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tv   Today  NBC  August 20, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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produce pete is going to be here. >> with tomatoes. see you at 9:00. weekend "today" is next. good morning. going out on top. >> here is usain bolt! three times three the triple triple! jamaica's usain bolt wins his ninth olympics gold. crossing the finish becoming the first man to win medals in the 100, 200, and 4 x 100. after u.s. men were heartbreakingly disqualified over a bad baton pass. the u.s. women cruise to victory. >> the u.s. and jamaica second. with the second fastest time
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they get the job done and retain their olympics promise. and saying he's sorry. ryan lochte apologizing online for the controversy surrounding his robbery tape. is his career as a commercial pitch man over? it's the million-dollar question. "today" saturday, august 20th, 2016. the u.s. wins gold again! >> here issa three times three the triple triple! they had something to prove and prove it they did. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the olympics games. and welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. >> good morning. welcome back. >> nice to have you back.
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>> good to be back with you guys. a lot of great action on friday. lots more action to come today. we'll talk to one of the winning members of the u.s. women's 4 x 100 relay team. english gardner. there she is. let's saturday with peter alexander. he has the highlights from olympics park. good to see you, my friend. >> hey, craig. not the same without you. it was another thrilling night in rio unstoppable usain bolt literally torching the track. putting on a final show for the crowd and team usa wracking up another handful of medals to an impressive count. >> reporter: the final olympics race for the fastest man on earth, usain bolt. >> usain bolt puts it away and charges to the lead! here is usain bolt. three times three the triple triple! and he did it the jamaica taking
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100-relay. >> the united states won! get the job done. >> also, running away with the gold the american ladies in the 4 x 100. bringing allison felix her record fifth gold medal in track and field. the women almost didn't make the race. they were forced to rerun the race against only the clock in the qualifier. >> it's cool. it's special to share with the about time something good happened. >> heartbreak for the u.s. men disqualified for passing the baton outside the designated area. in a repeat. >> the u.s. wins gold again. >> reporter: u.s. women's water poll low defending their gold medal. evaluator sandy morris comes
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missing the podium jenny schur. schur was coughing up blood after a week long illness. >> right now the two americans out front. >> reporter: on the bikes the team usa medaling in the men's and women's bmx. connor fields pulling ahead to take the gold. knick long placing fourth after a photo finish. for the women silver blind -- behind colombia. team usa beat out spain advancing to the gold medal game on sunday. >> italy with a comeback will play the gold. >> reporter: despite a difficult loss to italy, men's volleyball will get a chance at the bronze medal. >> continues to assert himself in picking up another take down. >> reporter: and defending
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mat passing the opportunity. >> jordan burroughs leaving rio empty handed. >> reporter: this has been one exhilarated games. the u.s. track and field team officially challenging the disqualification. the win by usain bolt moves him into a tie with lewis for the most track and field medals for all time. the only athlete in any michael phelps. >> of course. peter alexander for us in rio. thank you. we're going to get you a bigger check on the medal count as the competition gets underway today. the u.s. dominating with a total of 105 medals followed by china and great britain. take a look at the action coming up. the u.s. ladies will battle spain for the gold medal in basketball. in volleyball the u.s. women will take on the netherlands. hoping for a bronze in that
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on men's soccer. the final is today as the home team brazil takes on germany. that's going to be fun. let's go back to one of the best moments of last night. the u.s. women took gold in the 4 x 100 relay. a remarkable come back from the botched baton hand off two days ago. we're thrilled to be joined by one of the runners. english gardner, good morning and congratulations! >> your first gold medal and the second fastest time ever. tell me this, i was thinking about this this morning. i don't know you. i've never met you. i'm tweeting your picture. my friends are tweeting your pictures. i'm in new york city. you're in rio. do you feel my love with the rest of the world? we're so proud of you. what does it feel like to be on your end of it? >> it's amazing. the feeling is definitely something i wished and dreamed for since i was a little girl.
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years old to get olympics and i told everyone in a press conference one day i was going get the olympics gold. it was exciting i was able to go out there with my team and three other girls and get a medal. >> you make me want to put down my snack cakes. >> let's talk about the tense day on thursday. you were initially disqualified. you were bummed. in that moment, what were you thinking? take me back? >> i remember in the moment allison was she's really normally a composed runner. when she was screaming and tears were in her eyes and hands in her head, i wasn't used to seeing her in that kind of way. i remember if i stayed calm she was able to, you know, get back to rational thinking in that moment. she went from all agony and straight face and said pick up the baton and run. that's what we did. >> it's like something out of a storybook. you protested and had a chance
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flying colors. before you leave me this morning, i have to ask you, i heard through the grapevine you lost a shoe before the race? >> yeah, ten minutes before i went to go, you know, check and put on my spikes to do a couple of run outs and last-minute things to fix up for the relay. i noticed only one of my shoes were in the bag. i'm normally not a person to forget my shoes. that's kind of like, you know, a his gun. so you definitely don't really see that much. when i went there i calmly went over to one of the coaches and i asked him and said i only have one shoe. and we were calmly asking everyone. luckily, once again, allison, putted out an extra pair of shoes. definitely was a half size too big but nothing that socks couldn't fix. >> and you pulled it off. congratulations! >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> we should remind you can see all the olympics action on prime time. coverage on nbc begins at 8:00/7:00 central. the latest controversy surrounding ryan lochte. this morning the final swimmer, jimmy feigen is on his way home. as gunnar bentz speaks out about the night in question. keir simmons is on copacabana good morning. >> reporter: good morning. gunnar bentz accusing ryan lochte saying he pulled advertisement from the world saying the guards did pull weapons but there was an interpreter there to interpret so they understood what the brazilians were saying. get this, craig. gunnar bentz said ryan lochte was yelling at the armed guards. the apologies and backtracking may not be over now that all
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bentz released a statement on friday elaborating saying i never made a full statement to anyone at any time. i cannot speak to his actions. but ryan stood up and began to yell at the guards. lochte posting on social media, quote, "i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend and not being more careful and candid and how i described the events early that morning." mark spits expressing sadness. attention away from the great performances. >> reporter: from speedo to ralph lauren. ryan lochte's future is drifting into uncertain waters. he and his fellow olympics swimmers are facing post olympics financial uncertainty after a week of tall tales in rio. >> they pulled out their guns. >> reporter: their initial accounts of late night armed
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surveillance footage. once lochte's robbery claims collapsed under his scrutiny. >> this incident is going to be, i believe, relatively fatal and detrimental to his endorsement. he becomes someone that is recognizable. not necessarily for the right reasons. >> reporter: for the big-named olympics athletes, seizing all corporate sponsorship after >> she knows small can be powerful. >> reporter: the american public' perception of lochte's sincerity, in particular, will determine his future and the rest of the world may continue to judge. >> he's done more than damage ryan lochte. he stands for a certain type of ugly american bro-type, if you will. >> reporter: an international mess, to be sure. and a costly one.
