. and take a look at this picture posted online. it raised a few questions. it appears to show 80 falcons in the cabin of a qatar airways plane. a sought di prince reportedly paid for the flight. they can be issued their own passports and last for three years in the united arab emirates where they are the national bird and in case you're wondering on qatar airways you can bring a maximum of six
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falcons in economy class but each have to have their own seat and a cloth to avoid accidents. >> i thought they were heading to houston for the super bowl. >> i like it. that's a good one. that's a good one. >> up to 80. good job there. thank you, amy. you know, you brought it up, super bowl week. everybody is officially under way and, of course, the quarterbacks taking center stage stepping into the spotlight at opening night and our quarterback jesse palmer is in houston with all the details. good morning, jesse. >> reporter: good morning, michael. that's right. you know, in five days the patriots' tom brady and falcons' matt ryan will face off but they had to take on the media and answer questions about a missing playbook. first, there was spygate. then deflategate. and this morning as super bowl week kicks into high gear, the patriots find themselves in the middle of yet another gate, backpackgate. it all began when atlanta
7:17 am
falcons offensive coordinate kyle shanahan lost his bag which contained interesting reading material, all of the atlanta falcons' offensive plays and panic ensued. shanahan searched all over minute maid park but to no avail. as the time ticked away paranoid patriot haters became convinced only one man could be behind this. ♪ but they were wrong. it was actually this man, the san francisco examiner's art spanneder who simply mistook shanahan's backpack for his own. spander heard about the commotion and brought it back a half hour later. no word yet if spander is a secret pats fan but for now no harm, no foul. brady was soon back in action in the press room doing what he does best, being tom brady. >> i think my dad is my hero because he's someone that i look up to every day and -- my dad.
7:18 am
>> reporter: the four-time super bowl champion chasing his fifth super bowl ring which would make him the most decorated quarterback of all time. matt ryan revealing eli manning, the quarterback from the giants giving him advice on how to beat brady. manning beat brady in two super bowls and manning said, look, you know who you are and you know what you've got to do. >> i tell you what, jesse, that question made tom brady do something that nobody else could do and that was cry. pretty amazing. but also all eyes -- there are more than just one showdown. there's another between tom brady and roger goodell. >> reporter: that's going to be a huge story line here all week long. since brady's four-game suspension as you know he's been on fire. he's led the patriots to a 13-1 record. people calling it the tom brady revenge tour. now, tom brady said all the right things with respect to roger goodell saying it's own his teammates motivating him to win, not roger goodell but how
7:19 am
satisfying would that be if he took that trophy from commissioner goodell sunday night in may be a little uncomfortable. >> we'll be watching. >> tang you, jesse. over to ginger. >> we have to get separate to tuesday trivia brought to you by walgreens. >> good morning, everybody. we've got some snow showers running through parts of the region. chester county, new castle county, delaware, and another one beginning to cross the dell way bay into parts of south jersey, also some additional snow showers out by harrisburg that could move east. right now there's some sun trying to get in under the
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astrazeneca may be able to help. flush. >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. 7:23 on this tuesday january 31st. i-95 is a good place to start when you're looking for backups this time of morning. here's karen rogers. >> that's right, matt. if you look at this shop it looks like they're not moving because they're almost not moving. this is i-95 southbound because of a disabled truck still blocking the right lane near allegheny. we're looking at a really lengthy delay as we look live near the betsy ross bridge you can see how jammed traffic is southbound trying to come towards center city. you're jammed from approaching cottman to past allegheny, a 47 minute ride. that's a pretty big delay on i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine with that that and disabled truck. in olde city still have the closure of market street and the action cam and chopper6 they were all covering this. you can see here the video from olde city from this morning from a highrise fire still closing market street between third and front street.
7:24 am
you have to stick to race, arch, chestnut or walnut. you see all the fire crews that were on the scene with this. also all of the septa buses that normally go through this area are being detoured so that's causing a lot of problems through the area. i'll be live at 7:30 on facebook matt to show you the rest of the morning commute. >> all right, thank you, karen. dave murphy is tracking snow showers next. ♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal, or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ from santander bank. z1we5z zi0z
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nosy neighbor with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. >> cloudy skies this morning and some of us experiencing some snow showers. storm tracker6 live double scan shows a cluster of them down south new castle county delaware, parts of kent county and parts of south jersey, all of these heading east and there's another one out by harrisburg that might be an issue for the northern suburbs eventually. temperatures this morning are cold, too. we're in the 20's, 28 degrees in philadelphia, and this afternoon, matt, we're only going to see a high of 42. there could be some additional rain and snow showers around.
