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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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york, a big stink on the shore. thousands of dead fish washed up in a new jersey creek. officials say it is the second fish kill in the waterway this week. >> it's a startling sight and there is a stomach-turning smell. it could take a couple of days for all these dead fish to wash out of that creek. gus rosendale is there with what's behind the fish kill. gus? >> reporter: david, an update since we last saw you at 4:00. the tide has gone out. it's leaving thousands of fish stuck on the creek bank. they are further fermenting under the sun. the smell is getting worse. there is relief, though, in sight. harley's owner says you normally can't keep this dog out of the water. not today and here's why. a massive fish kill along the
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just feet from where these friends gather about every day in the summer. >> it is foul. i'm smelling it today and it is not good. >> reporter: conservationist tells me this fish kill is larger than most. though not an unusual occurrence this time of year. extreme heat chokes the oxygen supply, turning the situation into a fatal one for small fish. >> we've had a couple of weeks that has to play into this. >> the temperatures here have been sweltering. you can imagine what it is like in a smaller water body. >> reporter: no negative long-term effects, but no threat to the public save for the smell. these sun worshippers are sticking with the ways and tolerating the stink. >> hundreds of thousands of fish. >> for real? >> yeah. >> that's terrible. there goes my day in the water.
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along the creek where you see those thousands of fish, some still hanging out at least for a while. they won't be here for too much longer. it is expected that they will wash away in the next cycle or two. that's about the next day or so. when they've had worse fish kills, we're told sometimes they have used local prisoners to help shovel them out of the water. a pungent way to pay back your debt to society. i'm gus rosendale, news 4 new york. the putnam county man accused of raping and murdering sit in jail until his trial begins next month. anthony posted $1 million bail in june and was released for the first time in 20 years. prosecutors said there were concerns about his activity on social media. a judge revoked the bail and ordered him back behind bars. he was convicted twice in the killing, but both convictions were overturned. a routine traffic stop on long island turned into a big
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pulled over a man for not signaling. there was white powder on the floor of his car. drug packing materials were allegedly found inside. the man facing several traffic and drug charges. you can see the man sneaking up behind a gas station attendant. the suspect takes the knife i the worker. this happened sunday at petroleum gas. >> very nice guy. very nice guy. cool guy. he don't bother nobody. >> the robber got away with $200. the gas station worker was not physically hurt, but coworkers tell us he is shaken up. following some breaking news right now in new jersey. crews trying to put out a truck
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dennis protsko is in chopper 4. >> fully involved truck fire breaking out just after 5:00. you can crews putting water on the fire. a number of trucks queued up trying to pass this. they're the only ones delayed. no injuries to report here in newark. back to you in the studio. new york city's council speaker is blasting big blue ov taken against a football player accused of domestic violence. the nfl suspended josh brown for one game for his arrest last year. the charges were later dropped. melissa says a six-game suspension is the baseline punishment in the nfl for domestic violence, but giants going easy on josh brown with only one game, #notafan.
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catholic high school. according to our partners at the bergen record, a judge will allow the suit against paramus catholic to move forward. the woman's attorney says paramus catholic illegally fired her after she married another woman. the school said she was fired because of the marriage, but not because she was a lesbian. grad students who work as research orch form unions. teaching assistants were not strictly speaking employees was the old ruling. two baseball fans from new jersey hit in the face by foul balls at two different games. >> one of them a 9-year-old girl. a burglary caught on camera
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consulate. coming up, what the burglars made off with that could help police track them down. our weather remains calm and beautiful. it's starting to spark up in the tropics in terms of storms. this as we take a closer look at what's out there right now. i'll give you the forecast coming up next. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. homegrown zika no longer just in the miami area, but now across the state. the new worry for florida health african-american voters may be falling flat. they are lifesavers for allergy sufferers, so why is the cost of
