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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  August 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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investigators say they're looking at every possibility as families grapple with the heartbreak of having to bury loved ones. one of the dead, a former aide to governor cuomo. news 4's katherine creag is in stony brook with new information on our top story, kat? >> reporter: several patients continue to recover at this hospital, kerry, stony brook university hospital, but by all accounts, all of the people involved in the crash were relaxing. in one car several people were going to water park, in another, they were going to a wedding, and in another car scott martella and his fiancee had spent a romantic weekend and were going home. >> scott was filled with energy, filled with promise, he was so
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>> reporter: he asked the 29-year-old about wedding plans to his high school sweetheart, shelbi. he worked with martella who was board member of the charity. >> my heart surge. it was absolutely unbelievable that he should meet this kind of fate. >> reporter: martella was one of five people killed in the driver of a subaru outback, 26-year-old carmelo pinales and his son christopher and sister patricia were killed. they were on their way to splish splash to celebrate christopher's birthday. he lost control of his vehicle and veered into the median and
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mitsubishi driven by martella. >> any part of the body that could be injured was injured. >> he worked as a communications director for the suffolk county executive and had worked as an aide for governor cuomo. he would have enjoyed a bright future. >> there's no doubt he politics and whatever he was going to do in his career was going to be in the plate cal arena. >> reporter: the fifth person was from west hampton, 1 years old. his wife is in critical condition. there are two other people in fair condition and a child, a 3-year-old girl who's listed, kerry, in serious condition. back to you. >> all right, kat. thank you. new at noon police arrested a teenager who police say drove
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jose benitez hit a car on port jefferson last night. the driver of that car died. he was hurt, took off and started running. he was caught later. he's charged with dwi and leaving the scene of an accident. the search is on for at least two gunmen in connection with the house party. there were more than 100 people there at the time. 13 are wounded. ce hiding alongside some bushes alongside the home. there's no real e real motive yet. the victims ages 18 to 24. most were shot in the leg. one won in critical condition was shot in the face. in the past two weeks new york city has seen three major fires, all of them started by children. 35 people have been injured including a firefighter who was critically in injured.
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queens. >> reporter: it's the type of lesson you don't learn in the classroom. that's why we're here with 20 kids from the area. that mobile truck set up behind me, they're learning a timely lesson on fire safety. i want to show you what it looked like when these kids went in this it shows potential causes for fiers like curling irons or daisy chain outlets. that includes a fire on east 235th street in the broncs. that one was caused by children playing with a dish towel on the stoesh. this one that spread through
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>> we all know -- i have young grandchildren. children are curious. children are tactile. they like to touch things. they become fascinated with things. they can become fascinated with fire, and it's so dangerous, destroying these 14 homes, creating this homeless situation for all of these families due to lack of supervision and due to lack can cause fire. >> reporter: now, as you can mags the fdny putting out a message to parents hoping the kids will tell them about a new unit that was started. it's for children who have shown somewhat of an unimaginable curiosity with fire. they will go to their homes and counsel them as a result.
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tracie strahan, news 4 in new york. jerry sandusky is in court trying to overturn his child abuse sentence. sandusky insisting he's innocent and his lawyer didn't properly defend him. he's served 30 to 60 years behind bars as a convicted predator. a step toward a school gaining control. there's a new report with recommendations and time lines control. that school district has been under state jurisdiction for about two decades. the decision was made three weeks ago after the district score 100% in a recent review of personnel practices. all right, decision 2016 politics. there's a hearing set to discuss a lawsuit that has been filed
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server when she was secretary of state. a conservative legal advocacy group is fighting to get access to all of her e-mails during that time. meanwhile former secretary of state colin powell is pushing back against clinton's assertion. she and powell were in grime about the use of private e-mail for nonclassified information. >> and a possible shift for gop nominee donald trump. it seems he his stance on immigration and his proposal to deport millions of people. edward lawrence reporting now from washington. donald trump says this was his best week yet. meanwhile hillary clinton believes this is more of the same trump. donald trump may be reconsidering his stance on deport 1g 1 million illegal
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humane way way to deal with immigrants in this country. >> kellyanne conway went on to say his decision has yet to be determined. >> i believe that donald trump's upside is far greater than hillary clinton's upside. >> sometimes -- >> in a new online ad hillary clinton questions whether donald trump really regrets any of his comments. meanwhile she says her foundatiil donation from foreign countries. >> we're happy that that planning is taking place. >> this is a highly contentious race with more scrutiny than other previous presidential races. >> he's trying to broaden his appeal and bring in new voters. some more fallout for ryan lochte who said he was
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speedo just pulled its sponsorship. they'll donate $50,000, a portion of his fee to a charity that benefits brazil. this decision comes just as the head of the olympic committee promises action. lochte and his teammates admitted to making up a story about being held up at gunpoint in rio. he spoke with "today" show's matt lauer about teammates and leaving home right after. >> i'm embarrassed for myself, my family, especially those guys, usa swimming, the whole olympic games, everyone watching. i was just -- i'm immature and made a stupid mistake. i'm human, and i definitely learned from this.
