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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 22, 2016 5:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> you're not running late today. you're fabulous. darlene is off this week. i'm kerry barrett. >> beautiful change coming our way. the lower humidity we've been waiting for. still dropping. now 70 degrees. i want you to notice this, the wind direction out of the northwest. it's bringing dryer more mf rain-free. temperatures back to the mid-80s. because of the low humidity, it just feels delightful. it will be breezy, especially during the afternoon. we'll take a look at your ten-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. lauren scala. good morning. >> good morning. we don't have any problems to report. take a live look outside at the grand central parkway. out by laguardia airport where earlier this was backed one construction. you can see cones have moved
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then heading over to the gowanus, things moving just fine all the way over to your low east river crossing. as you head out the door, you're in for a pleasant ride. we'll have more. six people are in the hospital after the long island crash that has taken five lives. it happened on the l.i.e. and we're learning more about the victims. as we do that, the more heartbreaking the story becomes. katherine creag is at the hospital >> reporter: a tragic situation, michael. several patients continue to recover here at this hospital. they're lucky, if you can call it that, to have survived. five people were killed in the crash. we want to show you the video. the impact was so great the subaru's engine flew into the woods. he and his son were killed. the boy's aunt patricia also
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carmela pinellas tells us he lost control of his vehicle. he flue into the packet of two cars, a bmw with four people inside from west hampton as well as a honda whose driver was a communications director for the suffolk county executive. friends of the family of him were following in separate cars and saw the horrific crash. >> all i saw was the car flow side of the byway and that's when i stopped and i run away to see if everybody was okay. >> reporter: and one of the victims, scott martellus, he worked in government. he was also a former aid to governor cuomo. his fiancee survived the crash. there was fafth person who was killed. she was 81 years old. the vehicle he was in, his 10-year-old son christopher was
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splash, that popular water park to celebrate the 10-year-old's birthday. >> what investigators are trying to figure out is how such a horrible crash could happen. >> yes. something they're looking at, michael. if speed was a factor in the subaru outback that caused him to lose control. >> thank you so much. f have been three major fires in the last ten days caused by kids. the most recent one destroyed three homes and injured 23 people last thursday on statin i lachbltd investigators determined that fire was started by kids playing with matches. one week after unfounded reports of gunfire that cause a scare at kennedy airport there's a new report calling for an investigation. senator schumer wants homeland
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in the future. he said lack of coordination between the responsibilities raise a lot of questions that need to be answered. >> why did tsa agents abandon posts and yell things like bomb and someone's been shot? why were the video camera feeds that were available to the airlines not immediately made available to our law enforcement authorities? >> we cited a problem exposed by news 4's iteam. blind spots out of view of airport security. a look at "weather and traffic on the 4s." a bit of a cooldown, raphy. >> enjoy the cooler temperatures especially now that all the mugginess is gone achlt beautiful start to your workweek. 67 for you. 71 at sheeps head bay.
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in suffolk, and f 3 in danbury. we have a little rain but it's moving offshore. your day planner does not include an umbrella. you do need the shades. take a look at all the sunshine today. temperatures warming back up to the low to mid-80s. it's breezy especially during the afternoon. we're loving that lower humidity. >> i don't like the humidityut as far as the roads go, things are pretty cool. we have one closure. croaten lake road at route 129 is shut down because of a downed treat. otherwise the roads look good. and as far as the rails go, they're on schedule. as far as your major commuter lines and subways. alternate side parking is in effect. we'll have your update on the 4s. the nypd searching for a
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investigators say she was hit and killed by a bullet that was not meant for her. "today in new york's" traie strahan has more. >> reporter: a bullet actually pierced her neck. today police say they're still trying to piece together information about the shooting. she was an innocent bystander. all this happened satur n lenox. authorities say odessa sims was caught in a shoot-out between two people that erupted nearby and she ended up being the unintended target. >> i was shocked. >> i seen her yesterday. >> everybody know miss odessa. she's the best. come on. why did you do that. >> reporter: she was rushed to harlem hospital, which is really up the street, where she was
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this area over the weekend. so far police say they don't believe they were related. here you see there's a growing memorial and a photo of odessa sims. a lot of people saying it's unthinkable this happened to her. back to you. >> thank you. a woman in queens is now charged with murdering her stepdaughter in their richmond hill home. prosecutors say she strangled her on friday. the neighbor discovered the 9-year-old in he's charged right now with obstructing justice. 5:07. a festival meant to provoke racial healing. it's been 25 years since riots broke out in that neighborhood. the unrest was sparked when a jewish motorcade was accused of killing him. his brother called yesterday's
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calling for an investigation of ryan lochte. this involves allegations that lochte vandalized a restroom and then lied about the incident. lochte now speaking exclusively to nbc's today show and offering his apology. >> i'm embarrassed for myself, my family, especially guys, usa swimming, the whole olympic games, everyone watching. it's just -- i was immature and i made a stupid mistake. i'm human. i made a mistake and i definitely learned from this. >> well, you can see matt lauer's entire exclusive interview with ryan lochte. it's coming up at 7:00 right after "today in new york."
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carnival party. her final five teammates also there for the celebration. meanwhile nintendo's mario made an appearance as well. he popped out of a pipe in the mid of the stadium after ditching his clothes. it turned out to be japan's prime minister speaking of the games in men's basketball took center stage during the final day of competition. usa took on serbia. warriors' star kevin durant led the way with 30 points for team usa. it's the third straight gold medal. and the knicks' carmelo anthony made it official.
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here's a look at the final medal count dominating the competition. 121 medals, 46 of them gold. china with 70 medals followed by great brittain and followed by russia. there was a little bit of an odd site in mongolia. two stripping down in protest. one down to their underwear. they threw their shoes and their shirts. they had a little bit of a mongolia lost in the final 18 seconds of the bronze medal match. he was about to win but the referee penal ietzed him for refusing to engage with his opponent. there was a revoking, stripdown, shoe throwing and all sorts of bedlam. 5:10. still ahead, two recalls from two carmakers before you get behind the wheel. find out what has them so concerned. and donald trump may be
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washington next. plus, "weather and traffic on the 4s" is coming up.
