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tv   Today  NBC  August 22, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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job that's hindering my abilities right now. stay with us for local updates every 30 minutes. the "today" show is next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." good morning. it's a wrap. rio throws a massive party to bring the olympic games to a close. five-time medalist simone biles leading team usa after an another u.s. athlete is still making headlines. ryan lochte opening up in an exclusive interview about that gas station incident he initially described as armed robbery. >> i overexaggerated that story. if i had never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> this morning why lochte and three of his teammates could face more disciplinary action. a softer trump? donald trump's new campaign manager suggests he could be walking back his plan to deport
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will that new strategy help win back minority voters or is it too late? wild weather. damaging tornadoes in the midwest. a new round of devastating flooding in the south while in california a raging wildfire forces new evacuations and now threatens the historic first castle. and expanding the family. we're getting a new puppy with a purpose raising a service dog for a deserving veteran. "today," monday, august 22nd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. our first day back all of us in studio 1a. nothing better than walking in
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>> wait, what? i hug you and you get new puppy smell. we're so happy to have you guys back. it's boring around here without you. i brought you a little puppy. i had to give you a welcome. >> i cannot wait to meet this little critter. it will be fun. meanwhile, we have a lot of olympic news to talk about. it's kind of the closing ceremony. after all the headlines that led up to this game, all the potential prle of rio pulled it off. it was a spectacular ending. nbc's peter alexander in rio. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. where did everybody go? you guys leave and the storm clouds move in here in rio. over the course of these games coming in, there were serious worries about the city's preparedness, about the zika virus, about toxic water, the games went off with only a few minor hiccups and after these exhilarating last couple weeks, this city came together.
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epic carnival-like party. >> christ the redeemer arms outstretched. >> reporter: the closing ceremony as colorful as the games themselves. simone biles, america's 4'9" gymnastics giant. >> the most stunning athlete i have ever seen. >> reporter: leading the way for team usa. with four gold medals in rio, she was given the honor of carrying the american flag. the final celebration a culmination of olympic here in rio. the u.s. men's basketball team reigning supreme earning its third consecutive gold medal. >> the united states has won the gold. >> reporter: blowing out serbia, a 30-point win. nba star carmelo anthony overcome by emotion. announcing his olympic retirement. >> despite everything that's
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country, we got to be united. and i'm glad i did what i did. i stepped up to the challenge. >> reporter: so did brazil earning the gold medal this soccer crazed country so badly wanted. >> brazil strikes olympic gold. >> reporter: captain namar filled with joy and relief after knocking home the game winning goal against germany in a dramatic shootout. adding to its medal count commanding in the ring. >> she knows she's closing in on the gold. >> reporter: clarissa shields punching her way to the podium. her second straight boxing gold. the first american ever to do it. kyle snyder becoming the youngest olympic champion in u.s. history.
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men's marathon got their medals including the american that took home bronze. steeling the show, japan's prime minister paying homage to super mario. with the olympic flame extinguished, the rio games have come to a close. here is the medal count one final time. team usa crushing the competition. dominant in these games. 121 total medals. 46 golds way ahead of china, great britain and russia. the most medals for the u.s. in more than three decades and the most medals ever in a nonboycotted olympic games. three folks came out.
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them everyone took off. >> probably still having a good time. thanks very much. there were other stories that came out of these games like the embarrassing incident that involved four american swimmers including ryan lochte that became a blemish on the games. he said he and his teammates were robbed at gun point but surveillance video paints a different picture. over the weekend we sat down with lochte exclusive to get his side of the story. >> you guys go to the bathroom in the bushes. me is a metal framed poster of some kind or advertisement of some kind. and you just ripped it off the wall? >> yeah. and i have no idea -- i mean, i was very intoxicated. i have no idea why. it was immature. it was childish. >> it made a big noise. >> it made a big noise. and we continued to walk out and get in the taxi.
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anything in that gas station that night? >> i'm not speaking for them. >> you were with them. do you know if they also did things like that? >> no. >> you don't know or they didn't? >> no. it was me. i'm taking full responsibility for everything. i mean, it was childish and immature. >> i want to make sure about the bathroom side of this. you heard the police. the police say there was also damage in that bathroom that a i think they said a mirror was damaged and soap dispenser was damaged. at any point did you enter the bathroom and damage those things? >> no. >> you never went in the bathroom? >> we never went in the bathroom. >> did you kick the door of the bathroom? >> i like i said, i was very intoxicated. i don't remember. >> is it possible that you damaged the door to the bathroom, perhaps even kicked it
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>> international olympic committee set up a disciplinary commission to investigate that incident. u.s. olympic officials promise further action. we'll have more with our exclusive interview with ryan lochte in our next half hour including his description of that confrontation with the security guard at the gas station. we move now to politics and the presidential race and indication this morning that donald trump may be looking to change his tone on one of his most controversial proposals. nbc's hallie jackson is at trump tower for us this good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. those new indications on immigration aren't coming from the candidate himself but from his new campaign manager who insists even after a tumultuous seven days that donald trump is having his best week. a new week and a new tone for donald trump's team. seeming to soften his stance supporting a so-called deportation force to remove the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the
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force? >> to be determined. >> reporter: the candidate himself silent about it. his immigration policy still standing online with trump still struggling to win over minority voters. not just latinos but african-americans from whom he has about 1% support. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell lose? >> reporter: that argument to black voters delivered to mostly white communities. >> his comments are for all americans, and i live in a white community. i'm white. i was very moved by his comment. in other words, he is trying to tell americans that we can do better. >> reporter: now as trump tries to stay on message for another week and on attack against hillary clinton, one of his top surrogates is raising eyebrows raising questions about clinton's health. >> go online and put down
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yourself. >> reporter: clinton's team has shutdown what they call deranged conspiracy theories about her physical fitness. she is facing questions now about why the clinton foundation will stop accepting corporate and foreign donations if she's elected but didn't do so while she was secretary of state. >> what the foundation is saying is that they don't want to become a distraction. they want to go as far possibly can to make sure there's no possible conflict of interest. >> reporter: and this morning clinton's e-mail controversy is again in the headlines as colin powell pushes back against a report clinton told the fbi he advised her on the use of private e-mail. the former secretary of state is telling "people" magazine that clinton's people have been trying to pin it on him. his office acknowledged to nbc that powell did send a memo
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started using hers. >> let's bring in james carville, the mastermind behind bill clinton's run to the white house. he's out with a new book. "we're still right, they're still wrong." still blunt. let's pick up where hallie left off. collin powell saying to "people" magazine that clintoneo trying to pin this on him. let's pretend you're in your old job working for hillary clinton. what should she do about this e-mail issue that continues to dog her? >> maybe documentary evidence. a memo. if they have that, they should get that out and show that. i would stop there. we'll see what it is. it was a memo so after there's a piece of paper floating around
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in politics and say could you have done this better at this time and done that but right now they're up in the polls and they're ahead and anything that you do in politics you could say that we handled this well. there's always something you could have, would have, should have. >> they're ahead but a reboot on the trump side of things. a softer side of him. he's walking back some of his most controversial policy issues including this mass deportation. how worried campaign be that this is going to actually help him? >> we don't exactly know if he's apologizing but not sure for what. i read a story this morning and his campaign manager says that he's going to redo this. it's not trump himself saying that. i think that everything that i read indicates to me they're not doing things that a campaign does. they don't have the
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i don't know. >> reince priebus said by labor day this will be an even race. would you like to take that bet? >> i would like to take that bet but it's not labor day that counts. it's election day that counts and i think she'll be way ahead by then. >> on friday donald trump went to louisiana. you have family in baton rouge. it's a mess down there. he goes down there and looks at the damage firsthand and talks to people before president obama. it wasn't until after his visit that hillary clinton picked the phone and called the governor there. did he appear more presidential in the wake of that tragedy than hillary clinton? >> i think the time line is that she and the governor spoke. the governor had said he would prefer that people come later because they have particularly the president come. i'm grateful that he game. i'm sure the president is going to come on tuesday. the one thing everyone agrees on
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has been really good. that's the total agreement. >> i want to ask you a question about the book. you say elections are lost by the base. >> if people don't understand that there's been a clear performance differential between the two parties, they will think there's not a stake in there. i think democrats have a large stake in there. we've had two successful democratic presidency with a as democrats we have to remind our own people of that. that's part of -- this book is more for converted than anything. >> worried about overconfidence and democrats say why bother show up? >> we never get overconfident about anything. knowing mrs. clinton and knowing
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they're not going to suffer from little confidence. >> the book is called, "we're still right, they're still wrong." available on amazon and bookstores tomorrow. texas and louisiana could be the next state where zika will spread. a doctor from the national institutes of health says flooding in those states expanded mosquito breeding grounds. he said zika will infections traced to local mosquitos have been found in two parts of south florida including in miami beach. now to the severe weather impacting millions across the country. there were at least 16 reports of tornadoes over the weekend. most of them in ohio, indiana and michigan. emergency crews spent much of the day on sunday clearing trees and power lines that came down on roads there. tens of thousands of homes and businesses had power knocked out. meanwhile in central
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struggling to keep a raging wildfire there away from historic castle. the chimney fire burned more than 27,000 acres and at one point was two miles from the castle. farther south evacuation orders have been lifted after a massive fire destroyed more than 100 homes in san bernardino county. people in texas are cleaning up after a weekend of flash flooding in hard hit louisiana expecting more rain today. n, there tomorrow. mr. roker, there's a lot going on. >> that rain you're talking about is going to come down in parts of texas and louisiana looking at more heavy rain and then it moves to the north. you can see heavy showers and thunderstorms firing up between corpus christi and san antonio. activity also firing up along the stationary front into louisiana and arkansas so lower flood threat for louisiana but
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later on in the next several days as we move further up into the mississippi river valley from des moines, quincy, we could look at severe storms and anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain. we're going to get to your local hey, you're clarence! yes, sir. you know, at the model year end clarence event, you can get a great deal on this 2016 passat. steve. yeah? clarence is on a roll. yeah. i wish they'd name an event after me. same here. but the model year end becky event? that's no good... that's just vandalism. whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a one-thousand dollar volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on a new 2016 passat. . . beautiful sunshine out there now. it feels nice. humidity dropping. temperatures dropping as well.
