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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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last night overnight that bruceed damage and rain in the area. on the radar, ohio is still rain-free. starting to see light returns here in indiana. i think this will continue to develop as the night wears on and moisture coming from the south. if you are headed out the door in the next few hours cloudy sky 57. 57:00. and 9:56 degrees. we have one me tomorrow and changes the second half of the week forecast details later in the half hour. mark and romona, over to you. >> students return to class at ohio state. for some, there's a sense of normalcy. others are haunted by what happened. >> i didn't feel safe sitting at the top of the third floor of watts hall. >> romona: today we are getting answers about the victim
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osu. >> >> mark: with that in mind the latest on the suspect of the case. investigators are looking into whether this was an act of terrorism. we have shown you photos of artan. if you want us muslims to stop carrying out terrorist attacks, make peace. they say the attacker was inspired by isis. police are inspecting his computer, and cell phone and talking with others. >> romona: the violent incident wasn't just scary for ohio students and staff, lacy crisp talked to others who picked that day to visit the campus. >> a northeast ohio family was on a college visit and across the street from watts hall an hour before the attack. they are thankful for their training and osu officer who took down the suspect. >> it is surreal. >> understandably shaken heather and rob were just blocks away when the attack happened.
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school. >> their daughter is a junior and scheduled a campus tour. they just walked into a building and the tour guy told them there was an active shooter on campus. >> you hear that and you're like wow, what's going on. >> heather is a teacher at a high school and rob is the athletic director and trained on active shooter situations. >> i give heather credit. >> i directed some of the guys to barricade desks. we stacked desks up and pulled the blinds and shut off the lights. >> they texted family and friends to they will them they were okay and told to keep calm. >> at one point we heard screams outside and i got more scared just because my daughter was there. >> they waited in the classroom an hour and a half until the all-clear was given. >> it was an eerie feeling. we came out of the building and
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campus and everybody was, you know in a days a little bit. >> her daughter was leaning towards a smaller school and says the attack will probably play a role in her decision. rob commends osu officers for helping to save the lives and how they handled the situation. >> romona: thank you, lacy. people at osu continues to heal after what happened t we take you live as a vigil is planned tonight. >> mark: breaking news out of tennessee. three people died in wildfires from destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses near the great smoky mountains. crews going door-to-door to check on people. about a dozen people injured. >> romona: a 20-year-old man got life in prison for a terrible crime. demarcus jones lived in this barberton home.
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sister. she died at the hospital. he received a blended juvenile-adult sentence and he did not successfully complete a sex offenders program as part of the juvenile sentence and the court imposed the adult punishment. also marshalls arrested an assault suspect in broadview heights. they say anthony johnson attacked an indians fan after game 6 of the world series. a second suspect has not been identified. the victim was walking back to his downtown h assaulted and robbed. >> mark: after nearly a month a lewisville teachers union voted to end the strike. it does not have a tentative agreement with the school board. teachers have been working without a contract since the end of june. classes were canceled at the end of the day. teachers can get classrooms ready and students return home. the union expected to vote on a state fact finder's report it rejected twice before.
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that may prevent the number of drunk driving deaths. it takes the wheel out of the hands of serious offenders. paul orlousky played a big law in passing the bill. >> i had my license since i served the time in 1984. >> it began when jerry got an impaired driving ticket in 2015. he was convicted in 1984 of killing three people driving drun b he got out of jail and got a new license and since then got nine more oui's. the successness suspension begins at the time of sentencing. dozens were in jail cells and worked off suspensions and got out and got the new license. nathan manning and baker were surprised. >> through some of the work you did that we realized people were able to get their license back
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prison after a secular offense. >> baker and manning campaigned for a change in the law and began talking to judges. >> we looked into it. sure enough, the suspension is concurrent with other terms and most people didn't realize that and wouldn't support that. >> next they went to legislators, many of whom were unaware and volted for house bill 300. change in the law. >> it says simply the suspension will begin at the day you are released from prison. >> you are not working off your suspension while locked up. >> that's right. >> reporter: the governor signed the bill and speaker of house put his signature on it. drunk drivers need to serve their full sentence and suspensions. paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> mark: the bill is signed and won't take effect for 30
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the attack at osu. 1 hurt getting hit by the car or stabbed jen picciano was in columbus as doctors released one of the 11 victims. >> reporter: all of the victims of yesterday's attack on ohio state university campus are expected to make a full recovery including the first victim to speak at wexner medical center. the injuring professor spoke about his experience. osu attack victim william clark is relieved and ready to go home. returning to watts hall and herald the suspect's car ram into a planter and struck him sending him flying and suffered bad bruises on his legs and ankles. when he heard students screaming he knew it was more than an accident. >> people were screaming and shouting and i couldn't hear what they said but it was panic shouting. >> reporter: before he could make it to safety clark heard gunshots coming from the officer horujko.
