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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> neki: developing right now. a teen tragedy. a gun goes off inside a miami gardens home this. time killing a 14-year-old boy and now another young teen is facing chargrg. >> todd: a baby stolen from a fort lauderdale homom found hours later. what we're learning about her disappearance. >> neki: bhuns gather to remember king carter killed by gun violence. friends a a familyhere to pay their final respects. >> todd: and a win for hillary clinton in south carolina and what lies ahead for super tuesday. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good sunday morning every iewn one ch it's february 28 blg. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: and iemed i'm todd tongen. oh god as we like to say. it's 5:00 a.m. >> neki: i know and you know
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birthday. >> jennifer: >> what. >> todd: tha you very much. >> neki: todd's birthday. >> todd: and we're feeling the 50s in more way than one.>> jennifer: it. >> neki: it was in the 60s. >> jennifer: it was in the 60 eaches with we just dropped to 59 in miami. >> todd: i'm not 59 so. >> jennifer: still 60 degrees. >>odd:ed to is more like 39, 29, exactct. >> todd: please. >> jennifer: 57 in kendall. 59 homestead. notice one thing not as cold as it was yesterday morning so we're back into that warming trend but it's still cool out jo there. we have a couple clouds draped over south florida and central florida. but other than that high pressureres still in control. shifted to the east centered over the panhandle. that is keeping our winds early this morning out of the north northeast. eventually we'll stla east wind returning. we could still drop a few degrees in the next hour or so
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nf sf in the upper 50s and then we'll be getting milder later on this afternoon and even warmer this upcoming week. i'll have all those details with the seven day forecast in a few minutes. >> >> neki: thank you jennifer. developing this morning a teen tragedy in miami gardens allegedly shows another teen a gun and now 14-year-old is dead. >> todd: we areerng theh teen whiernlg reportedly had that gun will now be facing criminal charges. >> neki: local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic is joining us this one live for us. she joins us from miami garden ch good morning sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki andodd. another teen due this week from senseless violence. the teen who broughtht gun to a home is now behind bars. let's get to video of the scene from yesterday. the shooting at at 4:00 p.m. at a home on northwest 172 ter aps.
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victim had been stage at the home owned by a family friend. another 14-year-old showed up to the house armed way gun showing it to two teenagers that were inside that house. somehow t gun went off strike a teenager who was a guest at the me. that boy airlifted to ryder trauma center where he died from his i iured. back out live now. we're told the teenager, we're told by police. is being charged with manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a minor. >> this is a developing story. as with we learn any new d@ tai, we'll bring it to you throughout this newscast. for now reporting livive in miami gardens. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: it wa the final goodbye@ tie 6-year-old boy who was shot and killed outside his home in northwest miami-dade last weekend. yesterday king carter was laid to rest. hundreds gathered at his funeral to pay their respects to king and to show the family is support.
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yet celebrating their son's life. friend of the first grader were showing their respects. >> king was a good boy. he didn't bring harm to nobody. >> he was my best friend. >> todd: meanwhile police have been on the hunt for the shooters since king was killed last weekend and as of now three teens have been arrested in connection to his death. police say they are still looking for a 4-78g suspect and a black 1999 lexus gs300 with tinted windows. >> neki: now to vote 2016, hillary clinton with a landslide victory in south carolina. the staimg for her to sweep the south copping on super tuesday and she won 74 percent of t vote while bernie sanders pulled in 26%. >> todd: next up of course is super tuesday and clinton's decisive win wa especially great
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90% of that vote. and clip clip of obama's vote in that state eight years ago. >> neki: and now glenna milberg has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton's win was a south carolina sweet. about seven #%. ronger than any expect ood and head to super poll on super tuesday. >> we're not take anything and not taking any one for granted. >> reporter: bernie sander got the news on a plane from his big rallies in texas to this one in minnesota and focused on the dell great counts in more favorable northern and western states this week icon great late secretary clinton on her strong victory tuesday. over 800 delegates are at steak and we intend to win many, many
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>> reporter: sanders 2 million in ads, 200 workers and celebrity endorsement closed a poll again but in the end could not move the rave can american voters solidly for hillary clinton. >> way back i knoww her. >> i just want someone to win. >> reporter: and clinton is looking towards november expectin donald trump to be the gop opponent. >> we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped beinggreat. but we do need to make america whole again. tomorrow this campaign goes national. >> todd: that was glenna milberg reportingng on the republicanide donald trump has received another endorsement. jan brier announced her support for trump. and she is known for her tough stance on illegal immigration. a key issue for trump.