7:27 am
>> mayor jim kenney will hold a news conference with a local family he's syrian members were sent back home. "action news" will be there. >> ♪ >> blank
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♪ uptown ♪ welcome back to "gma." that's last year's star-studded super bowl show, beyonce, coldplay and bruno mars performing bruno's hit "uptown funk." they're putting on a show for the 112 million people. a lot of people at home watching and this year, lady gaga takes the reins of the halftime show and we got a look at what to expect from her performance coming up. >> you'll be at the game. >> yeah, i'll be at the game and get to interview lady gaga on thursday and you're going -- you're going to be there too. >> i'll be there before the game. and then i'm going to fly home because i didn't get tickets but that's all right. >> talk to me. talk to me. >> oh, come on, michael. >> holla at your boy. >> also right now, president trump has replaced the acting
7:31 am
attorney general sally yates after firing her for saying she would not defend the travel ban. the white house calling her actions a betrayal of the department of justice. the president is just hours away from making -- revealing his pick for the supreme court. trump said he will reveal his nomination in a prime time presentation tonight. we'll cover it in a live special report, george will anchor that for us on abc 8:00 p.m. eastern time. >> that's what the president says, more fallout on his immigration ban, the suspension of immigration from seven muslim majority countries, growing number of experts are arguing the order will make america less safe, strengthen support for isis. our chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the president's travel ban is meant to stop isis fighters from finding a way to get to the united states. but among those supporting the president's actions are, in fact, leaders and members of isis. even as the president vows intensified military actions against isis, his words are
7:32 am
being used by the terror group as proof the u.s. is at war with the entire muslim world. on isis internet sites since the weekend messages like this one, what trump has done has clearly revealed the truth and harsh reality behind the american government's hatred towards muslims. the isis propaganda machine first began stirring it up during the campaign when trump talked of his ban. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: and now that he's in the white house, many u.s. counterterror officials fear the president is unwittingly stoking the fires of isis recruitment with his travel ban against seven predominantly muslim countries. >> not only does this help isis recruit people overseas, but here at home it might be enough to persuade that lone wolf who is thinking about becoming a
7:33 am
terrorist. >> reporter: but this is not the first time the u.s. has sought to curtail the flow of refugees because of terror concerns. as abc news first reported, the fbi discovered two iraqi refugees connected to al qaeda who have been cleared to come to the u.s. and were then caught on surveillance video plotting new terror attacks from their home in bowling green, kentucky. >> if you're asking my opinion i would say the system failed. >> reporter: even worse, the fbi found their fingerprints on the remnants of a bomb that killed four members of a pennsylvania national guard unit in iraq. >> how do you have somebody that we now know was a known actor in terrorism overseas, how does that person get into the united states? >> reporter: the two men are both now serving long prison sentences. but their case led to a drastic curtailment of the entire iraqi refugee program for six months in 2011 and a complete makeover of the refugee screening
7:34 am
process. now the trump administration says it has to do much the same thing, although its list of seven countries misses the very countries that have produced the terrorists responsible for the deadliest of u.s. terror attack, george. >> saudi arabia. thanks very much. more from martha raddatz. and, martha, you know, you saw those isis media accounts, social media and a lot of experts concerned that just as the military is making progress against isis in iraq, especially, this is going to be a real boost for them. >> reporter: there's no question there are concerns about the fallout. isis and al qaeda as brian said want muslims to think the u.s. is against them. so those muslims will turn to them. now it's offensive to think muslims around the world are suddenly going to say i want to join isis because of this immigration ban but if there are people on the fringe, extremists and they see isis propaganda about this ban some experts believe that is one more recruiting tool to radicalize them just as we're going after isis in iraq. >> you saw over the weekend some
7:35 am
of the people blocked were people that served as interpreters for the u.s. military and intelligence in iraq so there's a real concern if they aren't protected it could have a backlash and hurt our efforts in the middle east. >> reporter: analysts will tell you this is the most critical problem. we're fighting side by side right now with iraqis in a battle against isis and we're telling those same people who are risking their lives, they can't come into the country. that creates suspicion, resentment and mistrust. the head of iraq and afghanistan veterans called it shameful, stupid and bad for national security. he said if we don't help them now, why will others stand with us in the future. >> the president's announcement has been met with a chorus of riticism from our allies. >> reporter: it certainly has and put allies in a very, very difficult position. theresa may who just met with donald trump last week said she does not agree with the ban, the foreign secretary boris johnson
7:36 am
called it highly controversial while thousands of protesters filled the streets in london calling for may to cancel the invitation for trump to come visit. >> it's up to about 1.5 million on that petition right now. okay, martha, thanks very much. still a lot to come. coming up, an abc news exclusive. the young driver lucky to be alive after plunging 70 feet down a cliff stranded for days. this morning he's telling his incredible story right here on "gma." and super sales for the super bowl. the big deals you can score just in time for sunday's showdown. it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it.
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♪ unitedhealthcare. we're back now with that amazing survival story. a young driver plunging down a hill seriously injured and stranded for three nights before he was rescued of the he's now speaking out. it's an abc news exclusive and abc's kayna whitworth is there in los angeles with this story. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning. his family calling it a miracle. the trauma room doctor telling them that most people wouldn't have survived an hour with the injuries he had much less three
7:39 am
days and this morning, he's speaking out about the accident. for three nights. hunter kittel's family worried about where he could be. what they couldn't imagine is that the 24-year-old was in an accident that nearly killed him. his car flying off the road plummeting 70 feet down california's mountain baldy. incredibly he survived the fall but when he woke up in his car he was in unimaginable pain with severe injuries including a collapsed lung, fractured skull and badly broken leg. for 2 1/2 nights desperate for help he was stranded without another soul in sight. >> it was horrible, horrible pain. i was thinking either kill me now or get me off this mountain because i can't do this. >> reporter: finally on the third night a passing motorist noticed the wreckage and called for help. rescuers seen carrying kittle up the mountain. he was airlifted to the hospital. >> the driver just made contact with the patient.
7:40 am
>> i was elated that i was -- i was so happy, you know, that i was finally being saved that i still had a chance left to survive. >> reporter: this morning kittle says he looks at his life a little differently. >> i mean it was mind over matter. me wanting and willing myself to survive long enough to get down that hill one way or another. i didn't want that to be my final chapter in my life. >> reporter: a stunning story of survival. hunter says that he doesn't even remember the accident and the crash right now is still under investigation. >> what a blessing he's doing as well as he is kayna, thanks so much. michael. thank you, robin. coming up on our big board, hackers holding a luxury hotel hostage demanding ransom while guests were left stranded. are you at risk on your vacation? plus, with the super bowl just days away, how to score big savings, the deals that are better than any black friday when we come back in two
