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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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reasons to keep your eye on the ball tonight. the largest lot friday jackpot ever means long lines to the deadline. >> is it worth it, it is worth it because it is life changing. >> lights, cameras, capture, mexican authorities say el pa cho, el el chapo's plan to star in his own movie led to this. >> new details about the gunman who ambushed a philadelphia police officer in the name of isis. and taking stock of stock photos, turning the focus away from the stereotypes. >> the goal right now is to get more images of real people.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> axelrod: good evening. i am jim axelrod. less than four and a half hours from now at 10:59 p.m. here in the east, the ball drops in tallahassee, florida, the power ball, that is, six numbered balls, five white, one red, will determine if someone has won the largest single jackpot ever. now estimated at $900 million. the odds of winning the one in 292 million, but as julianna goldman reports, that hasn't stopped millions of people from trying and dreaming. >> with the rush of people buying tickets, lottery officials say there is a 75 percent chance a lucky someone has picked the winning numbers. and across the 44 participating states, power ball dreamers are seeing green. >> i will probably buy a big giant mansion and dig a big moat all the way around it and let
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>> i am going to retire instantly. >> everybody says to charity, right? well, i am not going to give it to charity. no. >> it is not like the win her bank the full 900 million, they have the option of a payout over 30 years of taking a lump sum, currently estimated at $558 million. then, comes the taxes. the federal government automatically takes at least 25 percent and there are more taxes depending on where you bought your ticket. new york and maryland have the high test lottery tax rates, 10 states don't tax lottery winnings at all like california, pennsylvania and florida. virgin islands. >> i got in there and i thought, i better buy one for each grandchild so i bought three. you know? >> with, with all but one in nearly 300 million you are more likely to be struck by lightning, more likely to get killed in a shark attack and more likely to achieve
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you are more likely to win the power ball than you are to be hit by a piece of satellite debris that falls from space. >> >> $2 each. >> $70. >> $70 you want? >> sadly there is no secret strategy for hitting the jackpot. lottery officials say 75 percent of the winning tickets are computer picks. >> i think this is an absolute waste with of money. i probably should have just flushed my money down the toilet, but what if i win? >> the reporter: in florida at this liquor store could not take a lunch break today because ticket sales have been nonson, jim, if nobody wins tonight the power ball jackpot could soar to $1.3 billion. >> axelrod: julianna goldman covering power ball fever for us, thank you, juliana, now to mexico where it is looking more likely tonight the drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman will be extradited to the u.s. as
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authorities say el chapo's hollywood's dreams led to his dramatic capture. >> tonight joaquin "el chapo" guzman is in the same super max prison he escaped from six months ago. military tanks and personnel are standing guard outside. >> he was brought here last night after authorities paraded him in front of news cameras. >> el chapo means shorty in spanish, but ultimately it may have been the drug lord's big ego that led to his capture, according to mexico's attorney general, arely gomez. >> joaquin guzman had the intention of making a biographical film, she said so he reached out to producers. working together, intelligent agents from mexico and the u.s. used those contacts to track him down, today investigators were back at their home where el chapo was hold up looking for evidence that may expose others in his sinaloa cartel which is believed to be responsible for
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enter the u.s. from mexico. >> as long as he is in mexico, chapa's operation can noarpt some level and he always has the hope of escaping. >> seen juror advisor to the institute says it is in the el el chapo over to the u.s. where he faces drug trafficking and states. >> they don't want to go through this embarrassment again and also know that chapo has said in the past his worst fear is being extradited to the united states, he loses control of the cartel and the end of the game for him. >> late today el chapo's lawyers met with reporters outside of the prison, they say she in a state of anxiety and plan to fight his extradition. jim, that means he won't be back here in the u.s. any time soon. >> carter, thank you, today the gunmen who ambushed a philadelphia police officer claiming allegiance to isis was with charged with attempted murder among other crimes. jericka duncan is in philadelphia with a shooting caught on video has shaken the city. >> the reporter: it is
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a man seen shooting directly into this philadelphia police car thursday night. authorities say 30-year old edward archer confessed to the nine-millimeter pistol stolen from an officer's home in 2013. archer told authorities he a ambushed 33-year-old officer isis. >> shots are fired. >> the officer shot three times could have easily been killed, commissioner richard ross along with fbi officials are looking motives. >> is this in fact connected to a terrorist organization? >> he would say that and we don't know, but he certainly doesn't strike me as a guy who doesn't have the intelligence about him, stopping just short of implicating himself too much or certainly anyone else. >> cbs news has learned the fbi is investigating two overseas
