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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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installed on the l.i.e. in 2011. as for the steel plates, dot would not comment on whether they played a role in the crash, but they are designed to sustain car speed of 60 miles an hour. friends and family gathered to remember the life of scott crash. >> he was always quietly finding ways to connect people to do good things. >> reporter: back at the crash site, carmelo's cousins say they grieve for all the victims and they want a thorough investigation, stressing finger pointing should not just be at their loved one. they believe other factors played a deadly role. >> it is easy to say he was flying, maybe like 95, 100 miles an hour and call it a day. >> reporter: 4 investigates will
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this case, including what role, if any, those steel plates played in the crash. i'm marc santia, news 4 new york. new at 5:00, a mystery in the bronx. a woman disappeared. her boyfriend now accused of killing her, but where is her body? wale aliyu is in the concourse section with clues police are following up tonight. wale? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with police. they say this guy has wrap sheet. he has 24 priors ranging from drugs to robbery. tonight he's facing murder. he is expected to see a judge at this bronx criminal court any moment now. our cameras tracked detectives going into the apartment tuesday of 52-year-old juana alvarez and her boyfriend. police arrested her boyfriend tuesday for murder, manslaughter, and criminal
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he wasn't friendly. >> reporter: police believe he murdered alvarez in this very apartment even though they can't find her body. alvarez has not been seen since july 11th. police say her caseworker reported her missing on august 9th. we found missing person's signs posted all over the neighborhood. neighbors say the last they saw her was last month. she was crying and asking for money. >> sad because the last time i see her in the apartment, i don't see her anymore. >> reporter: the boyfriend confessed to a friend that he killed alvarez. once here, police removed security footage from the apartment showing him hauling something from the building. >> i couldn't believe it. she's so nice with him.
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really nice. >> reporter: now the boyfriend was not caught at his apartment. police actually say they caught him while he was committing yet another crime. they say they caught him while jumping a subway turnstile at penn station. news 4 new york. new at 5:00, there is word tonight that the reward for information leading to an arrest in the howard beach jogger case is now $185,000. carina announcement today. her body turned up august 3rd in howard beach. there's still no word of any suspects. a grand jury is reviewing evidence in a murder case on long island. a man accused of killing his own mother. the 23-year-old was in court today. police say he drowned his mother in the pool of her home in lloyd harbor last week. authorities say he confessed to killing her.
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face in williamsburg by a stranger asking for directions to a synagogue. the anti-defamation league says this is happening far too often and it is causing concern. ray villeda is there. >> reporter: that hasidic man was walking down the street when he was approached by another man. as he started to give directions, he was knocked, punched down to the ground. it happened sunday the attacker asked where's the synagogue on hughes street. the victim started to explain. then the attacker punched him on the left side of his face. the hasidic man from rockland county fell to the ground hurting his knee and face. he wasn't seriously hurt. to give you some perspective, according to the anti-defamation
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anti-semitic attacks in new york city. according to the city's office of the inspector general, the department's intelligence division continued surveillance after the date nypd officials say the inspector general's complaints only involve technical administrative issues and the department says it is overall pleased with the report. to decision 2016 now. republican presidential nominee donald trump is backtracking a controversial promise to deport millions of immigrants. instead he says he'll just kick out the criminals. steve handelsman in washington with more.
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here's the irony. donald trump running as the republican outsider is using as a model president obama, the ultimate democratic insider whose plan, trump says, he'll now switch to. donald trump vowing only to build his wall. >> that wall will go up so fast your head will spin, and you'll say, you know, he not mean anywhere to quickly deporting 11 million people. he flipped on fox. >> the existing laws are very strong. the existing laws -- we're going to get rid of all of the bad ones. >> reporter: the criminals known to police. the rest will go through some kind of a process, like what president obama is already doing. >> what people don't know is that obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the
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prosecutor investigate hillary clinton, a reminder of the investigation in the 90s that got bill clinton impeached. hillary clinton's newly public e-mails did reveal her state department did favors for her foundation. >> i know there are people in clinton's camp who think this should not have been going on. >> reporter: she joked kimmel. >> jimmy, my e-mails are so boring. >> mine are. >> reporter: as new batches of clinton e-mails are made public, they'll be searched for conflicts of interest or cover ups. late this afternoon, there's an astounding analysis out by the associated press not using so much e-mails, but clinton's secretary of state calendar and contributions to the clinton foundation.