7:41 am
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t.j. is giving me the lowdown already. back now with our big board. t.j. holmes is here at the table for our first story. we will get to you, larry, in just a moment. worth the wait as always. we got that hotel hacking warning. cow be the target of a cyberattack on vacation? a luxury hotel in austria was recently -- well, they said they were held hostage after the electronic key system was infiltrated until a ransom was paid. when i said hostage, you took exception. no one was held hostage. >> nobody was held in their room. hackers took over the hotel key card system but people weren't locked in their rooms. don't want anybody to be afraid. when was the last time you went to a hotel and they gave you one of these, a physical key? >> it's been a while. >> this hotel is about to go back to this because of those -- that key system, anything
7:44 am
electronic is susceptible to hackers. people trying to check in, check out, you couldn't essentially do business at the hotel is what we're talking about. these hackers asked for bitcoin of all thing. why would they ask for bitcoin? because it's hard to trace. and now criminals are starting to use bitcoin when they -- it was only $2,000 initially. they paid it. too much of a pain to try to work it out and get authorities involved. let me pay you your 2 grand so i can get my hotel back. this is something we could see more and more of. don't get upset or afraid they could get locked in. >> ransomware but what's being done to address this? this is not the first incident. >> we have seen libraries. >> hospitals. >> one in l.a. that paid the ransom ultimately. got people in icu. you need medical files and you can't get access to them. so authorities are telling people the organizations don't pay the ransom because that encourages others to do it. you're sitting up here and you shut down but we have seen
7:45 am
exponentially costing hundreds of millions, maybe a billion dollars in ransom being paid. you could get one, as well. strahan, all of us into your e-mail. got to know, pay close attention, you have to click on an attachment before that ransomware downloads. get funny -- it looks legit. even the fbi's signal there or symbol but you don't click on that stuff. if it looks funny don't do it because you could get held hostage. >> good to know. >> i'm keeping these keys. give me 2 grand, you'll get them back. how about that? thank you, t.j. next up there's a lot of excitement for the super bowl, of course, and lady gaga's halftime show. will she go political? that's the big question and the pop star just arrived in houston ahead of the big show and larry hackett is joining us now and, larry, lady gaga's known to be controversial. >> of course. >> so a lot of people are wondering will she make a political statement? is she not? what do you think. >> i would be baffled if she doesn't make a political statement. i would be because as you say
7:46 am
she's someone who is a provocateur. will she hang a resist sign over a rafter in the middle of the field, no. something clever. she's an open supporter of hillary clinton. she was out in front of trump tower the day after the election protesting. she is a champion for people of the lgbt community and all her songs are of the people being empowered. >> bad for her career. >> no, i think it would be bad not to do something. sure. >> well, what she said so far, her performance will -- it'll be about her career and she also said the nfl has not had a say in what she is going to say. >> look, it's the nfl's show but i would find it outrageous if the nfl tried to censure her. they are hiring lady gaga. they know what they'll get. number two, it would be a huge pr nightmare if it was revealed truly that they tried to stop her or prevent her from saying
7:47 am
something. they called it nonsense on the record. a lot is presuper bowl hype. >> what? would we do that. >> i'm so cynical. >> no one needs to be more excited. it's the super bowl. people are excited for the halftime show. beyonce did herson "formation." a political anthem and that upset a lot of people. you said this could be good for lady gaga's career and bad if she doesn't do it but there was blowback to beyonce. why not lady gaga? >> there was blowback but beyonce is beyonce. she can withstand that. "lemonade" came out and reshaped her in the public eye. when you do that and an event like that and you're beyonce, it's good. not for everybody else. remember nipplegate and m.i.a. sang with madonna, flipped the bird, mouthed the "f" word. that was not good for her career either. it depends what you're saying. you can be political, not
7:48 am
adolescent. >> a lot will have to watch on tv. i know you two -- are you going to the game. >> i'm not. i'm coming to your house. >> we might buy a new tv. as the countdown continues there's super savings on tvs for the big game. experts say now is the time to get some of the best deals of the year. you know we'll ask becky worley about this and will join us at best buy with all the details you would think knowing people would go in front of their tvs the prices would go up but that's not the case. >> no, it's five days to the big game but for scoring a great deal, it is the fourth quarter and we're in the two-minute drill, robin, that's because this is really about prices coming down. "consumer reports" says that the best prices are 14 to 7 days prior to the super bowl so good deals still there. they're clearing out the inventory. let me show you. this 65-inch lgtv started back in april when it debuted, 1600 bucks, by black friday, 1100
7:49 am
bucks. now, 800 bucks here at best buy. some other really good deals. a 60-inch tv by sharp not the best reviewed tv but at walmart for $479. 60 inches for under 500 bucks is insane. samsung, one of the many most popular tvs, that is at sears for $679. average discount, that one is about 20% off and that's the average discount you're seeing right now, guys. >> oh, wow. becky, what if the super bowl is not your deadline for purchasing a new tv. should you still wait or go out now and get it? >> solid discounts now, but i expect them to come down another 20% by may. that's when the total phase-out happens so this $800 tv could be $700, maybe even less but the problem is will it be here? inventory, don't know. it's really buy now or wait if you'll risk it. >> you're making me think of "the price is right."
7:50 am
>> i know. >> but let me ask you this, becky, you know, not that i've ever done it but some people will purchase and then return the tv set just purchase it for the big game. how do they frown upon that? >> seems like there should be a yellow flag for that but stories are legendary of guys walking in with big screen tvs after the big game. lots of stores have policies that don't penalize you. others have 15% restocking fees. watch that. >> got to keep that in mind. >> you gave me an idea now. >> would i do that? thank you both very much. coming up take a look at this incredible video of lava in hawaii doing something for the first time in nearly a decade. ginger has the story behind it. big heart health news. the brand-new guidelines. (avo) did you know two areas of your brain can make it hard to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight
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7:55 am
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>> ♪ >> hi, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell: we're starting out in bucks county with a new problems and karen rogers. >> big problem a couple minutes ago when they shut down route one northbound because of an overturned vehicle. just cleared a minute ago it was a mess with an overturned vehicle and a fuel spill. they've reopened the lanes on route one northbound at fairless hills live in bucks county. traffic still jammed northbound on route one from past 213 fairless hills because of that accident. in olde city we have this fire location it's been a big problem and the action cam was on the scene. they still have market street blocked between third and the front streets because of that highrise fire that you see crews there were on the scene and still blocking portions of letitia street as well so you want to watch for those closures in olde city causing problems this morning. stick to race or arch chestnut or walnut to get around that. this fire location in bensalem bucks county it has been busy