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5:13 right now. four things to know. six people are in the hospital. they ee trying to recover. investigators say a subaru slammed into a bmw and a honda on the long island freeway over the weekend. they're looking at whether speed was a factor. starting today all inbound lower level lanes are shut down. they'll be shut down every night starting at 9:00 until 5:00 t metro north riders can buy tickets on their phone. they can show their ee tixs and get on board. there's an event that runs
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and the time is now 5:14. time for a check of your forecast starting out with your weather headlines. we're trading the triple hs we've been dealing with for the triple bs, bright, beautiful, and breezy. all the haze is gone. it will get better as the day goes on. it will get breezy and the winds will settle down. we've gotten a beautiful stretch. sunshine and comfortable weather finally taking hold as we head throughout the workweek. maybe a chanceor storm but not until friday. 61 for you in ha pat congress. it's cool and comfy in par siff phenomenony. this is the mayor change from yesterday. yesterday and throughout the weekend we had dew point pressure in the 70s with that tropical air, tropical feel. now notice, low 60s. that's a bit on the muggy side but they'll be dropping today into the 50s and it will finally
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northwest that's helping to usher in the drier air. it gets breezier as the day goes on. satellite and radar pictures show we had rain that's pulling away. and winds are gusting throughout the day today. so these are your future wind guests. it's a pleasantly. windy conditions drying out and dying down by tomorrow. you can see on future tracker this is lunchtime, very quiet picture out there. high pressure dominating our weather right through tomorrow. that's why future tracker is very quiet. and when you see the ten-day forecast, you'll notice a lot of dry weather this week. we need rain. we're still dealing with the drought, but we're not getting it any time soon. sunshine and 80s through the mid of the week. by the weekend it gets hotter
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on friday. let's take a check of the commute. lauren scala is here with that. >> we had a tree that was shutting down 129. that was reopened. now we have a closer in tuxedo. all roads shut down with a fallen tree there. otherwise the roads look good. we'll take a look out by the grand central parkway. things really moving along fine in this area. heading over to new jersey, like. also smooth sailing here and on the alexander bridge, no roadwork getting under way, so you should be in for a delay-free ride at least for a while. move your car. alternate side-of-the-street parking rules are in effect. we'll have more coming up. 5:17 now. donald trump's campaign may be changing his position on a key issue. immigration. this is hill as hillary carolina
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trump as insulting. everyone looking now to see what the trump campaign at this point, edward, is hinting at. >> a very interesting, michael and kerry. this, according to the trump campaign, was his best week yet. meanwhile hillary clinton say this is just more of the same trump. after meeting with newly formed reconsidering his stance. >> we need a fair and humane way of dealing with about 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. >> reporter: trump campaign manager kellyanne conway goes on to say his decision is to be determined. >> i believe that donald trump's upside is far greater than hillary clinton's upside. >> reporter: in a new online ad
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trump really regrets any of his comments. meanwhile her foundation says she'll no longer take foreign donations should she become president. >> so the steps she's taking are unprecedent. we're happy that that planning is taking place. >> reporter: this is a highly contentious race with more scrutiny than other previous presidential races. and experts say donald trump's new management team is trying to broaden his appeal and bring in new voters reporting live from washington, edward lawrence. >> reporter: is there any evidence at this point that the polls are working in any way? >> there was a poll that came out on sunday actually. it was a weekly trending poll from the "los angeles times." it's showing he's winning by two points. that poll, though, within the margin of error. michael? >> thank you very much, ed. we appreciate that.
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white house. they're ending their own two-week vacation. they arrived last night at kennedy's air force base. tomorrow he'll go to louisiana and take a closer look at that state's flood disaster. the first family was on martha's vineyard and that's where the president took in a few rounds of golf. hyundai recalling caring. they apparently have a deteriorate and cause the ignition to shift out of park without pressing on the brake pedal. mitsubishi recalling their call. it covers the 2015 and 2015 outlander sport and the lancer as well. a comic book super villain team takes top spot in the movie theaters for a third week in a row. >> reporter: it's an event in
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>> reporter: the all-star cast helping the suicide squad rake in money over the weekend. seth r seth rogen's movie. oscar time. >> indeed. >> fine time for sausage party. the newest attraction high above china. it makes some people nervous just looking at it. it's a bridge only for the brave. that's the view, kerry.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online.
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in china, there's a walking bridge. it's a glass-bombed bridge. the bridge goes more than a quarter mile. they call it a grand canyon there. the reservations have to be made one day ahead of time. we were asking everybody here, would you walk out on the bridge? it's the sides that look scary. >> i agree. >> lauren, you would do it. >> i probably would. >> they tested it with
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>> chunks of glass were flying out. >> that doesn't sound safe to me. anyway, beautiful sunshine. there is a little bit of rain. the hamptons in montauk, you have a leftover somehower to get to early in this commute. the temperatures back to the upper 70s and low 80s. it will be breezy. winds in the northwest. tonight should be the coolest night of the month so far. it's been very hot. we're really going to feel the difference with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and we haven't seen temperatures like that in two week. 're going to go down do 64 degrees. i'm pumped. >> awesome. >> you not so much. >> no. i'm probably in the minority. as far as the roads go, we
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there on the new jersey turnpike. it's out by exit 13 a. not really causing a delay. speaking of no delays, here's your commuter check list. all running without delays or service changes right now. we're having a very pleasant monday morning commute. >> sounds good. 5:26. still ahead, hillary clinton's e-mail use is going to be the center of a serious hearing today. hear the details coming up. and i'm a horrific crash claimed the lives of five people including a 10-year-old boy. coming up we'll tell you what special event that child was headed to. we'll have the latest on the investigation. >> and if you're about to head out the door, keep watching "today in new york." watch it on your mobile device right now.
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survive. several people are trying to recover after a horrific crash. >> a grandmother shot and killed while playing a game outside harlem. and ryan lochte not in the clear just yet. the organization that's promising punishment. "today in new york" starts now and good morning, it's 5:30 a.m. on this monday, august 22nd. i'm michael garguilo. and darlene is off this week. i'm kerry barrett.
