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tv   News 4 New York at 430  NBC  August 22, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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right now at 4:00, victims' victory. former students alleging sex abuse at one new jersey high school decades ago get a big payout. lifeguards rushing into the waters off the jersey shore to pull swimmers from strong rip currents. why these rescues are a little different for them. dicaprio derailed. what happened in the hamptons that put the brakes on the
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you're watching "news 4 new york at 4:00." i'm natalie pasquarella. >> and i'm stefan holtz. now to that victory for almost two dozen former students at a new jersey catholic high school. each will get a piece of a $2 million payout. that's after alleged sex abuse occurred over 50 years ago. >> but the students say it's not about the money. >> reporter: officials here at bergen catholic high school decline comment, but the the settlement speaks volumes. bergen catholic high school will pay out $1.9 million to 21 former students at the school. they attended in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and most of their abusers have passed away or moved from the area. the payout comes from private funds. robert is president of road to recovery. while he did not attend bergen
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years by clergy when he was a kid. >> seem to have a wave of the private and catholic wealthier schools. >> reporter: another abuse victim routinely picketed outside the school during negotiation over the past year. they won't file a suit against the christian brothers or the school, but they're advocating for other possible victims step forward. >> if they have not yet, come forward and tell their story. let that healing begin. >> reporter: the settlement comes to about $100,000 per victim. that's not a lot of money, but what they really want is a formal apology. i'm gus rosendale, news 4 new york. new at 4:00, authorities say a man convicted in a deadly crash tried to escape the
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before he was about to aboard a plane to jamaica. he was found guilty of negligent homicide for a motorcycle crash two years ago. a man was killed in that crash. a judge will sentence him wednesday. police want to find whoever shot and killed a grandmother as she sat in her harlem playground. she was there saturday night when she was shot in the neck. police believe it was a bullet and that sims was not the target. the 61-year-old was a long time harlem resident and pretty well known in the neighborhood. happening right now, a search for a teen mother and her baby who disappeared on long island. we're talking about 16-year-old tiffany ortiz and her 10-month-old baby. they were last seen friday afternoon in roosevelt. they were headed to the grand concourse in the bronx, but they never returned home.
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jerry sandusky was back in a courtroom today. he was fighting to overturn his sex abuse convictions. his attorneys say there were various errors in his trial. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of 45 counts of when school begins, transgender students might not be allowed to use the restroom of their choice. a federal judge in texas has just blocked rules that would force public schools to allow children to use the bathroom of their gender identity. there is a new website where
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it is an interactive site. it lets you see when your neighborhood was last sprayed for mosquitos and where standing water violations have been issued. it is an initiate to keep the zika virus from spreading. zika has not been found in any mosquitos in the city. still much more to come. what happened to an a-list on the weekend? crocks on the loose inside the school. how did they get there? that's what police are trying to find out. and janice huff is here. >> when i hear crocks, i think shoes. our weather is great though. fantastic weather with low humidity and some chilly temperatures tonight. i have all the details in your
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in new jersey, a 24-year-old man is behind bars this afternoon accused of beating a toddler today. the victim, his girlfriend's son. zachary punched and kicked the 2--o blunt trauma to his organs and his chest. he also had internal bleeding. >> i can't even imagine what the parent, what the family feels. >> i feel sorry for the little kid. what can you say? >> it's not clear what led up to the violence. zachary faces murder charges and is being held in jail. he is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. state police say the driver who hit and killed a bronx man
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35-year-old nicholas barba seen there on a go fund me page set up by his family. barba was playing catch with one of his sons along the side of the interstate saturday night after his car broke down in orange county. well, they say barba got hit while crossing the road after retrieving a bad throw from the median. his cousin spoke with reporters today. >> we are horribly a family, as a whole unit, by the sudden and unexpected tragedy. >> barba's son was not injured. dicaprio's romantic evening plans took a detour. he was traveling east with his girlfriend on saturday afternoon. that's when they got into a car accident on montauk highway. it was a minor crash. both were not hurt.
