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tv   Cleveland 19 News Sunday Morning  CBS  November 27, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EST

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>> anchor: that's local musician erica dawn bringing sunshine to your sunday morning. sun about rising. getting bright out there today. good morning. this weekend is the first of the holiday shopping season. but you don't have to spe fighting crowded stores at the mall. there is more relaxed shopping atmosphere as an alternative. bill safos is live in larchmere district. good morning bill. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday was small business saturday and coincides with holiday stroll here in larchmere district. this is a place where there are 40 shops and restaurants. all full of unique gifts like these dishes. all kinds of table wear for that
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and all sorts of things for people to look at. and window shop down here. last year there was quite a crowd. the weather was nicer. this year they did pretty well as too. but you can keep larchmere in mind of course but there are other districts like this. supporting small businesses, shoppers say it is very important. and it is satisfying to them too. >> we are from charlotte north souvenir shopping. you really get to know some of the owners for small businesses which i love. because you get more of a feel for the town itself. sos the my favorite thing when i come to visit. >> reporter: like we say unique gift ideas. sara, good news here, your husband called and said you could buy anything you want if you come to the larchmere district and spend your holiday cash. all sorts of unique gift ideas.
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and they are open, of course, all season long. welcoming shoppers who don't want to push their way through the malls. reporting live from larchmere, bill safos, cleveland 19. >> anchor: thanks, bill. looks like great options out there for gift giving. it is starting to look beautiful out there today. as sun rises, not sunny yet. >> weather: not yet. but we will see some today. i promise. yesterday we saw it on the west. here and there. >> anchor: i was so excited. sun is back. >> weather: we had not seen it in a couple of days. this week is a lot of cloud cover. so try to get your vitamin d today. >> anchor: true. >> weather: at least this afternoon. heading out to do tailgating. well, it is cloudy. but at least we will not see rain. it is not very pleasant yet. we are 39 degrees downtown area. and your feels like temperature, you know i have to show it. when it feels colder. looking at mansfield.
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temperatures in the low 30s and yet it feels like 23. but you are seeing the sunshine. no insulation. norwalk, sandusky seeing more sunshine than everything else. and that clearness gives you a cooler start to your day. elyria twisting these are feels-like temperatures. so windchill figureed in with temperature and how it feels on the skin, it feels above freezing in cleveland. and there is a bilge warm up later this week. but you are not really going to feel that today. towe 40s, i am going with. not quite 50 today. heading out to tailgate. need sunglasses. but bundle up. think of it as perfect late fall day. sunshine, crisp, brisk. winds out of the south today. so it won't -- they will not be out of the north. so there is the line of cloud cover at this point. this is why some of you are waking up to a little sunshine and others full on clouds.
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not lasting. so you know, we definitely are winning in the weather department. especially this afternoon. coming up. sarah, we are flirting with mid 60s. low to mid 60s. and unfortunately that will come with rain and ultimately snow. i will let you know who gets what. >> anchor: download the first alert weather app and stay ahead of the storms in northeast ohio and anywhere in the country. checkad forecasts. customized for your neighborhood. the naming rights for the pro football hall of fame village development project have been sold. and milwaukee based technology company johnson controls, has obtained the rights. they plan to call it the johnson controls hall of fame village. plans also called for a $120 million virtual reality attraction. to open up in 2019.
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hall of fame. the value of the deal with johnson controls was not released. the familiar sound of ringing bells can be heard all over. salvation army officially kicked off the red kettle campaign yesterday. and kettle program is salvation army's biggest fund raiser of the year. they hope to raise $722,000 during the holidays. to fund programs throughout the and one winning ticket was sold in last night's mega powerball drawing. bad news, it was not here in ohio. one ticket sold in tennessee had winning numbers for $421 million jackpot. no one has stepped forward to claim the prize. but that will likely change within the next 24 hours. this is the first jackpot winner since september 17. >> and winner fest 2016 took over public square last night.
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winterfest took place last year at the square. and people love public square. >> all about location and this year winterfest happening in new public square made the difference. people i spoke with said layout gave another feel to a event they look forward to every year. for many the holidays are a time for making memories. >> it is a tradition every year. >> opportunity for hundreds that came to the event. >> this is something we have done for the last couple of years. celebrating. getting in the christmas spirit. >> three, two, one. >> the christmas tree is always a crowd favorite. but what many waved about this year is public square. and how the new layout added to the evening of excitement. >> play off square thing okay but this is way better. >> we love it down here. >> what is not to love about free ice-skating.
