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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  November 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> tia: thank you so much for joining us. it's the biggest shopping day of the year, black friday. our very own shanice dunning is out at south park mall. are there any lines out there right now? ep actually we changed things a little bit. so i'm at gordmans in the shops of parma. they have been open since 5:00 last night. you can see behind me a steady flow. actually the line has kind of lessened up a little bit but they have had a steady flow of people in here since 5:00 when they opened. obviously the big things that people wanted to get in here for after they ate their turkey last night were the tvs, the beats by dre head phones have been
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especially this one. different home goods and jewelry and fragrances that are also on sale. the national retail federation tells us that millions of people come out to do black friday shopping every year. but also a big percentage of people are also doing their shopping at home on the couch, but, as i was mentioning, things like t vs you see here, boots, other appliances, those are the big door busters and things that i see people in here trying to get now. i was talking to a grandmother who was was saying this is the perfect time for her to get those boxed different things that are stocking stuffers and pretty easy for people. so i'm sure the workers have been very busy since 5:00 last night and they will be open here in park shops until -- in parma shops until 11:00. we will be catching up with all the black friday deals. >> a lot of people may want to head out there and they aren't sure what type of weather they will have to deal with. rain or what's going on out there? >> samantha: there's a little rain and it's chilly outside if
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>> tia: no. >> samantha: it is cold. i know we have been down here in the news room working, right? but there is a chill in the air. let's go straight to the maps. here is your current satellite and radar picture. and you can see that we are socked in with that cloud cover. a little light rain, as well. mainly out on cleveland's east side and in like county, this is super light. where you aren't seeing rain, probably a little bit of drizzle. similar to yesterday. our temperature tre o next several hours is, well, it's cool. we are stuck in the 40s. i went 45 at 2:00. about 44 at 4:00 and then we will drop into the upper 30s early this evening. i do think that these spotty hit-or-miss light rain showers will continue this afternoon. but after the sun sets, we are going to see more in the way of scattered shower activity along the lake shore as that cold air starts to move in. tonight, 8:00 to 10:00, snow
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not a big impactful snow event, but just a mix of rain and snow overnight for those of you especially along the lake shore and on cleveland's east side. so, i would encourage you if you will be out and about this evening or even this afternoon, download that cleveland 19 weather app. it has a lot of cool features, interactive radar, severe weather alert, you get your hour by hour forecast. but the newest feature with the app, and again this is brand new, we can actually send you personalized weather alerts to your location. so, if you have storms or snow moving in, we will let you know and then everybody else who has the app won't be bothered. they won't get an update on your phone if the weather is not impacting you. it's pretty cool and it's free. just search cleveland 19 in your app store. tia? >> tia: all right, sam. well this story everyone is talking about. all across america. the mother of the brady bunch, florence henderson, died last
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fans for more than six decades. more from dana jacobs. ? here's the story of a lovely lady ? >> florence henderson was best known as america's mom. >> alice! the washing machine's gone crazy! >> in the fall of 1969, she became carol brady, the stepmother and nearly flawless may tree arc of the brady bunch. that role was the crowning jewel of a more than 60-year career. >> florence henderson! mrs. brady! >> it spanned all aspects of show business. >> and rules are very important, bobby. they are made to protect people. >> henderson told sarah hughes on sunday morning in 2010 that the character may have been too perfect. >> a lot of women say to me, you know i really hated you because, my kids wanted you to be their mother. >> the show was among the first to introduce an audience to a blended family. though it ended in 1974, reruns and reboots kept the braves and
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multiple generations. >> i grew up in a very large, poor family. >> 10 kids. right? >> 10. >> born in the small town of dale, indiana in 1934, her family was remeniscent of the one she led on the television. ? what a day this has been ? >> her affinity for performance brought her to the american academy of dramatic arts in new york city and then to broadway. ? when the skies ? >> there leading roles. >> this is the lovely singing star of television and broadway, florence henderson. >> that launched a multi facetted career that never seemed to stop. >> what on northwest territories. >> what is the one thing that i guess is the most different about you from carol brady? [laughter] that's a very good question. first of all i've always worked. i've always had a job. >> but regardless of what that job was -- to most of america, florence henderson will always
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>> tia: amazing smile, that's for sure. that was dana jacobson reporting. doctors say florence henderson suffered from heart failure. she is survived by her four children and five grandchildren. well, alleged murderer dylan roof has been found competent to stand trial. he's accused of killing nine people at the mother emanuel african methodist episcopal church in charleston, south carolina in 2015. jury selection is scheduled to resume on monday. he faces 33 federal charges and if convicted could face the death penalty. in louisville, kentucky, police investigate a shooting that left two men dead and four others injured. this video shows the gun fire that happened at an annual kids holiday football tournament yesterday. officers say a group of people were riding motorcycles about 300 miles away from the field when the shots began. the f.b.i. is currently involved
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suspects at this time. well, two adults and one child are in the hospital today after a head-on crash along st. clair at east 115 and cleveland. right now police have not released any other information in this case. of course, we will update you on their condition as we learn more. a woman was shot in the head on west 25th street early this morning. she was transported to metro hospital for treatment. she has not yet been identifiedf this story on the cleveland 19 mobile news app. well, missing jogger, she has been found safe after she's been missing for more than three weeks. 34-year-old sherry papini was found on the side of the highway bound with restraints. this is in northern california. she was able to summon help of a passing motorist who notified law enforcement. she was taken to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries and reunited with her husband after her alleged captors let