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said such style a shame of what happened at a gas station. >> keir simmons in copacabana, thank you. we'll have much more on the olympics action coming up in our next half hour. now we go to a different kind of race. the race for the white house. yet another shake up in donald trump's camp. his controversial campaign manager out of a job this morning and nbc's jacob rascon good morning, jacob! pivot time for donald trump. >> reporter: trump effectively now on his third campaign chief in two months. now, 80 days or so away from the election, just weeks away from the first early voting in the first states. and the trump campaign is hoping for a full reset. they hope this time will stick. there is little doubt this is a very different donald trump. >> a good, strong guy.
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flood ravaged-baton rouge, personally donating a truckload a of supplies and telling no one. scripted remarks in every rally this week. >> you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: it is the trump reboot anxiously awte hard-core supporters follow thing dismal poll numbers and another campaign shake up. trump effectively on his third campaign chief in two months after paul manafort resigned. >> in hillary clinton's america, the system stays rigged -- >> reporter: trump launching his general election spending $40 million to hillary clinton's $60 million. a federal judge ruled clinton must answer written questions
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of a privet e-mail server when she was secretary of state. clinton told the fbi her predecessor personally recommended she use a private e-mail account for unqualified communication. powell's office recognizes he wrote clinton. but they point out at time the state department didn't have an equivalent system within the department and he used a secure state computer on his desk f classified information. hillary clinton, meanwhile, on a fundraiing blitz. 20 events scheduled before month's end. donald trump will be in fredericksburg, virginia which he's down in the latest polls and back on the trail on monday in ohio. >> thank you, jacob. jacob rascon. robert kosta is an nbc news analyst. he followed the trump campaign very closely from the beginning.
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>> good morning. >> paul manafort brought in willing to make donald trump appear more presidential. was he forced out or did he resign on his own? >> manafort's associations with pro-russian forces in the ukraine hoovered over his time as the campaign chairman. according to my reporting trump has grown frustrated and trump gr strategy. he wanted more discipline and trump to follow a script, to be more of a traditional republican. he's looking for a bit more of an extemporaneous approach. >> with manafort out, what does it mean for the campaign now moving forward? >> well, what we're going to see from donald trump is more populism, more raw nationalism. that's the influence of steve ban man who was running bright
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the republican base is. we're going it see outreach to suburban women, skiddish voters in the suburbs in places like north carolina and ohio. it's the influence of kelley ann conway. >> we are, as you know, roughly 80 days away from the general election. a number of states start early voting two or three weeks from now, if i'm not mistaken. is this the kind of move that a confident campaign makes? >> it's a move o who knows that his only path, really, at this moment to the presidency, is to have an aggressive approach in the media and in swing states. when it comes to grassroots organizing, fundraising, television advertising as jacob was talking about, the clinton campaign and the democrats have an advantage on paper in terms of the money. donald trump believes if he can be a populist, he has a shot. >> thank you.
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in south florida as new cases of zika emerge. one of the most popular tourist destinations in this country. florida's governor now says several knew zika cases popped up in the miami beach area. tamney lightener is there with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. in just a few hours, this part of south beach will be packed with tourists. for anybody that comes to miami beach, this is the destination. south beach is what they're calling ultra hip south beach, an iconic tourist destination now in the zika hot zone. >> i don't want to minimize this. i think this is something that we think take seriously. >> reporter: a new travel warning for parts of south beach. a 1.5 square mile area. >> five individuals have been confirmed of cases of local transmission are connected to the miami beach area.
7:18 am
two miami beach residents. spraying continues as the cdc advises pregnant women to stay away from parts of miami beach. a warning that could have a chilling effect on the state's $24 billion beach tourism industry. >> just the report of this could have an impact even a short term impact on tourism, which is the golden goose that is our main industry. >> reporter: just over two weeks ago, zika discovered six miles away in the miami neighborhood of wyd. close to 50%. >> reporter: since the news, empty store fronts, vacant streets, businesses hit hard. >> we have lost so many customers. i mean, the place is empty most of the time. we have to let go some of the workers. >> reporter: the fear of what happened in wynwood could happen in miami beach. detecting the spread of zika is extremely difficult. that's why health officials are
7:19 am
the miami-dade county. >> thank you. the red cross is calling the flooding in louisiana the worst natural zaster to hit the united states since hurricane sandy. more rain added to the misery on friday as folk 0s returned to the scene of destruction. 13,000 people are dead, 4,000 people are living in shelters. investigators are asking for the publics' help in finding the cause of a devastating wild fire. the eat dino, california but many residents are returning to smoking ruins. 96 homes have been destroyed. 175 more have burned near lake county. shots rang out at a high school football game. players, spectators, and cheer leaders hit the ground in miami south ridge high school. they were reacting to a volley of gunshots. no one was hurt. a suspect is in custody.
7:20 am
this morning but apparently ready to get back in the air after a wild ride was caught. a man jumps from 16,000 feet while strapped to an instructor. when the parachute lines get tangled, the instructor has to cut the chute away and goes for the back up. they hit the ground in a walmart parking lot. miraculously they both walked away with scratches. >> that would be >> he said he's getting back up there. >> amazing. if you're going go out there, you need to know the weather! >> there's a lot of stuff on the radar. luckily no more rain in the forecast today for louisiana. all though we could use rain in california, we're not seeing any rain on the west coast. it's basically isolated to the middle of the country from the upper midwest stretching down into texas. where we have flash flood watches in effect. parts of texas have picked up
7:21 am
slow-moving cold front another several inches as the moisture just continues to get pumped in from the south. the cold front is going to trigger stronger storms today, especially across lower michigan and continue to move eastward as we go into sunday afternoon. we could see isolated stronger storms. today the storms will be mostly across michigan. we have 2 million people under risk of the severe storms. the primary threat, though, for damaging winld gusts up to about 60 miles per hour. we want to focus on the rain around austin ground completely saturated. we could see another 6 to 7 inches of rain that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. >> thanks, dylan. good morning, everyone. muggy and warm today. high of 85 degrees. we could see one or two pop-up storms. but it's not a washout. have a safe place to go to in case we get one of those nastier thunderstorms.
