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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  March 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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. good morning to you, happy friday, thanks for watching cbs chase. i'm russ bow en. live report just ahead. first though we are going to check in storm team meteorologist alyssa,. yes there is rain, cloudier skies moved in throughout the overnight, clouds on our satellite and radar composite, the rain showers are off to our west and those arrived later today, just a spotty shower or two, so it will not be a washout. it may look like it is going to rain.
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durham, louisiana is burg and roanoke happen i hads, 66 around fayetteville area. mid-60s around 8:00. 74 at lunch time. temperatures looking similar to the past few days. still well above normal, high of 77 degrees, back to 73 for the evening drive home, and i do think there will be the chance for a few showers this afternoon, not everyone will see the wet weather but there will be that chance. i will let you know how long those rain chances answering around and if they are around for the weekend ahead, we are looking at wade avenue and edwards mill just a few cars out there this morning, keep in mind it is still pretty early on this friday morning commute. speaking of your commute conditions, i want to show you your live drive map, looking at everyone in the groan, if you are traveling through the fort fewed project on i-40 westbound we are looking at speeds moving about 60 miles per hour be
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exact speed on there, 63 miles per hour i-40 westbound. new details this morning we are finding out more about a death investigation in johnston county. today the mother a man found dead is in just disbelief. >> i'm just shocked and didn't believe this. >> neighbor tell us they heard gunshots yesterday, but officials have not confirmed any cause of death yesterday. cbs north carolina lauren havelin is live on scene. >> reporter: she said she really doesn't know what happen here and it is driving her absolutely crazy. she tells us that her son along with another woman were found at this home behind me. can you see that a deputy is still here along with crime scene tape surrounding this unit home drive. and the sheriff's office responded here around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, after a family friend found a man
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when deputies arrived they found the woman dead, too, and deputies say that two year old they found is okay and safe and now with family members. like you guys said, it's unclear how the two died. but a neighbor told cbs north carolina they did hear the gunshots the night before the couple was found. while the sheriff did not release the names of the victims we did speak to that mother, her son she saids is matt jones, here is how she described her son matt. >> matt was -- he was hard to get along with sometimes, sometimes he was as sweet as he could be. sometimes he was as general use he could be sometimes. sometimes he was very hard to get along with. and we've just never really had no problems basically between me and him. >> it was just everybody else. >> reporter: now, the sheriff is definitely stressing that it is still early in this case, but him and his investigators
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and around the neighborhood trying to find witnesses and evidence. of course if you have information you are urged to called johnston county sheriff's office. today the lee county man accused of murdering his wife and stepdaughter is expected in court, facing two counts of murder, investigators say he killed calandra mcchain and his stepdaughter in july. he could face the death penalty. today a motion hearing is scheduled for that case. attorneys could present new evidence or continue the case. durham police continue to search for the person who shot and kill add 15-year-old tuesday night. someone open fired on maple wood drive killing david pounds and wounding his cousin tim stevens, a family member tells us stevens may have been the intended target. leading to an arrest in the
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durham man, this happened wednesday afternoon on ridgeway avenue. police say the man was working on his car when several shots were fired from a white ford taurus hitting the man right in the arm. investigators believe it may have been a rental car,. fayetteville police are locking for a man wanted in a 1996 of murder for johnny belle junior, believing he shot mark black man to death on kernel street, charged with first degree murder, please call police if you happen to know where he is. right now crews in moore county are trying to figure out what started a large house fire, at the home that is located on highway 93, a man who was inside did manage to escape safely though. turning now to the race for the white house, the four gop candidates left vying for their parties nominations squared off in a big debate in miami, taking a look at the back and
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and reaction from the debate. >> so far i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> for once, the latest gop presidential debate is being remembered for its substance and not snack. when it ended john kasich admitted it got him attention. >> i actually get a chance to be heard and look, the exciting thing is we are rising. >> the most tweeted of the fight when marco rubio talked about climate changed. >> i think the fundamental question for a policy maker is the climate changes because something we are doing. the most popular topic was national security, ted cruz tried using the issue to bring down donald trump. >> donald supported hillary clinton and john kerry and what he said right now is that he agrees in principle with what they are doing, they should negotiate a little bit better deals. >> trump defended his recent controversial comment that
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>> there is tremendous hatred. >> afterwards cbs north carolina major garrett pressed him. >> as commander be chief how do you deal with that, solve the problem. >> i will figure it out because i find a way to figure everything out. >> voters in the winner takes all states of florida and ohio take to the polls tuesday. president obama and first lady michele obama host a canadian prime minister at the white house. >> they posted pictures at the white house before the grand staircase, and people are going nuts on social media. >> crazy. >> with what they looked like. >> absolutely gorgeous. minnesota sheriff's deputy nearly escaped serious injury during a traffic shop, a driver ran off the road, dash cam video shows the deputy running away and yelling to the driver of the car, the suv missed the