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lots of sunshine. mapping your day. temperatures rebounding back into the 80s. breezy. winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour at times. the winds howling through the afternoon. feels fantastic. tomorrow more of the same and 82 and sunshine for tuesday. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up, more of our exclusive interview with ryan lochte. what he now says happened during that confrontation with a security guard station and his message to the people of brazil. start of a special rossen report series. this one is all about saving you money. this morning do you really have to spend so much to get a great tasting cup of coffee? but first, this is "today" on
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just ahead, the marathoner
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your "news 4 new york" live update starts now. we'll have a look at the bqe right now. 7:26 on this monday, august
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good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. a 3-year-old girl who survived a deadly crash is scheduled to undergo surgery this morning. five people were killed on the l.i.e. 26-year-old carmelo pineles, his 10-year-old son and sister patricia. they flew into the path of two cars heading in the opposite direction. we're told they were heading to the splish splash water park to birthday. former aide to governor cuomo and elderly man were killed in that crash. we want to take a look at the morning commute. here's lauren. >> thanks, michael. delays on the j, m and 5 lines for subway commuters. getting on the roads, watch out for an accident on the boe eastbound. another on the belt parkway east bound by cropsy avenue. another one by coney island.
7:28 am
wyck expressway. back to you, michael. >> we'll be back with michael's forecast. . good morning, everyone. a beautiful day ahead. finally saying good-bye to the humidity. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. back to the 80s. sunshine and breezy. there's a look at your exclusive ten day forecast. what a stretch weather this week especially early on. temperatures in the mid 80s
7:29 am
humidity over towards the week. over to you. >> thank you very much. "today" show do you need to spend a lot of money on coffee or is the cheap stuff just as good? we'll put it to the test.
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we're back at 7:30. it's monday morning, august 22nd, 2016. gang is all back together. so happy to have a crowd out on our plaza. two awesome weeks in rio or so i hear. by the way, the games begin our games came to an end with last night's closing ceremony celebrating the beauty of brazil. simone biles won five medals including four gold. team usa by the way took only 121 medals in all. that's the most in a nonboycotted olympics in 112 years. in other news, at least eight people were injured last
7:31 am
it happened near cleveland. the driver hit the gas by mistake instead of the brakes. police are investigating and say charges could be filed. president obama arrived back to the white house late last night after a vacation in martha's vineyard. tomorrow the president travels to louisiana to view the devastation from that state's historic flooding. we want to begin this morning with more on our exclusive interview with ryan lochte now taking responsibility for what he says was behavior in rio nearly a week after he and his three teammates claimed they were robbed at gunpoint. we asked lochte about that and what happened when he was confronted by security guards. what was your tone? the police said in their press conference that you were angry, that you were belligerent and that the security guard was afraid you would get aggressive.
7:32 am
that's not me is getting mad and angry and wanting to fight or anything like that. i was upset that we got pulled out of the taxi for i thought something that -- there's no reason for a gun to be pulled out for us for doing nothing. >> for gunnar in his statement to police said you got into a heated argument and discussion with that security guard. >> i was upset. there was no reason for sitting down with a gun pointed to us for nothing that we did. >> at any time during that exchange, ryan, when you were that upset and terrified as you just said, do you think you posed a threat to that security guard that would have made him believe he needed to continue to have that gun out of its holster? >> i think when i got up and i
7:33 am
using some words -- this is bs. we shouldn't be treated like this. there's no way. we want to get back in the car. we want to go back. that's why it got heated. and the guy could probably draw his gun from that. and then once he did, you can definitely see me go like this and that's when we sat down. >> i guess what i'm trying to get at is first version of the more about the mean streets of rio and the version we're hearing now is much more about a negotiated settlement to cover up some dumb behavior. >> and that's why i'm taking full responsibility for it is because i overexaggerated that story and if i never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> how about the people of rio. they dealt with headlines going
7:34 am
comes this story with one of the highest profile u.s. athletes saying i got held up at gunpoint on the streets of rio. what would you say to them now? >> how sorry i am. my deepest apologies. they put on a great games. they did everything. the people of rio, authorities, everyone there put on a great games. and my immature, intoxicated behavior tarnished that a little. >> when you saw the news conference of gunnar and jack being taken off that plane at the airport and you just said to me they didn't damage anything in that gas station and you're sitting at home in the united states safe and sound, how did
7:35 am
i mean, i let my team down. and, you know, i wanted to be there. i don't want them to think that i left and left them to dry because they're my teammates, i definitely wanted to be there. i wanted to help out any way i could. i just wanted to make sure that they were home safe before really sorry about -- i'm embarrassed for myself, my family, especially those guys. usa swimming. the whole olympic games. everyone watching. i was immature and i made a stupid mistake. i'm human. i made a mistake.
7:36 am
still investigating this. the chief executive of the usoc said we're going to have further action on this and not exactly sure what he means by that. >> you can never look inside someone's heart but he sure does seem like he gets it now and is really sorry. >> no question about that. >> take a turn now and get a check of the weather, mr. roker. >> the southwest dealing with some severe weather as well. strong storms. dust storms and we'll of those. those haboobs working their way through. we do look for showers and thunderstorms firing up during the day today. the risk of especially by the afternoon enhanced storms. heavy rain, gusty winds. gully washers. flash floods could occur. we're not talking a lot of rain. quarter inch to half inch. some locally heavier amounts about an inch and then you can see gorgeous day warmer through the plains. fresh breezes in the northeast.
7:37 am
thanks, al. good morning, everyone. beautiful start to your work week. temperatures in the 60s in central park. we haven't seen that in two weeks. north and west of town refreshingly cool start. temperatures rebound back to the 80s today. it will be breezy as you're planning your day. lots of sunshine, breedsy. low humidity. here's a look at your ten day forecast. a fantastic stretch weather tomorrow. end of the work week with higher humidity. >> get that weather any time you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. >> thank you. coming up next, a special week-long rossen report series aimed at saving you money. >> good morning. i'm jeff rossen. coming up, we spend so much money on coffee every day, but do you need to? welcome to the rossen report
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7:42 am
here. >> you guys always have mugs. i never ask what's actually in them. >> we don't pay for it. >> we are all obsessed with our morning cup of coffee down to the exact brands we like. some of you swear cheap deli coffee is the best. then there's the other group saying expensive coffee just tastes better. do you really need to pay that much and beyond that can you really tell the difference? this morning we're about to settle this once and for all with a blind taste to test you live in a moment. first, we're heading out to test you. step right up. it's the "rossen reports" coffee taste test. we are setting up shop in new jersey's mall. who doesn't love coffee? the average american spending more than $1,000 a year on it. from the expensive stuff to the
7:43 am
don't stop me from doing the science. if you didn't know which was which, what would you really like better? guess what this is? you turned down really expensive coffee. competing today, this cheap deli coffee price $1 a cup versus this fancy gourmet coffee coming in at $3.25 a cup. come on up. you're the next contestant. some tasters choose the expensive brew. >> you like fancy stuff. >> unfortunately. >> you're going to have to come to terms with it. there are support groups. >> i'll go to one. >> many saying it packs more of a punch. >> this one is stronger. i like it. i like the taste of it. >> it has a better taste to it. >> listen to what these tasters say about the cheap deli coffee. >> that one has a smoother flavor. >> i'll take this one. >> this is really good. i chose the cheap one. >> are you taking it with you? >> can i. >> absolutely.