7:57 am
today, a dwelling fire here by berry road still shut down matt. >> thank you, karen. we'll get to that in a moment but first the accuweather forecast as we take a live look at the jersey shore. here's meteorologist, david murphy. >> lots of clouds as you can see matt. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. a couple snow showers passing through one covering most of south jersey and heading east. other one blooming and fairly decent snow to the west of reading so northern suburbs going to pick up that over the next half hour or so. 28 degrees on the way out the door so even if you're not dealing with snow you still want the winter gear and your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows an improvement to 42 this afternoon. the afternoon will feature a couple of rain and snow showers. most of the snow up north where matt in the lehigh valley we could get a coating to an inch today. >> thanks, david. firefighters pulled an elderly woman from this extremely smoky blaze in bensalem bucks county. chopper6 was over the scene on the 2200 block of byberry road. crews arrived at around 5:30 a.m. to find heavy smoke and flames coming from the basement of the house. the woman is in critical
7:58 am
condition. a man also living in the home was able to get himself out of the house. the boy scouts have changed their policy with transgendered children who identify as business. thas boy. as boy, the story on
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, president trump fires then replaces the acting attorney general after she refused to defend the administration's immigration order. trump calls it a betrayal. former president obama steps forward with an unprecedented statementing baaing the protesters. rest in power. five years after trayvon martin's death his parents are speaking out live. their son's legacy that sparked a national conversation. their mission to transform their tragedy into change. ♪ my heartbeat song health alert. the american heart association out with new guidelines overnight. when you eat is more important than what you eat and should you skip breakfast to lose weight? lasting love. the original bachelorette's success story now opening up 14 years later, what trista and ryan are revealing now. their secret to a happy
8:01 am
marriage, their advice for bachelor nick and how ryan is as romantic as ever. ♪ all that and leslie mann and robert de niro here live. and she is saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ she's so great. >> good morning, america. leslie mann so terrific. can't wait to see her in a little bit. welcome to all of you. how are you feeling? [ cheers and applause ] yeah. >> all right. we got that health heart alert. new guidelines about how muofte you should eat and should we skip breakfast? seems like we ask every three week. >> dr. ashton, back to you. >> dr. ashton will be here to
8:02 am
explain. >> i never skip breakfast. you remember bear, that was the dog we introduced you to that won america's hears on last friday's show. beautiful, beautiful rescue animal. >> chow, lab mix and i heard his story, he was chained for all of his 15 years outside, still maintained his smile and great disposition and have a terrific update for you coming up in "pop news." so stay with us. >> great. >> can't wait for that. but first let's get some news as well. amy has the morning rundown. >> all right. good morning, guys. the big story, president trump saying you're fired to the acting attorney general after she defied his immigration order. sally yates has been replaced just hours after she instructed justice department attorneys not to defend the controversial executive order and openly questioned whether it was lawla. president trump criticized her and a vote on trump's nominee
8:03 am
jeff bridges is expected to happen today and the president is facing opposition at the state department. dozens of dims are circulating a letter of dissent saying the ban could fuel anti-american sentiment. in response white house press secretary sean spicer urged diplomats to get with the program or quit. overnight, police in columbus, ohio, fired pepper spray to break up a crowd protesting the order and this morning the travel ban is facing a new legal challenge. washington has become the first state to sue to stop it. and meanwhile, tonight president trump will -- says he is announce his nominee to fill the vacancy on the supreme court and george will anchor that at 8:00 p.m. on abc. new details about the suspect in that deadly mosque attack in quebec. sources describe 27-year-old alexandre bissonnette as a loner with anti-immigrant views but authorities are still calling the motive for sunday's shooting unclear. bissonnette faces six counts of murder as well as other charges. and residents of flint,
8:04 am
michigan, have filed a class action lawsuit against the epa seeking $720 million in damages for the city's water crisis. claiming that the epa waited for months before taking emergency action to address levels of lead in the water. and a surprising discovery on board an american airlines plane. a mechanic found $434,000 of cocaine in the nose gear. the plane had arrived in tulsa from miami and as you might imagine the dea is now investigating. and finally the play of the night in basketball had nothing to do with sports and everything to do with family. the boston celtics paying tribute to military families and then shocked everyone when air force national guard sergeant matthew knowles suddenly walked onto the court. his mom and his family stunned and overjoyed because moments earlier there was a big message on the jumbotron saying he was still overseas. players and fans gave him a standing ovation and to that we
8:05 am
say welcome home, sergeant knowles. back to you. >> love to see that. >> never gets old seeing those. thank you for sharing. how about a little "pop news," lara? >> you got it, robin. good morning, everybody. happy tuesday. we'll begin with director james cameron defending the ending of his oscar-winning movie "titanic" saying for once and for all, people, there's no way that door could have supported both jack and rose in the frigid water. how many times does he have to tell you? in a new interview with "the daily beast," the oscar winning director refutes the claim made on the discovery show, you have heard of it, "mythbusters." they say jack didn't have to die and two could have used the door and did an experiment if they used their life jackets to keep it afloat he would have been fine. cameron says, not so. if jack took off his life jacket, tried to figure out how to -- how the heck to attach it to the door in 28-degree water, the guy would have been dead in
8:06 am
five minutes. his best chance keep his upper body out of the water in hopes he might get picked up by a boat which we know did not happen and more than that, the script called for jack to die so, people, he was going to die. this is over. >> that's it. >> i love -- >> i could tell by how you laughed you thought that too. i used to think why didn't he get on the door. >> you were watching the whole thing agreeing with every point you made. >> audience agrees? can we end this? can we all agree, james cameron, made a great movie. an update on our furry friend, bear the dog. we had him on on friday. we heard his story. so heartbreaking. rescued from being chained outside for all of his 15 years. still managed to keep his friendly disposition. well, thank you. our "gma" viewers, we got so many calls asking to help. ultimately though, 15-year-old bear, the chow black lab mix
8:07 am
found his forever home with carrie of long island. look. you see bear smiling. >> he's smiling. >> so bear's new owner carrie teaches children with learning differences and she says she's been waiting for a big guy like bear to come into her life. she says she saw him on "gma." she knew in her heart she was the one to give him the golden years he deserves and she promises to send pictures. please keep your promise. >> oh, yeah. >> mission accomplished. >> way to go. >> one dog at a time. carrie, if you didn't do it, i was going to so my family says thank you. and finally what do you get when you merge flowers and beef jerky? besides heaven. [ laughter ] no. i know. perfection. so, what you get is the tastiest valentine's day gift you can buy for $35.