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olympic games. american gymnast simone biles carried the flag for the united states. united states dominated the wins. 121 medals, 46 are gold. that's the most ever for the u.s. team in a nonboycotted games. still ahead on news 4 at noon, it's time to shop without taxes. where you can save money on back-to-school clothing and shoes. lives destroyed. the latest on the effort to stop the flames. and a little bit later, a high school prank that's no laughing matter. crocodiles released into a campus office. we've got beautiful sunshine and finally lower humidity outside to enjoy, the mugginess is gone. how long will it stay away, we'll take a look at your forecast coming up.
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york live." we've got the city's healthiest eat and hands of stone coming up
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appointments available now. families in southern california heading back to what's left of their fire-ravaged home. some finding char structures in place of where their homes once stood. that number could rise as crews are meanwhile in spokane, washington, fast moving wildfires have destroyed homes forces hundreds of people to leave that area. the largest fire began when a power line crash down in a field south of the city. the annual tax-free weekend in kekd begins. there's a one-week exclusion on sales and use taxes that cost less than $100. this doesn't mean just great shopping.
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being taxed. it runs through this saturday. saves you a lot of money. in today's money support pfizer striking a deal and the housing market. sue herera with cnbc. hi, sue? >> hi. great to see you. the markets are holding a flat line. there's a big fed speech up. ms. yellin is going to talk on that. big deal. pfizer is going to acquire med vags. it's a $14 million deal. they want it because they're trying to expand their cancer
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medicine to cure prostate cancer. there aren't a lot of homes for sale. supply is tight, so people who can't find the home they really love, well, they're sprucing up the one that they're in. as a result of that, basically home construction, remodeling, is approaching the highs we saw in the housing boon back in 2007. there's a lot of money in all of those home repair and remodeling spots and it is driving the real estate market. it's one of the big stories of the day. you're up to date. have a great afternoon, guys. i'll send it back to you. >> you too. thank you. moving to louisiana where governor john bell edds wards has asked president obama to delay his trip now to the water
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tomorrow. the governor wants to wrap things up and into in into the recovery stage. donald trump was there over the weekend. hillary clinton has yet to visit. 13 people have died in flash flooding there. fema has opened three disaster recovery areas. record rain fall. this is out of austin. officials had to make several rescues as high water across bridges and streets. the cdc has grave concerns about the spread of the zika virus. dr. anthony fauci says the gulf coast states are the most vulnerable. he also said zika could stick around for another two years. not good news. >> no, up fortunately.
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we have light humidity. visibility is better than it has been in quite some time. 76 at lunch 250i78 and we've been tracking it hour by hour. let's take a look at the satellite and radar picture. it is working. you have to head well north and west into the poconos to see some strong high pressure in control across the northeast. there's the cold front that brought the rain overnight. well yaur shore and there's not a problem anymore. a spectacular weather pattern.
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77 in mutton town. again, that low humidity makes a huge difference tracking these dew point temperatures. all weekend we were in the 70s, which is the tropical category. right now we're in the 50s. plain old nice. also the wasn'ted. that's also giving a refreshing feel around the tri-state and it does stay breezy right through the rest of the day. not much going on. a quiet day. tuesday, 8:00 a.m., also quiet. you need your shades as you're heading back to work. it all changes on thursday and friday. that's when the temperatures are back in the upper 80s, maybe some 90s. that's when you complain thurt and a few pop-up storms on
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heading into the weekend, another excellent day. maybe the humidity not quite as bad there. so even though the humidity looking to return, the weekend looks like one where you want to make some outdoor plans. maybe the beach. you can see in our exclusive ten-day forecast, low 80s tomorrow. if you don't like the wind tomorrow, it's like today. it gets a little more sticky thursday and friday and any rain at all. a chance for a few showers, otherwise the sunshine goes on and on through next week. kerry? >> that's fantastic. "new york live" is next at 12:30. here are jack and new york.
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right here at 12:30. >> we'll see you then, thank you. >> still ahead on news 4 at noon, changes on amtrak that you
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that's what the police are asking. apparently they broke a window, pushed the reptiles in first and entered the office to ransack the place. the police found the crocodiles, their mouths taped up and they were malnourished. nice new additions on amtrak. there are two new stops on the way to washington. small pets are now allowed on more trains in new york state
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ethan allen express. the 100th anniversary of parks bash starts now. bill nye the science guy is hosting it. the roots quest love will keep the move going and it runs until 10:00 tonight.
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there's a set of little paws running around the nbc studio. this is a black lab pup dog. it's an organization trained to responders. he doesn't have a name yet but you can cast your name. there are three names you can pick from. sarge, charlie, or ace. he's so cute. all right, coming up this afternoon on news 4 at 4:00, burglars' secrets revealed. an iteam report plus weekend plans detoured after an accident in the hamptons. that and a lot more coming up at 4:00. "new york live" is next. have a fantastic day. we'll see you back here
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hey, everybody, and welcome to "new york live." boy, it feels like we've been gone forever. we were off, now we're back. ra filling in is miss joelle garguilo. it's always fun to have you. we have an expert candice who takes us on one tasty tour. one of the new movies. we're talking "hands of stone"


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