7:22 am
the high humidity. showers end early on and the fug giness continue for tomorrow. 85 your high tomorrow. showers especially in the afternoon and evening. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you so much. still to come this morning looking back at week two of the most amazing athlete highlights from rio games. plus like mother like daughter. can you guess which super model is mom
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of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. still to come on "today." i love this! faces of victory. the incredible images of athletes at the moment when they realized they won an olympics medal. i love this! that's the best. >> yeah, that was the best. plus so much more to brazil than rio. keir simmons will take us on a
7:25 am
city. >> first, these messages.
7:26 am
it is 7:26 and 74 degrees on this saturday morning. as we take a live look at the belt parkway. it's august 20th already. good morning. i'm pat battle. wee queens. police now questioning the child's stepmother as a person of interest. relatives say 9-year-old ashdeep kaur was found last night the the bathtub of the apartment that her father and stepmother shared with another family. that family called the child's father after the little girl was inside the locked bathroom for several hours. >> he kick the door and see she
7:27 am
father collapsed in front of the home where his daughter's body was found. police still investigating how she died. they say the girl's stepmother was supposed to be at home caring for her when she died. and new this morning, police are hoping that this video will lead them to the two men wanted for burglary at a business in brooklyn. police say they broke into slow food usa in crown mights last week. they say they took off with $26,000 in computer equipment. police say nob if you recognize the two men in the video, give them a call. raphael's here with the weather. and it's getting better monday. >> ignore the weekend, pat. >> exactly. >> it's not the worst weekend forecast. it's not going to be raining most of the time. scattered showers mainly in the afternoon. but it is the mugginess. that's what you'll notice today. tropical feel outside. overnight to the 70s. then tomorrow more of the same. muggy and warm.
7:28 am
storms tomorrow afternoon and evening. >> look forward to monday. thank you. we'll have another update in a half hour. for right now back to weekend "today." hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. our biggest sale of the year is a blast! blinds to go.
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celebrate something really special this summer at blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now. buy one, get one at half price.
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. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! blinds to go. blinds for life. we're back on this saturday morning, august 20th, 2016. day 15 of the olympics games in rio. some more action today and then it's the closing ceremony tomorrow night putting the finishing touches on what has been an amazing 2016 olympics. here is a look at "today's" olympics headlines. usain bolt is the fastest man still. bolt winning the triple-triple. a three-time win in the 100 and 200 and the rely. this is his ninth gold capping off what he claims is the end of his olympics career. the u.s. men's basketball team will go for the gold once
7:31 am
the men beating spain on friday by a score of 82-76. team usa will take on syria for the gold. and swimmers ryan lochte and gunnar bentz released statements apologizing for incidents earlier this week in rio. lochte saying, quote, "i wanted to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being careful and candid how i described the events that morning." gunnar bentzay jimmy feigen is on his way home after paying a fine and being given his passport back. to the download as we take a look back at what a triumphant week two it's been. there's been awesome surprises along the way. thrills and chills in the final week of competition at the rio olympics.
7:32 am
unforgettable season. >> one of the greatest dynasties in gymnastics. >> reporter: simone biles dominated the sport. >> this has been her destiny. >> reporter: golds in all around. >> she's a 4'8" giant. >> reporter: the unstoppable biles soar talked to her record fourth gold. >> once again. >> reporter: ally the silver. on the track usain bolt making history with his third consecutive gold in the 100 meter dash. and his third straight gold in the 200-meter. >> he makes it look easy! >> reporter: a controversial photo finish denied sprinter allyson felix the gold in her signature 400-meter dash. >> miller has the lead. with a head-first dive.
7:33 am
finish line. >> a tough loss for allyson felix. >> reporter: near disaster for the american women in the 4 x 100-meter relay. dropping the baton after a collision with another runner. >> i felt contacted. it tripped me up. >> reporter: then a reprieve. a successful appeal allowing them to qualify for the finals. while racing only against the clock. >> we had unforeseen circumstance but we bounced back with confidence. >> reporter: it's not all about the medals. two runners showed the world the olympics spirit at its best. >> new zealand and american collided. dag see know stopped to help hamlin up. hamlin returned the favor seconds later. >> it's encouraging a simple act of kindness resonates with people. >> reporter: and a roller coaster week for women's beach volleyball. >> brazil upset the united states. >> reporter: american super
7:34 am
>> we earned the right to fight tomorrow. >> the americans are back in business. it's over! the united states won the bronze! >> reporter: and it's not just the competition that got hearts pumping. rio also had its dose of romance. >> moments after securing silver in the triple jump, american proposed to his girlfriend. >> i don't know more special. the medal or her saying yes. >> reporter: she might stick every landing. there's one thing that can make simone biles tumble to the floor. actor zach efron. >> remember you said if a certain person showed up, you would need a defibrillator.
7:35 am
>> wait, do you remember that? do you remember that? [ screaming ] >> ready? >> yes! >> and she put it on instagram and everything else. that was a moment. >> i've been on the receiving end before and she was so much cooler. >> she comes in for the hug. >> she did and i was too late. >> she was talking about him for so long. it was one of the things where how could we possibly in the olympics in rio end without having zac efron? >> simone biles earned that surprise visit. >> she did. i'm going to say she won the olympics.