8:08 am
it's called say it with beef. they're selling roses made out of 100% beef jerky. the bouquets, or broquet hand crafted from a half pound of high quality jerky. the protein pack flowers came to fruition last year after they set out to make a fun get well gift for one of their bros and it was born. the website says say it with beef is so popular they're currently sold out but they do hope to have more stock, bah-dum-bum, in time for valentine's day. >> so, there's the beef. >> yeah. >> there's the beef. >> the question is now answered, robin. >> this is where the beef is. >> that, everybody, is "pop news." >> thank you, lara. well done. coming up, the heart health alert. new guidelines on when and how often you should eat. dr. ashton will be here to weigh in on all that. come on back.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
we are back now with some important new guidelines on heart health from the american heart association about when and how often to eat. dr. jen ashton is here and welcome, doc. >> thank you, sir. >> this statement is about different eating patterns. >> uh-huh. >> time to eat, what to eat. >> exactly. >> what did they find. >> the american heart association really observed that over the last 40 years or so we eat very differently than we used to so they looked at all the old data on different styles of eating and how those styles impacted various risk factors for heart disease. they honed in on three big ones, skipping breakfast, intermittent fasting or eating multiple small meals a day and we have the results. >> oh, what are the highlights? give them. don't hole back. >> here's the qualifier. this area definitely needs more
8:14 am
study and in particular they were looking at how these styles of eating impacted cholesterol, glucose and weight and found that, drum roll, please, skipping breakfast which could mean after eating two hours after you wake up or after 10:00 may drop the risk of heart disease. intermittent fasting meaning going an entire day without eating or reducing caloric intake to 20% or 30% of normal may decrease and frequent meals may 3, 5, 17 meals, not so much. >> 17? >> pretty much every hour. >> that's a lot of time. wow. >> that's an effort. >> so sum it up in one line for all of this, what stands out. >> needs more research but the fact that we can affect these numbers with how we eat and when we eat i think is incredibly interesting. my personal nutritional and medical prescription, try to avoid processed foods and watch those carbs. that is really in my opinion what really sets us kind of down the wrong path. >> also make sure you always
8:15 am
check with your doctor and get checked out. >> thank you. >> thank you, dr. ashton. everybody coming up, trayvon martin's parents are here and they're speaking out about his legacy five years later. kids, juicy fruitmmmm with longer-lasting flavor? mmm (zipping) (zipping) (rattling) longer-lasting juicy fruit. so sweet you can't help but chew and chew.
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tiki barber running hambone!a barber shop?t hut! yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next?
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back here on "good mgood mo america," kenly, give me a high-five right now. she's turning 10 on groundhog's day and all she wanted to do was go see punxsutawney phil. they'll run into snow. deadly accident. be super careful when you drive. snow squalls coming through today and tonight on our futurecast. that's the big picture. i love that smile. get a check a little closer to home. it has been five years since unarmed teen trayvon martin was
8:20 am
shot and killed. his death and the acquittal of the man who shot him helped spark a national conversation. we'll speak to his parents, sybrina and tracy in just a moment here with us live but a 17-year-old boy unarmed gunned down by a neighborhood watch. >> he is sadly missed. >> reporter: for trace economy martin and sybrina fulton it was that fateful night on february 26th, 2012 ha changed their lives forever. when their beloved son, trayvon martin, was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. >> my heart is breaking but it breaks even more to know that we have not gotten justice yet. >> reporter: their fight for justice sparked a furious debate over racial profiling, self-defense and state gun laws. after zimmerman was found not guilty saying he had acted in self-defense, protests broke out once again across the nation.
8:21 am
in the five years since trayvon's life was tragically cut short, sybrina and tracy have worked to help others by establishing at trayvon martin foundation, committed to ending senseless gun violence. >> we will define his legacy. >> reporter: parents fueled by love, finding their own healing and purpose in their new mission. >> justice, justice, justice. >> and trayvon's parents sybrina fulton and tracy martin are here now sharing their story in a brand-new book out today, "rest in power." the enduring life of trayvon martin and please welcome sybrina and tracy here with us this morning. important conversation. it was beautiful reading the book and how it alternates between chapters you have a chapter then you have a chapter, tracy, and the perspective you each had on something that happened and i know it was very important to you that you felt people did not know and get to know your son when all this was
8:22 am
happening and especially in the trial and you want people to know. describe your son. >> my son was an average teenager. he was a momma's boy. he was very affectionate. he liked to do things around the house with me. he used to like to do things outside of the house like cutting the grass and washing the cars, very, very helpful. >> called you cupcake. >> he called me cupcake because i would pretend that i couldn't do certain things because i knew he was watching and i knew he would come over and help. so i kind of played on that cupcake theme, you know, but he enjoyed it and so did i and so, you know, i can remember one time when we were watching a movie and we were both sitting on the sofa watching the movie but he wanted to be closer and then he went and made popcorn
8:23 am
and we snuggled up and watched -- this is not even that kind of movie, you know, but he was just, you know, so affectionate and so loving and it didn't matter where i was, he wanted a kiss. >> and you said that he was also your best friend, tracy. >> yeah, he was my best friend and i think to me he was -- he was an innovator. he was kind of creative to be a young man. he was a people's person. he loved his family. loved his friends. he loved kids and loved doing community service. we used to go out and feed the homeless a lot and he just loved being a part of that so he was -- he was there for us. >> and reading your book, it reminded us that you both were reluctant to come forward and to speak because you thought surely your son was unarmed. he was killed. the person had a gun. that he would be arrested, george zimmerman and it took quite some time before that happened and you both talked about how you never wanted to make this about race. you wanted to make it about justice. how an unarmed teen could be
8:24 am
killed like that. but it sparked and continued a national conversation. what are the lessons we should learn from this? >> well, one of the lessons, i mean, we continue to struggle with everything as parents and so we want people to read the book and know this is written from a parent's version, so we struggle with everything. we struggle with trying to get information from the police department for a minor that was shot on the ground and the other person went home. we tried to -- we had a struggle with the medical examiner trying to get the body back so we can take the body home. we had struggles with the court system, we had struggles with the state of florida. i mean, it constantly was a struggle for us just for something that should have been given -- the information should have been given to us and it was just a constant struggle, what
8:25 am
we had to go through as we grieved the loss of our son. >> and you wanted to enact change and you have the trayvon martin foundation. i love how you wrote that you said that the people who came to your aid, that they descended upon you like angels and formed this foundation. tell us about the foundation to help others and possibly helped you too, tracy. >> i think what it's done for us, it's been therapeutic because of what we do. we're helping other families. certainly we can't touch every family life but what the foundation does with it is we're there as the voice for the voiceless. it doesn't matter if your child has been killed by senseless gun violence or whether it's child abuse or a domestic abuse or whatever, the foundation is there. we've become a community-based organization just to reach out to those that are in need of help. >> and that is taking a lot of your time and we just recently read that perhaps entering the
8:26 am
political arena. is that something down the road? >> that's definitely something down the road. that was a question that we were asked. it was supposed to be in reference to the book but somebody asked the question about us running for office and i said that it was something that we were exploring down, you know, in long term, you know, it's not something that we filling out papers for but we certainly want to look at the positions available locally and then we want to look at the positions for the state of florida and then u.s. positions, so we want to take a look at those positions to see what areas we would best feel and we would benefit from and they would benefit by having us there. >> thank you both very much. "rest in power." "rest in power."