7:44 am
tough to throw out. we taste test for hours dozens of people and the results are in. >> i like this one. >> i like this one better. >> an overwhelming majority, 67% chose the cheap deli coffee. >> wow. go figure. i guess i have cheap tastes. >> what do you make of that? >> i'm dumbfounded. >> i t i guess i'm not. i like cheap coffee. >> why is expensive coffee so expensive? coffee experts say it's all about higher quality beans but your taste buds don't lie. what is the lesson here? >> people think more money means better but not always. >> cheaper can be just as good or better. saves me money. >> it's not about price. it's about the quality. >> we're saving money now.
7:45 am
here for our blind taste test to see what kind of palliate -- palettes you have. >> i'm going to fool myself. >> now comes the red. we have cards for you to hold up. which one you like better. which oneo this one. >> all three choosing cheap. you all chose the cheap. why did you choose green versus red? >> red was bitter. >> absolutely. it was bitter. >> we all have cheap tastes. you don't have to spend that much on coffee. saving you money left and right. >> can i run back to my latte now. >> next team bring half and
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7:51 am
>> my goodness. kendricks stood at attention until the anthem was finished. picked up the volt and got back to business. he won bronze. his patriotism won over the internet. nbc chills. what respect i have for this olympian. >> he was on the show at rio. we didn't know that happened. he was a great guy. he enjoyed talking to him. tamron, thank you very much. just ahead, put the sinks where? the idea to get you to wash your hands every time you use a restroom. >> if you need motivation. we're expanding our family. we're getting a new puppy with a ??
7:52 am
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?? ?? ??
7:56 am
your "news 4 new york" live update starts now. look at the beautiful view of the brooklyn bridge and brooklyn heights. 7:56. monday morning. good morning, i'm michael garr gargiulo. a stray bullet hit this grandmother in the neck. it was one of four shootings in
7:57 am
suggest they're connected. people opened fire at a house party in bridgeport, connecticut. as many as 100 people at the party. 13 people ranging in age from 18 to 24 wounded. one hit in the face and is in critical condition. police believe there was more than one gunman but they don't know the motive of the attack. the fdny will hold app event in queens today. there have been three major fires in the city in the last ten days that were traced back to children playing with fire. damaged four others and injured 23 people last thursday on staten island. right now let's take a look at the morning commute. here's lauren with that. >> thanks, michael. delays in service changes on the 5, e, j, m, r. then watch out for an accident on 80 eastbound after exit 30 howard boulevard. another southbound on truck route 1 and 9 causing heavy delays. the bqe, disabled vehicle. it's a slow ride all the way
7:58 am
eastbound by crosby avenue. let's check the weather. bright, breezy, beautiful with a high of 83. tomorrow, sunny, less humid, 82. wednesday, lots of sun, 85. thursday stays sunny. a bit warmer. 86 for the high. friday, 89 degrees. we're going to warm up again. a slight chance for rain and looking at the rest of the week it looks like it's going to be the high 80s. much cooler at night. coming up on the "today" show, "today" show family. it's a big puppy reveal. we'll have another local update coming up for you in a half hour and at noontime.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, closing the games in style. ?? simone biles leads the way for team usa. it was the prime mis >> that's pretty great. >> as tokyo takes the torch and looks ahead to 2020. plus, a roker burger. al gets behind the grill to create his perfect cheeseburger all for a good cause. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is
8:01 am
burger. come get yours. and ready, set, puppy. the newest member of the "today" team is about to be revealed as we get set to introduce you to our new puppy with a purpose, "today," monday, august 22nd, 2016. >> sending our love to louisiana! >> all of the way from tennessee. it's her birthday! ?? >> hi to our daughter back in indiana. >> good morning, virginia! >> it's our first time in new york! we're back on a monday morning. we made it back to new york
8:02 am
rejoined on this 22nd day of august. >> we missed you guys so much. >> we missed you. >> we just came out here every day to the plaza crowd and said where is matt and al? olympics are over. we put a contest together. if you came out dressed in your olympic clothing you are eligible to winey that won. >> only eligible if you came out in olympic garb. >> if that person finds that gold ball, they win $25,000. that's right. >> there's one gold ball in that pile. >> you have 30 seconds to look. let's meet "today's" contestant.
8:03 am
grant, come on over. there you go. we'll watch grant go for the gold. wow. look at you. you're the olympic mascot. >> did we take a picture together? >> yeah, i have it. i was there in the rain. >> all right, grant. >> have you seen the size of that pit of balls over there? 30 seconds though. >> anybody could do it. i feel good about you. >> we'll do it later. get ready. get psyched up. >> let's head down to rio. nbc's peter alexander is there putting a wrap on the games for us. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. copacabana beach this morning you can see pretty much feels like a ghost town. almost everybody has taken off. what a thrilling games. now finally in the books.
8:04 am
ways felt like the culmination of the domination here by team usa. here in brazil they say ciao but back at home it's good-bye, ryo. a carnival themed closing ceremonies with simone biles capping off her historic run in rio with one last honor. becoming the first female gymn team usa. adding to that total, the men's basketball team who won its third straight gold medal. a 30-point blowout against serbia. >> can he hang on just a little longer? he will. >> kyle snyder contributing to the gold rush becoming the youngest wrestling championship in u.s. history and from the mat to the ring. claressa shields successfully defending her olympic title.
8:05 am
as torch is passed to tokyo. japan's prime minister paying homage to one of his country's best known contributions. a super surprise appearance from his last night in rio where it's now game over. so one final time here is your medal count. team usa as we said dominating. 121 medals in this is the most medals for team usa in more than three decades. the most ever in a nonboycotted olympic games. now just 18 months away until more medals are handed out but just a couple weeks away from paralympic games here that begin september 7th. back to you. >> peter, before you come home, i lost a ball on the beach
8:06 am
metal deal. >> come home, peter. great job. coming up next, the new version of katy perry's version of "firework" will take you back to the '80s. one of those puppies about to join our family. we'll reveal which is going to be our puppy with a purpose right after this.
8:07 am
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8:09 am
8:09. good time for "what's trending." if the shoe fits -- >> wear it. >> you wear it team usa english gardner misplaced her shoes ahead of the 4x100 relay. didn't realize until ten minutes before the race that she couldn't find her shoes so she borrowed a pair from teammate allyson felix which were too big and she won gold anyway. she said it was nothing that an extra pair of socks couldn't fix.
8:10 am
most important thing. a perfect fitting pair of shoes. >> it's like putting bad tires on a different race car. >> for mere mortals it would be a terrible thing. >> let's talk about another olympic runner and his moment crossing the finish line. he's from cambodia completing overjoyed reaction. it wasn't viral. why? because actually he came in second to last place but as you can see from his face completing a marathon is a feat in itself. he's 41 years old. he did it in under three hours. he's beaming with pride and, yes, just another image of the olympic spirit. >> that's the way it should be. i love that. let's change gears. we'll go back to a subject we
8:11 am
things in bathrooms. from "the wall street journal." admit it, you don't always wash your hands after you use the bathroom. who would be willing to raise their hand and say they don't always wash their hands? always, always, always. okay. a behavioral economist says people don't admit to a lot of things or will admit to reckless things like texting and driving but people will never fess up to not washing their hands after using the restroom. you want people to know that you are clean. his solution for the people who don't wash their hands even though they say they do, you put the sink outside of the bathroom in the hallway and being in the public eye people will see you come out of the bathroom and if you don't come to the sink, it's shaming. >> i have seen it. you wash out of the toilet area
8:12 am
sing a song. >> "happy birthday" twice. >> i thought it was abcs. >> either one. put it right in the middle of the restaurant. tamron, let's do "pop start." >> let's bring with frank ocean. releasing his latest album saturday. his first in four years. the album debuted on apple music one day after he dropped a visual album. fans needless to sayer media. his first album earned him two grammy awards and six nominations. if you want to be entertained, watch the frank ocean memes. fans happy about the album dropping. to something else super cute. miranda lambert got engaged over the weekend. did you hear? >> no. >> it's adorable. she was performing at a concert in new jersey. she told the crowd before the
8:13 am
his name sebastian. he had a pink ring in hand. he got on one knee and popped the question. miranda shared the photo on instagram saying i said yes but he has to wait 25 years. i love how he brought the ring. class act he is. finally, raise your hand if you love and miss the music of the '80s. savannah guthrie. >> love it. >> do i have a treat for you today. one y brilliant idea of pairing today's hits with '80s beats. so let's check out katy perry's "firework" the remix. ? baby you're a firework ? ? come and show them why you work ? >> the question is what dance do you do to this song? what was your dance in the '80s?