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>> and raphael miranda is in. what's the news? >> lower humidity. that's the best part. down to 70 now in central park, and the winds, they're out of the northwest. that's the big difference. high pressure settling in. and all of that mugginess that we've been stuck with is gone. it's not there anymore. that's something we're all happy about. you can see sunshine right throughout the day. as you're playing your day, grab the shades. no umbrellas sneaded. again, it low humidity makes it feel very nice outside. we'll take a look at your 10-day forecast. lauren scala with your morning commute. >> good morning. we have two trouble spots out there. this one in tuxedo. this one is a closure. route 17 shut in both directions with a fallen tree out there. but the other issue, completely passable. you can get by it on the new
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you're having a niece commute so far. we'll have more "weather and traffic on the 4s." >> thank you very much. now to that horrific crash on long island. investigators say a subaru slammed into two vehicles on the l.i.e. and five people are dead. several others are in the hospital. katherine craig is at stony brook with the very latest. kat. >> reporter: the hospital right here, stoney brook, where several patients continue to wrong lanes, we'ring, was on his way to a popular water park near riverhead to celebrate his son's birthday. the impact was so great, you can see at least part of the suv right here. the engine flew into the woods. the suv's driver, 26-year-old carmelo pinales was killed. and his son christopher. and his sister patricia also
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he veered into the grassy median near exit 68 and flew into the packet of a bmw with four people inside from west hampton as well as a honda whose driver was the communications director for the county executive of suffolk. the first responders say this is one of the worst collisions they've ever seen. >> many described it as the worst accident they ever saw. >> reporter: and one of the victims, 29-year-old scott martella, he worked in government he was also a former aide to governor cuomo. martellla's fiancee survived the crash, and a fifth person who was killed, is a door adleson, 81 was killed. investigators are looking at speeding from the pinales vehicle that caused the collision. back to you, michael. >> all right, kat, thank you very much. it is 5:32. police are searching for gunman
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right where she sat playing game outside in harlem. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is near the scene this morning. tracie. >> reporter: flowers and candles become common when a tragedy happens. there's no mistaking who this one is for. over my shoulder and on this tree and other trees you can see photos of odessa sims, 61 years old with something underneath that says we will love youer from. that's because the witnesses as well as the nypd an unintended tar got. shots rang out at 11:45 p.m. saturday night. she was sitting outside playing a game when a bullet pierced her neck killing her. she lived not far from here. just a couple of blocks away. her loved ones say she was a fixture in the neighborhood. >> she's a wonderful mother and
5:34 am
they're not sure who they looking for. they hope to piece together video evidence or anything else that could lead them to the gunman. back to you. >> tracie, thank you. time for "weather and traffic on the 4s." we want to check in with raphael miranda. nothing but good news. >> it's a beautiful forecast. temperatures still dropping out there. nice and cool. it's a days and weeks. down to 59 in monticello. by tomorrow at this time, 67. we have been dealing with rain but it's all gone. one or two leftover showers in montauk, but that's going to be ending over the next half hour and sunshine will be building in as high pressure moves in. here's a look at your day planner today.
5:35 am
breezy throughout the day and it will be sunny for your evening commute as well. let's start with the morning commute. lauren scala is going to explain that. >> it is pretty delightful. downtown n trains, you're running on the d line from 36 in brooklyn to coney island. we have delays on downtown and n and r trains because of this. major commuter lines look good. ferries in great shape today. no chan staten island ferry, and c street all operating on their regular streets and schedules. alternate side-of-the-street parking is in effect and we'll have an update on your 4s. the fdny has a planning event today. it's to urge parents to teach children about safety. there have been three major fires in the last ten days all caused by children playing with fire. one of those fiers destroyed
5:36 am
firefighters and three civilians. police are looking for a gunman who wounded 13 people at a connecticut house party, one of the victims fighting for her life. police say as many as 100 party guest were in backyard saturday night when gunshots erupted out of the hedges. police say it's been difficult finding anybody who actually saw the suspects. >> it was very dark back there. right now we don't have any witnesses that have come forward to say they saw the everybody initially thought was fireworks. >> they do believe there was more than one gunman. so far there's no clear motive. the victims range in age from 15 to 2024-inch. most of them shot in the leg. 5:36 and a hearing is scheduled to discuss a lawsuit over hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. the conservative legal advocacy group is fighting to get access to all the e-mails sent and received by clinton while she
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last friday a federal judge ruled the group will be allowed to question clinton in writing about those e-mails and then she has 30 days to answer those questions. and we're seeing this video of hillary clinton arriving yesterday in cape cod for a private fund-raiser. she was joined by cher. reporters not allowed inside this event in province town. she raised a million. cher did not perform. 5:37. today donald trump may offer any dales on his stand on immigration when he speaks in akron, ohio. his approach is talking about a human approach. in the past he talked about rounding them up for deportation using special agents. now his campaign manager says the entire plan was, quote, to be determined. meanwhile host sean hannity has joined donald trump as an
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mind? he does want trump as the next pretty. he added that he, quote, never claimed to be a journalist. 5:38. the olympic committee looking into ryan lochte. they were traveling together when lochte was accused of vandalizing a restroom and lochte faced criticism for lying about it. well, he now exclusively he was, quote, immature and you can see matt lauer's entire interview, exclusive interview with ryan lochte coming up today at 7:00 right after "today in new york." speaking of rio, a massive party closing out the games. there was a carnival-type atmosphere in the stadium. biles carrying the flag for the u.s.
5:39 am
her how to stack her medals. there's a technique. aisle never have to worry about that. during the ceremony the olympic flag was lowered and was transferred to tokyo who is hosting the summer games in 2020. meanwhile carmelo anthony and the entire men's basketball team are bringing home gold. >> they took on serbia. warriors' star kevin durant led the way with 30 points. it was emotionally his final olympics. >> i just want to say thank you for allowing us to lead not just our team but the country. despite everything that's going on right now in our country, we've got to be united. >> with his three gold medals and also his bronze, carmelo anthony, he's now the most decorated male in olympic
5:40 am
count dominating in rio. 121 medals, 46 of them gold followed by china, great brittain, and russia. the countdown on the way to the next olympics and it's taking place in south korea, the winter games obviously. they'll be heldpyeongchang. a year and a half away. $13 bill are currently going on right now promise to make a lot of snow if the weather does not cooperate. >> they had that issue in sochi. super warm. still to come, a daring rescue caught on camera. crews rushing in to save a mother and child as they were dangling off an overpass. a dangerous item found inside prince's home that investigators say was disguised as something else jo we'll have "weather and traffic on the 4s"
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a typhoon made a mess. people were braving 78-mile-per-hour winds, lots of rain. the train service being does erupted by downed trees and cancellations at tokyo's airport. so far no word of any casualties or any serious damage, but dealing with a rough morning commute. >> not pleasant. and it times now for a check miles an hour. that will be something we have to deal with. one thing we don't have to deal with, the mugginess. much more as the day goes on. bright, beautiful, and breezy throughout your monday. the winds will setting down tonight. the wind's even better. sunny and comfortable. it's a beautiful stretch we get to enjoy. not seeing a chance of rain until friday. temperatures in nassau county are in the mid to upper 60s. 65 in mutton town.