8:27 am
>> break news here at 8:27. chopper6 live over a fast moving fire in nicetown. broke out on the 1700 block of saint paul street about a half hour ago a much of this row home is now charred and has already spread to a neighboring house. firefighters up above and below trying to put this out for good. let's go to karen rogers for a look at traffic. >> matt, we've been extra heavy on i-95. our disabled truck has cleared near allegheny but look at this traffic here. this is a live look here and we can see how 95 southbound is really jammed approaching cottman past allegheny even though that truck cleared. still a 43 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine. on the big picture also some very slow speeds i-95 northbound. that's because of an accident we had near girard that has cleared. a lot of fires today. you mentioned that one in nicetown. also in old industry market shut down between third and
8:28 am
front and portions of letitia street blocked. fire closing byberry road in bensalem bucks county. stick to galloway road or street road as your alternate for that one. one more issue, this one in new castle county, an accident on paper mill road westbound. they've blocked it here fruit seven because of aseven -- near. stick to new linden hill road. dave murphy tracking showers. >> we have a couple on storm tracker6 live double scan. there's one pushing offer the coast of south jersey still a bit of a a bother in cape may county and parts of burlington county in particular and then that that second one coming through berks county heading into the lehigh valley. careful when these pass through, they could be making roads just slightly slick. it's also cold out there. temperatures in the 20's across most of the region. not much wind. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high of 42. these morning snow showers will pass through and then there could be additional rain or snow showers later in the afternoon. lehigh valley can actually pick up a coating to an inch of snow by this evening. matt. >> thanks, david.
8:29 am
mayor jim kenney will hold a news conference today with local family whose syrian relatives were sent back home. "action news" will be there. >> ♪ so let me get this straight. you're a rabbit? im vern, the orange money retirement rabbit, from voya. riiight. and that means...? i'm the money you save for retirement. i help you get organized so your money could multiply. see? got it. who's he? he's green money for spending today. you know, paying bills, maybe a little online shopping... makes it easy to tell you apart. that, and i am better looking. i heard that.
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when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. ♪ welcome back to "gma." live from times square. [ cheers and applause ] yes. welcome back to "gma," everybody. and, of course, we have a great audience. you guys are great. [ cheers and applause ] loud and ready to go. >> i'm proud. >> we're ready to g we're gearing up for the super bowl. hopefully you are, as well. yes. and i got a question for everybody. what if you got to talk to your sports heroes when you were 13 years old. >> ooh. >> our special kid correspondent sophie schneider got the opportunity of a life many time. we'll talk to her in a moment. first take a look at what happened when she went one-on-one with the players on super bowl's opening night. >> hi, i'm sophie, "gma's" kid
8:31 am
correspondent. let's go talk to nose players. matty ice, so if you weren't the football player, what wow be. >> if i weren't a football player i think i'd be a football coach. >> who is the funniest on the team. >> probably gronk, yeah, he's definitely funny. >> this is my first super bowl. how dis it feel for you. >> amazing. >> all right. guy, it's really crazy here but i'm going to get in there. ♪ what would you do with your fifth super bowl ring. >> i would say i'd wear it but i never wear these rings. >> which one is your favorite. >> always the next one has been my favorite one. >> so, who is the best dancer on the team? >> best dancer on the team is probably marty. ♪ >> danny told me you're the best dancer on the team. >> danny amendola told you that? >> is there a junk food you love toenjoy after. >> cookies and cream. >> those are so good. >> hold on. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, everybody.
8:32 am
>> there she is. >> hanging out with martellus bennett and now she's over there on the screen hanging out with us. good morning, sophie. >> hi, sophie. >> good to see you. >> hi. >> now, you spent last night talking to the biggest players on both teams. who was your favorite to talk to? >> oh, martellus bennett was awesome. >> he's an interesting guy. >> he was so funny. we talked about dance moves, everything. >> did he teach you a few dance moves because the guys on the team said he's the best dancer. >> uh-oh. >> oh, he knows how to move. >> but i'm curious. you're so young and you're at the super bowl which is the biggest event. you're getting the chance to talk to the top players. were you nervous right before any of this? >> i really wasn't. i was so excited. i was, you know, it was just so exciting. i was so lucky to be a part of it and, oh, it was amazing.
8:33 am
>> sophie, you're a natural. when you were here earlier with us and to see you with the players, you feel right at home. but i know that you prepared for this. so how did you prepare for a moment like this like last night? what did you do? >> well, you got to look up your players and know all your stats, for sure. >> all right. >> yeah, but -- [ applause ] sophie, it looked like you had no notes. must have memorized everything. >> had a few notes but you know what, sophie, the thing is since -- we appointed you our ambassador i guess a few weeks ago and what has been the reaction from your friends? are they a little jealous maybe? i know they're happy for you but what has been their reaction? >> oh, they have been so great. they've been such gresupport an eric barry came to our school
8:34 am
and got our school pepped up and into it and they're just so gracious to be a part of it. they've been really great. >> now we know you're a huge chiefs fan and a couple of players were with us when we made this big announcement and, of course, they didn't make it there. i'm sad too. my beloved saints aren't there but the falcons and patriots are. i know. i feel your pain, sophie, i feel your pain so what do you think about the match-up? is it one team that you're maybe rooting for a little bit? >> well, you know, it's such a great match-up but i think it would be pretty cool in the falcons pulled through. [ cheers and applause ] >> and the great thing is, so if i, you'll have a great seat because you'll be in the stadium with your family and have a chance to watch the game. we want you to enjoy it. are you excited about that? >> oh, i am over the moon excited. i can't -- still can't believe it's happening. >> sophie, is this it? will this be your career, do you think, a sports reporter when you grow up?