8:14 am
>> my dance in the '80s is the same as my dance in the '70s. >> this is justin bieber's "what do you mean?" one more here. >> a little madonna. >> i miss the '80s. >> you miss authentic version and not remix version. that's your "pop start." head to today's facebook page and i think sebastian until we get the puppy. mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> let's see what's going on. this time of year this is when we start to really see the atlantic start firing up and so we're going to watch. we're watching some development. we have tropical storm fiona out here. we also have another tropical wave that will probably become a depression later on today and then we've got this right here
8:15 am
system. we're watching this 199-l. look at this over the next several days brings it about around the bahamas with a lot of models bringing it out there. we'll continue to track this as we watch it. now, week ahead, we are looking at all this wet weather down through the gulf continuing monday on into tuesday and wednesday and finally dries out. heavier showers and thunderstorms by the end of the week. middle of the week from great lakes down into the gulf coast. good morning, everyone. beautiful day ahead, breezy at times. less humid. 83 degrees, feeling like a nice change outside. overnight, down to 64. taste of fall ahead, 50s north and west of town. the ten day forecast tomorrow, more of the same. high temperature of 82 tuesday.
8:16 am
humid by end of the week. >> and that is your latest weather. guys? >> announcer: "today's" puppy with a purpose is created with our sponsor, petsmart. >> mr. roker, get over here quickly. our big reveal of the newest and by far the cutest member of the "today" show family. >> we had to say good-bye to wrangler after he spent 16 months calling our studio home while he prepared to be a guide dog. we'll update you on how wrangler is doing later in the week. >> this morning it's all about our new puppy with a purpose. this time we are partnering with an organization that has helped hundreds of our nation's heroes find freedom again. look. >> good girl. good girl. >> for man's best friend serving a veteran is more than just a duty, it's a badge of honor.
8:17 am
she is my best friend on a dark day. she is my hearing. >> reporter: ten years ago gretchen evans' world suddenly went silent. >> you don't realize how devastating it is to be a hearing person for most of your life and then not be. >> the army has been in her blood for 27 years. she worked her way up to command sergeant major, the highest enlisted rank but it all changed one day. evans wasit in afghanistan leaving her with a traumatic brain injury and hearing loss. >> i looked down to see if i had arms and legs. i had an incredible headache. i couldn't hear but i didn't realize i was deaf yet. the doctor came in and said you're going to be deaf for the rest of your life. >> meet ora, evans' hearing dog helping her navigate through the day alerting her to sounds like the phone.
8:18 am
>> what? who is it? >> and other cars. >> peeling out or slamming on brakes she'll turn her head quickly. i look the direction she's looking so that gives me a heads-up that something is going on. >> evans and ora met through americans vet dogs. giving veterans of all ages a new sense of independence. >> they provided a tremendous service to our country. we need to give bac veteran to live a life without boundaries. >> the dogs' uniform, a vest. the mission to help veterans suffering from vision, hearing loss, ptsd. >> they can be this for you when your stress level is going on. >> since 2003, they've placed
8:19 am
he became so much a part of my family support system so quickly. >> joe has been with his dog benjamin for eight years. >> i was afraid that if i fell, i would hurt myself bad or i would fall. >> he was a medical specialist serving with the marine corps when a bomb hit a truck in his convoy. he ran to help and stepped on an ied. >> i went up in the air. i remember coming down facedown was going to die. >> after a dozen surgeries, he learned to walk again but it wasn't easy. benjamin gave him the confidence to get back on his feet helping him with retrieval. >> people see the shiny leg. it's something to stare at. he takes that away from me. people are staring at him and don't recognize my injury. >> men and women who have done so much in the name of service finding comfort in the ones now serving them.
8:20 am
that constant nonjudgmental companion that you can talk to that's always there. >> i knew that my country was going to take care of me. she gave back to me what was taken away. >> now we know our awesome purpose. let's meet our puppy. first, a special military tribute from none other than the west point band. take it away. ??
8:21 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. we have set the mood thanks to the west point band and now it is time for the big reveal. all right. it's time to meet our puppy. let's have a drum roll, please. >> hi, hi. >> there you go! >> i can't. i can't. look at him. >> hi, sweetie. hi. welcome. >> this is olivia. she comes from american vet dogs. she'll be with us every morning. he'll learn new skills.
8:22 am
can we bring in joe as well and his dog, benjamin. great to see you. >> good morning. >> joe, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> we saw you in the piece before we get to our new addition talk about benji and what he's done for you. >> i got benjamin in 2008 from america's vet dogs. it became apparent how necessary it was for veterans to have. he's part of my support system an that i have. i'm not afraid of dropping things out of my lap. he can bring everything i need to me. walking and stability. he's one of the reasons why i don't spend 100% of my day in the wheelchair anymore. >> it's incredible what these dogs are able to do and this training is so much a part of it. olivia, what will this doggy -- we'll name him in a moment. what will he learn being around here? >> so as a puppy raiser, i have three main objectives.
8:23 am
social and health behaviors to make sure he's a welcome presence both out in public and in the home. i'm going to nurture his confidence so like people, dogs think and perform best when they feel comfortable and secure and lastly and most excitedly will training him to do tasks like retrieving, pushing and tugging and then we can combine those tasks and expand on them to do up to 150 different service behaviors. >> isn't it trueha he's going to be. you're going to wait to see how he develops and what his strengths are. >> yes. around 14 months we'll be excited to share his temperament test with you all. during the test he'll be able to show us what his strengths are and he could end up being a ptsd service dog, hearing dog, seizure response dog, guide dog for veterans that are blind or visually impaired and so we
8:24 am
the dog does and how he helps but also the emotion of it. the connection is really evident. >> i think that animals are just good at that. dogs, i think, head and shoulders above the rest. it's something that people live longer when they have animals. there's a good reason for that. >> you actually brought benji to the office a while back. there's something interesting. when benji has his vest on, he is all work. knows it's the signal that he can have fun. >> yes. at that point he's a dog on a leash. >> that's what we're going to have with our little friend as well, right? >> absolutely. he'll have work time and play time but honestly they love their job so much, work is not much of work. >> when you saw him come out of that curtain and paused, do you get a sense -- he didn't get scared or anything with all of the applause. >> these people weren't here this morning.
8:25 am
straight to us. >> he is definitely a puppy. he's playing and enjoying life. >> the first few weeks are just normal puppy stuff. >> olivia, we're excited to announce we teamed up with petsmart. they are showing support for america's vet dogs. $25,000 donation to your organization. look at that. >> lick it. >> that's so great. we can't wait to work with you and him. >> we're excited. thank you. >> joe, thank you so much for giving us a sense of what this is all going to be like. >> thanks for giving me food this morning. >> you got it. >> you're welcome. >> of course, our new puppy needs a name and we're asking you folks at home to help with that. >> multiple choice. three military inspired names for you to choose from. sarge, charlie, or will it be ace?
8:26 am
votes. we'll reveal the name you chose tomorrow morning. >> all the love for this little critter. critter. i want to say hi to benji every patient gets their own care manager. the care manager coordinates all of the learn more at cancer center dot com slash care manager. 8:26 right now on this monday, august 22nd. good morning, i am michael gargiulo. live look at the tappan zee bridge. police asking for help to
8:27 am
police say tiffany ortiz left her home friday with her ten month old, headed to grand concourse in the bronx but never got hold. ortiz has a tattoo of a cross near her righty and tattoos on knuckles of her left hand. opponents say they plan to create ten new barge anchorages that will turn the first day metro north riders can buy tickets on phones. commuters to and from new haven can now use the e ticket app. once on board, riders just have to show those tickets to the conductor. look at the morning commute. >> good morning. 15 minutes delays from an earlier disabled amtrak train. on the subways, there are delays
8:28 am
lines. on the roads, problems on the cross bronx expressway. on the bruckner, disabled vehicle. also an accident westbound on grand central parkway. second of the morning by laguardia airport. check the weather. bright, breezy, beautiful. high of 83 degrees. sunny, less humid. 82. wednesday, lots of sun, 85. thursday, sunny and warmer. 86 for the high. warmer show. robert deniro and edgar ramirez stop by to talk about their new movie. enjoy your monday. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood
8:29 am
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8:30 am
?? we're back 7:30 on this monday morning. it's the 22nd day of august, 2016. more patriotic music from the west point band. they're on the plaza as we celebrate our new puppy with a purpose. >> is he not just adorable? we love having the west point band here and of course this is our new puppy. he's going to be eventually used by america's vet dogs. we want you to go to and vote for his name. do you like sarge, charlie or ace.
