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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hospital shocker. an x ray technician arrested, accused of sexually assaulting two female patients. has he done it before? then -- >> i thought i was going to die when the fire happened. >> daring escape.
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during a fast-moving fire. who saved the day? and dog napping. the search tonight for the person who swiped a military veteran's service animal. news 4 new york at 11:00 starts now. good evening to you. i'm sibila vargas. >> and i'm david ushery. chuck has the night off. it is a disturbing and disgusting crime. a hospital worker accused of taking advantage of patients in their most vulnerable moments, and police say one victim is 83 years old. >> news 4's ray villeda is live at kings county hospital where fired. ray? >> reporter: sibila, david, at first these two victims thought it was all part of a routine x-ray process here at kings county. what happened next had one in shock, the other one screaming. >> that's just disturbing. that's all i can say. >> reporter: inside kings county hospital, in an x ray room, police sources tell news 4 larry jones fondled, groped, and sexually abused an 83-year-old woman. she was here for x-rays of her
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and sexually abused the woman. >> i think it's sick. you trust the people that take care of you in a medical setting. i would think, you know, you wouldn't expect them to come sexually assault you. >> reporter: it happened sunday afternoon. hours later, another woman, a 57-year-old, said she was going in for an x ray of her chest and ankles. after taking an image, police sources say he told the victim her underwear was interfering. that's when police say he pushed aside her underwear and violated officer at the hospital. soon after, jones was arrested. patients outside are just finding out about the disturbing news. this woman didn't want to show her face but was outraged. >> you think it's going to be safe being in a hospital. actually it's like you're not. >> reporter: in a statement, the hospital said we are committed to the safety of our patients, have zero tolerance for such behavior. our hospital police acted swiftly in response to the patient's complaint, and we immediately terminated the
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manhattan, and had been certified by the state as an x ray technician. now he's without a job and charged with sex abuse and forcible touching. >> hopefully measures will be taken and something like this won't happen again. >> reporter: right now it's unclear if there are any other victims because jones has worked here for more than a decade, the hospital telling news 4 it is working with police in this investigation. we're live outside kings county tonight. i'm ray villeda, news 4 new york. >> ray, thank you for those details. in new jer after narrowly escaping a fast-moving fire in their home. a quick thinking police officer and a tweleve-year-old girl likely saved lives today. news 4's checkey beckford is live in sayreville with details and video. checkey. >> reporter: david, it was a decision forged out of desperation. a mother throwing her 1-month-old baby, her 2-year-old, and her 8-year-old out of the windows of this apartment building here because the fire was just getting too
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that brave 12-year-old girl who jumped first to go get help despite there being no one there to catch her. for a short time monday, kristen nelson feared she would never hold her daughter again. >> i was at work. my daughter called me and said there was a fire. >> reporter: a fire that ripped through their second floor sayreville apartment in just minutes. 12-year-old jalen, her cousin, and her cousin's three kids, one just a month ol inside the bathroom. >> i thought i was going to die. >> oh, my god. >> i thought i was going to die when the fire happened, and then i was just worried about the babies. >> reporter: knowing they couldn't battle the suffocating smoke, this preteen made a very mature and brave decision. >> my aunt told me not to hope the window, but i told her i was going to jump out the window. >> reporter: she jumped some 15 feet, finding a police officer at the corner. but before he could get a ladder, the flames had taken over with the mother and three
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>> i'm trying to explain to the little girl in the window that a ladder is on the way. don't jump. but i looked at the people who are getting the ladder, then looked up in the air, and she was already jumping. >> reporter: sayreville police officer brayen gay could only focus on catching the 8-year-old girl. >> as she was on her way down, i caught her. she hit the ground a little bit, but not too hard. >> reporter: but it wasn't over. the children's mother desperate to save them, threw the 1-month-old old and 2-year-old out the window next before >> do you realize what you did? if you didn't do what you did, who knows what would have happened? >> reporter: amazingly everyone, including jalen, escaped without any injury. >> she's like a hero. no broken bones. no scratches. >> this isn't her first rodeo either. she's a lucky kid. >> reporter: crews are now boarding up the windows of this house, badly damaged. no indication when the family will be able to move back in. jalen's mother says her daughter
