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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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students who claim they were abused years ago by staff. the allegations do not include any current faculty. >> never received an apology. that would have been very important to me. not the money. just the apology. >> reporter: the group made their move directly against the school and not the church. more cases like this one will soon be making headlinehe >> we seem to be having a wave of the private and catholic wealthier schools. >> reporter: school officials here declined comment today. though their lawyer called this a good faith mediation effort. i'm gus rosendale, news 4 new york. we want to get to breaking news right now in manhattan where a manhole fire has knocked out power to hundreds of homes and businesses in chelsea. dennis protsko is over the scene in chopper 4 with these breaking details. hey, dennis.
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scene. sixth avenue here at 16th street here in chelsea. fire began around 3:30 this afternoon we understand in a below ground level transformer. the fire now out. con edison crews here on scene making repairs to that transformer. luckily all traffic gets through. no injuries with this fire. but 400 to 500 customers in the immediate area without po but about a four to five block stretch of northbound on sixth avenue that is slow moving up this area. back to you in studio. a brooklyn man has been indicted now in the murder of an imam and his friend. oscar morrell shot imam akonjee and uddin earlier this month. we still have yet to hear anything about a motive, but prosecutors say a gun found in
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if convicted, morrell faces up to life in prison without parole. the search is still on tonight for whoever shot and killed a grandmother at a harlem playground. she was playing dominos with friends saturday night when she was shot in the neck. police believe it was a stray bullet and that sims was not the target. the 61-year-old was a long time harlem resident and she was well known in the neighborhood. family and friends gathered tonight to say good-bye to a bronx deli wally was shot and killed on august 9th after warning another store about an unruly customer. surveillance video shows officers arriving to detain that customer. that's when the man identified as guzman grabbed an officer's gun from the holster and shot wally. many long islanders will tell you service can come to a
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today governor cuomo came to town to check on the progress. lori bordonaro is in farmingdale to explain. >> reporter: david, as the governor mentioned, today the long island railroad was built to accommodate 35,000 commuters. today nearly 3 million depend on the trains. he said it is time to make up for lost decades. a retired matt teacher hops the train to manhattan for monthly doctors appointments. >> we have already missed about two or three doctor appointments because of either car fires on the tracks, people getting hit on the tracks. >> we're really constrained. >> reporter: that's about to change. today the mta laying ground on a second track between farmingdale and central islip. the upgrade part of a $100 billion project to provide more
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state's ageing mass transit system. governor cuomo today calling the project decades overdue. >> it is going to take the transportation system to a level that it's never been before. it's long island railroad coming to the east side of manhattan, not just penn state. long island railroad coming to laguardia airport. you don't have to get into a car. >> reporter: the second track will also allow service. one to two trains per hour. eventually a third track will be added in central nassau. commuters just relieved the project is moving full speed ahead. >> anything to lighten up the traffic would be fantastic around here because it's crazy. >> reporter: the governor stressing that the second track here will not be infringing on any of the area homeowners. it is expected to be complete in 2018.
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trying to escape to jamaica. clifford perkins never showed up for his sentencing hearing earlier this month. he was found guilty previously for his role in a deadly motorcycle crash two years ago. he will be sentenced on wednesday. coming up, ever wonder how burglars decide which homes to rob? tonight convicted burglars reveal their i-team exclusive. a six-year project to clean toxic chemicals out of the hudson may not have been effective. the temperatures cool down to the 50s and 60s, even in
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nine people from our area are accused of filing fraudulent applications for superstorm sandy relief funds. the attorney general says the nine received money they were not entitled to under false pretenses. as much as $213,000 in one case. a total of 71 people have now been busted for filing false applications for sandy funds since march of 2014. a fire island marina that was damaged by superstorm sandy is finally getting an upgrade starting next month. it is a $5.5 million project at the watch hill marina. it will be closed to ferry service through next summer.