8:31 am
please vote early and often. we have a really exciting announcement to make around here. our family is really growing. lexy rudolph and her husband, scott, welcomed twins overnight. meet brock asher rudolph and sasha brin. absolutely adorable. the only question is how are we going to survive around here without lexy. >> she's our senior booking producer. we have two new young bookers in the family. that's great news. >> we're so happy for you. meanwhile, just ahead, grant will be going for the gold. >> he'll jump into that gigantic ball pit in search of one gold ball worth $25,000. the crowd is hyped up for him. we'll see what happens. >> he's got 30 seconds. and we're going to be kicking off our new series "today's original" where we market a new product for a good cause.
8:32 am
delicious burger you'll ever taste. it's the roker burger. >> we have an oscar winner in the house. robert de niro is here with edgar ramirez. we'll catch up with them in a couple minutes. >> something big coming up on friday. our next concert series we'll live stream that performance in virtual reality. it will be just like you're here on our plaza. you can c >> can we say hi to someone we love around here? henry winkler is here. new nbc comedy series "better late than never" the goal an international excursion with no assistance, no limos, in search of a life changing experience. take a look.
8:33 am
it is roulette using sushi. >> go! >> wasabi. >> henry winkler joins us on the plaza. how are you? >> good morning. i want to say i go for the name ace. it's the name of my grandf >> i like ace too. >> you didn't know those guys before you went on this excursion. >> i knew bill shatner a little bit. when they said will you go to asia? i'll go anywhere i'm considered tall. >> this is a real adventure. it doesn't sound like it was incredibly scripted. you guys are just going out there and trying all kinds of new things. >> it's true. we had five cameras. we had five guys. we had six cities. no script.
8:34 am
fell in my lap out of the sky. >> would you do it again? >> i would do it again in a heartbeat. it was -- we had pork vagina which i spit out of my mouth. that was one of the adventures. >> we could have taken the cue a little earlier. >> i'll stick with chicken. the closest i came was breast. >> henry winkler will tomorrow with kathie lee and hoda. >> thank you, henry. love seeing you. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> announcer: "today" weather brought to you by dove hair. perfectly nourished hair plus more. >> we have great folks here. where are you from? >> new york city. >> you have perfect weather
8:35 am
far as your weather for today. fresh breezes in the northeast getting warmer out west. scattered showers and thunderstorms through the gulf coast. tomorrow the weather continues. gorgeous in the eastern half of the country with showers down through the south. monsoon storms in the southwest. that good morning, everyone. a beautiful start to the work week. it is finally feeling more comfortable outside. lower humidity with cooler temperatures. lar 83 for your high, lots of sunshine, breezy. winds up to 30 miles per hour through the day. tonight mostly clear, turning chilly north and west of town. down to the 50s. 64 the low temperature. been awhile since we had temperatures that cool. tomorrow another gorgeous day, sunshine and 82. 85 wednesday. >> that is your latest weather. >> we're ready to go for the gold this morning. we brought the spirit of rio to
8:36 am
gets to jump into this ball pit. this is grant. the good news is there is $25,000 on the line. the bad news is you are looking for a gold ball like this. >> looks just like that. >> are you limber? are you ready? >> get ready. we're going to put 30 seconds on the clock. three, two, one and you're going >> don't know if he has a strategy. it's like a jigsaw puzzle. >> how many balls do you think are in this pit? thousands? he's looking for a gold ball. close. he saw an orange.
8:37 am
time is up, grant. >> wow. >> fun experience though. >> you're a great contestant. by the way, we have a consolation prize, don't we? >> a rio gift basket. we don't have here but we'll give it to you. it's spectacular. >> it was right behind you. kidding. you did a great job. >> it was fun. >> you know we'll roll it over for tomorrow. somebody else. so come down to the plaza. show your olympic spirit and you could have a chance like grant did. >> up next, we're each picking designing and bringing something new to the market for a very good cause starting with the
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back now. 8:39. a brand new series called "today's" original. savannah, al and i teamed up with a company to come up with our original product. >> we'll get into this later. i should mention part of the proceeds are going to go to charity. this is why we're doing it. you get started first. tell us about it. >> i'm excited about this. i love food. surprise there. i love to grill. we use that idea my "today" original. my "today" original creating the roker burger at shake shack. one of the first meals i remember ever cooking was on our backyard grill with my dad. who doesn't love a good burger? with the help of shake shake's culinary director, i created my "today" original. the roker burger. how original is this burger?
8:41 am
and your passion. i know you're a barbecue fanatic. if we can harness that into a shake shack burger, that would be exciting for everyone. >> do people get nervous when any see aburger on the menu? >> they're excited. we take care to find something our fans will love. a couple ingredients to play >> sauces. >> a couple different ones for you to try here. >> what is that? does that have coffee in it? >> a little bit, yeah. it's a take on a redeye gravy. >> we're a morning show. everybody drinks coffee. this is fantastic. now toppings. >> we have pulled pork. this pulled pork has more barbecue sauce to amplify it
8:42 am
toppings. i would go with dill pickles. >> we have to talk about a bun here. classic bun right here which is super soft and squishy and pillowy. >> honey, i've been spending my day around soft, squishy buns. this is the way to go. it's the shake shack, baby. let's make a burger. us barbecue is rich. we have sweet elements here. pickle bringing acidity. i don't know if one slice of cheese is enough. >> you're crazy. >> let's go big here. >> two slices. >> breaking the bank on this one. >> shut the front door. this is fantastic. ladies and gentlemen, this is
8:43 am
burger. come get yours. >> it's time to taste test your burger. >> let's do it. double cheese. pulled pork. give that a try? >> sure. >> to get an honest response, i did not reveal that it's my burger. >> my god. so good. >> this is really good. >> don't like the pis. wait a minute. now try it. >> really good. >> we're vegetarians. >> my gosh. this is the wrong burger for you. yikes. would you love to see that on the menu every day? >> i would actually. i totally would. >> and shake shack is banking my burger is a winner.
8:44 am
a nonprofit fighting child hunger. what's happening, justin? what up? awesome. we are going to take a field trip. we're going to shake shack and we're going to test my burger. here we go. >> what do you think? >> really good. >> the burger is >> all right. when it comes to the roker burger, thumbs up or thumbs down. that's a big thumbs up. >> my goodness. >> so good. >> i hate half of this thing already. >> it's really good. >> i'm so excited about this. not only because it's an amazing burger but we want you to head to your nearest shake shack.
8:45 am
help us raise money for great cause. snap a selfie or photo while you enjoy it and use #rokerburger. the money goes to no kid hungry in that area. >> one for the baby. >> it's great. this is so good. >> next time bring milkshakes. it's shake shack. edgar ramirez. we'll talk to them next. first, on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc. it's the celebration of the year! blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now! buy one, get one at half price. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. our biggest sale of the year is a blast! blinds to go.
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8:47 am
celebrate something really special this summer at blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! blinds to go. blinds for life. we're back now 8:47 with
8:48 am
de niro plays a trainer schooling duran on the psychological side of the sweet science. >> i have a question for you. why you always brushed my hair when we were in the corner. >> fighter punches you and feels proud. bell sounds. next round. goes out like you came out of the shower. drives him nuts like he can't hurt you. all psychological. >> >> strategy. >> you shmuck. >> now you're speaking yiddish. >> nice to see you both. >> good morning. >> huge boxing fan. especially during this time. duran and tommy and sugar ray leonard. are you a big fan? >> i am. i don't follow much these days unless it's a great fight. i knew duran at that time.
8:49 am
to see him. >> he was ending his career in the early 1980s. you're 39 years old. were you aware of him at all? >> not at the time. of course i'm from latin america. i'm from venezuela. and hanson stone was always a name that was always in the air and of course my father was a huge fan of duran. by far t american fighter. >> he was physically imposing. he was dominating. he just kind of willed his way to victory. and yet the whole story here is this relationship between these two characters. the fighter and the trainer and your job was to teach him a different side of the boxing game. >> to civilize him in a way to get him -- he was like a street
8:50 am
could -- train him to think. to use his head. and at the same time he knew -- i feel, he knew that he had it in him. he says it in movie too. he had it in him and guide him and give him instruction and be a father figure at the same time. >> what's extraordinary here is roberto duran is living. did you get to >> he trained me for the movie and his sons. i moved to panama for -- >> what was that like to be with him? >> he's a force of nature. you know, he really -- he was very open and very generous and he shared a lot of his skills and a lot of his techniques with me. however, there was always something that he kept for himself as any other good fighter would. the fighter are like magicians.