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rink. there was fun for all ages. and more memories made for years to come. >> we pray for peaceful and upcoming new year. >> downtown cleveland alliance tweeted out 300,000 lights up and around public square in time for the holiday season. reporting in downtown cleveland. shanice dunning cleveland 19. >> anchor: small business on the ropes after a bad deal with nasa. and also leaving taxpayers
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>> anchor: some soothing music this sunday morning.
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check her out live at the main street saloon in akron on december 17. well, it is starting to look brighter out there. we are hoping to see our first peaks of sunshine. we will see that, right beth? >> anchor: we are desperate. today, actually, a beautiful day. but only some of you will see sunshine. now ultimately by the afternoon we will all see it thankfully. so look. the cloud cover a little on the thick side. part of the problem. of moving these clouds out of take weather one. look for yourself. really. there you go. it is on the thick side. temperatures this morning, vary from low 30s, to about 39 degrees. warmest spot is downtown. and we are going to stay on the chilly side this model rendition, said sunshine by 8 8:00. i don't think that is happening that quickly. we will see it downtown, i would say 9:30, 10:00ish. but that's okay. still cold.
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bundle up. head down for tailgating and browns game. do not smirk, i now want to come down here. tickets are great. come on. perfect weather for it. nothing wrong with a little bit of fun in the sunshine this afternoon. bundle up. use your sunglasses. next weather event is monday night. rain and winds. northeast ohio 5:00. and warm. and do not have to worry about snow. cloud cover on radar. you see it has to go, i don't know, for the minute drive. if you drive slow, i suppose. but you can see cloud cover slowly peeling away. and ultimately even the east side in mener and ashtabula, everyone cease sunshine today. good for the soul. no rain and no snow. at least today. we are g where you can see that great divide. right? columbus seeing sunshine. we are not. if you are heading east you will bump into snow near buffalo.
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big system. right now it is giving a lot of snow in denver. and ultimately when the system pushes our way. it will pull the warm air up from the south. so we will warm more on monday. and we will warm more on tuesday. and firmly in place. as warm air comes in. moist. brings back humidity. but we get in a fairly nice monday. now, today is a big travel day so i thought i would give a look over all of what is happening. heading td you will bump into rain this afternoon and this morning. mid section you may see slow downs in denver. windy in dallas today. so flights might be delayed. where delays will really happen. are along the california coastline. they are not used to rain and they are getting plenty of it today. so today if you are heading south toward charlotte and atlanta. you do not bump into any rain until you get to miami.
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ohio. rain scoots out by game time. sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. heating up to 50. monday clouds are back in to play. we do not see rain popping in the area until 5 5:00 for sasdus key. greater cleveland monday night. not bad. today is coolest of the next couple of days. high temperature of 49 degrees. i know. 53 tomorrow. and 62 on tuesday. but tuesday is tricky. so we get rain rain tuesday morning. a dry patch. and monday afternoon, that might be when sara calls in and said i can only do half a day because tuesday afternoon is not going to be bad. but then a chance of rain. wednesday. chance of rain and snow mix thursday, friday. dry back out next weekend. >> anchor: thank you beth. carl monday investigation into the questionable spending of your tax dollars. millions spent by nas and a taste ohio was supposed to jump start a local business, create
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and instead the deal has put a company on the edge. and left you the taxpayer, holding the bag. carl monday is getting answers. >> reporter: pressure sensors play a big part in our every day lives. from launching space flights. to making the vehicles we drive. and the food we eat. >> $20 billion street. everything you see, every as measures and controls pressure in manufacturing process. and we had an opportunity to have the best technology in the world. >> reporter: jackaler so confident in the future of the space age sensors he moved his family business, spectre corporation from buffalo to northeast ohio where he partnered with nasa, lorain county community college and taste ohio. to produce and market what he said was a break-thru product. >> people are desperate to find a technology like this.