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christie endorsed trump. and as for trum. he spent the day reaching out to southern voters. he with was joined by chris tee in tennesseend the two in arkansas earlier in the day. >> they hope for adell indicates and caucuses next week. meanwhile marco rubio made a stop in ga gasm the event in ten nassau was so big they had to move it from the high school gym to a football field.on saturday he released parts of his tax return but only show w p lines of the for. the campaign stheaz rubio earned just under 2.3 million since 2010 and paid a half a million in tax ouchh senator cruz has leigh released more taxax ch he has rest leesd nine years of reports. he was in arkansasnd nevada and showing in hi home staiflt texas ch the campaign has h h
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placing him head of the cel gairt count. meanwhile john kasich held a town hall in nashville before movington a rally in knox vivment kasich says if he doesn't win his homom state of ohio, he is done. the major break comes after he faces increased pressure to drop out of raise. voters in ohio head to the raisinarch 15th. and. >> neki: and florida's python hunt is coming to a close. it brought out more than 1000 hunters from across the country. inin total 106 captured and largest over 25 feet and the goal is to reduce the ber meez python in the everglades where they are an invasive species. >> todd: three middle school students are facing charges ever poisoning after they put red pepper flake in the teacher's soda. one girl upset about being disciplined.
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another grabbed the soda and a third dumped it ncht the teacher beganhoke and exexperienced shortness of of breafnlgt the girl were arrested and taken to a juvuvile detection center. >> neki: and a baby girl found safe after being taken from the home. >> todd: and who police believe is responsible for the kidnapping. >> neki: and a clue clawsm clang rally turning violent. up next we'll show you some of this video. >> jennifer: and good morning scht happy sunday. temperatures are a little milder this morning. a cool start. eventually we'll be hitting highs in the l l 70s. a bigger warm up is on the way. i'llll have all the detail with the seven day forecast. >> you're waving local 10 news with todd tongen and neki mohan. >> and monday morning at 6:00,. >> it was a scam trying exploit small bris necessary owners.
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>> is it a a enforcement or extore tion. >> spirit of the law is toet the the compliance, not to get
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>> christina shows you how >> we came here for a peaceful protest white life matter and we get jumped. >> i think you had to expect something. >> neki: three people stabbed and 13 others arrested when a k rally in anaheim california erupted in violence. the small group of clan members were staging an antiimmigrant rally when police say 30 counter protesters showed up. the brawl started after one clab man was stabbed with a flagpole. >> todd: and shootings in call ma z z michigan last week. former uber driver shot and killed six people at ran dop. he opene fire. one man said he found out about
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>> my wife wa supposed to comehome friday night or saturday night and before she left kalamazoo she was supposed to call which is sop for us. so i started trying to call her and trying and trying a a trying. >> todd: two other people were hurt in@ those shooting. dalton has been charged with six counts of murder. >> neki: a south florida business owner claiming rampant prostitution and other illegal activivies forced him to move out of a hialeah office guild building. >> todd: helso claim the landlord and police did nothing about it. >> and a hidden camera expose whad going on o behind d drs in several hialeah business that advertise as spaw spa and. >> neki: and this morning shocking allegations from one of those building. here's jeff weinsier's follow up investigation.
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302 and knew exactly what it was. >> his engineering firm down at 307. eddie said the illegal activity we showed you made working in this building unsafe and unsanitary. he says his female employees with were approached by men seek sex men who went into the wrong office. >> they would open the door will at the time is this the place to get the massage. >> based on a tip last month, we went undercover inside 1140 west 50th street and right into suite 30267 the sign on the door said p and l hialeah. inside a revolving doofer of men coming in and out. with we were greeted by a woman in full lun lingerieeo who said for 260 bucks we could do whrafer we wanted to her. good debag.
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in the bath room and they would be bathing themself in a place that doesn't have shower facilities. and he did an on line google search forest courts in hialeah. my office address popped up. when i clickedton it gave the suite nur number 30 250. he sent the landlord many letters alerting them of the problem. and he said he called sonya who was the building manager. >> he said it was my duty to in formt police and get them out of there. so we did. girl in my office called hialeah pd on numerous occasions. >> did you ever see police there? >> no, never. >> we called sonya as well and each time she hung up. >> why do you keep hanging up on me iewvment already come us to. you can talk to me. why r- won't you answer questions. you know about the prostitution. remember when mr. martinez called you. no, no.
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everything about it. >> state records show 1140 towers invest meant holding owns the building and ra miewn do gonzales is the general manager he too hung up when we we called his cell. >> so what do police and high lee's a elected mayor have to say. after all set second perp who notified police about the activity and nothing was done. in an e-mail to local 10 news police say quote, with we are currently conducting our own investigation and will not comefnt the mayor's office said the same thing. chief, can we talk to you? >> and when we confronted the police chief a month ago for our first story he said this. >> we'll be more thanham happy to e exam what efsz you have. a detective's card is staip taped to the door and that sign
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>> in hialeah jeff weinsier. lol 10 news. >> neki: local 10 news has already learned that hialeah police are randomly checking massage parlors to see if they are licensed but not say fg t ey are going undercover to catch prostitutes. >> todd: 5:18 and time to check in with jennifer abobo the weather forecast and it's absolutely beau bought yesterday. >> neki: beautiful day. made an excuse to be outside. >> todo: the slow clap. jennifer: thank you. all right. all right. thank you though. but i'll give you another beautiful forecast today. however tempeture will be milder. is that clapping right there. >> did you hear that? >> neki: yes. >> jennifer: i god a stadium a could plawz. thank you. if you were out yesterday high in miami 71 de. well below the a average high.