8:51 am
somewhere protected. that was something to me that was very revealing. and really helped me to play the character. >> you talk about tips and secrets. you've had success playing a boxer. a fighter. you play jack back in 1980 in "raging bull." split screen pictures up here. edgar playing roberto duran. what would vegas odds have been on this fight right here. who would have won that one? >> these they did great job. they both work the way i work. >> you're ducking the question. >> they would tell great jokes. both of them. >> good sense of humor. >> great sense of humor. very charismatic. they do well on stage. >> i can't wait to see this. i'm a huge boxing fan.
8:52 am
this is the period i fell in love with boxing and muhammad ali before that. a pleasure. "hands of stone" hits theaters on friday. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in.
8:53 am
see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. >> look who we have here.
8:54 am
official welcoming party. welcome. >> thank you. billy bush, ladies and gentlemen. >> if a new dog wasn't enough. >> i came to meet the new dog and try al's burger. >> if i can mention, it's available today through friday. this friday at shake shack near you. >> a passing of the baton here. >> you all know and viewers know, i've been wearing a lot of hats lately. i've been doing the "today" show with al and tamron. i do "morning joe" every day. i have to take one of the hats off. i have a big hat. not big enough for all those hats. i'll step away from the third hour of the "today" show. it's hard to do that because of the love i have for you guys because of the love i have for all of our producers and our viewers who have been so good to all of us but i pass the hat to a guy with another big head. billy bush.
8:55 am
way. >> physically a large melon. >> we'll see you all the time. >> i'll be here tomorrow morning working with you on early hours of "today" show and "sunday today" and "morning joe." >> tips for billy? things he needs to know about myself and al? >> tamron gets hangry every time. >> we'll feed her. >> billy bush is a good and old friend. grt family. >> you've been shopping in matt's closet. >> lauer looked at the jacket. where did you get that? >> we just spent 2 1/2 weeks in rio with this guy and we survived. >> by the way, barely. >> that's the t-shirt you came back with? >> yes. >> they're all back after this.
8:56 am
8:57 am
look at the hamilton bridge. 8:56. monday august 22nd. investigators trying to determine what caused a crash that killed five people and injured six others on long island expressway. this happened yesterday near exit 68 in man it crashed into two cars headed the opposite direction. three people in the suv were killed, including a 26-year-old man, his sister and ten-year-old son. the other victims are an 89-year-old and former aid to governor cuomo. police are looking for a gunman that shot people i think bridgeport at a party. one was a woman shot in the face and she's in critical condition. senator charles schumer
8:58 am
scare at kennedy airport. more than a week since unfounded reports of gunfire frightening travelers at the airport. he says part of the problem is lack of coordination between various agencies responsible for airport security. let's look at the morning commute. here is lauren. >> i wish i had better news. 15 minutes delays for transit commuters because of an earlier disabled amtrak train. on the subways, delays and lines. if getting on the road, accident on 78 before exit 24. another on garden state parkway by colonial rest area. and bqe jammed up because of a disabled vehicle by the bridge. check the weather. bright, breezy, high of 83. sunny, less humid. wednesday, lots of sun. 85 degrees.
8:59 am
anchor of "today's take" billy bush. more in 30 minutes. at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," ryan lochte speaks out and puppy love. meet the newest member of the "today" show family and i have one word for you. bacon. a new twist on a now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this monday morning. august 22nd, 2016. i'm billy bush along with al and tamron. i'm the newest member of the "today" show. we have a newer member.
9:01 am
we have our new "today" show puppy. our puppy with a purpose. >> he loves chewing on the buttons on my dress. he's unnamed. we can call him fancy for now. >> he's being trained to become a service dog for a military veteran. we'll be partnering with america's vet dogs. our trainer, olivia is here. >> come over. >> anything we should know? >> so for america's vet dogs and the puppy as well. >> do we let him teeth on our fingers or keep the bone that tamron has in the mouth? >> we try to set them up for success to learn good manners. he has the bone there to encourage him to chew on something appropriate. >> he chewed on my iphone already. >> he doesn't have a name yet. we're asking you to help us out here. let's see which one he's taking to so far?
9:02 am
>> one more time. say sarge. >> likes that one. >> charlie. >> i think he's going with ace. hello. he's tired. he's a puppy. >> he had a very early morning this morning to prepare for his debut. >> and west point band. >> eventually he'll be able -- assuming he passes, he'll be up to 150 different - foundation tasks and we expand it and combine it from there. >> we look forward. he'll be with us every day. we cannot wait. thank you so much. we do want to seriously welcome our pal, billy bush. we spent the last two weeks together. it was fun. >> a lot of fun in rio. >> we're not the only ones who want to welcome you. >> there are others? >> there are others. >> take a look.
9:03 am
co-host on the show for a month last summer. i have to tell you these people are crazy. the best of luck to you. you'll need it. just kidding. they're very nice. >> welcome, bushy, to the "today" show. get ready for those early mornings and no sleep but the nice smiling faces you'll see every day. >> billy, welcome. good luck. you're going to kill it. >> what up, billy. andy grammer saying welcome to the team because i'm a big part of the team. i want to welcome you to it. >> billy, it's luke welcome to the "today" show. >> what's up? we are 98 degrees. we just want to say congrats on the "today" show gig. try not to screw it up, buddy. >> billy bush, congratulations on your new gig on the "today" show. we'll miss you on the west coast. the east coast is going to love you. i wish you all the best. >> what up billy bush. happy you joined the "today" show. >> it's time for you to come back to new york and i'm going
9:04 am
see you soon. >> your twin. that's your twin. you realize that? >> this looks like an old regis jacket. >> i had a jacket that color. >> you did. i took it. and now it's my jacket of this color. >> mine had blue checks in it. >> i know that one. >> it was louder. >> we spoke over the weekend. how was your birthday? >> i had a lovely time. thank you very much. spent it with the family. my brother, chris, moving back to new york city. he was in town. 's queens hospital. >> how fantastic. >> that's not a small position. >> i'm telling you, he's a big deal. >> not the only one. >> don't mind standing in that shadow. >> also my kids were there. we had a lovely time. nice dinner. >> any big surprises? anything you need to tell us about? >> no. i didn't realize how tired i was. i mean on saturday i went to get
9:05 am
barber chair. out. >> you texted me and say you woke up at 9:30. >> sunday morning. >> that's the next day. >> i never wake up that late. >> when did you fly back? >> friday night. landed saturday morning about 6:00 a.m. >> amazing anyone could sleep on the plane with the snoring that goes on with roker. unbelievable. >> you were making other noises. >> tamron and i were talking before in the chair. underwt weekend. what happened? >> i put it on social media. i normally wear hoops. i've been wearing the same hoops for seven, eight years. well a pair of earrings at the white house correspondent dinner ripped my ear and tear kept going. i had to have surgery on my ears and so i -- i went to a guy who is known for body modification art because i heard he was the
9:06 am
he does body modification. >> lots of -- >> tattoos. next level. >> does he do lifting? >> he's not a medical doctor but famous for what he does. sometimes people get those big disks in their ears and then you turn 40 and you don't want that anymore, let me sew that back. he does that. brilliant at it. highly recommended. we have a picture. i had stitches. i know. it was unbelievable. i wish i had both of you to hold each of my hands. i to go solo. >> you got some braids. >> i vowed i wanted to get braids inspired by al's daughter. this is the problem with braids when you have short hair. we swooped it around.
9:07 am
my hair. my friends say i look like -- >> is that like a bun. >> it's a man bun. >> that was my exciting time while you were out with beautiful models. >> i can't get my ears pierced for two more months. i just pierced this one at the top. >> sounds painful. >> celebrated your mom's birthday. >> i hug, immediately went up to maine where my parents are. it's my mom's birthday yesterday. so we took a lovely -- we had a lovely lobster bake on the beach in maine with the fresh lobster and built a big fire pit. al, you would love this. dig a hole in the beach. you put the firewood. it gets hot.
9:08 am
lobster and makes it smoke seaweed flavor. it was lovely. next day, look at these people. they like this photo. there are so many people liking this photo. then i realize it's a lot of lochte vengeance at the bottom with people fired up about that lochte situation which we are going to get into. >> quickly going back to this elaborate meal because al knows i love to eat, what part of the meal did you do? >> i helped my brother fire. and then i helped put the lobsters on the fire. >> very good. >> here's the best thing. there was corn. when you're done, you can throw everything onto the beach in low tide and it washes away. >> i need proof of this. >> it's a great low maintenance meal. cooks itself. very nice. >> rio recap. you guys back from rio. the final medal count for the 2016 incredible.