5:45 am
massapequa. the mugginess hanging around. 69 in north merrick. it's north and west. that's where we're noticing the cool temperature change. 59 degrees. that's a preview of what's to come in monticello. it shows how it feels outside and notice this. low 60s. that's just a bit muggy, but they're going to be dropping into the 50s and the nice category. something we haven't felt in quite some ti northwest. that's key to the forecast today. that's pushing in that drier air mass. much more comfortable. again, it will be breezy with winds gusting over 25 miles an hour into the afternoon. satellite drawer picture nice and quiet. it's all about nice pressure dominating our weather. clear skies, mostly sunny. your evening commute nice and fine. heading back to work, tuesday, 7:00 a.m.
5:46 am
it will be humid. it stays low tomorrow. tomorrow may be the best day of the week. 82, low humidity and not as windy. 85, warmer by the weekend. that's a look at your forecast. now it's time for a check of your commute with lauren scala. >> not too many problems out there. we'll head over to the grand central parkway. this is westbound. that blocks a lane there. delays are minor getting through here. then heading still have a downed tree and wires shutting down route 17 a by benjamin road. you'll need local streets. we'll take a live look outside at the george washington bridge where things are moving along nicely. no delays. downtown n trains are running
5:47 am
we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> 5:46. the family killed in in a bus crash are setting up a gofundme fund. she was riding to work when another bus crashed into it nearly splitting in half. her daughter said jessie was a hard-working grandmother who was planning to get together with her family on the night of that accident. >> we spoke and she was like, you know, i have to work, i'll see you, see the kids. and then she never came. >> joseph, the driver of the other bus was also killed in the other crash and then more than a dozen other passengers were injured. the cause of the accident still under investigation. >> the obama administration and the u.n. condemning the terror bombing attack on a wedding party in turkey, funerals were held for the victims yesterday. 51 people were killed in an attack near the syrian border
5:48 am
they used a young suicide bomber between the ages of 12 and 14 years old. 5:48. in california, tens of thousands getting back to their homes nearly a week after they were displaced by a fast moving wild fiefrmt officials say there are 105 homes that were destroyed in this fire in san bernardino county. meanwhile crews gained ground on an arson fire that destroyed 189 homes. officials s contained. 5:48. in texas, a massive amount of rain in a very short period of time brought flash floods to is ten montreal part of that state. in austin, the water came across the roads making it impassable. in others, cars moved very slowly through the streets. there were reports of several water rescues. some of these areas saw about a foot of rain from late saturday night into sunday morning.
5:49 am
flooding damaged 60,000 homes. city crews are beginning to pick up debris. this morning 3,200 people waking up in shelters. more than $30 million in federal housing has been approved. president obama is visiting the flood ravaged area tomorrow. this flood has a killed at leas 13 people. jerry sandusky's trial is being appealed. he's arguing his lawyer did not properly defend him at his trial. right now sandusky serving 30 to 50 years behind bars as a convicted predator. new information about bills found at the home of music legend prince. according to the "associated press," officials close say the drugs were counterfeit and a lot of the mislabeled pills actually contain opioid, fentanyl.
5:50 am
autopsy reports found that prince died of an accidental fentanyl overdose in april. an elderly driver hit eight people at an outdoor dance floor in ohio. two people seriously hurt in that crash outside of cleveland yesterday. officers say a 74-year-old woman was backing out of a parking spot at a community concert when she accidentally hit the gas and drove onto the temporary dance floor. no charges were filed. an control, drove over a concrete barrier, and then was left dangling from an overpass. drivers wound up breaking the back window to rescue a 27-year-old wo. and her 6-year-old son, pulled them out through the window. both of them were treated for minor injuries. that woman is now charged with reckless driving. >> 5:50. still ahead, did you like your first job when you got out of college or school?
5:51 am
first gig could still be affecting you today. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. it is 5:53. shaping up to be a beautiful day. first, though, if you'd like to be mentally fit in your 40s, you need to get a good job in your 20s. researchers at ohio state university look at data on more than 6,000 people and they found that people who were unhappy and dissatisfied with their employment earlier in their careers were more worried, had more depression, and would time they were in their 40s. >> kerry and i liked our first job. what was your first job? >> i worked at dreamwork pictures in new york. it was a great job. a great working culture. i loved it there. >> that's why you're so stable. >> i was an english teacher after school in brazil. i struggled.
5:55 am
allowed me to come here. beautiful weather today. we had that tropical feel over the weekend. now it's like a fall feel this morning. breezy, low humidity, and the rain is moving away. high temperatures back to the mid-80s. loads of sunshine. winds are out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. will be breezy. check this out. the coolest night of the month. 50s north and west of the town. we haven't seen anything in central park. mid-60s. it's going to feel very refreshing by tomorrow morning. >> go on. >> i still worked 24 hours day but it was fun at least. not too many problems on the roads. we have an accident on l.i.e. traffic is starting to build up there. we'll take a quick live look outside. out by the bronx, no delays you
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>> i was on my college radio station. >> there you go. >> don't try to save it now. this labor day weekend we can see a record amount of travelers but not enwill be driving. they say good hotel fares could make it a good time to get away. labor day is typically another blackout period. experts say can because airlines are changing the rules and they'll be gone. you'll be able to fly nonstop to the newly tropical center of key west florida. united airlines says they'll begin service. it begins december 16th. tickets went on sale saturday. we're told this is the only nonstop service to key west from new york area airports. okay. that's going to be a popular flight. coming up next at 6:00, shop
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6:00 am
it's a great look at the forecast. >> you look great. everyone looks great. feeling much more refreshing finally. lower humidity. let's plan your day today. it's going to be a warm one. even though we're in the 60s, we're back into the 80s thi afternoon. it will be breezy, especially throughout the second half of the day. look at all that sun. a beautiful day to head back to work despite the windy conditions. we'll show you this doesn't last forever. right now lauren scala is here with a look at your morning commute. >> good morning, raphael. good morning, everyone. some of the delays, there is an accident just before the laguardia airports. you can see delays in both directions here.
