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tv   News 4 New York at 4  NBC  August 22, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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all the people who were lost on the long island expressway yesterday. >> reporter: taking a moment of silence before remembering the victims of the l.i.e. crash, including scott martella, who used to work for the governor. >> just one of the really beautiful human beings in life. >> reporter: his high school sweetheart shelby, survived the crash, when a subaru outback crossed the median and hit martell's car. family members were just miles away from splish splash, the water park near riverhead, to celebrate christopher's birthday. >> all i saw was the car fly to the other side, to the other side of the highway. that's when i stopped and i went to see if everybody was okay.
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the grassy median. two families were heading to a family in new jersey. the 81-year-old man was killed. a pillar in the community. friends are still in shock. >> it's been very, very difficult for us to accept this. we're still >> reporter: his wife helen is still here at the hospital. she is listed in critical condition. news 4 new york. new at 4:00, a grand jury has indicted the man accused of killing an imam and his assistant in sequentials. a motive remains unclear.
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gun found in his home is a murder weapon. if convicted, he is faces up to life in prison without parole. a party ends in terror when gunmen hiding in bushes open fire. 13 people were shooters are still on the loose. wale aliyu has the details. >> reporter: police believe about 100 people were at this party in this house behind me when two men came beh t bushes over there and opened fire. video just moments after the shooting shows the chaos happened just after 1:00 on sunday morning. 13 people, 11 men, 2 women, were wounded. 11 of the victims sustained nonlife-threatening wounds. however, two people were shot in the face. one was discharged last night. one remains in critical.
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were wearing hoodies, one gray and one darker colored. >> one of them may have blended into the crowd in the chaos that ensued before the police got there. they may have simply walked away. one may have run away through the backyards. we're interviewing people, still trying to lock that down. >> reporter: now police have stepped up patrol in the area. we saw a couple cop cars today. coming up at 6:00 tonight, more ont party itself and why they say this could be gang related. for now, wale aliyu, news 4 new york. new at 4:00, nine people from our area accused of filing fraudulent applications for superstorm sandy relief funds.
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a total of 71 people have now been busted for filing false applications for sandy funds since march of 2014. a battle is brewing over barges on the hudson. a plan that would allow massive commercial tankers to park along the waterfront from westchester up to ulster county. today local leaders joined forces to fight back. yonkers is among the communities that will be roseanne colletti joins us with more. >> reporter: the issue is what you see behind me, this beautiful river and whether more barges can drop anchor more frequently right on this river. now, the towns and cities involved who would be most directly affected by this say read our lips and look at our online petition. they're urging people to sign up. today they launched a campaign
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supervisors, trustees got together for today's announcement. the first they heard of this is when the coast guard announced a public comment period. the proposal itself was put forth by the maritime association and the industry. they needed designated safe harbors for these commercial barges, most of which carry oil. they say that's because of the fog that occurs on the river, storms, and icing in the winter. we affected say this would undermine the ecology that has been coming back here after so many years of being so bad that there's an environmental hazard. it would also undermine all of their redevelopment efforts, such as right here in yonkers to make their waterfronts more attractive to residents and visitors. the mayor of yonkers said put it
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>> it's a very big ocean out there. there's a lot of places that you can barge and store fuel oil. you don't need to put it off the shore offense these communities. >> reporter: the maritime association told me earlier today that's a crazy idea. he says that you can't take a vessel that is on the river and runs into trouble with fog and he said for them that is a nonstarter. the public comment period takes place for another couple of weeks. it ends september 7th. after that, then the coast guard has to review the proposal and see what ideas that will actually try to put in place. the town says they can't wait for that. all of these communities, they say we want a head start on this because we don't want those barges here. i'm roseanne colletti.
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today his exaggeration has cost him possibly millions as sponsors begin to distance themselves from the disgraced swimmer. david ushery joining us now with the story. >> first speedo, then ralph lauren, now gentle hair removal all cutting ties with the controversy swimmer. we cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values that this brand has long stood speedo says it will donate a portion of lochte's fee to a charity that benefits children in brazil. all this after lochte admitted he overexaggerated a story about being held up at gunpoint. he spoke with the "today" show's matt lauer. >> i'm embarrassed for myself, my family, especially those guys, usa swimming.