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ice skating at the public square ice rink will be open downtown through the end of february. it will cost you $10 bucks a person to skate. but tomorrow, people won't will be able to -- will be able to skate for free. from 8:00 to 11:00, they will have 45-minute free-skate sessions but you need to sign up for a time slot which holds 150 people each session. the free skating is all a part of cleveland's winter fest that happens tomorrow from 10:00 until 8:00 some of cleveland's favorite local food trucks will be out there. live music for the kids and mom and dad as well. it all leads up to the main event. the official lighting ceremony of the tree kicks off at 6:00, which also includes fireworks. well, coming up on cleveland 19 news, after a big thanksgiving, you are probably looking to save some cash on groceries. we will tell you what apps can help you save. and when it comes to online shopping, does the device you use to shop impact the price
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>> welcome back. if you just cookd a huge thanksgiving feast, you know how valuable it is to save money where you can on groceries and there are some apps to help you do just that. check out 51 and i bought a will give rewards on hundreds of popular products. all you have to do is save and upload a receipt with your list of purchases to save money on select items.
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advertising. >> come into our app and spend a little time learning about a product you might want to buy. and if you buy that and try it out, we will share our advertising revenue back with you in the form of a cash reward. >> to cash out, you need at least $20 in your account. user cannes redeem their we ward by getting a gift card, online payment, or a simple check right in the mail. well, planning on staying in and doing all of your black well, what you use to surf the web and your location can actually have an impact on the price you pay. travelocity says it sometimes offers lower prices for people who shop on smart phones. home depot offers different online customers different prices based on where they log on from using your computer's i.p. address. straight ahead, we have some tips on what to do when those
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fridge. sam? >> samantha: yeah. a lot of people doing that today. right? let's take a look outside. maybe you haven't ventured outside yourself in a turkey coma from yesterday. i get it. it is 12:13 and it's chilly. so, when you do go outside, grab a coat. 41 our current temperature. little light rain in the area. nothing major. but we could have a wintry mix around tonight. we will talk about it coming up
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>> tia: i know what you are doing right now. you are already eating those leftovers after thanksgiving. but studies show you may not want to reheat some of that holiday meal. >> if you have leftovers from your holiday dinner, not all may be safe lyndsey malone from the cleveland clinic says don't save the rice. when it cools at room temperature, bacteria can grow rapidly. >> it's resistant to heat. so, even if you are heating it to the normal temperature it doesn't matter. >> snore staple to toss, potatoes cooked in aluminum foil. >> letting it cool into the temperature danger zone and also keeping the foil on it, you created this bacteria breeding
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to kill the bacteria. >> foods with a high moisture content like stuffing should also be thrown away. when it comes to poultry, reheat it to the proper internal temperature to avoid bacteria. and don't store the whole bird. >> again, that's setting up the situation for bacterial growth. cut it up into smaller portions, cool it quickly, store it within about two hours. >> the very young, old, and those with compromised immune systems are more vulnerable to foodborne illnesses sot' to avoid having a refrigerator full of leftovers. >> for foods that you do plan on saving, make sure that you get that food into shallow containers and into the refrigerator within two hours. >> and if you are going to reheat the leftovers, use the oven, not the microwave. it's not the quickest, but it cooks more evenly. >> and now that we know what we can't reheat, right, laura
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repurpose our thanksgiving leftovers. >> we all enjoyed that big turkey dinner and now most of us are left with a lot of leftovers in tupperware containers. right? but how long do they last? we went to the experts to find out how long you should keep items in your fridge and eat them before you toss them out. so, let's start with the mashed potatoes at the top. mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, your day on this will be about three to four days in a tupperware container in the fridge. as for the big one. a lot of these are used for leftovers. you will also get this for about three to four days. then we go over to your stuffing and your gravy. we have two spots for the stuffing and gravy here. stuffing's going to be two days in the fridge. so, not near as long on the stuffing. i like to make stuffing and mix that with turkey and the gravy and make a nice casserole out of that. as for things like the side dishes and the cast roles, we got green beans and corn here. both of these are going to be about three to four days each,
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now, last but not least, we have your cranberry at the top of the screen. who doesn't love that delicious cranberry sauce? this lasts the longest. this will last you about one full week in the fridge. so there you have it. this is how much these different items will last. you got it use it all up. use those recipes. make those yummy casseroles with the leftovers while they are still good. >> thanks so much, laura. good information. 12:19 and this is what we are looking at weather wise. no changes since we last talked. you can see a little light rain here on cleveland's east side. it is super light. the rest of the area either dry, or just seeing areas of patchy dries. and i think this will be the story through the next several hours all the way through 5:00, 6:00. looking at mainly dry
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a stray shower out of the question but most of us will get through the rest of the daylight showers without any major issues. we are looking at mid 40s this afternoon. should be decent for shoppers, warm enough that you can bundle up before you leave the house. then leave the coat in the car and then run into the mall. right? nobody likes to carry a big cumbersome winter coat through the mall. so if you just leave it in the car, run to the store, think you will be fine. let's talk about tonight. because that is when things get a little more active. re at about 8:00. i do think we will be seeing more scattered activity along the shore. then the temperatures drop. we have white popping up overnight and tomorrow morning which to me indicates a wintry mix of rain and snow. maybe a little gropple or soft hail mixing in. those snow pelts that look like dippin dots.