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that's why she had the knowledge and the bravery to do what she did today. live in sayreville tonight, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. sunday's horrific crash on the long island expressway has claimed a sixth life. 71-year-old helen adelson passed away today at stony brook hospital. her husband, 81-year-old isador died yesterday. the west hampton couple is among the 11 people who were killed or injured in a three-car the others who died include three members of the pinales family and a former aid to governor cuomo, scott martella. investigators are still trying to figure out why carmelo pinales lost control of his subaru outback and hit two other vehicles. a military veteran needs your house tonight. his service dog is missing, snatched from outside a grocery store. stefan holt is in the wakefield section with video of the dog
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a trip to the grocery store to pick up dog food. it has turned into a desperate search for a service animal, stolen in broad daylight. >> i just want my dog back. i can't sleep without him. i don't feel good. >> reporter: john can't understand why someone would ever want to take his beloved service dog, chulo. 4:30 p.m., surveillance cameras captured john tying chulo's leash to a try. john walked inside, headed for capture a man in a gray t-shirt and shorts who grabs the leash and calmly walks away with the shih tzu. >> two, three minutes you see it on the tape. i tied him up, got some dog food, was at the counter and out. i looked and said where is he? >> it's unfortunate. a lot of people just have lost their humanity, and they just don't have no regard, you know, for people's personal belongings or for their pets.
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bee. he's also diabetic, chulo is trained to literally save his life. >> he sees me feeling bad and he starts backing. that means i got to take my insulin shot. >> that could save your life. >> yeah, but without him, i haven't slept in two days. >> reporter: beneath a wall of shame at the super market, a missing poster. a sign of home that someone will spot chulo and the man caught on >> just to get my dog back, that's all i want. >> reporter: john says all he wants is chulo's safe return. he says you can even bring the dog right back here to the grocery store. meantime police say give them a call if you recognize the suspect or that missing service dog. in the bronx tonight, stefan holt, news 4 new york. more than 400 people are without power this afternoon in chelsea after a transformer blew
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just after 3:00. you can actually see crews working to restore power to homes and biszs in the area. we're told everything is back up and running at this hour. we spoke to one man who was thankful to the milder weather today. >> we lucked out as far as the day. we have a pretty good day where it's breezy. but at the same time, you can't do anything. you can't even put on the radio or television. >> although power is back up, crews are still w repairs because of that work, eastbound traffic remains closed on 14th street. two days after meeting with latino advisers, republican presidential nominee donald trump is putting to rest any suggestions that he's softening his stance on immigration and deportation. there certainly was no sign of any flip floping tonight when trump spoke to supporters in akron ohio about his plans for the u.s.-mexico.
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we're going to build the wall. that wall will go up so fast, your head will spin. you'll say, you know, he meant it. >> trump also called tonight for a special prosecutor to launch an immediate investigation of any possible ties between the state department and the clinton foundation. when hillary clinton was secretary of state, and he continued to hammer away on her use of private e-mail servers. the clintons deny any improper links between her official duties and the foundation's charitable donations. mrs. clinton did not make any a statement, her campaign said it supports the release of any of her work-related e-mails from her time at the state department. president obama plans to travel to louisiana tomorrow to visit residents of flood-ravaged baton rouge. some people have criticized mr. obama for not shortening his vacation and visiting sooner. however, louisiana's governor, john bel edwards, is defending the president saying an earlier visit would have interfered with the response to the disaster.
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people and forced thousands from their homes. coming up, is your home a target for thieves? convicted burglars reveal their secrets in an i-team exclusive. then -- >> he started shaking and screaming help, like crazy. >> there was nothing he could do. hear from two children zapped by electricity while on an amusement park ride. and paying the price. more fallout from ryan lochte's exaggerated story about being robbed in rio.