7:36 am
olympics. >> probably. we have to talk weather. how about a check? >> it's going to be very, very hot in the pacific northwest. we have excessive heat warnings in effect and red flag warnings. not only hot but dry. we could see any fires that developed spread randly. we could break records today. the record in hillsborough was 101 in 1951. we're expected to tie it today. eugene, oregon the old record was 99. today we could hit 100 degrees, and we're forecasting a high of 91. so we could crush that old record. in salem, oregon could tip 100 as well. it's going to be hot but it won't last that long. it looks like we're going to start to see the heat break down over the next couple of days. so it will be up to around, you know, 100 degrees today in most areas, by the time we get to
7:37 am
spokane drops to 70 on monday. boise drops into the mid 80s by tuesday. so we arewe going to see that b of a cooldown the next couple of days. this cooldown also cooling things down. minneapolis only 66 today but also some rain. several inches of rain through texas. that could lead to flooding. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. >> thanks, dylan. good morning, everyone. muggy and warm today. a high temperature o feeling that humidity. and that may spark off a few showers and storms especially as the day goes on into the afternoon. but it's not a washout. if you have outdoor plans, they should be mostly fine. just remember you need to dodge storms. mostly cloudy down to a low of 75 degrees. tomorrow more unsettled weather. sticky for sunday with a high of 85 and showers and storms especially late in the day. that's your latest forecast.
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all the attention these days with all the eyes of the world on it, there's plenty of other places in brazil that are pretty amazing. >> keir simmons had a chance to look around. what did you find? >> reporter: good morning. we found a vibrating, pulsating, exciting city about four hours away from here. in some ways, i guess, if rio is the heart of the country, sao paulo is the brain.
7:42 am
surface that have been ripping into the fabric of this country. a city. the rich use helicopters to avoid the long lines of traffic flying over some of the poorest communities in south america. >> sao paulo is the city. close by many buildings have helicopter landing pads. on the ground another site the city is famous for. graffiti. politics is never far from here. >> so this one comes from the
7:43 am
like money, you know, fancy controls, technology. >> reporter: the inspiration came a long time ago from a long way away. you're inspired by the new york hip-hop scene in the early '80s. >> yeah. i'm studying '84. >> reporter: this is a breakfast. >> yeah. it's a funny wall. >> reporter: unlike many cities sao paulo's community welcomes the artis. old ladies say i like your graffiti. >> it's cool. >> reporter: vincent has been the l.a. times correspondent here for years. >> this is the biggest most vibrant city in south america, right. this is kind of like new york in south america but bigger and messier. >> reporter: bigger than new york? >> yeah. more people total. >> reporter: like new york, all
7:44 am
>> reporter: yeah. they're not going to like us too much. [ speaking spanish ] >>. >> translator: this is my music. when is it on tv? >> reporter: in sao paulo, they commute to work by the helicopter. a city where rich and poor are side by side. but often don't mix. >> in those two worlds don't really mix. you can meet well-educated people that have never had a conversation with somebody from the lower class. >> reporter: surprising, perhaps, in a city full of life where self-expression comes easy. i tried my hand with his help to make my mark on this city. we have our own graffiti tag. >> very good.
7:45 am
that it leaves a legacy that helps a country like brazil and helps, for example, to alleviate the poverty that we've seen here. and, you know, we're leaving just thinking we hope that is the effect this olympics has. i guess when you compare rio and sao paulo, it's like comparing l.a. and new york. they argue here in the same way about which city is better. so i'll leave you guys to fight among yourselves over that one. >> what was missing from piece, i didn't see keir simmons doing the samba. there's been lots of samba dancing. >> reporter: no, funny. >> yeah. strange. i need you with me, craig. >> i've got that back issue. >> yes. >> keir, good to see you, my friend. . >> there's still time. coming up next the ladies of team usa water polo honoring their coach after an emotional victory.
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?? we all want what's best for our kids. introducing mcdonald's new chicken mcnuggets. made with 100% white meat chicken and no artificial colors, flavors and now no artificial preservatives. ?? this morning in "today's" olympics moment. the dominance of the u.s. women's water polo team. >> they have been overpowering. in their last six matches they outscored their events 70-32. it meant so much for a team and coach that suffered a tragic loss. >> the united states came in as dechblding olympics champions
7:49 am
clear the americans were set to make olympics history. >> we're pretty dominant and smart about how we attack the game. >> becoming the first women's water polo team to win gold at the consecutive summer olympics. >> the u.s. wins gold again. >> reporter: they dominated italy with a score of 12-5. the most goals women's final. >> the team i played on tonight and for the whole tournament for the past four years is the best team i've been a part of. >> reporter: the victory was as much for the players as the coach, adam, whose brother died of an sudden heart attack the day before the opening ceremonies. >> for him to go through what he's gone through for his brother and be strong for us.
7:50 am
the players took their gold medals and placed them around their coach's neck. >> he deserves it as much as anyone. he was the original 13 around his neck. >> the simple gesture of love and thanks. he said after that match it's not about me. it's about the team. but that has actually helped me. class act. >> that's cool. >> ye. still to come a relative newbie in the triathlon world.
7:51 am
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and it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. still to come on "today," the latest on the scandal surrounding ryan lochte and three other swimmers. what lochte and one of his teammates are saying about that
7:53 am
beyonc?'s husband, but also apparently her instagram photographer. we'll show you the latest photo there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking.
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7:56 am
the time is now 7:56. it is 76 degrees on this saturday, august 20th. a live look at the alexander hamilton bridge. i'm gus rosen look at a deadly shooting in the bronx. there you can see a car drive by a crowd of people on college avenue. you can see folks running away for cover. two people were hit and one of them died from their injuries. if you have any information, call crime stoppers. children playing with matches ignited this massive fire on staten island. the flames gutted two buildings but threatened to burn down the entire block at one point.
7:57 am
the red cross is now helping ten of those family who is were left homeless. the 6 and 8-year-olds who were playing with the matches are expected to take fire prevention and safety classes. artists hit the beach for the sand sculpting contest on coney island. artists are going to try to create a masterpiece from a mound of sand. it starts at noon, goes until 4:00. sounds like they'll have good beach weather. >> maybe not completely rain free tvs not going to be a washout, but there is some rain in the forecast for today and tomorrow. it is very muggy out there. best chance of a shower popping up through the afternoon. tomorrow more of the same. hazy sunshine and clouds, a high of 85 degrees. now, tomorrow afternoon and evening we may see some strong to severe thunderstorms moving through. those could last into sunday night. monday, that's when that cold front moves through. look at the beautiful stretch of weather we have, cooler
7:58 am
half an hour. full broadcast at 9:00. pete's got tomatoes. now back to "today" in rio. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right.