6:01 am
d line. you also have delays on downtown n and r trains. otherwise rails are doing okay. we veal more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> i want to get to the latest on the tragic crash in suffolk county that left five people dead including a boy. the crash happened on the l.i.e. between exits 68 and hospital where some are still being worked on. >> reporter: the young boy was on his way to a water park at riverhead, splish splash to celebrate his birthday. the impact was so great the engine of the subaru outback his father was driving separated and flew into the rules.
6:02 am
pinales and his son were killed. his sister patricia also killed. he lost kroeft of his suv going eastbound. he veered into the grass and hit a bmw as well as a honda whose driver was the communications director of the executive. they were following each other to the water park and some of them saw the the other side of the byway. that's when i stopped to see if everybody was okay. >> and as we mentioned, one of the victims, 29-year-old scott martella worked for the county executive. he also was an aide to governor cuomo. his fiancee survived the crash.
6:03 am
the investigation into that crash continues. back to you, michael. >> okay, kat. thank you very much. police say 15-year-old tiffany ortiz left her home on roosevelt with her 10-month-old daughter london. if you've seen the teen or her child, please give the police a call. police are searching for a gunman who killed an innocent bystander. odessa sims was shot on saturday night. police say she was playing dominos with friends when a stray bullet hit her in the neck. she was a mother, grandmother, wife, and longtime harlem resident. that's coming up in a live report at 6:30. senator chuck schumer would like the department of homeland security to investigate a
6:04 am
airport. it's been a week. since unfounded reports of gunfire sent them running for cover on the tarmac and inside term nams schumer says a lack of responsibility only made this situation worse. >> we need them all to put their heads together, cooperate, figure out what went wrong, and come up with a plan. so what happened last sunday will never happen again. >> senator schumer also cited a iteam, blind spots that are out of view of security at airports. >> raphael miranda's day and whatever is left of summer vacation really counts now, raphy. >> it sure does. even though it's cool, it will get hotter, we're not done with the heat or summer be i any means but we're enjoying a little break in the heat and humidity. temperatures down to the 50s.
6:05 am
we haven't seen 60s in over two weeks. it's been so incredibly warm. 66 down the shore in long branch. mostly clear skies means lots of sunshine throughout the morning. all the rain has now moved offshore so you don't need the umbrellas today at all. take a look at it. bright sunshine, breezy and comfortably warm. we haven't been comfortable in so long, this trend will last for a few days. we'll take a look at your ten-day forecast in minutes. time for your commute with lauren scala. >> thanks, raphy. before exit 39 halfway between exit 40 and 39, head over to the northern state to avoid that. we have another one. this is southbound after the south bronx. you can see delays building here. we have one side closed so the other side is alternating
6:06 am
downed trees, this one because of wires, this shut down. alternate side-of-the-street parking rules, they're in effect and we'll have more weather and traffic coming upton 4s. in queens a woman is facing new charges of murdering her stepdaughter. she appeared in court yesterday. she strangled her stepdaughter on friday in a richville home. a neighbor discovereder the fdny is asking for parents to talk with their children. there have been fires in the last few days caused by children. it destroyed three homes and injured 20 people on staten island. investigators determined that fire was caused by children playing with matches.
6:07 am
with a color party that could only be thrown in rio. it was pretty amazing. it was a hand-off of the summer olympics from brazil to japan. nintendo's mario making an appearance. he popped up out of a pipe and after getting rid of his clothing we see he's prime minister shinzu abe. u.s. playing serbia. it was a tight first quarter and then they rolled over serbia. it was the warriors' kevin durant leading the way with 30 points. the third straight medal for this edition of the dream team. it was the final olympics for carmelo. with three gold and a bronze he's the most decorated man in
6:08 am
boxing, shields did history. she did something. she won back-to-back gold medals. of course, muhammad got a gold in rome in 1960. she pulled her gold medal from london out of her pock and she wore that one around her neck while on the podium. i never saw that done before. final medal count dominated the competition. 121 medals, 46 gold. it's the most ever then china came in with a distant second followed by great brittain and russia. >> michael phelps won half of those, by the way. the competition moving to south korea and the ski resort of pyeongchang. $13 billion. organizers are promising to make
6:09 am
>> 6:09 right now. cnbc money report fuel costs are creeping up. cnbc's landon dowdy joins us with the details. landon, we missed you, great to have you with us. the latest industry survey shows that the actual price rising half a cent in the past two weeks to $2.17 a gallon. in newk but they're paying less in new jersey, just $1.96 a gallon. analysts are saying higher prices are causing gas prices to bump up their prices. the superstar who is retiring is launching a $100,000 capital fund to invest in tech,
6:10 am
including sports media website and legalzoom. so, guys, i guess there is business after basketball. >> yeah, if you're kobe. >> if you're kobe. touche. it is 6:10. up next, we'll tell you where you can get some back-to-school savings this week. >> later, ryan lochte on the record. the swimmer tearfully talks with matt lauer in an exclusive interview. plus your "weather and traffic on the 4s" in just a moment. you're watching "today in new york." fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing.
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6:13. here's news you need to know. a crash on the l.i.e. left five dead and sent others to the hospital.