9:09 am
121 total medals. 46, almost half, gold. we mentioned ryan lochte drama. we'll talk about it later in the show. let's look at the fun that my boys had without me. >> this is how you make an entrance, guys. >> he had to be gold. >> that was >> hey. >> here comes the boom, boom, boom. >> oh! ?? >> did your wish come true?
9:10 am
>> tirico! >> wow. >> we had great time. we don't want out. you are getting hangry. we know that. we got some lovely food provided by the nice folks. do we have -- is it coming in? there we go. >> is this my outfit too? >> how did you know i wanted this outfit. >> i knew.
9:11 am
he didn't get past the censors. >> i love meat. let me have some of that. >> al, you know what this is, i believe. >> look at this. >> thank you. you guys are such gentlemen. what do i do with this? >> one memory coming back and that's the meat sweats. >> when you eat a >> in the middle of the night, you get the sweats. >> i'll have the lean part. that's good. >> coming up, more on the ryan lochte drama while we eat meat.
9:12 am
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9:15 am
we're back now with more of "today's take." >> i missed you guys in rio but occasionally on vacation i turn onto social media. i go on. the other day i log in and al roker is trending. there are memes about roker. what happened, please? >> on friday we were talking the sound effects. it was pretty funny. we were talking about ryan lochte whether he lied or not. we got into a discussion. a heated discussion. i think what happened is what people don't know, a, we're friends. we've known each other for a long time. this is what we do on this show. i think because this was such a big deal, i think people were
9:16 am
>> my goal was to -- i spoke with our boss ahead of time. my goal is to play devil's advocate here just so we don't have three opinions the same. there's some things that remain. there was a gun. there were people told to get on the ground. there was a badge of some kind. there's still a couple of things up in the air about it. i wanted to raise those points. in the end from guilty of something it's not wanting america to look bad abroad and you made up all of this. we then find out, of course, after the fact he made it all up. what really upsets me or makes me sad is the people of rio. in 2009, they got the bid for the olympics. inflation was low. employment was high and things were going great. they really needed these games to go great. they didn't need damage to their reputation in any way because they'll lose a lot of money in
9:17 am
take my vacation and go to rio, i hope they're not second-guessing that. >> from watching at home, the little thing i noticed as well is how it did take away from the other competitors. >> for a week. >> in fact, he did finally clear it up when you look at what he did with matt lauer. take a look. >> i want to make sure about the bathroom side of this. you heard the police. there was damage in that bathroom. a door was damaged, a mirror was damaged and a soap dispenser was damaged. did you go in the bathroom? >> we never went in the bathroom. >> did you kick the door of the bathroom? >> like i said i was very intoxicated. i don't remember. >> is it possible that you damaged the door to the bathroom perhaps even kicked it open? >> all i know is that we went to
9:18 am
bushes. >> later in the interview matt was talking to him. one of the things i raised, we raised together, the fact that he left his teammates there. i think he really regrets that. besides the part about insulting the folks of rio. take a look at what he talked about with his teammates. >> i let my team down. you know, i wanted to be there. i donan i left. i'm just really sorry. i'm embarrassed for myself, my family. especially those guys. usa swimming. the whole olympic games. everyone watching. i was immature and i made a stupid mistake. i'm human. i made a mistake. i definitely learned from this. >> it's my opinion that it's over.
9:19 am
they're not going to bring ryan lochte back. >> will he be punished? >> he might be banned. not lifetime. >> we love a comeback. >> we love give your pound of flesh. we all have something that we've done, i'm sure, that you have apologized for, owned it, he's done so after being busted. nevertheless he did. at some point you have to say the person has given a pound of flesh. get off their back. move on. >> what's going on out there? >>'s it's hot but nicer out. >> what do you mean by nicer? >> in the northeast spectacular for the week ahead. low humidity. plenty of sunshine. wet weather making its way through the gulf coast through tuesday strong storms through the plains. strong showers into the northeast but they'll clear out
9:20 am
71 in central park. pleasant around the region. low 70s in white plains. winds pick up in intensity, gusting over 20 miles per hour in places like white plains and bridgeport. later today, high temperature back to the low 80s. there's a look at the ten day forecast. looking good through the middle of this week. sunshine, low humidity, and temperatures in the 80s through thursday. >> that is your latest weather. we'll burger that we're teaming up with shake shake. shake shack for a good cause donating. >> is it low cal? >> no. >> can we do something for you? >> sure. >> look behind you. al roker's birthday was saturday. and billy and i baked this all night. >> that's amazing. >> he did the stars. >> we love you, mr. roker.
9:21 am
right. you're the best. >> now let's move on. >> up next, billy shares a few of his favorite things and it of his favorite things and it would be nothing without a liquid foundation, revolutionized l'oreal's lumi cushion a cushion drenched in liquid foundation tap on a little for a fresh, luminous glow tap on more whenever you need more coverage lumi cushion from l'oreal makeup designer paris [ tires screech ] ? flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo! [ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. tell me something i don't know -- oh-- ohhh! she slimed me. which i probably should've seen coming. [ laughs ]
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our food will be clean by year's end. every bite will be food as it should be. ?? jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts, dad... this is what the pros wear. that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy. we're getting to know our new co-host, billy bush. we'll play a game of who knows billy better. >> i'm going to lose. i went on wikipedia but studied
9:24 am
he has a question for us. >> all right. here we go. first question, what is my favorite new york food? a, pizza. b, hot dogs. c, soft serve ice cream. >> pizza. hot dog is not new york. >> it's a trick question, all of the love. hero, regis philbin. >> how are you? >> the king is here. >> how many years have i seen you. >> you are looking so sporty. gosh, you're fit. >> billy bush lived down the street and grew up 20 blocks from here. i see him all these years in l.a. here he is finally back in new york where you belong.
9:25 am
with regis. what night of the week are we having dinner regularly? >> this is billy bush i met out there. where are we eating. >> this is amazing. it's like a time machine. this is like -- >> good irish guy. >> he has the better hair. look how handsome. >> more surprises after your local news. my challenge is to be in sync, with my body, myself, my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. begin the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday. take the activia probiotic challenge! strike! sfx: "boop" billions of probiotics everyday. ?? complete pair of eyeglasses, 1 year replacement warranty, $38
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9:27 am
good morning. layoff look inbound at the tunnel. 9:27 this monday august 22 nlds. i am kerry barrett. police trying to find who shot a she was shot sitting on a playground on lenox avenue saturday night. police say she was playing dominoes with friends when a stray bullet hilt her in the neck. one of four shootings in harlem over the weekend. police say so far nothing to suggest they're connected. and an event to urge parents to talk about fire safety. there have been three major fires in the past ten days traced back to kids playing with
9:28 am
people, forced nearly 100 out of their homes. brooklyn bridge having a 100th birthday for national park service. part of that let's new yorkers control the lights on one world trade. there are other family friendly activities. free ice cream as well. it runs until 10:00. for a look at the weather, here is raphael miranda. >> finally feeling nice weather, nice and comfortable, lots of sunshine 80s by afternoon. it will be breezy. winds out of the northwest gusting 30 miles per hour at times, epilator this afternoon. chilly north and west of town, down to the 50s and 60s. ten day forecast, nice stretch of weather. low 80s tomorrow, beautiful, less windy tuesday. back to mid-80s wednesday. back to you. coming up on the "today" show, how to make a lunch that will have your kids excited to open their lunch boxes.
9:29 am
have a great morning. we are headed back to the
9:30 am
all morning long we've been welcoming billy bush to our "today" show family. what better way to get to know him than through his own words. >> born and raised in new york city so this is a coming home for me in many ways. i was i was unfocused. when i got through school and i had to get through it, i got to radio and television, i started to excel finally. i have one brother named john. he is my best friend. my parents were great. my dad is sort of the fun, charming, joke teller. and my mom is the salt and backbone of the family. >> welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. >> i watched bryant gumbel and
9:31 am
i thought that's the mecca of television. >> billy bush is joining us. >> first moment i was on television, i was terrified. live television. it was locally. wnbc. i was terrified. ? i feel pretty ? they had anpe coast "access hollywood" and that was 15 years ago. it ended up being the greatest thing for me in the world. there i met the unbelievable kit hoover. >> it's a wrestling match. >> the best thing about bill as i now call him, the guy is up for anything. he'll cross dress when it's not required. >> i have done wild things like
9:32 am
early days. pizzas on delivery to victoria secret fashion show. >> he loves the high heels. >> hey. >> he makes some of the work really fun. >> my wife is polar opposite of me. she's the introvert. i'm the i have three girls. thrilled i don't have a boy. more so a boy like me. i'm a new york rangers hockey fan. new york giants football fan. i am home. my parents being close to them again in the twilight of my dear old dad's life, that's the biggest thing for me. he's my -- didn't expect that. he's my best friend.