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a manhattan burglary had the potential to become an international pair of crooks burglarized the indonesian consulate. >> reporter: the big question, how did the burglars get past this gate and into the consulate? the consul general telling us he thinks they jumped from this red building here behind me and broke in through the side gate. surveillance video shows the pair, a man and woman, snooping through the indonesian consulate just an hour after the security
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night. >> we are very disturbed this happened. this is my third year here and nothing like this happened before. >> reporter: the acting consulate general said his staff first noticed his honda odyssey missing from the space out front. >> nobody took it. nobody used our stuff. >> reporter: he says the burglars came in through the side door and swiped the keys from behind the reception desk. they ao of vodka, a samsung tablet, and a suitcase full of clothing. both burglars described as about 18 to 25 years old. the woman last seen wearing gray sweat pants and dark colored sandals, the man wearing a black and white striped tank top. he believes the burglary was random. >> i hope the police can find the culprits swiftly. >> reporter: he doesn't
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asking anyone who may know who those burglars are to give them a call at crime stoppers. lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. no swimming at five state parks in connecticut. the beaches have been closed because of high levels of bacteria in the water. that includes the indian well and shelton. state water officials are collecting water samples today. if they come back clean, the beaches will be open tomorrow. a second avenue come fast enough for businesses blocked by the construction. how the work led to an even bigger problem for one restaurant. targeted while walking home alone. tonight 4 investigates apps meant to keep you safe and we're
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the action at a major league baseball came can happened in lightning fast speed. two new jersey fans found that out the hard way. the foul ball hit a 9-year-old girl in the face. she was carried out of the park by her father. one in the mouth with another foul ball. she was sitting in the same section and had her daughter on her lap. >> we saw it coming right at us, so i pushed her out of the way. i literally saw it come and smack me right in the face. >> how sad he was to hurt me. i thought if i were him i wouldn't be able to sleep at night. >> well, the phillies say they
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those incidents. they added protective netting over the winter and they're looking to add some more. three people arrested for a theft of seafood from a shipping terminal in new jersey and this was no small haul. in june, more than 2,000 boxes of frozen eels were stolen from the elizabeth facility worth more than $1 million. yesterday the owners step up a sting. police swept in and made the arrest. less than half of the frozen eels were recovered. let >> we're looking great. the tropics is getting active. we have to keep an eye on that this time of year. tropical storm gaston moved away from africa. it is in the atlantic. this storm is expected to become a hurricane tonight. right now it should stay east, but that might change. we have the leftovers of fiona here near bermuda and this system. it is going to be moving over
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toward st. croix and san juan over the next 24 hours. a lot of heavy rain here. it will make its tracks over the turks and caicos and the bahamas over the next several days. in the meantime, our weather is great. it is warming up a little bit tomorrow. yes, the humidity will start to creep back in. a shower or a storm possible on friday. that is going to be the hottest day when we're up to 90 degrees. after that though brings us back to the 80s for the weekend fantastic weather is in store for this weekend. great for all your outdoor plans. mid 80s no problems from the weather at all. temperatures across long island range from 73 to 83. pretty nice weather there. across the rest of the tri-state it is 80 in the city and sussex and 81 degrees in morristown. this evening it is nice. clear skies, refreshing conditions. more 50s and 60s later on
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spots, but not as many tonight. 66 in the city and 69 in bridgeport. look for highs tomorrow mid to upper 80s. maybe close to 90 in places like poughkeepsie. the city should see 90 on friday. that's the day when we might see some storms. fantastic weekend. last weekend in august. beautiful weather. next week a few on and off showers and storms. back to you. in just four months, the first phase of construction has been trying to patience of many residents and business owners, incng one man who said better get band th asked us to sin. this is his labor describing it as a cozy three andal ago, neighborhood eatery. >> you can come here in sweats or when you have, quote/unquote, a date.