6:14 am
hyundai is calling 2016 elantras other brake pedals and mitsubishi is recalling vehicle because of delay in acceleration in certain driving conditions. that's the 2016 outlander sport and 2016 outlander lancer. today riders in connecticut can buy tickets on their phones. they can use you show it to the conductor. >> speaking of connecticut. the tax-free holiday is under way. under $100. that tack break runs through saturday. and the time is now 6:14. a time for your check of the forecast. beautiful change today. much lower humidity. here's where you can expect clouds are going to filter out. lots of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. it will be comfortable because
6:15 am
than it has been. it's a refreshing air mass. it will be breezy, especially by the afternoon. winds could gust up to 30 miles an hour. not quite there yet and temperatures are dropping. there's a bit of a breeze. 69 degrees. 72, dyker heights and 73 degrees, city island. we're seeing cooler temperatures working north and west of town. down to 59 in monticello and it's 63 at this hour at new burg. turn off the ac there as well. the dropping. we're in the low 60s now. all weekend we were in the tropical category. now we're down to just a bit muggy and we're headed into the nice category as the day goes on. that's a change many of us are looking forward to. here's the wind speed and direction. it's a little windy. northwest, that's a dryer direction. that's what's helping drop the humidity today. you can see on the satellite/radar picture, nothing to worry about.
6:16 am
very quiet. this is lunchtime. not much going on. no rain to worry about. the evening commute is weather problem-free as well and as we head into tuesday, not much change. 7:00 a.m. looking gorgeous, sunshine and comfy. 85 is your high. this is when we look ahead. 85 on wednesday, it's still the same pattern. low humidity. when it changes, that's thursday and friday. upper 80s and humidity creeps back. we'll see that in your 10-day forecast by the week higher humidity on saturday and sunday and hardly any rain at all over the next ten days. the next chance, it's going to be friday. it's a slight chance. umbrellas are away for a while. let's check in with lauren scala. >> right now we do have delays on downtown five delays on trains. they're running on the "d" line from 36 in brooklyn to stillwall
6:17 am
deegan. delays are quite heavy through here. it's causing exiting delays coming off the alexander hamilton bridge here. we'll take a live look outside. eastbound, you see some delays out there. there is an accident by white plains road. i'll continue to keep you updated on. heading over to fdr drive, an accident southbound by 63rd street. westbound out by laguardia. delays go boulevard. one westbound on the parkway and finally on the l.i.e. it's eastbound, that accident out after glen cove road. expect delays in both directions. we'll have "weather and traffic on the 4s" coming up on the 4s. >> turkey's president now blaming isis for turning a wedding celebration into a bloodbath. funerals were held. there were 51 people killed near the syrian border.
6:18 am
young person between the ages of just 12 and 14 was used to carry out that attack. joe biden is due to travel to turkey this week. >> today the trump rally. questions swirl around his stand on immigration. he's planning a big speech on that issue on thursday. he's called for the creation of a deportation forest that would seek out undocumented immigrants. but his new camn says that issue is, quote, to be determined. and sean hannity of fox news now talking about rumors that he is advising donald trump's campaign. hannity tells "the new york times" he's not a journalist, he's a longtime friend of trump's and they share ideas. he says, quote, i'm not hiding the fact that i want donald trump to be the next president of the united states. happening today, a court hearing to address a lawsuit of hillary clinton over the use of
6:19 am
issued an order requiring clinton to answer questions about her e-mails. the group giving her until october 14th to submit the questions in writing. mrs. clinton has 30 days to answer them. meanwhile her campaign budget about to have a million more to work with after she appeared with cher at a cape cod fund-raiser. she did not perform. up next we'll tell you about new peeks -- not peek, perks if you ride the rail. it's a trip of a lifetime. a young boy is battling a rare disorder and why the trip has a special meaning for this young boy. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. look at the beautiful shot. 69 degrees this morning. raphy is in in just a moment t traffic. first if you're riding the amtrak, they're adding. today small pets are now allowed on more amtrak trains in new york state. that includes the empire, adirondack, maple leaf, and the ethan allen express. happening today the national park service celebrates its 100th birthday with a parties right here in new york city.
6:24 am
the lights at one world trade. bill nye the science guy will host the celebration. the party starts at 1:00 and goes all the way until 10:00 tonight. how cool is that? >> super cool. and great weather for it. >> all day ought night. the weather is going to be fantastic. the sun is out. it's back. we had clouds, rain as well. everyone's waking up to a beautiful start to your workweek. down the jersey for you. that's the only spot that's going to take another hour. once we do, the sun dominates our weather today. low 80s in massapequamassapequa. now, we'll be breezy throughout the day. winds are going to be gusting over 20 miles an hour but the humidity is dropping throughout the day, so it's comfy already but it gets even more comfortable by the afternoon. look at tonight. a little bit of a chill.
6:25 am
no ac needed there. 53 in northwest new jersey even low to mid-60s in the five burros. big change tomorrow. >> what's up, lauren? >> we have a bunch of problems. a new accident came in on the parkway. expect delays here and then we'll take a live look at the alexander hamilton bridge where you can see some delays where cars and trucks there was an accident not too far from here. i got word it clear. delays should ease out soon. i'll have the details coming up in just a few minutes. see you in a bit. 6:25. up next, a look in a moment at the olympic games in rio. plus this. i'm katherine creag live in suffolk county where a horrific crash claimed the lives of five people including a 10-year-old boy. coming up, we'll tell you the
6:26 am
had been planning to go to next. and a harlem grandmother is caught in a shoot-out. this morning the search is on for the gunman. i'm tracie strahan live in harlem with the latest details on the case. if you'ren to head out the door, take us with you. download it on your mobile device right now, and we'll be
6:27 am
6:28 am
6:29 am
right back. now at 6:35 several people killed on n a crash on the l.i.e. >> killer on the loose. on the record, ryan lochte speaking out about that scandal in rio. "today in new york" starts right now. good morning, 6:30 a.m. on this monday, august 22nd. i'm michael garguilo. >> and i'm kerry barrett in for darlene today. >> raphael miranda is on with the weather. the sun looks great. >> it's been very sticky, very humid.
6:30 am
back to the 60s in central park. ice been two weeks since we saw the 60s in central park. 69 this hour. the big difference, the wind. had a cold front that came through and swept all the mugginess away. sunshine all day long. now as you're planning your day, temperatures do rebound back to the 80s. it will be breezy. wind gusts at 30 miles an hour at times during the height of the afternoon. we'll take a look at your ten-day forecast. good morning. >> good we have an accident on the jacque robinson parkway. delays stretch back onto the grand central parkway. a clear view. definitely leave yourself extra time if you're headed this way and on the subway as we have delays. five trains, n and l as well. from brooklyn to still well, that's all because of switching problems. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s.