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that hillary clinton saw as secretary of state, that's 85 people in her four years at the state department, all of those, half of those she met, 85, contributed handsomely to the clinton foundation. $156 million in contributions, fueling the charge that writing a big check to bill clinton's charity was the price of admission for face time or phone time with hillary clinton. >> that is getting back to trump's demand, what about a special prosecutor for all of this? >> well, if there were to be a special prosecutor appointed, that's a much weaker position than ken starr had when he got bill clinton impeached. it would be up to loretta lynch to decide if it's warranted. no word on that. the speculation here is no way. >> thanks so much. well, a big rent increase in
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with the federal election commission, donald trump's own presidential campaign paid $170,000 last month to rent space inside the building. the reason for the rent hike? a spokesperson says the campaign's facilities have expanded from one to three floors and the rent is calculated based on the average price per square foot. an american soldier died today in a it was the area's capital. another soldier was wounded along with six other american soldiers. the city is slowly falling into the hands of the taliban. still ahead, chances are you would not like to run into this at the beach. where hundreds of thousands of dead fish are piling up and what's causing it at 5:30. plus.
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required meningitis vaccination does not fully protect them and why one mother who has learned from personal tragedy advises parents ask their doctors one additional question. a picture perfect day with temperatures in the low 80s and low humidity, but how much longer can it last? it's still august. i have the answer in your storm team 4 forecast coming up. if you like target, you're going to love this. where three new stores are set to
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the nypd wants you to take a this coming out of brooklyn. they say it is a suspect who attacked a woman in prospect park. it happened back in april. investigators say he pulled a knife on a female jogger. she fought him off, though she did cut her finger. there is a new vaccine requirement for students here in new york state. >> that vaccine may not be enough to protect your child from a potentially deadly disease. roseanne colletti spoke with one long island mother on a painful mission to spread the word.
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kimberley never got to go to her senior prom. she died of bacterial meningitis, buried just two days before her high school graduation. >> parents are sending their kids to college and they're upset they can't see their child for four years. i'm never going to see my daughter. >> reporter: bacterial meningitis is a brain and spinal cord inflammation. she was unaware vaccination did not protect her against bacterial type b. new york's new law which takes effect september 1st requires bacterial meningitis for seventh through 12th graders. the fifth is type b. there are vaccines to prevent it generally known as men b. the fda brought the first one of
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following outbreak at princeton. new york state does not require them for school, but patty advises their parents to ask their pediatricians about it. >> they just need to know to ask for the vaccine. >> reporter: parents have additional protection available been vaccinated with the meningitis b vaccine, i believe she would be here today. >> congress steps into the debate over the skyrocketing price of life-saving epipens. the price for a two-dose pack
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the pharmaceutical company says it has a savings program for patients. the congressional safety caucus called for a hearing on the issue. tom costello reveals possible alternatives to the epipen on ""nightly new." a new report from the federal railroad technology. that technology you have heard us talk about before, positive train accidents like this. the report says new jersey transit, path, and the long island railroad have made little or no progress in getting ptc on board, which is required by the year 2018. a heads up for commuters who pass through the port authority bus terminal in midtown. it is realigning the bus gates again in an effort to cut down on congestion. 12 bus routes will have new
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from the third level down to the lower level of the left wing. a quarterly chat session is going on right now on the second floor. target is aiming at opening up three new locations right here in the city, ladies. the stores will open up in manhattan and brooklyn starting as early as this october. they'll be in downtown brooklyn, tribeca, and the east village. target is rolling out a new that are located in nontraditional and much smaller spaces like in new york city. tar-jay. a day like today would be perfect to go shopping. but you kind of want to spend it outdoors. i hope you had a chance to. even if it is just to take a little walk around the block or sit on the porch.