7:59 am
i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
8:00 am
? ? good morning. usain bolt does it again! helping jamaica win gold. >> cementing his place in history with the coveted triple triple. and the u.s. women with a botched hand off in the qualifiers mind them to come out
8:01 am
and the men's basketball team going for gold. and the men spanking spain in the semifinals. and their story. u.s. -- ryan lochte and gunnar bentz speaking out and apologizing for their actions saying they want to move on. as jimmy feigen paid nearly $11,000 to get his passport back from brazilian it's "today" saturday, august 20th, 2016. good saturday morning to you. welcome back to "today"! the folks on the plaza out there. it's good to be back together. >> it's nice to be back. >> we missed you. >> i missed you guys. >> was it as fun as it looked? >> it was. 18 days is a long time. >> yeah -- >> to be away from your family. and you have a little one at home and another one on the way.
8:02 am
>> in fact, we begin this hour with the latest out of rio. another exciting night of action as ryan lochte aologizes for his behavior at a incident at a gas station. we go to peter alexander. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning. breaking news this morning. just within the last several hours the last of the four american swimmers stranded in rio, jimmy feigen, finally landed back home in the u.s. after making what was nearly a $11,000 charity getting his passport back. now gunnar bentz is sharing his account of night out with ryan lochte. >> reporter: gunnar bentz describing ryan lochte's actions. ryan stood up and began yelling at the guards. they had a heated verbal exchange but no physical contact was made. the new statement from bentz offering a sincere apology saying he was never a suspect and never made a false statement to police.
8:03 am
silence on instagram. "i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning." weighing in is olympics swimmer mark spitz. >> it was not respectful to the host. i think it'll die and it should. >> reporter: the episode a blemish on another otherwise exhilarating games. usain bolt the history books. leading jamaica to a 4 x 100-meter relay win. after taking gold earlier this week. >> the desperation she ti tried. >> reporter: the u.s. women shaking off a near miss any the qualifying round. >> it's going to be the u.s. >> reporter: running away for gold in their 4 x 100 race. >> we had fun tonight. it was about time something good
8:04 am
>> that's to be bass -- passed. >> reporter: disqualified after officials say they passed their baton after the designated area. >> leading them into the and jen suhr a champion. and team usa beat out spain. advancing to the gold medal game on sunday. throughout the games the americans have dominated. let's show you the medal count now. a couple days to go. the u.s. well out in front. 105 medals in all followed by china and great britain. neither of them is close to the americans. and taking look at the action today. the u.s. women will take on
8:05 am
basketball. and in volleyball the american women will take on the netherlands hoping for a bron in that competition. plenty of eyes will be on the men's soccer field. the final today host country brazil taking on germany. the best moment for me was last night after his race usain bolt saying to one reporter "there you go. i am the greatest." dropping the baton. >> good one. >> good to see you, peter. thank you. safe travels back. we will get to olympics action in a few minutes. we want to get some of the other big stories of the day. pregnant women are being warned not to travel to certain parts of miami as the zika virus appears to have spread there. five new cases of that disease are being reported in miami beach now. some businesses claim their sales have dropped 50% after more than a dozen cases were reported in nearby wynwood. there are now fears that zika could crush florida's
8:06 am
industry. donald trump heads to virginia after the latest shake up in the republican's presidential camp. trump toured the ruins in louisiana on friday. trump criticized president obama for vacationing during the flood crisis. obama will visit the area on tuesday. democratic candidate hillary clinton has been ordered to answer written questions this time about her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. those questions lawsuit by conservative legal group. people are coming home to devastating loss in both louisiana and california this morning. 40,000 homes are damaged or destroyed by flooding in louisiana. at least 13 people are dead. the red cross calls it the worst natural disaster in the u.s. since hurricane sandy. in california wild fires have burned hundreds of homes to the ground. officials are asking for the publics' help in investigating the kautz of the fire in san
8:07 am
critical condition after being attacked to a bear. the coast guard rescued the guide and their group. they somehow got between a brown bear and her cub. the bear's action was defensive and they're not hunting down the animal. >> dylan is in the plaza with another check on the forecast and enthusiastic people out there. hey, crowd out here. considering they don't think anybody realizing the whole crew is back from rio now. we have these guys out here. this young lady was the first one out here. what time did you wake up? >> 5:45. today isn't my birthday which is in january.
8:08 am
let's take a look at the weather across the country. we'll see the heat through the midwest continue to cool off. i mean, we're looking at temperatures well below average thanks to the cold front that will eventually cool things down and wipe out the humidity in the northeast. take a look minneapolis. 67 degrees for the high today. sunday the temperatures will cool off back to the great lakes dropping into the 70s and we'll be in the upper 70s and lower 80s by the beginning of next week through most of the midwest. look at monday morning. 50s and 60s. almost fall-like monday morning across the country, now here's a peek out your window. >> thanks, dylan. good morning, everybody. a little bit on the warm side. we are headed back into the 80s. we may see one or two pop-up showers. but overall it will be dry for most of your outdoor plans. you may have a heavy downpour from time to time. overnight down to 75. still muggy and warm. tomorrow we do it again.
8:09 am
at in the day sunday and sunday night. so this guy over here said i said the wrong thing. >> here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. >> here is an al roker fan here. >> i like that. thanks, dylan. we have to take you back to some olympics action at an event that no american has won gold in. we're talking about the triathlon. to change that this morning. >> yes. the triathlon is a sport with so many variables. gwen jorgensen is changing all of that. ? ? >> reporter: the 30-year-old wisconsin native is prime for the podium in rio. the favorite in a sport she barely knew about six years ago. when you got out of college, you weren't necessarily thinking olympics. >> no.
8:10 am
had a full-time job lined up. i hadn't known that triathlon was an olympics sport. >> youd accounting. >> i did. >> jorgensen clocking in 60 hours a week at the accounting firm. usa came on the hunt for former college swimmers and runners. >> i had never ridden a road bike before 2010, and they to learn. we'll give you a bike and help you out with a coach. i laughed and said you're nuts! >> the pool was gwen's first love leading to a modest swimming career at the university of wisconsin. her true talent could be found on the track. she made the switch her senior year of college after nudging from her family. >> there is one moment in particular when my grandpa stanley, i remember he was standing by the fence and he
8:11 am
change sports you could be an olympian. he told me this and i just -- i listened. >> olympics dreams that unfolded faster than anyone expected. >> and a surprising second goes to the american gwen jorgensen. >> just over a year after her first triathlon jorgensen came in second at a qualifier for the 2012 games. >> i crossed the finish line and i didn't believe it. i didn't know what was happening. >> g w london. >> i'm looking around in the bike pack. did i have a flat tire? the other girls were like yep. they said what kind of wheel do you need? i said i don't know! i need one! >> what does it look like? it's round! it has spokes. >> just give me one! >> gwen ended upcoming in 38th. >> i crossed the finish line, and i had one thought. it was "i want to go to rio. i want to win gold."