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>> yeah, close call for sure. >> glad he is okay. >> too bad they have ice out there still. >> that is something we don't want to mess with. let's get you caught up on time, 5:08, coming up on cbs north carolina north carolina. did you mean to leave the boy on the bus, do you have anything to say to him or his month. >> a school bus driver is in
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needs student my office needs new laptops at a great price. well, staples has low prices and a price match guarantee. i took a body language class once and the way you're standing could mean you're hiding something. oh! uh, staples has low prices. okay, now you're shouting... [laughing] we can hear ya! the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. . first thing after work i rushed out to the first patio restaurant i could find, had lunch outside, it was a gorgeous day. >> my sunroof was down and i was loving every minute of it. >> today, cloudy skies, and over the weekend cloudy skies as well. >> oh, no. >> unfortunate timing there, here is a look at drive time
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63, stay in the low 60s through 7:00 a.m. start to climb 66 at 8:00 a.m. 68 by 9:00 a.m. 10:00 and some of us will be in the 70s. it is cloudy out there, this is a live picture from the raleigh/durham international airport, all is quiet. so let's check in with temperatures elsewhere, 65 right now in sigh letter city, the cloudy skies are the beginning of it, next step will be a few showers, don't arrive until later this afternoon, the bulk of the rain is off toward the gulf states, but does not need anymore rain. so taking you hour by hour today, 66 at 8:00 a.m. 90 by 10:00 a.m.
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isolated shower later today, we could see an isolated shower overnight tonight and rain is in the forecast ahead, breaking down rain chances coming up in the complete storm team forecast. >> no open sunroof this weekend. time now is 5:12, a florida bus driver walks by a sleeping student on her bus? >> hey, you all left me on the bus yesterday. >> bet she didn't believe him. coming up on cbs north carolina why investigators say the driver should have listened, what happen next, you (avo) how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real turkey and venison has 30% protein.
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(vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. . welcome back north carolina news top stories so far, the johnston county sheriff's office is conducting a death investigation, they found a man and a woman dead join side of a home on unit drive. deputies also found a two year old at the home.
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today democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders will make a campaign stop in raleigh, at the doug energy center officer the performing arts downtown. funeral services to take place for former first lady nancy reagan, the 94 year old passed away last week from heart failure including michele obama, george w bush and hillary clinton are all expected to pay their final respect. right now two school district employees in florida faced charges leaving a special needs child on the bus. it happened twice in one week, a 13-year-old was sleeping, when he woke up he realized he was alone and jumped out of the window, he had to walk and hitch hike 30 miles home and two different times. there is a system on the bus that sends and alarm when the
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drive tore to the back to stop it. investigators say the driver had students disarm it. >> while it wasn't functioning, the brains of the driver and the attendant. >> the employees are on paid leave while an internal investigation is completed. the women are also facing child neglect charges. well this is a story you don't want to miss, 13-year-old albert jeffries the fourth had a heart transplant at unc childrens hospital. >> cbs north carolina met with his parents and sharon ta . >> oh, my god. >> we are glad. >> this is wonderful. oh, my god, jesus. >> it's not bad. >> a welcomed unexpected phone
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turner found out her 13-year- old son albert would get prepped for a new heart that same day. tina rushed to the hospital where lj was willing monitored for the last 999 days. watch his reaction. >> what is going on, did i get my heart? they got my heart? >> yes, yes. >> no, no, your heart is here, it's a good heart. >> i'm nervous. >> you are going to get a new heart. lj, you are going to live, baby. you are going to live. you are going to get a new heart. you are going to get a new heart. >> lj excited, confused and scared all at once. he was born with a heart muscle disease, his hearten larged and deteriorating, while at the
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heart one last time. teary eyed but grateful. fast forward to post surgery. this is cell phone video shot thursday morning when albert first woke up. his first words. >> saying he feels like a new person, then, asking for cold ice water. >> it's still surreal. it's still surreal. >> i just feel blessed, i just feel that god has stepped in and did his thing with my son. and my son, he's so brave. he's so brave. and he is inspired me to be stronger. >> today, someone else's heartbeats strong in young lj, his parents forever grateful. >> god bless that family. god bless that family. >> for sure. an update now, we are happy to
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he is alert, awake and using his cell phone. if all goes as planned he will be able to go home in a couple of weeks. his mom and dad says they want him to be a regular boy and one day he wants to create his very own video games. hopefully all that nervousness that he was experiencing you know when he first received the announcement is going to repoliced with pure happiness to be alive and healthy. >> another reminder about organ donation as well. >> absolutely. taking a look at the weather now i know things are looking good for the most part when it comes to the temperatures. why, the temperatures, the sky cover not so pretty. >> we have been so blessed. >> yeah, we have been. 63 degrees, and here is a live picture from our tower camera this morning. and we are looking out over the beltline, not a lot going on right now but it's early on this friday morning. what we are noticing are very mild conditions because of the cloudy skies.