6:31 am
horrific trash that left five people dead. among them, a young boy. it happened outside of manville. exits 68 and 69. that's where some of these victims are still being treated, cat. >> reporter: several parents continuing to recover. tragically so many lost their lives, that horrific crash you mentioned. the impact of it was so great. a subaru outback, the engine of that engine flew into the woods. the driver, 26-year-old carmelo pinales of hicksville and his 10-year-old son christopher. his sister patricia also lost her life. pinales lost control. he flew into the packet of oncoming cars, a bmw and a honda. the driver was the
6:32 am
executive director. so many grieve. the first responders telling us this is one of the worst crashes they've ever seen. >> heartbroken. very sad. >> many describe it as the worst accident they had ever saw. >> as we mentioned, 29-year-old scott martella worked in government. he was a former aide to governor cuomo. his fiancee survived the crash and we learn, michael, they were high school sweethearts. that fifth person, isadore adleson, he was killed. investigators trying to figure out if speed played a role in this crash. that family, pinales, were on their way to a water park to celebrate 10-year-old christopher's birthday. back to you, michael. >> investigation continuing. thanks very much. police are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a house party in connecticut. 13 wounded, one of them fighting for their life.
6:33 am
erupted out of the hanels. police say it was difficult finding anybody who actually saw the shooters. >> it was very dark back there. right now we don't have any witnesses. they say they heard what initially was thought of as fireworks. >> police believe there was more than one gunman. so far no motive. most of them shot in the leg. we're told that the critically in injured woman was shot in the face. a other leaders from westchester county are meeting today in yonkers and they're planning a way to promote a new barge and anchorage on the hudson river. they want to give them ten more spaces to wait for ports or better travel conditions but opponents say it's going to create a giant parking lot on the hudson yards from the shores of oners and peekskill and other
6:34 am
traffic on the 4s." good morning, raphy. >> good morning. blue skies. the best part is humidity. down to 69 in central park. temperatures in the upper 60s. we have 57 in monticello. that's a sign of things to come. we're going to see lots of 50s tomorrow as cooler air is settling in. you can see on the satellite and radar picture exiting off to the east. those are going to be replaced by su sunny across northwest new jersey as well. here's your day planner. any clouds dissipate through the next couple of hours. back to near 80 by lunchtime and it's breezy through the afternoon and evening commute. there are steamy changes comes your way. lauren scala is here with your commute. >> good morning. we have a bunch of problems. a new one came in on the long island expressway eastbound
6:35 am
we're watching delays build. as i get more information, we'll get it out to you. out by white plains road causing delays and we still have delays southbound. we have kai simonsen live at the scene of a disabled vehicle out there heading southbound on the deegan. you can see it out there in the right lane. this is certainly causing plenty of delays, they go well past the bronx expressway and existing off the we will have more weather and traffic coming upton 4s. >> very good. thank you. it is 6:35. right now a community is in mourning over the murder of a beloved grandmother. tracie strahan is in harlem where tributes are being met. >> as the sun is up, we see more people coming out and the flowers and candles are gathered. it's the same place where odessa
6:36 am
this morning she was simply an innocent by stander. the 61-year-old was shot around 11:45 saturday night. shots rang out and a bullet pierced her head killing her. witnesses say she was caught between gunfire between two people that erupted nearby. >> i'm shocked. i just seen her yesterday. >> everybody knowodessa. she's the best. >> she was rushed to harlem hospital where she was later pronounced dead. there were other shooting over the weekend but over the phone, so far they don't believe they're related and so far they don't have any descriptions on the gunman involved in this case. back to you. >> tracie, thank you. the family of a woman killed when two transfer buses crashed.
6:37 am
the buses when the other crashed into it on friday morning. her daughter said she was a wonderful mother, hard-working and a wonderful grandmother to her three children. >> she said, you know, after work i'll see you, see the kids, and then she never came. >> the driver of the other bus was also killed in the crash. she's been identified as 70-year-old joseph barthelias. the cause of the accident still under in brooklyn a festival meant to spark racial healing caughted unleft. a jewish motorcade 6:37 now. more troubles could be coming for gold medal swimmer ryan lochte.
6:38 am
against the four swimmers who now admit they embellished the story of being held at gunpoint. lochte is accuse of vandalizing the gas station and then lied about it. he spoke exclusively with the "today's" show matt lauer about that incident and this morning we're hearing a new portion from that interview. >> i'm embarrassing for myself, my family, especially those guys, usa swimming, the whole olympi watching. it's just -- i'm immature and i made a stupid mistake. i'm human and i definitely learned from this. >> you can see matt's entire exclusive in interview with ryan lochte. it's coming upton "today" show and that's ahead at 7:00 a.m. meanwhile a massive party closing out the olympic games in rio. look at that.
6:39 am
atmosphere. american gymnast simon biles carrying the flag. it was officially handed over to the governor of tokyo. and after the hand-off japanese prime minister a bay shinzo appeared himself. he jumped out of a tokyo hosting the games in 2020, and after seeing the preview, some are wondering if mario cart will be an olympic event. >> i give him credit for doing that. >> it's kind of cool. >> slufrl. the stars of the u.s. olympic basketball team played. u.s. rolled 96-66, victory. kevin durant, game-high 30 points. the u.s. men win their third
6:40 am
emotion achlt he acknowledged this was his final time at an olympic game. >> why was this one special for you? >> i know this is the end. this is it for me. i'm here today. three gold medals later. i'm excited. this is what i'm excited about. representing your country on the biggest stage you can be on. >> carmelo anthony has got three gold medals and the bronze. he makes a great point. professional athletes make a ton of dough. it's amazing. it means a lot competing for your your country. >> yeah, absolutely. it's 6:40. up next, a very special voyage for a young boy battling rare disorder, why a trip overseas holds an emotional meaning for this new yorker. plus, we're going have
6:41 am
there's a look at the beautiful statue of liberty. you're watching "today in new
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6:44 am
time now for a check of the weather head lines. three bs dominating the weather. lower humidity finally settling in and the winds are picking up. those are going to be strong throughout the day. they settle down tonight. we have this sunny and comfortable weather going on for the next few days. no rain in the forecast really until friday. you'll see that coming up in the ten-day forecast in a few minutes. right now the temperatures are in the 60s. 69 degrees. first time in over two weeks we've seen temperatures this cool, 69 on the island.