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this morning a tad cooler but wear the sweaters if you're stepping out this morning.. 57 degrees in kendall and that's the cool spot on thiss map. elsewhere 60 degrees from pembroke pine up into miami and northward in fort lauderdale. both at 59 degrees and keys winds out of the north breezy wipped speeds 14 miles per hour in mara thofnl 12 in key west. no rain on the radar. but we include the satellite right there. you can see a couple clouds draping along the southeast coast of the sunshine state. even over parts of tampa in west central florida. but southeast looking great and even the south as high pressure continue to dominate. a huge section of the u.s. as you see right there. but it has shifted more towards the east located right now over the panhandle. so this is going to help turn those winds out of the east by later today and stay now to the east tomorrow. that is going to bring us warmups and then even warmer as
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part of the week out head of a cold front. but thing are starting to change now that we're heading closer to spring time where cold fronts will struggle to pass through. so yes, maybe this weekend will be the last weekend where he weather we could find the boost. maybe one re cold front. but i think this was the weekend where it was the coldest. the last coldest weekend with we've h. if you head taught beach today it will be beautiful. slight rip current risk and also boaters no advisories, the seas two to 3 feet. the bays way moderate chop and mperatures today i mention a little warmer. yesterday's high was 71. today's high forecast to be at 74. mostly sunny skies with an east breeze. ten to 15 miles per hour. and as we continue on into the new week we're expecting temperatures to continue to warm up eventually hitting 80 degrees by tuesday. still 20% chance for showers. however becoming cloudier tuesday.
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scattered showers. then and then on thursday looks like even wetter chance. so wednesday, thursday, even friday could see some of those florida. temperature continue to heat up. and then drop back down to normal at 79 degrees for friday >> >> neki: thank jennifer. >> todd: well, do you have fli plans on this beautiful sunday? if you don't we imowt covered. >> neki:s that's right all something going on. we'll tell but fun ents happening around town today. >> todd: and who says you can't teeleeach a dog, an old dog new tricks. coming up how pups are become a useful asset in brazil. >> neki: but first a look at the winning lottery numbers. good luck. all watching. all track. meteorologist jennifer correa
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>> neki: what are you going to do today? what are youoing to do with those kids? got to figure it out swrevment events to check out today. re a list. take them to the orange blossom fes tall evaluate parade at davie town hall. >> todd: yeeha. >> neki: music and crassments get out early it ends at 5:00. it's free. >> and the las olas sundaymarket in fort lauderdale. you know the kids lot of the swat truck. the crime labs and police k9's and so much morph the event from 9:00 in the morning 'til 3:00 in the afternoonnd free as well. look for something to do after all that with with your friends or maybe your significant other. drink house fire and ice in miami beach is hosting an afternoon of chocolate and cocktail. from 2:00 'til 5:00 in the afternoon.
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turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. >> todd: that's good to know. >> neki: that's good to know. >> todd: yes it is. >> >> neki: and 34 dogs were traipped as brazil dosmg they job to retrieve the balls that went out of bounds and give them back to the players. they didn't like giving back as much a they likeded getting the ball. half of it is done. the local shelter hopes to raise wearness with dog initiative. and they hope to win awards ceremony. >> todd: my dog would be great at. that we go get the ball and never come up toou. he would come up a little shy of you and runs way. >> neki: they say it's not about the dog. it's the owner. >> todd: well. >> n ni: disobedient owner and disobedient dog. >> todd: and now to other stories a 14-year-old shot and killed. >> neki: and another teen
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ahead at 5:30, we'll have a live report. >> todd: and a 2-month-old girl is found safe hundreds of miles way from her hope. what we're learning now about that investigation. >> take local 10 open lane with you wherever you're head. ke us on faceboo less isn't more. less is dull. but more... find fantasy shows. more is amazing.
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>> local 10 news starts right now. >> todd: 5:30, dark and early and a peek out the window from-our mie tower cam. it says good morning on the side of that build jieg we need to get it to say happy birthday todd. >> todd: or maybeood morning todd and neki joo chamber of commerce. get on. that no one else is on the air this morning. >> and it's pink day. jennifer is looking in myloset again. >> todd: that's true. we are all wearing pink. >> jennifer: i know and we didn't plan it. >> neki: it will be a nice day. nice color for spring. it feels like spring.


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