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arm around him and tell him he has a lot to cope with in the days to come and he has to live with this the rest of his life. >> clark will reserve judgment for the suspect until after the investigation is complete and circumstances that led to the attack is known and concentrating on students who witnessed him being hurt. >> i saw many of them extremely distraught. i think we may talk about it on friday. >> another victim student katie schultz provided a statement saying right i on my recovery. my family is providing me with the support and love i need and thankful i was not seriously injured and thank emergency responders for ending the situation as quickly as possible. now the ohio state university attempts to move on. >> reporter: a rally was scheduled at 7:00 at st. john arena where the ohio state community will show them why they means any harm are buckeye strong. >> reporter: jen picciano,
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jen. >> mark: also what's going on here today. we are welcoming one of our newest members of the cleveland 19 news team. jeff tanchak is in the weather center with meteorologist jason nicholas. jason nicholas. yeah. >> jeff: here he is. >> jason: it is great to be here. it is nice and cozy. >> jeff: you know, we kinda cleaned up the place. it is funny. jason brought in one of those college refrigerators. it is located behind the weather wall. a secret there. we have >> jason: when we are at the wall behind us, it is actually my college fridge. i haven't told you that. if that fridge could talk. my days at ohio university. this is a new era not only on television. our first alert mobile if you don't have that yet, get it for people to give you the most detailed information where you live. later we will do facebook live on your facebook page. >> jeff: facebook live at 8:00 you can ask us questions,
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ask us about the weather. >> jason: you are sticking around. working together. >> jeff: yes. i will come back with the forecast details in a bit. guys? >> mark: that's a lot of weather going on. >> romona: don't you feel you already know jason. he has been here six months. >> mark: in town over a decade. >> romona: yes. he has been hiding over there. welcome, jason. >> mark: still to come here, more on the attack at osu. we will take you live to where another vigil wieg and a muslim student explains how this affects her and others in her community. >> romona: a consumer alert. cyber monday may be over. it doesn't mean the deals are gone. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers floor show. it is time to fall
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: welcome. cleveland 19 has been getting answers in columbus since the
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student who crashed into and stabbed people on campus. >> romona: our morning team continued coverage on the story. sia nyorkor spoke with a muslim student to get her feelings on the osu attack. >> they feel the only way to deal with these issues is condemn them before they are asked to condemn. what it does, it forces the rest of the muslims to walk around feeling pain and feeling sorry. >> romona: we want to send it live >> she joins us where a vigil will be held starting tonight. shelby? >> reporter: mark, romona, 7:00 it is wrapping up behind us. this is an event that's buckeye strong and they want the community on camp us to come together after yesterday's attack. joining me i want to talk to david isaacs. he had a big hand putting this together. why is it important? >> we wanted a chance for the community to come together.
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we want the community to come together to show our strength to be a part of this as one. >> you said that the idea for this started going through your mind when you got news of what was going on campus. >> in student life we support on students and student success and public safety was taking care of that end of it all, we were looking for ways to support students. we knew this would be a traumatic time. >> reporter: exactly. i 7:00 tonight. a long list of a president here. they will stream this live on our web site. tune in on that as well. reporting live shelby miller cleveland 19 news. >> all right. look for continuing coverage on air and through our app and social media. we have interviews, details on the suspect and reaction. cleveland announced the gun buyback will be sunday from noon
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for $100 gift card and $00 for semi-automatic weapon and guns should be unloaded in a clear plastic bag, gym bag or backpack. >> romona: cyber monday may be in the books. you can catch deals the whole week long. dan deroos is in the answer center to show us. >> dan: not just the fact deals will continue all week. we want to compare the numbers. we have a in sales numbers for black friday including thursday, thanksgiving shopping and cyber monday which sold manufacture? black friday or cyber monday. >> cyber monday. >> i think cyber monday. >> it was as close as it's ever been. for the first time cyber monday has overtaken black friday in sales. cyber monday sales up 12% this year. that's a massive increase.