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2011 and saudi arabia in 2012. archer's arrest record includes aggravated assault, weapons charges, and terrorist threats in 2012, in that case he was accused of pointing a gun at a man. and in 2013, he was arrested again on an illegal gun possession charge. at the home where police say archer lived with his mother, no one answered the door, the two people who arrived later said they had no comment. as a result of the shooting officers right now are no longer patrolling alone like hartnett was, jim, the officer is in the hospital tonight recovering from a broken arm and nerve damage. >> axelrod: jericka, thank you very much. wall street made history this week and not the kind of history they want to make. the dow dropped more than six percent, the worst start ever to a new year. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here, most people with 401-ks can can't even look
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>> remind yourself you are a long-term investor, don't panic and stick to it and stick to the game plan. >> the u.s. economy is in good shape, we have a strong jobs report out yesterday, december, 292 jobs created, that made twenty 15 the second best year for job creation in the last 15. the u.s. economy is growing slowly but it is growing. >> axelrod: so if if it is growing what is behind the selloff? >> this has to do with fears over a slowdown in growth in china. the world's second largest economy is definitely slowing down, how that impacts the rest of the world and turks, is is yet to be known but that the fear that is causing the selloff. >> axelrod: let's talk oil, it is down ten percent, why is that a bad thing? most people pulling into the gas stations are stations are smiling. >> it is definitely great for consumers but again back to the fear about global growth slowing down a lot of traders i talked to they say oil being down shows you that growth is weakening around the world with so that's
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>> axelrod: while i have got you, one power ball question story of the day, if you were a financial planner you had a client who hit. so what is your advice if any of long odds? >> and we hope you do but the reality is it gets really crazy you don't want wall of these people coming out of the woodwork asking you for money but what you need to do is keep quiet for a while, take your ticket, sign it, copy it and put it in a safe deposit box and start assembling your team, you will need a lawyer, accountant and financial planner and also be lured into this idea i am going to buy a ferrari or some huge thing, try not to do that, a small indulgence will suffice in the beginning, maybe a nice trip because you know what? when you come back you have a brand-new job, it is called money manager. >> axelrod: may i only have to follow your advice. jill schlesinger, thank you. >> thanks. >> axelrod: it has thousand been more than a week since a group of armed men took over a federal property in oregon triggering a standoff with law enforcement, and as john
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still no resolution in sight. >> the reporter: at a regular morning news conference, the armed group holding the wildlife refuge insists they are here to stay. >> we came here too go to work, to help people, and that's what we are going to do. >> at a community meeting last night, residents agreed the federal government exercises too much control here. rancher tim smith. >> there are so many federal regulations that accrue to federal land. >> the reporter: but still local residents have mixed feelings about the occupation. just three miles from the refuge rancher tom davis and his son jake continue the hard work of raising cattle on the high the dessert. >> i do think it is time for these guys to go home and i just pray that nothing will really happen to them. >> we haven't felt threatened at all by them, as long as they don't get violent, i think it is good coverage. >> the reporter: good coverage he says for the challenges ranchers face across the west where so much land is controlled
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>> nearly 53 percent of oregon is federally owned, it is much the same across most western states. ranchers who often depend on federal land for grazing need permits from the bureau of land management, where they complain the bureaucracy can be oppressive. >> all of a sudden the bl. m where it used to have just a few people managing it they have hundreds of people in there. >> while the occupiers and local ranchers say they should take control of the land, the leader of the local paiute indians says history suggests another answer. >> we as a tribe view that this is still our land. >> the conflict over who controls the west's wide open itself. john blackstone, cbs news, burns, oregon. >> axelrod: a book back on the shelves in germany is causing quite the controversy. it is not a new book, it is an old one.
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manifesto of hate, here is john van vigliotti. >> the reporter: the world got its first glimpse of hitler's nazi germany at the nuremberg rallies of the 1930s. >> his political views and call for a supreme race helped divide the country. but it was hitler's book mein kampf or my struggle written a decade earlier that paved the way, the manifesto outlined hitler's plan to exterminate the jewish people and started the movement that killed six million jews during the holocaust. more than 10 million copies were printed, sold and even handed out by the government at weddings. in 1945, when hitler died and world with war few ended the allies handed the copyright to the bavarian government who stopped the presses. 70 years later that copyright has expired, and mein kampf is back in german book stores for the first time. it is a chapter in history some are conflicted about reopening.