8:12 am
jorgensen embarked on a intense training. >> hamburg, first. chicago, first. ed monoton, is it getting old yet? gwen went on an unprecedented 13-race winning streak. >> and another time the gol medal around the neck of gwen jorgensen. >> she's pulling away from the competition. turns out grandpa stanley who since passed away, was on to something. >> i still feel like, you know, he's up in heaven and watching me compete. it's inspiring to know i have him there believing in me. >> amazing! that was natalie morrellis reporting. i'm cheering her on.
8:13 am
gold on nbc. triathlon coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern this morning. >> she won 13 straight triathlons. >> yeah! >> you should see what she eats. >> that's amazing. still ahead here. some of the best moments captured in a picture. that amazing instant these athletes realized they just medaled at olympic games. we'll show you those pictures. >> some make it look easy. you c we'll show you -- >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> nbc next live musical "hair . soon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada.
8:14 am
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8:15 am
leaf-brewed iced tea. pure and simple. pure leaf. for the love of leaves. morning. first up, a lot of unforgettable moments at this year's olympics.
8:16 am
people didn't happen in the arena but the stands. aly raisman's parents watching them nervously squirm as their daughter competed was entertaining. one concerned fan started a go fund me campaign. raising the money to give the raismans a much-served spa day to help them finally relax. so far the campaign has raised $280. >> that's enough they brazil. >> true. more incredible moments on the olympics games that went vie rabble -- wow. pulled together some of the best moments of the athletes reacting to a big win. here are some of our favorites. we put these together. this is usain bolt. you probably see this flashing that signature green as he blows past the competitions in the 100-meter semifinal.
8:17 am
april walsh celebrating when they took home the bronze. >> you got to check it out. you can actually feel the energy of michael phelps and caeleb dressel celebrating their big win. who could possibly forget the first time team usa swept the track and field podium with this big win in the women's 100-meter hurdles. this is amazing. >> i don't lot a folks appreciated the dominance of team usa at the games. >> dominates. >> it has been something. do you want more gold or medals overall. now we have them all. the pop start action this morning. >> let's do it! it's been awhile. i'm rusty. first up, we have your first look at nbc's upcoming live musical "hair spray live." do you want to sing the song
8:18 am
last night -- ? you can't stop the beat ? >> i don't know if that's right. >> we have a peek at the star-studded cast. jennifer hudson, kristin chenoweth, newcomer maddy bail owe. it airs live december 7th on nbc. we know jay-z is a grammy winning artist. there's one title he's enjoying. instagram hud. you remember last month this photo of his wife beyonc? went viral. it's beyonc? looking fabulous. because we see jay-z working hard. there it is, to get the right angle in the background. they're at it again. while vacationing in italy, beyonc? was seen jumping off her megayacht. the dive looks terrifying. everyone is buzzing about jay-z's dedication to capture the moment. >> that's pretty high. >> there he is! >> yes.
8:19 am
taking pictures queen bey -- >> he's wearing a shirt so he didn't do that jump. >> no. he's in the boat taking the picture. i can't wait to see the final picture he took. and cindy crawford's look alike daughter is following her mother. we saw kaia gerber share cover girl duties. now kaia who is 14 landed her first solo magazine september issue of the london-based magazine "pop." cindy crawford graced a magazine cover at 16. kaia is ahead of the game. >> wow. >> she has a great coach. maybe she can do that and they can do a cute shoot. still ahead, the story behind these photos at the rio olympics games.
8:20 am
? "they say you can only be great if you're full of goodness."
8:21 am
8:22 am
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8:26 am
26 minutes after 8:00 as we take a live look there at the expressway on a saturday morning. it's 76 degrees already and getting warmer. i'm pat of a little girl in queens. police now questioning that girl's stepmother as a person of interest. 9-year-old ashdeep kaur was found last night in the bathtub at the house on 112th street in richmond hill. it's an apartment the girl's father and stepmother shared with another family. the stepmother was supposed to be at home caring for the girl at the time of her death. police still investigating how
8:27 am
morning. the so-called kiss and ride dropoff zone in jersey city is now closed for construction. it's expected to stay closed through the end of the year. a section of summit avenue will be available for pickups and dropoffs. that is adjacent to the current location. and if you take the george washington bridge to the city during the overnight hours, you've got to use the upper level. all the inbound lower level lanes will be shut down next week. at 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 the next morning. raphael's here now with a look at the weather. can't wait until monday. >> it'll be a great day. but the weekend's not a total loss either. you're feeling it. it's tropical right now. high temperature of 85 degrees later on this afternoon. now, you see the thunderstorm there for today. maybe later on this afternoon, but not a washout by any means. tomorrow a chance for some
8:28 am
>> i can't wait. how often can you say i can't wait until monday. join us at 9:00 a.m. for today
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back this saturday morning, august 20th, 2016. one of the final looks at olympics flame in rio. the games come to a close tomorrow. we have a small but mighty crowd in new york. we have another hour enjoying this saturday morning. we're happy to be back together again. >> small but strong. still to come in this half hour of "today." you'll probably see lots of back to school commercials running today. the unique spin one company is putting on theirs. not too late to plan a last-minute gate away for labor day. we have great tips on tips that won't break the bank.