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flat screen tvs in the 50. nobody has anything like that. >> reporter: for most of us when we hear the word pressure sensor this is what we think of. standard pressure gauge commonly used to check the tire pressure on your car. industrial pressure sensors are more sophisticated sending out an electrical [but even they are subject to failure at high temperatures. using $1 million business development grant state of ohio and $2 million investment from spectre nasa agreed to provide spectre with sensors that would hold up to extreme temperatures. >> provide 36 to 60 sensors and all the pressure sensor dies, for us to make hundreds of more sensors and be able to duplicate the process of manufacturing sensors. so enormously excited and enthused and presented that information to all the reps and distributors throughout the world. >> keller built a new production
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come through with carbide sensors. >> we do not get one that worked. half the distributors that were selling our products all over, canceled our relationship with them. our damage, loss and reputation are staggering. >> technology developed by dr. akogy. scientist with dozens of patents to his credit. in a breach of contract lawsuit against nasa spectre said it was akogy that said they should go into business together and he was responsible for manufacturing the sensor to performance specifications. >> do you think think you were sold a bill of goods. >> 100 percent. when you look at what was promised versus what was delivered. how can you explain getting zorn that is fail and ambient temperature. nothing you can send to customers. >> reporter: nasa glen agreed to let us interview the doctor but day before the interview nasa called and canceled.
7:50 am
company on the verge of failure because of all the investment it made in this project. >> reporter: attorneys wiggin represents spectre in the lawsuit. and instead of creating business, wiggins said spectre was squeezed by nasa and taste ohio. >> they were like a piece of toy furniture in between a couple of big refrigerators on display floor. inflexible bureaucracies that were not -- both of which were unwilling to work with spectre to try >> reporter: in this letter to spectre nasa blamed spectre to not come up with more funding t stopped paying nasa because it failed to deliver working sensors. >> most egregious case of misrepresenting what you will do and not stand behind your words and contract that i have heard of. >> reporter: in spectre's lawsuit keller claims failure to deliver cost the company $45 billion in future business.
7:51 am
beating. according to lawsuit nasa and taxpayers stood to earn millions of dollars in royalties from the deal. >> stating $15 million. >> it ever come close to that. >> it was zero. >> reporter: instead of expanding and creating more jobs, spectre has been fighting to survive. and keep the business afloat. >> state of ohio invested money for nothing. we invested everything and committed for nothing. >> in the end programs designed to create jobs may have put jobs in jeopardy. >> to kee and keep people employed. more painful than i can tell you. >> once programming program with nasa that never quite took off. >> would i work with them again you could not pay me enough money. >> getting answers, carl monday, cleveland 19. >> anchor: nasa is now demanding spectre repay more than $400,000 it said it is owed by spectre. and state attorney general said that spectre left ohio taxpayers
7:52 am
spectre disputes both claims. now up to the courts to decide who is right. and we are looking back on a year of kids making a positive impact on our community. and a special best ever edition of ramona's kids, after the
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connecting with my friends. love it. connecting with some sketchy guy from a blocked number who just called saying he's with a tech company that needs remote access to my computer to block a virus he detected?! really? hey we hear you. that's why aarp created the fraud watch network. to help you protect your family with information on the latest scams, so you can spot fraud from a mile away. if you don't think "this is right for me" then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at >> anchor: good sunday morning to you. this is music courtesy of the echo cannon players.
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is on guitar. and vocals. sounds great. beautiful morning. every week ramona brings us stories of children making a positive contribution in schools and communities. this morning we are looking back at some of the ramona kids that made such an impression on you. >> lauren deluca wheelchair fencer competed in september at the paralympics in rio, she did not medal but she did get one victory for team usa paralympics. lauren taught me a few fencing moves. she has a mild form of cerebral palsy and started as abled body fencer and recruited by usa fencing for wheelchair team. last month, she got together with a team in washington, d.c. and even met president obama. students from high schools in 10 westside suburbs are fight uh-huher one bowl at a time.
7:57 am
ceramic bowls as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the world. for a $20 donation guests at a special lunch got soup, bread and one of the bowls. proceeds benefit local food pantries. >> it is cool to come here and see the people that come to support the people that are hungry. >> some kids and teenagers are getting ready to take part in a holiday tradition. ballet theater of ohio will be presenting the the 24th year. the troupe is made up of kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. these dancers from the christine jones manear school of dance in monroe falls paid me a visit in the studio. >> what is the one or two things that you just absolutely love about being a part of the nutcracker. >> all the friendship and meeting new people. seeing little kids come up and saying hi. and just performing. on the stage.
