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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the gop front runner coming under fire regarding the former trump university. the top story tonight, hello and good evening, everyone, i'm christina park. >> i'm antwan lewis. donald trump finds himself the focus of attacks once again. >> lydia is saran knew now joins us. >> good evening. right now donald trump is the clear front runner with 82 delegates. senator ted cruz has 17 and senator marco rubio has 16. both cruz and rubio have stepped up their rhetoric against trump, but is it too little too late? >> i was duped by the donald. i paid $35,000 at trump university and never heard from anybody -- >> a super pac opposed to donald trump put out this ad attacking the business mogul on the now-defunt trump university. if real estate training program has come under fire both in
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with senator rubio now calling trump a con artist. >> we're going to pick up a lot of delegates next week, and come march 15th, i expect this race will be significantly narrowed, more americans will now know the truth about donald trump after we've spent two weeks lapping away on it. >> trump is still facing three lawsuits in relation to the university including a $40 million suit brought by the new york attorney general. however, the gop front runner says he's refused to settle the lawsuits and would have already won had it not been for the judge. >> we have a very hostile judge. now, he is hispanic, i believe, and he is a very hostile judge to me. and i've said it loud and clear. >> trump went on to defend the university despite some former students calling it a scam. >> 98% of the people that took the courses, 98% approved the courses, they thought they were terrific. >> super tuesday is the biggest day of the pri their -- primary season. it will feature 13 states and
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with trump now being criticized for his university, will it be enough for republican voters to turn against him? >> if you're one of those 65% of republicans that doesn't want to see donald trump as our nominee, then i ask you to come support us and stand with us. >> new york's attorney general also condemning trump university. he tweeted a statement yesterday. in part it reads: the state supreme court already ruled that trump university operated illegally in new york as an unlicensed education institution some harsh words, clearly a very interesting race. >> absolutely. all right, lydia, thanks so much. >> after a big win in south carolina yesterday, hillary clinton is campaigning in tennessee before super tuesday, and while she tries to rally voters, democratic strategists are preparing for a battle against donald trump. reports say they're reviewing court filings requesting information about his bid dealings and conducting polls to test lines of attack.
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find potentially damaging information about the republican front runner. >> bernie sanders rallied in oklahoma city and said he's still looking to the future and expects to do well on super tuesday. he said in a statement politics on a given night sometimes you win and then sometimes, of course, you lose. >> well, it was a beautiful day to be outside. hopefully, you were able to enjoy it. >> we were kind of inside, but some people still actually made it out. let's look at washington square park. absolutely gorgeous. the music to the ears of all the visitors out there, quite literally. >> let's get right to audrey puente. >> first look at the forecast. >> hi, antwan and christina. yes, it was beautiful across the tristate area. the official high in central park was 60 degrees at about 4:00 earlier this afternoon. that was our fourth 60-degree day so far this month, it does feel more normal for april 11th rather than february 28th. area wide we saw 60-degree
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poughkeepsie, sussex and down shore in belmar. it was cooler out towards our east where montauk came in at 49 and islip was in the low 50s as well as bridgeport. all of these numbers are above average for this time of year. central park is 59, 10 degrees colder in bridgeport. it's in the 40s across long island, and these numbers are running about let's say 10-20 degrees on average above where they were at this time yesterday. that's all courtesy of southwest wind flow which is helping to bring in the milding temperatures right across the area. it is providing a pit of a breeze, 10 miles per hour on average, but they've been blustery at times. overall, we are expecting a quiet evening. mainly clear skies right now. just a couple of high clouds off towards the north, and we should stay quiet for the rest of the evening. overnight temperatures will drop to the 40s across most locations, 30s up towards monticello. our normal high should be in the low 40s, and we'll be above that across parts of the region.
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on this system, thanksgiving headed in our -- this is headed in our direction and will bring us our next chance of precipitation. antwan and christina? >> sad news to tell you about from virginia. a police officer shot and killed on the job just one day after being sworn in. officer ashley was one of the officers responding to a domestic violence call last night. police say when they arrived, the suspect, a ronald hamilton an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon, owned fire. the police department is mourning over the loss of the officer. >> our condolences go out to ashley's mother and her extended family as well as all of her loved ones throughout this department and beyond. we're asking for thoughts and prayers as well as we monitor the conditions of our other two officers who remain hospitalized today. >> investigators found the suspect's wife dead at the scene.