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we are seeing that people are not going to the stores and finding shopping on their phones and tablets easier and the deals are better. that's why cyber week has now expanded. it is not just cyber monday. you get on major retail, wal-mart, target, amazon, will you see a bunch of deals stringing out the rest of the week on the tv, tablets and scooters and everything you want for christmas. interesting i have followed black friday quite awhile at the big board and see the major shift people are getting away from the brick and mortar stores and it is interesting. getting answers in the answer center, back to you. >> romona: i still like getting out being with the people. >> mark: yeah, you do. hang out and just talk. >> romona: yes. it is fun. >> mark: jeff likes that. he likes to talk weather. >> jeff: what mall will you be at this weekend. >> beachwood place.
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i want to talk to romona every once in a while, you know? we have moisture and warm and this is the boundary. the front that will find its way here later tomorrow afternoon let's say and that's when the temperatures will start to go down. we will be very warm until that happens. no rain in our immediate area starting to get radar returns to the west. what will happen throughout the night, this will actually develop very close to 8:00 tonight still dry. during the evening you are good. if you have stuff to do, some holiday shopping and going to the grocery store you are good to go tonight. it is after 1:00 in the morning and you see the first wave of rain that comes from the south. 7:00 in the morning, boom, there you go. wet roads. 53 in cleveland and the bulk of the rain here tomorrow morning and showers more scattered
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the afternoon. we have to keep the risk of rain in there through most of the day tomorrow. as far as what we are expecting, rainfall totals, .1 to .2 of rain. that's not a ton. but it will be enough to give you wet travel. overnight rain develops. 53 the low. that's the low. very warm this time of year. akron-canton overnight rain and 49 one more warm day. showers in the area. 7:00 a.m., 53. 56 at noon with showers around. 5:00 a little cooler at 54. a noticeable change by thursday. even a little lake-effect rain that develops along the lakeshore and east of cleveland. friday it gets cold enough so it will mix in sleet and wet snowflakes and 41.
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out of this stretch. i have us at 36 and light lake-effect. 29 saturday night. sunday 40 and mixed sky. should be dry. mark? >> mark: straight ahead in sports cavaliers will face a teammate. lebron talks about seeing delly again. rg iii seems to be back. but is he? all the way back?
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: well, the browns held their final practice before shutting it down before the bye week. rg iii is back and cleared for contact. that was the last hurdle between him and playing. now the question is should he
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cincinnati. hue jackson can pick between two guys. cody kessler cleared from concussion protocol and josh mccown can play. i'm not sure if he knows who could get the nod. griffin could be rusty. he will practice monday. sometime next week jackson has to pick a starter. >> if robert is cleared he can go. i will make a decision through the week. it doesn't mean they can walk out there and play. to see. we are evaluating our team as we go through it. at this point where we are. we are looking. if he plays quarterback we are evaluating him. >> mark: cavaliers are back to basketball on the road in the land of beer and cheese, wisconsin playing milwaukee at 8:00 the greek freak -- cleveland 19 news. >> is that it, nicholas? >> that is?
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greek freak. he should get the talk and is really good. delly. matthew dellavedova signed with them. nice addition for the bucks and over 6 in the category. greek freak leading in scoring and rebounding and second to delly in assists. lebron on his former teammate. >> he plays as hard as he can. you know. >> when you do that at this level you will give yourself an opportunity to it is great to be a teammate. obviously he isn't given anything and out of st. mary's and working his tail off every day to become a real respected basketball player on a championship-level team and that's why he is in a position now rewarded a great contract and he has a big role in the milwaukee bucks franchise. doesn't lebron look like he is in the warm up for a
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>> jeff: 60s tomorrow and showers around and then gets cooler. >> winter mix friday.
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cbs evening news is next.
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>> o'donnell: a race against the flames. >> go, go, go, go! >> o'donnell: wildfires turn deadly in the great smoky mointins. thousands run, hotel hotels ands burn. >> this is a fire for the history books. >> o'donnell: also tonight-- a soccer team's cinderella story ends in tragedy. dozens were killed when thijet went down, but there were survivors. donald trump makes more cabinet picks, including the man who intends to blow up obamacare. and why would they put a mop bucket in a museum? >> the proverbial drop in the bucket to do it once, but when you do it 17 million times, it


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