7:58 am
of -- involves a lot of teamwork. cooperating together. and definitely using your head. and thinking. focus on what comes next. >> this year's show is november 26. through december 4th at the akron civic theater. ramona robinson, cleveland 19. >> anchor: we are always trying to find forever homes for pets on sunday morning. look at these guys. so adorable. as you can see we have some in this morning we have friends from friendship apl in elyria. greg thank you for joining us. who is this? >> we have our drain pipe rescues. still here. >> anchor: famous. >> they can go to my facebook page and get the back story on that. at gregory willie. just look. and you can see how -- some of the amazing video of the firefighters. >> incredible. great job. >> they are all about four months old. i have two girls. two calico girls and little boy. that's sunshine and this is
7:59 am
and this is goldie locks over here. >> anchor: they could not be cuter. >> i have fostered for three weeks. they were in another foster home before that with a volunteer. hanna. fostering is a great way to get involved in the shelter. really get attached to animals. >> anchor: for sure. it would be hard to let go. >> but they do have to go to a new home. and actually sunshine here can be rambunctious with the other two girls. so we are looking to get them placed today. from 11:00 to 3:00 at the shelte and easy to get to from pretty much anywhere. so i hope people come out to visit. >> anchor: what should people keep in mind when adopting or if they have another animal at home? >> typically when you introduce a new kitten into the home. keep them separated at first. typically have them put the food and water or litter into a utility room or spare bedroom. get adjusted in there without the other cat intervening. so they can feel safe and have a
8:00 am
and it is fortunate time of year to remember to watch what you put on the christmas tree. and plants if you keep around the home. and we had a cat we rescued last year and fostered and nursed back to health after it swallow tinsel off the tree. so kittens love shinning objects so be aware of what is on the tree or around the house. >> anchor: great time to think of adopting an animal. especially in need of this time of year for a home for christmas or the holidays. >> absolutely. it is fun to around the house during the holidays. >> anchor: they love the boxes you get from christmas presents. >> boxes best part. and wrapping paper. throw it everywhere. >> anchor: they will have a great time. >> crinkleed up paper. love to bat it around the house. >> anchor: thank you greg. friendship apl is open today, from 11:00 to 3:00. located at 8303 murray ridge
8:01 am
(440)332-4321. head over there fast. they will go quick. and coming up next o cleveland 19 news, sunday morning. brave family fight against
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>> anchor: this is music courtesy of the echo canyon players. our own mike is on base and vocals. thank him for providing us with the music this morning. great way to get the day started. well, it is looking a little dreary outside beth. i am hoping we will see
8:05 am
so what are we expecting? >> we need sunshine. >> anchor: we do. >> weather: we get it. some of you seeing it this morning. not all of you lucky. but overall today one of the pick days of the week. take a look. you can see breeze. a bit of a windchill. just a touch. some areas more relative than others. you can see currently we are at 38 degrees. but some areas like towardmance field, you are seeing foggy windchill of 24. although that was last night. you see the background there. shoot. i want to show you the whole graphic. back that up. that was last night at the winterfest. public square was packed. thousands and thousands of people. they were all gone but i want to use the graphic because i love when viewers take the time to send pictures. it was a beautiful event last night. this morning we will see sun come up. 9:30, 10:00 for cleveland.
8:06 am
with clearer skies. euclid you are 40. shaker heights you are steady at 36. and good morning north olmsted you are definitely on the increase this morning. look at this. we will be near 50 degrees today. browns taking on jets. 1:00 game time. you need sunglasses but i will remind i. although it is warmer today than yesterday it is cold. bundle up. we hit a 60-degree mark this week. show you that coming up. sara? >> anchor: sounds like a nice fall day. but christmas outside. and now in public square it is starting to look like christmas with opening of the public ice-skating rink where bill safos is live this morning. good morning bill. >> reporter: good morning. listening to beth talk about how beautiful it was last night. it is still beautiful this morning. you can see all the holiday lights that shanice dunning showed us in her story earlier. they are still shinning bright
8:07 am
and we were also talking about small business saturday. of course that push to support small businesses around northeast ohio and much around the country but it coincided with a holiday stroll in larchmere. but larchmere not only place with businesses. tower city. many places around the city, that do so many neighborhood places, like old river, lakewood. just about of those districts. but here what makes it so much fun, of course, is this. ice-skating i-the cleveland foundation's ice-skating rink. yesterday it was free. and it was packed full of skaters as well. bus for the rest of the season. until the 28th of february. it is going to be open it. will cost you $10 to skate here. that includes your skate renta.