9:33 am
best father ever. this corner studio i looked at as a little kid and are you kidding me? never would imagine being on the other side of that window. now that i am, it's the most humbling thing i can possibly think of. >> i'll give you three pieces of advice. one, two, three. one, two, and three! you, billy, never ever press snooze. >> you'll bring an energy here that we haven't seen since al was 22. >> age old tradition on the "today" show at 9:00 a.m., the host buys his compatriots a new car. >> you have the warmest smile. i'll be able to look over at it five days a week. >> the bushman, billy bush, after years of having to travel on the road together to hang out and see each other, now we get
9:34 am
my brother. >> hey, billy. >> hey, billy, if you haven't heard there's a show called "weekend today" on saturdays. drop by to join us. >> there will always be someone at the office party that did something crazier than i did. >> i'm looking forward for billy to join the show because it's impossible to walk into a room where billy bush is and not smile. >> you've given us a lot of joy hollywood." you're coming home. we're going to have great fun watching the new show. >> thanks for all of the joy you've given us. we love you. >> we love you. we do love you. that's right. >> gosh. >> that was a cheap move right there. >> lovely people. >> you know how i feel about the old man and -- can't say the old woman. >> mom.
9:35 am
>> don't leave yet because we have the sandwich king with the ultimate school lunch your children will devour. a blt burrito. >> lots of real cheese people know how to pack uber flavor into ultra thin. sargento ultra thin slices, the same taste, just thinner and 45 calories a slice. that's 45 reasons to layer, fold, mix, match, beg, stack, because real cheese people bite with abandon. hold the sacrifice, no compromise. sargento ultra thin slices, we're real cheese people. wahhhh... we're real cheese people. right. in. your. stomach! watch this!... >>yikes, that ice cream was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real ice cream, without that annoying lactose. lactaid.
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many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. this morning on "today food," back to school lunches. always a challenge coming up with ideas your kids will eat
9:40 am
we called in jeff, the host of kitchen and owner of pork and mandy's restaurant to make the ultimate sandwich. we're making a blt wrap. >> detriment to all kids' lunch boxes is that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. these wraps last forever in the fridge. we'll do we'll turn it into pig candy. leftover chicken. let's make pig candy. double cut bacon. wire rack coated in sugar. >> you put this in the oven for how long? >> 70 minutes at 225.
9:41 am
>> that's a long time. >> it's worth it. >> it's crispy. >> you put that immediately onto parchment paper off the rack. it will stick to that. make chicken salad using leftover chicken. your kids will love this. celery. dried cranberries. let it sit for a couple minutes. let that flavor sweat out. salt sweats. pork sweats in a minute. billy, your day has been eating and it won't end. mayonnaise. kids love it. vitamin d with dijon and this way you can have a second life with that chicken. give them something new besides turkey and cheese. i love it. we'll add that rotisserie chicken in there. you mix it up. we chopped up that pig candy. got chicken. it's a perfect blt. take your tortilla and do this
9:42 am
there's a method to this. take crunchy pig candy right there and lay it around. all even. we won't clump it up. you can take that chicken salad. it's got the cranberries in there. all that. you can substitute grapes in there if you don't have cranberries. >> can you set aside the burrito and put the chickenal >> check out also, i cooked up something. i teamed up with shake shack to make the roker burger. 100% all angus beef. pulled pork. double cheese. mayo. a dollar from every roker burger will support no kid hungry to end childhood hunger. most of the shake shacks will serve today through friday.
9:43 am
we'll put it on our facebook page. >> it needs pig candy. >> take a bite. what do you think of that? >> balanced. nothing better on a burger than more pork. >> there you go. very nice. >> let's show you -- >> very nice. >> i can hear myself. >> okay. >> don't ruin that beautiful drs. >> it is very good. >> my gosh. >> that's what's it is much less humidity, dealing with winds gusting over 20 miles per hour. they'll pick up in intensity throughout the day. warm latder on, high temperature of 83.
9:44 am
continues for tomorrow. tuesday looking gorgeous with a high of 82 degrees. back to mid-80s wednesday. >> that's your latest weather. your daughter is eating it right now. come over here. >> no. >> come on over here. do you like the burger? all right. lilly loves fashion and food. coming up next, get ready to with special i've been taking fish oil from nature's bounty to support my heart. i'm running, four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! you're welcome! hey listen. whatever you do, don't marry dan! hey babe, i'm dan. hey babe, can i get 14 dollars for... thank you.
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
visit to join the fight. ? ? ? get your jeans game on at kohl's. ? ? ive game on at kohl's. >> we're back. since we'll be working side by side with billy every day, we wanted to make sure that we were all clued into his likes, dislikes, needs and desires. >> okay. we're playing a little game called who knows billy bush better. back is guest host one of
9:49 am
people, his idol, mine, everyone's, america's favorite, mr. regis philbin. >> let's do this. >> here we go. hands on buzzers. if billy weren't in tv, he would be -- an architect. a hockey player or veterinarian. >> veterinarian. >> what do you think? >> hockey player. >> hockey player is right. >> did you play hockey or you want t >> were you good? >> i played with jeremy roenicke back in the day and great guys that went onto the nhl. i was in there. >> here you go. what is billy's biggest guilty pleasure on tv? is it "dating naked." "the bachelor/bachelorette" or "teen mom."
9:50 am
>> i was going to say "the bachelor." >> you're lined up. there's another show that billy currently hooked. we hear you can't get enough of billions. are we talking about music genre that makes billy cry. >> country music. >> i guess that's it. >> they' good for you. >> i hope this is a good prize. >> here's one of country's biggest stars and someone who we know you're a fan of. tim mcgraw. >> i love tim mcgraw. >> you do. all right. now -- >> welcome to the "today" show family and thanks for your support of "humble and kind." we know you love that record.
9:51 am
>> "humble and kind" is the most beautiful song. i played it for natalie in rio. listen to the words of "humble and kind." >> we have a budget. >> one more. the craziest tv moment billy regrets and if he doesn't regret it, he should. was it when he got his chest waxed. dressing in the drag accepting a hot dog eating challenge. which one? >> accepting the hot dog eating challenge. >> chest wax. >> al roker is right. >> when we were in rio, regis, he got a brozilian. he had his nether region cleaned and waxed. by super models. his children are here so we
9:52 am
you won. >> there you go. >> i think so. >> nicely done. >> thank you very much. fantastic. would you sign this for me. i'm putting this in my dressing room. >> i'm for once happy i lost. regis, thank you so much. we're back with more bro' waxing and all of the excitement.
9:53 am
my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines.
9:54 am
a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumea. we've got one more wish for you from some of your biggest fans. >> should i leave? >> not yet. take a look. >> we love you, billy! >> congratulations, dad. we're so proud of you. >> congratulations, daddy. i love you and i'm so proud of you. >> congratulations, billy.
9:55 am
you. we wish you the best. >> we miss you! >> park city gang. >> the gang. the friends and of course my beautiful wife and kids. >> just there at the monitor. >> can we do this tomorrow? >> reliving your life over and over. >> there they are. >> we'll have more fun tomorrow. the party is just starting. >> kathie lee and hoda back together again after y
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning, live look at the tappan zee bridge, 71 degrees at 9:57. august 22nd. i am kerry barrett. investigators trying to determine what caused a crash that killed five people and injured six on a long island expressway. the accident happened yesterday near exit 68. an suv went out of control, went airborne, crashed into two cars headed in the opposite direction.
9:58 am
man whose sister and ten-year-old son, other victims are an 81-year-old man, 29-year-old scott martella, former aide to governor cuomo. they're meeting today in yonkers, the group made up of a half dozen mayors and other leaders from westchester county. they say the plan to create ten barge anchorages will turn the hudson river into a giant parking lot. now for a check of the weather, >> good morning. finally feeling lower humidity. dewpoints dropping, comfortable. lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 70s and back to the 80s by afternoon. breezy, winds gusting 30 miles per hour at times, epilae -- especially later this afternoon: ten day forecast, low 80s tomorrow, still beautiful, less windy tuesday. back to mid-80s wednesday. back to you.
9:59 am
show, a great back to school lunch idea. another local update in 30
10:00 am
?? from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live >> hello, everybody. it's august 22nd. hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend. hardest working woman in show business. >> if you call it work. >> you have been gone from me for three weeks. >> i know. you had the celine week. >> that was epic. >> amazing. >> and two weeks at the olympics. and it kicked off -- the olympics kicked off with michael


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