8:31 am
and awesome brunch. >> i love when we eat on the show! 99% of the time our attention focussed on the athletes, but there are plenty of other people you don't see at the games, and the experience for them is just as special. >> yes. this was a cool one. i had a chance to meet a young photographer maddy maier before she left for rio. in a -d photographers. maddie's focus on everyone else. we decided to focus on her. ? ? her pictures capture moments in time. moments of triumph, determination, pure emotion. at just 24 years old, maddy meyer has her dream job as a sports photographer. >> i was reading this morning
8:32 am
marathon, two super bowls, kentucky derby, now rio. that's insane. >> yeah. when i'm at an event i'm focussing. i'm not taking in the environment as much thinking, wow, how cool to be here. i'm thinking, all right, serena is playing. how can i clean up the background? >> on a typical day maddy covers sports in boston. days are long. she's there six or seven hours before the games start. capturing a winning shot takes patience. a skill she mentor elsa garrison. >> she works hard. she's a talented photographer. >> reporter: when we spoke the games were weeks away. >> what is great about the olympics the pure joy and agony and defeat. everything you loved and wanted about sports is at the olympics. the poetry of emotion of sport is great. >> maddie's success didn't
8:33 am
little girl watching her friends's dad take pictures at their soccer games. >> he was shooting our game and he showed me how a camera work. ever since then i wanted to do photography. >> reporter: she literally worked her way up. shooting games at school in the athletic departments. interning at large newspapers. what is it about the emotion of a freeze frame? >> i think that's how our brains are wired. at least for me. i know we can think of pre think that we're tied to emotions and that's true with sports, as well. >> reporter: it's almost the human experience. >> definitely. >> reporter: and now moments like this. ? ? she's taken thousands of photos over the years one click at a time. today maddie has earned her right to capture moments in rio. >> working the olympics is different than watching at home
8:34 am
there's so much going on simultaneously. it's definitely a really kind of surreal experience and cool to be around. not only these great athletes but great photographers and people from all over the world. it's definitely a highlight. >> both maddie and elsa say a big push at the olympics is the speed you can see an image they take. they can snap a picture and out with a caption about 120 seconds. >> you're thinking about it. no pressure. everybody is waiting for the money shot. you can't take pictures that way. just 24 years old? >> 24 years old! >> i want to go. i love the shots but i want to experience it. a final reminder. you can see all the action from rio in prime time including the u.s. men's and women's relay track teams going for gold in the 4 x 400 on nbc starting at
8:35 am
check on the forecast. we're keeping an eye on fiona. it doesn't look like it will be much of a threat to land. it winds about 40 miles per hour. you can see it's over the water. but it is going to continue to the west and northwest approach ing bermuda. there are a couple of waves coming off western africa we're keeping an eye on. a 50% chance of this devin and some of the models are taking it through puerto rico and the caribbean. then it could take a turn. perhaps into the gulf coast or the east of florida. something we have to keep an eye on as we go into the end of the week. it's going to take awhile. we have heavy rain from the midwest through texas. that could lead to some more flash flooding. the ground is totally saturated. we could end up with another 7 inches of rain especially near austin and san antonio by t that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a
8:36 am
>> thanks, dylan. good morning, everyone. warm and muggy as we start the weekend. temperatures well into the 70s already. high headed to 85 degrees. feeling very summery out there. throughout the afternoon, will have some showers. storm from time to time. overnight tonight down to 75 for the low. it's a muggy night ahead. tomorrow more of the same. slightly unsettled. temperatures in the 80s. >> that's your latest forecast. up next the dream team -- i'm not talking hoops, just assembled to produce major back assembled to produce major back to school poor assembled to produce major back to school foster kid black immigrant
8:37 am
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8:39 am
we're back on a saturday morning with three of your kids' least favorite words. "back to school." school starts soon for a lot of kids across the country. we are inundated with tv commercials. >> one retailer in particular has taken a big risk straying from tradition when it comes to the back to school marketing ca ? ? it's a summer bummer for kids everywhere. time to go back to school. ? ? but while kids are seeing red, retailers are seeing green. the national retail federation predicts families will spend more than $70 billion this year. for retailers like target, the second biggest shopping season behind holiday. naturally, advertising is key. this year target said goodbye to the traditional ad agency and
8:40 am
>> on the first day of school i learned it only takes something small to go from not friends to totally friends. >> among them claire. an experienced director. cambria. claire is 17 and cambria and kevin is 10. >> i was involved in start to finish with shoot, and, you know, actually on set giving our talent and our kids the direction. >> i was the junior stylist. so basically my job was to pick out what the talent was wearing. on set, i would be running in and out between takes and fixing things and making sure a tuck was right. >> i wrote the story. >> in third grade i learned we all make mistakes.
8:41 am
them! mistakes, they're not so scary. >> from the beginning to the end kids came up with the ideas, wrote the scripts, and starred in the commercials. seven in all. >> i think the best thing is the fact there were a good balance of kids and adults. it was like nothing i've ever seen before. and most important thing they listened. i think not only did we learn from them, but i think they learned from us a lot. we were able to give a new vision. >> what did you teach them? >> i definitely think that we gave t perspective on just how to look at something a different way and look at the world from a kids' perspective. >> in the scope of the things you have done in your life, how cool was this project? >> it was kind of like fan girling over this myself. it's a big deal! i'm styling for a target commercial! like how many kids can say they did that? >> kevin, you're 10. you've done a lot of great things in this world.
8:42 am
>> a plus plus. >> a plus plus! >> that's cute. >> it was cool across the board. they wrote it, directed it, styled in it. they did more in addition to the marketing campaign. target is using the kids for input into the clothing line. >> oh! >> i want you to wear this. these kids are involved in the design and also in a giving campaign it's amazing the screen, they listen. i don't know what it is about kids watching other kids. i think there's another benefit. >> my kids don't listen when i'm talking. >> exactly. >> there you go. >> thank you, stefanie. coming up next we'll help you take one last vacation this summer with labor day tips and
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
this morning on "today's" travel. labor day, of course, two weeks away. if you're looking to get away for a few days, you'll be happy to know it's not too late to get a great deal. sara is editor at large at four square. good to see you. stowe, vermont is great. >> there's great hiking and outdoors activity. stowe, vermont is known for scenic views and there's a beautiful hotel called field guide. 30 rustic rooms with lawn games. rates are $169 a night. >> pretty reasonable. stowe, vermont. there's stowe. let's move to the next spot. it's one of, if not my favorite cities in america. washington, d.c. >> exactly.
8:46 am
landmarks are in washington, d.c. you can see the jefferson monument at the washington memorial. a great place to stay is the mason and roof hotel. from the pool on the rooftop you can see the washington monument. a unique amenity, if you want to borrow one of their fancy watches they'll let you borrow it. rates $190. >> for washington, d.c., that's a steal. >> exactly. hippest part of town 14th street neighborhood. >> that's where i used to live before it was hip. austin, texas. a popular travel destination. >> always popular. swarm data shows visits to austin wineries are up 250%. so something new for foodies right in austin, texas. you can stay at the omni-austin downtown. they have a rooftop pool and bar. rates $169, as well.