8:35 am
>> you know, i might just have to. this is pretty cool. >> well, you're pretty cool, sophie and thank you and enjoy the super bowl. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> i think she's going to take one of these seats before you know it. >> yes. >> well done. >> she definitely know what is she's doing. everybody, stay right there because coming up, the first bachelorette couple, trista and ryan are here to share their stories of secrets to a happy relationship and they have some advice for nick, plus robert de niro and leslie mann, they are here live. [ cheers and applause ] are we ready? >>? >> rach versus mel b show us your fave spice girl dance move ... hah! >> one seriously spicy game.
8:36 am
>> come on, we can do the can can. next rachael! ♪ ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪ [car horns] [angry shouting] excuse me! [storm siren] when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like traffic, crime, natural hazards, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you.
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♪ all right, everybody, back with robert de niro and leslie mann. they star in the new movie "the comedian" about a comic legend trying to make a comeback. their characters striking up an unlikely friendship that changed both their lives. take a look at what happens when they meet. >> i know you write. you're jackie burke. >> i am. >> my dad used to love your tv show. we watched every episode. >> oh, always nice to meet a fan. >> yeah. well, we just had the one tv. [ applause ] >> so, first of all, welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> and this is your first time working together. so, leslie, for you how was it working with this icon? >> well, he sent me flowers every day. he talked about how he thought i
8:39 am
was a better actress than meryl streep all the time. he was -- yeah. >> he's the ultimate co-star. >> yes. no, it was amazing. i feel so lucky, you know. he's -- you know that. i tell you that. >> yeah, i know. we tell each other. >> all the time. >> but you, robert, you've worked -- you step into the the ring for "raging bull" and learned to play the saxophone for "new york new york" and tackling stand-up comedy for this movie. which one was the hardest for you? >> well, they were all hard as stand-up comedy is very, very hard. it's not -- it's just not easy. i did the best i could. and her husband is a wonderful comedian and a director and very funny guy and smart. and i saw him do it once. he was great. it's just -- he was helpful with us with the movie and giving us ideas and taylor hackford about what to do, how we could punch up the comedy and the reshoots
8:40 am
and stuff. but it's not easy. >> it's not easy but you did a great job at it. i watched it and i'm like -- you should go on the circuit. have your own comedy tour. [ applause ] and speaking of your husband judd apatow, you two have a love scene in the movie. >> uh-huh. >> how did he feel about that? i'm just curious. >> i think he was as excited as i was. just to be able to work with bob, so he's -- yeah, he doesn't seem to have a problem with that for some reason. any movie, i don't know why that is. >> maybe he's -- maybe he's a director and for him he knows it's part of the work but you're coming home to him. >> yes. >> we'll go with that. we'll go with that and, robert, it was hilarious. harvey keitel plays your father
8:41 am
doing an impression. do people on the treat in normal life come up and give you a robert de niro impression? >> rarely. i mean they'll do are you talking to me or something like that from time to time but that's it. you know, not really. >> and yeah, i'm sure walking down the street is it an easy thing. >> i don't get -- i don't get recognized a lot. i just, you know, just move through the crowd when i walk a lot. nobody bothers me. >> hat on. >> bobbing and weaving. >> yeah. >> and, leslie, you were at sundance with your husband and your 14-year-old daughter iris on her premiere of her movie "love," her show "love." how does it feel to watch your daughter follow in your footsteps. >> well, she's only in eighth grade so she's not doing anything -- she's just a kid right now so she's hopefully she's, you know, i just want her to focus on school and being a kid and then she can follow in my footsteps later. >> later on in life. >> yeah. >> robert, you've been involved with "a bronx tale" for 20 years
8:42 am
and now on broadway. that must be an incredible feeling. >> yeah. yes, i co-directed it with jerry zax and jerry did the heavy lifting but it was a lot of fun to do and i always knew it would be a wonderful musical and so luckily it's successful. >> but, well you know what, this movie should be successful because it is extremely funny. i'm glad i got a chance to see it and witness both of your magic together. all the flowers you sent, they worked. chemistry is amazing and the movie, "the comedian" hits theaters on friday. make sure you check it out. ginger, to you. >> thank you, michael. look at that cute little face to start our tuesday. we were just asking is robert de niro going to join us here? i think. it's cold. we'll get snow later this afternoon. this one heading to "hamilton." super jealous. a lot more coming up including hearing from the first
8:43 am
bachelorette couple, trista and ryan. >> ginger we have snow passing through the region right now a couple snow showers in south jersey, another batch going to the northern suburbs slow it down if you hit them. 42 degrees is the high today and later today some additional rain and snow showers are possible with a small accumulation up in the lehigh valley. ch. "gma" exclusive. with the first ever bachelorette couple, trista and ryan, abc's abbie boudreau sat down with them 14 years after that final rose ceremony to find out their secret to lasting love and some advice for the new bachelor. take a look. >> reporter: she's the first ever bachelorette. >> i love that. >> reporter: finding lasting love 14 years ago when she gave firefighter ryan sutter her final rose. >> will you marry me? >> reporter: now two adorable kids later. >> yay. >> reporter: trista and ryan are still in love.