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stupid mistake. i'm human and i made a mistake. >> lochte speaking out just as the head of the u.s. olympic committee promised further action against the four athletes involved. it is a night out that will cost lochte a lot more than the cash he handed over to the guards at that rio gas station. meanwhile in rio, it was a ghosttown on the streets just a day after the games came to a close. only workers left collecting the garbage. still ahead, finally some relief from the flooding in louisiana. plus, we have a news 4 exclusive. dramatic rescues on the jersey shore. nearly a dozen swimmers were caught up in the same rip current.
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kids about the dangers of playing with fire. and janice huff is in the weather center. i can hear the sighs of relief from miles away that we're getting a break from this heat, and tonight temperatures will be quite cool, especially in the suburbs. also ahead, singing good-bye to summer. taking a page from the hit movie "grease," see what a group of cops do as the summer nights start drifting aw
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet
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ternet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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with the floodwaters finally starting to recede, a massive cleanup effort is now under way in louisiana tonight. fema just announced it is opening three disaster recovery centers all across the state to help those affected. you see there the heavy flooding this month killed at least 13
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more. president obama will visit the region tomorrow. he had been criticized for not leaving his vacation on martha's vineyard to visit sooner. families in california are slowly starting to return home after several wildfires forced them to evacuate. more than 80,000 people were ordered to leave. at least 100 homes were destroyed and that fire is almost entirely contained. here in the city, the fdny is reaching out to families trying to teach children a valuable lesson, with fire is not only dangerous, but can be deadly. three major fires were set within nine days this month all of them started by kids. in the bronx, one fire left three firefighters critically injured. a fire in queens sent eight people to the hospital. let's get to the story now from tracy tran. >> reporter: there was a lot of enthusiasm to enter this mobile
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what's inside isn't child's play. >> do you open a hot door? >> no. >> why? there could be fire on the other side. >> i learned i needed to feel the door. >> reporter: pointing out potential dangers like curling irons left on bathroom sinks. this mobile fire safety experience by the fdny was aimed at educating and engaging area kids on fire safety. >> stay low and then put your >> reporter: fire commissioner says it's a lesson that comes after serious fires that were set at the hands of children over the past couple of weeks. this one on east 235th street in the bronx sent three firefighters to the hospital. the cause? kids playing with fire and a dish towel on the stove. then this one nine days later that spread through seven homes in staten island.
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children are curious. children are tactile. they like to touch things. they can become fascinated with fire. >> reporter: kids playing with fire are responsible for nearly 50,000 fires each year. today, they were left with a special message for their parents as well. >> it's a responsibility of parents to say this is something you cannot do. this is something that is not allowed and to not have these materials around the home within reach of a child. >> reporter: in ozone park, queens, tracie strahan, news 4 new york. refreshing temperature change out there. we are loving it. >> you can breathe. >> we can breathe again. forgot what that was like. >> it's been awhile. tonight definitely if you have a chance to open your windows, please do and give the ac a break. next couple nights with some
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today. the visibility is great because the air is so much clearer. this is a nice, refreshing air mass coming in from canada actually and providing us with clear conditions for the most part. a couple clouds here and there, as you can see, but overall it's been a fantastic day. the temperature 76 degrees in midtown right now. winds are out of the northwest right now. a strong 21 miles an hour gusting higher. the northwest wind i cooler wind. lots of sunshine. breezy conditions. it's going to be clear all night long. cooling off into the upper 60s in the city by 11:00, around 68 at 1:00 a.m. right now, it is 81 in hillsboro. very comfortable. point pleasant 84 degrees. 81 in red bank. to the north, only 68 in monticello.