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project to clean up the hudson river. the man raising the questions? the state's environmental conservation commissioner. the recently completed dredging of contaminated sediment left too much industrial waste behind in the upper part of the river. the clean up needs resume because unacceptable levels of toxins remain in the waters. from now through saturday, you connecticut's 6% sales tax on clothing and shoe purchases that total less than 100 bucks. >> it is a big savings. it just ends up costing so much money. i think anywhere where you can save something take advantage of it. >> connecticut officials say the tax-free holiday is likely to cost the state around $4.5 million. they're hope that's offset by a big boost for businesses. in bridgeport, police are
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weekend house party. it happened just after 1:00 sunday morning. 13 people -- 11 men and 2 women -- wounded. two people were shot in the face. one of them was discharged last night. the other remains in critical condition at the hospital. police say the investigation is making progress. >> one of them may have blended into the crowd in the chaos that there. one may have walked away. one may have run away through the backyards. we're interviewing people still trying to lock that down. >> today officers stepped up patrols in the area and say the move may have been gang related. organizers applied for a permit for the party, but were denied because they planned to sell alcohol. coming up, the i-team surveyed hundreds of convicted
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home? hear the secrets to keep you safe. >> the tricks of their trade. >> a special i-team series
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and lester holt joining u on "nightly news." >> back from two-plus weeks in rio. we have a couple of big stories we're covering tonight in politics. plus, tom costello investigates one of the fastest growing scams people are falling victim to. it is a warning that pops up on your home computer and it can lead to some bad things. >> it can cost hundreds of bucks, right?
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how she got nervous and paid up. >> again, welcome back. thanks, lester. a nyack woman faces a slew of charges tonight in a burglary and an assault case. 36-year-old marissa castle is accused of breaking into a house in pearl river, new york, last week. she then beat up a man inside the home and stole the man's car. when police caught up with her, they found a substance on her that cocaine. tonight, we're going inside the minds of serial burglars. we found out what makes them target you and the results may help you avoid being the thieves' next victim. sarah wallace is here. >> it takes a thief to tell you the inside tricks of the trade. that's what we did. we wanted to know how many homes they've hit, what makes you vulnerable, and the advice they
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>> reporter: 46-year-old vincent has been doing burglaries since he was 12 years old. now he's doing a 6 to 12-year prison sentence. how many burglaries have you done over your life? >> over 100. >> reporter: he is revealing secrets about his criminal past as part of an i-team project designed to keep you safe. we sent and new jersey, asking them questions about how they pick their targets, broke into homes, and what you can do to stop them. the answers from behind bars were eye opening. far and away, houses are more popular targets and they're most likely to hit in the morning, but it is how they choose you that is really alarming. >> a typical burglary, a person
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you're scoping. >> reporter: he often scoped out his targets and roughly 65% of the burglars agreed, saying they did surveillance at least some of the time. 51% said they did it to figure out the schedule of people inside or their neighbors' pattern. they have no problem posing as someone else. >> you might have somebody walk around acting like a jehovah witness with a >> reporter: our survey found 29% of burglars will knock on your front door to see if you're home. they have lines ready. i'm a delivery man. landscaper, cable repairman. i'm looking for a friend. i lost my dog. that one always carried a leash in his hand. one sure way to make yourself a victim? by talking about your valuables
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apartment in this building in the bronx after hearing a woman bragging about her new jewelry and going away. >> they came back the whole apartment was empty. >> reporter: did you just take everything? >> everything, even in the food in the cabinet. >> reporter: social media is of course the other place where people brag. while only 10% of burglars say they use social media to target people, it can be used by mostly younger burglars. >> because your kids' best friend friend's brother might be a burglar. >> reporter: burglars tell us overwhelmingly there is one thing that will make them think twice about targeting you -- having good neighbors. >> nosey neighbors. if you have a neighbor that likes to watch over the next person's house, that's a problem for us.
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into false sense of security just because you have a dog. 37% of burglars say they go in anyway. one wrote dollar store begging strips work wonders. >> peanut butter inside a tin. they lock their jaw. they won't bite you. >> dogs may not be a deterrent, but what about alarms? tonight at 11:00, our special i-team investigation continues. we're going to look at works and what doesn't, how do they get in, and where are you the most vulnerable. >> interesting about the dogs because i would think it would make a lot of difference. >> a lot of people think that and the answer is it doesn't make a difference. >> did it yield anything about neighbors in particular? i know they said houses more than apartments. >> the answer is that you need to watch out for yourselves and your neighbors.