8:44 am
and defying the odds. >> simon cowell sat on the couch with me and said i give it two weeks. oh, yeah. >> this is gorgeous. >> thank you. we love it. >> reporter: choosing to move away from the spotlight, the suters live in a small town near vail, colorado. >> it's an awesome place to raise kids. >> ryan is still a firefighter and recently started a blog. >> you're going to be turning 10? >> reporter: trista an author and a busy mom. what is the secret to a happy marriagy supply think forgiveness is a big one because no one is perfect. and neither of us are perfect. >> reporter: as for bachelor nick's dramatic season, the couple has some advice. starting with corrine. >> eventually it has to get like serious if he wants it to get serious and she's got to go. she's just a distraction. >> reporter: your take on nick? >> he was a stand-up -- a gentleman based on some of what he's done in the past maybe he's -- >> maybe not. that's true. >> working toward it. >> he's making progress. >> a gentleman in pro. >> reporter: while it's no secret most reality cups don't
8:45 am
last for long, trista still has hope. >> 100%. >> i love it. >> 13 years later. >> reporter: and ryan as romantic as ever. >> i still have that last rose. >> he does in the closet. can we see it. >> be very delicate. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, vail, colorado. >> very cute and you can see a new episode of "the bachelor" monday night 8:00, 7:00 central. coming up right here, country star lauren alaina is here live opening up. we'll talk to her coming up on "gma." ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
"gma" exclusive. so happy country star lauren alaina, the runner-up on the tenth season of idea american idol" is opening up about her secret health battle and how music is giving her courage to speak out. this beautiful woman. [ applause ]
8:48 am
>> so happy for you. >> thank you. not many people knew about bulimia and what you were going through but you decided to speak out. why? >> i don't know. i spent so long working on this album. when i had the first i was 16 on "american idol" and that's a lot of pressure and a lot of people had a lot of opinions and they're not always nice and i had an eating disorder before i got on the show and it goss worse and wrote this album as i got better and you kind of hear that journey with the music and i didn't know how to put the album out without being honest and i felt like that's what music is all about and i've gotten healthy now. i just lost 21 pounds without a single bad habit. >> without a single bad habit. >> that's so good. >> i am working with atkins and have a trainer and had really great people in my life that have taught me how to do it the right way which i did not think was possible when i was 16. so i'm so excited that -- i'm like -- >> i can see the light in your eye. >> i have absome.
8:49 am
i went from flabs to abs, guys. >> you did it the right way. and the music. this one is so uplifting and it's about self-acceptance. >> yeah, my family, my single "road less traveled," that's what i named the album after all about my eating disorder and all of the things i kind of went through over the last few years. i had a crazy couple of years. my parents went through a divorce and my dad is an alcoholic. he went through rehab and my mom asked for a divorce and october is my dad's three-year anniversary of being sober. >> you have a lot to sing about. and it's perfect what you're about to sing for us now because you are. you are doing fine? i am. i'm doing great now. >> you're doing great. >> thank you. >> go on over there. very happy for you. lauren alaina. the album is "road less traveled" and this is "doin'
8:50 am
fine." she's doing just great. ♪ ♪ ♪ daddy got sober mama got his best friend ♪ ♪ i've cut down crying to every other weekend ♪ ♪ thanks for asking how i've been i've gotten too good at hiding it within ♪ ♪ i'm okay things are great but the truth is yeah the truth is ♪ ♪ i'm doing fine enough to know that everyone's a little broken ♪ ♪ fine enough to learn that hearts are best when they're wide open ♪ ♪ i still got fear inside of me i'm not okay but i'm gonna be all right ♪
8:51 am
♪ for the first time in a long time i'm doing fine i'm doing fine ♪ ♪ daddy signed the papers the day i turned 19 ♪ ♪ mama drove north to find a new beginning ♪ ♪ i blamed god i blamed myself then i fell on my knees and prayed like hell ♪ ♪ it's funny how a touch of grace gives you healing yeah i'm healing ♪ ♪ i'm doing fine enough to know that everyone's a little broken ♪ ♪ fine enough to learn that hearts are best when they're wide open ♪ ♪ i still got fear inside of me i'm not okay but i'm gonna be all right ♪ ♪ for the first time in a long
8:52 am
time i'm doing fine i'm doing fine ♪ ♪ oh these growing pains well i wish they'd go away ♪ ♪ but i guess you can't be free without a fight ♪ ♪ i'm doing fine enough to know that everyone's a little broken ♪ ♪ fine enough to learn that hearts are best when they're wide open ♪ ♪ i still got fear inside of me i'm not okay but i'm gonna be all right ♪ ♪ for the first time in a long, long time i'm doing fine i'm doing fine ♪ ♪ i'm doing fine ♪ hey hey
8:53 am
♪ daddy got sober mama got his best friend but i'm doing fine yeah ♪ [ applause ] >> thank you. ♪ ♪
8:54 am
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more on car insurance. ♪ >> before we go we want you to watch our super bowl live stream at 3:00 p.m. eastern. the burbank animal shelter with mitt schwartz of the kansas city chiefs and his adorable pomeranian cupcake will be there as well. consider adopting, everybody. >> lauren, thank you, again. >> so good. >> the ♪ >> hello, it's 8:56 on this tuesday january 31st and i-95 generally not a good place to be around this time. karen rogers that's pretty much the case right now.
8:57 am
>> yup, it's still slow on i-95 but it is improving so that's the good news part of the story. this is i-95 at the betsy ross bridge. now a 35 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine. that disabled truck near allegheny is long gone. still rather slow as you try to make your way to center city. some people late for work. i-95 northbound we have seen some very slow speeds there as well because we had an accident near girard that's cleared but nonetheless took a little while to get those speeds down there. in olde city we still have market street blocked between third and front and the schuylkill we're looking at some slow speeds. westbound about 9 miles an hour near south street 12 miles an hour near girard. let's go over here. we had a problem with the white horse pike. it was completely shut down with a big accident. just reopened a minute ago between gibbsboro road and new freedom road but residual slowing with that accident. on the white horse pike westbound near copley avenue the missing manhole cover blocking the right lane. >> thank you, karen. persistent snow showers here. let's go to meteorologist, david murphy. >> storm tracker6 live double
8:58 am
scan shows most in vouch beginning to get off the coup north that's a different story. we still have quite a bit that of developing. we'll be in and out of snow shower activity in the far northern suburbs for most of the day. changing to rain to the south much temperatures are cold, everybody is in the 20's from about philadelphia north, low to mid 30's south and today's high is only going to be 42 degrees with those intermittent rain and snow showers through the afternoon matt. >> thank you david. several people have been forced out of their homes because of an apartment fire in olde city philadelphia. we're following the investigation into what caused the early morning blaze at second and market streets. "live with kelly" is next here on 6abc. phillips will be a companiy co-. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great tuesday. >> ♪
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, academy award-winning actress cate blanchett. and from the comedy "life in pieces," colin hanks. and we continue our "what the hack?" week with fun and easy drink hacks. plus, television actress busy philipps is kelly's cohost for the day. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and busy philipps! [cheering and applauding] ♪ >> kelly: hi!


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