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65 in henderson. also in the mid-60s around b borrow, 63, more of the mid 60's lillington, fayette and clinton this morning. as you are planning your day today 66 at 8:00 a.m. 74 at lunch time. 77 our afternoon high. temperature wise we are looking similar to where we have been the past few days, more clouds and it may look like it's going to rain, chance for rain is actually pretty small. right now no rain on our ray consider, but we are seeing plenty of clouds throughout the satellite. as i show you the bigger picture, there is light showers across central portions of west virginia, the bulk heavy rain down across the gulf states, we've been reporting time and time again that is an area that no longer needs the rain, this frontal boundary has been stalled back to our west, that is finally going to go shift off to the east and move into our area later today. bringing us the chance for just
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slowly slides out to the open atlantic, we should be dry this morning, still rather cloudy through lunch time and into the afternoon. just and isolated shower possible. you will notice our in house model keeping us drive around 5:30 this evening, overnight to night. that is the way we'll start off saturday, saturday we could see a few spotty showers as well, no washout anticipated throughout the day on saturday. for today, pretty cloudy, that stray afternoon shower, 82 in pinehurst, 81 in bayford, fort building in the fayetteville area. .99 -- 995 chori bore -- 95 corridor. and here in the triangle 97 in raleigh, carry and towards the durham area as well. overnight tonight a stray shower possible, 56 our low, as we head into the coming days, 66 tomorrow, a drop in temperature for saturday, better rain chances for sunday
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clocks ahead one hour as we head to bed saturday night. a good opportunity to check the batteries in your smoke detectors this weekend. 5:22 let's check in with traffic if you are getting ready to head out the door this morning here is i 440 just a few cars out there, all is clear, no fog to worry about and no rain coming down just yet. so we'll continue to watch your traffic conditions throughout the morning. i do want to show you your drive times before you get ready to head out the door, 540, 440 heading westbound all in the groan. eastbound very similar conditions, no delays yet on the roadways. russ and stefan. it's 5:22, the ack tournament continues to excite, coming up we'll have a wrap on last night's games, plus a look at today's big lineup. the video of an assault on a protester at a donald trump fayetteville rally has gone
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who hit the and then there was one, that is the number of triangle teams left in the acc tournament. >> it was a rough day for the blue devils and a good day for the tar heels.
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and the let downs in dc. north carolina quickly erases 79 point deficit late in the first half, the tar heels were never threatened by pitt, rice johnson and joe berry combining for 499 points, impressive 88-71 win over the panthers which begs the question can this team be stopped in dc? >> i don't know, i don't know if we can be stopped, like we did today, every 40 minutes we just -- it's crazy. >> duke looked unstoppable against notre dame much the devils were able to open up a 16 point lead, then fatigue seemed to settle in. the under man devils couldn't get a shot. a loss that has duke searching for answers there is a collective responsibility but then individually everyone needs to come to terms with how they are hurting or helping the team. >> there will be no battle of the blues part 3, north carolina heads on to the semi
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tournament, todd gibson cbs north carolina. >> todd has that plumb assignment we are a little jealous, unc will face notre dame tonight at 7:00. >> you can count on updates on, as well as a report. coming up in our next half- hour. i'm lauren haviland, coming up from hear from a johnston county mother who says her son along with another woman were
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anything happen to me, nothing is supposed to happen like this. >> right now on cbs north carolina investigation under way after two people are found dead, new this morning, hear from a mother who is in shock. plus this.
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spectator sport. >> north carolina get ready for feel the bern, another presidential candidate coming to raleigh to ask for your vote. what they had to do to get to flames. good morning everyone, thanks for being with with us, i'm russ bowen. you forgot to say happy friday. >> i've stefan chase. we have your morning news. good morning alyssa. good morning guys, good morning to you at home as well, yes, it is friday. and the clouds have moved back in just what we were expecting them to do. cloudy skies outside this morning, no rain right now, the rain just off to our north and west a few showers towards charleston, west virginia back towards kentucky as well, let's get the temperatures on the map, 63 in raleigh, 64 in durham. not a lot of variety as far as


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