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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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res now.
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looks like a skeleton >> that is true. >> endoskeleton. >> can make the song that you guys are making i don't know how to make that song.
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hi! let's talk aboutwhat we have with the temperatures. we tried to jump the gun and i know it's bad . oh yes!et's do it! here is a high temperature yesterday. we ended the heat wave but 93b0 out at newark. 90b0 in beaumont and 88 and bridget. at this point, this is high from yesterday and it still another very mild start. 79 islip and 80b0 with wins coming in at eight ?15.
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boomers coming in. it looks like it's a lot more quiet right now. the only showers are northern new jersey headed toward orange and westchester. it doesn't look like all the moisture has camein just yet . it'sa struggle . partly cloudy sky. shower chances back out there tomorrow with a high of 87. no major threats out there. let's bring in nine hours ines with some construction delays what else? >> 17 southbound with flooding in both directions. be careful around that.
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let's go to the cameras and looked at the fdr drive. 79th street northbound and southbound with all lanes closed between 61st street. let's look over at the grand central parkway service road. construction is set up but nothing significant. the trains are and close to schedule. juliet answers the.> think you come ines. we move on to seriousness. through before hurt in little barry new jersey. one of those people was only three years old. the gas line ruptured setting the two frame house on fire. they dropped kids from the
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firefighters. >> all were suffering severe burns. >> hopefully everything will be okay there. unusual request from the father of the killer. >> i have ever heard of something like that. the vermin the impotent person that exists will be caught. >> kathy lead for 700 people on a walk in queens. the paternal family promises to get out hundred and $25,000 for
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public. >> turn yourself in. i will make sure the reward money comes in. you will be caught so take advantage of that. >> he for the 30-year-old is found raped and murdered around 5:00 pm. there is no dna matches in the databases. we will get you. it's a matter of time. if you someone you might know, get the money. we will get him anyway. >> white and butterfly balloons were released into the air. butterflies were occurring as favorite. >> light is so awful.
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york city woman in massachusetts. they say they are testing the dna of a possible suspect.he emotional funeral service history as friends and family said goodbye. marcotte was murdered while out with a job. she was remembered for her passion for volunteering and her love of running. a lot of folks made the bus trip up to massachusetts. >> that is a sad story. >> a not guilty plea from man accused of gunning down a mom and his associate. prosecutors charged him with murder but they're trying to figure out what the motive was. it was a dark room.he family and friends look with a piercing gaze as oscar was brought in. he walked charged with
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weapons charges. it was the next chapter of this case but lacking some of the most urgent questions. >> i want to ask him, what is you kill my brother? he was 65 years old. morel was without a motion as the judge announced he would be held without bail. the prosecution says this is the murder weapon. the 38 caliber revolver bullets found at the murder scene match the gun. >> my father was a good guy. don't know why you will kill him. i want justice. >> the attorney defended his innocence speaking to his character saying he had a clean record. he will be back in court on thursday.
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personal.> it's very good family people. everyone knows. >> people in ozone park and a muslim family wants to know why. they live with fear and they say it's nothing new. reporting for the news, fox 5. >> thank you, zachary. dona button in some areas. he's getting another big change. two new faces. the second campaign overhaul. his campaignannounced a major shakeup . stephen bannon from the breitbart news website will be the new ceo and kelly m
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campaign manager. the shakeup comes 82 days before the election. yesterday trout met with law enforcement and the milwaukee which has been wracked with violence after police shot and arms black man. he held a rally 40 miles north in west bend and said hillary clinton is no friend of law enforcement quick she is against the you know it and i know it. those peddling the narrative as cops with a racist or the narrative supported with a nod by my opponent. shared directly in the responsibility for milwaukee and other places.
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nationally and in major states is not resting on it. >> to be complete complacent! even though we are doing fine right now i am not taking anyone for granted. there remains an issue. >> the documents are believed to july. the information is classified and secret . there was a lot of buzz going on about roger ailes being the guy in charge. apparently that's not the case. >> humidity is finally falling. it's been so much for the
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forecast. >> really bad yesterday. >> a new shopping center. how we love a new venue. >> it opens in lower manhattan. we'll be right back.