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falling late tonight and through the day many toll. not a huge winter weather event but enough to slow you down or annoy you if you are trying to get things down, out in geauga county and it's like pinging sleet on your car. that can be irritating as you are trying to get to your destination. we will keep that wintry mix in the forecast all the way through the early evening hours of tomorrow. so how much snow are we going it see? is any of this going to stick? this is the latest run of our in-house computer model and it does paint some accumulations on the order of a dusting. maybe up to an inch in the snowbelt. but that's about all. i do not expect major accumulations or anything like that. if it sticks at all for us. upper 30s as i mentioned tonight with that scattered wintry mix. so, if you are going to be out this evening, bundle up and stay bundled up for tomorrow. cold and windy there. big improvements by sunday. partly sunny. upper 40s. that is my pick day of the whole
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monday, rain returns and it sticks with us through tuesday.
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>> tia: whatever you are doing, turn and look at the tv. black friday can be crazy and when you do it on live tv, it can get even livelier. sia nyorkor was inside toys-r-us when she got her hands on the
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the only one in the store. she learned you can never leave a hatchemal all alone. >> they have been telling us it was worth it for them to get out here -- [laughter] -- and shop and get these black friday deals [laughter] so, we are getting answers for you here in parma. sia nyorkor [laughter] the hatchemal -- i'm so sorry. >> and after that, yeah, sheer laughter. that was the toys-r-us in parma. ju looking for that for your kids, yeah, sold out in most places. so -- >> sold out or on the floor. right? >> yeah. >> and don't they get upset if you drop 'em? >> yeah. did you hear it? it screamed. they scream. >> samantha: don't drop the hatchemal. santa brings you one and then -- got to take care of it. right? let's look at what we have going on weather wise for the rest of the day. i'm thinking low-to-mid 40s, spotty rain possible but a
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that wintry mix will continue into tomorrow. bundle up if you are headed to the toboggan chutes or to public square for winter fest. better days ahead on sunday. soak it up, because rain returns monday into tuesday. it's going to be a wet evening commute on monday. >> tia: 59 on tuesday? >> i know. i buried the lead, didn't i. got to get the cold out of the way first, though. >> enjoy your black friday shopping. thank you so much for joining us. the young and the restless is up next. hi, i am erik schrader, the new general manager at cleveland19. my family and i are very excited to be in northeast ohio. in our first month here, we've already enjoyed the friendly people, the amazing restaurants and all the great things to do. here at cleveland19, you'll be seeing me from time to time doing editorials just like this, but here's where we are turning the floor over to you. as you know, cleveland19 is all about getting answers. now in the news department, that means asking tough questions and
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and that's what i want to do too. sure, i'll be taking positions on things that impact us all once in a while, but mostly i'll be here to answer your questions. questions about northeast ohio, questions about how television news works and even about specific stories that go on the air. ?hey erik, why do you spell your name with a k?? hey, that's a great question. my dad says they actually named me after a brand of cigars. it was a different era. just email me at, and i'll see it's all about getting answers. ?erik, have you decided on the east side or the west side?? we haven't decided yet, but i'll get you an answer. ?thanks?. you know, if the election taught us anything, it's that people aren't shy about giving you their opinion whether it's on facebook or social media. this is your forum. you want something answered, you want something changed? tell us about it. i'll be on facebook, too. i look forward to hearing from you. now i have to find one answer for myself. ?where's the bathroom around here??
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>> dylan: we believe adam newman, the prisoner, is being aided and abetted by his wife, chelsea. [ camera shutter clicks ] we now have a lead on the car she and her son used to flee genoa city. it's a gray sedan, wisconsin plate tah 7m2, last seen headed west on market street presumably headed out of the city limits. now, if you have seen this car, if you have any information on its whereabouts, please contact the gcpd tip line -- the number's on the screen -- or our website. though the passengers aren't considered dangerous, it is urgent that they are found safely. >> chelsea: no. you are not turning yourself in. our new life, our new plans -- >> adam: compared to connor's health, none of that matters, babe. he needs to see a doctor. >> chelsea: okay, adam, you just need to just take a second and think about this. >> adam: his fever's not going


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