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being cyberbullied, it is most likely by someone they know. teen cyberbullies go after people they know, like friends or dating partners. that's based on a survey of nearly 100 students in new york city. girls are twice as likely to be bullied online than boys. criminals fraudulently taking your information and making big money with tom costello digs deeper into how they're able to do it. >> good afternoon. you're on your computer online and suddenly you get a pop-up warning telling you you've been hacked. maybe there's an audible alert as well. don't click on the link and don't call the phone number. chances are you've been hacked. on "nightly new," we're profiling a woman to whom this happened and we tracked down the people on the other side.
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company. we're going to talk tonight about what you should do to ensure you're not victimized and ask the company how it is possible that his employees went, rogue, in his words. >> that's tonight at 6:30. we still have much more ahead here on news 4 at 4:00. an evacuation at espn >> what sent employees at the connecticut offices running for the exit. swimmers pulled out by the rip currents. here from the lifeguards next. hear the tricks of the trade straight from the months of those convicted. it's an i-team exclusive.
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the action at the espn headquarters was outside this morning.
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evacuated because of a gas leak. espn officials say a construction company hit a gas line while working outside one of the buildings. it took an hour to get the line shut down and get people back into work and no one was hurt. a dramatic weekend for lifeguards at the jersey shore. dozens of people had to be pulled from the water due to some violent rip currents. some lifeguards rescuing groups of people all at once. we have this exclusive report. >> reporter: the rips were came in and the wind picked up off the ocean. dozens of swimmers up and down the jersey shore found themselves in need of rescue, many at the same time. collin kennedy of jackson was taken out of the water by a worried mom moments before others were trapped. >> i kept i -- feeling i needed
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>> reporter: many crews are stretched thin. nonetheless, a deal had five lifeguards ready and able when a total of dozen or so people from young to old were caught in the same rip at the same time. first they got out four. >> simultaneously, another about nine people that got swept out at once. it was back and forth to rescue them a couple times. >> reporter: mass rescues are rare, but jersey shore beaches are in their best shape in years and people have been responding. sometimes in record these extra hot last few days have driven more and more people into the water, making simultaneous rescues challenging. >> people who were panicking were the ones we grabbed first and just went from there. >> reporter: the others were okay, they were just treading water basically? >> yes. it was nothing that we couldn't handle. >> reporter: it wasn't just here that there were mass rescues. the head lifeguard down in asbury park just a mile or so
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saves from one rip and had a total of about 20 all day long. brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> intense. >> got to be careful out there. >> we were talking about rip currents a lot all summer long. usually if the water is really, really rough and you can see those -- there are certain breaks in the wave. just stay away from that. stay on the beach where it is nice and safe. here are some other tips for you. if you are at the shore and you the waves are really, really rough, always remember if you get caught in a rip current to try to remain calm. i know that's easy to say. easier said than done, but try not to panic. it's best to swim parallel to shore and not towards the shore because you're just going to struggle and not be able to get in. that'll tire you out. look for breaks in the waves or look for rough surf or look for the water to be a different color in parts of the surf.