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house, but you also do need to look at your friends and who is watching. just common sense a lot of this. being a good neighbor is really important here. >> watch out for your friends. let's check in with janice huff to see how our forecast is looking. >> beautiful. i have no complaints. i've not heard one complaint today. everybody is complimentary of this weather pattern. cool nights, mild days. it is devastating heat over the last few weeks. we don't have the haze layer now. the air, the breeze, coming out of the northwest is refreshing and is keeping the air circulated, so you don't have that build up in the atmosphere. it is fantastic and the temperatures are starting to cool down in spots. right now it is 76 degrees in central park with a northwesterly breeze at 21 miles an hour. the gusts are a little bit higher. great visibility. fantastic weather for this evening if you're going out.
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the mid 70s in the city until you get to 11:00 p.m., midnight, then it is down to the 60s. crystal clear moonlit sky across the entire tri-state. it will drop to the 50s in the suburbs. the downside, of course, is that this drought is getting worse. very little rain this year and also for this month. some areas have received less than an inch of rain for the entire month, like islip and newark. bridgeport has had over 3 the rest. everyone is in a deficit. drought situation in islip with the worst at over 7 inches of rain. well, it's going to stay pretty dry. it does warm up at the end of the week. we might get a stray storm or
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the tropics. that will bust the drought. we're not expecting anything right now to move our way, which is a good thing in terms of severe weather and damage. right now there are three systems in the tropics. this is fiona, which is weakening a bit. this other system off the african coast will develop rapidly. the ones that come from that spot we usually watch the most. the peak of the hurricane season is coming up soon. right now 66 in monticello while it is 77 in the city and out towards long island and the jersey shore. the dew points are generally low. 40s and 50s in the very comfortable nice range. tonight's lows 50s and 60s. it is going to feel like a fall night and a fall morning tomorrow. we're up to 80 for the afternoon high tomorrow. kicking it up by friday to near 90. that is going to be the muggy day, but this weekend looks
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sunshine, and it stays that way through next week when we start september. >> sweet. >> beautiful weather. hey, john, what's happening? >> the yankees and mets trying to make up some ground as they chase the playoffs. another setback. the mets are losing steven matz. gary sanchez hit the cover off the ball last week and the baseball world took
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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it was all going so well for the mets, wasn't it? >> we thought. >> can't catch a break. it was such a good weekend. cespedes back belting home runs. monday delivers a dose of reality. steven matz is headed to the disabled list. he is has a mild strain and rotator cuff issue. he was scratched from last friday's start with shoulder discomfort. for a crucial series against st. louis this week. the mets are four and half games behind the card. let's focus on the good from the weekend. last night, noah led his second straight win.
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he homered for the third time in two games. mets, 2-0. the mariners won of the many teams in front of the bombers for a wild card spot. if gary sanchez is giving us a glimpse of the future, yankees won't have to worry for a long time. all he did last week was hit .524. he has six home runs since being called up august 3rd. he's the first since 1976 to win a.l. player of the week award. bullock will handle the kicking duties for the giants. josh brown suspended one game. it is giants and jets this week, this saturday, in week three of the preseason. practice for the jets this afternoon most eyes focused on
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fitzpatrick got the bulk of the snaps. smith and petty thought to be battling for the backup job. rutgers names laviano its starting quarterback. we finish with the little league world series. the team from endwell, new york. that's near binghamton. they got off to a 2-0 start. st he was lights out. new york beats tennessee today 3-1 in williamsport. that puts them one win away from the championship. that's always my favorite time of year. those kids are great. >> and end well. coming up next on nightly news, one of the fastest growing scams in the nation. how to spot them and keep
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us. we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a fantastic night. enjoy the weather out there. tonight, paying the price. major new fallout for ryan lochte losing big money and sponsors from speedo to ralph lauren. combatting the hot zone as the kids go back to school. comparing this virus with a monumental challenge we faced 20 years ago. what donald trump is now saying about rounding up millions of undocumented immigrants. plus bill clinton's bombshell announcement about what he'll do if his wife is elected president. and tech support scam, that phone call might not be what you


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