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in bridgeport, police say witnesses are slowly coming forward with information about a shooting at a house party that wounded 13 people. today officers were visible in
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morning sunday. most of the injuries are not life-threatening except for one victim shot in the face, who is in critical condition. news 4 spoke exclusively with another victim who described the moment bullets started flying in from the hedges. >> everyone was chilling, having a good time, and we thought it was fireworks and people started dropping, you know. at first i felt numb. my leg was numb, so i started running. but honestly, nobody saw clueless as to what was happening. >> police say they're looking for at least two gunmen and exploring whether this was gang related. the i-team sent surveys to convicts about how they committed their crimes. sarah wallace told you how burglars choose their targets. now chris glorioso with how you
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>> how many homes have you burglarized? >> i don't know. countless. maybe a hundred homes or so. i started doing this when i was about 13. >> reporter: you don't want a guy like nicholas creeping up to your house. he's serving 40 years for a string of burglaries, and he knows the quirks of a criminal mind. that's why the i-team sought him out as part of an expert panel of criminals, to teach you how to protect your home and family. of course there's only one place to find hundreds of home invaders all that's prison. and the only way to connect with them is to send hundreds of surveys direct to their cells. >> overall, what was your ideal target? >> reporter: nick is one of the veteran burglars who responded to our survey, answering questions like, how exactly did you break in? the top answer was through an unlocked window. 42% of burglars said that followed by unlocked doors and kicked in doors. what about alarm systems? do they make burglars back off?
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that ain't even going to do you no good. >> when asked about their reaction to alarm systems, more than half of the burglars told us alarms are no problem because they're too fast for police. they can disarm them or avoid them. as for their window stickers warning thieves about alarms, nick says they actually make a house more desirable. >> you see a sticker saying it's alarmed, that has a reverse effect. >> reporter: but no so fast says the ceo of despite what the burglars say, he insists alarm systems work, especially ones monitored by real humans. and even those window stickers can make a difference. >> history has taught us that statistically, a house with a yard sign in front, with a sticker, is statistically less likely to occasion a burglary. >> reporter: although our survey showed burglars less concerned about alarms, they were more concerned about the video cameras. more than a third said a security camera at the door would turn them around.
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in. some scribbling obvious tricks like ski masks, putting something over your face, or just going where the cameras don't point. >> i want to play a little word association with you. deadbolt. >> second floor window. >> fancy car in the driveway. >> lot of money. >> dog barking. >> something to protect in that house. >> you would avoid it? >> no. >> it would attract you? >> yeah. the only dog i ever was scared of was a pit bull because they lock onto and they don't let go. survey revealed. if you think lights on a timer will deter a burglar, think again. 72% could careless if lights are on. kburg lars told us they look for movement inside. one convict said you're better off leaving a tv or radio on. now, that's how you protect your home. coming up tomorrow, what if you are home with a burglar breaks in? that's tomorrow at 6:00 when our burglars secret series. continues. i'm chris glorioso. in connecticut, we're hearing from two of the thirn
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amusement park ride. jacob and lillian were on the scrambler ride last week when they felt a strong tingling. four other people experienced a similar sensation. this was possible lip the result of a loose wire coming in contact with the frame of the ride. jacob and lillian spoke exclusively to nbc connecticut. >> when we got off, most of us got zapped. >> he started shaking and screaming help, like in pain or something or something bad happened. >> well, they're all okay. the park has since been inspected. repairs have been made and it is reopened. let's shift to our weather. i walked out today. at least for me, it was a perfect day. >> i was outside this evening and i forgot to take a jacket, and i actually -- it was still pretty breezy out, so you could really feel it when the breeze
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haven't stopped falling. we are going to look at how low the temperatures will go tonight and also an update from the tropics. we have a new tropical storm to talk about. our view from our top of the rock camera is just beautiful. it seems like the lights are just glowing and glistening in this clear air. no real obstructions in terms of the air mass. the haze has gone away. we can enjoy a beautiful evening with some very cool temperatures. this dry, quiet weather pattern will continue. we really need lots of rain. we're still situation that we're in because we haven't had much rain. but if you've got outdoor plans, of course it's fantastic. it's a lot more comfortable too in terms of the humidity levels. the tropics are get busy. this is what's left of fiona. it's a tropical depression. still watching it, everyone near bermuda in case it restrengthens. right now it looks like it's going to remain where it is as a low pressure system but may bring rain there. then we have this system that's
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rico. that one bears watching although we're not expecting it to get a name. it still might bring a lot of rain. then this storm just formed off the cape verd yiemds of africa. this is gaston. that will continue moving into the atlantic. that's expected to become a hurricane in a couple of days so all eyes will be on that in case it moves close to us. we'll keep you posted. in the meantime, we're enjoying this great refreshing weather. 50s in ramsey. 5 you may touch 50 tonight. 56 in dan bury. 60s across long island. enjoy it while it's here because it will warm up towards the end of the week. it's nice all the way back across the great lakes where it's near the 60s. beautiful weather here. no problems at all for a few days. the humidity does return by the end of the week. that's when we're expecting a high of 89. here's our ten-day forecast. we've got one really muggy, hot day this week.