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murder and other charges. he will be arraigned tomorrow. >> the nypd is investigating two more slashings in the city, one in chelsea early morning. the second victim was cut while trying to break up that fact. no arrests have been made. there have been more than 600 slashings or stabbings in the city so far this year, that's compared to about 500 during the same period last year. >> a new york city council member calling for action after four hit and run crashes involving pedestrians overnight, three we understand were fatal. a 63-year-old man was struck and killed near the cross bronx expressway this morning. a 41-year-old bicyclist was killed in brooklyn, a third man killed by a vehicle in queens. in every case police say that the drivers took off. >> for creation, the reward a state like we --
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to provide cash rewards to anyone providing information leading to the arrest of hit and run drivers. >> now, the fourth victim in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle in south jamaica, queens. >> the cruise ship that was battered by a major storm earlier this month turned around mid trip returning to its home port in new jersey today to avoid a severe storm as well as a possible nor provirus outbreak. the ship left last sunday for a scheduled 13-day voyage, but royal caribbean said it wanted to be extra cautious. the cruise line has received criticism for sailing into an early february storm that damaged the ship and injured four people. >> so this is a common complaint when flying, no leg room on most airlines. >> one local lawmaker is trying to make flying the friendly skies a lot more comfortable. lisa evers has the story. >> airline passengers often complain about shrinking seats and leg room and many figure not
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but now an act of congress could change all that. the average leg room in most airlines has declined by nearly four inches, and the width of the seats narrowed by almost two inches. passengers are feeling the pain, and so is new york's senior senator who wants to change that to a mandatory faa funding bill. >> i will be introducing an amendment to require the airlines to go back to the old system, 35 inches, 18 inches. 35 inches for leg room, 18 inches is the width of the seat. >> schumer believes it should be done without a fare increase since airline ares are making record high profits, $9 billion last quarter alone. but while they welcome the idea, passengers we spoke to are skeptical it can be done without raising fares. >> i'm over six foot, so i would think that would be perfect, but it's not money wise for the airlines, so i doubt they're going to comply. >> we think that would be great, but i don't see it happening. absolutely not.
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>> it's always nicer to get more room, but how much is it going to change the price as well, so it's a compromise. >> the kennard family supports schumer's proposal. kimberly is six feet tall and her brother kenneth is 6-10. >> it's horrible. i mean, for someone like me who's six foot, i want to relax, i can't. i'm cramped up the entire flight. and the fares just keep going up and up, and i just have to sit uncomfortable for the next two or three hours. >> not everyone has enough money to fly first class. i need that extra room as much as i can get, so i think it's a good idea that it's being offered and should be passed. >> an industry trade organization called airlines for america says government regulations should be limited to seating safety, not seat size. senator schumer says if all goes as planned, this could pass by the end of march. at laguardia airport, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. >> all right, lisa. so leg room, very, very interesting. all right. still more to come on the fox 5
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>> coming up, why you may want to hit the malls tomorrow. deals that you won't want to miss. >> and forget the academy
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to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> you're watching fox 5 news at six. >> leap year comes around once every four years, and this year retailers are rolling out special deals. >> to mark this occasion.
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has all the details. >> this day comes every four years, it's a today on which the universe realigns itself with our clocks and calendars. and this year retailers are hoping the occasion syncs with up your spending dollars. >> you've got promotions, specials, special events, giveaways, two for one specials, $29 specials, two for $29 specials. the list goes on and on. >> carrabba's italian grill is offering coupons to save 20% off your entire meal, and leaplings who celebrate at hard rock cafe s will receive a free entree. >> check out hashtag leap year, had been tagg 29 fab or hashtag flash sales and see what you come up with. you could score some coupons. >> leap year babies can also take advantage of hotel deals like the forever young package at the melrose georgetown hotel in washington d.c.
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complete with birthday cake and a champagne toast. >> it's a day about eating and drinking with potential menus -- special menus that revolve around leap day. >> several places are offering leap day coupon codes, and if you blinked you missed jetblue's book before you leap sale. >> it was a flash sale. it disappeared right before our eyes. it gets consumers to jump in and buy. >> jetblue is offering another deal for travel through april 30th, though, use code winter16. >> it's all about at the end of the day keeping their existing customers happy and attracting new ones as well. >> in new york, gerri willis, fox business. >> drone fanatics were flying high at the meadowlands expedition center today, different shapes and sizes as the westchester radio air or moders show.
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and cars were also featured, more than 100 manufacturers got to showcase their products. >> 50 shades of grey dominating the razzies. >> worst screenplay, worst actor, worst actress for dakota johnson. the true actors got worst screen combo and was tied as the year's worst film. >> not many people would argue with that one. also winners, kaley cuoco got worst supporting actress for alvin and the chipmunks, eddie redmayne for jupiter ascending and, oh, no, sly stallone? redeemer award, okay, which acknowledges raz,zie winners who are crossed over. >> got a good role, okay. >> all right. one thing that wasn't bad was
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>> this was the scene in hoboken, new jersey, earlier today as you can see many, many kids taking advantage of the warmer-than-normal temperatures. >> audrey joins us now with what we can expect for the workweek. >> hi, audrey. >> hi. yes, temperatures very nice across the tristate area, the official high in central park 60 degrees at about 4:00, and this morning we started off with a temperature of 38. right now we're sitting at 59 in the park, our dewpoint and humidity very comfortable at the moment, and the winds are out of the south/southwest, but they've been breezy, and that will continue. area wide we're mostly in the 50s with 40s across long island and up towards bridge port. elsewhere across the northeast we have nice temperatures from boston the nation's capital, 62 in poughkeepsie -- excuse me, pittsburgh, and the 60-degree readings extend out towards detroit at the moment. nice and quiet here in the immediate tristate area. in fact, much of the northeast is experiencing tranquil weather at the moment.