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>> i am not thrilled about this that mein kampf can be in even wider dissemination around the world given the hateful content. >> the reporter: the german government would only allow the book to be reprinted with academic analysis of the text. >> this edition exposes the false information spread by hitler, his down right lies and many half truths. that historian andreas wirsching, the book's publisher. >> hitler's original unchallenged version of mein kampf is still sold in countries outside of germany and is widely available online. but the new version scholars say is far from a fascist bible instead offering crucial context that exposes a horrific past. >> both history, so history won't repeat itself, vigliotti, london. >> axelrod: coming up next, the chilling call from a teenager who was shot after pulling a prank.
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the 911 calls have been released from the shooting of an oklahoma teenager during a prank called ding dong ditch in marlie hall's report we hear from the boy who was shot and the man who shot him. >> i just need an ambulance. >> cole peyton made this emergency call minutes after his neighbor derek morgan fired multiple shots at the high school freshman. >> peyton and his two friends range morgan's doorbell at 1:00 in the morning on new year's day then ran away, a prank called ding dong ditch that nearly turned deadly. >> why did you shoot me? >> you were trying to break in my house. >> i wasn't trying to break in your house. >> where where my friends did you shoot them? >> he thought one of them may have had a weapon. >> the kids were in the back of the house i think trying to break in.
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window. >> i fired a shot, hit one. >> morgan is charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon. >> we spoke by phone with his mother. >> do you think cole is in any way at faults. >> i think he made a bad decision to go outside. on new year's eve at that time. but i don't think he is at fault for being shot. i am a gun owner myself and i have never reached for my gun. >> the reporter: police say peyton was shot in the stomach and forearm while running away, he was released from the hospital yesterday. >> emotionally, it bothers him, we live right here next door, so, you know, it is a constant reminder. >> peyton's mother plans to move the family. she says this neighborhood can never be home again. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> up next, a new take on being
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to do it all, or a woman literally climbing the corporate ladder, in heels. >> who is going to use this image, and for what, and who sees themselves in this image? i mean i think that's the most important thing for us. >> i love the way -- >> executive creative director, piera gelardi says that's why her lifestyle website refinery, refinery 29 won't rely on stock photo companies. the site styles its own photos in order to appeal to their target audience, millennial women. >> the industry has traditionally been very homogeneous so it's very important for us to really break that and show diversity and show our audience in our context. >> stock photograph at this does really circulate stereotypes sthrchlts se a media study professor at fordham university. >> the problem is the repetition and the fact that we often have gotten locked into either sexist or stereotypical images of women that often function to remind us of those stereotypes, if not in
6:53 pm
>> keren sachs is at shutter stock one of the largest companies of its kind. every second people around the world download four of their images. >> why can't you guys just go in and clean out all of these images that you guys probably wouldn't think were that great? >> our goal really is to encourage or krubt toirs to create new content and constantly upload it, we don't go back through and delete images. >> sachs is traveling to different countries asking thousands of contributing photographers for more authentic images of women. >> i want to make sure that when my son grows up the images that he sees on a daily basis are real, and aren't a fantasy, that he knows what women actually look like. >> reporter: and that may start with these women. >> keep it moving. >> focusing on the future one photo at a time. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: a very special best friend new york city firefighters is being remembered
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twenty, the dalmatian was donated to ladder twenty, which lost seven of its members, for ten years, she went on every run with them. and when she died this week at the age of 14 the firefighters honored her as one of the family. >> still ahead, they can't play power ball in their states so they follow their dreams across the border. >> i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix,
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>> axelrod: we end tonight where we started, with the $900 million powerball jackpot. 44 states participate in powerball, but six do not, including nevada. we stopped by the primm valley lotto store on the california side of the nevada-california border, where the lines for tickets have stretched a quarter mile long. >> get in line. get in line. >> number 35. >> my feet are frozen. >> we got up at 5:00 o'clock this morning. 800 million? >> 900 million? >> ma'am -- >> no. i am going to hit the jackpot. >> we are going to bias many as we can. >> i am in it to win it, you
6:58 pm
if i win the 900 million i want to feed the hungry. >> i want to help a lot of the kids. buy a foundation 4 the homeless, help a lot of the homeless out in vegas. maybe build a casino. >> i -- >> build a place in the south pacific. >> first take a vacation, and then buy -- >> retire. >> retire and hide. >> let these numbers come through today! >> i want to reretire and find an italian men. >> mine are just the sames as hers, him and everyone else on this line. >> i won't let anyone know i win. >> axelrod: good luck to everybody and i am out. >> it is worth it because it is life changing. >> it is all right here, baby. >> it is all right here. >> axelrod: like the man said, good luck to everyone and that's the cbs evening news for tonight.
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for all, from all of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us


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