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beautiful weather. last weekend in august. looks fantastic. >> make your plans now. thank you, janice. john, what are you working on? >> the yankees wanted to see these kids play. they got something special with their rookie special. that's for sure. gary sanchez kept swinging a scorching bat. we'll check in on the yanks in seattle. and there's a new foot doing some kicking for the giants. jason pierre paul has strong words on why josh brown should
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international embarrassment and upcoming sanctions from the u.s. olympic committee. now swimmer ryan lochte is taking a hit in the wallet. >> two major companies pulled their endorsement deals with lochte over his lying over about being held up in rio. speedo says we cannot condone behavior that is counter. ralph lauren said the company will not be renewing his contract. lochte ultimately took responsibility for, in his words, overexaggerating. >> ryan lochte is likely going to lose somewhere between $5 million and $10 million in lifetime corporate endorsements because of his shenanigans in rio. >> now that the summer games are over, the head of the u.s. olympic committee says lochte and the three other swimmers will face some disciplinary action.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. >> announcer: the fios sports desk is sponsored by fios by verizon. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so are we starting to see the beginnings of stardom? >> you start to wonder, what could gary sanchez be down the root? let's take a moment and appreciate what we have right now. yankees rookie gary sanchez named player of the week today.
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only bomber catchers to earn that honor. in seattle, first inning, and this is gone. the rookie catcher sends it out to left center on a line. his seventh home run in 19 games. the only other yankee to hit as many homers in his first career 19 games was kevin moss. starlin castro smokes his 16th homer of the year. both of these shots were solo blasts. the yankees 2-0 lead not enough for michael pined fourth. two on for kyle seager. the three-run shot puts seattle on top. right now the mariners lead this 3-2 in the fifth. it was all going so well for the mets this weekend. yoenis cespedes back belting home runs. steven matz headed to the disabled left with a mild strain and rotator cuff. mets officially calls it shoulder tightness.
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without matz for a crucial series. he was supposed to start one of those games against the cardinals. the mets chasing them four and a half games behind. giants sign kicker randy bullock today. he finished last season with the jets. he'll replace josh brown for at least game one. the nfl suspended brown for the season opener over domestic violence allegations. bullock could be here longer if the giants do part ways with brown. but today jason pierre-paul says brown should keep his job after sitting out. >> it is what it is, you know. it doesn't matter. you know, we're all family around here. he's still our brother and we look past it, you know. we're going to need him. >> the giants are going to need victor cruz. they expect him to practice on tuesday. they'll face the jets of course this week in their third preseason game. at practice this afternoon, most eyes focused on the quarterbacks.
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smith and petty are thought to be battling now for the backup job. the colts signed antonio karmady. they open up at washington in two saturdays. and we close tonight with another he did what display of defense? red sox and tampa. how did this ball didn't scrape the ceiling is incredible. how it ended up in the glove of andrew ben tendy is next impossible. watch again. oh, my gosh. the sox out fielder with a glovely effort over the half wall in left. that is incredible. can't believe it. that was amazing. the red sox, by the way, even with the win move into a first place tie in the a.l. east. there's already a legend out there, being compared to fred
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award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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that will do it for us on news 4 new york at 11:00. "the tonight show" is next. >> "today in new york" begins at 4:30. good night. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- robert de niro,


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