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bridgeport is at 80. 79 in westhampton. the dew points are below 60. look at the 50s and 40s. this is a sign of how much cooler it will be and dry across the area tonight. there's that northwest wind. a pretty steady 10 to 15 to 20 miles an hour in a lot of locations coming in off the land, so it is a dry wind and a cooler one. and the gusts are up there between 20 and 30 miles an hour, but it feels great. on the downside, there are some airport delays around at newark and laguardia probably because of the gusty winds and also jfk. nothing on radar to talk about. thank goodness. it is quiet across the area. no storms around. no storm makers. we've got that nice, refreshing northwesterly breeze coming in
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it's a great weather pattern that sticks around for a few days. look at the lows tonight. poughkeepsie, newburgh, frenchtown. central park tonight down to 66 degrees. a clear one for us. a cool one. tomorrow a nice, beautiful, dry day. near perfection at 80 degrees. a westerly wind. eventually that wind will turn around to the southwest come back. tomorrow's highs, 76 in liberty. 82 in nyack and madison. here's our ten-day forecast. tomorrow's at 80. you'll notice that the temperatures bump up on wednesday to the mid 80s. so we start to see the humidity increase towards the end of the week. by friday, we have a chance for some isolated storms.
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and hot. the weekend looks nice now. mid 80s, sunshine. is that the last weekend of august coming up? >> we're close. one more. >> that's right. we've got one more. >> no, this is it. >> no, this is it. next weekend is the last weekend in august. >> we've got to get a calendar around here. >> let's check really quick. yeah, you're right. >> make the best of it, fascination with space, there's a new website just for you. nasa is calling it pub space. it's a place you can find all of its scientific research and it is free from studies on board the international space station to the mission to mars. you can research and read up on hundreds of nasa topics. hard to believe summer is winding down. >> can't believe it. it doesn't mean that the summer
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oh, those summer nights ? >> we need to challenge our state troopers to do this. this group of state troopers in indiana lip synced the song "summer nights." the crowd loved and so did a lot of other people. their performance has already been viewed thousands of times online. >> just cruising around in the golf cart. >> yeah. still ahead,os health care, but what about for a terror attack? something you may need but not know about. former students at one catholic high school getting a big payout. coming up, more on the serious allegations they made against their high school more than five decades.
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nice vacation with his girlfriend. why things didn't go as planned. we'll be out in belmar from noon to 2:00 handing out treats
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we have a commuter alert for you this afternoon. if you're heading out, you may want to avoid the grand central parkway. this is a live shot near laguardia airport. the reason of this, there is construction in the yourself a little extra time to get to your flight on time. good-bye to the gossip website shuts down today after nearly 14 years online. one final posting this afternoon is titled "mission demolished." univision closed the website, but will run its six other blogs
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now to today's consumer report. many of you have insurance for several aspects of your life. we're talking home, your health, the list goes on. >> lynda baquero will talk about one type of insurance you may not know about. >> this is called terrorism risk insurance. what it is and how it's paid for has changed drastically since 9/11. terrorism insurance itself has existed long before 2001, but the size and scope of the ck insurance industry, which had to come up with a new way to conceptualize and price the risk of terrorism. the president forced the government to share the burden of those potential losses. under the law, insurance companies are required to offer terrorism insurance built into to their policies. >> the government had to step in
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it. >> damages up to 120 million are now to be covered by the insurance company first before the federal program kicks in. businesses do have a choice to opt out of terrorism insurance, but most go it considering the cost is usually about 1% to 2% of the policy. we also have an important safety alert for you. hyundai and mitsubishi are hyundai is recalling elantras from the 2013 model year because the brake pedal stop can deteriorate. at the same time, mitsubishi is recalling some outlanders and lancers due to a problem that can delay acceleration. that recall affects more than 82,000 vehicles. in both cases, owners can contact customer service to find a dealer who will fix that
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>> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, go to our website,, or call 866-639-7244. still much more ahead on news 4. the new job gabby douglas just landed. expect to see more of her on tv. the action happening outside the espn headquarters in connecticut. wh caught on camera. crocodiles breaking through a window into a school. we'll show it to you coming up next. the change happening for the first time in 21 years. what parents will want to know
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right now at 4:00, victims' victory. former students alleging sex abuse at one new jersey high school decades ago get a big payout. lifeguards rushing into the waters off the jersey shore to pull swimmers from strong rip currents. why these rescues are a little different for them. dicaprio derailed. what happened in the hamptons that put the brakes on the


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