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starting to edge into the great lakes region, and this is one that's going to be affecting us tomorrow morning. an area of low pressure is working its way into the great lakes. there's a cold front associated with it, so as it makes it way into the region, this will be an increasing chance of shower activity for the morning commute, but things should move out rather quickly, and we should be much drier for the evening commute. then our next focus will be on this area of low pressure currently working into the pacific northwest at the moment. it's going to work its way across the nation, pick up energy out of the gulf of mexico, and this is going to be a big rapemaker for our area by the -- rainmaker for our area, flooding could be an issue by wednesday, and it will be quite windy. temperatures, fortunately, will be warm enough for rain, we don't think this'll be a big snow for our region. places north and west, different story. future cast is showing mainly clear skies. i think the clouds will quickly move in in the morning, showers arrive after 9, 10:00, and they quickly move out.
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3:00, and we'll see the sunset tomorrow night as things get much quieter for monday evening. on tuesday i think we'll be having a mix of sun and clouds, no rain in the forecast by then. our focus will be on the rainstorm arriving on wednesday, and that will be a soaking rain across the region. so tonight mostly clear. it'll be gusty, too, with our winds blustering about 20 miles per hour. overnight lows mostly in the 30s to mid 40s, actually, mid 40s are normal highs for this time of year. tomorrow morning an early scattered shower, then we'll see some sunshine through the clouds. temperatures remain above average, high numbers in the mid 50s to low 60s. we'll be in the 40s on tuesday with a mix of sun and clouds. wednesday a big rainmaker but with temperatures well above freezing, it'll just be rain and not snow. on thursday, plenty of sunshine, and then on friday we're watching for a system that could affect be us with a rain/snow mix, and this one bears some watching.
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and forth, so i'm not committing to anything, but it's something that bears watching. right now our immediate concern is a couple of slick roadways in the early morning hours tomorrow and a big rainmaker for thursday. >> we were clapping because we were hoping it was just going to stay off to the -- >> we'll have to wait and see. >> okay. >> we'll watch it. >> audrey, thanks. >> ryan is here with a look at what's coming up tonight in sports. >> the rangers on the eve of the nhl trade deadline, rangers make a huge move today. we've got the details. plus, march madness is on the horizon, and one local team made a huge statement on sunday. we'll show it to you up next i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest.
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>> all right. let's start with the rangers who made a huge splash before tomorrow's nhl trade deadline n. a deal with the carolina hurricanes, they're acquired eric staal. the 31-year-old had spent his entire 12-year career with carolina. so far this season staal had 10 goals and 23 assists and will join his brother marc. in exchange, the rangers sent two second round picks and a prospect down to carolina. selection sunday is two weeks from tomorrow, and the seton hall pirates added a bigtime win, hosting fifth-ranked xavier in newark, second half pirates already up 14 on the break. isaiah whitehead, nice bounce pass to desi rodriguez. rodriguez led the way with 27 points on the day. then under seven minutes to go, hall up 15.
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seton hall up 18 at that point, and the pirates pull off the major upset 90-81. seton hall now 21-7 on the season. as for st. johns, a tough season for chris mullen and company. this may have been the low point today taking on creighton. blue jays put this game away in the first half on an 8-0 run -- 18-0 run. 40-18, creighton, at that point. st. johns gets blown out 100-59. big night on sports extra presented by toyota tonight, getting ready for baseball season. sprung training kicks off with games this week, going to be talking about that with ben ryder of "sports illustrated" and the knicks with ian begley. all good stuff tonight. >> mullen's just taking this in stride, i mean -- >> it's been rough. first season has been tough. a little bit of recruiting coming in next year, hopefully they can turn it around quick because this has been a rough year. >> painful. >> thanks, ryan. >> could deadpool kill the
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>> we'll tell you if marvel's this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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>> well a third straight week deadpool dominated the weekend box office taking in $31.5 million. so far this superhero movie starring ryan reynolds has grossed more than $285 million in the u.s. and more than $600 million worldwide making it the third biggest r-rated movie of all time. >> coming in second was gods of egypt debuting this week with $14 million. rounding out the top five, "kung fu panda" in third, let's see, risen and then eddie the eagle which actually looks pretty good.
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could his racy interviews with howard stern come back to haunt him? >> every time i do your show i get in trouble. >> then, the american war hero from this famous photo. they immortalized him into a statue. brutally attacked. >> and, bizarre noises, from nowhere. it is a real life x-files. where the heck are they coming from? then ... charge! he's chasing a u.s. senator. >> were you scared for your life? >> plus ... the amazing levitating kid. how did he do it? and ... the bear who mauled leonardo dicaprio in the revenant is really a dude. now, inside edition weekend. >> trump on stern.


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