6:45 am
like monticello. 59 degrees. low 60s. we were in the 70s. it's much more comfortable. it will feel better as the day goes on. it's ushering in a flow from the northwest. that's a dryer direction. that's why the humidity is dropping. these will pick up in intensity. byor quite breezy with 25 to 30 miles an hour. on the radar, high pressure, lunchtime, it will be breezy. you'll have to hold onto your food and drink. no problems for your evening commute. tomorrow, more of the same. jump into tuesday, weather problems zero. nice and cool out there.
6:46 am
feeling that humiditying dropping even more. tonight, look at that. a little fall preview. 64 for your low in the city. give the ac a break tonight and for tomorrow, absolutely flawless. 82, sunshine, and low humidity goes on and on. it's not windy tomorrow. if you don't like the wind, you have that to look forward to. it does warm up and the humidity returns. it's feeling more tropical by the end of the workweek. let's get a commute. >> the n, r, and 5 trains and if you're heading on the road we have a report of an accident. round hill road. then we still have a disabled vehicle on the major deegan southbound. this is probably causing the worst delays of all this morning. in better news we did have an accident on the white plains road. that cleared out.
6:47 am
bqe causing delays. one more that's about to clear, the cross island parkway northbound by linden boulevard. you see delays stretch back. back to you, michael. >> thanks very much. 6:47. the latest on the flooding in louisiana. baton rouge picking up tons of debris. 60,000 homes damaged. right now 3,200 people are living in shelters more than $30 billion is being approved. 13 deaths are blaming on the flooding. in california evacuation orders have been lifted. more than 80,000 people have r being allowed back into their homes. the fire burning east of los angeles burn 105 homes. in northern california crews have made major headway on a fire started by an arson.
6:48 am
officials say it's now 95% contained. it is 6:47. 11-year-old landon la chance found out yesterday his wish to be blessed by pope francis is being grant. he's hopeful that his trip will help beat neurofibromatteau sis. it's a rare form of cancer that causes noncancerous see if this will help, getting blessed by the pope. >> landon and his family expected to travel to the vatican within the next two weeks, and, of course, we'll be thinking of him. >> what a wonderful young man. >> absolutely. what a sweetheart. up next, a new travel dealen to take flight out of liberty airport. >> yes.
6:49 am
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for the first time in many, many years you'll be able to fly nonstop from here to key west, florida. it begins december 16th. it runs through may 4th. it's just in time, of course, for winter holidays and spring break. the tickets went on sale this past saturday. all right. the "today" show is starting up in just a few minutes. we want to check in with matt and savannah together again. welcome >> after savannah's love texts, i had to get back. >> hearts and smiley faces. >> coming up on a monday we're going to take a closer look at that spectacular closing ceremony for the 2016 olympic games. and we'll have an exclusive interview with ryan lochte. he opens up and takes full responsibility for that incident at the gas station. and all about saving you
6:53 am
tasting cup of coffee. michael and kerry, do you smell it? >> ah, yes. >> that's that new puppy smell. it's one of these new guys. it's puppy with a purpose, the newest member of the family when we see you here on a monday. >> know there's not a huge time difference from rio? are you turned around? are you back in full force? >> it's one hour. you fly overnight. i landed saturday morning. >> did an interview with ryan with the family, so that's great. i'm revved up and ready go. >> i will say he said felis adaji when we met. raphael will tell us how much we're going to catch of a
6:54 am
>> you're watching "today in new
6:55 am
6:56 am
now to the investigation on the l.i.e. that left five people dead. >> katherine creag at stony brook where some of the victims are still being treated. >> reporter: a 3-year-old girl who will undergo surgery yet again this morning. of the five people who were killed, three of them were in the same family. we want to show you this video. the impact of the accident so
6:57 am
suv you saw separated and ended up in the woods. 26-year-old carmelo pa nales and his 10-year-old son christopher as well as his sister patricia were killed. it went out of control in the grass on l.i.e. it flew into the path of two other communications director out of suffolk. tracie strahan on the death of grandmother. >> reporter: the 61-year-old was caught in the cross fire as she was playing cards at 144 around 11:45 saturday night. a bullet pierced her in the net killing her.
6:58 am
neighborhood and was a beloved fixture. police tell us none of the other shootings are link to this incident. so far they don't have any description of the suspects. back to you. >> thanks very much. right now police on long island need your help in finding a missing mom and her baby. 16-year-old tiffany ortiz left her home friday afternoon in roosevelt with her 10-month-old daughter london. she was hending to the grand concourse in the bronx and never returned home. if you see this teenager and her baby or you k you're asked to call the police. the nyfd is asking parents to have serious talks with their children. there have been three major fires in the last ten days caused by children. we need to take a look at traffic. what's going on. >> b, d, j, n, and r. and there's a disabled vehicle
6:59 am
caution delays back for several miles. watch out for an accident by cropcy avenue and we have kai simonsen in chopper 4 over the long island expressway. you can see the lane blocked there. tlas continue to build for commuters on the southern state parkway westbound as well as northbound cross island. >> very good. final check of traffic, raph. >> or weather. i can do traffic ag forecast. >> i want more traffic. >> the weather is good. it's that low humidity that's got us really smiling today. sunshine and high temperature of 83. blue skies already out there. now, we'll be breezy. winds are going to be gusting up to 30 miles an hour throughout the day. get ready for that. low humidity tomorrow again and tomorrow, temperatures in the low 80s. get ready for a bit of a chill tonight and tomorrow morning. it gets hot and more humid.
7:00 am
job that's hindering my abilities right now. stay with us for local updates every 30 minutes. the "today" show is next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." good morning. it's a wrap. rio throws a massive party to bring the olympic games to a close. five-time medalist simone biles leading team usa after an another u.s. athlete is still making headlines. ryan lochte opening up in an exclusive interview about that gas station incident he initially described as armed robbery. >> i overexaggerated that story. if i had never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> this morning why lochte and three of his teammates could face more disciplinary action. a softer trump? donald trump's new campaign manager suggests he could be walking back his plan to deport


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