8:08 am
then it is seven bucks. but if you are interested in doing a little holiday shopping. today, public square, and tower city, the place to do that. and you can do some skating from 12 to eight as well. reporting live from public square, bill safos, cleveland 19. >> anchor: thanks, bill. public square is looking great. while a lot of us are still thinking about what we are thankful for one family is thankful for the time they had with a beloved sister. only to learn that another family member was the disease that killed her. lacey crisp gets answers on their fight against cancer. >> she was pregnant when she found the lump. and the doctor looked at it. and just wrote it off as a clogged milk duct. that was a little over two years ago. >> reporter: trish's sister jenny diagnosed with stage two breast cancer shortly after giving birth to her son frankie. >> she did not let the treatment
8:09 am
months it advanced to stage four and jenny traveled and wear wigs and make up to have fun with sisters. >> she had no tears for cancer. >> reporter: doctors told her she had the brca gene one mutation. and sister got tested but was negative. >> she wanted all of us to get tested. she wanted all of us to become advocates. >> reporter: that's when trish found out that she too had the gene mutation. >> i found out i was probably, i would say, five or six days before she died. >> reporter: after watching her sister suffer through chemo, radiation and blood transfusions trish knew that she wanted to take every step possible to avoid getting cancer. >> i already knew i would go through with prophylactic mastectomy and one ovary had to be removed anyway. >> reporter: with gene mutation trish said she had a 50 to 90 percent chance of developing breast cancer. and two weeks ago trish had
8:10 am
removed. now her doctors would tell her she has less than 7 percent chance. trish is hoping more people will go get tested before it is too late. >> everybody has this vision of breast cancer and everyone is a survivor and walk around and save the tahtah's and huge group of women with cancer and those women median survival rate is three years. >> anchor: best wishes to that family. trish is stillot of the surgery her insurance will cover. so her family is hosting a fund raiser friday night at back drop bar and grill in north olmsted where she works to pay for some of the expenses. and most people look at black friday as a way to save money. and find deals. but one family has turned it
8:11 am
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? ?. ?. >> anchor: good sunday morning to you. this is music courtesy of the local band. echo canyon players. sounding wonderful as we wake up to a hazy morning. look at that outside. i don't see any sun in sight. that's all we talk about, would like to see sun. >> weather: it is coming. it is coming this afternoon. we will be sunny. i swear to you you will need sunglasses. >> anchor: please, i would take them. but still need a coat. >> weather: so you know i am not lying. there are some people waking up to clearer conditions here. lorain would be one of them. so i see she is my wind chill right there. all of my current conditions right here. and we have fog out there in mansfield. and it is cold. so live look right now. you can see that we are
8:15 am
breezy. feels like temperature today, even though the winds are out of the south. ultimately this afternoon. still going to have that bit of a windchill. just enough that reindependents moo you that it is still fall. so sunshine, yes. but still cold. you still need to bundle up. if you are going to browns game you need everything. you need the hat. everything. and yes you might be sitting in sunshine this afternoon. it will be warmer than yesterday. so good news, right? and the sunny with need it. we will not see a lot this as a matter of fact, our next outlook day monday night. rain and winds. we could hear a rumble of thunder monday heading to tuesday. start time for this. system will enter as rain into sandusky area, or norwalk area even by 5:00 on monday. but warm. do not worry about snow. this is a close look at cuyahoga county. this is the line. get ready 871 you are about ready to see sunshine. clearer conditions out toward
8:16 am
and lagrange. it is coming. just got to burn off some cloud cover. but ultimately high pressure in control. so welfare okay. it is not going to be a bad day. do not have to worry about rain or snow. one day. right? actually a bit more than that. good 24 hour period coming up. so snow toward the east. if you are driving toward boston, new york, you will bump into this today. big travel day coming up. just know that not everyone is quiet. but if you are heading to the south in atlanta it is ultimately by monday. i am hanging that will be a busy travel day. there will be issues. we will pull the warm air up from the south. with that it will bring humidity. i almost said heat and humidity. just humidity. it will be warmer though. and brings rain showers. and a lot of rain monday and tuesday. we could use it. always a good idea to give your plants a soaking before winter months and we will get it from mother nature. this is how it looks on future view.
8:17 am
and cloud cover. by 11:00 you can see cloud cover just making the way through cuyahoga. by 1:00 more sunshine than clouds. thankfully. and then we stay clear for good portion of the afternoon and early evening. clouds thicken up overnight. monday morning. if you are an early commuter you may usher in clouds. monday mainly cloudy. and rain stays west. and not far west mind you. toward lima ohio monday. by 3:00 sprinkles ahead of the system. but by 5:00. here is comes. 75 in sandusky. soaked. 7:00 entering cleveland area. but watch overnight. this is what i am talking about. thunder. heavier rain. coming in to tuesday morning. basically, winds down tuesday morning. we get a nice dry patch. tuesday afternoon. and we are into the 60s. so i cannot say that is a pick day of the week. because we get rain early tuesday. but today i went with that. because we are dry.