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39b0 with a
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on the lighter side is coming in around five ?15 and the southwest wind indicates that the cold front has not yet made its way through. still feeling the warm temperatures and humidity. 79 in central park and 81 in philly. 74 in albany. the air behind the front is a lot cooler. temperatures will not drop much in the next few days. they will remain much less the same.e did get a cluster of storms holding together and not everyone got together. we have a patch of showers right there heading towards rockland and we could get some rain. it doesn't look like a huge rain threat as the cold front drops through the region and gives us a different condition.
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about 4b0 warmer than normal. it's been a warm august and the high temperature goes up to 88b0 with a partly cloudy sky. it's breezy with 87b0 for the high in the afternoon. we keep it right in that range at 86 ?88. shower chances are out there but only here or there. nothing huge. good morning. the commute is doing okay. staten island expressway with the new jersey turnpike seeing red just because of construction going on. don't expect too much of a delay. westchester county looks
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are doing over by bagatelle road. traffic is looking good westbound. upper and lower level doing fine in the lincoln and the hometown. >> thank you very much. >> it's been 25 years since they tore through crown heights brooklyn. they included festival with other they say it's not enough . i was genuinely shocked. >> norman rosenbaum's brother was stabbed to death during thecrown heights riot . a quarter-century later as they observe the date with the ceremony and celebratory festival of the neighborhood today, he thinks the effort is
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>> the mayhem sparked by the death of gavin kato ?a seven-year-old boy killed in a car crash. a student from australia was killed in the three days of violence that followed. we don't think the type of activityhas the type of way to commemorate the murder . >> is a celebration of how people came together after a very tumultuous and difficult. >> the president, eric adams event called one crown heights on sunday. he says it was planned by leaders intended to show unity. >> this is a result of pain into purpose. you could not have had an event like this with a jewish and community of color together. out of the death gave birth to the community comings
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>> we need to see for himself how the death of his brother brought life to many people in the community. it was just at the death of gavin kato. >> i just don't think it's appropriate. >> rosenbaum says he is planning to meet privately with the family. the transit hub is open for business. it has a wonderful list they filled the space for yesterday's grand opening. the mall is referred to as more than 100 shops. 60 of them open yesterday and people i have been mispronouncing it for 100 years. they access the hub from the street level.
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there will be a mac store and there is a shake shack and a starbucks in the race and and lk bennett. >> really nice lineup!> to get into so much so there. >> you want. >> it's good to say in these prime times. >> the mets overcome the
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mike: welcome back. 80s. it's one of the warm spots on this map. 80b0 in islip. 79b0 out at central park. it sounded really bad. it doesn't look like it will come together too
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there is little more action to the west and we look to keep an eye on things. it looks like the cooler and drier air will make its way to the tri-state region. sun and clouds are less humid with a high of 88b0 in the city. should be a little more comfortable and breezy with a high of 87 tomorrow. 89b0 is your high and looks like the humidity is back over the weekend. it's a short break.eresa and juliet ?back to you. >> hello. >> good morning. i know duke isn't here. >> his guy had a big game last nightfrom the plate . the mets have not been so amazing into last night. 0/for this season. can they break the shriek week their years. he definitely helped out his own cause. fifth inning and he is a
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pitcher deep. that's a 2/1. his third homer of the year. it gives them a 2/1 lead. next they are up 5/1. kelly johnson takes some and they go on to beat the diamondbacks finally. 7/5 is the final. yankees right-hander is out until 2018. yesterday it was revealed he tear. he also tore his flexor tendon off the bone in his right forearm. the injury will require a separate surgery. he is expected to both procedures done on friday and the recovery time is 18 months for the this wiping out next season. yankees are hosting the blue jays while mother nature puts on a show.
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this is from gary sanchez crushing the pitch. 5/0 yankees. the rain came out and out came the tart for the delay. must have woken up the jays because they exploded in the eighth inning rallying by sending in this one at two 4-1-1 feet. tying the game and blasting to the right. 8/6 with that and it goes on to double at 12/6 for the final. in rio, they metal keeps coming for team usa and simone. she takes the gold and gymnastics last night and she takes silver. fourth gold-medal time for most gold at one olympics. she also has problems and a
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jenny simpson took the bronze at the 1500 m. it's the first event. there was disappointment for team yet usa. the volleyball team lost to brazil. that ends for gold-medal there it's an olympic walsh . she could finish now with the bronze today. that is a look at sports. i can't believe >> did you see the men's gymnastics? >> i did not see it live. >> the flying dutchmanface planted. >> it was a horrible knot on his head . >> that's why he is the flying dutchman. that's what it's all about. >> just a few minutes away
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