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it's always best to swim near a lifeguard in case you get into trouble. but if they say don't go in, they mean it. don't go in. that's the best advice in terms of being at the shore. we don't have a high risk tomorrow at the shore for rip currents, but you still have to watch out near jetties and spots like that. temperatures are upper 70s in all the locations. surf temperatures in the mid to lots of sunshine. the uv index is at a 7. no advisories and no lightning risks. beautiful breeze this evening though. it continues to be nice and comfortable across the area. this dry, quiet weather pattern will continue for several more days until the end of the week. we've had a quiet hurricane
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this is tropical depression fiona. it still might affect bermuda. the next one is 750 miles away from the caribbean. not expected to stick around to be a named storm. this tropical wave, when they start moving off the african coast -- this one may get a name. that may become a tropi strengthen. we'll be watching that and giving you the latest. it is just great out there now. mid 70s in hope well junction, washingtonville. kingston is at 75 degrees right now. 74 in danbury. 80 in farmingdale. 82 long branch. 75, morristown. the city is at 76. these temperatures are between three and eight degrees cooler
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humidity extremely comfortable. generally in the 40% range. a few spots in the 30% range right now. the pollen report, the mold spores are high, but everything else is low on the count. hopefully you're feeling okay. 80 will be the high temperature tomorrow. 85 on wednesday. it's great. really don't start to feel the change in the humidity until we get to thursday, friday. the temperatures shoot up to near 90 on friday. there could be a few that all clears out in time for the weekend. >> weekend looks good? >> it does. forget competing. olympic gymnast gabby douglas is taking up judging. she'll join the panel of celebrity judges for the 2016 miss america pageant. she says she is most excited to hear the platforms they represent.
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that's what police in australia are asking. no, not who let the dogs out. they're looking for several suspects who let three saltwater crocodiles loose in a high school administration office. rangers say they found the crocodiles malnourished with their mouths taped shut. police are trying to figure out where they came from. burglar secrets. it's an i-team exclusive report. >> we convicted burglars. what they told us they look for when they're searching for their next targets. hi. we've got a high-tech way for parents to get that peace of mind and keep tabs on their kids. better get baquero for how gps trackers work and the best one for you little one. a beach repair project at the
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some dramatic video coming out of iraq. a team strapped with explosives taken down by security forces. we're going to show you more of this. those stories and more when
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let's turn now to an i-team exclusive report. when it comes to protecting your own home who better to give you advice on how to do that than a convicted burglar? >> i-team reporters are taking us inside the minds of thieves. sarah wallace joins us with a preview. >> we sent surveys to more than 500 burglars in prison in new york and new jersey and asked
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pick their targets. do they perform homes or apartments? one career break-in criminal serving time told me he has done more than 50 burglaries. when did you commit your first burglary? >> around the age of 12. >> reporter: age 12? >> yeah. >> reporter: and you're 46 now? >> 46, yeah. >> reporter: what he says he did to one apartment h 6:00. our survey found a lot of surprises. among them do dogs make a difference. you'll hear what burglars say in their own words and their message to your kids. stefan, natalie? >> very revealing they were all to provide all that information. thanks so much for joining us. that does it for us at 4:00. now at 5:00, heartache and questions on long island. a deadly crash, five lives lost, the personal details we're
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impacting every public school in newark. what's changing for the first time in decades and how it affects students. dramatic video out of iraq as security teams take down a group of people with explosives. good evening, everyone. i'm sibila vargas. >> and i'm david five lives lost. did speed play a role? marc santia with more on that investigation. >> reporter: david, right now police tell me they do believe speed played a role in this crash. they're still waiting on toxicology results. 4 investigates has learned the driver who police say caused this deadly crash did have a valid driver's license with no
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was raised, a heartbreaking sight. >> he was here every day. every day at 6:00 in the morning he was making breakfast. >> we're now a synagogue who has a daily routine year round. >> reporter: they were known as the club and fed people of all faiths. this morning without his chef by his side, bernie still cooked. >> it was a real tribute to him. >> reporter: he and his wife helen along with another couple were headed to a wedding in new jersey. an suv flew across the lanes on
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the subaru hit another car driven by martella. scott died. >> people should remember that scott was filled with energy. >> he was like a little tough guy, but deep down just a nice guy. >> reporter: back here in west hampton beach, itchy left a lasting impression. >> i always look at it in the morning and it brings me a lot of joy. that was him. >> reporter: as preparations are in this thursday, bernie will be preparing not words, but a meal to honor his friend. >> it is the greatest way to start the day. itchy is the one that started it. >> reporter: itchy's wife helen is still here at the hospital. she is now listed in critical condition. i'm marc santia, news 4 new york. tonight, family and friends are gathering to say good-bye to a bronx deli worker killed while


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