8:18 am
rain/snow mix during the week and we do not dry out until next saturday. >> anchor: we will take a bit of sun while we can beth. many of you have been out shopping all weekend. and one family truly makes black friday a family affair. shanice dunning gets answers from a group that knows how to multi-desk by shopping and spending time with loved ones. >> we will start here at j.c. penney. >> reporter: black friday is piztime but for par tons it is family time. >> for together, and having a good time. >> reporter: 39 members of the family. yes, 39. and come to the mall together each year. tod said it started as family tradition with his mom and aunt and cousins years ago. and over time it group into annual family trip. >> from montana, florida, indiana, north carolina, and south carolina. >> reporter: they try on pick new malls every year. >> we kind of stand around more than anything, and we could not really do that at home, but mall
8:19 am
>> it is not about shopping? >> no, it is about the fellowship. and about being together. >> reporter: although shopping does happen n between attempts of the mannequin challenge, and christmas songs. it is a picture you do not see often these days you and may call it crazy. >> we are crazy. >> reporter: but par tons see it as growing legacy keeping family and faith at the center of the holiday season. >> i think too many families are not united any more. i think we are a very united on the same page kind of the world. there is a lot of love here. >> par ton family hopes this story inspires others to get together with their family during the holidays. so from southpark mall in strongville. shanice dunning, 19 action news. >> anchor: you have to love that family. that is cute. if you are looking for travel deals. you may want to log in on "cyber monday." experts say slow summer travel sales should result in big drops in airfare and hotel prices.
8:20 am
the first week of december. and trips to the caribbean, and europe are expected to come quite chill. i will look into that. well during holiday shopping season you may see something for a better price. after you already bought it. but do not let that get you down. you may able to get that deal after the fact. laura takes us through the rules of price matching. >> holiday shopping is on and that means a lot of you are looking for best price. we want to tell you about the price match policies at retailers. start off with target. now they do price match but make sure that here when you do the price matching you find that you are matching the online identical item or local print item. you can see verbiage match at the time of purchase or within 14 days after purchase. now toys 'r us, they will also price match. but what is different here, they will match at the time of purchase or within seven days of that purchase date.
8:21 am
buy one get one offers or gift with purchase items. so big fact to keep in mind there. next up, we have wal-mart. wal-mart is going to be slammed. that's the biggest retailer. they will price match here too. make sure you show you have the item at the lower price online. this does not apply to clearance. special buy value of the day or deep discounts like thanksgiving. black friday or cyber monday, we are right now. got to keep that one in mind. and then last. but not your electronic superstore here. best buy will match at the time of the sale. match all local retail competitors, that includes places like amazon and best prices. if they lower the price. during the return and exchange period. they will also match that lower price. make sure you understand these. check these out. all online, before you go to the store and try to purchase the item and think you can get the lower price later on.
8:22 am
news. >>anchor: well, ohio state buckeyes head coach urban meyer just coached the most important game of the year. but his wife did not care. find out how she embarrassed him
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>> urban meyer finished coaching the game of his life. but that aapparently was not a big deal on his wife, that culled him during the post game press conference. >> that was exciting win. -- that's my wife. i will get right back to you i
8:26 am
all right. bye. she said bring a gallon of milk home on the way home. >>anchor: well, he knew to take that phone call it appears. even a nerve wracking double overtime nail biter does not excuse from you errands in meyer household. >> weather: we will see sunshine today, that will be good for the soul. look. see a breeze out there. some of you seeing fog. but the windchill factor in some areas keep you feeling like 20s. keep it a couple of degrees off of hitting the high temperature of 50 degrees. you can see the cloud cover is slowly starting to move out of here. and then heading to browns game today. sara, beautiful fall like day. sunshine. and on that cold side. you kind of want it cold for football. >> anchor: why not. bring the coat and sunglasses. that's great. thank you for watching cleveland 19 this morning. joel osteen is next followed by cbs news sunday morning.
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>> joel osteen: well, god bless you. it's a joy to come iyo homes and, if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise ya, we'll make ya feel right at home. i like to start with something funny and i heard about this wealthy man. he was known for being eccentric. he was having a big party at his house and in his backyard he had this huge swimming pool filled with sharks and alligators. he announced to his guests, "anyone that will swim across my pool, i'll give you anything you want."


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