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these conditions. central park at 82 this afternoon. that's pretty perfect temperature. newark and laguardia at 84. islip, 79. it was like that all around the tri-state. right now it is 80 degrees in central park. we have a light northwesterly wind at 10 miles an hour. no gusts today. visibility is great and there is still plenty of sunshine to go around out there. right now, it's in the mid 80s in jackson heights. s green ridge 82 degrees. we have 75 in monticello. you were in the 40s this morning. 70s across long island and long branch. the on shore flow from the southwest has cooled you down, but the southwesterly wind has helped you warm up today. a little cooler for south-facing shores because the winds coming
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humidity is still extremely comfortable between 35% and about 45% in most cases. these conditions will rise though. that's going to change as the southwest wind continues to bring us warmth from this area where the temperatures are in the 90s and a bit more humid. in the meantime, 66 in the city tonight. tomorrow, warming up a little bit more w sunshine. still a high temperature of 84 in the city tomorrow afternoon. it gets hot on friday. that's the one day when we're up to 90 in midtown. some inland areas will see some 90 degree temperatures tomorrow into thursday. it's warmer and muggier. we could see a thunderstorm or two. if you have plans, you have no problems from the weather this
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since it is so great to next week. monday and into the end of next week as we start september on thursday, we're going to have some storms in and out. temperatures in the 80s. be a little muggy here and there. still summertime of course even though august comes to an end. we have conditions where it will feel like summertime for us. but going into tomorrow, we're at 84. 86 thursday. that one big 90 degree on friday or at least for the city. some areas will be that hot starting toow into the holiday spirit, especially in you're a rockette. ? jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells ? >> that is jingle bells playing and it is still august. it is all part of the radio city rockettes preview of their upcoming annual christmas spectacular show. can you believe we're talking about christmas? >> i really can't.
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soldier routine. >> i'm feeling a little rushed. slow your roll. still ahead, a rare survival story. a florida teenager, one of just four people to survive a brain-eating ameba in decades. and walking without fear. tonight, 4 investigates how new yorkers can protect themselves from predators lurking in the shadows when they walk alone at night. plus back. >> yeah, the second avenue subway construction created some problems for a local restaurant. the owner said better get baquero. we'll tell you how lynda solved
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it is an extraordinary and
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in a deadly illness. >> doctors say 16-year-old sebastian has survived an attack by a deadly ameba. doctors credit quick treatment soon after sebastian was infected. >> he got everything within four hours. he got cooled, all medication. >> we are so thankful that god has given us the miracle through this medical hospital. >> according to the centers for disease control, there are only four people known to have survived this ameba infection out of 138 who have contracted it. beer and wine the only alcoholic beverages allowed at on campus parties at stanford with the exception of events hosted by the graduate student organizations. shots of any kind are banned across the board along with
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stanford says this is all an effort to reduce high volume consumption. being on the roads is more dangerous than ever. that's according to a new national safety council study. traffic fatalities are up 9% in the first half last year. that's compared to the same period last year. the report says many factors are contributing to the rising deaths like lower employment rates and a stronger economy. some during this upcoming three-day labor day weekend. dolphins need to rest too. the agency is proposing a widespread ban on swimming with dolphins in hawaii. it would cover waters out to two miles where the nocturnal creatures sleep during the day. the rule would disrupt hawaii popular dolphin tour industry. the final decision will be next year. the new york city council
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>> up next, what the team didn't do that has her calling on the public to take a stand. plus this. a massive fish kill along the jersey shore. i'm gus rosendale. we're learning what likely led to this and how it is linked to extreme weather across the
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york, a big stink on the shore. thousands of dead fish washed up in a new jersey creek. officials say it is the second fish kill in the waterway this week. >> it's a startling sight and there is a stomach-turning smell. it could take a couple of days for all these dead fish to wash out of that creek. gus rosendale is there with what's behind the fish kill. gus? >> reporter: david, an update since we last saw you at 4:00. the tide has gone out. it's leaving thousands of fish stuck on the creek bank. they are further fermenting under the sun. the smell is getting worse. there is relief, though, in sight. harley's owner says you normally can't keep this dog out of the water. not today and here's why. a massive fish kill along the


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