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heart of the construction of the mta secondve >> every time i've owned a place downtown 60% of my customers that come downtown are all from uptown or the upper east side or the west side. yes, there was the construction, but i thought this was something different they would feel comfortable with. >> reporter: to boost business over the summer, frank applied back in march for a sidewalk cafe permit. >> when i went to them, they go you cannot get a sidewalk cafe because your sidewalk is not
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sidewalk outside his restaurant. about three months ago, he says the mta shifted work to the opposite side of the street and left this as the new sidewalk. >> about five feet of my sidewalk to my entrance at the door was not completed. >> reporter: he's worried about the large number of seniors who frequent his business. he's been urging the mta to bring the sidewalk up to code. >> they all cannot come here any longer because the majority uses walker. >> reporter: after trying for months, frank said better get baquero. >> i just want mta to be sensitive to the small businesses we have here. this is my money. i'm here with my two girls. this is it. >> so we asked the mta to look into this and immediately problem solved. a spokesman told us venus and mark would get a ramp that meets ada requirements and building
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be adjusted to the new sidewalk elevation. here's proof. the work began two days later. frank is pleased that he can now move forward with that application for a sidewalk cafe permit. looks pretty good. back to you guys. staying safe when you are out all alone at night. tonight, 4 investigates how you can protect yourself with your smartphone. natalie is here with a look at what's coming up new tonight at 6:00. >> thanks. and robbed. now the police want your help to find the suspect before he attacks more elderly people. plus, another installment of our i-team exclusive where burglars share their tricks of the trade. those stories and much more all
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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we've seen it happen too many times. women followed on their way home at night and 4 investigates how an app for your smartphone could have you or your loved one walking without fear. here's marc santia. >> reporter: attacked while walking alone, the stories, the video, all too familiar. it can make all of us worry about our loved ones and wonder -- >> did you make it to your destination? >> reporter: these days your smartphone can help answer that question and keep you safe. increasingly popular apps that
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with the help of four young new yorkers, 4 investigates tested three of the most popular apps -- be safe, petronis, and companion. we started with companion. type in your destination, send to preselected friends, and instantly they're tracking you on a map. as we watc we put it to the test. the app pinged her phone. >> i got an alert asking if i was okay. i have 11 seconds to press the yes button. >> reporter: when sofie didn't, companion sounded the alarm. >> i can say i'm okay or i can call the police. >> reporter: next up, be safe. be safe has the same tracking feature as companion. >> this makes me feel better
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other twists. as we track kayla, she pretended she was in trouble. with the push of a button -- >> now she's asking for help. >> reporter: we knew something was wrong and our phone automatically called kayla. other features include a timer that will sound the alarm if you haven't reached your destination in time, instant video recording, and it will make a fake call to get you out of trouble or a bad date. >> i just logged on. it was a really simple >> reporter: our last app, petronis. >> she is right here. >> reporter: she noticed one feature that made her feel extra safe. >> what's really nice about this app is there's a huge button at the top of the screen that immediately calls 911 if you press it. >> reporter: all of the apps had great features, but -- >> they're very helpful, but they have to be used in addition
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to report trouble and alert others. roy says the technology is great, but nothing replaces your eyes and ears and trusting your gut. >> you want to make sure your head is on a swivel. >> absolutely. it is important to be alert when you're walking around, particularly in the evening. >> so much of being safe is being aware of where you are. >> i think common sense is number one. >> reporter: in harlem, marc santia. news 4 new york. >> more investigations mean more answers. if you have something you think call us 866-639-7244. thanks so much for watching. stay with us as the news continues. now at 6:00, manhunt. the search for the gunman who fired a barrage of bullets at a man and a pregnant woman killing one of them. the hunt for a heartless criminal who assaulted and robbed an 81-year-old woman. another sexual harassment
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"news 4 new york at 6:00" starts right now. i'm natalie pasquarella. >> and i'm david ushery. a killer is on the loose in newark. >> police are searching for the person who shot two people who were sitting on the porch of their home in newark last night. one of them died almost instantly. the sixth person killed in newark in 72 hours. michael george is in newark with more on this surge of violence. >> reporter: in the last three days, police here at police headquarters are six new homicides as you said, including the shooting of a woman who is nine months pregnant. violent crime is actually down in newark, but we spoke to newark residents who say that's not what they saw this weekend. shooting after shooting after shooting. six murders in newark in 72 hours. the latest victim a woman just weeks from being a new mom. she's nine months pregnant and now recovering in the hospital
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is newark. >> this has become a part of this everyday living. >> reporter: we asked newark's public safety director about the violent weekend. he says the crimes appear to be unrelated. >> the majority are isolated. they're disputes, domestic or drug related. there is concern with the public. i understand, but there's no madman running around doing it. >> reporter: murders are up. 63 so far this yea 59 last year, but police say overall crime is down 19% and shootings are down 20%. but for a resident, statistics don't matter much. you have kids. do you feel safe with them walking around here? >> no, we plan on moving. >> reporter: because of the crime? >> because of the crime. >> reporter: other residents told us they don't feel any safer. >> back in the day, you could sleep on a bench.


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