8:47 am
use local austin distilleries. a great place if you want a different type of foodie adventures. >> there are great restaurants in austin. i didn't know it was a popular wine spot. this is san diego. >> san diego is actually -- it is the final choice today, but it's not -- by no means last. because of the epic sunsets. we're seeing visitors up 80%. people love to take the their hands at cliff driving. the pearl hotel is a fun and unique hotel. it's a happening place with the lively bar scene, a lively pool scene. in fact, wednesday nights they show outdoor movies. rates $159 a night. again, an affordable choice. by beautiful beaches. a great way to squeeze the last bit out of summer. >> every time i'm in san diego i
8:48 am
place. >> why live anywhere else? it mean we can visit. >> go to for more of sarah's tips. coming up we'll eat an amazing brunch using some of the summer's best vegetables. dylan drier will be here we go, come on. was that our lunch? sfx: "boop" oscar mayer turkey & american cheese basic lunchable, made with white meat only, on rollback for $1
8:49 am
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technology is useful. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty.
8:51 am
you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting. just another thing to make buying a car better for you... reads this tweet that i just posted. oh, that appears to be trending. lol. ? ? this morning in enjoying some of the great produce that summer has to offer with only a few weeks left in the season, the harvest is starting to dwindle, but wait until you see what you can make with what is left. guys, i love having you on with us. your food is fantastic. >> it's good to see you again. we're doing a little summer harvest pie. we have amazing squash,
8:52 am
pimento cheese. >> it's important to use dry potatoes. >> that's right. i have grated potatoes and josh is going to dry them out. >> we shredded them, soaked them. we got them nice and dry. i squeeze and pat them dry. >> why is that important? >> it keeps the crust crispy. when you take it out of the pan it's crispy like a hash brown should be. you're pregnant. >> yes. you as well. >> at night i dream about hash browns, pancakes everything. >> yeah. i get this early in the morning. it's breakfast time! i'm like time to cook me something! >> you come up with something amazing. my husband can make cinnamon toast. we add salt and pepper and butter. we stir it around.
8:53 am
>> you have a little trick. >> sure. take the glass. any glass would do. anything with an edge. get it pressed right around. >> instead of making your regular pastry crust use hash browns. >> get a serving of vegetables. >> yeah. and the good thing, it's gluten free, as well. >> that's perfect! >> you put that in the oven, >> right. baked for about an hour. then i'll make a simplecustard here. i have eggs, milk, cream, and a little bit of salt. >> dylan, give me a hand. i have the amazing vegetables we talking about earlier. i love squash blossoms. layer it in. if you don't have summer vegetables you can use bacon and goat cheese.
8:54 am
>> it's great. layer it in. >> perfect. >> tomatoes in here. >> we have beautiful ribbons the squash blossoms. >> how high do you fill it? >> as high as you like. you don't want to go over the potato. >> i'm like dumping this in. >> it's important to fluff it a little bit when she pours it in. make sure the egg kind of gets to the bottom. >> that was all the cream and the egg. >> exactly. nice, light, fluffy, and airy. we have pimento cheese. >> you and craig were talking about it. i've never heard of it before. >> it's a cheddar cheese. someone said everything. cheddar cheese, a little cream cheese, pimentos, pickles. >> pickles? >> yeah. >> it gets baked about 350 for
8:55 am
>> it's one of the secrets. it's a tomato jam. >> what is it? >> tomato and onion and cook it down. >> add a little bit of vinegar and sugar. >> oh, man. it's so good. >> do you have any left? >> no! >> i can't wait. >> i have to try this. >> oh, my gosh! hash brown crust on the bottom. i don't want to crust ever again. >> there you go. >> a great breakfast or brunch. >> did you make that pimento cheese? >> of course! >> what is the recipe? >> it's cheddar cheese, cream cheese, pimento. >> we put pickles. >> she's putting pickles on her ice cream lately. >> i know. shoot me, babe.
8:56 am
we appreciate you stopping by to join us. enjoy the rest of the olympics. >> and the rest of your weekend! see you tomorrow! >> bye! >> see you coming up next on today in new york -- >> police are trying to figure out how a little girl died inside a queens home. i'm rana novini with who they're questioning in t when shooters open fire. and we have hazy sunshine out there today will we stay dry throughout the next couple of days? we'll have the storm team 4 forecast coming up. today in new york your
8:57 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working.
8:58 am
yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. now on today in new york, new information in the death of a 9-year-old girl in queens police are now questioning this morning. plus a broadway producer accused of putting on quite a show to dupe investors. and new zika cases. what you need to know before you head south. today in new york starts now. >> good to be with you on a saturday morning. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm pat battle. glad you could join us for this one.
8:59 am
the forecast that's changing but not soon enough. >> you're ready for the lower humidity. >> yes. >> it's not yet. you'll feel the tropical feel outside this morning. it may change. you can see lots of sunshine, hazy, but it is sunny from the hudson valley right down through new york city and down the jersey shore. beautiful start to your beach weekend. now we are tracking a cold front already bringing a couple of showers out toward montauk in the hamptons. that may keep us unsettled through the afternoon. right now temperatures climbing through the 70s in new jersey, 73 in ramsey. temperatures in the upper 70s across long island. already seeing 80 degrees in west hampton. and it's 79 down the shore in along branch. loads of sunshine out there at this hour. 78 degrees in central park and winds are northeast around 6 miles per hour. temperatures on the rise hour by hour back to 85 by 2:00 p.m. notice i'm throwing in a scattered storm especially between noon and 4:00.
9:00 am
popping up. not a washout. and we're seeing this hazy mugginess throughout the day today. when will that cooler change come? we'll look at the ten-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. over to you. >> all right. thank you, raphael. happening now, police are questioning the stepmother of a 9-year-old girl who was found dead in a queens apartment. >> today in new york's rana novini joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: investigators have been here overnight all morning here inside the home behind me. relatives called 911 after they say she didn't come out of a locked bathroom for hours. investigators are now questioning a person of interest in her death. relatives tell us the girl is 9-year-old ashdeep kaur. investigators say there were no obvious signs of trauma and her cause of death has not been released yesterday. the girl's father collapsed outside last night after ashdeep was found dead. he was taken away by ambulance for observation.


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